Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 24, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1896
Page 3
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W^ Small Excursion Business Niagara Falls. to \ T HERE 19 NO PROFESSION*, whose labors so severely tax tho nervous ayt- tcm, ns that of tbo ministry. Tho do- rangomsntof thonorvocontora of tho brain by.ovor work, frequently brings ou attacks of heart trouble, and uorvous prostration. , Eov. J. P. Kostcr, M. K.; Pastor U. B. church, Loncloa Mills, Ills., himself a physician, writes Fob. !C. 1895:' "Heart affection and nervous prostration had bocomo so serious last fall that a lltt.le over work In tho pulpit would so complotuly prostrate mo 1C soemod certain I' must relinquish tho work of tho ministry entirely. Heart puliiluitlon became so bud that ray auditors vould ask mo If I dJd not have hourl. dUonso. La«t Kovomber I cornrncncod taking Dr. Miles' Keiv Heart Curu nliornutoly with Dr. Miles' Ji'orvlno and derived the greatest possible benefit. I liavo just closed revival York of 10 ivooks, preaching nearly every night and twice on the Sabbathl I can speak for hours without sufl'orlni; as 1 formerly did. Hard working raliilstcrs should kupp Dr. Milos' grand rumodies on hand." Dr. iMllt'S 1 Heart Cure is sold on ^uarautoi first bottle will beneflt or money rotuqded. Heart Cure Restores Health STATE NATIONAL BANK l.OGAN.<P01£T, IXD. OflPIT^L • S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery, Vice President, H. J. Heltbtfnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. f. T. Johnson. S. TV. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. ' W. H. Snider. . Buy and s»'l Government boiifls. Loan money on personal security and collater •Is. Issue special certlflcatea of deposit bearing t per cent. Interest when left on year; 2 per cent, per annum when depos Ited Elx months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of thl banft lor the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valluables rtnted at from J5 to J15 •?** year. WE5T GRAIN RATES General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The Joint traffic association has effectually killed tlio Niagara Falls excursion business. In fact the stern edicts of this body have about-killed n-ll i;xcur- slau business that was formerly of much revenue to the companies now allied ii> the powerful organization. Yesterday tin- Big Four ran a Niagara oxcuiwlotn. It was t.he llrsr ouc nt: the season, in previous years the exclusions- to 'Chip! point were so largo its to roijuiro several extra trains. Yesterday's (.'xcu-rslo'M from -lli.is territory was a failure as compared with excursions .that have been given in the past. Tlio roiiiscw tlierefoiv was a ten-dollar rate whon the old-i.i=tal>!ic$hed i-ato was 'J'lie people simply refused to pay 510 in rliis season of hard ilmci? for sonu;- tlilnjr that they have been given in pa.sr for !?.". The .Totnt. Ira flic ,'issociatlon, i'nr lime, i-efuseil to penult Hie running any of the Niagara excnrsimi.5 by a of -Ilk' ronds parry to tho agtvi'ine Cottsvn: was dually ol>tai!iu>u. howev by several of the roads and elates tix by the board. Railroad mi'ii heiv arc iiiterr-sred tiie ontciiiiio of the J-akc Krle & We. ei-n's :>n:mml excursion to the I'al ThU lijie wi'll lake its passengers Buffalo from Sa.!ii!nsky by boat, It not OTIC of the Joint frame lines and h, made a rate of .?fi.2.~. Papers Flock to ricKinley. THE Is a GoodiMachine. ASKING FOR HEDUCKD RATES The rece.ini reduction, in carryln chargus for western grain has caused Hood of cribbed corn, to IK preciplmtc u-pou 'the Chicago market, and the grai men are no-w demanding a proportioua reduction for oats, which are locked on of tiie new scale. The peti'tlon for reduced rates has been Tiiaae to Co.m mil-* inner Bhinehard of the .Tolnt tram assoeia/tion. ajid will be referred by hln to the biMird of general managers of association. A lilgli standard of excellence. Man} ussrs ot tbe "Hanson" consider it THE ,BEST. You will find It H valuable a.sshtaut In jour ol- lice. Address for particulars THE MUNSON;TYPE WRITER co aiAXUFACT FRISKS. 340-2.M \Vost Luke St., Clilciifju, III. SIX " SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS' -TO- lake VIA THE July ;- JDAUA LINE .ifit!:, and August and, f-.\- !;..- r;i!ini trip ?t.OO. Train ','.::.Jalia ,--l,-:i:Mi ::l 0:50 a rn. USE OF MILEAGE BOOKS, Chairman Cald.\vell of -the "Western associatiani lias notified the lines;-in this* orprnniiitatloii that Uiey must conform shiicrly to tile regulations for the use of mileage boots and particularly th:it mileage 'trips shall show the uiurber of traius a.iul the date on which is scheduled. Many ciTors have from tlio aiegleci or this and other ruli-s-iwrtiUiiing to :the mileage >cok.<« and rlic neglect, the chairman ays. has given, enoouragemejv: to man- l>nlators of tickets. U.VILROAD NOTES?. The Hallway Age will take an activu ian In the poudtaf! campalg.n, doing what it c-.'ioi to promote the cause of. sound niouey and an -honest financial system. "\Jt-e l.'resideut aiul General Miiuagur K:\nway of the Waiws'b, has returned from tire Pacific coast, whore he attended tli.e moi'l'hig oC t.ho American Society ol 1 Civil Engii'iiucri. Xlie Cliic-ago Railroad Exchange which, for fifteen yeuivs, luis been a dls- trilwtaig center for ral-hvay mail, has been closed since tiie issuing of the recent order -from the 1'oslofflce Depaiit- meiit concenirag tho canying of railway nia.il matter. Th-e total railway mileage of the, wp-rld, according to latest .statistics, is :;7C,7C2 miles of which 175,700 is in tit". United Sr.Thv. Tiie toLnl ca.pitalizalion Ls ?20.0-:C,007,pOO, o-f wiilcii sum the United Stales railway represent ?10,- The Itet of ikipei-s ftoi^ing to the sup port .of «.aiy tjfekeit ffltat will defeat the BryaurSowJlll coniblllna,l!i|on, has grown coiMMambty stoce Xh.e Journal pi-luted lit. Ucre are a few additional ones, wiiHi 1ihe oW list, making tiie total al- mJOest two Jiuindi'ed. New Biii'tilnin, Conn., Herald. Hartford, . Gojim., Telegram. Coiiiii., American. Couinitj', Coun., Reformer Lltcihifleld EnqiiiHw. ProvMeuce B. I. Telegram. Braittifcboro, V-t. Reformer. Xortili Adwiie, Mass. Democrat. Mil'ford, Mass., Times. U.rl<Mi, X. Y. Observer. Yonkets, X. Y. G-axe-tie. Buffalo Democrat. Uwme, N, Y., Senitlnul. HorueHsvJille, N, Y. Ti.uics. I'eim Yan, N. Y. Democrat. roiK-iikwps-iie, X, Y, KiUterpi-ise. Kodiostw Post. C'o.rtt!ng Dainocriit, Syracuse, X, Y. New. OjrdiMWlJiirjr, X. Y. Advaince. Fort 1'ltiiinis. X. Y. Standard. M'H'ki.-sbaiTe. Pa.. AVaechter. Ci/iMwK'Svij'U 1 . Pa., Courier, MfKf'e*|)0'it, Pa.. News. .lei>Ty City X"e\\'s. Ti-eiitdii. X. J.. True Aiiwrlcau. Newark. X. ,i. Xews. Nowiirk, X. .7. Call. Nmvark. X. .1. Dentclte Zaituug. MoUokcni, X. J. N. .T, X. ,T. S 11-1. IvOiicrter. j:^ News. Sryiuonr, Intl. Democrat. The p'ace to buy your Hats-Your Second Straw Hat. You known what you paid your Hatter for number one. OTTO KRAUS promises to Save You 50 Per Cent on Number 2. You know what you paid for your first Hat, 60 per cent less Means One Half Less. Maybe you think he don't keep the style and quality, you may use your old hat as a sample, and judge for yourself. Same rule on Tan Shoes-Regular Shoes at Bankrupt Prices. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course" Daven i)arl. la. DM: Demokrat. A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, wbeu in iieeil of a luxativo. and.If the father or mother be. costive or bilious, tiie most grr.tifylrig results follow its use:' c :r> that it Is the ti'.'St family rtiniecly known, and every family should bsvt 1 a bottle. ci-ncAP KX''n:s^,ioxs ';>' :;;..-; Coiumilius, O., Dispatch. Ziuiosvilte. O., Gorman- Post. QiucJnn&nnl VolksfreuiKl. Cleveland AVaechter.- Oiai'Oiiuiia.ci; Volksblntt. Sioux OMy, S. D. Tribune. Milwaukee Seebote. Milwaukee Geraiimia. Milwaukee, W.is. Froidenlrer. Pltilnel.iiruclor, AVte., Herald. E;ui Clsi'lre. AYls., Leader. ' BiviiuujBfliiun, .-Ua. News. H units ville, Ala., Tribune. Wilmii.ngitoji, Del. Every Evening. Savatuiciib. On., News.. SMbyvJlle, Ky., Seutines. VicliSburg, M,ik=s., Post. Kansas City, Mo. Star. St. Louis, Mo., Arbelier cl&s Westwis, XnshvJ.Ue Banner. Donilson, Tex., Gaxette. Rfchrnomd, Va. State. Charleston]-, W. Va. News, aa-lcston, W; Va. Patriot. Elklmrt, Ind. Truth. Mjirshaltown, Iowa, Statesman. Sheboyga.u, Wisconsin, National Dem- rat (German). SIgourney, Iowa, Review. Waterloo, Iowa,.Tribute. DubuQiie, Iowa, Herald. Austiu, Texas, Statesman. Atlanta Journal. Boston Globe. Boston Herald. Boston Pdst-- Bali-iiuore Sun. Baltimore News. Buffalo Courier. . •' Buffalo Inquirer. Brooklyn Eagle. . ' Bennitogton Vt,, Reformer. .Chicago Chronicle. Chicago Abdonpost. Chicago Staats-Zeitung. Charleston News and Courier. .Chattanooga Times. •Dallas. Tex., • News.- , Democrat Worchester. Davenport, Iowa, Democrat. Dayton. O., Times.' < Drtroit Free Press. Detroit ,Tou'."ia-l. . ElJMbolh, X. .T., Herald. raston, Pa., Express. Philadelphia Record. Philadelphia Times. Providence, R. L, Journal. Pfters-burg, Va,, Index-Appeal. Richmond, Va., Tknes. Salem, Mass., News. Sioux Falls, S. D., Argus-Loader. Stainloi). Va.. News. St Paul Globe. St. Lo-uiiS Anzei'gei'. Springfield, Mas';.. Republican. Syracuse Courier. Syracuse Herald. ' Sioux City, Iowa, Triilrano. Troy, X. IT., Press. Trenton, X. J., Times. Peorja Democrat (German.) Alexander, Va.. Times, • . ' Cedar Rapids Gazette. Peoria Herald. Wi.uiimac Democrat. McKeesport, Pa., News. Lowell, Mass., Star. DenJscfl, Texas, Herald. Burlington, Iowa, Volkesfrouncl. Ma-nitowoc, Wis., Pilot. New York HandeJs-Zeitiing. Jlacbias, Me., Register. Lafayette, lad,. Journal. Wabsish, Iiid., Times. St. Loitls Amerika. San Antonto, Texas, Express. Menideu, Conn., Journal. Hornoll-sville, N. Y., Tribune. Fishkill, N. Y., News. Cohoes, N. Y., Dispatch. Watertown, Wls., Welcbuergcr. Potlsville, Pa., Chronicle. Jackson, Miss.; News. Erie, Pa,, HflraJd. Allentow.u, Pa., Item. Loekhavcn, Pa., Democrat.' Cbam-bcnsbiirg, Pa., Spirit. Doyleston, Pa,, Democrat. Drawings of All Kinds Made by Galvcstnn. r j'os;, Xew?. "Ho-Jyolcc. Mass., Free Press. .irarifurrl, Conn., Times. .Ti-rscy City. 7s. T., Times. Kaiusas Ciiy Siar. .Key Vi'c.st, Fla., Eqtia-Lor. Key "\Vc.s 1 ,:, Fla., Democrat. Lsinsins 1 Daily .Tonnial. . I.:: Croti':, Vi'i>., Cln'oniclc. •.(-.••:;vr,vi:n, "v., TIerald. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they, can' reach the diseased portion of the < There is only one way to cure deaCncss and that is by constitntlonal remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lininjg of the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect bearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness Is the rt-sult, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out and:this.tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be Destroyed by catarrh,' which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give Oue Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold Ivy Druggists, 7!>(v BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman •& Patent Attorney, pry Block. Logansport Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs f each month, tan day's grace, Ail bills payable at the office of the Company, 3F7 Pearl Street.. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June^JuJy, August and;Sep« ternber." ..THAT CllOSS OF GOLD. : Hcre .is the way Bil!y Mason of Chicago, dealt* with Mr. Bryan's famous crucifixion figure: "And this from 1 a Democrat," ^aid Masoiu ''a Democrat whoso party has been uiigagud in shaking dico for uudor- .sliirN fnul giving us vinegar on a spojjge to chink for the last four yeare. Lilcc Po:iliui* Pilnte' of old, lie washes iiis hands in the presence of the multitude nnd seeks to dli'i'st hitusolf of resiKnisil'i'lty. He talks of crucifyins does lie'.' Dce.-J lie not fL-nvauibev that there would Iwve been un c'njt'ifixioii if .Trid:;.-'; had not got struck <nt silver? ,Tud:us has bi:trayei.i hks parly into the Popti'list-ic ;ra«!' l .n. of Gc'thasvijaani 1 . but Report of tiie Con&Uon '- _ -OFTUE- First National Bai?K ; GJ TyOg:insj)ort. nt Losatispnrt. In IJip F!;;!e ol Iiirtlimu, at tli<; eloso or biiflin'.-.s, JulyM,3SSi Lo;ins ;uul dlscOiinu; ........... . ......... Ovi'rdrnt'ts, socurtHl :u*ri unsfcui-iv;, TJ S bunds lo st^ui-w circulation ..... , Stocks. soeiti-IMes, cw ...... ; Bn.iiUiiii:-tifiu.'?t\,rurntiui'(-'. ;i:Kl;l:;t:;; l XaUni!;illi;iii:;;, (not U Due from uwirovi-d n Checksiind Qtlicrci.ih i-rve :i|:ci;: Hems ix.'f uurrc::i3', n'dci'T. LA'.Vi'tL JlOXJiV HKI-:ilVi; IK H.i.Nu, Spa'lc .............. -....'. ............ vl].: Lp(,'al-UMHli'V noti's....: ........... '-, Beiliiinplloji fiin.l vltliU. S. Tro-. (5 IXTCOiit. ol' circulation) ......... TcUll.. ^llagapaFalls Excursion I'hapsday, Aug. 6,1896 VIA THE Like Frie 1 Western R. R. ; "Natar::: cjas Route.' 1 . ••."... -.:,i [.'.I-., 350C, ;;-.<• Laite :i M. r.. -\vi!l :-j:i llilt-r popu- iy <:;wol:ic(i, Hiiil'alo and - .-.: -,:;.: fo!!o\v:i::; v.-ry low 7.S.) . and i f.i- iiV.'.. 1 :u Ut'O. f.-'u- Journ.il, cent* I Jo:;.' what you want; tlic S IC'iuvri!. Sold bv J. 1 -'-.', St. I'nilii lovea every Sunday at 7 ll'AL.v' U.VT^OS 'MO 0\-<\ VI11 the >.''n-tii-V\'D"stej'H' Line < & XorHiAVcst(-;'ii- tt'y) Ai;c;'i;.'-: and IT. .ISOC. cno fare for tn trij). GJ: AI:.T;-::(- 24 exciiv^n: 1C 1 ,'':;vr Vcv': "vo'.iln.T J'cs!:. r>'iVv.'."oi l k ITcrald. Xe\v York Ti-ish-Ameracaji. Xew York World. New Or! nans S races. Xe\v Orlosns Pionyanc. , -nrn (V. ii-.. 1 : y'y!'; 'sr.irl lo l;c n.t: iu-'uniclcucy of ninisture and l ho remedy he suggests is to stiil; a drain tile.- six -i.uches-.ia -dinmctcr, at each (TCP, The bile should slope lowai'u tho trt! 1 so tliat water-can be direeled straiglil to" the roots. .Tiie upjnn 1 em 1 ! Cf-Tf'b.? n":\ilc cv'on'with liie «Hl arcn'ti'l ti;\t;r.-.-. 'it in fc'.Ul till? v.-il! prove f-f- ucciiii;," lr:.- ; ; ' G. P. &'r. A., :• r'.iitiross Yi'. •.'•. ' Chicago; .111.- Toon di'.y ot Ju :y ISM. Correct— Mtest: W.'H; V,-. T. cl;:ri:j;; this cxt every Siii:(!ny. • UCOHOK C -jooI .O,I:-..C: Pii-j.jay at jl i!i. lilt? United :- wll! r.vrivp at. Niagara - Priiiay, Aut,-us:. 7, IKS. i-.crrr/; ran le;\vc llio Polls :-.i! Jjr.it O^ lllO'T:- '.i.k^CS, i rl.oni-.'.fr nt p.i:;Tr.lo, C. F. D.'.L Go:-.o-s1 P:^:-,C>J-«T Arrt. Indianapolis, Ind.

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