The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1950 BIA'TUEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Lewis Supports Steel Price Hike Kew Mine Walkouts Buck Reasons for Boosting Metal Cost IIv Sum U;tus<»M NEW YOHK, Jan. 10. '/P>-Steel niuvtuU wiU be called on the carpet in Wellington twu wcctcs horn today. Congressmen \vant to know w hy s tee 1 pritT.s we re 11 iked t wo mouths as«> to nny for the new pensions the steel union \von in tneit strike. But loday John L. I>ewis appears to >ie olk'nay the .steel exocutive.s u fresh new iireuincni to tell the 1:011- ^rc^mrn. Lewis' intncworkcrs Imve f ""Pt)ed di^^iii^ coal for some o: Ktoel mills. In lime Unit could •:e down (he steel mills again, a costly piopo.sUion— especially now that they are buck to producing ftf 97 percent oC cupiicity and hav< a nice backlog of orders to fill. The coal strike in the steel In riustry'.s captive mines may not explain why steel prices went up $'1 a Ion, on the average, awhile buck. But it might set the congressmen to worrying about a possible future su-t'l iwiec bike, luid Us advancing coils traced to Ihe inactinn of the j Lev/is men. Sicel executives will be asked !o j cart loads of d«c\m\eu\s to Wash- ' in» ton—already available for the congressmen to rend -.vhlle riding home on the .street curs rind busses, il they wanted tt> do a little homework. The steel ino&ols will also spend supposedly valuable time testifying, and much of their testimony will doubtless be a repeat nf what lus already been said and printed. But the congr(*Si>incii still want to know all about, il. They will probably discover that the sic'el maker's lot is not a happy one—although even tlie steel men cannot deny that in recent years it has been a very profitable one. The three-day week in the steel companies' coal mines already had them complaining. They can't make sleet without, coal, and they weren't, getting as much as they wanted. The cost of digging what coal they get has Gotten up since the war, a fiord ing one of the excuses the jttpelmcn will have whiie they face j^e congressional inquisition. The slowdown at the mines also has taken some trains off the rails., it led St. Louis citizens to toll Washington that another severe cold snap might find many homes ami business plants in. that city without fuel and heat. The last cold snap, they said, took all the spare coal out of tlic city's fuel yards. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Manufacturers Find Noiseless Way To Consume Crunchy Potato Chips NEW YOHK" (AP)—D yon know TWO PEOPLE, 28 FINGERS-This man and his wife have seven fingers on each hand, but that's not unusual where they live. In their village of C'eiveia de Buitrilgo, Spain, a five-fingered person is a Ireak. Almost every one of the 300 inhabitants has at least six lingers on one or both hands. Some have as many as nine. Close iiUermarriaRo and village restrictions that Keeps oul settlers with the nni-inal number of (iiiKers produced this odd situation. DP Family Finds Things Brighter After Bad Start Rep. Hays Offers Plan To DcaJ with Minorities WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. (AP) — Rep. Hays iD-Ark) tins introduce" legislation for what he called a MARION, Ark., Jan. 10. '71';—A -educational plan" to (leal with jo Hungarian ediK;ilor— now a home- . discrimination against Negroes an less UispV.iecrl person — arris'Ml in ; other nimorUics. Arkansas only to hear bad news—j The bill .stems from Buys* prouoi he had no job and no hunic for his al for a con.promise on the variou. big family. I civil rights bilk—unti-lynch, anti Bui Odocn Siiiney. who neci llun- ]>oll tax, .segregation £iid fair en: Fulbright Not Ready To Okay Arming Allies V.'ASHINGTON. Jan. 10—Wr Arkansas Senator Albright isn't ready to endorse president Truman's request far a second authorization of one billion dollars t arm Atlantic Pact allies in Western Europe. Fulbtighl said yesterday he wa: appropriating an addition al sum for the countries. He suic he wants to hear justification foi It. And Senator MeClcllan (D-Arkl he was opposed to any increase A the budget. His statement: l ^"The present fiscal policy, if continued, will carry us further down trie road to national insolvency." and eight cliil- hopes the IHralion iwmcd to Jessie Cecil Roberson, 413 N. Broadway, JJlythcvillc, Arkansas on Dec. 5, 1849. No, !051. Estate of Anna W. CHIOS, <lere;i-e<!. letter of Administrate/I Issued to \V. C. Gates. Hlythevillc, Arkansas on Dec. 1, 1913. If there appears to be more rtis-i No. 1953. Estate of Pedro Siilitzar, ovt to eat |HJtato chips noiselessly? courtesy litre, it is because pc<j|>le ] dm'.wd. letters of Administration A technique for munching them ithout sound effects is being pub- cizcd by the National Potato Chip i\rc crowded and pushed "long mure Issued U> \v. W. Hyatt, H I, M-nnlii, than they nre cLie\vlierc. They are isliiutc as a public service for 950. "There have been complaints that otuto chips ore loo noisy to be erved in theaters and at high so- ,ety events—but that i-s wrong," aid F'red Meyers of Madison, Wis,, nstiiutc president. "The noiseless method Ls to isenl- v break the chip into two pieces nd iillow the halves to melt in your nouth. It's a great deal quieter Han chewing celery." Meyers says that potato uisoners of the time schedule and Arkansas on Dec. 12, 1043. No. 1954. Estate of John I'. Mojre, an.sns and that sueh accounts with ilteir respective iiliny diiU'6 are o-s lollows: Ku .187!) Estate Of 11. W. Cliniilllii- ham. deceased. Account and Fimil Settlement of Alice Crockett Fletcher. Administratrix filed on Die. 28, \9V.i. Radios in Snow Trucks Not to Amuse Driyers WASHINGTON —tflt- The Cap- ll»l Transit Co. lias installed radios in 16 oJ Us snow Sighting trucks— but not to amuse the drivers. The chi;xs, i 'nee a jxjoi man's delicacy, have gone highbrow. 'They're now welcomed in the public eating place as well us lie tallies o' high society. And they share Ihe appetizer tray with nn-e and caviar. That's really getting up Ihe social ladder." Potato chips have gone np the financial ladder, too. In 1936 the the turning wheel .Here—because o! ! deceased. Letters of Administration ti-aflic Jams—you oJtcn have to ~.«l to Ed H, Cook, Blythcvillc, hurry Inirtl even to get to your cliw- Arkansas on Dec. 30, 1919. (illation late. No. 1957. Eslale of Kate Unit, rtc- The worst hours are from 8 to D coaled. Letters Testumentary rs.sucd In the morning and 5 to 8 p.m. "i'Ls: to Kathleen null ulack. Ulythcville, then the bus driver's grille clabcrs, j Arkansas on Dec. W, 1919. The same driver who will give you ] No. loss. F.state oJ William E. Smith, deceased. letters of Administration Lulled to O. II. Smith. It 1. nlytheville, Arkansas on Dec UU, 1949. Witness my hand and seal its such Clerk this tiic 9th day of January 1U50. ELIZABETH BLy'l'IIK, County mid Probate Clerk By Stelln UohanniiiR. lie I'10 50 a cherry smile at 7 will bite the hand off n passenger who doesn't have the exact, fare ready al 8:45, Uest hour:; lor bus rilling are between 2 and 5 in the morning, when the big town is like a smiil! town. The only passengers m'e usually n group of inqrry scrubladies on the svay home. They kid the driver Into singing a song from ''Rigolettc"—usually it's "Women Are Fickle"—and i) you ask him, "mind if I smoke u cigaret?" ho says. "Sure, go ahead industry sold only 45,000,000 pounds, tn 1948 it marketed 258,000,0001 i pountlA lor alXJllt SMO.'JCO.OOO. —gol an extra one?'' This year the industry hopes everybody wi1> eat at least two and a half pounds of chips—and if they do it.won't be peanuts. It. won't lie And you wheel through the night. in friendship and fun. Will the anonymous lady who AH TUT n- intiwiiii in n,<> -el radios will be shortwave sets by il -i t f ' v nf II •bv <• t- i ." • lllch lhc """('""y will direct, the uuiwm oi ,.uy oi uu. autni; e.uiu's , ln]Cks i]ei . c n[)( j thcre (Q d l]m p aie warned to lite exception* mere- s . tlu | (o, if any tmvc they on or before the sixtieth day lollowins! Ihe filing | ol Ihe respective accounl.s, lulling which they will be barred lo!wcr from excepting to Ihe accounts. \Vilne.s-s niy liand and .<eal a.s such Clerk and the seal of .said Court thus the 9th day ol January, 1S>50. ELIKAHL-I'lI HLYT1IE. County and Probate Clerk liy atellii Huham>i,iK, IlfJ j llierinc ljlO.50 vorco. With the Courts Ennic-c st.-wart \>. nobby Jo . '^art, suit for divorce. Mrs. Nellie Wi-mesieldcr Flank Wemesjehier, Mill tor \V. Bon^liton vs. Ka- hton, fiuit lor di- jjloytnent practices commission. He told newsmen lasl night his bill would .set up "a minorities employment, bureau" in [he Labor Department. Tlie bureau would try to discrimination through rncdia- •y with his wi ren duritij,' the .orsl is over. Snmey and Ins family arrived In .iitle Rock Dec. 28—sliangers in a irange land, heading for a prom- sed farm job near England, Art-, lion and conciliation. 'lie job fell through. j Tlie Sameys wound up as guests il the Red Crass at Crawfords- Richard Hart Elected 'ille, Ark.—housed in an old prison jamp. They remained there until . VjOSnef) 4-M President Friday nighl, when they moved to | i hunting lodge near Stacy, Ark.,' Richard Hart was elected prest- owned by Mrs. R. T. Kului of Mu- , cient of the Gosnell 4-H Club, H •ion. incehng conducted yesterday at the, And that's when life took on a school. He will succeed Jackie brighter hue for the DP's. A. B. Christine. Carter, chairman of the Crittcndcn | Other officers elected 'Include] 'oimty Chapter of the American Helen Arnold, vice-president; Wini- ] Red Cross, said hospitalble residents frcd Klnwright, secretary; Joanne of Mavton collected clothing for the Ward, reporter and Carl Ledbett^r, song leader. The "chippcrs" hold their annual convention in Cincinnati next week, and I'm .-orry I can'l be there. They are going to pick a queen who v\i]| j \vcur a crown made with 1.000 ix>- j talo c!ii[« and a trnln of over 5.000 | chiixs. Her throne will 'K completely covered \vich—|X)lato chips. And I'd like to sec her sit down. If she can do that without going "carrrrrar- r-4-uuch"—well, there'll be no stopping the potato chip in 1950. Visitors who .say New York Ls lhc most discourteous city in the world Judge it at its worst. Politeness here varies with the hour of the day. When the pressure Ls on, courtesy is gone. When the [ire.'.suje lifts, moil everyone is Iriendly. And thai Ls pretty I rue everv,vl]eic in the world. -sent me a frilled garter month pleas forward a return address? My wife says I eiui't keep it. Small daughter's rebuke to a riict- cheating mother: "Mama, your pasture's sticking out i-.saiiH" NOTKT. Or ACCOUNTS OI' i:.\i:ci)T(w.s unii AllMINISTltATOKS Fll.lil) Notice is hereby given Unit durtiif:' the month of December. 1049 the following accotml.s of Kxismlors and Administrators have been filed for settlrmettl and confirmallon In Ihe Probate Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi Conllly, Ark- -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. Ail Work (iiiiiriiiilci'il For \'l MonlliN 5:il Ntirlh Ullh. I'honc (>(M)) NOTICE OK NEW KSTATICS ON WI'K'll AltMIX'ISTItAION' HAS I1JXN CO.M.MliN'Clill Notice is hevehy given llial llic following i-s a lisl of e.-t:dcs of dc- fea.sed I]IK»II Lctter.s Testamentary or of Administration : were granted tlnvlns the month at December, 1040 with the (talc of lhc granting of such letters and the name ivncl address of the executor or administrator: ; No. 1010. Estate oi Gus ChiUvixxl. deceased. Letters Testamentary Issued to Beauton Stiles, Blylhcvillc. Arkansas on Dec. 8. 1013. No. 1950. Kstate of Lnron A. llol) 1 cr.son, deceased. Litters ol Admin- entire family before they moved. Carter added that the Red Cross is helping Samey in his effort to Tlnd a permanent job so lie may es- ' Man races UWish hi, family in their chase,, RobJW)0 Murder ' Tri a] forth Tremors Sficike Straits of Dover Coast DOVER. England. .Itui. 10. f/Tj Earth tremors shook tlie Straits of | Dover coast lust night, rattling doors j and windows and moving furniture iu houses. j Reports from France said tremors were fe]t In Calais and Dunkirk, across the channel, at the same time. Seismographs ill Ihe bondnn area recorded n scries of small but distinct earth shocks originating within 150 miles at the time the tremors ucrc felt along tiie coast. HOPE, Ark.. Jan. 10. (AP)— Trial of Rohiiui Edward Gove, charged \vith murder. kidn;ipiT]>j and rob- liery, has been set lor Jan. 16 in Hcinpstead County Circuit Court. Gave, 20. of Haverill, Mass., Is accased ol shooting to death Matthew Runnels, 45. Negro, of Sheppard, kidnaping bee Helton of Fullon ai\rt robbing Tom Seymour of Hope in a -series of crimes last Nov 10. For Expert LAUNDRY &DRY CLEANING Call 4474 NU-WA Soviets Transfer Ships Into Far Eastern Seas MOSCOW —i.'Vi—A mass transfer of river vessels fronJ tlie western areas of the Soviet Union to the. eastern area^ has been achieved through the Polar seas. An announcement said tills was the first time in (he history of Russian navigation that such a feat had been recorded. The news came out wliet) the Ministry of the Rover Fleet presented orders and medals to those who particularly disting- nkherl themselves in the M'ctic expedition. The ships were transferred from Archangel tl»'oimh the northern waters" to Ob-Irtysn and Eni.sei 20 Killed in Bus Wreck MULHOUSE, Prance, Jan. 10. (fl'i Twenty workmen were drowned today in » crowded bus that swerved off a bridge into a canal near tills Alsatian city, the French News Ayency reported. Twenty-eight other passengers in Hie bus escaped. Marriage Licenses The following cnuple has been is- ^uert a u'a.-rt-Ai'e license, at the ol - fice of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk: barney McMcar of Hennondnlc. Mo., and Miss Rosic I .re NVest- brook of Blytlieville. lii>.\ Opens VYceli llnjs ':W> )'•'"• Miilincc tiuliirilay A Siinrtiiys f itt.-tilin. I | font, ishowius j Manila, Ark. ITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SAMPLE SALE BREAKFAST ROOM SUITES Group No. I 5-l'IRCK HJIEAKKAST KOOM SUITES These suifi's arc finished in while enamel, wilh decoration on chair and (able. Tallies arc ex- tension—chairs leatherette upholstered. Values 533 (o 5HI—SAiMI'LH SALE Group No. II TiK'-sday "MR. SMITH GOES TO NVASHiHGTOH" will) .linmiv Slcnarl Wednesday & Thursday "MISS GRANT TAKES RICHMOND" Milli t.urillc Hall Also Shorts Tucscliiy "THE GREAT DAN PATCH" v\itti llenitis O'Kcrtc and (/ail Ku^scll Warner .Sens ,V Sliarlx 5-riECK HUKAKI'AST IIOOM SUITES Wilh pui'L'clain (OIL Extension lalile and leatherette covered chairs. VALUES $10.50 (o $r)!).f)tl SA.Ml'LE SALE Wednesday & Thursday "GRAND CANYON" (In Se|>i;i 'rone) with Kii-liunr Arlcii and ^l«ry liclh lltishc-s N'cws Group No. ill In England It's fhe Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheyille It's BARNEY'S SDTR0U £ For Expert Prescription Service •vl'JECE HIxKAKKAST KOOM SUITES Made nf solid oak vvilli inlaid top.. . K\tension (able. Chronic chairs with handsome leatherette upholstery. VALUE (o S!)S. . .SA.MI'LE KALE Fine Feathers, First Quality Beautiful Sheer, Clear NYLONS 51 Gauge — 15 Denier Special ^J mM ^P ec ^ al Check these Values in Our January Sale! LADIES BOHNIE-WEAM ANKLETS Fine Quality English Rib Knit CHILDREN'S REVELRY ANKLETS Made for Durability and Good Looks Men's SPORT & DRESS SOCKS 61/z to 13, Reg. 49c Value, 3 Pairs See These Values in Our Windows HUBBARD & SON FURNITURE Men's Kid Leather HOUSE SHOES iir SI. 10 and $1.05 Vnines O89 Children's Quality HOUSE SHOES KfKiilar §t.2S fi> 52.115 Worrien's Leather and Satin HOUSE SHOES lar >1.71) In .>3.'JL> 49 Every Pair Ladies Values In J?*.!15 95 JL^ A9Q Harry! These Prices Good for Limited Time Only! I S B I J rf r3| ^ifc, V n Hlflh s nw/iu ^ a V«^ tvfc /Across The Street From The Go// Hotel

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