The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 1950 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WHAT? JUST AM C«-P SWEATER OF VDURS f VOUVe SOT A NERVE CALLIM 1 MB IW OM THIS--SHE'LL Be MADP6R. THAN A WET HEEM/ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople HE'S TRVl KlG tO PULL *\ JUST SO He eACKtHB COV6R5 OlJ Vt>OeShiMT I COW& VERY CLOSE TO f A SOLUTlONi TO MV A fJlGHTMftRE HE HAD/ ON GOARO IF H6 te OFFERS US PB6- ^ FERR6D STOCK IN! ,» ( •DRIVEN ROLLER eLUDES ME/-*-UM AlO 6A>R OF CORhJ,V)tTHA61S^ SETOFTeeTH / HA-IIA; too SCAREP / OF HER MAPNESST / WATCH \ SHE'S. SHORTENEP > HER 6 Rl POM THE \ BROOM TWICE, AN' VI BEFORE SH6 HiJJ V VOITH A SADDLE H WHY MOTHERS (SET For Rent Unlur. 4-room house. Ph. 43B2. 4 room house. Call Jlollls Jumper. Pll. 706. 15 1* I« < room flovtse. balri, fcltclicn cablncta dec. water Healer, ph. 3665. I|7 p* 11 Furnished 2-roni house. Arfulls only. No pels. Call 6272. -119 So. 20lh Siren. 1|5 pk Iil3 Store building located US N. 2nd St. Next door to Universal C. I. T. Corporation. 16 feel wide and 80 feet long. Will lease up to 10 years. Formerly used as Real Estate Office. "Tom Little Real Estate. Has heating plant, and cooling system. Will rent either witli these items or without them. Best location in city for In- £furancc or Heal Estate Office. "Call 8(51 TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 WRrehoiiRC 30'x-lD' on rallronrl 5ld- 1ns Midwest Dairy Products. Ph 4447. 11(18 ck Modern Two-rotini fnrnlEhetl apait- ment. couple only. Phone -565. 1!6 cV: tl Flash cameras for all occasions. O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 45-ck-lf rOH RENT: Frozen Food lockers. Blsylock's Highway 61 Fhone 3172. 6.23 ck It Have Inrge room 20 feet wide by 24 feet long. Can be matte into 2 or 3 rooms. Lo catcti upstairs. Over Charley's Electric Shop. Just across street from Mid-West Ice Cream Co. Water, heat lights can be furnished. Lease as long as you desire. Cal 861 for •TOM LITTLE HEA1.TY CO. l . 1-5 ck 12 I Love My Doctor, By Evelyn Barkins ^^X^sw^CV <&" Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Clicnp rate of Interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnctt—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 3322 ll-25ck tf 1'IIK STOKtt Alter John *•* 1 rJuiied unri r«*it«ri • i-r<»uHt aiiun- rHfiil 10 •ir»r KB hoih itlttrr ••< rioiiir \r*t **r utarird *»»llt«« fur John'* aril pa l lent KUI pailrntk dnn'r Hix-b tn * ttr* din «.*r'» mtttft .inrl Jnkn hn» jrl to h«\r Ml» Hrnl lirofr••• rt««I i'M«r. (^*r ntchi **krv M-r illpiirrf nut for :i frv* n)MMie*> for » •nili* fh*- fkhnttr FMHK It "K» Ihr hftupllnl with » hr^krw lr K cn»f. hui Job* •»•»•'( hoiwr t* ice* XI '"THAT very night, nowever. *s it to reinforce our waning courage, we came wonderfully close to Ihe McCoy The 1.. i n I bell rn ng a( midnight, a time we both come subsequently to recognize as the most awtui mc.nem lo be disturbed, during the deep, blissful comfort of that first, sound sleep •'Emergency!" we oreathed ex- -.citedly. hopping out >f bed. / Now any old timer in the mcdi- |cat practice who has personally reached the peafc of success In his {callings. a> symbolized by his emphatic refusal tc answer any nigh calls at Ml. ever If General Eisen- IOWCT himself were to make them ./ays preaches emergencies to the struggling newcomer ''Upon such an occasion," the gospel tells when time is of the essence. blood flowing. *he patient can' stop to bother about whether h likes Dr Wilson better than Di Black He will turn lo any doc lor—even yon—as the nearest sue cor in his moment of need. An from this patient's gratitude, you practice is made," "Sounds to me," said John whe he first heard it. "like a good wa for Dr. Wilson and Dr Black insure their own good night's res but beggars can't he choosers, an I'll take anything." I It was therefore with gloriou visions of gory injury, mean in anything from an enucleated ey to a gunshot wound, although might have settled (or a danglin 1 arm, that I tied my robe Crushed to open the door Ala 'There stood an enormous dog, wh ,' was an obvious first cousin to ' giant dinosaur, with his owner. E, olond annoymgly neaiihy- •oking no., ol 18 As 1 slui trom :cw before this spectacle land in oti.plote honesty I musi con Jess at 3 midget Pekinese would have roduccrt a similar ellecl). -John over and said: "What is it?," 7AINLY I searched lor some obvious hurt as the boy stepped loser to speak. "My do bit me," e said, and I brightened bope- ully "When?" asked John. "Yesterday," was the innocent cply- How well I can recall my hocked indignation at 1 heard him asually explain his midnight isit! And how amused I can be oday as I realize from my greater :xpericrice that emergencies us- lally mean eithei a patient who an't sleep and doesn't see why he doctor should either. ^ or a man who has finally consented lo die:, examination and doesn't care what time it is. or a nervous wotnnn in need of pschologtcaJ reassurance. "Well, you see." the boy went on hurriedly, suddenly seeming to grasp what time it was, "Tiny's Bitten me before, but I got to won- dring tonight if maybe she might nave rabies, so 1 gol scared. And I thought you could take a quick look at her. ant 1 let me know, because if you think so. I'll need treatment." A bargain's a bargain, I began to think pleasantly, unlit John.^after a cursory glance at the quiet. Intelligent-looking animal, said: "Well. I don T l know too much about dogs, hut this one seems all right." At whic.'i the fond owner ottered eagerly, "She is beautiful, tsn'l she?" as d it were 2 o'clock in the afternoon aud we had stopped at a pet show. "But," John you r] Like, thouyh," he finished nouofulJy, looking at the natty scratch bitr the boy had shown, "I'lJ oc slati to cauterize vo»r wound wiU nitric acid. Keep U from getting infected," I ouRhi have lorfiiven him aity- thini? had nc at icost consented lo that DUI the ooy hurriedly shook his nead ind began backing out. "No thank you," he said politcly > as il IIP were refusing r second helping ol pie a la mode, "but il it*? not rabies. I'll iust do what I always rto when she jttcs me— put a tittle iodine on, and let it alone," niECKLBS AND HIS I-'UIKNDS BY J1EHIULL I'atk Up, Son "Maybe I do need fine, healthful, outdoor exercise, as the folder said, but there must be some easier way to get it than trying to break both legsl" I»KJSCIU,A'S PCI* WJiy Illume HY AL VERMEBU ^ VKN rny mother's daily telephone call, grew more and more trau' " >T -> one at all? she would repeat sadly, and then that false, cheerful: "Out worry dear- Something's was woiidertiilly If only my Knrl himself," she said continued, corn- pletcly ignoring the interruption, "you'd belter lake her over to the vet or the Department of UcaJth Uhings. an emergency. tomorrow just to play safe. ifl (To Ke Continued.) add don') bound lo happen tomorrow. Prcda. 100. sympathetic. wonV hurt yearningly. "He always does. tn»l now when you need it, he docsnH, And he always goes t' the doctor in the building when it happens. 1 At iirst 1 was shocked at ihe brutal idea Then I said: "But Freda, we wouldn't take any money from you in any case," since neither John nor I had any illusions about a superintendent's salary. "Of course not," she laughed nl my ignorance. "When my old man gets hurt--and l don't make him do it. hut he's always bound to Iwisl his back shoveling coat or slip when clearing the ice. nothing serious you see—well it's clways a compensation case. Nobody pays." This blunt summation of the millions of dollars expended annually to and (or injured workmen startled me then, but actually it is the average em- ~, ,~.~' ; ploycc's impression nf the workmen's compensation laws. But Fredfj meant well, be." she finished, palling my hand sympathetically, "any Karl will do it again'" Then our first rcnl live patient turned up very, very early the next morning and it was, of ail Taken Up Taken up Dlack Horse 8o« 375 IIB gray mare mute. 1 lite G. D Long Rt 2 1227 'p* 1:27 Money to Loan i Do yon need R Loan to repair or re- mortcl? No down payment on mortgage, no re<1 tnpp. FHA APPROVED RATES 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2UJ4 Lynch Building SlyttwjlUe. Arfc 9,23-cK-tf MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE I* W.T. BARNETT Ph. 2262 or 3322 1-6 pk 2-6 SAVE MONEY The highest land In Enivvclok, Australia Is staB'ng » campaign U.S. A-bon\b test giovmtl in the to curtail the mistletoe which Ufarshall Tslands, is 16 feel above many of that continent's forest .sea level. trees. Notice E T. Hnbbard A- Earay Williams a non, «-l:n mtbbarcl Land Co, anrt w main tam an office Rt 120 E. Dav I'n -l]2y. ir you warn ti buy sen city or tarm laud. We also mu loans on city or (arm properly. HUHBARD LAND CO. PH 4129 Earsy Williams Ph. ^809 1 6 pit U LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, tallen and cripples animals picked up free oi charge in sterilized truck's. Call collect, 614^, Klythe viile. Ark. ^ARKANSAS DKAD Ais'lMAI DISPOSAL CO. lli'21 pit I'.ttiSO with GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR H-fl LTCRS )UflL1TY SHOC SHO 121 W/. N) A1 N ST. For Expert LAUNDRY &DRY CLEANING Call 4474 NU-WA Here s Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis Instructions 00 uu O You can buy il for SSI5 on Tuesday, $805 on Wednesday, etc., if the truck is still here. It lias 8.25 tires on tiio rear, 7.50 on Die front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. Tuesday's Price "New in Shorthand' Book- Ktpp.Tiz. Typing Mrs L M Bnrnrlt- luiii lUarn • I 5 c!t t , Hep Will he al Nobtc Hcucl 7pm J^n ^ n in Interview men for *ialcs worx Mm u-HIi cars .15 to 60 ptelcrrwl Hiijn Cla.w rtlt;nlElon po^'tlon P O HRtslorcJ Hlale Sales Mgr. 1,9 cX 1;11 Personal mlntitc photostallc semen s STUDIO. i,a-ck-it ' • OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS • I9IS Sluilcbakcr l.aml Cruiser I'll!) SUidel>;iker '/j-Ton Pickup. 1918 Sliidcbaker Champion l!H7 Fonl '/2-Tnn Pickup 1911 Chevrolet 2-door m.|(i Dodge '/i-Ton Pickup CHAMBL1N SALES CO. RAILROAD & ASH Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" PHONE 888 IT'S DISGRACEFUL! 1 SPENT •B2S>?? ALL t ASKED YOU THE REST WAS FOR PIPE TOBACCO. THEY HAD . A -SPECIAL! CAN 1 HELP FOOD COSTS HIGH? ?2 OF YOUR MONEY FOR TO GET WA-5 A SMALL CAM JUST A FEW GROCERIES!! OF HOT SAUCE! The Kid (;els (he News (Vila HY MICHAKl, O'iMAl.LKY and KAU'H LANE Wf 1ALKED TO MEWE6 AMD EGGHEAD AIL NIGHT. IN SHIFTS, VIC, flNO WE COULDN'T GET A THIM6 OUT OF THEM IN POLICE DOUBVTrTAlK. THAT MEANS EGGHEAD AND PtEWEE HAVEN BLABBED. LET'S GET OURSELVES A SHOBI BREAKFAST &.AND.A LONG SLEEP, GBOWLIE. J!Y LKSfJE TURNER OH, WS.SH... >/ MOT VET, CMJOL. THEV \ BUT WOKE COPS RRE FOLIUD ftHY ] &EIM OE1ML6DTO TKftCE OF THE LOTTA NEIGHBORS ACE HELPIW IUG PftTROL CAKS AMD HMJE NO TO SUSPECT THAT THE TV1INS PCISOHEES ItJSIPE THE R HOTOEIOU5W080F SAFECRWTKERSISAT VJOKK. OM THE VAULT HUGS JiUNNV Using the Head 'HEY/ TH' DERBY ftlN'T POIM' NOTUlM' BUT TH' LPL SQUIRT OU6HTA KNOW BETTER'N T'WEAfZ THAT DEE8V IN VJINTEf!/ THIS WUBBER PLUNGER 1JY V. T. HAMLIX Ja/./. in A in a/.(in [,:inil I? IT V.ASNT THAT I KAD TH DN'_V DAMES <7N fA XA.M IS) A 'HO~ HEAP. pAN'CED I t MEN- ALLOV.'£D ;F ID WEAK THiS / V COJNTEV AIN'T S'LLY A.MAZCN GET UP. 1 HY EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS ANI) HKR HU 1)1)1 KS -lost CftNT GO WE. \SViT nirfivr,To\ MOTOR CO OIV 3 i;v\t NOG'S. OfvOOV

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