The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 13, 1936 · 9
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 9

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1936
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THE LEADER-POST, ItEGINA, MONDAY, JANTJART 13, 19.16 PAGE NINE MORGAN VISITS TO PRESIDENT TO BE PROBED Negotiation of Credits For Allies During War to bo , Scrutinized (By Associated Press) WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. Tbe negotiation of war-time credits for the allied powers, in the course of which J. P. Morgan visited President WUson at the White House, will draw the scrutiny of the senate munitions committee in the coming week. . With tha financier himself on the witness stand, flanked by senior partners Thomas W. Lamont and George Whitney, the committee expects to continue drawing pertinent information from Morgan correspondence and lay it alongside hitherto secret documents of the state department It Is Chairman Nye's contention that the evidence being unfolded shows modifications la the Wilson .neutrality policy so timed as to coincide with rising crises In the business of keeping Europe's belligerents supplied with war materials, and that the result was United States participation In the war. Deny Implication ' The Morgans have denied any such implication. They hold it was Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare that finally drew the Unlt-'. ed States into the conlfllct; that : commerce with the allies was a fae-tor Insofar as the economic factor is always present. i While the committee is busy . reading Morgan cablegrams into the r record, the foreign relations committee will resume today an effort ;to reach a compromise with a bloc - which reportedly is holding out ; against any surrender of traditional American trading lights under the pending neutrality legislation. Risks Life to Snap War Pictures K:tBo'AKt rf" v St -9 ,. f y 1 wVjvW J , J . . .... - '. Ray Rousseau, a news camerman at the front In Africa, is shown before his tent The shelter leaked annoyingly when a sudden downpour flooded the district. As well as sudden rainstorms there were .day ' torrid Tieat to be endured while travelling under the most uncomfortable of conditions. From truck travel resource to "curette," a type' of small truck, mule travel and Anally foot travel had to be taken. Many of Rousseau's pictures have been reproduced in The Leader-Post. NETWORK NOTEBOOK New Programs Listed For Air This Week Farmers Want to Sell Products to Consumers Direct (leader-Foot Yorkton Bureau) YORKTON, Jan. 13. Farmers of , the Yorkton district met in the : municipal offices Saturday after- soon to canvass ways to enter the : retail field In Yorkton. The meeting was adjourned until January 25, when it is Expected ; plans will be completed to protect ; their privileges and to delve into all matters of taxation and sales curtailment affecting them. Ttrt object behind the movement,' according to Dr. G, A. McDonald, chairman of the meeting, is to avoid the middleman in Yorkton and' whatever forms of taxation ' which exist against them selling t goods. Dr. McDonald also stated ' that no. objections were being raised against health and sanitary laws 'which are already in existence. , The farmers, he said, were perfectly in accord with them and anxious to co-operate with the auth orities to see that all forms of sani tation in relation to their produce was upheld but what they did seek was the right to sell the foodstuffs they produced directly to the con sumer. - S.B. Dropi end cought pleasantly.QuIckly t'nev calm soreness. Quickly they ease and soothe throat congestion . TWO. KINDS 1-35 Smith Broihebs .COUGH DROPS ' BLACK - MBNTHOL Irene Wicker, internationally known as the Singing Lady, will Inaugurate her sixth consecutive year over N.B.C. today at 4:30 o'clock. She sings each afternoon except Saturday and Sunday. After an absence of nearly two years, radio's famous serial of Jewish family life, "The Goldbergs," will return to the air over Columbia commencing today. The program is timed for 3:45 o'clock In the afternoon, ami will be on the air each day of the week at that hour except Saturday and Sunday. Professor A. E. Zimmern, well known world traveller, will be pre sented over the C.R.C. national network Wednesday next at 8:30 o'clock In the evening as the speaker of the National Council of Education. Thursday of next week at 7:30 o'clock in the evening over the C.R.C. rational network an import ant series of addresses will com mence when prominent members of the League of Nations society in Canada will speak about the work of the society. . Jack Benny and Mary -Living stone, who are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Benny in private life, celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on Janu ary 14. "The Romance of Helen Trent" one of the most popular of the day time sketches, returns to Columbia Monday, Jan. 20, over WGN. r AltorXD THB DlAt, WGff, Chicago WBBM, Chicago WCCO. Vlnmapolls WKNR, Chicago WHO, Dei Molnaa WLW, Clnclnnau WJR, Dttrolt TJ T70 SIS (TO 100O Toe TM ITET, Lot Angela ... KFTR, Blimarc ... KM OX, St. Loulg .. KNX, Hollywood KOA, Denver KPO, goo prancleoo X3L. Salt Lake Cite KSTP, St. Paul 1404 1090 1050 90 ego 11.10 CFAC. Calgary ., CPQC, Saskatooa CJOX, York ton .. Car, Winnipeg .. 30 Mond ay -All tlmea on srorrama uetad art MouniaiD Standard rime. I Black T1 tru Dlue Tune In mm M CJRM EVERT MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY 6:00 6 :15 p.m. Haar the amaitng adventure! of the two "dumbeal" deiecltvea who ever aaarcoad lor a clue. Evary program a rioioua acraam! Sponsored by The Monarch Overall MIr. Co. Ltd. WINNIPEG, CANADA Maaafacturera of Mneiarrlt-BaJH Commodora Oienne -fcurlbltt" Pant -tlayall, tot k-Slea Hudkrealura and 8pan Toga. NOTB- Pro- grama are aubjeet to change without oouca, P.M. t:0v Rhythmic Souvenlri (CJCCK) Al Peama'l Gang (KOA). Toy Band (WLW). S:l Jackie Heller (KFTR). 1:30 Singing Lady (WLW). Tom Mix (KTW). 1:15 Clara, Lu and Em (KOA). Cadeta (K8L). 4:00 HeeHa Haven (KSL). , Time (KOA). 4:15 Jack Armetrong (KFTR). 4:30 Government Correjpondence School (CJRM). 4:45 Three Scamps (KOA). LlUle Orphan Annie (KFTR). Lowell Thomaa (WLW). 5:00 The Mail Bag (CHAB). Amoe 'n' Andy tWLW). Sports (KOA). :! Uncle Eira (KTW). Capt. Tira'a A i ventures WXjni). Lilac Time (WLW) The Charioteers (KSL). Model Aircraft League (CHWC). 1:30 Lum an A oner iwlW). . RporU Review (WON). Jack Armetrong (KdL). 8:45 Dates In History (WLW). Amateur Show (WON). Jlmmla Allen (KOA). Granny Stuboine (CUAB). Little Orphan Annie (KSL). Boaka CarMT (WCCO). 1:00 Bammereteln's Music Hall (WMAQ). Lone Kanger (wur). Fibber McGea (KOA). Ensemble (KMOX). Lombardo Road (WOR). (:10 Pickena Sisters (KOA). Symphonic Orchestra (WLw). Grandstand Thrllia (WGN). . . Vo ef iree'on (Ki VS). See r West (KSI-). fie jnd Pat (WBBM). 1:00 A and P. Gvpeias (WMAQ). Sinclair Minstrels (KFTR). Radio Theatre (KSL). T:l Couple Next Door (WON). l.iO Orace Moors (KFTR). Pnncesa Pat Players (FOIL). Melody anrt Veres (CJRM). s:00 Contented Program (KOA). Cuckoo Hour (WENR). Wayne King (KSL). 4 Famous Jury Trials (WLW). Mmlcai Moments (KFTR). f :30 eodero's Orchestra (WLW). erd Rangers Revue tltOA). Northernere (WG.N. 1:45 Toe O'Msilev'a (KSL). Manhattan Choir (WBBM). :W News (WLW). World o Sport (W(W), Ados 'b' Andy (KOA). km and Marge (KSL). :11 Bingin" 8am (KSL). Ths O'Maileva (KOA). Wildcats (WLW). Luro snd Abner (KFT). dsea's Orcbeetra (WBBM). :30 Voice o Flreetone (KOA). Pick and Pat (KSL). Ray Ndbla (KFTR). t:4S Snsw's Orchestra (WLW). I 10:0O Helen Hsves (KOA). I MKdW Jewels ( KSL). 1 Wascana Showboat (CKWC1. Reicnman's Orchestra (WL7). jem twasaa BlEgerg (K&L). Downey's Orchestra (KSL). 10.80 Moon River (WLW) Dornberger's Orchestra (KOA), News (KSL). Don Bestor (KFTR). 10:15 Hawaii Calls (KSL). Condulla Orchestra (KOA). U;00 News (KOA). Trask's Orchestra (WLW). Pld and His Hired Men (CHWC). Midnight Flyers (WGN). Carlson's Orchestra (KSL). 11:15 Fttipatrlck's Orchestra (KOA). 11 :S0 Anti-Sleep Society (KOA). Grayson's Orchestra tKSL). 11:45 Jarretfg Orchestra (WLW). CA.NADH.N BADIO COMMISSION r.M. 5:30 Toung Tim (Toronto). 5:45 A Quarter to Eight (Windsor). 6:00 Show Shop Bungs (St. John). 6:80 Varieties (Detroit). 7:00 Vocal Ensemble (Montreal). 7:80 Melodic airings (Toronto). 1:00 Youngbloods (Winnipeg). 1:30 Bissau's Orchestra (Toronto). 1:45 News (Toronto). 1:00 Acr-ws the Border (New York). 0:30 Lakehead Melody (Ft. William). :4 Book Review (Prince Albert). 10:00 Farmers Fiddlers (Saskatoon), 10:30 Romany Moods (Edmonton). Tuesday, a.M. . T:45 Singing Cowboy (CHAB). Church ot ths Air lOUWC),., 1:15 Gospel Singer (KFYK), 1:00 Pleasant Memorien icKCK). Marina Band (KFTR). Grain Opening (CJRM). 1:30 Leaoer-Poet News (CKCK). 10:00 Prairia Birthday Party (CJRM). 1 10:3O Fry'a Storyette (CHWC). 11:00 Slim Irvine (CJRM). Thurlow (CKCK). 11:15 Timely Tunes (CKCK). 11:30 Rex Battle (CKCK). 11:49 Aocnestsr Civic Orchestra (KFTR). P.M. I ;lh Leader-Post' News (CKCK). - Closing Oram (CJRM). 1:15 Maw Perkins (KFYK). 1:30 Good Hour or Mini: (CKCK). Vlo and Bade (KFTR). 100 Betty and Bob (KFYR). J:15 Stock Closing (CJRM). Ranch Boys (KOA). 1:39 Quiet Moments (CKCK). Concert Hour (KOA). 1:45 Popular Vocals (CKCK). S OO Rhythmic Souvenirs (CKCK). 1:45 Clara, Lu and Em (KFYR). Tito Ouliu (KSL). 4 :00 Birthday Parly (CHWC). 4:45 The Charioteers (KOA). 1.00 Amos n- Andy (WLW). Easy Aces (KOA). 1:15 Popeys the Bailor (KFTR). 1:30 Lum and Abner (WLW). Edwin C. Hill (KFYR). Milky Way (WGN). Jack, Armetrong (KSL). Kate Smith (WBBM). 1:45 Heintsman Program (CKCK), Granny Btubblna (CHAB). Little Orphan Annls (KSL). Merrv-Go-Round (WLW). Jlmmla Allen (KOA). Boaka Carter (WBBM). 1:00 Releman's Orchestra (WMAQ). Crime Clues (WLW). Argentina Trio (KOA). Old Lac (WBBM). 1:15 Cliff Nazarro (KOA). :au Wayne King (KFYK). Lawrence Tlbbelt (KSL). Edward Guest ( WLW). Dinner Music (CKCK). 1:45 Popeye, the Sslior (KOA). 7:00 Ben Hernia (WMAQ). Graolune's Olrls (KOA). Events of the Hour (KSL). ; Camels (WBBM). M. J. Coldwell (CJRM). 7:15 Caupl exl Door (WON). Morln Sisters (KFYR). 7:30 fcddy Ducnln (KFYK). Jimmis Ourante (KOA). Pennsylvamans (K9LL Attlllo Bgiore VGN). Helen Hevee ( WENR). Cameos (WBBM). 1:00 Sigmtmd Romberg (KOA). DX Program (CKCK). Wendell Hail (WENR). 1:15 Singing Piano Tuner (CKCK). Three Oypelee (CHAB). 1:10 Croelev Follies (WON). "On tha Air" (KSL). String Ki,..emb.e (KOA). Great Momenta In History (KFTR). 1:43 Musical Momenta (KSL). Poets' Gold (KMOX). John Hale (WBBM). 1:00 Myrt and Marge (KSL). Amos 'a' Andy (KOA). Frank! Hammond Orchestra (CKCK) Kew (WLW). 1:15 l um and Abner (KFI). Fireside Music (KOA). Otisene and !e,ortv (KSL). Oki Nelson (KMOX). 1:10 Phillip llorris (KOA). Camela (KSL). Relimaa'a Orchestra (KF1). Klng'a Orchestra (KFYR). Aason Weeks (WGN). 10:00 J:nr.ore (KOA). Charlie Chan ( KSL). Travel Talk (CKCK). 10:30 Crlm Clues (KOA). Moon River tWLW). News (KSL). Simon's Oreheetrs (Wrco). 10:45 In the Muelc Boom (KSL). II :(io Chester s Orchestra (WLW). News (KOA). Oillver's Orchent-e KSL). Organ Recital (CHAB). 11:15 Ben Bernie (KOA). 11:30 Lee's Orchestra (KSL). 11:46 Greer's Orchestra (KOA). Young's Orchestra (KSL). CAMAUIA.W KADIO COMMJSSJOR P.M. 5:;i0 Young Tim (Toronto). 5 45 Novelty (Montreal). 6 00 Back StSKe (Montreal). 30 Hlene Daniels (New Tor). 7 00 Comedy Team (Winnipeg,. 7 30 This Is Pans (Montreal). 100 By Mooni.Kht (amontooj. 3ft News (Toronto). 00 A "rose the Border (New Tork). 1:30 Gypey Tno (Vancouver). 10 00 Drama (Winnipeg). 10-30 Hawa.ian Group (Edmonton). 10:45 Melody Mood (Vancouver;. Wednesday an. v 1:15 Gospal Sinser (KFTR). 1:45 Betty Crocker (KOA). 00 Pleasant Memories (CKCK). 1:50 Studio Preienn.ti'-n (CKCK). Army Ban. CK.KYH). VJ . LI... .I.'SVOl ' 11.00 Studio Preaantauoa (CKCS). Josephlna Gibson (KSL). P.M. 12:15 William Luncheon Hour (CHWC), 1 00 studio Presentation (CKCK). 1:15 Maw Perkins (KOA). 1:30 Army and Navy Program (CKCK). vio and Sad (KFYR). 1:45 The O'Neills (KFYR). 1:00 Betty and Bob (KFYR). 8:30 Marine Band (KFYR). 1:45 Calitornlan (KOA). 1:49 Clara. Lu and F.m (KFTR). Gogo Delys (KSL). 4:00 Hinndav Party (CHWC). Flying Tim (KOA). 4:15 Og. Bon of Fir (KMOX). 4:85 Edwin C. Hill (KOA). 1:00 Buck Rogers (WBBM). Amos 'n' Andy (WLW). Easy Aces (KOA). 1:15 Unci Ezra (WMAQ). Lllao Tim (WLW). Hawaiian Rand (WCCO) Girl Guide Program (CHWC). 1:30 Kate anmo muuldl. Lum and Abner (WLW). Ullky Way (WGN). Jack Armstrong (KSL). 1:45 Little orphan Annie (KSL), Granny Etubbln (CHAB). Dangerous Paradise (WLW). Jlmmi Allen (KOA). , Boake Carter (WCCO). 1:00 One Man s Family (KFTR). American Cavalcade (KSL). 1:10 Wayne King (WMAQ). Men of the West (KOA). House ol Glass (WLW). Burns and Allen (WBBM). .. 6:45 Popeye th Sailor (KOA). 7:00 Town Hall (KFYR). Hour of Smiles (WLW). Lily Pons (KSL). T:15 Perchall's Orchestra, (CJRM). Neat Door (WON). T:10 Warden Lawes (KOA). Ray Noble (KSL). Budd'a Blossoms (CJRM). ' 8:00 John Charles Thomas (KOA), , Unsolved Mysteries iwlwi. Musical Moments (KFTR). Coffe Cups (KSL). Wheat Pool Broadcast (CJRM). . Broncho Busters (CHAB). Dave Mills (CHWC). :15 Gena Halllday (KSL). The Venetians (KFYR). Police Reporter (CHWC).. 8:30 Orand Opera (WLW). Mardl urns (WGN). Jlmmi Fiddler ( KOA). Mutlo Guild (KFYR). Mary Eastman (KSL). 1:46 Hollywood Stare i KSL). The Band In Town (KOA), Public opinion tsUlOAJ. :00-New (WLW). Myrt and Marge (KSL). Amos 'n' Andy (KOA). Casino Orchestra (KFTR). 1:15 The O'Malleys (KOA). Los Amigo (WLW). Jack Frost Melodies (KSL). Lum and Abner (KFT). Lyman's Orchestra (KMOX), 1:10 Horns nnd Allen (KSL). M About Town (KOA). Anson Weekes (WON). 10:00 Kemp's Orchestra (WXW). Town Hall (KOA). Stern's Orchestra (KFTR). Drama League (CHWC). 10:15 Mothers of Men (KSL). 10:30 Moon River (WLW). Olstead'a Orchestra (WBBM). News (KSL). 10:45 Sport (KSL). 11:00 News (KOA). Master's Orchestra (KSL). Baok Home (CHWC). 11:15 Dancing (KOA). Oarber's Orchestra (WLW). 11:30 Lee's Orchestra (KSL). 11:40 Armand Glrard (KOA). Toung's Orchestra (KSL). Jarrett's Orchestra f WLW). CANADIAN BADIO COMMISSION P.M. 5:.i0 Toting Tim (Toronto). 5:45 Song Recital (Quebec). 6:00 Knights of Gladness (Edmontoa). 6:30 Acadian Serenade (Hainan. 7:00 Road to Testerday (Toronto). 7:30 Sinfontetta (JSew Tork). ,1-nn nob 'thirteen iCalKurv, 8:30 Prof. A. Zimmern (Halifax). a. 4ft News t Toronto,. 1:00 Romonelli's Orchestra (Toronto). 9:30 Pat Terry (Vancouver). 9:45 Nitwit Court (Calgary). 10:ou Maids ana Mmu.u.. tSaskitooa). lo::io Little Orchestra (Kegina). 10.44 Cyril Hampstur iiKegioa). Aberhart Glad If "Bocze" Eliminated FAMED ENGLISH STAGE FIGURE DRAMA JUDGE Harley Granville-Barker Finals Adjudicator in Dominion Festival (By Canadian Press) OTTAWA, Jen. 13. Outstanding as an actor, manager, producer and playwright, Harley Granvlllo-Bark- er has accepted the Invitation ol ths Dominion drama festival committee to come to Canada as Judge of tha finals to be held in Ottawa next springr. It will be the fourth Dominion drama festival in Ottawa since beginning of the competitions initiated by the Earl of Bessbor-ough. Announcement of Granville-Bark-er's acceptance was made on Saturday by Col. H. C. Osborne, honorary director of thft Dominion drama festival. He expressed great satisfaction the famous dramatist and actor had been able to consent As in previous years It is expected the Dominion finals will take place about the end of April. An old friend of Lord Tweedsmulr, Mr. Granville-Barker will be a guest at Government House during festival week. . ' Members of th festival commit tee expressed the opinion tha com ing or Uranvllle-BarKer as nnais adjudicator would stimulate groups all over Canada to ven better work than that which has charac terized the competition thus far. Granville-Barker is one of the most interesting and significant figures of the English stas, according to the announcement of the festival committee. Story for Bedtime By THORNTON W. BURGESS : NO ONE BELIEVES FETEK RABBIT It Is hard not to be believed. Ask you ought to know Peter Rabbit. He knows. Yes, in. deed, he knows. It is bad enough not to be believed when one Is telling the truth, but to tell the truth snd then have everybody tell ynu that they don't believe you U worse by this time. You've had a dream, Peter, and now you better run away and forget It. It was tha same way with Tommy Tit the Chickadee, and Mrs. Grouse and Billy Mink, and every or else he told the story to. Every one still. Anyway, Peter Rabbit thinks laughed at him and no one believed MOOSE JAW OBITUARIES ALMA J. O. STOAKES MOOSE JAW, Jan. 13 Funeral services for Alma Joyce Georgena Stobkes, 11-year-old daughter of Captain Victor Stoakes and Mrs. Stcakes, Swift Current, who died at Rochester, Minnesota, Jan. 6, were held from the Broadfoot Funeral Parlors to Rosedale cemetery Saturday at 1:30 p.m. with Rev. Donald Scott, Hodgeville and Adjutant Rea, Moose Jaw Salvation Army corps, officiating. Besides her mother and father, Joyce Stoakes leaves four sisters, Mrs. D. Scott, Victorine, Ruby and Tena Stoakes. Her father and mother, Captain and Mrs. Stoakes, are well known in Moose Jaw where Captain Stoaken was active in Salvation Army work following his return from tha South African war. The family moved to Swift Current in 1920. MRS. A. M. WHEATLEY MOOSE3 JAW, Jan. 13. Mrs. Annie Margaret Wheatley, 88, died at Mooge Jaw Saturday night Mrs. Wheatley was born in England, had lived in Canada 75 years and in Saskatchewan 25 years. Her hus band died in 1010. She leaves two sons, C A. Weat-ley, Winnipeg, and Norman Weat- ley, Moose Jaw, and two daughters, Miss Edith Wheatley, Moose Jaw, and Mrs. A. E. Spaishatt, Swift Current The Bellamy company has charge of arrangements. A. H. McKAY MOOSE JAW, Jan. 13. Funeral services for Agusttm Henry McKay, CP.R. engineer who died suddenly at the throttle of his engine near Keeler Thursday, were held from tha Broadfoot Funeral home Satur. day at 3 p.m. with many friends and associates attending. Rev. T. J. Hind officiated and burial took place at Rosedale cemetery. Members of the Moose Jaw branch of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers took part in the services. Pall-bearers were; J. Stewart, D. McKay, Fs Parker, D. Fraser, P. Llllie and A. H. Bull. so. To make it worse, it wits great news that Peter had to tell, and, of course, he might Just as well have had ro news at all. It all came from Peter's curiosity to see the deepest part of the Green Forest when everything was covered with snow. Of course, he hull to satisfy that curiosity. It wouldn't halve been like Peter not to have done so. So off he went all by him self way into the deepest part of the Green Forest, close to the foot of the Great Mountain, and there he found it so still that he could feel the stillness. Anyway, that's what he said. And it was so lone some there that Peter would have been afraid of his own shade w had he seen it. Ha had made up his mind that no one ever visited that part of the Green Forest at least not in the winter time, when sud- llenly he saw tracks. And such tracks! It was those tracks that had made Peter all his present trouble. You see,, no one would believe Peter when he told about those tracks. The first one Peter saw after get ting back to the dear Old Briar Patch wan Sammy Jay, and though Peter doesn't like Sammy, he Just had to tell him about those strange tracks. They were as big as the tracks of Farmer Brown's Boy," said Peter, his big eyes round with excitement. Probably he made them, said Sammy Jay shortly. "But they were not his tracks, only something like him the oneB he makes in the mud around the Swimming Pool when he goes swim ming in the summer, and you know as well as I do that he never makes that kind of tracks in the winter, Sammy Jay," cried Poter. Sammy looked sharply at Peter and began to laugh. "Besides," Peter hurried on, "who ever made those tracks had claws, great great big claws!" Sammy laughed harticr than ever and in the most provoking way, 'Do you expect me to' believe any such story as that, Peter Rabbit?" ho demanded. "You better not talk to mo about not telling the truth when you tell such a story as that," and off flew Sammy, still laughing to think that Poter should try to make him believe such a foolish story. Peter looked after him and scratched his head thoughtfully. "Those tracks did look something like those of Farmer Brown's Boy," he muttered. "They were rounder, but they were big and they had toes and well, perhaps they Jldn t look very much like them, but they did look something like them, and I said something. I believe I'll go toll Chatterer the Red Squirrel about them." But Chatterer laughed at Poter just as Sammy Jay had. "You've bad a bad dream, Poter. ' That's what's the matter with you. Who ever heard of any one in the Green Forest who made tracks like those. Why, Bowser the Hound makes the biggest tracks with claw marks, as him. Poor Peter grew quite mis erable, for he knew what his eyea had seen, and it was dreadfully hard to be laughed at and have fun poked at him just because he in sisted that he hal seen those strange tracks. GARBO DENIES ANY ROMANCE WITH COWARD STOCKHOLM, Jan. 13. A source close to Greta Gsrtio announced Sunday tha movie actrees . had authorized a statement that reports of a romance linking her name to that of Noel Coward, British playwright and actor, were "pure fabrication." The Hollywood star and Coward met only "casually" during Coward's recent holiday visit to Stockholm, this source said. . Friends of the pair asserted that neither showed excessive interest In the other after this casual meeting. forQU.Ccvl VOU don't have to stand tho pain of stiff, sore muscles when you can get quick relief by applying Sloan's. Its direct and quick action in helping to remove congestion eases pain with record speed. Sloan's is particularly soothing to over-tired muscles at bed-time. Its peneti sting, grateful warmth relieves tha aches and tension, lots you relax and sleep. Because Sloan's Liniment is quickly effective, no rubbing in ia required, just pat it on. Any day . . . any hour, someone in your home may need Sloan's. Get a bottle today from your druggist and keep it handy. J mrnrxss FIND LAD HANGED NEW YORK, Jan. 13. Reuben Slavin,' nine, wanted to frighten his mother, busy with preparations for a birthday dinner for two oldoi sons, 19 and 21. Racing about the house, he was told to go to his room until dinner. A few minutes later a playmate opened tha door. Reuben had hanged himself with hie 'belt, tied to the top drawer of a dresser. DIES 8 DAYS AFTER HUSBAND CALGARY, Jan. 13. Premlefj Aberhart told the congregation at hia Prophetic Bible institute here Sunday he would be glad If "booze" could be eliminated from the province but the sals of alcoholic beverages could not be prevented "with the mind of the people as it is.'' The premier made the statement in reply to one of "three letters of criticism." The latter from a Saskatchewan citizen who was "looking over the boundary line fence at Alberta" asked Mr. Aberhart how ha could conscientiously conduct the bible Institute while his government was "selling booze for revenue." "Because I can't 6top other men from drinking is no reason I can't conduct a bible class," he stated. "The criticism is fair," but it's not logical. We cannot help It. GUNTON, Man., Jan. 13. Mrs. Mary Ann Gunn, 82, died here Sat urday, eight days after the death of her husband, Donald Gunn. They had been married 80 years. Mrs. Gunn was born" in Montreal and married Mr. Gunn In that city; They came west 60 year) ago and had resided here for the past 30 years. Surviving are on son and three daughters. , Felt Herself Burden Rather Than Help Plain Lake Woman Couldn't Do Her Work DIES OF INJURIES PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man., Jan. 13. Steve Diakon of Portage La Prairie, struck by a Canadian Pacific. Railway pawienger train here Saturday, died Saturday from his injuries. He was 71 years old. 175t0 I - h4 f JSP f 6-months return limit Brand ntui roundtrib fart! War than tvtr bf Jon with a gtnmm rtturn limit of tut mtnthi. Here's a double bargain In tratel for you. A saving in cash. And a gain in time you mty spend in California this winter; Just think how much these dollar buy in mile age, train comfort, train safety, train ipeed Here are a few example fares to give you an idea how low the rates are. And remember they are -MONTHS R0UNDTRIPS Fraog Keglnai Coach " Tourist SAN FRANCISCO 53.95 75.75 LOS ANGELES... 64.55 82.35 You may ride any of ouf trains for these fares; Coach fares are good ia coaches and chair-cars. Tourist fares are good in fine improved Tourist Pullmans, plus berth. NEW FOOD SERVICE another money-iaven In coaches andTourist Pullmans we now serrt a variety of tasty food items for; ie and 10. Then we also have dining car service with complete "Meals Select" at moderate prices. Southern Pacific See your local railroad agent ot write to; C G. ALTON, Canadian Pautng and Ticket Agent, 474 Grarmlle St., Vancouver, B.C., or I. A. OR M ANDY, General Passenger Agent, 703 Pacific lildg., Portland, Oregoo sSjasssssssBi Taka arTvaniaaaT row pricVa. - f'Xsw. J2 o.eepir.g Rooms xy' ii "JRwtSHra or tNwramBBm yacty After Taking Dodd1 Kidney Pills feels Well Again bays Mrs. Mokry 13, 1936. Plain Lake, Alta., Jan. (Special). T . . . 1 aunt, ..I.. I . nnU holr ... i . , . , , . . , B,i,.,i .rait.Q ' I. 111, ' " i. an province nau local option;,, t)ma j djd B mlf) work tnat legislation and any section of Al berta that so desired could forbid liquor sales, Mr. Aberbart remark ed. . Premier Aberhart had no Intention Of Imposing a I thought I was going to die," writes Mrs. Mary Mokry, of this place. "I really thought myself not a ht.lp but a burden to my reiterated he husband. I suffered so for more man a year. men i got lukiu b Almanac and as X read the letters frnm nthpp wnmsn Vitiri o f! t 1 Kv money for Social Credit dividends, i Dodd's Kidney Pills I thought I'd He added, however, that if he were get. some for myself. Before fin-to increase a butiinesaman'g profit ihhing the second- box of Dodd's and then take a. part of such un-! Kidney Pills I felt like a new earned increment that would be woman- 1 now do 1111 my house-fair. "Profit is not wholly depen-! woIk nd tend f two children, ,,. T, ,,,, i k. and do some outside vork as we dent on price alone. It should be fKrmers and I try v, help do secured by rapidity of turnover," everything I can." How unfortunate is the woman like Mrs. M'ikry who has) plenty of wo ik to on ana suners tne added or illness. To manv "JIST IS CASE" VANcnrrvrn Tn 1.1 tr. nnlvi handicap so far, but "Just in "'" "X "nney xrouoie h shillelagh hangs ;rlllALd,"ey r.Pl. L'. have Prove" a decoration case." an Irith within e8ey reach of Mayor O. aM.'" fur? wUh'" con H " McGeer in hia office j blackthorn weapon waa ' gift from Ireland, The nuge.rjodd's Ki'lney Pills, for nwe than a birthday, half a century the favorite Kidney remedy, . Whenever You Want . . . To Rent a Room . . Locate a House .... Find a Lost Dog . . . In W0ED3 U 6 DAYS FOR Any Classification . . . 84c Count roup f five or leu fitfur om word. Buy a Radio Hire a Maid Sell Your Car, Or any of the many other services rendered through the Classified Ads Phone 6985 r AND TELL A LEADER-POST WANT AD CAKES

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