The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1950
Page 8
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VA4B EIGHT BLYTHEVnJuE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 19M I * * v IgrX -" - ' " A * ntfcrest a rm er State's Cotton Crop Continues Heavy Fruiting Return of Favorable Weather Aids Growth, Agri Service Reports The return of c<iort wralhrr (his week improved crop prospects, aided Insect control and onablfd farmers to rio badly nredpri field wmk, accorriine to the St-atf* and Federal Crop Reporting Scmcr. In its weekly crnp bulletin the Service report ed t ha ( cot ton is growine well, blonming and fruiting in most of the stale. Rolls are maturing on early colon and in Jefferson County a few open bolls were reported last week. In some areas abundant, moi-;U:re haf caused a rank growth which is I making poisoning more riifniinlt. I Eoli weevils are taking heavy tollj. in the upland area?, especially in fields where recommended control practices have not been followed. In the delta, however, the wc«vil picture is much brighter, heavy polsonine and a week without inin have helped considerably. Leaf worm. boHworm, red spider and. wilt are causing damage in some localities .but the main enemy, except in the extreme northeast, is boll weevil, Tf (rood ' wcnlhrr continues pnd 1 the supply of Insecticides hold? out mast sections will make R fairly Sfood cotton crop. An excellent crop of rarly corn Is "made". Bud worms are ciui«mg considerable damage to the late crop .and a few farmers have he grin poisoning. Soybeans are losing color In low gpota but are making good progress tn well-drained fields. Farme i? all over the s(at r. were busy sivine hay last week, in some sections this was the first hay put up all season. The lespedeza hay crop is short In the main producing areas due to dry weather In early summer. On Mis sco Farms County Ascnl Kcilli J. Hllbrcr rotlon farmers. MoM any farmer n( 'cotton heavily Infested with flea •xhn lias looked closely found a few lingipers. They are easily controlled i-H Loader* Thp Farm Bureau could iJol have 5<*nt. a finer group ol 4-H hoys and clrts (o (he State Camp at Fay- ettevillr ISM week. Mr. Jackson said ihrir behavior, and eagerness lo learn, was superb, Congratulations to Bobbie Jean fiyrd of Leachville. who showed a I n't of incennity in pelti"* e!ec»M as secretary lo the slate 1-H flub Council. You have not seen pnli Irs to srt circled to n office G\VPII Harrison of the Armorol •1-H Club wrote to Mr. Ohlendorf, "My sincere (hanks and appreciation to the Farm Bureau for Ihe most wonderful trip made possible for me lo Ihe Annual 4-H Club Camp at thR University of Arkansas. If a' 1 - H Club members could make ihif V p lo Ihe University they woutu realize the growing importance of our -1-H Clubs anri the job it is rioitig to prepare our ymina people for adult leadership so we ran make a bigger and better Arkansas." ftrrorri? W. M. Mitchell of Promised Land brought mr a rotlon limb this week that hrlri 16 bolls and squares. Can you beat that? c ' lS n ^,j ll M Et was D&PL-lfl. planted May n 4-H umn jancl was [(jnijiap,! W | lh 200 poumls This rot ton I? on the, Roy Davis farm. Since it I* the best field of rotlon 1 lifU'ft seen so lar, you might like to dr'w» by and fpo. it .sometime. Coilon Leaf Worms Leaf worm s continue txi scarp our kafworms In the last two weeks. E do not know of anyone who lias had! to poison for Ihe worms so far. j When these particular worms j hatch into millers, they have a very! strong urge to fly north before Iheyi Marl laying ctjgs. Cot' MI leaf worm millers have been found as far north' as Canada, before disappearing. Texas has a bad outbreak of leaf- worm What we are afraid of is that a strong prevailing southwest wind may bring in a Inrpc number of millers from the Texa.s area and we may have a bad leaf worm infestation l>cfore October. I am not selling poi.sons but II you are afraid you might have leaf- worm to poison, you belter buy H now. The boll weevil problem makes day. f'o((i>n Flea Hoppers I.- your cotton blooming (o suit you? I have found Just a few fields wuh one application of loxaphene. If your cotton is blonming to suit you, you rrm rest assured that you are not hemp hnlhnird with flea hoppers, tarnish plant bugs, or boll weevil. Hrrt Spldrr I have always bren told that heavy rains would control red spider After the wettest year I can remember we have quite a lot of red spider in cotton. Apparently there Is no easy control for spider. The recommended material, a sulphur DN mixture, is not available and the best thine we can recommend is stratsht dusting sulphur, about 15 pounds to the acre. The sulphur Angus Breeders To Meet Friday On U.A, Campus In FAYETFEVILLE. Ark.. Auc. 13. —Arkansas Aberdeen-Angus breeri- rs will "rtthcr at the Main Experiment Station of (he University of Arkansas here Friday, for (heir an- mal field day. The all-day meeting Other lalks on Hie morning pro- will be held in the Livestock .liidg-JEram will be by Assistant Professor up Pavilion, with a barbecue lunch I « c - Hcck ' of lnc University of Arkansas, on wholesale cuts ot beef, and M. W. Muldrow, Extension ani- Abcrtlcen-Angiis Firecder's Role Ihe National Program." The mccitna will sel \inrtev way at 10 a.m. wllli a welcome by Her- bnrt L. Tlinmas. president of the Norllnvesl Arkansas Abcrdcen-An- BUS Breeders Association. R. E. Sal- Ice. ol Pocahontas, president oT the Atkansas assoclatlotl. will tli.scuss I lie Arkansas program, and Judson Wren, of Wilson, association secretary. will introduce visiting brccderr,. noon on Ihe station grounds. PA'O officers of the American Aberdeen-A npus Hroedcrs Associa,- ,ion will appear on ihe program. In Ihe morning. W. B. McSpadde.n, district, Held representative, will conduct, n type discussion class hulls and C'TSS females, and in (he afternoon Frank Richards, of Chicago, association secretary, will outline "Thp Arkansas wild twti wnu ATLACIDE [ cmOIATE I W. O. Bylcr-Sccretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS, fiT FRANCIS LEVEE DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS 8111-18 mal husbandman, on judging Aberdeen-Angus [at steers. This Is thfi first time the Arkansas association has met on the University of Arkansas campus. Those aUendtng will have an opportunity to inspect outstanding animals In Ihr Experiment Station's Abcrdcen- Antrus herd, which will be pastured near the pavilion. The station Is locatrd 2 miles northwest of Fay- ettcvllle. on Stale Highway 112. KILLS JOHNSON fiRASS, BERMUDA GRnoO, ond many other grosses and weeds. Deitfoys weed iooh . . . preventt rcgfow^h. tn convenient powder form; easy to mix for use ai o ipray. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. II You Plan On a 10CO Lb. Grain Bir;... BUY IT NOW! JACK ROBINSON IMP. CO. must be applied In sucn * way thai it will touch the bottom side of the leaves and come in direct contact with the spider. Pasture Hans Now is the limn to buy your pasture grasses and about" Sept. 15 would perhaps "ae a good time to sow It. What do you think about sowing four bushels of oats to the acre? Many pasture men all over the South say they can get as good a sod and irore grazing from lour bushels of nals per acre than any other pasture. I know that Is mor» orit-s pet acre than most of yoil have used by why not try It on A small acreage? Remember lhal oats make tn* greatest response to nitrogen fertil- isers. I would apply at least 3Q pounds of nitrogen to the land when I srvvcd the oats. Designed for 2-plow tractors! 500 East Main Phone 2371 ie arcliphl. used in IhR earlier of electric street Ugh tin?, al^o .ipplieri to some nf the firs 1 ihnenUs in radio telephony. NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Notice Is hereby given that a special election will be held in MLuls- aippl County, Arkansas, on the 3rd day of October, 1950. Tor the purpose of determining whether the Board of Directors, St. Francis Levee District of Arkansas, shall be authorized to cooperate with the United States Government In the execution of a certain project tor flood protection anri major drainaee tm- provemento in the Saint Francis River Basin, Missouri and Arkan- according (o the outline for such project which was filed in the office of the District on the 8'.h rfay of June, 1950. and any amendments, modifications or extensions of said plan which may hereafter be adopted by the United States Government, aucl whether ths Board of Directors of Ihe District shall be authorized to exercise with respect (o the project the powers conferred on the District nnd assume the obligations required under the provisions of Act No. 249 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Arkansas for 1949. tvnlch became effective on the 8th day of March, 1949. The voting places in the county will be as follows: Leachville, General Insurance Office; Manila, City Hall; Osceola, Court HOU^P; Blytheville. City Hall; JOLUET. Farmers Gin Office; Keiser, Kek-er Supply Co. Store: Wilson, The Wibon Tav- SILOS • CORN CRIBS GRAIN BINS Champion pre*erv«n of grain," corn, lilagc. All-ileel conslruction, strain-proof, leak-proof, ruit-pfoof, rat-proof. Precision made for »a*y assembly. Forty years of leadership. WKITI fOt miCtS AND IHFOfMAllON OH STLAGf AND STffl SfLOI FRANK SIMMONS TIN SHOP Phone 2651 Phone 2450 or.iribufor (of CLAYTON A IAM«*«*T M'fi. <"» l.»iivin«. Ky. The Greatest "EMERGENCY REFUGE rr In America! •*• reasons for selecting DEARBORN-WOOD BROS. COMBINE 1 —Straight-through balanced design 2—6 ft. cut. Straw-walker type rack 3—Oversize cylinder; quick speed changer 4 —Easy adjustments 5—Finest construction. Pric:d ;',:.'.\ Come sickness, (he loss of a job, an enforced move •—and how glnd you will he that yon have a sayings account lo lake care of Ihe vmcrfrcncy! Start Inyinjr aside a fixed sum now, every week, out of yovir income. And as your income increases, increase' the amount vou save. Proved in a preat variety of crops, in light and heavy yields, under good nnd had field, crop nod weather conditions. See us for complete iufnriiinlion on this grcnl comliiiu-. G?iiuinc parls, expert service nil Foril Tractors andDearbum Implci-iciits. RusseSi Phillips Trader Co., Inc. Al.I.KN HAKIHN, Manager Highway 61 South Blylhenlle RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR Co. YOUR USED COMBIN[ HEADQUARTERS IMPLEMENT CO. NORTH HIGHV/AY 61 BLYTHEVILLE If you are in need of a good used combine, we suggesl you come out and see us today. \Ye have a large selecliiin of used combines that arc in rxccllcnl condilion and available for immediate delivery. Vou can choose from these famous names in farm machinery; MASSEY-HAIUtIS, AI.I.IS- CIIAUIICKS, JOHN IHvSCKK nnd MINMCAI'OLIS-iMOUMC. Thtsc cum- bines are priced lo sell, so ccnne out today; 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. HGHWAY 61 PHONE 2142 LEACHV1LLE, ARK. J. A. DAVIS, Mgr. WORLD NEWS 12:45 NOON Listen every <l;iy 12:15 Xoon over Kl.CN for World New? Inouglil lo you as ;i public service by Hie Kirsl National Hank. There's No Substitute for FIRST NATIONAL BANK The On/y National Bank in Mississippi County M K.M I! 1C It: I' K I) 1C KM. H ICS KK V K S VSTIC.M KKIJICKAL DICl'OSiT INSIJHANCIC COKI'ORATION QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dried ond Grade-Marked Lumber- B. Sherwin-Williams Paints. C. Cabinet and Builder's Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Windows. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings. F. Wallboord, Plywood and Tile Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY Co., Inc. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 CHECKERBOARD CHUCKLES* From Your Purina Dealer lit! US' I") a SHE LOOKS HAPPIER THIS v--n MONTH THAT JAR LOOKS BETTER TOO 1 | FIGURE MY FEED COST IS DOWN ALA\OST 51 A DOZEN] EGGS SINCE I'M FEEDING PURINA! " SUESS SHE'LL ) YEAH,WE'RE KEEP us X SHELLIN ' OUT AFTERALL/ EGGS AT LOWER COST ON PURINA SAVE UP TO 5{ FEED COST PER DOZEN EGGS On many farms il lakes al leosl 6 lo 6'/2 Ihs. of [eed to produce a dozen eggs. Good farmers on the Purina Plan do il on 5 to 5'/ 2 Ibs. Thai's 5c worth o| [eed saved, Why not see for yoursel). L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY Railroad & Cherry Mn.r -i'-'-•";-.- • ^ :vi

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