The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1950
Page 11
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FRTDAT. 'Atrrrrjsr is, >LiTnnFVTt,LB (ARK.l COURIER NEWS Ou $ WAY By J.R. Williams PAGE ELEVEN Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople L vie CArAT Lose 6V WAV-UNA, . e\JEW IP US * DOES WALK ivi I*JTTH OB, TW BUU.OFTW PAY *^f 1HE OLD 8ov OUR HOTEL BILLT\OOT ALL MIGHT VJlTH TME MAJOR'S ft 6OT VM6 T>Or4 l T kNOvJ ' OREBM BkPER SOME OF TMT <s<jys Fixer? "—TH' REAL TICKET VOU TO66T TH 1 TtCKtTIS HIS TTRIPJ WELL, WELL FOR, SATUR£*y ABOUT TRVlMG TO GET OUR , TDOUGH BACK FROM THW CROOK / •<*- ALRE/XOV X CAM WEARTH& CLIMK "DOOR. CLANG/ ROAD MAP LIMES IW THE <?»A<5 STEERS • Service « Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Store's One Way To Save Money VII1 BROUGHT Lou Brycr up to date on most ol the details of Phajol's murder while we sipped our beers. He refused a second beer and his refusal indicated that he was on a job. 1 was sure the job had Fhajol. something to do with _ Expert Service gUflLlTY SHOe SHO" • IZI W. MP I Kl ST. I spoke lo the bartender: "How's the Norton kid? Has he come out of il yet?" "He's still sleeping il ofl. Too bad about that guy. The only thing wrong will) him is that he doesn't have Dominico's dough He it upstairs. Brycr already had a room up there, didn't he?" Foster looked flustered. gazed around the lobby. Ile in p I y: Straight-Flush Johnnie was gone. "You're handing me a line!" said Foster "Straight-Flush Johnnie wasn't here then!" I grinned "So the lobby deserted when you took oul the briefcase?" I picked up my So bill as he turned red as 3 beet. "Thanks for telling met" Poster stared as 1 walked to the stair- 1 heard him swear under He hasn't done a day's work in a | his breath, then move lo the witchboard and place a call. That icant Bryer was in the hold. 'robabJy in conference with Gremeheck. I went lo Pat Phajol's oom and knocked. For Improved } KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of case* investigated in several hospitals and clinics, abnormal Kidney function wai improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. U your doctor has diagnosed your condition a; functional Kidney impairment thii natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial Try it for a lew weeks. It is delicious, pufe-lasling, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division year His molher has some money and that spoiled him. 1 ' "Dominico's a tough boy for his age," I said. "He sure can punch." I told Dryer about the incident in the taproom in which Dominico punched the Norton boy, Afler thai Bryer excused himself and I went out to the lobby. Fosler, the clerk, was busy with his bookkeeping. I put a $5 bill on the desk and said: "I'd like some answers to some questions." Foster lost interest in his books. "I don'l know if I can give you the right answers." "Here's a sample question. How long have you known Lou Bryer?" Foster looked relieved, "Why, never, before today." "If he was a total stranger, why did you let him cheek in without requiring payment in advance when he had no luggage?" Foster colored slightly. "He—he had credentials." I laughed. "Sure he had, bul he didn't show them when I saw him registering! The (act is he arrived before I did today. You maj as well admit you let him loo! inside Phajol's briefcase." Foster became slightly pale. " did not!" "Don't give me that! Straight Flush Johnnie was sitting in th lobby, and he told me he saw yoi take the briefcase out and carr "Who is il?" 1 told her. She aid: "I'm not dressed." "Then put on something. This s important." 'TWERE was a minute's delay, and the door opened. Pat row tied as 1 entered. She pulled icr wrap together at the throat. "Lou Bryer, the insurance investigator, is in the hotel. He's probably with Pete Gremeheck.' Her eyes widened. "I don'l understand." "Plenty. I made inquiries of Bryer before I took the job with your father. Bryer is sharp. He would guess that I was going to bodyguard your father on this job. Gremeheck probably lol< him about Dominico's intention It buy a large order of diamonds Bryer's company insures Grem check's company." She seemed a little slow gellln the idea. "You- you Ihink they killed da and look the diamonds?" "Why not? I've just found ou that Bryer had a look at the in side of the briefcase you left i the safe. He knew right awa that the diamonds v/eren't ther< Whoever killed your father knew :hat much. Thai makes Bryer our :iouest prospect. Gremeheck )s probably in with him, Glenn-heck cuuJd easily dispose of the diamonds. Ills reputation is established and no one would ever think of checking anything he sold.'' Pal sal down on the edge ol her bed. Her hands were tightly doubled into fists. When she lifted her eyes 1 saw anger directed ut e. "You—you lipped Bryer of!— you admit you talked lo him about this job! You're responsible for what happened to dad!" "No. Pat, I'm not. When 1 talked to Bryer. 1 knew nothing about the job. Brycr must have known II about it at the time from Irenu-beck. Gremeheck called ou. remember?" She wasn't convinced. I stepped ver lo the phone and asked to e connected with Lou Bryer. 'here was a moment's wait, then iryer answered. I motioned to 'at, and she came to the phone. "Hello, Lou," I said, "Can I see 'ou a minute?" 1 held the receiver so that Pat ould hear Bryer say: "All right, )el. Cornc up to my room. No. 28 on the third floor." "Fine. I'll be right up." Pal was staring incredulously. 1 jrinned. "That's the man who said ic was Grcmcheck, isn't it?" She nodded. "I'll remember lhat voice as long as 1 live!" T)AT was more pulled than angry as I left her. 1 readily found No. 28. Bryer was alone. 1 was pretty sure he had taken the call in Gremcheck's room, and I was curious as to what floor thai room was on. Bryer eyed me down his nose as he offered me a cigaret, "Been playing games with th» room clerk, haven't you?" 1 accepted the cigaret and lighted it. "Going to admit you had a look inside that briefcase?" "Why not? I got the chief of police to introduce me when I landed in town this afternoon, and 1 explained why I wanted a look inside any briefcase Phajol would check into Ihe hotel safe." (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best I'rices Kirby Drue; Stores HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To he sure It's working right, drive In to our shop and we'll check H ovrr. Expert repairs on ill makes and models, cnrs and trucks. One lay service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! :• ,,; Any 2 Piece Suite Sof a & Chair Recovered 50 Except Tufted Pieces 79 s We Guarantee Satisfaction Clolcr ot Z» Braulifui Faforio 7 DAY SERVICE Offer Good «er Limited Time Onlj The House of Charm IDEAL'S) Call 6190 g. Kljhwaj «1 131 Kasl Main Phone 2122 NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A BETTER LAUNHRV SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work lor gins. a!Ulf» mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hrondwiiy ('hone 2B51 We're Proud of Our Work - work • Woodwork during * Welding BARKSDALE MFC CO Machine work Manufacturing RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Mechnnio Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Pricci fhon* 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihon ' 'll^ii S^irst SI Rlvlhcvillr PICKUPS! See These Big Values Before You Buy. 19-19 STUDEHAKKK 3/1- TON ['ICKUI'. Good Heal er. Overdrive and Sunshade 1918 STUOKHAKER I'ON J'lCKUI'. Equipped with Heater and Stock Kack. Motor completely overhauled. IfllG STUDEHAKKR '/j • TON PICKUI'. In excellent condition and has a good slock rack. Hp.s 1951 license. 1946 DODGE i/, - TON I'ICKUP. Clean as a pin. good radio, heater and stock rack. 1912 DODGK '/i - TON PICKUP. New paint job. A good clean farm truck. Chambiin Sales Co. R.R. * Ash Phone fiSR: More to Come I DON'T CASE F I WAS F4K-7 Nor YOU BETTER START RUM- >i HOW DOCTOR'S ORDERS/ GUESS YOU Aoe, Ar THAT/ Oil, WELL , ir WAS RJN WMIIC IT iSM'r QUITE CMSR, DAUGHTER ; YOU AMD I HAVe SC41E UNFINISHED BUSINESS/ "How do you figure we're going to settle this business In Korea, Mr. Wadsworth? Remember, I'm a votoran, too!" PHISCII.I.A'S I'Ol liis Most; Knows BY AI, VERMEER A LETTER FROM THE •JUTCHF.LLS! HE'S HAVING A iWONOERFUL VACATION! -IOW OO YOU KNOW? YOU HAVEN'T EVEN OPENED IT! IT SMELLS OF F1-5H! Hard lo Crack HV MICH AMI, O'MAI.I.KY nnd RALPH LAN! CAPTAIN EASY IIY I,BSI.IB TURNER EMPTY! THEM BEDSK1MS SOiKED ME l<"0 BUCKS F0K TH' WRONG S«=E! TH' DOOK WASM'T EUEM LOCKED...THEY'D WEDGED IT SHUT WITH * PIECE O' TIM!... ,_ -.— THMJKS FOE P1CKIMS ME UP. I MUST / W6 GO TO SEE VDUe GOVECWOC...THEW GET / DEAD HOKSE BACK TO IW e*.MCM MID CALL THE I SOON. ME. !\ BRITAIN TIKNED UP LO2T THAN HIS SMALL. FLEET CAN HANDLE.' is l '*JhvOTr»i ROOTS AM) »KH BUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN ?>« \ v<>iovi j| 6-ciavt'. 7 vi«.iOi VM r-1 JL \ACVS5V- ' J L - T r---o"*

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