The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 1950 BI.YT1IRVILLK (AUK.) COUIUKH N KIVH Budget GivesSP A Fund Increase $17 Million Allotment To Boost Construction Of Transmission Lines WASHINGTON, Jan. 9 fAP> — President Truman placed before Congress toclny a budget recommending S11.1S5.000 in appropriations and $6.000,000 In contract authorization.; for Southwestern Power Administration next flscat year— a sharp Increase over this lisca: year. Dudjiet estimates for SPA for th< fiscal year beginning next July ! Included $10.350,000 in appropria- Jpiion.s for tonlinucrt construct™ ' niwl acquisition of tr.msuussioi lines and snUstntions ami for ad miniMiMth'e expenses. But 55,000. 000 of that ninotint would be usei to ]>ay off obligations incurred im der authoriyalions previously gr etl by Congress. Congress last year gave SPA $4, 000,000 and approved contract an thorizatioiw of $5,000,000. SPA officials here (old a report er that some of the fluids iD from congress will not he needed if j agreements between the agency and private utility companies for Interchange of power and facilities are approved, One contract involving companies in Oklahoma now is bc-ofro the Secretary o [the Interior for study. To Speed CoiistrnHinn The budget report said the SPA construction program has been planned to provide matching of transmission ftfcilities with scheduled hydro-electric power generation and that during 1951 the agency will advance construction of transmission facilities previously approved by Congress, SPA also wll continue negotiations \vith other utilities in the area in an effort to provide the most economical service to its customers, the report said, and make marketing plans and engineering surveys in connection with marketing of power from other Army Engineer projects now under construc- tloii. The budget also provides for additional system electric facilities and necessary plant and equipment. Planned construction would include service conections to cooperatives and municipalities where satisfactory arrangements could not be made with existing utilities for transfer of power. Congress Inst year approved SPA's overall program estimated to cost finally about S30,000,000. Private power company officials tron\ Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi and Missouri have opposed SPA construction appropriations In past years. Civil Rights Row Expands into Social _ »i» I • . •*• n i f* ~l | Set; Washington Tea Party Canceled WASHINGTON, Jan. 9. M>> _ There'll be no Joint tea drinking Jan. 16 by Mrs. Harry S. Truman and the University Women's Cl'Jb. Inc. In fact, to save embarrassment all around, there won't be any tea drinking by the club Itself on that date, though the affair once had been fully arranged and the President's wife had. accepted an invitation. It's all tied HP with the row. in Congress and elsewhere, over civil rights for Negroes. The club once was the majority group In the Washington branch rtf the American Association of Un! versity Women. It quit- the national organization In a long tight over Mrs. James Helm of the White [lovise staff announced on last ruesd iy that Mrs. Truman had ac. ceptcd an Invitation to the club's Jan. 1C ten. Tliat prodrcert some about the President's el' jrograri. "We Just didn't dream if would be embarrassing," Mrs. Leslie Whit- NHVV should prated Ann' !'•"''" '•''ip, Hie Brooklyn II; •Is "I, (ho liHih sens aiirt i ! •••'.•li.diili'd U> sail (or £ il will be done in this case.") Wednesday. She curries u crew >s( nf the slicllliij! look pimw *- > oiiisi<ie Cliinesc on the hH;h seas trrritorliil waters. Says SlK'ial iKiiorril Captain Jones said afU'nvard: "We were 19 miles from the land and were anchoring In of ten, the club's hospitality chairman, When today's nUack in'j'^n Caplain Join's rndloccl ill) AimTicnn and Fii'itlsli WEirships in the area'•Fire on atlerdcck by unships." T h o Klaek, \vhioh was cormnrnl [intfriiHilcmnl waters when we were I Aliened by Cliliresr Communists on ;vil rights'attacked unexpectedly by a Chinese j 'j" 1 Ynnntze last spring, came to 'i-'iinlKiat. '"I'liey Winked that mini's were l> i";: litid. At the llrne of my inu Arrow uas in i\o tmrnci' daiiKCr and Hint tlie Black .' was resuming lu rcguhir patrc (The rncssaB-- said the Hi sloop would lie in a positio: e the Myini; Arrow any she nn^ht wed unless the tret! tried to run Into the Yar: in which ciisn tile American would !>-.• on her ov,n.) said Saturday. She told a reporter that after she saw the comment she telephoned Mrs. Helm "rather Hum j ship, have her call me." she said sin:] "KVIMI offered to withdraw the invitation if it would be embarrassing to Mrs. Truman. The next day's mall. Mrs. Whit- anchoring they .signaled: 'You must lot enter. 1 "Khnvlly (hereafter they started pumping'shells into and over UK; the the Washington branch's rejection ten related, brought a "lovely note" ' EVER-LEVEL SALES SHELF — New idea (or self-service markets is this self-leveling dispenser which uses a series of spring* to keep merchandise always at "marketing level." Take away the lop shelf of bottles and another moves up in its place. The dispenser, developed by American Machine and Foundry Co., New York, will be adapted for holding cans, cartons arid other type* ol self-service merchandise. ol Mary Chi'rch Terrell, leader, for membership. It look (lie new name and n minority Krntip, which had fnvorcd her aclinKslnn, tock O'er as the. cnpital's AAUW branch. Unnwnre of the long controversy, Can Opener Divorces Plentiful in Hollywood HOLLYWOOD (AP>—"Divorce." says a Hollywood chef, "boBins in the kitchen." Mick Uicich, a cook for 40 years, says "more mnrrKt^cs start heading for trouble when the wife reaches for a can opener than you would suspect. Home-making, especially cooking, Is ultimately the most important part of inurruge. Ye r , youn^ girls are being trained for everything but that.." Fulbright Against Giving More Time To Pay RFC Loans WASHINGTON. Jan. 9. Ml — Senator Fulbright iH-Ark). is opposed to a proposal that Congress ,- give private business more time to • repay their government louns. ^ President Truman mnrte the suggestion. He was 'backer! lip by Senator Sparkman <D-AliO who with Fulbright is a member of the Senate Ban"-:inp Committee. The Arkansas Senator said last night he thinks Congress ought to look Into the lending policies of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation before considering any new plans fnr' the agency which hands out loans to business. Fnlbright has criticized an RFC loan to tlie Kalser-Fraxer Automobile Company. He previously said he would ask Congress to look Into policies of the RFC. He toll reporters that, while he doesn't favor putting the agency on a stand -by basis, "that, might be the only solution" unless it adopts "a more realistic" lending policy. ITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Gazette Walkout StiH Deadlocked After 24 Days LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, Jail 9. CAP) —The strike of about 33 editorial and circulation workres at the Arkansas Gazette is back where it started Dec, 17. Arkansas Labor Commissioner C, K. Call has made several attefpts to settle the dispute. He reported tncre hasn't been much progress. Federal Conciliator Charles A. Wheeler o£ Little Rock also has tried for a settlement. Call said he will talk to both sides this week in hopes of reopening negotiations. An early settlement is not in sight, he added. The strikers, members of the American Newspaper Guild (CIO) are maintaining picket lines aronnc the Gazette building. Negotiations between the guilt and management broke down ove a dismissal clause in a proposec working contract. TY\c guiM asket for a voice in firing of employes Management said it should hav the final .say. The strike has not halted pnbli cation of the Gazette, the o!de,s newspaper west of the Mississippi, Levee Enlargement Bids Asked by U.S. Engineers MEMPHIS, Jan. 9. (AP) — Bids for enlargement of a four-mile stretch of main stem Mississippi River levee in Crittenden County, Ark-, were Invited today by Memphis District, Corps of Knginceis. yards of earthwork and addition of Placement of some 630,000 cubic ards of earthwork and addition of roadway embankment will begin lear the south boundary of Porter Lake, some 10 miles southeast of ingnes, and extend downstream our miles. Bids will be opened Feb. 7, with vork scheduled to begin not later than July 1 and completed within 150 calendar days. Rock Formation Wins Interest as Natural Art LOS ANGELES —(/Pi— A ChrLst- like face, a cross, nnci what appear to be other Biblical figures stand out, apparently by nn accident of nature, on a rock owned by Mis. Helen Barnhurt. The slab of dolomite (a form n limestone), is three inches thick and alxm t t he size of a worn an 'i handkerchief. Observers sec in it: ridges and depressions tlie face o Christ, a cross with seven steps leading up to it, an angel above the cross, an avenging angel, and the grief-stricken Mary beside tl cross. Miss Barnhfirt says the rock was found by her mother in 1010 on a farm near \Vessington Springs, S. D. She said it was exhibited in the capltol at Pierre, S D., for six years until she brought it here five years ago. from (her White House; accepting the offer to l:ikc back Lhc bid. Mrs, Helm would suy only thai "the Invitation wns graciously withdrawn by the club." With the first lady not coming, the toa ii.sflf was cancelled. 'ormer Head of State Hospital Dies at 71 SAN ANTONIO. Tc.V,. Jan. 9. (/I*)— former sujjcrinteiulonl of rkaivsHs State Hospital died yesterday at the apje of 71, 110 v-'iis Ov. L, tt. VJvowu, who also was a professor o( psychiatry aL Urn University of Arkansas mediciil school. Little Rock, During Dr. Brown's administration fiom li)2;i to 1933. flic Arkansas hosplta \vas expanded preatly. He alto WHS the former head of the Son Antonio State Mental Hospital mill the State Psychopathic: Hospital at Cialveston, Tex. Vunera^ services were to be conducted here today. three short bhists strum whistle siyiiifyinR my cti- ttlues vrmi Roing full nslcni did not Mop them from firhuj." Twt> Chinese NaUovmUst tU'Slroy- er CMt-nrLs tailed tho vessel Irorn die turn 1 sh'.- passed tltrrni^h ror- ni<iMt Mruit nn her noriljwnit! trip (mm Hnni; KM\K. They fired n\ Joiisi an i^R'lls at the vr.s:,el bcloic lifv M'^rt'il ul hit. Hut onrc tltcii Fly in K Arrow'. 1 ! aid, She pullrd to \vifhin 50 yards and her captain ydlrd tlnoniiirii me^apliotir; ''I cunnnot take p:\rt in this war but If yon cannot extinguish tho fire with your own rMourccs, we will board and help. 1 ' A few minutes latrr British tars swauiiiMl over the Miles and helred put out the fiiT. N{) American warships were lu (In Washington, early loday the U S. Shite Department declined immediate comment, Previously the Hintp nt'pin-tmci L >i'»d rc i u('rtl'""Hy warned American slii|» iMVil »ius (<* ; ,slay *> u t of U'iriUm.d ite Un to I'd the hero lints into In-]-. CapLuin Jones said lie .ship'.s Meerinj* room was iiit jy 14 shells. Altenleck hnust's and lie \vnU-i iiink wevu ridtlicti by illuM shells. Tin 1 ship dropped nnelmr two ilo.s tiff the mouth of the Vancjl/c Hiver, mnin eulrnncn to Shinni^ni's iiirbur. The Naltounllsls say thry ms'c swojil away the mines. I'nuvlli Slilp AUaclipd Un Taipni. 1'Ynitiosn, N:i(Umalist ii])ital, a sjiokesman said (lie ship >'<is shelled after i^imriiiR ropoated warnings to halt.) Fiies broke out first ou the ship's 'feideok. Then cargo hi the No. 5 hold bhv/,etl tip. The Flying Arrow was the 1 fourth Ubrandlsm ship shelled by tho Nationalists as they tried to run the blockade, (In Hong Konf? a filth Isbrniul- The DnKcd SlutM «ii(i Rritaln f not rccopnixe tlse NnlionnUsl bltic ndc, Cotton Slop* Shells The KLyins" Arjow k'H Hon^ KOI i Siil in day inoriiiti^. She <-ai i fc'd •• Hcnontl cartio for the i poi'L. Ret'llfjiis nf Mil 1 ship were ] — bnvrinuU'<l by 2SO balc.s oC rollnu 1 \shii'h would stop jsrmii! slu'M.s. lic'foie the slulSltit! startoil, niif: of (tie ChStiesp K*inboal.s warned Junes by blinker .signal to .stay out ;of thr Ynnjilxe. The 31-yoar-old \ captain did, not answer, Tlnce hours after ihn boinhard- m r n(, ended, a Chinese gunboat hlill lurked In the hiickt-ronnd iThe iirlllsh -Sloop Black Rwnn Kong that the lire abtiard the freighter l^yliif! Arrow w.i.s nut aut! the freldhlcr no Inti^cr required tlie warship's pix?seni:e, (TJic message Indicated the Fly- New Hearing Device Has No Receiver Button In Chicago, 111.— Dfufenod people ire hailinj.; n new device that cives them clear hearing without mr-vini; thorn wear u retTiver button h h '•.}: i ear. They now enjoy songs, scnrj n=s, iriondly companion^iilp and Dus :n»ss success with no .self-conscious f;-cl- inu (hat people arc looking at :xiiy button linti^in^ on th(dr car, '-.Vith the ntw PliantomoUi yon muy ttce youi'-selt not only from d<Tifne,s< :>.;•; trnm even vhn '.ippf'uvuvn-i? of riaf- IT'SS, TIlC ITSilkl'tS Of Ill-SlUtli', J>':j)t. •li>. MiiO W JOih .St.. ChlfHjjo « III., an: sn proud (tf tJu'lr iichiijvr.'jr.'jnt thry will gladly si. i n<l ynu ihclr free InnchUJ'c fin plain wrapper) anrl ox- plnin how you crin tt'.'-t Hits run:/Ing device in tlu 1 pi ivucy of ycnir i,"n\ wllhout risking ft'penny. VVriUj iu today. Cathcdral Spire Lighted SAIJSBUllY, En^and—W'j—TlilR city's 13th century cathedral Is go- i ing to be lit up like a Christ mas tree. Eight reel lights will be placed on the cathedral's 404-font spire, the tallest in Englnml, to warn air- planps to keep their distance. : FLYING ARROW Continued from Page 1 law." ["According regulations," to standing naval IshnuuUscn said, "the KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 ONLY ALL WHITE THEATP-K PENNY * SINGLETON ARMUft LMI URRV site Conlimied from Page 4 for "Champion." RKO is already dusting off "Out ol i lie Past," hL> second film- . . . Xavier Cugat's life story goes before the cameras in April in Spain. . . . Randy Scott's new deal at Warner Brothers calls for a picture a year for five years at $100,000 per picture. No wonder those cowboys yell "Yippee." Overheard at the Dells: "Because of the popularit yof 'Mule cause of the popularity of 'Mule school—to learn to pluy the whip," Announcing the Monday & Tuesday "THE GREAT DAK PATCH" will! Drniiis O'Kotfc nurt Gail Russell \Viirncr News A Shorts llox Opens ^Vccli Days 7:00 p.m. Malhiec SaUird.iJ- A. Smnl»>'S Mat.-Siin. I p.m. Conl. Showing Manila, Ark. J'Hst Times Today "THE GIRL FROM JONES BEACH" with Itonalil KcagLin and Virginia Siayo Also Shorts Tuesday "MR. SMITH GOES TO V/ASHINGTON" wilh Jimmy Stewart Also Shorts Pen year factory guarantee! With the xvoi'ld famous Slroljticoim — It lakes I he. guesswork oul of tuning. Kvcry job absolutely sjunr antced by a bonding com pauy, Music Instruments And supplies of all kinds from guitar picks lo bass violins. Recordings We mafic records of your voice and music on permanent records. Everything in Music Music Store ir>7 K Main Tel R1 Here's the hr=|.looHnc new car of tlicm all! It's the new DC Solo, <icsignr>3 lo give you more room, more comfort, more vi?,iliitity, more safety ami more lasting satisfaction any car you tvur owncrl. Here's the car designed ivilh VOU in miml. It's licaml-ncw.. . not jusl a few clungcs. U's waiting (or vim lo cmue ami .vlimre it from hanihomc now front gritli: to taillights. Anil it's waiting for you lo come and ride in it. ll lels you drive without shifting. U has a terrific hi»n-com- r-rf—ion rn.C'iiir, hi^ ljr.t(:o f»r,Hlti:r-li^li( st'-rrinir,. ll's ([U.ilily on^itii'- riiij 1 , ;it il- r«---l. Vol it i= ''X'jJlin^ly c.i-iy f» Ijiiy anJ -im.uirigSy i-coiUMtiir-'il to No mailer \vtii r:h mafic of car yon llii* yr.u. niaV^ yftnr-»*lf llns j>roini'-,^ . . ."I will f Jjufutf I ilcridrr." \J'\ us ,^rfai)^r . nx sinnv, "JVjr/ //<-( Yi ' night over oil CflS stations nf in TifT seeDESOTOand PLYMOUTH MOTOR SALES COMPANY 110 V/est Walnut—Blythcville

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