The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1950
Page 7
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iATOKPAT. ATJCTST t», OUT OUR WAY BvJ.HWiiliomt Our Boordin House with Mei. Hooplt PAGE SBVT5N HOW CAM A MWJ <3TAV WITH IH AMD 9EAT 1IM6& IUA ROVJ BY, 20 REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Here's One Way Expert Service HflLTCRS QUflLITY SHO£ SHOJ IZI W. M fl I N ST. For Improued FUNCTION fn a majority of COM* invest!* gated in teveral hoipitali and clinics, lubnormal Kidney function was improved, Bladder pain and d'lKomfort reduced after the uu of Mountain Valley Water. H your doctor hat diagnosed your condition « functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a (ew weekj. It la deliclout, pure-loiting, and may be consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division Hoantain Valley C»«|i»H )«• % HI* hnkt. he. by Julius Long IX J^OU BUYER explained why he had to have a look inside the briefcase Phajol left in the hotel strongbox: "A lot of diamonds was stolen from Maekling's New York office recently. The employe who pulled it was trapped. He confessec and then swallowed poison. But the diamonds never turned up. For my money, he passed the diamonds on to Phajol.* I wasn't convinced. "When I asked you if any stones had been stolen recently, you said no." "Well. I w»nt to b« i pal, Del, but that was confidential. The plan was to trick the fence who got the Maekling stones into thinking the theft hadn't been discovered. 1 "There was no point in your looking into Phajol's briefcase. You couldn't have identified the diamonds." "No, but Gremcheck could." That much was true. Gremcheck would have been able to identify the stones. Then I remembered something Phajo) had told me. "How were the stolen stones divided, between carbon and baits that is?" Perhaps I should explain that carbons are black diamonds (rom and baits are crystal diamonds from Africa. Carbons run higher in value than the crystals. Bryer finally decided to answer"About half and half, running from a quarter carat to a carat in size." 1 hoped my expression didn't betray my inner suspicions. "I knew «i «oon as the clerk handed me the briefcase." Bryer went on. "Twenty-five thousand carats would weigh about 14 pounds. The whole thing didn't weigh that much. Guess what— Phajol had filled It with pebbles!" Only 20,000 carati were stolen you Mid. How did you know Pha- jol brought twenty-five?" "Dominico told Gremcheck. Five thousand were Phajol'j own—or be had fenced them for some other thief." I regarded him. "Why did ym call Pal PJiojol, threaten her and pretend you were Gremcheck?" Bryer eyed me with new respect 'You do get around, Del! 1 see no harm in answering your question. 1 was with Gremchack in the hotel when Phpjol lefl. Gremcheck authorized me io prelend to be him. I figured Phajol's daughter wouldn't know his voice and she'd pass on the message. U her father called off his Copper City trip it mennl that he had the Maekling diamonds." "But lie didn't call it oft." Bryer shrugged. "There must have been an understanding between Dominico and him. Dominico must have known the stones were hot and he arranged to buy them at a bargain price. We couldn't nave touched him and he would have got away with it" L sighed. "Mind if I talk to Gremcheck?" "I sec no reason why not. Let's go down to his room." QRBMCHECK'S room, No. 17, was one door from Pat's, which was No. 15. It was a corner room and very large. Gremcheck admitted us at once. He was a distinguished looking character with a pince-nez. I had seen him, but I had never met him. Bryer introduced us. Gremcheck gave me the dead-fish handclasp. "Uorsam regards us both as murder suspects," said Bryer. Grem- check drew himself up in dignified indignation. 'I'd he careful, Mr. Dorsam, with accusations. You are skating on thin ice. You can fool that small- town police chief inlo thinking the diamonds »re In the safe downstairs, but we both know different. Phajol's murderer got those diamonds." 'You may know more about that -ban I do." Gremcheck removed his pince- nez. Bryer felt that n* had to do something for his firm's influenlla) client. "Uorsam, it's all right for you Io work at being a detective, but Mr. Oremcheck doesn't have to put up with abuse." , "1 came here for Information, Mr. Oremcheck isn't the only man I suspect. You're No. 1 on my list. Phajol's killer had to know the diamonds weren't in the sate You knew (hat. So did Gremcheck Nobody else did—to my knowledge." Bryer regarded me with narrowed eyes. "Foster, the hotel clerk, could tell by the weight as "It he was an expert. But h« couldn't have killed Phajol. I was talking to Foster when Phajol was killed." Bryer's llpi curled illghtly. That's what you say! The chief Hunks different— for one!" • • • | LEFT. I went down the hall to Pat's room .gain, f rapped. There was no answer. 1 banged loudly, and still there was no answer, she had gone out. 1 crossed to my own door. 1 unlocked it. opened it and stepped Inside. It was about 5:30 when 1 woke up When you're conk«d, you just go to sleep and don't remember anything until you wake up. The first thing I remembered was ao awful headache. 1 went inlo the bath and looked at myself. I looked pale. There was no mark visible, for I'd gotten t on the back of my head. There was a bump there, and it was very tender. I bathed my face In cold water. I took notice of the fact that the window opening onto the lobby roof was lifted about two feet My phone rang. I answered n and recognized Mike Domlnico'i voice. "1 want you come out to my •anch," he lold me. "I got impor- ant business proposition- You come right away, yes?" "Right away, yes, only I've no ir." "My man Rodriguez pick you P." (To B« Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock G«aranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To t>« lore It'i working Hf ht, drivt in to our •hop ind •»•!! ch«k It over. Ciptrt rep.irs on ill mikes and models, cars and trncki. One IftT service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phone 2122 NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning LAUNDKY UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! • f .** w« Guarantee Satisfaction Any 7 Pitcm Suit* SofaSChair Recovered ?7Q50 | 7 Except Tufted Piece* Choice of 28 Benutlfn, r.brio 7 DAY SERVICE , Offer Good for Limited Time Onlj The House of Charm (DEAL'S! Call --• SHEET METAL WORK — OF ALL KINDS Custom work for (fins, .If.lf. mill., oil mill.,. Custom shearmj up-to 1/4 Inch thickness. „„ / ron ^ Simmons Tin Shoo inSou.hBr We're Proud of Our Work ""'"'"* Work • Woodwork ictnrin* 9 Weidtnf BARKSDALE MFC CO. work Manntactnrint RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Kaclory-'|ya| ne (] Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Strvic* Reasonable Pric«i 2642 We Piek Up and OttiTir Fred Collihan linSn Kirsl si:. Kl.vlhfTille PICKUPS! See These Big Values Before You Buy. 1319 STUDEBAKER 3/4- TON PICKUP.-.Good H M t. er, Overdrive and Sunshade 1948 STUDEBAKER '/,. TON PICKUP. Equ.pped w'tk Htal.r and Stock R*ck. Motor overhauled. 1916 STUDEBAKER •/,. TON PICKUP. In excellent condition and has a food stock rack. Has 1951 licena*. 1916 DODGE i/, . TON l''CKUP. Clean a, « p| n . ?nod radio, healer and *tock rack. DODGE •/, . TON 1'ICKUP. N ew ps int job. A good clean farm truck. Chamblin Sales Co. " Oemler" «•«• * Ash Phone «888 YOU'RE Nor VVtSRTH HIT Owe,.' W IS ASOOO BATM.' "A fellow ought to have a buck or two in his pocket, clad— I might have a chance to do a good deed by sharing a hamburger with some poor boy!'' PRISCIU,A'S POI And in Technicolor, Too DON'T WORRV OFAR BEAUTIFUL CLEAR O'MAM.RY nnri KAI.PH LANS CAkl't HELP REIMG UNEASY A8OUT VOUR VOU TWO SHOUU) fOKGfJ YOUR GKUP3ES, EASV. HE IS A BIT UMOXJTH, BUT HE'D «OT K A IGOTTCMVOEHYtW ftBOUT WU BEIW AFOOf. AN' NOT WE U PAL. HOP IM... I'M WltlWTO IET BVOONES Bft BvaONEs! WHAT fc LAUGHi IHEKEO VJ. WJMITS I HOW THOSE tWIWs OUT- /KtVDA DOWC FOXED TOO. -WUEE sjltL /YOU OKT,tHtff. fcFlER THM S/V-E.SOVCl «»DTOEeiue« MVCAE. BEFCRf 1CA1 nirx n«t. \ ""^"•" nl fmt Me L> **v t »E t\ IM^euIfr'Vgy^™"^' 9 1F HE 1»« 6 i poM 1 ! leusT /—^^—r DANGEROUS! ^^. . BUT I LEABNtD ttEtfsscHnurt WUJTA MAKE A CAPTAIN EAS\ HY LESLIE TURNER evAcnyyesowL. rve STILL SOT TWO A DOUBLE STRAWBERRY ) YOU DELIGHT WITH VOU'RB R-RISV-ITI t GOTTA START C-CUTT1N' DOWN! The Ancient Mariner BY V. T. HAMLIN /- —\VEP/ RIGHT OM TH' / e^'TMN NNOSE...HOLD STEWJV f«X)TS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDKAR MARTIN

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