Milwaukee Daily Sentinel from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 7, 1854 · Page 2
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Milwaukee Daily Sentinel from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1854
Page 2
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VOLUME X. MILWAUKEE DAILY SENTINEL. PEW SERIES Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. . swMSwSS commercial. tug. POWER," Xfag.W..H.W.a,ohnS.,ll1mor. ' - is - Wisconsin ,1 Boad Wasu Jan. 27tl, 7 A bill was reported providing tor a State Loos - P'fc . , , ,.... for tbe week ending FEB. 7. XXRvlT. T'. fromuetors paed tboHoraB,on the 31st ult. FnrHovso read The Senate oP - - 7'' The eountry 1 now be most . - tieAs laol. gr, tto - y .; 166 East Water Street, Seiute, and the news is correct. The bill passed good speeches! i dbt.aWe cytdcoce c. rt,c regard which Southern Tho use.of the Senate Chamber was granted to iilLSMWBm "s3 i IsmI - - i""' P0ORg " cell's ae:.) BOFDSMiiflco. trat'tJSSftrc si'riss.: :sspt .Tassaftu;. gtos4sS S5 kS syjsKRSssv srettssreass st.skss'ss "t" rri srr, - totafis. E9f r ssasrS55 of any daUyprpubnahedin the state ;.nd this bill, are thus etched in the report of the authorities might be unpleasantly affected by !"J,!"' t seems that a Aso appropriation bills from Assembly to J. K. J. D. RETMERJ CA;i,an. 0rm, . eonZ?Z v 5ta.,.o.rcnAnl,, NowYorkTViW: any want of 4 ' ' . - cfaccd he never was ut - SmlU, P. CosgroTe, G. Arlikeen, M. ilartin, E. BALTUS M ANTZ d ron bond, ai filTw - t "" . The biU granting alternate sections of land f the Pope ,o V was tercd The oopro o,.e o 18n0 in express .terms B u w, floward, P. McDnffy, W., BALTUS MANTZ. W - tatE SS"'"' AH A - Jna1t.ppMrlnU.eTri.WMkljSn!l, fifteen mileawide to Wisconsin for . construction Jf,7 , ,!:.,., .n,l r I I y of tbo Missouri compro - .!njSl,ni Pit - O - MnttBTK d 3,000 do. .tl,a. Winter wht M1U rdUjl,S4e ' a.r,a. of certain ds therein was taken up. f.Bt"""' "? , . f S2C ,n the act providing for the forma - A. - City Matte. ,k,311;a,MI0BiIl(,I, ; 1,000 Lots in Milwaukee. lfAi, StbM no - a circulation of orerr - o Mr. DAWSON opposed the bill and thought that the America, - 111 , A - .tmbly n, follows Police Court Feb O. , There cm. ,ea,. ,o doubul,at price. - Ill rule high Among.twhich.rClot. East - lV.,c - Str... .tk raoraM - cJpiKiillii.con.t.ntl7udr.ldiyincrr.ins it ought not to pas - , ), 1 I mans, who bad but one word to u . - .. - a , co , ana its AulUorizing towDS to subscribe for plauk road A - olice court. eo u. during the conuug Spring and summer Whether , ).J Adernrnl.pu.ln tb. Weekly., the aame rat.... in nouns mi t t f , , It Mr. D ' ! 5 'r at through the debates A man named Michael" Cushine Was brought ""' lh"re h ""H" deneit inth.For.lgnnarrc.t, L , rDci. ,!, . " Sfh ber distribution of the pnblic lands. Evirv Stole L,in,nf - .nd like Ike old Pharisee thank - 01 raeraoraul Pe"d - Mr. Webster, the " ,. , nn qft , , . - ,.. A man named Michael Cashing wag urougi.i tob8 made up by import, from the United set ..nd our 2(, r , , , ,f X T - - - s - jffiffaasa sissiz s.aAte - aJStssi SS55S dswosnr - c. of ti. mmm. Mr. DOUGLAS said the bill would lead to Reverend gentleman could go f:om one end of bi, of 1820, or by the laws ol nature. JToi a word Pet'Mms ; ance this morning at 10 A. M. Lr .id Fomo., a. onM tbe weathered ground 'M' N " M ,RT G 1 K s - v ar r - cu,. - ,. ate - - T,he V0 for talinS UP thelfebrsska bill State to tho other, ami ( . - , i r,r , supersedinfr or annul - By Mr. Ketchum, for change of time of town Assault a BAxrear . - The court was occu - Dit; d the. can - Mjcocnt upon remunerattog: price. 8 t WTS tbi. sLnAfmeoPon in n Southern e.Baltirno. ha, I - Orto, memorial; of State Historical lith JZ ? JZK. ri - S o eett,GrSt.ndDona,d'so,,,who fEP said ho would consent to the nSelttl? UfitlM . ' . 0" ZZZ: S3 ! ! Sarr - debatethislastwaslaittovertillWdayry ! "Knl' T L" S S "d TnlT" SotS - T . - SSS SorSSviSS - a,Cd bal "D :pa" r3rot:t erzLr illSSSJwSE - ::strzi iiHiiS Trr1". rrf .rrr irs:::: gHE&l toij. sswssa iir,ru ESSSSS srrrK faCr: - 3 Sip - thepw " wTS ".ntS - nwereindiguantacconiingtotheirindividua - J ; V Mr. Orton. author;. - . appointment o, touat nT Jnning yofr 3 TOWNSEND & 1TNKLER, lZlZ aodshonMopposenoobjectiontothebnildingof ' j J or." of it. " ZL to Slate g.TZ wiH HBES' o Real Ertate and Money Broke. jo obviate the difficulty, and effect n speedy set - o former by fair means and in an honest wiv Oconee I am happy in being able to say that, as yet, Historical Scc'y. onnnn( ? , J T T. T 7 i V ' T 2 CSOobuah HUWADKEE. WISCOXUX. Uement of all mature a issue. But wo arc uttcrl , 1 1 e.n bed me of tbe Union being in By M, Oxford . . .... I, will be noticed that the Company, now that Domain upo Rail R , r, which would mak t necessary to pass " feonm' ndin. law of probate Tbi. Sbo,v3 a very hvy bu.ine..., - . , ; . MM - Bto JMW, 8. oSo,,bavo the thing in their hand, fully, bear so, we believe, a,e0OT.(, of the People of this f f he, psed bill at any rate ; but I suppose the courts. take my face as it Counsel Have you been w. nex our uauri IMc. cr.m. WIIX! ininn ,La, JL . aro of tiie man. State. Our Senators and Rerree,,tat.ves who - Tm , r 1.1 has not yet arrived, and that, if Bill authorizing vote in Kenosha Go. for aid to drinking to - day I Witness (laughing) Oh no 1 Bonav - hita, 85; Flour 3Sa35, aod.fair demd. T rmmimttd.rrithtMtaamlmiB,l U' ji , J fi"!. of Te wok were i" - t1"ce "J SUP1 , is any clanger of this bill sticking, the Itcu back favorably, with only four or five glasses (dropping his head and aeime,,rtlleLg1r1o.or Ecal athetuJam f ' 0, 4 SEJib&So' t tt 5" - tpi.! w - nouee, J1 ever, of defeating t 'i . c f Rep - to minu r.myper - rd "final couTpromisfinalnotU t! " 'i 1 ' ' I" ' I orton Sercomb; stand and indulged the crowd, with a series of coILeh sTs - ct,Ctana.6,s6. Bloburg 10,00. "'"'hV0 xy of A. .grown nortn will Pies"" , r 6 nt , Strong A R isell J R Doohttlo, Lindsey & Co, grimac that would have done honor to a - Gri - CoFrEK. - J.v..i3Hc - - Lu.)rrliH.l!M ?". In JuhionhM.otoDaS CtorinU ought to he'promptly and cplicity instructed on tfThe t"of "r Do' Z'ZTi to iXZTo Lldi, - The defense hyeeveralwse, show - - 11, ' ? XT" sale off the fall crop. Railroads will doubtless tbo Eubjc Lcl Remonstrances against tho pro - . (ablish a two fold claim to the gratitude of his $5,127.00. - d that .the complainant firs, attacked defendant a.cod4a5,oo - Whit, - lUekerel.Ho 'ZJS oif. great po'rtioo of the produce, and PO - d Rail Road , ur.try - by bringing in the bill, for organizing Bill amend - : ZZSSgE2ZZ$2Z much of the merchsndize, which would Company) hoc rcl , ent on to J 1 J Terri Mebmska, and by M - me of Catharine inuptie aJC8 ln , Ifdefen One of the w tne ll v. vZo them, take the Improvement route, but Washington Aortloj, Le - , proposed measure to relieve the conntn , , went into committee, and on rising. T u fc - liZjSSlltS l. - - .Mt - .. ,L,,oot fail tote of immense value to the the Public Domain .from the horde of Spec.,;:, t.r, ' "'"..o,,. large from all responsibility in reference to river adjourned to 3 - P. II. related the trouble from the beginning, and what PTiol0C0ba,LXKh"Jlut6mr SLTli whicturu" - 0 - and Monopolists who - seek to appropriate to their ' harbor improvement by giving to the felWcL on State by the rties, who were Z''' Sr. toS(he company of enterprising men heritage of tQ rf t0 bee gaffly States which lie contiguous to the great channel, r'eort me'uforial toTongrei to? a Stale A "",ror - B.J ? understand German ? - olSltCS... .a - , - ,ttoU who now have it in charge The state being rid the Peopk J . , of commerce, the right to impose tonnage duties LunaUc Asylum was adopted. Witness, a little not much. Juror, Wasistdein m, "iJj oaastlo:andHDeront.scciiredforcaptt!iita. of the responsibility of a work which would have Fox HUver Valley Knllrond. ially to have sancMoned or connived at the Se - !id of the improvements which those channels Bill amending chapter S6 R. S, was lost, nahme ? The witness hero shook his head, and XZT"rJ, 'n5a.! .Ksr.'sssr1 - ;rr.rf ;r:r;."T;. :Wa:sjs rpaas,ir1 ss,. ST Tbe Senate w.s in session but a short time, and affalrS tl,s Rallroatl Comrany. chartered last to corr(,cme3 of lhe cur. orth - West, to have the expense of the improve - Charter of Hustisford and Iron Ridge Plank and in a few minutes brought in a verdict of not Rye taken at 73WSc, and Oateln domaud at, 3031 cU kiti Al. JHtcheU.E.,.. Kuwlaud 4V Bull.Sexto. adjourned over till Tuesday: 7ZZZ ZvlZn,' rent reports in regard to this gentleman's past mente of their Lakes and Rivers, which are esen - S - , . . A poMc " ITT'lSZZ X.. Assemblv. there was a good deal of time cbarter """"'f. " "WT f"rhfD ,. history but he thought, if one half of the charges tial t0 B" a" J lopement of the whole f ! ft rongh the fib in Committee, TJl(J coull8el for the pJOMCallon, the cou nd - s Whconata , BJJJ wasted in motion, to adjourn, but these failing, Milwaukee, and the e are two o, three Comm.s rf .f country, defrayed, not out of the resources of the ASS'SMBLT 10 A. M, Eeb. 2d; others present were frequently interrupted by the HoP.Nthtog dolng - n.w WovTh 3510. . SSKlCTSl t tl, riB nrohibitine debate beine enforced. B10nera names in the bill who are residents of , . , , , , ,,,. whole country, but by n local tax upon the pro - Petitions, Ac, whispering, laughter, fic. dMhe assisting defen - Hn,ia.ctive demand and bigb. Wc quota at Se .,m Kobbe Em NevrVorkCitr nri - ltr - fll ml in the fihTof our cit Losing forward to the time when the 0P7"fwho sendb" litie Ind Ven o l - d ducts of ese States going to market, nr.d upon By Mr. Rosenthal, for state, road from Juneau dants counsel. Tho - reCdly ,'rlqne.ted to be to .tHutad. f - re. aadtoxeUclLdry. Calfgt. . Tee CBg. eiderable progress was Railroad shall be completed from Racine to Xt lA.t , abhoZce nd back 'By M iminal jurisdiction' .M nts other, d M dry 12.18cf KiP; dry WSCwBShl Health InIMC. C. toggle offered a resolution calling for a Belo.t - , .t not time that something should be ption I Mr D. ha, certain , counsel Taine and son l?e still kept it up We orafeji, iah do INCOBFORAXTl, rroort within the next week, from tbe judiciary done towards securing the early cotnplet.on of the , ? enough fori uortality , Ins session ; the measure Mclndoe, against Sank eitybridge. - have no desire to interfere, farther, than (o say, M4,Americ. ,hoe P : ,h.uroof Lianor Law important link of road referred to, a part of tho rMin. f,!'' i ' i of his glory is fu'J, and there is no need of hU be - Resoluhons : that gigglmg, making faces, constant loud whis - Kroll tWK, Swede, .0.0,00. Sbeet No. u .o2mou 7 CAPITAL S60.000 - 'ZTtobo lin extending through Beloit, and so southwest - "' jb ' . n Senator after his present term has expired. J 'irtic - ve ' M perings Ac. are oat of place in a Police Court dur - prft taon JV .4 .i. - K, - , feJ. LudingW. Block, EMt WaurSweeMUwaukc. TlLrlh.ti.fh. wardly to the Mississippi ? By tho time this ft' ' HAL. tf - - Fg trial, and exceedingly annoying to those J ' " ' "a'ttulih TT?fnt?"to resolution to - d.y. Mr. Worthington moved the " ' ''1 ' l:;i6',0gn. Cor.cpoudeuce cf m. 1. SenHnel. By Mr. Colley, charter of Beloit Female Semin - who have to direct their attention carefully, in JCfSrS .be - iy.. pension ; but Mr. Hull rose and gave notice of J ' n ficmt demonstr md,n3 on A JeJI DeHvery - A Falthmi Warden. Sy Mr. Webster, authoriring leyy of special t o" to give tl cm fa pA.t to tho public. MsMpa fSAS JA,M Lis ,u - ,,lin to d,bate tho muon, so that i' ' 1 ' 11 ' t s , . . , in 5th ward , Milwaukee. 3 (Reporter.) lHnl l. . from ISU Mct., qEORGE PAPEbrDIEK, Treasurer. IW"Dt - wentover The Maine Law members declare tbo Raclnc Bdolt rrad. aild Fox Rl' - , , , , . TV nukesha, February, 4. By Mr, Hadley, relative to protection of sheriffs, UNITED STATES COURT.,toU. - of - 8p Wto. : H. CHEIDE, 'r int'don to introduce a bill themielves, if galley Branchtowards this city would be very Onthe whole, it was , 'ur - pec - Q , f j t . ujiiijuf siatia vunjit. iHwUari "ta JJBmmeni5, Clear a. BADE, General Agent, Vice Prealoeot. the Committee doe. not act soon. There is no f,;" u, J mpth to 0 tl ' ' , , I orief "absti act, runoa MLiaa paaeiniso. "" - fT i 'oc0'1" EatnJnluiIhT - cta..' SJT4wmr ded AV ,TheL , t 1 , 1 'lSi.SfSH Boonsd; n'i)jket'ctooipWeFWtw!,nOr - Hllik WI. by tlio change in tbe rules, requiring n voted bu, is Wisconsin, call, ur" !i.; Adroinig - as the result of the discussion, its only r - j , - r nn.l took occasion to declare der for receiver to sell real estate. - N. o. '.nbbU, 34.37. Cuban do 30 - .ug of OSWEGO, EW VOItH. 3 - &tbs to call tbe previous question. tration nt Washington to remove Messrs. Oodeh, mutt have been indeed this was avowc 1 , , , , 1 ' ,f nD.v Charles J Kano et al va Alexander Siltiy. Gil - noue syrup in bbla,50c Golden Syrup Iud0j60c, In bal nMKV IMCIIDlvrP rilMPlKV cntot htato emigrant omm. serious offence of ngu - .n i 11 , , taJ pired and tho subject went over. tton on Plaintiffs. ;. 4d to 40d - 3da6.00. ' FIREand MARINE INSURANCE can be effected h. Goretnor. and tor a two yesaeterm. to brasta Convention of St. Joseph" and mtroduc - suggested to the distinguished Senators, wbote M 0f the crowd " Fl r.o c - ne lo Madi - ou to P"dj . Wm W Wyman m Gabriel T Long et als. - pi,.Tr.s1e. - Thomp!on - .pr.B,d.inollS; u abo reaponribl. Compani,., t my o. Ho. be the expaon of the Speaker to obtain the . a c oloBy of AboUlionist , , , , 1 " c'' "a 0U l Char to, of N. W. Iron Co. infield Smith PPffs Atfy; Finch & Lynde and - oS.SO; do No. 1. do do8,00: St. Louia; m. for pure,8,. afart.n - .B.cck!l. War.) Mw.nkJ.W... ' appointment, in case the Legislature does no l0 rote t0 ex , 11 '1C &kro1fXrce Orton ci Atwood Defte Attorneys. Demurer to ' Jt WILLIAM A. WHALING. Agent. htheofiice. anddor. pas, the proposed to , , Wtivoto thehonorof thecoun - who It toTc afp MaSJ WSfe - fi 2S,; " ? COMHERCIU. INSURANCE CO. Speaker Horn having obtained leave of absence kSl " endangered by snch occurrence, that when "0 you see I pc pons from do jail, an I pe round . frods J V ' canymg off wood tc Dividend Dat. Tfestorday was Dividend day F - Vori.l1M ctod.. eofcrw, - ,. . , , - - - - H ; - - - - Xr;; :ttlz - - - .to - - - - - - - e w " rHrMrd HTtCHHS rrt ou - is thpt 1 p.P. precluding debate ; bnt Mr. Donaldson rose to ' , "Ihe im""' . at o home"' I y nfl star "po" 'db" lie .1f,rro - Oustomers and invited 4 V VW - ru.. ;.( motion, .di( wentover, and the efa of r , Eiov.h,chn - i , no 1 stay at cle pol,. Den he n Iot Grant river goests. The attendance was unprecedentedly . - ; . : fr surtne.nd Flreln.nrnce. House went into Committee. But after the - 1. ! ," J I. T , . T "locked me up pees te poll all gone. xNext day Tw , , , ' '"l utk large, the "spread" unexceptionable, and the slwhiUey - Mle. ..24.23.. Hlghwtn,a5. Woarepraparedtotak. rlak.on all klnd.of Mercbu LiDse of a few minutes Mr. Orton discovered that New Toek Bask Statistics, - T1io Totol num - venience to almost a I ect, , - . , , j. t A i ln, nn pe poss !" X. The bill providing for publishing tho laws in enjoyment of tho company without alloy. - Suoaa unchanged .mall.kreftoed loaf, o to B, 9J4 dixepcci.IB.nk - Note,,BlUiof Each.Dge, Jewltj,8(c fl Rouse should adjourn without decline a ber of Banks and Banking Associations in the and if continued may lead to tho rupture of the all t c 1, Mr. Among those present were the Captains of our ; double reflnilo.f 10c ; Cruahed DXalOc ; Powder - ln.rM,.lt,byw.te,ol.d,.oorfton.3lllnk,or.l. J lhe House should "n 'lnf a stale ofNow . , t rela I to the in - The Washi.vgtox Cest. Notices have appear - Noggle, and opposed by. Mcasis. Matte, Crawford, tJTLt hA nmt. mtt - C. - VtVc. He - where.,on.ofnefu.rt.lIIMta,ri Kskcscs rw.,.w..r,r1.i., assarJSK sstriirrrt?.; as.. - - es - ' - - isass3SK rrasasarsrs '' 1 '!8aa - .. vrv fair commencement of the discharge of the and mortgages ; 10.962,172 New York State discussion in the Committee of the Whole on the .one oft bo, a whh be "us Suhstu b ,1 ncermng reooras of Washing - J, G.INBDSCH. duties of hi. ,osiuon, by appointing a good com - Stocks ; 5,539,149 U. S. Stocks, and the remain - Slat. , of the Union, and the course of the citizens tb he will for., ard ,t, to the gentleman on Hon,e wen?, into eomroittce and after gome art of the Ferguson j Tate of the Twin Brothers ; NOTICE. rr. nittec on the joint resolutions concerning Ne - der Canal OertiBcates and Stocks of other States, of that immorta, borough, and the evident sym - Vat. . time sper.: therei.:. and disposed of bills - s fol - Bland of tbe Emma; Sherwood of tbe Golden Tbe Laote.So - logSociet.of .b,lB.p.uta.urcl, - ili J. G. IKBOSCh. VI. tarta. ThJreeolution. will pass the House, B - ,. . nr TB - 5x T'B Tho with and connivance r.t it b, tbe State Io. - Tbe following comprigeg the Charter of T W Iron Co ordered" on - 1 Sate ; Davie of the Helfcngtofai Kenntrtoon of T'tZ? Itfw B; ,:Toc botitis mortifying to men .of true Northern lJt 1 eign immigration at the'pof l?ew York 5f - , 1 monly tho Hutchinson ; John Merril, of the Tug Tiffts, T.tZT.TZ AAg, .pr. rzsL. rrz - t r'aVof,he ;K - ft..rfJp . . brown s i,,:::;r.ier; rTSrs;: t: m:... - Ch...p - Ll"" mEj??zZ mguerkeian gallery. were got throngh to an engrossment Among a" S t H Z M ,hit S ' ' 1 ,: '' ;ii C ," 4,553 South American. 10 Own;. - - - dends." These were as substantial as the feast, the J rlTd'BB gURTITO BLOCK, them were tbe bfils allowing a levy of a special t0 Ll' 1 fu 0 L lo f who mP3n 0Jn c 'n'e" ' ile c 1 . "r ,t 2 8 4 United States. .. 1,683 An, rL , of chap. 41 R. S. Company having declared a dividend, on the last STORE. JanSgtf M. W. CLARK, Secretary. JM 20i Ellt Wlltr XL tax for ward purpose, in the" 5th w.rd. Milwu - St:; ! "V'5 ' I 7 Total! ... 17426 Amending chap. 134 R. S. ditto year's business of 50 per cent (scrip dividend) .one, TO STOCUHOILDEIIS. H3f J, " '' ke, and. joint rolution (these taking the course ",wtl)e mt r " ' 1 - that any : ; AmendinJ chap. 258 laws - 50. - ditto upon the profits, and payable in cash,. 10 per cent Oi tick of thh La Caonn & Mir.. R. R. Co., " - MHWAIIgtl. of bills) memori.ling Congress for such a ;P j; Newspapeu Chanqe'.' Mr. H F. EastmaV has Pr 1 , d, to on outstanding scrip, and 5 per cent on tbe guar - ..ItZllJ ' - WA.LlgH.tD In l7. de in the system of electing President and 'ema.ndex wa. di - trtbuted among ..he ofheers and against the construction or use of the rail road in disposed of the Shebovoan Chronicle lo Mr. H. . Seate . 1 - t . bill law was mdef - anteo capital,. . LaZlXt 2&&2 Kir.t.Inc,MUk - CoM Lock.,, for o, Vice Pi - eidcnt,go as to allow ofa direct vote. crewsoi tne recmnB .nips. question, or that its charter had been declared K". Ross, who proposes to issue in its stead a new Adjourned ' The Merchants is a home institution in which ,0 toe c.plt.1 stock of the L. Croaa.iMU.auke.RaU.. ratwnMaidwHheteckofenkto.. After this wee over, the House voted on various Yaskef. Ships foe English Owsebs. Tho Toiu - ot abrogated; and he said nothing, and weekly independent Journal, to bo called "tho n aining of the Mu.beiio Lake every business man in Milwaukee feels an honest road Comply, tl. , Ten per centum of the amount of J""9 '. '. LZ 1 motions to adjourn, ranging from 10 A. M. to - Boston Alia, of the 1st instant contains nn elab - could m7 nothing, to justify or extenuate the Evergreen City Times." The - first number of T ' . ' v .. pride and inwhose continued success they all stock iDMrlb.d b, pnaoo. rcaldhw eaat of.wtocon - Tnhp.W.irAncin 1 .0 nth 01 fill morrow to 10 A. M. on Tuesday, but tbe difficul - ora,e description of the new Clipper Ship Lioht - dine t the citizens rfErl. Lad taken te new paper will be published next week In Seoste - JanUa 3Ut' Ur.K'n,ert taken lively interest. May it always realize their f'JtST ' l&tUIlblll JjCdlUeFIO., tew - comnromuedby.D.ijooromeottoMon. , - ?. just cLpleted by Donalo McKay the fa - tho law i,,to their own nd.i tbt the, hod ! ted the fl... , t.wt highest expectations. XlZJX!Zl. UrMJI1 daymomiog.tho.givingusadayotrest, very mous Boston Shipbnildor.for Meesr, Jameo BAnrgg the mandates of the courts and resisted their Maso.xic Baee at Mamsok. - A baU is to he , T f8t,vae at Too - . HA. - Tbo Ladies' .iding of WUeoun River, ,b. foi - tnm OLD TANB OF ALUS 4 iltlM. t TIB; occoptable to .11 concerned ; end the State will 4 Co, of Liverpool, and intended for the Austra - officers by force ; had interrupted a great chan - given at Fairchiid's Hall" in Madison on Wed - 0ftheV i I - had the Sewing Societv of the Baptist Church give a itei rent,pay.Ue M.rchM www pnytn gTAtlT Ice. nothing by it. Ha trade. She is 2000 tons burthen, and larger nd of trade ; had inflicted great inconvenience nesday, the 22d of February, in honor of. the an - same under consideration, and Festival at Young's HalUAi, afternoon and eve - con TZTX" " mtTOV vTOw" I scarcely know whether it is worth the while than any ship now owned in Liverpool, The same and distress and irrr - , , i, l - non tho niveraary of the birth ot Washtxoww. Among . REPORT: ning. Dinner will be served up from 1 to 4 P. Te nid payment." b. nide .Tu ott ofaTrC - ttltllllV iSlUAJQj to notice tbe etUyetnff which has been sent to builder has two more Clippers on the stocks for public, and brought disgrace upon the whole the Managers, we notice the names of the Gov - That your committee is unanimous, in recom - jyr. and the sale of articles will commence at 7 arm of the Comp.ny.Ibtbe city etmunvk,. - ! K1!. thei - eadersofthe Wucmrin about my being a the proprietors of the Lightning ; one of 2500 and country - and all that, despite the natural laws of ernor, Secretary of State, and other di - nitaries. mending the passage of said bill for the following pM Tbey offer a mo9t attractive bill of fare 'kWtki - BesWefDtoetani, " ' WOm. candidate for office here. In spite of the ridicu - the other of 3000 tons. growth, Erie might bo made, great place of. The : "Thotown, ofMnsked and Norway in the and many useful and ornamental articles. LKVI BUBNttlx. SVc'y. - lous effort to shift responsibility by n pretense of : . , 7 " ' ion was thrown out in Eaelt rx the Fraio. - At a meeting of the , , ,, are so 'situated - ' ,. NOTICE. . .ttlleX FKAHE8. Jekoee. tbe precious document bears the ear - Bf lhe American People warmed up into a the cot - .r? of tie drbnte, tbsl, if l'en:.y!w,i.t citizen, of the Firs: Ward, held at Biolfield'g So - that tl - 1 . i ' - esowske Hott, - Oor ftiend Daw. Wiihas, the ATLANTA BANKof Owrgi.ceni), crorUr. . TB 8UB8CHIBBH BAI JDOT BBCnvED mark, of tho writer,. - Waukesha, of the glowing blaze of ind.gnation when an English Lady, Miss ,rsisted in her selfish and niggandly policy, other loon on Thursday evening last, Peter Lvxch a.ery extensive portion - thereof In eonsequence of the Menomonee Hotel, whose B.rn was burnt 1 aX, MWeml - Ihl. d oulCU. mpai,m letters W.ukesba, l.s, fall, from the Cu - mi.gham was Imprisoned at Florence for Slates, especially those which had suffered most was unanimously nominated as a candidate for O'thofl. tn;es of be . a few evenings since, has - put op a temporary aS Uv.kln.oU - cvary to from hr - Kortber'n counue. No one who basanv knowl - . - .vonng to convert subjects , of .he Grand by tbo late disturbances, might ;be disposed to Alderman at the approaching Charter Election orated' i I i .,, johcal hy etmo - woodeR 8;r"ture' t0 nccornodatc his customers ncto,oftlleBll,wUb.oeU,Aodepo.ltb,th..ub - l? u"' "dlnprtc fro. Ot. Oa. of ii. proclivities will need any assurance uio P"tanttgn. But the Imprisonment of wbetber thero wa5 any necessity to tax v ere at J cfhse pent disease ,ng lhe inbsb - for the present, intending, to build a robslantial Krilr.0n t. - JU me, SSZZt? 2 his assertions are purely orisrinal I hold a Mrs. Docolas, at Norfolk, Va, for Teaching themselves to support the vital in'eres - o' a EiaxaraN's Ball at R - tcwt - Tho Firemen xf itants. whirl, l - as tern f.It severely, especially brick Barn in the Spring. l.ceired,.ud.h.y - - Torkbyth; B"mU"b,. iTt'ter office than any whictheltate could give Slaves to read, is tak.n quile calmly Like "Mrs State, which, in the blind and narrow pursuit of Hacino gi a Ball evening for the benefit of l J" ' CoMiiaaout tNgoaawo, (toMPawr - Th. elec - SST . aSjglW zoe, and hive ne ambition even for a complimen - Jellyoj, our sympatnies ran warmly tor Eor - its own aggrandizement, - was dispc - cd to ignore aa l"J em " 011 neir Department. They r ity of. the country. ' . tton for five Directors of this,Compgn, (to genre Chioago,Aprita3,lS53. ' m ify TYP IT P V I f M if ttn - vote. Office is not my "vocation." noboola Gha" Mtssions, bu, opresstons and im - all rules ol comity, to violate its plighted faith, ould be glad to see some of our Firemen on 1 Eience has shown that there is . no other 0iree years) was held yesterdav, and resulted in Post OFF1CK rfoxiCJE. (flSHk DK. H. J. V UNK, iatord.y.P.4th,9 A. M. The BeulM of Pn - ent nearer home are things not in our and to wantonly sacrifice th n,s occasion the choice of the following : J. G. Insbbsch, J . A. THLS OFFICE - lllbe ope. us A. M . .ud do - . . "1111 DENTIST, ytd.y bring, a despatch, which Tarn very - Mbany Journal. of he - r - 1 1 , been often Datxt' Papir at Waieb - ww - Tho Edit c 1 K ver; and the feas - Hoovsb, 0. T. Bbadlet, J. W. Hassi.v, D. New. - M. from and .r .hi. d.u, until ftriice. OVER LAKE At ORTON's DRUG STORK.) loth to believe, .taring that the Wisconsin land The Nebraska Swindle. The Watertown Reg - asked, why has not the Government interfered to the Watertown Register propel starting a daily ibi,: L - ' V - ; i W every person fa - hall. ' ' November Hi. 18. . : ' kx V .. Clinton Street, Walter' t Point, grants for whom and for what companies, noth - hler (independent) comes out slrongagainstSen - "Pu - d " 1 9' ' 1 edience to paper in Watertown, if the business men of that "About 12 sections of 'bottom lands which have Niceokaxct. The Egyptian Wizard, a dexter - WB OERBT THE COURT RBCOBIM, that TBE MlLWAPKEE. i&w iug is Bad - hare p the House. Tho opera - tor Docolas' bill to permit the introduction of lhe decisions of theFederalt ? 1 y see fit to give the enterprise a ennno - t ade - been entered at the land office and purchased by ons Magician, wiU give an exhibition at Metro - t - o "nntcrf.lte, White; of Burwo, and La - e.ce, of Mgv s - B. BIBSHAJI, M. ., tors here have suceeeded in delaying all action Slavery in Nebraska. Thus far every newspaper on.y answer that has been given to it is - that quale to sustain it. " the people of said towns, and which are now only poHtan Hall Af evening. Sm gdeettisBnieBt ob4 f? '"t - ,t - ??,C flTM,,. BIIWr; - TT? NTT ST upon tho joint rewlutiong proteoting against these in this Stale, of whatever party, that has taken Governor Bigler has been on to Washington to . accessibie ir, ivery dry.seasous, would be rendered - " Urbondeh, .lo. zkto, d r, tau.ofj,. .44jr . jU lli 1 1 IlL - 'eoicon! tfrutteriog the" ttf " Th S T sd - ' ' fi 10 only outlet irom said lake is lhe Muskef the practice 'of his predion ' of a a r ry w. . mL.M,, .yTBB XlSxETsrJTs. r"""8"8""1" - wSHHHFHHff! pfSSI; l&S - SSt Xri::: SSir - b5S ESSSSSSiisS Ld - clongrirrourarrnexcnaefortheirre - TZ ,I Z fm from vari p 1 , "erve ""' " ""' "' 1 qoeni What other reon can they give than njght of 24tllj (the coldest day of tie This is tho all engrossing subject of interest here CHiaTeb 3d&1854 - B EC the health of comm.,, ty ' " ' ' 1 ot 'aid Fire the Catbeoeai at Loutsv.LLE. - Tbc ertnmngifvjtofh 'eif to ike. tab - commnnli, - botolUi..rlri, er reutrWhal rnTice'to 1. to thTpreteWe or ofdiZnT ' ' ,p$j terto' finw mi!l jlt ctosfernaSy" WmiCita. 'rTrr'' 1"',, w fa1hfXr.knnt"7, tbo ground was covered with frch verdure just. 7 land and elsewhere we rnrdaym " t a?.rTL4 - d: . - S - - S The .un shine, out brightly this' morning, paging up and the Farmersyploughing. 0 Cleveland Hero. Look o tof the im - gmse 3 - - gnffi and ve are having glonoo. winter weather. Milwaitkee awd Hisnsg - Pi Rail .Road. The day from ScyUa to Charybdis, has at lentrth con - P tcr. &,f hequanutv olJel empfylng! to tbe flue in the main building It commenced head, 'caue, 'ery - PekV orring - Wof .! taM t - B W. H. W. earnings on this road for tho month of January eluded that it wiU best avoid tho peril'of political PWeBdthefnll,i, - .1 turn the li be Fnx f n one of the corners on the north aide. Owing woro,erwyoli?ws.iikit.iEEi..iui;uiie glgflsmto.lg..illwW.l?k. ' were K3 834 09 But for the intemintion to navigation bv saihn2 da - South The Adminis - r V - , .l tbeu,o!!ow,nS' ratter superfloons ' the in powers on the River, for to the great height of the building, much difficul - slHng lidhm it Heavt ViEDioT AoAiKit A Ram, Road Com - Z ' , , ' interruption to naviga.ion by saihng do South the At - mims - - caution' to the public in the N. Y. Brrald of nThereis an, useful amount of water in the tv was experienced in reaching the fire. After ir it i.. ,r,ra ihat u - owuJ. Wtt.mWl ibs - H, ..HNtvoiW - paxv. - A Mrs. Landraeux has obtained, in one osauwd by'lheT locomotives and trsUon, aftcrcos.dmbleh the 1st instant Musk (go .creek there is a . large surplus in the threhonrsnnremi BT?I'':,Mii, .Wy.vgfjy ''Tg. g"1 jf tbe New OiLns Courts, a verdict of $30,000 cold of mid - January, tiearnin "onid1 hay! the measure, and the support of it is to be made fto?WdnVyf& FThe detrimental effects of this slate of things The north side ogf the budingPwas mocb charred it good. V" . - l"r"hu'J "r"e. - . . ' - gainat to. V O. Rail Rood Ootopaoy, ag dam - been $30,000. the test of orthodox Democracy. Tbe only hope The public is cautioned against purebasing any can bct b - .'the ''fjl. - J - " fU column. ' GRKATEST WOIfDEK OF THE AGK I a - es for lhe lose ot ber honbsnd, who was k led ' .... . ... , , . bonds of this ramoaoTistnecl inif ; - - ,' s , .k - T. - r,; is a cood supply of tamed considerable damage. Tho costly paint - - .eLvTr,n ih . W.luam Moepby, ihe man arrested tor of paosiog - it is by hurryiog it through bote, , , " a a ins and other valo.bles m well the farniture iHESTATii iaiik oF.iv.scrgMlN fc fW' WMfffl lair Kcilmlir. b, an .codeatonlhere mrd, on Saturday morning by Sheriffs Beck Houses before the thunder tones of public indig - p. :cU Tnd " f - ov; but ,h ' sosUinec 1 more , ZTStS " LwLfSZ. Fiat at Wueeusg. The Missouri Don Works Pace, lef, yesterday morntog, ironed, in custody nation shall strike terror into the weak hearts , ' 'r ' , ' " ' " ' I X, d mafed o So nt oem& Wheeling were destroyed by fire 00 the 31 olt. of Constable Biolow, for Stoughton, at which that are now ready, r.t the Behests of party, to fn lay ;he tith - of SKnds oVe?tL . . bttwVen theinlet lata. It was insured for $15,000. - Zonif(7. pod.. wyM ' ' - M.OIBOOTT, 'BseeitkMm.. .JCHB0i,J The los. is estimated at B60,000. place the tnuider was committed, sacrifice the rights of the North and the interests j, WCurker, Treasurer. R.H.T.U. R.R, Co and ouUet, there to evaporate and stagnate. Journal Jan. 25. j 3Us, nUwMkw, D. le, Bj. declg

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