The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on August 4, 1976 · 30
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 30

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 4, 1976
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B 12 THE RECORD. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 4. 1975 u7 caw nf jpr 3TJ3g Sex comedy's boring By Emory Lewis Drama Crmc Edith O'Hara, a charming, low-keyed lady who eschews showbiz mannerisms, is one of the best of the off-Broadway producers. Under i her guidance, "Touch," an exultant country-rock musical, was an enormous success a couple of seasons ago. Before she came to New York, this remarkable impres-sario ran two first-rate summer theaters in Pennsylvania. She is the mother of Jill and Jennie O'Hara, both of whom starred on Broadway in "Promises, Promises." She has discovered a vast number of talented newcomers. But even the most imaginative and astute producer can have a flop. Richard Town-send's "Mind-Bending," which opened last night at Mrs. O'Hara's lively 13th Street Thea .er, is a case in point. It is a fiasco of epic proportions. This mishmash is subtitled "A Dynamite Sex-Comedy for the 1980s." I simply cannot believe that the future will be this boring. Approach Mr. Townsend's fable with caution. It's about as audacious as "Getting Gertie's Carter." The author modestly states that his work is the theater's equivalent of Truman Capote's "Answered Prayers." He adds that it is a sharp-eyed look at the super-rich women of LIVELY ARTS RJ.,;i.:'4.,?L-'.,.-.-:y"':'""1 America. There are veiled references to Jackie Jennedy, her sister, and several Greek maritime tycoons. However, the purported playwright looks at his subject from a myopic gossip columnist's viewpoint. It is only a small part of the truth. His chic ladies constantly use language that would make .a truck driver blush. Allegedly, the confused script is about one woman's search for her identity. Dana, the protagonist of this misadventure, subjects herself and the audience to a series of rather unimaginative sex encounters. The first scene takes place in a lesbian bar where Dana is picked up by a tough-talking woman named Nadia. There is a lot of pretentious dialogue about pre-Hitler Berlin. ' - Dana's elegant mother is a multimillionaire's mistress. The lady took classes to be come expert in bed. In the end, her lover gives her up for his own ailing wife. The stock characters in this cartoon come across as parasites without ideals. They are greedy and mean-spirited. Their , tiresome chatter frequently revolves around having something lifted nose, chin, eyebrows, .and even der-rieres. Many sequences are merely ' - KVLA.U.. I.II.UIJ.llMUW.Upp - (fr unrelated incidents. A hairdresser tells Dana about a girl who used to be a man. She had a sex operation, and now pcs-es for girlie magazines. A friend of Dana's complains that her husband has left her for a homosexual painter. She states that she should have known something was WTong the first time they saw "A Doll's House," ane he Identified with Nora. Townsend has directed his own mistake, compounding the error. The three women who constitute the entire cast do the best they can under the unhappy circumstances. Lynn Powell is Dana, Pat Edwards is her mother, and Elinor Jones playes the 11 other roles. All is not lost. There are some . handsome clothes by Mady Gerrard and Miriam Bogert. In addition, there is fascinating jewelry designed by Kenneth J. Lane. Find the job that you're looking for in the classified pages today! 488-3100 IN ROCKLAND 356-8150 She Sootd b.tia ttatt mm ton two i Mn xxi m cotot Cxxrax xxxras flRK LflfJ "LOVE WISH" "EVIL WAYS OF LOVE" fc 1 KEDFOfiO k H Off MAN Pi I "ALL THE I ff f -m mVT't , -I E AND BESSIE ntMCNOota mactif (Jill Ml v Cm Confc 737 7164 &a iota. 354-1037 mSON IW 140 w 4 St. 757 14 (V. I. UK WW Jj So. 2 30. tm. I t S JO CmiaJhuiama'r Ca4unbw Cent Afaw vnrtt 1 Pvtmw mi Tidif, from , Art ViESUCKERS LIVE MUSIC! 9 P.M. "TOUCH" with BARBARA & JONATHAN IN THE AMBER LOUNGE UPSTAIRS AT THE LA FIIIESTRA RESTAURANT 208 W. PASSAIC ST. ROCHELLE PARK, NJ. (CLOSIO MOHDAY) BUOft AVDkllSAOtS HJM 44-04 RCEERT REDFCRD DUST1N HOFFMAN "ALL THE PRESIDENT'S FnEH'Vc) WALT DISNEY'S "PINOCCHIO" ALSO "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN" 1 1 "SURVIVE' ALSO IANDIHGO' f r At c:nn3cr."c:3! Cannibalism, hinted. i i ALSO "BABY BLUE MARINE" 2221 Elinor Jones, Lynn Powell, and Pat Edwards in "Mind-Bending." Good, slick shlock By Mark Stuart Staff Writer This is what is known in the trade as a BIG BOOK. Meaning it will undoubtedly sell more than 500,000 copies in cloth, will command more than $1 million for paperback sales, sell at least a million in paperback, be made into a posh movie with umpteen stars, .and give Ms. J.affe.and Simon & Schuster profitable cushions on which they can rest and smile as they watch the gold pileup. Now, if only it was a worthwhile book. Worthwhile books those that affect perhaps change our lives don't sell except on remainder counters at 35 cents a copy. They don't become movies. They don't have paperback publishers shoving each other all over the lot vying for reprint rights, and Alfred A. Knopf is the only publisher who can smile while he loses his shirt over a worthwhile book. Not that "The Last Chance" isn't a good book. If you read it, you'll enjoy it and then forget it 15 minutes later. Beautiful person Rona Jaffe, remember, burst onto the literary scene 14 or 15 years ago with something called "The Best of Ev- Jaffe just about that, everything and nothing but the best. It made her a treasured member of the Beautiful People, and this, in turn, has given Ms. Jaffe entre into the lives of certain people about whom she has concocted this story. Take four women, classmates in college, living in or within commuting distance of New York. One dies. The oth- WORLD OF BOOKS er three sit in Frank Campbell's funeral parlor on Madison Avenue, from where all Beautiful People .are buried, thinking their private thoughts. Why did this one, of all four, be the one to die violently? How does a woman live with unseen violence around her? What has happened to old-fashioned values and morals in a jet-age society? What does a woman approaching 40 do with her life? Valid questions, deserving thoughtful answers from three-dimensional characters. Ms. Jaffe almost brings it off" valiantly. She has chosen suspense as her metier, and her story bubbles with excietment, inside talcs, and violence. Except, by the third chapter you can tell who will die, and in the next dozen pages who is goes the murderer. So there your mystery thriller. Which leaves a noyal of manners and morals, and unfortunately Ms. Jaffe is neither Edith Wharton nor Virginia Woolf. But how many modern writers are? Her -four women, Rachel, the ornament who wants to be so much more; Margot, the television star who finds stardom on the tube isn't enough; Ellen, whose hidden burnings are never apparent to the wives of her victims; and Nik-ki, the dreamer who finds dreams don't last 20 years for even the best-intentioned, could be more than cardboard people. Sometimes, you wonder if, on the next page, you might not just come face to face with a real, live person. . In the end, you know you've' been conned, that they are just cardboard flashes after all, that all your good wishes for Ms. Jaffe won't come true, and that this million-dollar property will have to serve as just what it is, a slick, gilt-sur-vaccd, formula money-maker. And a good story for the summer doldrums. eI jSLJ- ANYTIME DAY OB NIGHT "A GREAT PLACE TO MEET" SERVING FOOD Serving Lunch & Dinner Seafood Steaks Cocktails Light Food Available from Mdnight On Opm Daily from 11:30 A.M., Sunday from 1 2 Noon THE PLAYERS CLUB APub 40 POLIFLY RD., II ACKIAS YCK TEL. 187-PLAY Diners Club Master Charg American Express BankAmericard Ci:NASL Nik WtiH Ti) f N MARTY DOM FELDMAN DeLUISE MICHAEL YOEJC "LOGAII'S RUH" EVES 7:00 fc 9 0S MATS SAT SUN 2 PJ. HIM si.'iiiitii!iiiiififi CONTINUOUS PAIIY fOM U 30 Walt Disney SUMMER 76 FESTIVAL n TECHNICOLOR 0 XT: "GUS" t "SWORD IN THE STOW' PIUS 2nd HIT "THE DEVIL WITHIN HER" TODAY AT 8.00 . 9:40 IPin" THE MOST I Sus SHOCKING !" 4"H flSODE IN THE HISTORY OF J HUMAN SURVIVAL I Art. 4 1235 ISP CAUTION -71 ) THE HfrCKMW Of THf RJtNt CRASH ANO i-i XHt SURVIVAL iCIKLt VQ 1 W WV K TOO MTtNSi FOR TOUW ItEHCE8S LJ fl T-jl ilwiiifYwsxa rcrrnDv i TSifia GREGORY PARAMUS ncpi H BT. 487-7309 TLUIV ' ' I I LEE REMiCK ,' 1 bibiJ RATED (R wmmgmmmmmmmmmmmm SIANlfY WARNUj ' lliiirilsr byDefliii Alw "DEVIt WITHIN HER" I WARNER I MATINEE RIDGEWOOD l,Htt 190 RI0GEW0OD S StOOPBS j AVt 444.1235 I "''"fi6 Pilp Masters of Wash & Wear Hair 443 Cedar Lane, Teaneck 836-4333 24-11 Broadway Fair Lawn 791-5723 THE LAST CHANCE. By Rona Jaffe. New York: Simon and Schuster. 300 pps. $8.95. Movie Timetable ALIWOOD leilllotO 77M747 Loon' Run. 1. 10. H tELLEVUC lUmr MoiKcltlr) 744-14JS RHurn 01 Mn CMtd Hor. 2:30, 4:50, 7' 15. 9 40 ERGEN (Ttndlv) MT'-OOM AITht Prttidtnl't Mto, 1:40, 7:10, CENTRAL IPmmKI 777-5400 Souirm. 6.40, 9.4); Godllll vs. Megi-Ion, 1:10 CENTRAL (Purl Rlvr) 14) 71S-7SW SpImI Movi. 7 M. .J0 CENTURY (Pirjmuil I4S-MM No. I: Logans Run, .10, 4 55, 7;JS, 55. No. 7 Outlaw JOMy W4IH, 1.45, 4 70, 7, 35 CINEMA EAST INrtck) 14 35S-I411 All Th prr Mn, 7,30, 50 CINEMA JJ IParamutl I4S-M70 Muirm, 7. 10. 0yil Within Hr. in CINEMA 4S (Sorlnt VllltvM14 13 I44S MurOr P Puin, 7.50, 50 CINEMA 44 (Totowa) 754-I4J4 SMhucHr, 1.45, 4., :$, 10 10 CLIPTON J4J-70J0 iurvivi, 7. JO, ,:o CLOSTE ItAMM logan'l Run. 7 JO. :4fl COLONIAL (Pompion Lakn) HSMI4 , Pinotchio, 1. 4. JO, 7.44. Eicap lo Witcn Maintain. 7 35, , I.JO tNCLEWOOO PLAZA S47S77I Moliwr, Juo 4 Snd, J, J.X, 4-15 PARIAN IPalirmnl 741-4IM Pimw rail Ihaattr. 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OAANGEBURO (114)159-4010 S.J, J 4't, 9 45 ORITANI 143 1144 S'!u"m. t, 4.o. ( II. 10.20; DtvM Wiin. m ht, 7 w. to, (0 PALACE IBarotnlialdl 3H5 I400 tn tn"il. I 'nl. 75. 4 V) PARK LANE IPaMadrt Para) 944 104 AiiTna Pfninni s Man, 1:05, ., PASCACK (Wntwoorll 444-200 OuMa n Wai, 7:20, 9.50 PLAZA (Paiartoni 173 141$ Daain, 7, 10-10) 8roinr ( nanti. 8,)i quFEN annp iRiMota) 4in:ji P r--.a can lhp(rt, . RAMAPO lOahiandl 137 0ml 1 f lOrn!. ;l, 9.30 Ramsey Cinema );miij AM tha P.i1rn('S Man, 7.1J, a (1 RlALTO (R.lliald Park) (41.041; Tnl f inammn II, 7.15. 1 IIVOLI (Ruinariordl 4 K)0 in, , to.iO; 840Y Bij Mafma, I IV POUTt 59 INanuatl 1M ji ))( Man Wno l-ail (4 t4'tn, ? 9 ), IPRINO VALLP Y (4141 114 HO.0 TrioriMa Lonaiy, 7, f,45, D?ha.ih. ITANl.tY IJarx fill 5)wno Vl.,rrtl. 1 .10, 1 41. 4 5, (jj, (,., , WiimnHtr, J, t li STANLEY WARNER (Paramin)407-;909 No. 1. Tha Oman, I 15. 3 M, 5 40. 7.10. 10. No. 7: Murrter B Daam, 1:05, 2:50, 4. .15. a 75. II 15. 10 05 STANLEY WARNER III 4M 1444 Sorviya. 1. J. 45. 4 !5, :0S, , 9 55 STATE (Jariay Cily) 453-5200 Nn 1: Outlaw J05ry Walaj, 1-50, 4:15, 6 40, 4 05. No. 2' lunnal Vmon. 125, 3 OS. 4 50. a 10. A 15. 10; Laurd Hardy. 2.40, 4.25, 6.05. 4 3S, Nn 3; Orum, 1:55. 5:45, 9:35; A05$ HOW itraat, 1 45. 7 10 TEANECK l).J?oo Tunnl Vi-.lnn, 7. I:JJ. 10 20 TOTOWA CINEMAS 754 MM Nn I: S'l-nt Mnvi. J, 3 41, 5 25, I 10, I 50, 10 10 Nn 2: Suryiva, J.1J, 4:20, 0 15, II 05. 10 10 TOWN (Emcrwnl 141-1000 tha E .nrt,si, ; 10, 4:40 TOWN (Naw Clly) (1141 A34-1100 Lnaan Hun. 7 40. 4 45 TWIN WAYNE (RnuK 441 7154551 Piaava call thaatar, UA Cinama 304 INaw Cllyl414) 4341200 Outlaw ):ri Wai". 7;I5, 9.40 WARNER IRidgawondl 444-1734 inraa Stong,,,, J; Jurvlvl. 7, I.JO, 10 WAMINOT0N CINEMA (44 4100 r.noun.o, 12. .1 jn, ;, 10 15; Fvarx f0 WMth M'.unla.n, I 40, 5.10. I 40 WAYNE (Praakn.151 ' (44 4114 lunnrl Vi'..nn. a. 4 40 WILLOWBROOK CINIMA 7I5-1J1J Logan s Run, 7.30, 9.J1 PRIVI INI ANTHONY WAYNE (Waynal 1547011 fwi ot Tno (wi, I 4), 11.41, Con. nortr Wol, 10 15 HACK EN5ACK (L.llla Parry) 44O1400 ''""('"'o. to, II Jo, Ftrarx to W'l, n v .una, 10 NYACK llllailyalt) (1141 HI 1144 lio,h,n, a n. ): En ana lit w.Kn Mnilllflirt I') in PO( KLANO IMana (414) 114 4040 ' 1 in H'ltlia, 10 10 ROI3TI J (ttulhannrrll 4114011 4 n, 1;, wAaa,aa 9 55 Route jo! lo-annrtmni urn .hi ion l"'J'i Run, 1)0, !,!)( Roilerbail, It. 01 o o o o Sail irilh mj,,. a Firs! ( las Passage SUPERB SEAFOOD ff THE !if.i7f ;s' CLLu Jx MJ F.V JKHSKY'S TOP SMASH HIT . . . STARRING FRKSII USH, UK MAN CUTS OF PRIMK BKKF PI.I S OTIIKR POPULAR CONTINENTAL KNTREES. Open 6 Da $ Jor Corklailt t Dinnrr NOW APFLARIHQ "THE BOB ANDREA AWP FBANKIE CIRELL SHOW" ROUTE 4, PARAMUS, N. . Reservations: 845-5200 Fresh Ihilv O o r.s t an American International Release A llinflt Of CRAWLING TERROR! I jr i .IRS kjtf . M fDGflB IWWm JOSfPHBIftiatProflociw ', Ct . 'SQUIRM nriw PATRirii LH SCARDINO-PEARCY R.A.DOW-JEAN SULLIVAN IHt!J'"Vr PHDTJ-TlPi EDGAR LAiMSBURY & JOSEPH BERUH rMl;,rfB mush rrj'.'p-Mjc GEORGE MANASSE ROBERT PRINCE JEFF LIEBERMAN 4 CENTRAL FABIAN WAYNE Passaic Paterson un CINEMA 35 ORITANI Wayne Rt.4 Paramus Hackensack PLAZA West-Haverstravv t r?-T7n f - .1, (' r- '(S ROL11ANTIC X1 ( ' isi.iw David Bowie m Nicolas Roca's dim TEi man who fell to Earth Also starring Rip Tom Undy CLvK Buck Hrn irrjm Cinrifna 5 BERGEN MALL.Paramus CENTER, Bloomdold

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