The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS XLTin—NO. 168 BlyUievllle Courter Blyth«vill« Daily N«w> Valley Lt*d« Blyttievjlla Herald TH» DOMINANT MBW8PAFER C* KORTHEA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUHl BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1952 FOURTEEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* USDA Ups Cotton Estimate 1952 Crop Set At 14 Million 500-Pound Bales 4-H WINNERS — Here are the new 4-H project winners. Front row de-It to right) — Mrs. Gertrude B. Hollimau, home demonstration agent; Linda Bunch of Yarbro; Betty Webb of Armore), Laura Alice Hemby or Yarbro. Joe Alice McGUIre of Yarbro (county champion girl), Bobbie Jean Williams or I,ost Cane, Elizabeth Brister of Yarbro nnu Martha I-ee Hart of Number Nine, second row — Keith J. Bilbrey. county agent; Jimmy Brflce of Yarbro, Dan-ell Byrd ol Leachville, Doris Kennett ot Leachville, Barbara Finch or Leachvillc, Robert Earl Davis of Gosuell, Larry Cas-sidy of Armorel. Back roy — Bobby Don Hoskins ot Leachville, James Harold Byrd of Leachville, James Leon Hasktns of Leachville, Jim Taylor of Leachville, H. H. Carter, assistant county agent; Danny Bourland of Lost Cane, Steve McOuire of Yarbro. James Harris of Lost Cane, county champion boy, \vas not present when this picture was taken. (Courier News Photo} * * * Stevenson Attacks McCarthy; Ike Continues Truman Blasts By The Associated Pres* Gov. Adlai Stevenson turned his campaign artillery on Sen. Joseph McCarthy in McCarthy's home state today as Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower fought back against biting criticism from President Truman on foreign Policy. — — • + Democratic Presidential Candi- 4-H Champion Boy r Girl Named Jo Alice McGuire And James Harris Cited for Club Work WASHINGTON t«—The Agrlcul I tuve Department, In a harvest-time report, today estimated this ycnf'i cotton crop at 14,413,000 bales o ( 500 pounds gross weight. This figure is 524.000 bales mori , than . last months's forecast o 13.889,000 bnles. It compares will 15.144,000 produced last year uni 11,775.000 for the ten-year (1941-50 average. ' The indicated crop is sharply below the government's production goal of 16,000,000 bales—a gonl thfil wns designed to cover domestic and export needs for the mnrkcllng year and lo add .so;nc cotton to reserve stocks. Domestic :ind export recmtre- i men Is arc now being forecast at {around 13,750,000 bales. Dry weather in some sections of I the cotton belt cut production be- I low what It would have been, had 1 conditions been more favorable. The production of lint cotton was [ estimated at 280.2 pounds per hnr- 1 vested acre compared \vii.b, 211,9 last year and 267.6 lor the 10-year ] average. Condition of the crop as of Oct. I 1 wns reported at 11 per cent of normal compared with 74 a year I ago and 72 for the 10-year Oct. 1 | average. The acreage for liarvest was re- 1 ported unchanged at 24,693,000, indicating an abandonment of 5-2 per South Koreans Re-Capture Vital Peak in Fierce Battle K>- GEORGE A. McARTHUR SEOUL, Korea (AP) — South Korean infantrymen fighting with bayonets tonight ro- captured a vital shell-cratered peak overlooking the ancient invasion route to Seoul in s brutal buttle that lias raged since Monday night. + A front line officer said the Korean troops cut a Chinese battalion of 100 men down to 150 In recapturing the crest of White Horse Hill on the Western Front. The jienk—main objective of the biggest Communist attack in a year —has changed hands more than a dozen times as both sides threw 8J Killed in England As 3 Trains Collide HARROW, England (AP) — At least 81 persons died today 1» the collision of thvee passenger trains here at the height of the morning commuting rush. The governmenL-orcpnted railways In announcing the death toll said there were 130 other casualties with "more still to come.' Commuters standing on the Unr-* row platform were mowed down us If by a Blunt scythe when the third train's • locomotive left tlis rails and plowed into two trains 'already wrecked. The death loll of 15 was an- Truman Raps Ike's Farm Talks as 'Downright Silly' By KKNEST VACCARO ABOARD TRUMAN TRAIN, <AP) — President Truman said today that Dwight D. Eisenhower's farm speeches show he doesn't know much about what's been going on in the U. S. during the 40 years he's date Stevenson moved into Wisconsin after telling an overflow audience in Detroit that McCarthy failed lo turn up munist with "wild charges. Eisenhower, the C1OI been in the army. The President carried Jnto the* midwestern farm belt his fight to convince the voters tiiat the general isn't qualified for the presidency. Truman said the OOP nominee is tpl^r^ :rf<Mvnn'K^t siUy-.aijd, Insulting ie Intelligence of-'farm men and women. . •- : ; Truman -said; that in an address prepared • for'delivery at the big harvest jubilee at Shenandoali, Iowa. Only last night at Denver Truman told an enthusiastic crowd of 30,000 to 11,000 persons in the union station plaza that Eisenhower himself gave the reason four years ago why n military man should not be elected president. The President read Eisenhowei statement of 1348 when pressed by supporters to become a candidate he -said "nothing in the international or domestic sftuation e pecially qualifies for the most important office in the world a in in whose adult years have been spent in the country's military forces. At least this is true in my case." Defends Farm Policy Then Truman declared, "it was true then. It is true now," and declared, it would he a great mistake to send a professional military man to the White House. In his first speech of the day. the See TRUMAN on Page 3 Habors, Liplord feei Kledion Aldermen of Second And Fourf}i Wards Will Run" Nov. 4 single Com- Riicl reckless" standard bearer, struck back at Truman's accusation he once imperiled I American security when the general saui Russia wanted peace by recalling that the President In 1048 referred to Joseph Stalin as James (Pepper) Harris of Lost cent of the planted acreage. Cane and Jo Alice McGuire of Yar- No figures on the percent o! the i bro have been selected 1952 4-H planted acreage abandoned by | Club boy and girl champions for stales wns given. The acreage for' North Mississippi County, according harvest, Ihe Oct. 1 condition or the crop, the yield per acre, and pro- for ducllon. jrespeclively, by states In- tlie year also were announced to- eluded; day by County Agent Keith Bil- Missouri 490,000 acres for har- to the County Agent's office. Other 4-H project winners noOnced almost eight hours after the threti-wny collision. At that time three coaches under the main bulk of the wreckage were still to be reached by rescue workers. The crash piled coach on coach hi a 50-foot licnp of wreckage. (Sec related story on I'agc 9) The collision involved two expresses and a commuter train. Many oE the victims had been waiting at the station of this Middlesex village, 10 miles northwest ol London. People standing on the platform were cub down as a locomotive ol the London - Manchester Express screeched from the tracks urn sheared through the waiting crowd Within minutes this corner ol Harrow looked like a burned out sil houette of wartime L.ondon. A -nburban train standing in bin station first wns hit from behind b an express bound for London from Scotland. Then, ns the wreckage ol this collision splattered the area, the London - Manchester Express roared up from behind and plowed Into [he piled up bcey and Mrs. Gertrude B. Holl- vest, 82 per cent norma, 3'H "Good Old Joe." Truman, whistle stopping Stevenson Heads Realtors Board Report Is Given On Need for Higher Gl, FHA Interest Rate J. E. Stevenson, Jr., wns elected president of the Blytheville Real Estate Board to succeed E. M. Terry I at the monthly meeting of the board at the Ruslic Inn last night. ' Cjcorgc M. Lee was eelcted vice- president to succeed Mr. Stevenson, and William F. Bcnr was elected secretary-treasurer to succeed D. 0. Pafford. Several members of the board said they will attend the state convention ot the Arkansas Real Estate Association, which starts Sunday tn Little Rock. Max Logan and Mr. Terry reported on the national convention of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America which they at- Be.sides the dead accounted tor nounced today that they will be through Colorado yesterday, said he used to think Eisenhower was qualified for the presidency but ''I am, now convinced that I was [utrty wrong." • - - . i 'qampai gn trails of f OUT major party leaders criss-cross today as Truman and Sen, Robert A. Taft, Ohio Republican, ride In the same parade nt Shenandoal;,, Iowa, and F*=er.hower and Sen. ! Estes Kefauver of Tennessee speak in San Francisco. Sen, Richard "ixor., GOP vice- presidential nominee, charged that Tnuran and Secretary of State Acheson are trying to "destroy the reputation" of a great American— ! j Eisenhower—and Sen. John Sparkman, his democratic counten- ar lid he doubied if Eisenhower can' ever get his OOP team to work together if he is elected. Continued Today Stevenson launched his attack on McCarthy in Detroit last night and continued it today. Saying that McCarthy's attacks had failed to turn Up a single Red, the governor ad- by police, 70 persons were In hospSt- from the 1952 crop by states prior to Club's winners' banquet to bfc given by the Mississippi County ] Bureau, probably in January. A 4-H'er for. four .years, James has served - bbUv. ; aJiikiirtce' president, nntj. presictent^I*;'Jl8he- Lost Cam; Club. He plan* ; to pay off'*a tractor this year from returns on his 20 acres of cotton. Last year he produced 30 bales of cotton on 20 acres of land. The new girl champion has been u 4-H member for seven years and has \von other county awards in handicraft, leadership, firm and home electric, recreation and ynrd Improvement. She wag selected state sang leader at the Arkansas 4-H Car.ip. Her scrap book 1 1951 crop on date: correspond ing Arkansas 518,081 and 3MW: Mks- aud64W8. ./-Ma-Sis the heart of the 'Harrow station. 'ITie crash occurred only three miles from headquarters of the V. .8.; Eighth Air Force at South Buls. lln, r,aily ust 1U ins. .there ria ams -involved. No Decision Still Pending in ^ Fatal Shooting . Officials had maoe no further report at noon- f oday as to circumstances Involved In the shooting of i James H. Greemvell, Joiner farmer records are to be entered for state j \vlio was found shot to death Mim- reports had b"pn received that any of them were amon« the dead or injured. An American passport was found in a wrecked car, but police helmed to give thf* o*V"irr's name pending a check of the dead and injured. "Just the same setup as the Long Lsland Railroad." commented Col Alexander R. McMillan of the U S. Third Air Force En surveying til-- ded: 'Catching Osceola Council Meet Postponed OSCEOLA—Osceola's City Council meeting, originally scheduled for tonight, has been postponed until tomorrow night. Mayor Ben P. Butler said today. Mayor Butler" said it would be necessary for him to be out at town i nis can di<incy, he said, "I pledge tonight. I gee ALDERMEV on Page 3 Tomorrow's 7:30 p.m. meeting is • expected to be routine, he said. in the L. Nabors, Second Ward alderman, and Charles Lipford, who represents the Fourth Ward. Mr. Nabois, \vho is seeking his fourth term on the City Council, is a member of the Council's Street Committee, and has served on the Finance Committee and other committees since he hns been an alderman. A member of the First Baptist Church and veteran of World Wa I. he has been a resident of Blytheville for 25 years. In announcing real Communist agents. like killing poisonou; snakes r.r Tigers, is not a Job for amateurs or children, especially noisey ones. It is « job for professionals who know their business and their adversaries." Today, in ft speech prepared for competition in recreation and lead- day. ership. She now Is 4-H county council president. Other Winners Listed Other boy project winners are Jim Taylor, Lcachvllle, leadership; James Harold Byrd; LeachviUf. first county cotton winner; Robert Earl Davis, GosneM, second cotton winner; Morris Finney, Armorel, llih'd cotton winner; Larry Csssiciy, Ar- Coroner M. Holt and Sheriff tended in Chicago last week. Members ol the association Include mortgage brokers, Insurance companies, savings banks and other In vcslors. "A resolution was adopted by tin Convention requesting the Loan Guaranty Officer of the Veteran ration find the Pedcrn Housing Administration to rals their .Interest rates on Gl and. FH t loans fcA' : rir 15*5'^ them In line' wit rates oti oilier mortgnges and sc curltfcs," Mr. Logan snict. "The investor nets loo little o the four per cent Gl and the foi nnd one-fourth per cent FHA loan to mivko him interested in the: loans, despite their advantage o being Insured by the federal yov ernment," Mr. Terry cxp' Conventional loan rates nre nrdizcd over the country at five find tanks, artillery antl men into the raging battle. A few hours earlier the Chinese recklessly charged through an Allied Artillery barrage and captured the crest. Then they hit the Korean defenders on the south slope but the Republicans held fast. Fighting was only slightly less bitter elsewhere along the front as the big Red offensive moved Into Its third day. Allied warplanes rocketed overhead, plastering Red lines directly behind the front. Earlier today in Seoul, Gen. James A. Van Fleet. U. S. Eighth Army commander, said: "The Eighth Army has stopped all attacks without any penetration of Us main battle positions. Action has been limited to out- osts, and the enemy has been obbei ! t-il In that nren. "Moral- Never Higher** "The troops which have partlci- atcd In the cur i'en I action are elated over the good shooting T am. Morale never has been Iglier." Ami U. N. negotiators postponed ride-finitely the armistice talks at 'amnunjoin. Top U., N. officials tressed tlip.t the talks were not ccessai'lly at an end. Front line reports said ft rein- orccd battalion of Chinese swarm- d up the slopes of White Horse ^fountain despite a shattering Alicd or I tilery barrage. They seized .he crest nt 5 p.m. and held on, When they marie their charge down the south slope, South Korean troops met them with bayonets, hand grenades and clubbed rifles. Communist dead Utered the hillside, • ..•••--, Eighth army said the South Kc— ,_ rcfins thrcv back three Red' assaults on'' W hite" Ho"rsft - bcUveeli^TwKiay inldniglit and Wednesday liooh. During the afternoon a roaring artlUery duel drove both sides away fro tn the crest. AP correspondent Milo FarneU reported from the front that th» See WAR en: rage 3 .,. pj . He said the layout of ifw five and one-half per cent, he added. tracks on the approach to London j "An Interest raise, would bring William Berryman said yesterday. "It could have been either an accident or suicide." Mr. Grecmvell wad iound in pickup truck near Highway 61 between Joiner and Basset t. He was reported to have been in failing health for several years. Services were to be held at 2 p.m. today at Bnssoit Presbyterian was remarkably similar to approatAi- es to New York which have been the scene of Long Island Railroad dissLSlers. * A giant railway crane* wa: brought in to lift the catches apart. A rescue official said it wniiM. ne hours before the full extent of the casualties was known. delivery iu Milwaukee, lie said: "I hope the time will never come in America when charges are Ink- See POLITICS on I'age 3 Truckers Fined r, For Selling Syrup Falsely Labeled Weather Arkansas forecast: Generally fair; slowly rising temperatures this af- No Progress in Hit-Run Case No progress has been made in the -, ......_... hit-and-run case of Clcta Aquilcra. Judge W. W. Frewitt in Osceo. Tuo Joplin. Mo., truck drivers were lined a total of $500 in Municipal Court in Osceola y ester ciny on charges of selling mis-branded syrup and face similar charges in Blvtheville. morel, first corn 'winner; Charles Church for the 53-year-old form Storey, Lone Oak, second corn win- owner. ner; Bobby Gordon, GosneJl, third corn winner. Robert Earl Davis. Gosnell, first in tractor care; Larry Cassldy, Armorel, second In tractor care; Richard Mokes, Promised Land, third in t r ac tor care; Bobby 1 los ki n s, soybean production ~, Darrell Byrd, Leachville, beef; Jlmmie Bruce, Yarbro, poultry; Steve McGuire, Yarbro. entomology; Danny Bourland, Lost Cane, swine; Benn y Powe rs, Los t Cane, second i n swine: James Leon Hoskms, Leach viHe, safety: Gary Gill, Yarbro, second in safety and Jerry Stutts, Lust Cane, third in safety. Other girl project winners are i Elizabeth BrJsle;, Yarbro, room f Improvement; Laura Alice Hemby, Yarbro. clothing; Linda Bunch, Yarbro, baking ;;;;d canning; Bobbie Jean Williams, Lost Cane, foods Mayor Attends 'Derby' Mnyor Dan Blodgett attended the Terrapin Dezby at Lepanto today at guest of Mayor Layton Seymour. I unusual cases," Mr. Logan added. the lenders back into the Gl and FHA market," Mr, Terry said, ,5inii yet would mean only above S2 per month to the mortgagor on a Gl loan of 58,000. As the market Is now, with Gt !oans selling over the country nt from 02 to flG fan eight to four per cent discount), the veteran is unable to avail himself of the benefits offered under the G£ bin." "Until these Interest rates raised, we cannot sec any chance of Gl loans being made except in Jack Bishop'was thieu $300 and • and cookery; Doris Kennett, Leach- Ralph Johnson $200 by Municipal FAIR AND WARMER tcrnoon and Thursday. Cold again tonight. Missouri forecast: Fair and slightly warmer tonight and Thursday; low tonight In the 30s; high Thursday generally near 70, Minimum this morning—37. Maximum yesterday—60. Sunset today—5:35. Sunrise tomorrow—6:01. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a.m. —None. Total precipitation since January 1—36.50. Mean temperature (midway tv.-een high and low)—49.5. Normal mean temperature October—63.4. This Date Last Year Minimum this morning~57. Maximum yesterday—bl). Mexican laborer who was Injured near Burdelte Monday ntght. Sheriff William Beryman said today. Ar^uilera suffered bruises when hit by a car on Highway 61. The driver stopped some distance from the scene, then left without being Identified. yesterday, In Little Roct, Harold Ausl, director of the State Board of Health's Food and Drug Division, 1 told the Associated Press the Uvo i men were arrested In September; and charged wim tiling sytup j falsely labeled sorghum. v 111 e , personality improvement; Barbara Ann Finch, Leachville, frozen foods; Betty Webb, Armprel, handicraft onrl Martha Hartj Number Nine, gardening. Cotton Picking Contest C of C Picks 15-Man Commit tee I Set forSaturday To Study Sewer Financing A 15-man committee, which will Investigate sewer financing plans, hns been named by Chamber of Commerce President Max Logan. James Terry head.s the group, selection of which resulted irom a joint meeting of the Chamber's industrial committee and board of directors. Al the Joint meeting, Mayor Dan Blodgett spoke on the sewer problem and asked the Chamber to investigate vaYtoua financing pro Precipitation January 1 to thlsitloiw. arums and make recommenda- 1 First mecliog oiitot group wilt COOTER. Mo.—The fourth an miEil Cooler Cotton Picking Con test will he held hrre at 12:;it> p.m Saturday. A totnl of II cash awards will DC 3e tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. In the Chamber of Commerce offices at Members other Mr Terry In- 1 presented. Including first through elude Byron Morse. Kendall Bcr- fourlh P Incc nri »*. * r - ' ry Joe" Evans, Russell H. Fnrr, I ll1 " Phillips. Jirnmlc Sanders. I R. A, Porter, Rilcy Jones, Gene Bradley. Frank Wagner, Br>r> Mac White. K. B. Barker, Mark Anderson and James Roy. When the committee has considered fill means of financing ft new sewer system for Ihe city, 11 Is to submit a report with reccom- mend&tions for action. woman winner, man winner and winners In three age gio;;r>5. The age groups are vmder 10 years. 10 to 15. 16 to 60 and 61 years and over. Entry fee for the contest Is t). A parade will hegln' at 4 p.m. Saturday. A program will he held In James Deal Sells Mouse of Charm To Jack Bell James R. Deal today announced sale of the Housn of Charm to J:ick Bell, who has been retained by Mr. Deal for the past year as interior decorator. Mr. Deal said Mr. Boil will move the firm to 332 South Division. The new f i rm w ill reta in the name House ot Charm. The building in which the firm Is now 'ocated has been sold (o Blythevitic Radio Supply, which will move late this month. Mr. Deal said he presently plans re-enter the music business, probably In Memphis. A native of Bassett, Mr. Bell is graduate of the University of Arkansas and Parson's School of Interior Design in New York, 1952 Christmas Parade to Be Held Here December 2 Dec. 2 has been set ns the tentative date for Dlytheville's 1952 Christmas parade, The Chamber of Commerce irnrstrnus Promotions Committee iftt ye.stenisy and named that as tentative date. Bob pay wns chosen overall Christmas promotions chairman. Other committee hends include immy Richardson, decorations; immie K« wards, parade; and Jeorge Hubbard, Jr., financing. Inside Today'* Courier News . . . \Ve shouldn't lake Cotton Picking Contest for granted , . • editorial . . . Page 8 ... . . , Hell Bomb . , Pivlure feature . . . Page 6 » . • . . . Osccola News . . . Page 1 . . . . . . Sports . . . Page $ ... . . , Society . . . Page -I ... . . . Markets , . . Page 3 ... LITTLE LIZ— the school auditorium at 7:30 p.m. find will be climaxed by crowning of the 1952 contest queen. 1.1 FLYING FOR IKE — Mrs. Phoebe omlie, one of Memphis' pioneer aviatrix, Is shown with Mrs. Welch FOSWT (center) and pilot Forrest Solzcr of Little Rock, at Blytheville ixlrport this morning. Mrs. Omlle Is cohering towns In Arkansas, ML«l»- sippl »nd Tenneiitt dblrlbuting Eiteiiiiower ktt- leU from an airplane. Mrs. Foster headed the pro- Ike delegation which met her at the airport here. Manila, Jonesboro, Helena and Brinkley were on today's icheduto for Mrs. Omlle. (Cuurlcr Nens 1'lioltf) Long skirts p«*. up gctms. Tl Ml'snot wlio! sl<xlonesQ««o»- iip/ied lo pick »P »-""

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