The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 9, 1950
Page 6
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FAffRCTX COURIER MONT3AT, JANUARY 9, 1950 6*te. 9* A The Big Six Question What was the veal reason behind the dropping of (lie Chicks by Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pine BlufTJ Since the day of (he announcements of the severance of football relations between Blyiheville anti its three Class AAA opponents that question probably lias been foremost In every drug store coffee session. And you can bet your next week's allowance there are more unofficial, ofl the record, answers to it than to the query of Russia's atom strength. But in general, just about everybody's answer seems lo boll down to this: BlythevHlc was framed, the whole thing was a "gang-up." iJut now the next question is "Why the gang-up?" Several persons Ihls department has lalkril nllh hail an answer for tlial one loo. "Bl.vtliovlllt is Rrtline Ion stroll);," one observer ilran-lcil. "That iirkiiu Little Hocli looli In 1318 rild II. As IOIIK as those bo.vs can beat vou, tlie.v'll play you, but you beat them once or twice and it's all over." While that answer has some sound logic, it is not liVccly to !>e sis blunt as that, in this department's opinion. We say this \vitll all due respect to the situation. Lillle Rock and Pine Bluff have, for a number of years, believed to have been more or less the cx-offic!o "bosses" of Ar- , kansas athletics or at least all indications point to that. On a number of I opened practice sessions Friday and occasions it has appeared that it was their way or none at all, take it or ! spent Ions hours over the week-end leave it. In our opinion Hie blame can be laid on Artstinsas 1 present a Hi- working on wc»* spots before their Jptic setup, the so-called classiflcation system that was designed to determine a slate champion and which lias done everything but that. Chicks Vs. Hurricane Tomorrow; Wilson Wins NEA 6 Title Tilt to Be Year's First for Rivals Paps and Squaws Also Card Gomes; To Meet Kciser Teams Here Rlytheville Hteh School's Chlckn- .snw'cag^iK bo&:m preparing today for mi invasion nf Joncsboro tomorrow ril«lu for n KHHIC with chief NariheasL Arktuisns rivals, Jnne.sboro'.s Cirjklfit Ifunicane. Thc Chj(k.s after having MifTcred their second loss of the season j»l the luind.s nf Newnrk iJi Hie Arknn- sus Suite College inviialionn] tour- nainent al Joucstiom last wceV:, re- Jont?.stK>i'fi itiviisum. Thlr, will be 1 the Chicks' first nircL- Sng wi\h JotitsUovo ibis year. They will play a reiurr same hero Jnn. 3U ['iijis, Srni:i«s l<> Piny 'luv Pups «nti the StjU'.uvs will be busy [nnu>rni\i* nitthl loo. uikiiiH on f enn^ ii tint Kri^'-J Hiuh Hclujo! at This Classificafron Business What we meat! Is that since the birth of the ciassificalion system three yeais as;o, evr-rybony has become class conscious. H is all right, in tin 1 eyes of ihe tans and school officials, for a BIK -Six uum to lose to aii'-ilh'er Bi'j Six school or for a Uo»ble-A club (o drop an occasional lie- ] 'he Hnh-y Fit-Id (syni. The Paps will cisinn to a '.ram o! ihr s:imr category. But lo, lhr> poor cnacli wiiose team '«!«• on the Ki'i.<or Juniors and the drops one to a school of lesser classification. It is an unpardonable fin ! Siaiaws will meet Coach Bill liell'B in ninst casep. Tlint u p ;is pro\en when B!ythe\'ilte fell to Class A Nashville j Uii'ls. Insi fall The hecklers and niui-Mosley fans had a Held day. It's the same | All three (cams were slated for in anv town hard workouts this afternoon and And further proof of the above statements came from the lips of a wll! ta l 1 "' ufl will < n 8 lu ' lrills l °member of Little Rock's coaching staff, A member of Blvthevillc High j morrow. Schools iithletic depaitmrnt who should know quoted a Little flock I -'"'ic-sbo™ has lost only one came coach as saving before the Blytheville-Uttle Rock game last fall that it f Ilis season, ihat bnng a decision to was cither "win this one or our name is mild when we pet back home."] » ie Leachville Lwns. Last week tlu'y For boosters to take such an allilnde in college might be all right but | ™. n "' c ^<>i'l"f»s' Arkansas Invi- Intionat 'lournament at Arkansas isn't it going a little t:u- in high school? But regardless, that attitude is present, not only in Blytheviile or LHtle Rock but in nny town that supports high school athletics, not only in foot ball but in any sport where the competition is keen. And the classification system doesn't help matters a bit. In fact it makes it worse, much worse. TJic way we see it the class system .should be junked nnd let's go back to the ways of the 1940s. \Ve had nothing ihcu hut we got less now so what can we lose? Hot Stove Stuff Jack Hearty of the Arkansas Democrat comes up ivifJi a report fhat rumnrs have It Mi:it Tommy Thompson, Ihc ]'l.!l:nlcl]ihi;\ Ingles' fine quarferbac^^ will quit the play for pay ranks he on use of rye trouble and will join fhr coaching staff of Olis Douglas, new Ihn- vcr.sity of Arkansas mentor as burkHMd roach . . . Ainl .s[ic:ikiii£ of the U. of A. roaolilnjj s(:irT, this deparlment has been tnforriird liy n •ource close to the Arkansas tram thai there was a lit nf dUsiilis- faction amon^ the players last fall concerning two mrnthcrs of lhe Ra/orhacks' stiff. "They'll either leave," the Inforitianl .saitl, u »r Arkansas wtll lose some Rood boys." And from Little Rock conies another report that Ralph Troitlctt. Ijltlle Rock Junior College's brilliant quarterback, is saici to have completed ftrrangemenls with Frank Leahy and Notre Daiue concoriiin^ n 3 Welch Brothers To Meet Murphy Knox and Roberts Two three-man teams of wrestlers are slated to b:utle H ought louighl in a red-hot grudge t^g , bout- that will constitute the whole scholarship starting In his Junior year, and another Trojan, end JOP program of the American Legion's Stjito College with victorias over Pijj^ott, Maunarluko and Lynn. Lynn defeated Leiichvillc earlier in the tournament. The Chicks will return homo Friday night to t;ike on the Mnu'tls Lions. In an rarlu-r tncvLing this .season, Coach James Fisher's team won over the Lions by a narrow margin. Shlnn, Is 5flid to be working on an appointment to West Point. And another hns U that the LRJC coach, Jimmy »Har\nn-Srs\r\im> Karam, and his graduating players are to go to Pepperdine College tn Los Angeles next year. But, says Heady, fhe athletic department at- Pepperdlne says it's not so. 3 Teams Winners In Church School Basketball Loop First Baptist, Ijike Street Methodist and the Yarbro Baptist teams •son their games in the BlytheviUe Y's Church School Basketball League Saturday morning at the Blytheville High School gymnasium. The First Baptist won a 23-20 Tictorv over the First Methodist In the first game of the morning. Hah" •was high for the Baptists with seven points followed by Skclton "With seven. Fiurlicld and Bsirn- ham £corc-d six each for the Methodists. In the second game, the Lake Street Methodist team took a 22-11 decision from the Lutherans with Harrell scoring nine and Fankey six for the Methodists. Shdton led the Lutherans with five and Melsler scored four. In the third game, the Yarbro Avery Brundage Re-Elected Head Of U. S. Olympics WASHINGTON. Jan. 9. (AP>— To bring the Olympic games back to the United Slates. Avciy Brimdage is going lo fight again for a single city a.s ihe national candidate for host in 1960. The gnmcs have not been field here since 1023. Brundage. re-electeci president of the United States Olympic As-:ocin- Oon yesterriiiy, told a rc|x>rter that j tacked him. Roy Wech. eldest he hojieri by tightening lhe rnic.s ; [ he three brothers, hurled the chal- Bulldogs Defeat' State High 38-34 - Hurricanes Annex 51-35 Victory Over Lynn in A Finals JONESBOHO. Jail. 9—Jnncsboio Golden Hurricane and Wilson High Schoo'.'s Bulldogs were crowned champion? of Arkansas State College's third jmmml Northeast Aik n lisas Hich School Invitational Tournamoiu here Saturday night following their victories in the A and B divi.-lons of Lhe tourney. Jonosbcro WPS crowned A division chump aftr-r rirfratin? Lynn 51-35 iu the finals and Wilson reigned as B UtHists aUov a thrilling 38-34 vfrtnry over thr State Hiqh P.ipoos- ts in the B divhion championship, In the third came Saturday nichf. [ Pornhonta* dofciUed Nowativ 63-12 for A division consolation honors Afft i railing of the firsl V.'iNon LT'jne tn Hfe in tlie ihntl Mt-j inci to no ahrad to st t The Hulldosis hrlfi t\ -'3-113 lead a{ (tie end of three periods of piny but to beat olf n l;ite Suue Ilifih rallv in order lo s'tve t!:e vietory Tim UiKir-nYom-i and Korresier led \V:lsnii's ricorti!)! u-ith 10 iinlnt-s each \\-\ FlliU'kwond led State High Jn::rOmro jujniH'ri to an early lead and then [Milled ahead for a good ,,,,,. . niiirtin in (lie second ciiiartrr and i I,S—Witnessing Ihcii- yc.u wn,h Coach Jame.s ( \v, n« nr>vu- .srrioi>ly threatened by Fishers BlythcvUli? Chirks arc Billy Crnflon fit-ft > and Wayne Btiriilmm. I tho - <>l!f! I-Vnn loam. Scvontrcn «oih buys have .shown good possibilities in prnciice lesions bui have seen service in only one game. Doth rafton and Hurnhain are guards. County's Basketball Teams Set To Return to Action This Week points in thr tliiicl iicriod souotj it Lip for Coach Eimpnc O-smetH's Ki'llrr ]f.d Jonp>boro's .'i\}i H points; nnd Glenn piuTd Lvnn witli 18. l.-iim I'liiycry .Vainctl nl.H'Oci t"/f> phiyers on the iment team picked by incl of[t<'inly. Brothers Tim W FOWL ON TABLE — While hunters hurried back to blinds nnd the best wildfowl shooting in two decades along the Currituck KEywny. Jan Oncela. 4, of Nags Head poses with his own pun and nil he can-bundle of a day's shoolinp from shore blinds on" Pamlico Sound, oil Oregon Inlet, N.C. Three Named Douglas 1 Aides At University FAyiiTTEVILI.E, Ark., Jan. 9. W) -M least three men who have worked with liead football Coach Oils Doupliis elsewhere are comlii" o I he uiiivcrslly ot Arkansas as lis h.«isiants. . Douglas, named to succeed .lohn lisrnhill as Riuorback grit) whan (lie lat'.er was marie fullMmc ithletic direclor last month, has sc- ceteci these aides: Dick Humbert, i'liiliidtlphlit Ean-i inrl !>iui halfback for seven years*' William FerreD and Clinrles Hanks' i)Dtli of whom assisted Douglas at Drexol. PH.. Tech, where he coached last, sefison in addition to his duties TS tackle, trainer and assistant strategist for ihe Eagles. ilim.bcrt was a collcffe star at Richmond University. Fcrrcll aas a teamm.ile of Douglas at William and Mary. Hanks played at Pcnn State Teachers, Shipiicnshurs. Pa Ootiglas ab;o has announcerl the retention of f. o oi Biirnhill's as _ sisun's—-'hicf scout Qmrgr Cole and line and track coach Hobart. iloo.scr. lie xaid (our other Barnhitl hantis —Clyde Van Sicfclc, Harold Lahar. Charles Oray an<t Durl McGibhony -would hol» 'n xnrirg practice, bi't there wns no indication that they would be retained iiermanently. Two o) liarnhiir.s assistants. Herbert Brackett anil Rill Barnes, havfi accepted positions at the University of California at l.os Angeles. Douslns is to move here (rom lilaekstone. Va.. Jan. 18. He plans to tour the stp.le briefly before, smin^ nr:u-ucc and more thoroughly nftej uarcl. 1 ;. Sports Roundup bj Hu«li Fullrrlnn Jr wrestling bouts at Memorial Auditorium. Promoter Mnce Meroney will send three of the wrestling Welch brothers, Joe. Jack and Roy against Red Robc-rts. Buddy Knox and Pat Mnrphy in a no time limit, '.vinner- lake-a!l lag bout that Is expected to £;et plenty rough before the evening is over. The six-man booking was arranged on the request of the. Welch brothers, Meraney said- They are out to even a score with .Murphy, who disqualified them in a similar bout here two weeks ago in which ' he was (he rins official. That bout pitted the same Welch* a- gain?t Knox, Roberts and Stocky Kneilsen. Mnrphy disqualified in the third iah alter they at- of i'.il-icmrn co:if:he.- • and Tom Undenvood were ihe onlyj ~+ With whiter r.laxins its Icy sji-ip' Wjl>jn rciirc.spmaiivps on the team.! ion Northeast Arkansas basketball Oihci j-hiycrs on lhe B team were] pvill get back into full swing this | Dun \VaddelI and Tom Bhickwocxt i week with ,1 full .schedule of games I jnst about everywhere. Every Class B school within tiie comity is slaletl for action in games this n.;ck along with the county's three A teams. In the A division, Blythcville \vil! invatic Joiresboro tomorrow night for a game that is expected of Suue Hi;;h. Box of Neltleion ! Frjkms of Hiu-dv. Quarry anti Win- 1 b'-ey of Cluxej- Hr-jid. SmalKvood of | Liike Ciiv and Bateman of Green- Faces Are Red In L. A. as Rain j Cancels Tourney ' LOS ANGELES. Jar,. 9. M'j The L.os Angeles Open golf to hold much interest in Northeast while Lcachvmc clashes with Walnut Hidge at Leachville. .Manila, the county's other A team, hits thp. road also the Wplclis NEW YORK. Jan. 9. M'i—While tiie sanity code tattle in the NCAA is booked as the main evetxt on this week's card of college conventions, don't be surprised if ihe Biloxi "spy" struggle Uirm up as the semi-final. . . . Bud i Coach of the Yean Wil- j tomorrow night journeyin to F'aru- kinson was so steamed up when he discovered a pair of former LSU athletes watchine Oklahrma's secret practice sessions that he pitb- tie'y challenged them tn turn up at the party for the players ot both teams the nisht of the game. . . . ty's Bnri mipht brins \ip the snhlect he- fore the cninrmtlcc* on Ethics—iflcfola the Coaches Association has such a thing. gonld for a tilt with Coach tiaridv Sauiorri's BuHcJogs. Blyihcviltc and Mnnlln meet here Friday night and LeachvLlte jstavs hrjiae 10 lake on Nettleton. Hfelilighting action in the couu- * B circle tomorrow night J inr-boio dominated the A f'?am ",i<h three berrh* placing Charles Keller. ,J,ir-k CaldweU and Sam Mathis. Others on the A team: Tom Rakei and Hud Million of Po- c:':ujntas. Glenn Nunnally and \Vuyru' CiEenn of Lynn: Sonny Freeman of Marmaduke: Gene C.inson of Ne\i*ark, and Cooper of Oxford. Newark was awarded the toam srmrt>mansh;p trophy. Wilson Pos. Slate High Tim U'wnocl UO) V '41 R. Waddel! Forrester (101 . . F '31 D. Waddell Tom U'vvood rained out for tlie first time in its ucarty quavtev-contuvy history. So, if you icail Sunday's pap era--.start, off from there. The Subbiuh's drab, dripping activities were cancelled. The field lakes off again tnrin, in the same stage it wound up Saturday night. T the was mx.or .sharp—as any barber should be. He wound up the day 10 ni 3trokCS ahe! ' d ° f thc ficlfi ' I )Uttin S ' I to SetHer :i tJ9-6S-73 for a most cred- ltable - 10 ' Fritow-Pusiidcuan En s - MacKenzie Conlinuecl l-Yn. in Page 4 your lace and being jabbed neck. Finally I staggered out into IP clearing well beyond the colony. I was a wreck. Already my face and neck were covered with lumps as big as golf balls, and the pain was intense. T could barely see. But what hart happened !o me was nothing compared to what my ie raiu left HUlc Jorry Barker i bcctl day's for»<nteu man. Biuber! u-el!. huntsmen endured. The infuriated crazy flies swarmed them, and it was a massacre. Their faces were longer human, and they had stung on arms and body aj H. Woodyard (7) G . Mooring C.<15) Blatrkwonrt (6» Wixon They're .Vnt Chapcnus-ciT to l.nse Brig. Gen. John Reed Kilpatrick. Madison Square Garden prexy. was cntei r.iini'is the hotkey writers the Lu.xora's invasion of Os- Uixora is presently rated along with Wilson as [he lop B teiiiii of Die county with Osccohi expected to cause much trouble as ihe season grows older. Coac-h Roy Hon's Gosnell Pirat.?5. who were handed their first defeat Janitor Lowers Boom G Kivby Substitutions: Wilson—E. U'c-nd- •ard M>. Adnumdson and Deer <2i. il.ite T-licu—Thomason (2) nnri •tuiuer MJ. ;' 11 : l ' lc starts week, win be on nl'ior d.\y by ^Ivintr his wife credit : l ' lc ™n' tomorrow night, moving to for fhe Ran(:er r wfunint? streak . . i D. vc ^.s for a pair of games i ,vi!h the of his group a repeat of .spring's nt -Murphy, Hnd the Irishman Knox as his partners. No preliminary bouts have been booked the troubles In Rome would be prevent- I accepted agreeing on Roberts and d. ' -- '-'At Rome, three U.S. citie.s bid for. the 1956 gomes, and the result was a split vote which ruined chances, Brundnge said. Detroit had been the choice of the U.S.O.A. but at the International meeting, Los Angeles and Minneapolis went, over the organization's head and extended individual invitations, he said. program. Meroney U ^ j said, due to the unpredictable length of the main event. Meioney will officiate the special grudge Worst in Human Nature Too Often is Publicized LONDON <AP>- Dr. Edith Sum- merskill. a government official, is against freedom to "publicize \v\ii\l bout, he said. Mineral in Soil Poisons Livestock SACRKMENTO — <!F\— Malvbrtc- nrm. a miner valuable in indiKtry. harms cmvs anrl sheep when cnritzh is in the soil over which they ura/.r Wher. cnouuri pets into forage plants to be effective, red cows turn -Seems that Mrs. K. \vho never' D. v <'^ misses a Ranger home game. has;' 1:l: ' 1 r been wearing the same red hat to nigln but will play Stcele at Sieelc , /-• • ij LPte t_»V/C Meetings BETHESDA. Mel. (Af)— The worth Vines was closest, wnh 220. Burher was already in and dressed when news came that the activities were cancelled. Sixteen players in all quit during the wet round before the cancellation, including Halpii Citildulil, Johnny Revolia, Jimmy Thomson, E. J. iDutclu Harrison, and Johiniy Bulla. Eagles. At pre;,-nt Oo.siiell ! game booked for FYiiiay i Montaomei •>• County Civic: Fed.'ra- every one winning. since the club started [•">"• 17. Her great worry is j The Wilson Bulldogs, winners of Couple Collects Rocks AKRON. O. —.,!•,- Dr. and Mrs. Walter Cook have a Jiciuy hobby. They collect rocks. They started it that the headgear was two years old | tiie B division of the Northeast . -when the streak began and she tin's t -Aikansas tournament lasc i<ck-i esda Elementary Schol auditorium, ont-of-stylt-: end v.ill get back into the county hut the janitor has lowered the lion is looking around for a neiv meeting place—one where It can : sovei ' al . vrars ago, now they have meet until after II p.m. ft has been meeting in the Beth- By luck nobody was killed. I learned later that if a man should be crippled so he couldn't escape, the crazy flies would sling him lo death in two or three minutes. So there.-my children, is the adventure of the crazy flies. And'you'll be crazy if you go near 'em. Saddlery Company Has Jail Lights for Horses DENVER —f.'Ft— Headlights and tail lights for horses have been vised by John Noack, foreman the Herman H. Heiser Saddle company. He thinks these will cut down the number of horse-automobile collisions after dark. The reflector parts are made of fluorescent cloth backed with leath- has to appear In an hat.. .One writer 'obviously ; race tomorrow niBht cntcrtainim; j Ixxim. When a uicetin:: stinted run- married* Interrupted at this point : j shawuce at the Wilson gym. This | ning around mldnUjht lie bejail cvit- aatnc also will hold widespread tons of rocks from many parts ] er. These are fastened in cross- of lhe country. He is chuiiman of ! shape over the front part of the "'- "' '-- -•— ' •- ' " ' crescent shape the chemistry de[iartmetH at the University of Akron. "I just want- to arid, general, that, it's soinc to cist you plenty when ; they finally lose." i Mpriilay Matinee ! TliL Cincinnati Reds' Propaganda Dept. is nhiRelni: srcccfy Joe Adcock, up from Tulsa, as tlie lad wh -: may n'n powerful Ted Ktuszewskl , :e!e.sL mainE>- because of the- ry hetv-ccn the two schoos. BuMietlc's pirates, uho were idled -f v.-cr-k due to failures to coin- kic iheir cym. will not sec ac- nn tomorcow nicht but, will take .\niiorc! at the Armory here melit. notli Burrtetic and ting off thf lights, one by one. He said he had to get up early in the morning and needed his sleep. School authorities upheld him. Song birds ciil mistletoe as a winter food supply. headstall and over the back of the cantle. Noack said the reflectors can be picked tip berries! by an automobile headlight beam a 1 half mile away. . off first base. If he does It will be a Annorcl have y-:t to " boon to scribes who are weak on a game teams "from Kciser Hic;l spelling. . . - Arkansas basketball sv.hral. the junior boys and senior fans still get a chuckle out of th lime when Arkansas Coach Presley Askew negoUfvt IIP "With Eillv Hester, a 6-11 basketbnllcr. Askew _.. is worst in human nalurc" in mo-; yellow, and black sheep and cattle vies, plays and novels. j turn gray. repm-Us Hr Harold Goss The parliamentary seeiclary to. of the University of California, the ministry of food told a "Mo-I Molybdenum ' [K found in toxic thercratt" exhibit: "We have, on. amornts in part of California's Si>n j drove the kid home one day and aU sides, people who are prepared \ Joatiiiin valley, in Nevada. Canada.: found Kemno'-y's AdMph R\ipp si'.to glamorize violence and dcgener-i and England, he reports, Tt causes'ting on the front steps. Presley Jnn acy through the cinema, the Ihca- - scours and emaciation in cattle | snifl 'hello" wa'krd in with the bov ter and the novel at !he expense of' 1 '"' 3 sl'crp. and seems lo act likeland stayed th"rc three days urii-.', ' ?or>f>er deficiency. Goss says. i lie could take Hes.tcr back to Fay- ii^'adc Blytheville tomorrow for a pair of games with they rclllrn home to do battle with teams from Parkin. In Southeast Missouri, Holland will entertain Deering tomorrow nicht and then play at Steele Friday night. Cooter plays Wednesday night me-:ting Gosnell at Cooler and Friday nkThl snes to Blytheville teams and Friday night Deering for a pair of games. the proper mental development of i the children. This is a world prob- | lem." Promised Land Methortists team forfeited to Yarbro Baptist. Dr. H. S. Cameron, also of the university reports that tests have shown that a very small amount of Conner sulfnte in the dnnkinc ettcville. The Whitney Reservoir on th- river in Texas will fl'n.,- .valor will motybde - hnr-i e than 60 old Indian rianiUit >: sites. REEL DOLL Angling from Ihe Norlhshorc Yacht C'lub duck, Miami, t'la., is Josephine Ronilla. The fishing queen for 1950. sho is to icign during the Metropolitan Miami Fishing Tournament Concrete Culvert Tile Si/es lt\i tn 36 In Corrugated Metal Culverts Siic* uy to 81 in. Aulnin:<lir I'lnoil dates {'oiK'i'Cfo Scplic Tanks Mela) Scplic Tanks Sower Tile lust I'm.-, w« iitlivt A.H.WEBB Ilvjlmaj *1 M SUle Un» Thonc 714 BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING UnVl^ST ADMISSION I'KICK ANYWUKKK! lU'scrvcel Seals on Sale H! Hie Legion Arenrt hum B p.m. Every Mnnday Monday, January 9 ADlt I S 50c — CHU.IWKN ISc New Slarling Time 8:00 l!ox SKATS KX'I'KA rial Incluilcdj 6 Man Tag Return Match WINNER TAKE ALL — NO TIME LIMIT RED ROBERTS, BUDDY KNOX AND PAT MURPHY versu* THREE WELCH BROS. ROY, JACK, and JOE CHECK THESE PRICES on Good Used Trucks! 995 Iiilvrnalioiiiil -Model KH5 1 '/i-'l'on in class conililinn. l»\v mileage. MI50 license, 750x20 fnint tires, S25x 2(1 real' ......................... Internatinnal Model KHS 1-Tnn Truck wilh S'/i f(. pickup body, motor re- llilli Internal ional .Model K-t i/ 2 -Ton lonj; whccllmsc with 7'/i f(. pickup liociy. Jnis new (>OOxHi mud-grip (ires on rear ......................... HU2 Chi'vrolcl 1 '/i-Tnn InnR whccl- Iiasc (ruck wilh 12 fl. stake body . •• $< For Unexcelled Quality WOOD WORK MACHINE WORK \Vc promise complete satisfaction with any job assigned us. . .be it large or smalt, \\he- Ibei it's machine work or welding, millwork, building or repairing cahincls, repairing or custom-building furniture. . . .we guarantee you high quality work. Try us. Barksdale Mfg. Co. South Broadway Phone 2911

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