The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 2, 1955 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Wednesday, March 2, 1955
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I HP I fTTAwA .IflTTPNAT, The ihird Fogo. - ' : MARCH: 2,! 1955. , ? r&V " ! ' " Cynthia Talented Ottawa Girl Hial . -. .V; bt ainsliu staa " A pretty tad highly talented ; 14-year-old Olebe Collegiate . . Student f lltl "remtrktbto memory", "lntetlectuat grasp" ana mastery of whole ram , of varying styles draw the fcigheet nwks yet awarded foe pianoforte la the Ottawa Music Festival, last nliht walked off-Un with the FrtBCM Berwick Trophy and supremacy In the open pianoforte chut for mod' trn miulc.- - - She It Cynthia MUlman. of 4 Windsor imH, daughter of . Dr. fetor MUlman. head of the section on upper atmosphere research In the National Research Council, and Mn. MU1- tr.u j? h." iZ.. rrurj-vi1"1 ijjp" it tuaj afternoon end evenlna, .h. "?r.k1 .Cfcfelher. , - anernoon aod evening, the achieved marks of W and U lot a total of its. Adjudicator Lionel Salter told The Journal. "I rarely give anyone a mark in the nlaetiee." . Ore la Attendance. The . disappointingly - email audience waa also treated to .too musical entertainment in a beautiful rendition by Norma Derrick and Oat ton Hernols, of Ottawa, of Ollda's and Rlgo-letto'i duet from , Rigoletto, which brought them M marks from adjudicator John Church-111 and victory in the duct-any voice class. None of the three other couples entered in thie dam appeared for the torn petition. Llse Joaaisse, of 13 Mirier road. Eastview, won the class for ladlea voices, Orade A, concert group of three songs, with a total of 11 points in the preliminary and final testa, two points more than Ed y the Coutu, of 52t Courtenay avenue, Ottawa. Folk song choruses rounded out the evening, the Joyeuxi Copains group of young men - from Hawkeabary, OnL, win-1 aing tne cmse over the Byna- Rebl Elimelech. and Nardi's gogue Centra Choral Society .Kaehol Yam Hamaylm. dedl-f Ottawa, eated to the laborera of la the finals of the open pianoforte ciaat lor modera muskv Km MUlmaa. who last year ewept vnrte senior elasses at trie Festival, bad to be at her best to top the performance of Ana MeCahey, ' of Montreal, who took marks of I and at. Miss Mlllman selected Hinde- mlth'a Praeludlum and Fuaa In C (Ludus Tonsils), and Three Preludes of Kent Keanan as r test pieces. Mr. . Salter noted that the Ludus Tonsils lequired "a' very great Intel lsctual underitandlni" and it waa this group which to lm pressed the adjudicator. Landed By Adjudicator. He said Miss Mlllman tx hlhlted "a very comprehensive view of this music as a whole", was "on top of it" all the time, with first-rate command of the keyboard. "I hesitate to suggest that the might be very good at chest", he commented. Her handling of the fugue was "beyond praise" and he had "nothing but admiration" for the whole work. - Tne preludes were not so deeply intellectual but Miss Mlllman had given- them, "beautiful shaping and finish". There was a trace too much of pedal, but she had built her strength skilfully, Bunner-Pp Fit lied. Runner-up Ana MeCahey had caught "extra well" the style and mood of Debussy's Ce Qu a Vu la Vent dt)uest but dldnt give true weight to the start of the theme. She gave Khachaturian's Toccate a "very line and exciting performance" but -wasnt getting "that last ounce of power" behind her playing. She was most at home with Prokoflefft'ton Ve expect, to arrive home Suggestion Diaboltque. Ion March II or 17. president Third place In the clans wentiClem Bird said today. "" 4seg4T W-wi- mm v: -rx- w . i ''. "wei - m 1.. . TWO POINTS APART IN 344 Mutual .congratulations wore in order for Lisa Joanlssa (right), of Eastview, who sang ber way to first place last night la the Ottawa Muile Festival glass for ladies' votree, Orade A. three-sonr conrert group, and runnor-up Edythe Couta (left! of Ottawa. Their scores: 147 and I4S, of a posaibie 308. "Miss Joanlssa became eligible to compete Saturday evening for tha Ottawa Choral Union tiopbr lor sadiet' voice. ..Mii'ii T. - - i'i , ' a 1 " " " ' 1 ;' I i 1 'II' I I 1 ' to finalist Un Oostelin, of Montreal, who wo 114 points for ker two pert orsaaacea of Bagatelles Opus t by Tebere- Adjudicator John ! Am high la ale praise of Norma Derrick 'and Oaatoa Marnola for their duet performance. they knew their work "well enough la be conducted, and have aa orchestra behind them". Both had "a very mat deal of vocal promise" and showed great understanding of the role they sang from Rigoletto. Us thought at one point Miss Derrick was perns ps too sophisticated for the part of the Innocent girl's role but this waa only la one small part Mr. Harnols sometimes two Mr. Churchill emphasised to all three finalists la the class for ladies' voioea, concert group. Orade A. the Importance of knowing the words and letting ' their meaning control and color the Interpretation of1 tne songs. , Use Joanlssa, the winner, sang three aelectlonr-by Debussy to gala top place, the was followed closely by Edythe Couta anil Vfnnlana Lalmute af Ste. Rote do Lima took third place. Mrs. Oladya WhiUhead. ad judicatihg the folksong class. admitted some handicap since aha was unfamiliar with the two languages used Preach and Hebrew. But the found the all -male Joyeux Copaina, of Hawkaobury. under conductor Brother Tvea, gave a "fascinat ing performance" of their, two French aoage by Lamorinlere and Bcauileu. -She gave them lea points, four mora than the mixed-voice Synagogue Centra Choral Society which per-under conductor formed Cantor J. Rabin. The Jewish choral group tang Zilgerta' Der Palestine. Choir Classes At Chalmers Two . classes for Reman Cathotle Church Choirs, one "for girls ander It yeara and the other for boys with unchanged voices, were thanked by the adjudicator for their delightful and moving" inter pretations of the Kyrte (Missa IX "cum Jubllo") Mrs. Whitehead awarded the Archbishop Lemieux Trophy and 14) marks to Ecoie St. Dominique in the girls' class. She emphasised tonal quality and sincerity ae being or the utmost Importance la religious music The highest marks of the afternoon went to Let PetiU Chanteura de llcole Ouigues. The adjudicator said "their purity of vocal line la the essence of beauty they have a great gift". They received 174 marks snd the Archbi bishop Vachon Trophy. Eastview Lions Givt $85 to Boys' Clubi The Eastview Lions Club, at Its regular meeting last night. gathered together an ts dona tion for the Ottawa Boys Clubs building fund. A direct 1M donation made from the club treasury and a further S3S resulted from a special effort oa the draw, a regular portion of each meeting. HOME BY 17th. - DUE8SELD0RF. Germany. March Z (HUP I TT Miue. ' sa. ' ' T " - N. ... " '" . 4aei rases to Dn tn iWiSM 1 PIANO TKHNIQUE BEYOND PRAISE The "whole potto of bar playing", intellectual grasp of difficult music and sheer technique brought -Orade 11 , Olebe student Cynthia Mlllmaa, 14. the highest marks yet given la the Ottawa Matte Festival, and the Adjudicators Stress Knowledge Rhythm in Yesterday's day sessions of the Ottawa Music Festival were 1 in . solo, and piano playing, from the tiny tote In the "beginners elate to the complished pianists tn "senior" sonata event. AT ST. JOHN'S -. ae- the Adjudicator Lionel Salter had a good deal mora eon atructlvo criticism than praise for the four piano classes that; played to his sharp eye and ear yesterday afternoon. " t Again and again ha empha sised the Importance of rhythm in ail' musical compositions. Be touched, briefly oa an analogy, of this rhythm la music to the basic rhythm la life Itself. Rhythm la the backbone of music, ha said, and If It saga, or lags, or collapses entirely. at aid some of the per- lOTmanora ne listened to. so the coStirn L,rnTlSM " don't that btcycle-the composition being played. .Mln, .nd ach .ra ralatad in Many of the young inter- media tea had "wrecked" their . Beethoven sonata by this lack; oi lorm, Balance, ana. in uie e oi sMeinoven, elegance. I Top mark la this class was M.i given II . year - old Louisa Brault of Hull, with Mary Cornish's M winning this neairow pianm tna runner-up' place. geawrsaaa Most of tha sonata pianists eamt la for the same basic criticism la that their Motart waa "badly out of form" from a weakness of "backbone". Others ware completer "invertebrate". Motart lived la aa age of elegance and shapely form, Mr. Salter said. It was an age of conformity. It was surprising. therefore la aa era when Individual expression w at frowned upon, that Mr. Motart coma nave len so mucn or: himself in his more profound works. I But the test-piece was aot one of these. It waa one of conformity and the whole movement should hava considered as aa entity. Rarely la tha performances ha had heard, said Mr. Salter .had there been that necessary pulse, a flow from first to last. In several instances, contestants had played passagee to loud at to ahakt the passage right out or na framework. . But for Helene Oaulin, of Ottawa, Mr. Salter had a special ' word of praise la awarding her top marks of 44. Hera waa "extremely nice play tag", and she had 'exhibited most of the qualities of good Moaari, Her playing waa neat, well phrased, and showed clarity of detail Bartiara Rosemary Bell, alto of Ottawa, took second highest potato with 43. But for a few bad stumbles, and a few lapsea la control, ber performance showed good mnrtrltnthlp and technique. Jaaiera Play Back In the Junior data of eight young pianists playing a Bach fugue, ewataataate sometimes forgot tha Importance of sustaining one of tha secondary parte. Mr. Slater said that a fugue, which meant a flight. would oa aettar worded aa "la fugue", with all tha moving pane navtng equal Importance. . He eamliraeritod tht elan at a wheat aa their good togee Music work, and gave top marks of 45 o Kristine F. Leary. of Ottawa, ,. t, ,.,.,,i.i style, however. Louise Delcel lier. also of Ottawa, earned 44 points with her fluent, steady control of the Bach number. Lorraine Vvn Roy, of Ottawa, earned first place with T9 points in the' intermediate piano nolo class, even though aha tended to play too quickly and lacked -tho animation the Debnssy tweapoaltkio called for. But rM "Shoved tgood touch and tone control. Use Thlbo- doaa, at Montreal. and Dawn Marnnnald. of Pembroke, took second and third place respectively. AT KNOX. -Leant to ride a bicycle If you want to play Bach better. Ad judicator Joha Churchill told nine startled young concert ,u,((r, ytsterday afternoon. any war", ha assured them haitllv. "it's lust thai tha wider jour knowledge Is, the better vou can become In anvthlna you decide to aneelallae in." Ha arged singers to listen to aa much Instrumental music aa they could, and Instrumental- Uu to listen to smclni ss much as possible. xDonl dtg. yourteU a narrow little canal and stay Inside It." Requests Final Teat, - After "thoroughly enjoying a lovely recital from a class of lovely young ladles", he asked three of them, Monique 1 londe, of Ste. Rote da Lla Bdytha Coutu, 'of Ottawa, and Lisa Joanlaae, of Eastview to ting again la a final test at Olebe Collegiate. Although ha found most choices yesterday afternoon well selected, ha suggested that mora attention could be given to balanced program building In Canada. "Yon must consider your audlenceallmlta- ''. too. Even if you caa set uKcnse mooa quicuy, tney may not be ready to take It unless you build up to It." AT CHALMERS. The Richelieu Club Trophy waa presented- to Mutch or Public School for winning nignesi marks m yesterday afternoon's two . Elementary School Chorus Matted Choirs classes, six choirs competed tor una tropny. Adjudicator oiadys White head cautioned teachers to "And the key level at which your choir sings beat utilise It". ' The elaat for two-part choirs tang "Hera Amid the Shady Woods" -by Handel aa their first number, followed by a aeleotloa of their owa choice. Of tha' Handel song, Mrs. Whitehead said, "It U a most gracious piece of music". She advised teachers to look to tha text to see what tha matte depicts before choosing their style of ainglng a number. Mateaator Hteheat "- Mutchmor placed highest tn thi claaa with a total of 144 marka, Ecole .Notre Dama de la Preaentatloa was atcoad with 144 marks. The .compulsory number for the claaa for three-pert choirs war "Aa Mary Sings" by W. H. Aaderaoa. Simplicity, sincerity and good teste were neces sary la totorpretattene of tale tone, the adjudicator said She praised the "excaUent Prances Berwick Trophy for first place la the senior pianoforte, open class, for modem music Adjudicator liooel Baiter had -nothing but admiration1' for her performance last, night, . . Jwnul PHM fcy Domlntoa wlMi rhythm" la the second song chosen by the Petlta Chanteura da l'Ecole Ouigues, who received 144 m a r k a She enjoyed the fresh, light treatment of "Song of the Mountains", the second choice of Olashaa Public School, but felt the song was not up to musical atandarda tor the festival. They were given 143 marks. The Association Canadtenne- Francalse d 'Education Trophy went to Ecole Notre Dame de la Presentation for their ting ing in the data for Elementary School Chorus Oradea 1 and or 4. .The adjudicator. In awarding - them 147 marks.' praised their "good phrasing". but warned them not to allow their tone to become "scratchy". Second piaee went to Ecole Oulguea with 144 marks. , AT FIRST tntlTED. A petite seven-year-old Ren- girl with a -Deauuiui eurteey" and a way with music, waa top winner at the keenly-contested piano class for beginners at Pint United Church hall Tuesday afternoon, y - Owea Bowes, daughter of Mr; and Mrs. Elmer Bowes of Renfrew, had to play tha program selections three times before adjudicator Joha M. Hod gins waa satisfied to make a decision.. He gave her n marka. f Chubby ! tix-year-old Carol Margaret ' Redtman, of Arn-prior, also had to play her pieces three timet to get second plaea with one mark leu than the winner.. She la the daughter of Mr. and, Mrs. Elmer Boweaj " :r" Commending the class of 14 entries on their performance during tha afternoon, adjudi cator Hcglraaald it all good playing . . soma of It waa better". Nobody received a mark below 40. . The playing of Owea Bowes, he said, waa "musical and had good tine". Her music created a feeling it waa "goipg somewhere all the time . . . 'a splendid performance". Trie ' adjudicator said the playing of Carol Redtman showed "real style". An Ottawa boy, Bobby Lax- ton, also played off against the two girls in the final but was eliminated after the sec ond round. His final score was 44, a figure also attained ' by Elisabeth Ostlguy, of Ottawa, and, Alvin Rumble, of Mano- Uck. In eritlclilng the work of soma of the. others, adjudicator Hod gins tald they should give mora attention to tha expression marks in the music" no suggested teachers and ,v e- WINNERS COMPARE HOTES Owsa Bowat (tttttBSi of Renfrew, top winner in the solo clam at First United. Tuesday, disc meet the music with bar renner-up, Carol Margaret Redtman, of Araprtor, who tot M sasrks ana point lees Utah the wiaau. v - , .- Tuesday Festival Results I AT FIRST VNITEB. . CUse ltl Pteao, Preparateryt Marian Beverley Lltlo. 47; Mary Deutech. of Bockcllffe. ' 44; Marllya Lantdowaa Rosa and Breada Una. tied. 44. . AT ST. JOHN'S. v-. class III. ntaao sonata. Inter mediate:- Louise Brault, Hull, 44; Mary Cornish. Renfrew. 40, Class 114. piano solo. Inter mediate: Lorraine Vivian Roy. Ottawa. 7t: Lisa Thlbodeau, Montreal, 77; Dawn MacDoa-aid. Pembroke. 74. Class lot, Jaator Plaalsta, Corn pealtleas of Bach: Kristine F. Leary. Ottawa. 49; Louise rjclecffier. OtUWC gi. Csass 114. Ptaae, Sealer aeaatat Helene Oaulin, Ottawa, 14; Barbara Rosemary Ben, Ottawa, 4. 1 AT CHALMERS. Clase 41. Eletaentary Scbaol Caarua, Grade 4: Rivenriew fhihiie School. 41 and II: Hopewell Avenue1 Public School, 41 ana u. Class 44. tleateatary Scaael Caaewa. Grade I: Eeola Pu- hamaL 41 and II; Ecole Ste. Anne. 42 and 40. r Clam II. Elemeatary Scbaol Chans. Massed Cheera, SA: Mutchmor Public School. 4) and 43: Ecole Notre la Presentation. 40 and St. aa, Eleeaeatary Scbeoi rherna. Masaed Chairs, SSA PeUte Chanteura de lEcoia Oulcwaa. II and S3; Olaahan Public School. 43 and 40. Richelieu Club Ttopny Mutchmor Public School. 43. Eleeaaatary Sckoet Cherae. Gradea 1 aaeVat S, SSA Ecole Notre Dame de la Pre sentation. S3 and. as; Ecole Oulguea, 43 and 44. Association canadienne-rran- calao d'Educatlon Trophy: Ecole Notre Dame da la Presentation. Class 4. Chare caetra, saaa Cathelle Ceaveat Sh4s. Girls Veteee, aader t vaars: Ecola Bt Dominique, 43 and S3; Feationnai ou oacre- Cocur, SI and II. Archbishop Lemieux -rropny Ecola St Dominique. Claaa . Charrh caeera, Reanaa CatlMlie. Beyt, ehaaged Yotoeei Lea Petite Chanteura do llVoie Oulguea, 44 aad 44; Choraler da l'Ecole BL Francois, 44 and IX Archblsboo- Vachon Trophy Lea Petite Chanteura da JXeole Oulguea. AT KNOX. Class 44, Messo soprano Solo, ander 31 years; Joan Mao- donald. 13: Oeraldlne Oray. ti Claaa, 43. Sepraaa Sate, aader II yeara: Beryl Harris, 7: car-ol Jeaa Shannon, 71; Bema- detta Olivier. 77. AT FIRST UNlTEtV Claaa IIS. Pteao Sato, Bo tlaaerti Owea Bowes, of Ren frew. 47 Carol Margaret Redtman, of Arn prior . 44. AT OLEBE. Ctaae 114. Ptaaofevto. Med era Masie, Open finals: Cya Mili Ann McOahey. Montreal, 13, 44; Lisa Oosselln, Montreal, 4b, 44. Claaa 17, Folk Song Chens. aay Language, any Joyeux Copaina de Hawkea-bury, 44. S3; Synagogue Centra Choral Society, Ottawa, SZ, B0. Class 34, Dwet, aay voice: Norma Derrick and Oaatoa Harnoii, Ottawa, P9. -tClaaa 37, Concert Greap of I Songe, Ladles' Vefcee, Grade A. float : Lisa Joanlssa, East-view. 43, 45: Edythe Coutu, Ottawa. S3, 43; Monique La-londe, Ste. Rose de Lima, II, 40. mothers should watch for and draw attention to details, such aa expression marka, in the playing of their children. The two numbers played by tha beginners' claaa were folk songs entitled "Hark' the Tiny Cowslip Bell" and "Ootsip Joaa". ' Music Festival beginners' piano John Churchill Makes Adiudi Sound Simple -,, ar boss atnra, , ' .,' , d the asanas, " ,. ' To tha casual observer, and tha not-sb-casual one either, aa adjudlcator'a lot at tha Ot- tawa Mutie Festival U not a happy one. For who, In his right mind. of 'deciding that Mary-Jane played Handel's Largo Just a litua better than 30 or 40 other Mary-Janes, all of whom have Just gotten ap in their beat bib and tucker and given their own, version of Mr. Handel In the space of an hour or etC I've never una any. moinei waiting tor ma outside with a catox John Churchill, who, at 35, la master of music at St Martin-ln-tha-Flelda Church. London, and staff member of tha Royal College of Music. ,Oal On Complaint, la fact. only, one baa any one objected to ma about my adjudication.' X received a letter one time. i But Mr. Churchill. , a tan slender gentleman whose words oi lortnngnt criticism uu gently yet sincerely, generally prefaces bis remarks wun no era! sprinklings of "I feel"1. and "1 believe- 'a, and "I think f and "in my opla- lon"a. Tha way tha festival classes work, each contestant la turn gate up and plays his or her meet, or atnis ma or ner song. Except In tha special concert each contestant, ooy nr airl or adult, ateoa up to the Dlatform in one oi uia lovr church halls and delivers the tamo composition as all those who went before . . . ana woes who come after. So that Mary-Jane's rendi tion of Largo may be the 30th consecutive version of Largo that Mr. Churchill, or one of the three other Judges, ptay hava had to listen 10. How la It possible then, tot tha etdjadicator to get up after tha claaa has been completed and not. only give Individuairtlvely simple, the jobs of ad. ratlntv to each contestant, gtwjudicstlng is remarks to the class m general, and ALSO give individual advice and criticism to each and every performer, no matter bow big the class Isf Method of Operatlea. "Quite simple, actually", aays Mr. Churchill "I Jot down a few remarks while each one It performing, and they Im mediately remind me or me things I want to aay. Musk Festival Schedule - THIS EVENING. ' ' Glebe Collegiate: Adjudicators, jeaa m. aisogina, 'i"T r diiw. 7 30 Chorus Sunday School hoir. 100 Lyric Soprano Solo Final. g 10 Church Choirs Mixed Voice Open. v I.OO Pianoforte Compositions by Canadian Compos arl. Open. Presentation of Canada Foundation Trophy. a jA ftm.n Vnlra Knsemble asAnrnhena Socletv Vocal Presentation of Orpheus Operatic Society TyophlV THURSDAY MORNING. -Caabwera Cbureh: Adjwdieatoe. Oladya Whitehead. JO Collegiate. Technical or High School Classes, .-Grades 4 and 14 GUIs' Voices. 10 00 Chorus-Obi Guides Campfira Singing. 10.4S Vocal Solo-Boys' Unchanged Voteea Choir Boys. Presentation of Lauaoa Trophy. KNOX CHURCH HALL. - Adjadleater. Jeha Charchffl. 1000 Solo-Oeheral Soprsno. 1045 Solo-Oeneral Cont-aHo. ' , ', 10.44 Solo-Oeneral Bass. ' 1 1.10 Solo-Oeneral Baritone. . -ST. JOfOTS CffTRCH HALL. -Adjudicator. Ueael Sartor. 110 Concert Group of S Pieces Preliminary sad Ftoals. FIRST ONTTEO CHURCH HALL, -Adjadleator. Claytoa Hare.- J-.i. 1 90 Clarinet Solo Intermediate. I. 15 Clarinet Solo Open. 110 Saxophone Solo Intermediate. 1.45 Cornet Solo-Junior. 10.00 Cornet Solo Intermediate.' 10X5 Cornet Solo Open. " 10JO Flute Solo Intermediate. , II. 15 French Horn Sol-Optn. ' ' - . 11.10 Any Brass Irutrttmerrt Open. 11.45 Trombom--Junlorr ' Presentallon of Omar O Armstrong Trophy. II 00 Trombone Solo Intermediate. Prewmtatlon of Viola Evelyn Armstrong Trophy. lJJO-Burkholder Trophy and Presentation. .. THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Ch aimers Charrh: Adjwdieatoe. Gladys WartabeasV S OS Elementary School Chorus Orade L-. --- t 3.45 Colltgute, Technical or High School CI t net Iflxal " Voices Open. , . .' '.. 3.00-CoileglaU, Technical or High School ClaaaaaOlrls1 - Voices Open. - - - - , ' -. I 3.45 Collegiate, Technical or w;tn acnooit. Presentation of Caldwell Trophy. , Kaos Charrh Hall! Aajadkater, Jaha CharckBL ; 3 Oft-Oratorlo Solo Ladiee1 Voices PrsUminary and itfsL. 145 Oratorio Solo Men s Voices. 1.10 Sacred Solo Ladles' Voices. , - ' I.t0-acred Solo-Mtn-t Voices. " ' r St. Jake's Church Hsn: 100 Piano Duet (One piano. 310 Piano Duet (One Plane, Four Hands) Under IS Tears. 1 44 Piano Duet (Cms Piano, Four Hands) Prtatary. - , 1.00 Pianoforte Bnio Open. - . . . - - ClaPlarioforte Compotttlont of J. S. Bach Senior. , First CaHed Ckareh Halli Aawaleator, Ctoytaa Ham. 100 Vlolrn Solo Intermeeuata, 1 1 45 Violin Solo Primary. I 110 Viol la ftolo-Oeneral Senior, 4 00 VMla Ensemble) Junior. Ill fkmll f iimnlils di cation Mofter f t. , I . f u ' JOHN CHURCH ILU. Not so bad, actually. "Actually. Iery often writ down mora things that 1 doat ' aay out la public." - Mr. Churchill sincerely bopaa that the Individual advice la worth tha effort. Because, ha says, it Is the underlying par pose of tha festival. Tha adjudicator la each clam makes out a written form of his criticism of each conteetant. Copies are available at tht fee-Ural office at no charge, sa Innovation this season. "But the contestants caa make their own notes while rra talking, or even remember the few things I've spoken otr I sincerely trust they profit by them." At for the actual marks, Mr. Churchill says: "Very simple, t Just art a standard mark for the whole class. Say SO percent Then I mark each one Individually above or below 10." In a large class, there wffl often be tie-scores, and the ad-Judleator will ask several contestants to play their "test piece" once tain. Aa Ardaowa Task. ' But, though the mechanics, Imnlv atatMl Ha 'aVfnaav m!. aa arduous one which must leave the four judges exhausted at tha end of the day. At Mr. Churchill aald to a large' group of mothers and teachert at an af ternoon't session at Knox church hall: "Don't think that I dont realise that you're all adjadl-eatora here too. Although moat of you are probably adjudicating the adjudicator." Ltowel Halter. Jeaa Cbarcam, Mixed Voices. Solo under It years. High School Claatasargl . Aajadkatev. Ueael aaHer. Four Hsods) Junior. , iV" ! Y 1 I Jv Zi . - .-1 - 1. . d'tl ,a.a a73rsit .YVWAbV riZdXKV 4 aV.ea-tVk, eTdrV----4 -

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