The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WBDNMDAY, OCT. «, 1MI Russian Fordham. Prof Puts Malik on. Defense NEW YORK (A — An annoyed look come over the face ol Jacob A. Malik, retiring permanent delegate of the Soviet Union al the United Nations: He apparently realized he was being ribbed by an emigre Russian professor and he didn't like H. ' Mikhail Koriekov, professor of Russian literature at r'ordJiarn University, ran into the diplomat from Moscow in R Mnnnatlnn bookstore Monday. Malik was leaf- Ing through, a folio of reprodutlons from the Tretyakov gallery In Moscow. His wife was with him. j Then, the New York Times re-. porls,-this look place: "Mr. Malik," ventured the professor uo,.^.y -I •". \ would like to ask you something. "How diii you know who I am?" "Ah, everyone around here knowss you and trim's why I'd like to ask you—" ••Usually I avoid answering questions." Malik pointed out. luymg aside the folio. "Y«, of course, but (his ciues- tion interests me personally, believe me, very, very much," Insisted the smiling Koriakov. "Well, then, it it Is personal, go ahead." "I've always been puzzled why they don't open a bookshop in Moscow like this one, n shop where all kinds of American, French. British and Russian books would b« available.'"Well," Malik replied, "this question doesn't concern m« at all. I'm not In the publishing business." "I know that." the professor eald, "Yet. you know, the question is of general Interest." "What can I tell you? I haven't been home for four years, Perhaps there arc such bookshops in Moscow now." "Frankly," countered Koriakov, '1 doubt 11, for I come from Moscow myself." •W -•••>" •In 1944," 'waj arc you, anyway?" Malik demanded, his Irritation beginning to show. "Oh, just a Russian. I am living here now," the professor Bald without explaining his work or Identifying himself as (he author ol "I'll Never Go Back," published four years ago. "If you are a Hussian," Malik observed, "you must know that there Is an Internauonii! bookstore In Moscow." "indeed I am aware of It; It Is on the corner of Pushkin Square and Gorki Street," was tho reply. "Before the war. though, when I was studying In the Moscow In- stitnlc of philosophy and Iltcra- Red China Employing 2,97.0,000 of People In Propaganda Work LONDON (/P) — Red China now employs 2,920,o6o "propagandists" in its muss political Indoctrination program for the Chinese working people, says the current issue of the Coinlnform Journal. TUe official publication for in- :ernal Communism says the Pelp- ng regime added a million "propagandists" this year to the number already at work In the rural districts and In all types of enterprises, The Chinese Communist party Itself has sent out 68.000 lectures to give .the party line in tnlks on the international .situation and political problems. BTTHC CHANCCXT COCHT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS LouLse Smith, Ptf. vi No. 12,186 Hugh E. Smith, Dft. Wu-nlnr Order .The defendant, Hugh E. Smith, Is warned to appear In thi* court within thirty daya and aruwer the complaint of th« plaintiff, Ixmtse Smith, and upon failure K> to do, said complaint will be taken as contested. Wltnua my hand a* Clerk of the IT GETS AROUND—Uncle Sam's recently unveiled 280-mm atomic artillery gun demonstr»t« Its high mobility as it turns off a highway, across railroad tracks iiilo a side road, near the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Md. Transporter cabs, at front and rear, do the trick. Either can pull while the olher pushes, moving the gun section forward or backward. And they can turn at right :• —'-:$ to the eun section and proceed parallel to each other, thus movlne the eun "sideways." Postal Employe Dies in Accident DeQUERN </]>-A 50-year-old De- • Queen postal employe, Leroy Davis. wfis killed by a shotgun blast while .squlrcl huntlnK alone near here Monday nUernon. stitnlc of philosophy anu JHcra-, A coroner's Jury held the shoot- ture, the only French hook I could I f»K to be Accidental. Davis appnr- get In Hint shop was Maurice Thorez 1 'Le Flls du Pcuple.'" "That's a very good book, isn't it?" Malik said. "I'm not sure." the professor replied, "but If Thorez (the French Communist leader; were to write another volume sriylng how ho de- sorted from the army with German help and escaped to the U.S.S.R., that would be a very Interstlng study." "I see your point of view," Mnllk announced, "and I don't wnnt to talk lo you any longer." SmlllKg, Kcrlnkov murmured his thanks nnd left the shop. rntly trlppcrl ?.::<! fell, discharging the Run. Davis, who had been active In the Masonic Lodfie for 28 years, Is survived by his wife and three daughters. judge Holds Man Can Refuse Testimony Before TV Camera Draft to Take Doctors, Dentists WASHINGTON l/Pl— The r>»lmsc DeimrtmiMit announced yesterday it will draft 4GO physicians and 204 dentists in December. The army wiU get 28E physicians and 159 dentists In the December quota. The others v/cre assigned to the air force. The new call will bring the number of physicians drafted since July 1951. to 2,694 and the dentists to 1,254. , WASHINGTON (/P)—A Judge has ruled that, a man Is within his Hunts if he refuses to testify before television nnd newsreel cameras. In his precedent-setting decision, Federal District Judge Henry A. Sch-:clnhaut decided that two men who cited the cameras as their reason for not testifying before the old Senate Crime Investigating ' Committee were Innocent of chiirg- es of contempt of Congress. Frecit of the charges were Morris Klelnman and Louis Rothtopf. described a? prominent' Cleveland bootleggers. . ... Schwclnhaut's decUion Is not subject to appeal. It Is possible, however, that another Judge might rule differently in a similar case. The lunge noted that 'his ruling wns he first In history on the question. Klelnman and Rothkopf were motif,' those '.subpoenaed lo appear before the crime investlgr-.tiiis com- nittec, which was headed by Ben. Kefauver (D-Tcnn.) They rcfuseil o testily before TV cameras and adlo microphones, claiming thai o be required to do so infringed on heir constitutional rights. Schwclnhaul agreed. Band Blows Its Thanks ESTILL. S. C. W) — The high school band made a goodwill tour of all the towns In Hampton County to show Its appreciation for new band uniforms. The 65-piece band wore new outfits of royal, blue twill with white braid trim, purchased j with public contributions. Old Clock Stops To Run No More i FLORENCE. Italy <JP> — One of the world's oldest mechanical clocks broke down yesterday for the first time in almost three centuries. It wns for the last time. too. Experts decided It was beyond repair, and the ancient 16"! clock of the tower of Florence's Palazzo Vccchio will be replaced with a modern one run by electricity. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Robert Lee Reid, is warned to appear In the Chancery Court, Chlcknsawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Blllle Marie Held. Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, thl.< Z2nd day of September. 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk B.M-10I1-M5 Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight... Eases sore germs! NOW! Eat, talk, laugh nsyou please. Goodbye forever to loose, rocking, wobbly, uncomfortable plates. One re-liner lasts for months; quid easy, absolutely safe. IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Gertrude Wilkins. Ptf. vs No. 12,17-4 James W. Wilkins. DIt. WARNING ORDER The Defendant. James W. Wilkins, Is hereby warned to appear In this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Gertrude Wilkilis, and upon his failure so to do, said complaint will bt taken as confessed. Witness my hand as Clerk ol the Chancery,Court, Chldcasawba District Mississippi County. Arkansas and seal of said court this 16th any rt September, 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk Cherry Sue Barnes, D. C. James M. Gardner, ntly. lor ptl. T. J. Crowder, atty ad lifcm. 8ln-24-10|l-S SNUG DENTURE CUSHIONS are a triumph of science, a sensational new plastic re-lining that ends the annoyance and irritation of loose, bndly Biting false teeth. One re-lining, applied in a few minutes mokes the wobbliest plates stay firmly in place-give perfect comfort. Eat corn-on-the-cob, steaks, apples-talk, laugh ns you plcasc-plalcs "slay put," firmly, solidly. Farewell to embarrassing falling, clicking and wobbling. Soft, cnsy-lo-clc-an Snug Denture Cushions are absolutely harmless to gums or dentures. f \ PIN-WORMS MAY M A FAMILY AFFAIR Fidgeting, noa*-picVin?BH(J» tar* Qf clips rectal Itch are often telltale cign» of Fin-Wormi...ugly parasites that medicil expert* ear fnfeat one ouC of crcry three person* « ^mined. Entire fimlHc* may b« victim* and not'know it. To fret rid of Pin-Worms, thew pesU muit not only b* killed, but kiJJrf in the lane 1nt*slin« where they lire »n<J multiply. Thai'* ex- •cUr *rt*»t SmTat't P-W UV,lcU do ... and h«re*s how the; do it: Ffrtt— » «ci«ntific ccaUr.ff car- Tin the tablet* Into Uu. hr-Tr-Js b«- fcr« they dissolve. DI*R — J»n>**« rre^fent coca right to •work-ftiUj Fin-Worms qolekly and easily. DoD't Uks cli»nca ^ith thfs da.nicrou.1, highlj cont*dioui tor.- dition. At the fin I eign of Pin- Wortri*, ajk your druggist f&r g mvin e ItytM'a P-W VccntfBJC ... tite small, pBjy-U>take tablet* pfr- fKtcil by Taoious Dr, P. Jayne A Son, specialist* in worm remedies for over 100 ye • • oriH-uiiMs No Sore, Irritated Gums or Danger of Infection Sore, irritated gums are comforted at once. No more chafing of wobbly dentures. AU lender areas are gently cushioned. Danger o! infection from swollen, Irrilatrd gums Is avoided. Com/ort is so enjoyable, most folks wear their plates day and night and only remove tham for cleaning. VsedWlddubg Many Dentists Snug Denture Cushions were first used by many dentists to help patients become accustomed to new plates ... to comfort patients with old plates that have become looso due to tissue shrinkage. Since they were so effective, the cushions are now available to the public. One Re-Liner Can Last Months-Ensihj Replaced One Snug Denture Cushion re- linc-r <-£n last for 2 lo 6 months, according to the individual moulh. Stays soft and pliable — does not harden and ruin plate. Peels right out when ready to replace. Easy, Fast, Simple- Done atllome-NoWaiting Snug Denture Cushions are thin sheets of a marvelous, scientific plastic material which dentists call acrylics. Simply place one of these wonderful re-liners on the cleaned denture (upper or lower} according to simple instructions in package, and presto! You have practically a new plnle. No waiting, ready to bile on anything. Cleaned in a Jiffy . Taslelcss, Dry Eczema Itch Quick, taitinf wK«4— »*<•• toorh*4 end toftwiwi wr* Oil-rich' Resinol OINTMENT— 'Contain lono/in Chancery Court, Chlcicajawb* Oto- rlct, MMsslppl County, Arkanaa*. and seal of this court, this 30 *W of September, 1952. ' Harvey Morris, Clerk Laverne Ball, D,C. James M Gardner, »tty. for p«. T. J. Crowder, atty. ad Utan. Resurfaces Loose Plates When Gums Shrink*, It's not your dentist's fault that tissues and gums shrink gradually — leave spaces between the plates and the mouth. Snug Denture Cushions resurface the plate so that there are no gaps between plates and gums. Food particles cannot get underneath to cause Irritation and "denture breath.' 1 PUIcs re-lined with Snug Dinlure Cushions can be cleaned in a jiffy by brushing under cold water.Tne Cushions are tasteless, odorless and sanitary. Why put up with the bother of adhesive s that must be used every day when Snug Denture Cushions are so clean and convenient, last for months? 7 ' REASONS'WHYY'OU" SHOULD TRY SNIJR DENTURE CUSHIONS! 1, Help* tltot «p Iifilalion and KV»M»» 5. Koldt platti M*" or»d li»M-ra inor« rotklna, tHiUnft. foHif.8. You'.d Ih'ik yen >iod yaur own i»i!t» ba<>, 3. Ennbl.1 vou to *al In wmlcr! «jf. ; applti, «U. 1 4. laflO'foilira ~ bi*d 3 er t nm.« o • it or Ittth lil p*rt«Llly for Fha lif« of PENNEY SMASHING SAVINGS! Gif YOUR SHARf NOW! JUBILEE SPECIAL! t; Duster type s Quilted Robes '' in Little Cotton Prints biuo-cmd-block blue-and-red red-and-muize maize-and-black red-cmd-blue REPEAT GOLDEN JUBILEE SPECIAL! 4O DENIER < mmnmm NYLON TWO-TONE BUCKLE FLATS 3.98 Newest news in shoes! Young light - hearted wedgie in. Fall's neivesl color combinations. Be the first in your crowd to own a pair! Suedn 'n'- smooth leathers or all smooth. Sizes 4 lo !). Completely washable; comfortably styled; beautiful color combinations! A marvelous Penney feature nf our Golden Jubilee celebration. 10-13. MOCCASIN TOE CASUALS 6.90 Comfortable, heel - hug - ging moccasin oxfords that are unusually low priced, even for Penney's. They're made of fine quality leathers with long - wearing composition soles, genuine Goodyear welts. Sanitizedt for cleaner, better wear. Sizes R-lt. 7. Out gcaranl beck I* rvol iaiiif!»J. 2 Liners for LoWer or i Upper Plates $1.50 i —for pfnlc pfaley on!)' JUBILEE SPECIAL! MEN'S COTTON FLANNEL PLAIDS TUMBLER SET 900 Warm, itnrdy Sanfor- itedf cotton flannel in soft lueiled finish. Long slcCN'CS, roomy pocket, iined coUi>r, £r]\iare cut botloiu. Shrinkage irill ool «c«td 1% 4 GORE SUPS TRIMMED WITH DEEP NYLON LACE, TOP 'N BOTTOM The same luxury quality slips you rushed to get last May— available once more as a jubilee special! Perfect fitting Princess style, lavished with lacy nylon trims. They're, wonderfully sheer and long wearing. Put some away for, Christmas gifts. White, pink.; ^2-40. You get eight 14 OJ. tumblers with heavy sham bottoms. Famous I.ibbey Safcilge helps prevent chipping! Beautiful floral design matches Penney's "Golden Classic" dinner ect. CUSHION CREPE SOLED WALKERS IN COLOR! 2.98 WOMEN'S ; SLIPPERS j in wine or blue felt SPECIAL! 100 I pr. spicclang, red, brown! You prnclicaHy HOUNCK in these colorful, wonderful oxfords! (It's all in those new soles!) F o r sportswear, school — everywhere! You'll love 'cm! 4 lo 0. Treat yourself to a pair! ful several away for Christmas gifts-at this price, iliey'rc an excellent bargain. Bouncy cushion «olcs for added comfort! Si»e« 4 through 0. Foam Rubber PILLOWS 3.99 Cool, clean, comlon*- blc! Millions of liny >ir cells "brcalKa" with your every movement, circnlaling rcfresliing air. Sanforizcdt percale cover in white, pink, liluel t Stir ink i EC won't «rc«J 1*. &

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