The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1950 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1950
Page 4
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PACE FOUR THE BLYTIIKVIhLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO H, W. HAINES, Publisher ' HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDfilCKSON. Associate Editor PAUL U. HUMAN. Advertising Manager Sola National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmer Co., New York, Chicago Detroit Atlanta, Memphis. Entered us second class matter at (lie puslT office at Blytheville, Arkansas, mirier act of Congress, October 9, ion. glYTHEVILLEjARK.) COURIER NEW* rfoos harm. There's a gallery of unwanted War Pests—the rumor-spreader, the absentee, the grumbler. Those tliree, plus, by all means, [he hoarder. Don't Jet them get started this time. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of Bl.vthevllle or any suburban town where carrier service Is maintained, 20o per week, or 85c per month. By moll, ivlthlri B radius of 50 miles $4.00 per year. S2.00 for six months. $1.00 for three months- by mnll outside 50 mile zone, S10.00 per year payable In advance. - Meditations For 11,1s Is ULinhworlli}-, If a man for conscience toward God endure E ricf, suffering wromj- futly.—l Peter 2:19. « * * What is deservedly suffered must be borne with calmness, but when the pain j s unmerited, the grief is resistless.—Ovid. Barbs Men love to cook—provided there's a gooti woman around to wash up after them. * * * We can be thankful the weather isn't half as irrifalin* as Hie people who constantly complain about It. * * » The victim of a hold-up in New York thought it was all a joke and was left in stitches-H of 'em '* * * If all Hie liealcd arguments «ere place,! cml (o end (hey would reach no iiarliciilar cimilu- ftion. * + * Scientists announce that red-haired women are Impulsive, quick-tetnpereri and chan B cable in affairs of the heart. Kunny-blondrs and bruncls "are the same way. Squelch Easy-to-Spot War Pests Before They Start Under a bombardment of angry public opinion,! the hoarder lias been put in his place. Or at any rale, given a healthy push in the direction of his place — which is oblivion. But the hoarder is only one of a group of anti-social and anti-American War Pests which creep out of thc woodwork at the first sign of a wnr. The others are just as nasty. Perhaps you may remember them from the last war. If so, keep a weather eye out for them. As vet, they haven't shown their ugly f accs anci vic j 0! , s chal ._ scter in the present Korean situation. But given time they're bound to appear. Here are a few tips on how to recognize • them and how to prevent them from doing this nation any harm: Next lo the hoarder, the biggest and most annoying \y,,,. !> est i.s the rumor- spveader. He's the guy who will come up to you and say, "I heard on good authority that the government is going to sent the WCTU to Korea/' or, "They haven't told the papers, of course, but enemy subs' have gone tip the Mississippi and shelled St. Louis." This type of vermin can do a great (leal of damage. Nine times out of 10 ms tale is pessimistic. And !)<) times out ot 100, it is wrong. But it can do serious harm to morale. If, on the IQOtli try, the story should chance to be cor- '•cct, he could be spreading „ bit of secret information which might help the enemy. The best-ami only-thing t o (Io «'hen you tnnnp i,,lo (he runior-s|)rc:td- ev ,s don't listen. If you (lo )ist ( , <m , L tell. And you might gIV e the rnmor- sj>reader a short, pointed lecture, loo Another War I'est ( ,f tlisturbi,,,, | lab . Us is the Absentee, lie was the sl ,bjvct ol a lot of talk during \V,,rld War II Hes thegtiy tvho slays liome from work '" « war plant foi - , U) K(JO(] rCBS()|i _ Ordinarily. it - s a ^^ OW|] bus ._ "e« ,f he wants u, , 0 to work or not. But during wartime it's everybody's bl ,s•ness. The war plant, ,,0x1 lo the battle I'»e, w the place whore thc outcome of modern war i s decided. A worker who stays home without sufficient reason is And beware another War l'c-4— the grumbler. He hasn'l ha ,i mi ,ch 'chance o sl.ow h,s colors in this fight, because (here has,, I been anything thai even n confirmed grumbler can grumble at. But if contr,,] 8 conic along again, or >f certain commodities get scarcc „,. if theres anything else a littt,. bit un,,leas- nnt on the home front, the grumbler will be back, "Anah," he'll sn v, "! wish was in , he Army-they get all the ! "" t(> 'V' OT - "'nils silly I.Iackont i.s just causing a lot more accidents." He's no help at all, B nd actually ha Department Leaves 'Em Cold I,, ~ • SATURDAY. AUGUST 19 \ l:^r m ±?3^ theCommunist ' \Moscon>^kiA^ T ^sKKr*-^^ *&* ct**:e&/OL ^ . 'E!™. TI,r *. s^ for West Germany A blonde office worker in the Stale Department at Washington didn't like the air conditioning. It was too cold, she said. So she brought an electric heater to work with her—in midsummer. As if tilings weren't hot enough in the Stale Department, already. So They Say Fluctuating Program Members of Congress who complain that the President and his planners have net presented a comprehensive defence program or told the pco- Ple all the facts, probably will have to fret for some time. A program has not been presented because the chances are there isn't any except to deal with the Korean situation as it develops a ,,d lo build up generally the American and allied nation defenses. ncprovinit the administration for its silence Sen. Taft said that there were a lot of unknown IXMsilHlitics; maybe we would spend $45 billion on thc armed forces instead of $55 billion- per- hai« we would begin a three-yea,- program to make thc OS the most powerful military force organized In peacetime. Ho could have asked numerous other questions, such as how long I, it expected to take to clean up the Korean affair? What part of Ihc emergency expenses are going to be met from taxes? Whether the administration I, gain. to push universal military training, and how "well (he production or military equipment L, progress- Adniiiiisliation planning ami programming necessarily are in , ,, a(c of flllx Noth| c . m ^ completely settled until the defense department can sjrve some kind ot a time-table on Korea and until Russia shows whether It Is going to keep on prodding Us satellite., into making trouble all around the edges of the iron curtain. Since Mr. Truman first asked for n,o ne y for Hw Korean emergency, he has presented additional request., for funds for the Air force and for greater military aid to Europe. A pr o gr;lnl „ more hkely to emerge from the sum of such proposals anrt undertaking* from time to time than it Is by any concrete definition in advance We an, seeking to stop aggression that would lead to war. But there la no cl!a , lce „, k *t one lime all of the Ingriedients that mast go Into t),e program for attaining that objective. 1 he estimates of money and man power to be rtevoted o defense win change from time to time. And probably U , ere was never more m about them than there is at this moment -NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE WE/tee .AT£P BY THE Reps/QUICK; Give SATURDAY. AUGUST 19, 1900 The DOCTOR SAYS By IJtH'ITT MacKENZ] E AH Fortlcn Affair* Analyst Peistalcntly and methodically Moscow is campaigning to win West On-many away from the Western AUI . e3 / J om ll to Eastern Germany o"", hcn lncor Porat« the reunited among the satellites. ». '''iV g '° at drawlI1 B card offered by the Reds b tllc P romi « of re., no** By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M, I) win?'""" 1 '° f NEA B «™'« Millions of people are troubled, »'llh sore bones, joints, or mus-'les which they frequently thin 1 - of ns' "' "" " "" : -rlhrilis. All of today's Questions) Unio " w1 " 1 Easter " -"many, nod >me !n that field: "(pictured by the Russians, but not Q-My son recently told me of a ! b5 ' odh " observers, as a land of woman who has arthritis and rlieu- * and honey under Soviet °ceu- maton and was cured by a gra )e ' imic "' diet. Can this really happen? Unity—that's a goal never absent Mrs. KB '™ m thc avc raBe German mill(1 , A-l'here » ra any number o//?," e "!' c no more » a «onalj.stlc fruits and vegetables like lemons' folk m n "Europe than these of the »nd grapes which some people' Re ' Ch ' will cure rheumallsm and! ( . ' mil "V'5 former powerful po. arthrilis. I do nol know of any I •/ ltlon as the military and ecouom- scleiillHc reason why u,i s should be i lc , kc y siol « ot continental Europe irue, and I strongly suspect (hut makes thk asepct of the cold-war Ihose who report thai u,ev have! cruc Blly imporlant " u « s< > Import- bern helped by m grap< . d , e , or | ant that time may record ; as on , something like it would hive eol-' thc decisive eHBagcmenls In the en well anyway. If laklrtj; -rapes' C0n '" ct of tne Wcologlci makes them think that they feel I Westcnl Germany is the dcten- bctur, why not? It probably won't' ve barr '«'' between the Soviet zon. ilu any harm. "id the democracies. It was dis closed in Frankfurt the other day that nearly all Western military Peter Bombers and Jets Are Versatile As Utilized in Korean Fighting WASIlINCiTHN _ fvc-.o „. .. Q ir ., ° l "« — . t.., — v i> lirt.) — ft.O- can fighting has developed some rand new gimmicks in the cmnloy- icnt of air power. They are the re . are e re ults of expediency. Necessity being Sin arid a Shame hurrah for those Washington police author- Hies who offer a new wrinkle In traffic control. They now ,, m ke motorists who have lost their <nvcrs licenses "for cause" take an attitude e before they get another. This is o,, lop of Ihe "><»<• usual "aptitude test." The latter merely «h.»« whether ywl arc nl)le (Q „„ J I'i'ng. not whether you arc of n mind to do so One question alone I,, the new District ' 0 , Columbia attitude test is wort h »,, the olhc °' imply .,)«. -DO you honk your hori , vvhcn "e dnvcr h, f, otlt doM not " slant thc light turns green?" No on/,, L , ^ ingh crime deserves a liceri. Intended. One of the m North Korean tl ,^ u v c ,,ess has been the manner In which Bed com manders have been able to make if the has " " """"'«.i nave oecn able to make the mother of lu- I night attacks and still have control ••-••"— - •• • of their force.? In the morning To break up these maneuverlngs tn total darkness, it has been necessary to elo considerable night flying l or both reconnaissance and attack To spot troop movements and targets. U.S. plane.s have had to fly low over roads, then turn on their lornling lights and strafe whatever might be revealed by (his illumtaa- refer Etlson volition, pilots, group commanders and even Brolind force commanders handicapped by lack t>; troops. artillery and tank killers have hod to employ airplanes in lion Two-place P-50 fighters have vvay^fo^vvhich been used for 'front K* on ™£ 'IN HOLLYWOOD . -------- •"•• u "i vnvoc ijjaiie.s to give them greater maneuverability and range. The planes fly over (he battle area. The observer in the second MM locates targets, then by radio calls In the lighter planes By voice control, the tactical planes , *" tndr First Time for Everything ™ 6 s '«* o' the jet planes - t -80s— has risen considerably for »se In tactical air support of ground ?j? 3 -, B 'l n ? ' ast ' tlley can ««t the front in a hurry on an emergency call. Also, they can riy more missions per day. though their time c»» tr\prx»t __ _ • Bj Krsklne Jonnion N'KA Staff Cnrrespomlfnt ee EDSON on Page S HOLLYWOOD (NEA) -GrouM.o arx LS discarding 1,1s early-day movie makeup lor his TV debut in of Msri Blanchard. dropped by Paramount, Is being tested by Raoul Walsh for lhe lead opposite Kirl Douglas In "The Travelers 11 Twin dept.: Broadway actor ' ste- phan Chase, the heavy in Repub- hr-'e ''Tim c-t^ . r r. .. _ vi-^iivi bid. Since he had Inally. a jump to October. He told Jack Hellmnn Variety: ' I'm KOiiiR to be myself My „,„,- , , lache will be my own. I won't chase I S"^ «' "" heavv blondes over furniture and tlic I , Ory of Belle ^ Grand,' track cont Is in the closet to «ti,y * 8tr ! ° r Cary Gra "t- The baggy-trousered comedian iv'lli v • Senrt "' Klaus the red nose has no place in tele-!,,"™ l >robab ly heard it said Vision and neilJic, have thc oa-r.t-> , LA telev «ion lias the best - J '- ' ' ' 'iiK-h,,,, ,„ LOS An gei es . jf not cd mustache and slinky walk."' Cllffie Stnnr. u-lls about a the whole country. There's a rca- i son-spelled Klaus Landsberg.' - should come —DALLAS MORNING NE\VS Views of Others If the H-Bomb rannot be built, i lvi , nl . Xllwr >ca to find that out. otlicni-lse. a,, Cllcm (s liable to,stand up and say. -We have ihe hydro- Ben bomb." There will be no way to „,], ir hc js WiiffniK. unless we try to build o,,e om-H-lves- Harold C. Drey. University „( Chicago sdent ls i * * > I SUSEP.U that nil pauiotic organizations and nil infmnmlion relatln K lo raplonaBp. sabotage and subversive activities to thc Federal Bureau of InvcstiEution.-PrKment Harry S. Truman. » « » What's the matter with the moral level o( our (modeling) profession? !s,vt it as i,,,;!, , s the moral level of labor leaders?—Han "fCaln professional model, in reply to announced ml'cn ' lion of labor leader to organize pmtesslon to "clean out objectional Individuals." * t « Who ever found a rich nc-ior? Thc ,„„ mon caieer-lifc of an actor . . is something hfcc fiv,- years, it's worse than In the ban-ball busin.-ss But producers, directors and writers go on forever. Actresses want to marry llu-m—,1,,],,, Dnl] movie actor. ' ' * * ' We're not in a game of miimbu-type s . When »c lose, we lose once and for alt.-Bernard Ba- n;cli, mobilization director of World War I * * « I'eoplc understand things better than tlic-y understand irtnas. The more people we r.vpo'se to American products, thc better they w m bc a)Jlc lo understand tile kind of people we are.—James A. Parley, former poslmastcr general • * i All Ihe world today Is a tunic:-boy. (il.,i ): ,| »-ar coulri begin at any limp, -carl Vi:;v „ chalj-- man of Kous« Ai-uied Services Conumuc, . There back was , uw«, a , „, h, 1 ' ard. The Hire asked thr bus- K M A it his "It's just Ilic children. VOlIIt ohllllrcn and ,My children are lit-at- InE up OUR children" cus Gootlrich refers to her as "The Dark Flame." . . . Progress note: Elumplirry liognrl goes thro'lah the entire nine reels of "The Enl.K-pi-" without a gun. He's plnying an assistant district Jittorney. Cello ahil Oondby Pnul Hct)re:d hasn't stvappcci MGM's new French pastry. Leslie Caron. now dancing with Gene Kelly in "An American in Paris," "as nskert where she lives in Hollywood. "Ect is heautifiil big house." she said. "Ee its named 'Furnecshed Apartaments.'" * • • N'o-love - lost-dcpt.t Nina Po-h whos buck in Hollywood for MOM 5 "An American In Paris." mil Marlon Brando. It's almost a f cu d. . . . It's not true that Ann SJicri- rian'5 final])- signed with an agent pericncc.s with Cornel Wilde. Inn m, • L" •', -•=;"-" """ »" afcnt. lie's betting that he's been a-siccd'to ?' >C " """' n! "Y"'"S >\" own con- sit down am! thump the ivories .,., "., . fc lllco " lc tlcath of "n™ mail)' limes as Cornel. He's Ho tv- '" ' " wood's champion non-playing cellist, too. Drawing room smoothie that Hcnrckl Is. he gets beet-red and stammers when people who Him rto a Paricrewski'at the piano ,„„!!'"''."' Tllnr »">" ^farc " in MGM's "Son* ot Love" be, l-i,,, '."" ". ' r: "' c5 . slart ""Win*. The ShrrwcMiil Uuililiiii; i n \ cw Vntk still lists r.nnlrlle OniWaril anrl liiirgcss SI'.-rcdilli as sharilir "fflrcs. . . . IMIS of Bob Stack are '•on s;vyii]-; de'll marry starlet CLuulHte Tljnrnton before Itie au- passed orig- .-.- - ' '• •- three hearts would not be forcing and mipiu be passed by South. Hence the Jump lo four hearts showed > hand with which NortU did not want to risk » contract that was lower than game. n.f al il 1 i? lly lhe Ilre "8 (h shown by this bid was limited by the fact that North had passed originally and therefore could not have more icks EbOUt ' W ° *" d * half bare Since South had an cxceedtn°Iv powerful hand, including three aces and a king in the fourth suit. there was no need for him to make any exploring; bids. A grand slam would have been a poor shot S Mew of North's original pass. H was most unlikely that Nnrih arts '" °' *"" •"' ^ ""« « play for the small slam however, and South was thoroughly justified, in bidding it Q—For several weeks I have been pothered with soreness under the knee which Is painful whe-i j uo up and down stairs. I am K years old. What could this be? M.R. A—There are several n men .and most officials stationed there agree Europe couldn't be de- uendiJig against Russia without th« orming of West Germany. A Striking Admission That's a striking admission—by frequently comes with advancing j be allowerf V Germft "5' Couldn't years, if , h(s , s irut th( . kme „,- j »e »l loued to rearm. It's an admls- common sense,,he,, It I, moved and an n X-ray W H, st ,ow some ohan™ s i j' the bony structure of the knee ' . Q-Which one of the dwtle-s* t? glands u stimulated brMi.c.r"^'" when stimulated as said to be ol °' benefit In attacks of pah, caused' Mrs. P.J.R. adrenal £land. by arthritis? A—This is the . The adrenal gland !i a remarkable gland—actually there are | wo of them In the human body—which secretes several different kinds of hormones: one of them Increases the blood pressure and Is closely related with »n s er or alarm; another li the famous Compound E, or cortisone, whleli Is now under such intensive study. Q—My spine in the back of my neck has been aching for some time. Could this be arthritis of the 5 P' ne 7 Mrs. J.M. A—It could be. It could also be umMitng In the muscles of the neck. The only way to tell Is to '[£ a careful physical examlna-j and lake X-rays of the neck' porfloti of the spine. Q—What causes the knuckle ointe to crackle? Is this a kind of arthritis? S..T.W. A—This comw ' from ligaments lippinj; across Ihe Joint. Many people have this In the ja-ns, lingers, iiiees, anrf perhaps some other i. It has no bearing on arlh- Q My fingers show an luclinn- , , eold w - h Ch U " ccld " on X he , sellsc that Vesuvius Is "cold.' 011 . 1 ,' 1 . 861 ml =" ty hol - and <Wlck. = "f Sta ' ld at the •"omenU Sovlet '"Win to win - t cmn Ion to deformity which Is probably ! heir ,HP ^" l due to arthritis and poor b"ood cir- ' dilation. Can anything be done for ' , e ver methods of stimulating the circu See DOCTOR SAYS on Pajc 5 ---,— .e," *« »n> wet.3" Germany Is. In what may be called the political stage—with the Reds carrying the ball. The Communist* ar« offering »n sorts of attractions In their cru- sRde. Among these are advantage! supposedly to be gained through trade with Eastern Germany under Red rule. However, the East Germany po . litburo also U concentrating on un- lerground work to sabotage economic recovery In the Western zone. This Is calculated not only to make the citizens discontented but to embarrass the Western occupation powers. Typical Propaganda Typical of Red propaganda waj in announcement the other day In he Red Army's official newspaper n Berlin, "Taegllche Bundsrhnu." This proclaimel A sweeping program for all Germany, including the "liberation" of West Germany There was no talk of using arms to' achieve this. The communi 1 be discreet. The greatest drawing card o"l all hi the Red propaganda is the prom«i Be of a reunited Germany and na™ that mist nations owe to Russia. It must v a «Ty smile from generalissimo this? ' ° RP"' f nl0 ' who sot consigned to the Red ^t-z trra* •^i.^jr 2 -^ 111 " to na " I stl ". these specious promisei have a welcome ring in some Oerman ears, for if anything ts certain - It Is that the Reich one day will •5 lean Ago P e reunited.. I've spent a lot of tim» Toaav '" German y antj one of my most ' V ' V W impresslos revolves about the Mrs. Donald Wertz of Osceola the ) ntensit l' of th e nationalistic leel- ormer Miss Leone Calllcnti' nf' " ls ancl P ritie of race—Deutschland ' ubcr A1!c;i - I'rd do Ciirsia, irho made fiis fitini ilehiil as (he petty thief and killer! W(5t o P c »«d the five ot "The Naked City," is back anicMrrs in "The Knforcer.' Two hundred Navi'Jo lo in MGM's "SoiiR ot Love" bcc to dash off a little sample of Bi.'hms and Beethoven. "The cello tlilui; is worse." lli-n- rcid wails. "H looked like lhe r<-.,| thiii!; when 1 s.nicci at imc In '!],•- cciilinn'—r iviirfcri! five, monlh- in fake it—ami nnhody will bvlii-vr that I can't play a note." Most embarrassing moment in the star's career, he says, camt- when he was introduced to famrd cellist Grcsor Pialigorsky. '•Ah, Mr. llrnrrll." said llir tin,, sician. "I ilitl nol realize you njrr a virtunsn. Url us arrange In May! a duct vor.v soon." i Henreid eulpcd and fled. ! You'll he seeing li| m next in r\ - ' Inmbia-s "Lasl of (lie Burcam-ci.-" ] and his iudeponlcntly-mnde f;, T - j opcan comedy. "Pardon My French." n ith Mrrle Obcroii. "Tlio pirate picture is a swnshbnrklrr. Init 1 avoid the n bravado MI,; ( ." 1!onlo | rt j,.,, .., <„„>, K „„,„ ii n ,x,rtant thai, ntav never want lt breathed that t o.;p. •>' cotitraci. bridge. However, there turcd Burma all by rinsflf." - l 'c fiuif^t »I-I,..TI ~—..n^t- ..i_.. * AJ8J # J 1098 *7632 4K106 VAQJ8J H'esl Pass Pass Pass N-S vul. North East Pas« Pass 4 » Pass Pass South 1 V 6» Opening lead—* 5 . in "Only the Valiant" 'at OllHii. N. M., carry thc a.v-ortinrnt of feather - bedecked S'^ars. b'Tsv.s. arrows ann toam- hawks ever seen on the N'avajo res- '•rvtition. •JACOBY ON BRIDGE »T OSWALD lACOHY Wriltfn for NK.\ Scrvict A siirnrisini; luunher of players "'rt far better than they play the iiirds. I his is not as fata] j difficulty as bad bidding Wcaiuc i>id•I <'iii>: K m ore important than ntay (Ml New ralio ai;d TV contracts now fiirrylhit war clauses Kci>fe Bar.wiir is out ol Ihe Ii,. but will have to won. a o brnre for thicr wei-k.v Mc-M says, has hr »iiic« ihs n w >:'.drl'llll to liilli t accident. . t . . . . ever, tere •nc times when accurate play of the cards is of the greatest importance In the hand shown today, South lot to an excellent slain contract witli pn-al skill. Unfortunately he iiid not show the same sklil in •••Ivyiiic (he baud. )ump bid to four Hearts ,,.._ .••...,•-' > luMris one cnsi «uer an onjinaJ pajj wu 4 itroiuj u wrong o dia- monris and dummy tvon with (he queen. Declarer promptly drew trumps and tried two more too diamonds. When that suit failed to break, declarer needed two tricki in the black suits. He could make his slam by a successful club finesse, merely losing one spade, or he might ptay to find the ace of spades tn the East hand and discard dummy's losing club on the king of spades South mentally flipped a C0 j,, in ' choosing which black suit to try first. Unfortunately for him t,ts mental coin told him to start the clubs. He lost the club finesse to West's king ,\nd West promptly returned a spade, setting the contract. South snould have tried the spade first. Since Uie a« of spades was actually in the East hand, all would be well However, even if the spade play tunird out badly, the contract would nol be set Immediately. South could »i|ll return to dummy with a trump to make a second try by means of the club finesse. In other words, by gotny nflcr spades first, South would hnve two chance for the slam, fiy u 0 j|, K after clubs first, South had ^only one chance—and it happened lo Blytheville, was complimented last night when Mrs. J. W. Shouse Mrs ! blg 1 uesti on about the Soviet L. D. Chamblln and Miss Mary' Out- Ca '"l la1 8 n in Western Germany 1» law entertained with a shower party whcn (lf at all) tne Red "pollticar *.t the Shouse home. Thirty five acttvil «M> rr a y be converted Into ;uests attended. • " phj'sical action. That's a develop- Mr. and Mrs. Prank Wllhlte of nncnl which most of the world """" ~ will arrive rtoesn ' t wa » t lo see. but one which tomorrow to visit his sisters, Misses lne counter. nations are preparing .„ , .„.„ ll(t] j, Jvt - ( a> IVllS5r5 Cordelia and Josephine Wilhttc and i Mrs. a. 0. Calldill and family Mr • e^^^n^oi^^e^^g^r^ 13 ' Mr - «" «»• •«» X^cef Catcher has return. \ ^ ^JS^^^ST^ 2£^*s?s^& ss^si »J£'H£ST^ Printers' Aide HORIZONTAL 3 Approached I Depicted ^ Chemical Answer to Previous PuizI* commercial machine 9 rt is i 0 set lines of type 13 Workshops H Demolish 15 Naval IS Sample 18 Tavern Refuge suffix 5 Yugoslav leader 8 Period of time 'Pairs (ab.) 8 Royal Italian family name 9 Chaldean city 10 Mariner 29 Tidy U Domestic slave 35 Color laneiuge I* Low haunts 36 Sun 21 Birds of prey l? Babylonian 37 Heaven 23 Eye (Scot.) <ieity personified 47 Sea eai 24 Hawaiian bird 20 "oney-makcr 38 Move with life 18 Droops 25 Lateral part « Mining term and vigor 51 Arrive (ab ) 25Submerged 41 Accomplish- -•- 26 V acan , mcnt 28 Talented 42 Man's name 43 And (Latin) 44 Mature 45 Operatic solo 16 Prohibits 47 Sea eagle 27 Son of Llyr (myth.) 30 Paid notice 31 Exist 32 Not far (ab.) 33 Musical note 34 U has 90 37 Encourage 39 Daybreak (comb, (orm) 40 Compass point 41 Cleveland pitcher 45 Vituperates 49 Measure of cloth 50 Diadem 52 Malayan pewter coin 53 Book of the Bible 55 It is Important lo the Industry S7 Size of cards i8 Obliterations VERTICAL \ Whip 2 Genus of •hrub* 54 Symbol for tin 56 Tungsien (ab.) SO

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