The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUBIER NEWS ?A(?B SEVKN TH£ NAT/ON TODAY— Optimism, Guarded by Many 'li's and References to God, Highlight Truman's Messages Ky James Marlrtw WASHINGTON Jan. 9 jsv-HJs I'ticrtnte to God *?;« £fc optimism aDout the American future stand out. repeatedly in President Truman'* ttatements, ' » — -— - A.S the year* tick off, Communism has been spreading. Now about one- third o( the earth's people live under it. It wilt continue to push, where and when it can. As it marches, this country spends huge sums trying to keep it from spreading, or spreading faster. PJjfted in the West, at least tcm- pp&rily, Communism has made lantistfc uatus In Uie East. No prophet can say where all Ihis will end; In war, in cnltapse for the Western or Communist world, or in world peace. But Mr, Truman seems confident the U.S. will come through grandly. He doesn't ignore what's happening or what the hazards are. But- he forecasts a tremendous future for the U.S. If— Many "Us" He puts the "if" in his talks about the /mure. He points out what this country has accomplished and can | accomplish—if the people of the U.S. work together for the future good of all of them. It. seems clear in what hn s;iys (hat, the U.S. can, and will, Mir- mount its obstacles a'iri move into a eolden era. But God has a prominent place in the rosy pictures Mr. Truman paints. For instance, look at the State of the Union message he delivered in person to Cougmss last Wednesday. After a few preliminaries, he said: "Today, by the grace of God, we stand a free and prosperous nation with greater possibilities lor the future than any people have ever had in the history of. the world. . . . "We work for a better life .for all, so that all men may put to good use the great gifts with which they have been endowed by their Creator We .seek lo establish material conditions of life in which, without exception, men may live in dignity, perform useful work, KCITC their communities, and worship Goci as tliey see lit. . . . "As we approach the halfway mark in the 20th century we .should ask for continued strength and guidance from the almighty power who has placed before us such great opportunities for the pood of mankind in the years to come." Repents Optimistic Outlook It was !n this speech that the President looked forward to a trillion-dollar production in this country by the year 2,000, In his economic report of Con- ! ^re.-s last Friday, again the Prc-si- " dent painted u "lowing picture of the future America—if All parts of the economy work sensibly. In ULs speech at St. Pat]!, Minn., Nov. 3, he said Americans have a "new world" before them. In talk at Arlington Cemetery Dec. 21, .he said; "If man could achieve self government and kinship with his God throughout the world, peace would not, trouble. .. „ ." He said American democracy Ls an "expression of faith in the spirit of man, a declaration of faith in man as created by God." His Christmas me.ssagc. of course, was tilled with references to God, HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN This Tree Grows in Brooklyn But Headaches Are Its Fruit NEW YOR K—W—YouVc hcarcl thnt, a tree prows in Brooklyn. | But did you ever stop to think! hat would happen if you didn't | wsMit A tree lo grow Anymore ;n Krooklyn? Hearken, then, to this talc of .1 landlord's woe: He owns a ftouse in BrouMyn v/!lh a towering poplar Ircc In Hie front yard, a tree sturdy at I lie base but balding nl the lop. Most trees attacked households in only one way—the roots creep into the basement and try to throttle the furnace. But this pnptar tree attacked from (op to hot torn. Its pmvcrlnt roots kepi breaking into l!ie relkir, and its crown shed decaying branches on the heads of '.Somebody's poSntr lo sue me if ! n't t-ef rid of that tree." the land•d decided. But how do you get. rid of a tree Hfooklyn? It was too tall to PC ed by iui amateur. Well, naturally, in this day and 1,700 Moslems Stranded m Arabia On Hi-Fated Pilgrimage to Mecca 3DDA, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 9—</P) , —Seventeen hundred Moslem Filipino pilgrims fo Mecca are stranded here, being fed and cared for L by the Saudi Arabian government. 1 Fifty of the pilgrims have died of gmallpox in recent weeks. Philippines Senator Salipada Pendatim is being held responsible for large amounts owed by the pilgrims fo guides, local travel agents, porters, and others who assisted the pilgrimage and were not paid. Authorities are also holding the Filipino senator responsible for pro- vldlng fuel and rood for the S- S. Cristobal, which is being held here • until there is a guarantce.of adequate supplies and decent living .conditions aboard the vessel for its | return voyage to the Philippines. Three ships — Sandakan, Shing- j Fhin? and Cristobal — brought a total of 4,n4Q Filipino Moslems on the pilgrimage to the Moslem holy city of Mecca. The first two ships have sailed for home. From the start.. Hie Cristobal's journey was ill-fated, pilgrims said They reported the vessel left the Philippines with in sufficient food and they had to stop at Singapore Colombo, and Aden to collect money to carry on the vovage, (hey said, Mecca, birthplace of the Prophe' Mohammed, lies 45 miles due ens of Jidda- Here arc situated (hi Great Mosque and the Ka'ba, the chief sanctuary of Islam. Moham niedans kneel facing Mecca whei they pray. G/5 Give Scholarships To Japanese Children YOKOSUKA, Japan—f>Pj—Sailoi aurt Marines at this U.S. naval ba: chipped fn for novel Christ nu presents for several score Japanes "MISS CHINA" —Arriving in San Francisco by air from Honolulu Mildred Worn*, above, who holds the title "Miss China," was greeted with an armful of roses. Watchman Questioned Dn Union Violence DETROIT, Jan. 9. (A*)—A. U light watchman who faked a stor> f kidnaping was questioned Saturday about the campaign of violencf aimed at the CIO United Auto bVorkers, White-haired William Thomas. 58 irhnltted that his abduction story was a hoax, Detective Inspecto Joseph Krug said. Thomas wn: nervous and shaky after 13 hours o grilling. He was held for InvcsUgnUon o making a false report oi a felony. children. The youngsters will attend a low Christian school with one yea .scholarships financed by America servicemen. Each scholarship i worth about S30. Mr. Ann Johnson of Washingtot D.C., wife of a Navy denlLst, an Navy Cant. R. O. Hurzynski of Mi waukee, Wis., headed the drive. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed J?csl Prices Kirby Drug Store "Mrs. Dawson called Tuesday to gi'cfi me her recipe jnr blackberry jelly. 1 made 13 glasses!" "Then early Wednesday morning we knew the stork va-s on his u:ay. Afpf/ier called the doctor." "Jo'ni j;of Ihc call, trfii(e Mather packed. \Vitltin "i iiwtcs we ti'crc o//.'' It was a Vnisy week for ?vir. snd Mrs. John Bowman of Independence, Missouri—die week that young Linda Nfarie joined llicm. Busy week, loo, fur the Boxvman telephone. As Mrs. Bowman reports, "We use the telephone a lot from day to day, but we never slopped to think how helpful it really is, until we kept a record of calls. We averaged our bill—and were really surprised at the low cosl—about 2(! a local call!" Telephone service lias grown steadily in the part it plays in OUT daily lives—and in the value it delivers. Most folks agree it's the best buy in their budget! Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. Wnal fli* gives to much lor to lillle? "A half hcrur Inter John called home to say that 'Junior' turned out lobe a giril" "Mother called evcrtjont tec Jbiew, as soon as they tccre tip. Karen and Sharon, oitr other daughters, \ccrc trying '° £ ei '" ( ' lefr (tt '° 'cents "-'ort/i, too, of course." "Jolin and Mntlicr kepi our telephone record for me. I'm finishing il note. Heading il back makes ma realize howm\ich tEt depend on wr tclcphone-antl Jioto little i! coslsr the house and killed (ho tenants— he would have to pay all damages himself, Well, f molly, the landlord went to a professional tree removal Ilvm, They sold they would cut down nnrt take away his tree for a mere C-100. "1 could pet a couple o! heavers to ffimw It down for the bark," he barked. "Go ahead," they said. "We're imt trying to drive beavers out of business." The upshot of the matter is the landlord will have to pay $100 lo cet rid of Ills unpopular poplin- I Tire. And he still Is wondering what his tenants really askc-d the Health Department to do. The moral of this laic is that if you buy n house in Brooklyn with ;> tree \\\ the yard, be sure it 1& ft yonnu tree. And chop it do\vr quick! .rT.L^.^.SuK?'.:,^ Grcefc Vessels Sail [he eovmunent. Hut \vliich «ov-! (Jnflcr Foreign niticnt? 'nit- only thing this lam!-] rtl hturd \ Mian tenants \v;ir,| ATHENS— iiVt— "More Mian Imlf of \ r cn-ni")iK. H.' j tlunuiht,- Till li-n- i iho Orork-o\vm*<l nit'irlintH flcrt us jxiitj mo IK tie rent niid :tll KO\ P - | b' ill up from vlctually nothnn .s a^kcd too invcli tuxes. i since 1915 wiih Amciican nitl, is sailing undrr foreign flu sis. Arrordinsi to KCA f IK urns, of lotiU of 765 .ships, onlv :U7 arc srul- in» under Greek resistry, as compared \vitii 330 Greek-ret; is terct •ihsns out of 427 in J91JJ). At Uie sMjne time, pre,senl tonnage his more than doubled over the tn*:i! of J.RtiS.1 -10 Ions. Dren-sea Communists' "Red Star" I nsf'sts the Facts Deny Statements by Truman MOSCOW, Jun. 0, </h—The So"lot wvwed forces newsnuuer Wed •>t;ir Saturday di'jscrH>ed President Injinnn's State to the Union Mos- iiKe AS R "mUUirc o! deiurt^uK'.e a n tl Improbable state- In the flist extended Soviet com- im'iH to appear on the Pre.sjdenl'-s •peedi, tlic juMv&intpor finid the dceln rut Ions of Truman cannot confuse anyone." "Thp une oratory of the Aincvi can President is denied by On facts," the editorial said. Answering Mr. Trumtin's state meni that the United States h;n ItituidLttcd it,s first |)<jstvvar econonil dntp- lhe ailiL'le dcclarcil thut a: truiumilc eiisis is "implacably niov luj; un Ilio Ujiiled States."' Socialist Says Gaining in Germany HEHUN. Oati. 9—f^'j—Wosl Ger- nany's Socialist leader, Dr, Karl Schumfiohor, asserted Saturday thai Communists are beginning to jot a foothold in some of the liKhli-sl parties oi West Germany. He did not identify the partiw, except to make it elear this had not happened to his Socialist party, British Press Approves Recognition of China LONDON, Jan. 9. W)— The British press Kenernlly approved Britain's recognition of Communist China. Home newspapers expressed hop* the United States soort would take the Miivm action. Others declared diplomatic rpc- .Bullion did not mean approval ot cumnnnn'sm. il lipping at 3,878,787 Although li's tite Biew in NVw oik siaie. which Is part "f ihe Jilted States, the landlord decided •, i»l boih Governor 13ewey nr.d | resident Truman would deny Umt ! nutval was either a slate or fcclej-al i cs)>nnsi!> Uty. No to ask Ibi-ru. I But how about Tvlayor O'Uwyer ! e wa.s the gvy! Brooklyn v,*a,s his i ailiwick. ~ ' ! So the landlord, who is a Uepuli- ! can, s^rllowed lii.s pride nnd askerl I An i^n-cnicnt wlin the United is tenams. who are Dejno'-ratx. II ; States, prior to AInrxhnll Plan aid, Key wouldn't ask the city adinin- • piovicieri 1UO uartimt 1 Liberty .ships straiioii, as a fnvor to tbcin. to; to the Cirrrh fiovcrnnicnL. which in e-'sc come and lake away the tree.; turn sold them to private tJUnreMs Weeks pji.'.f.etl. And then camr a ' etter from the Hf-alth nejwrtiucnt. ' i'hc landlord's irlnd sin'lc c']ianu'»tj 0 a fm\vn \vlicn he read it. ft w:is! 1 summons, and said in effect: "Your tree is hereby and to wif declared ;i community menace. YOU ReL rid nf it." 'That's sovernmfnt for you!" mitterrd the larrllord. He hired a crew of men (<> tak<> down the trrc. Tlien lie checked and ound t:ipy had no jn.suranre iRainst beinj,' en [.shod by a fnllim; rce- Then he checked his own lu- Ue found that if the t f'H - . i $rif;o.(Jf)f) eacli. M<-sl of the ships •ATre res-ii-Meml in Central Anu'ri- ran countries. blew down in a hurricane, wrecked ; ins house arid killed his tenants. Ih- insurance company v:nuld pay up l> S40.GQO-. But II he hired 5onieb!>(fv 1 retrove l>ie, tree and it tonp 1 -'! ••• FOR SALE CmitTi'lc cuh'rrts, J-> Inch lo -IK Inch, [ihiln or re: enforced. A [.so Cum 1 1 elf [iLiiEiIin^ Blocks cfirap- or Uiiin lumbiir fur linrns, (rhickcn tiouscs, lunuji Imuse.s, tenant limisvs', tfujl slu-tl.s. \Vc deliver. Call us for free estirmilc. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. I'tvnnc GUI. WARM-UP — AV the Chelsea Arts Hall in London. Dnplint- Payc warms up—bnt just u Jit- llc—in n leather flying jai'Vcn before yoin^j on. Uaplinc \\'.'ts one of the twin prhicei^L-s driv- iiiLj the "'Wealhci 1 Ihiu^e," ami the wc:ilhcr was a trille nippy- Etna in Sicily is 10,1-11 feet Do You Suffer With "COLON TROUBLES? Causes—1C f feels—Treatment Told in KKKK HOOK Are you bothered with Hi o much or Intestinal troubles. Constipation. I'ile.s. FtstHlsi? '10-pnjic FHKK book e<'Mtaln.s ninny tiia^rains. chai'ls find X-Ray pictui'cs of rectal and colonic conditions. The Thornton «t Minor Clinic, Suite 172, 911 E. Limvuud, Kansas City 3, Mo. It's just MJic magic! Without lining a fiiifU'i- • - - your wash day results are Ill-tier Ih:in ever! S|i;irkli;in clean! Alumni like new! Thai's how ymir laundry looks when we rclurn il lo you I And al a niitiiouini of cosl. We call and tk'liver at your convenience! BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phono 4418 >ft 'I... get set for a great thrill this Thursday ON DISPLAY THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, AT YOUR NEARBY PLYMOUTH DEALER'S \

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