The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on September 23, 1938 · Page 19
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 19

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 23, 1938
Page 19
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POMONA RESULTS BV United Press) POMONA, Sept. 22.-Retult. of to. follow"' " L0, Anaele coun'y fair TROTTING RACES uu 8T.TJ,,an 3 60' 280' out! Fr" Witti McKlnney 3.40, out; Aunt M'n-nit out. SECOND-Stelllte 3.20, 2.80, out: Santa Margurita 2.40, out; Peter F. J. out. iIHI5ljT-La,t Cha" 7 20. 4.20, 4.40; AbJV!, , 1-S00' 4 6: Col" 18.00. J;0U"TH Evening Sun 23.00, 9.00, 4.60; Eddie C. Grafton 17.00, 6.80: Chuck Vonlan 4.20. RUNNING RACES i IRfTrB"l,er 1560' 7 2. ; Ml" Judy 4.40, 3.20; Noddy O 2.60. SECOND Troubadora 30.80, 12.40, 5.20; Puako 4.60, 2.80; Little Lad 2.40. -THIRD Starlo 5.20, 3.40, 2.60; Patsy O 4.00, 3.00; Bastion 4.40. FOURTH Red Chalk 15.40, 6.40, 3.80; Model Dame 6.40, 4.20; Bon Boots 3.80, FIFTH High Sun 5.00, 3.40, ' 2.80; Porlerza 4.40, 3.80; Penchen 4.60, SIXTH Norway Nell 6.20, 4.60, 3.00; Qoole 8.80, 5.00; Kayel 3.60. SEVENTH Flashlnpan 34.00, 13.40, 7.00; Miss Ladybug 7.20, 5.00; Char-tret 5.00 Giants Climb With Pair of Triumphs (Continued from Page Seventeen) from Jersey City, hit a pair of homers for both the Giants' runs. (FIRST GAME) CINCINATI NEW YORK AB R H PO A AH R H pn A o n 0 1 1 3 1 1(1 1 HnnlliUb 4 Goodman. rf 3 0 Sfvilt.w 0 Moorf.lf 0 Olt.rf 2 nnnnlnir.o 0 Sppfls.rf () 3 Kamprs.21) 2 Shumehr.p 2 0 1 0 1 MrPrmk.ib limburdt.c l.anf.lxx Rprupr.lf Frey,2b Rlrtirisn.w VndrMfr.p Onmhle.x Pnnke.n Pcliott.p Hihhrsr.Jr 1 a 0 n : l 1 1 0 A 0 I) I) 0 n o o n o o o 1 2 2 1.1 n 4 1 0 ToUli 31 1 8 24 12 Tot,il .13 G 10 i7 15 l-Rtted for Vnnder Jim In fifth. IX Rafted for W'puver In aPTonth. ixx Tlan for Lonihardi In ninth, ixxx Ratted for Si-holt In ninth. SCORE BY INNINGS Cincinnati (I 0 n 1 I) 0 0 0 01 K'w York n 2 1 1 I) n n 2 i fl Summry: Errors: None; runs hatted In: Itinlln S. Ott, Bcrucr. Sfhiimar-tipr, Seeda 2: home rtina: Srhumarher. Sppd; sarriflrp; Itlrliarilsnn ; double play: Myatt, Kamnottrli and MrCarthy; left on bae: Npw York li. I'lnrlnnatl 8; hase on ball: FVhumarher 4, Vander Mw 1: jlrikenuta: Yonder Mwr 1, Bphumarhpr 2. Wmim 2; hlta off Vandpr Meer i In 4 lnninm, Weaver 1 In 2, Rrhott I In 2; hit by pttrhpr h Vandpr .Mepr (Moore, Speria); losing pilchpr: Vandpr Mper. Tlm-Plrea: Maiprkiirth, Tarker and Moran. Time 1:47. Attendance 4.50(1, (SECOND GAME) 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 (I (11 S 0 I) 0 1 n I 0 0 0 12 5 0 and tombardt; Gumbert and Dan- Cincinnati New York Derringer nlni. BILL CORUM (Continued from Page Seventeen) anoT The answer is, no, it wasn't. i Weather indications late last night were for a cessation of the terrific rains of recent days, and the probability of enough sun and wind in the next 36 hours to dry the field in Brooklyn. Topping is determined not to play under adverse conditions unless absolutely necessary. It is the first home game for the best team that ever has represented Brooklyn in the National league. A team that may very well be battling It out with the Giants for the Eastern championship in November. Kane Wins Decision Over Jackie Jurich (Bv Associated Press) LIVERPOOL, England, Sept. 22. Peter Kane, crack British flyweight, outpointed Jack Jurich, American contender, from California, to win the British flyweight title before a crowd of 40,000 today. Kane weighed 11, Jurich 109. Kane will be recognized in Great Britain as the world's champion. The title was declared open on July 29, when Benny Lynch of Scotland appeared for a bout with Jurich, six and a half pounds over the 112-pound limit. The British board of boxing control stripped him of his title and named Kane and Jurich as leading contenders. $an Bernardino, Pasadena Jaysee Teams (Continued from Page Seventeen) with Coach Smythe's Indians. Last year San Bernardino handed the Bulldogs one of the worst lickings in Pasadena grid history. The score was 20-0 and it might have been worse. As a result, the Bulldogs have their big guns spiked for revenge. Unless Santa Ana is weak this season and that is hard to believePasadena has a powerhouse attack. That is obvious, It also has speed and passing. While the Bulldog offense is built largely around the dusky Robinson, it doesn't stop there. Coach Tom Mallory, who used to play for U.8.C., has a wealth of all kinds of material. San Bernardino's main hope appears to be In stopping the Pasadena offence. That looms as a task, for the Indians are still a bit green and Inexperienced de. fensively. Against Glendale the Braves elicked offensively with a touch of brilliance at times, but Glen-dale rolled over the Indian defense rather easily at times, too. In an attempt to strengthen hit line for the game with Paiadena, Coach Smythe has shifted Walt Erigle back to his old position it tackle. As a reserve tackle In 1937, Enqle won letter, but he was shifted to Bum-d l th ,ti,Pt of lithe Mirrsnt season, nownvor, whan ( weakness Biimi "V, itacklt Pot, Smythe shifted him PLAYOFF IN CENTRAL LEAGUE ONTARIO FIELD SCENE OF FIFTH SERIESBATTLE Suverkrups, Hotpoints Tangle For Edge in Scrap for Nightball Honors Deadlocked once more in their battle for the Central league nightball championship, the San Bernardino Suverkrups and Ontario Hotpoints continue their playoff tonight at Ontario. Ontario evened the count in the title playoff Wednesday when it defeated the Suverkrups, 11-4. The offerings of both Eddie Grubbs and Rudy Montgomery, the Suverkrup pitchers, proved anything but a mystery to the Hotpoint sluggers, who pounded out 16 hits. The winner of tonight's struggle will find itself within one game of the coveted crown, the series being based on best four out of seven games. PITCHING PROBLEM Manager Clarence White of the Lumbermen has a problem on his hands in selecting his starting pitcher for tonight. Montgomery, the importation from the National league, via Brea, has been definitely ineffective against Ontario. Grubbs has won two of the three games in which he has appeared, but even the little speedball artist had his troubles in the last encounter. White probably will put his hope in Grubbs again, at least as a starter. It will be Cab Calloway again for the Hot pointers. The two teams will return to San Bernardino Monday night, meeting at Perris Hill park in the sixth game of the playoff. BOB-ing Along (Continued from Page Eighteen) Razorbacks should be sharp. Centenary-Texas Christian Frogs will plant the Centenary. Southern Methodist -North Texas Teachers The Mustangs are back again and powerful. Texas A. & M.-Texas A. & I. Like alphabet soup. Texas A. & M. by a letter. Texas Tech-Wyoming Tech is Doug Smythe's school. Its footballers are good, too. Brigham Young-Flagstaff Utah team will Brigham back Young. Pardon my cold. Colorado State-Colorado Mines Mines over matter. Montana State -New Mexico State Tab the Montanans. College of Pacific Bothered by Boils (By Associated Press) STOCKTON, Sept. 22. Boils, a common but painful ailment, put three College of the Pacific football regulars on the sidelines today. Those afflicted wore Stan Vaughn, ace tackle; Joe Seigfried and Dick Hcntley, quarter and halfback respectively. The casualties caused a setback of the practice program for the game with Loyola, Sept. 30. Tangle back and turned over the guard duties to Bill Williams, another reserve letterman from last year. With the exception of this one change, the Indians' starting lineup against Pasadena will be identical to that which saw action against Glendale. This lineup includes Jim Ver-dieck, center; Williams and Owen Walker, guards; Engle and Big Bill Thompson, tackles; Gordon Snyder and Johnny Thompson, ends; Hal Finney, quarterback; Paul Holmes and Homer Doake, halfbacks; and Don Fisher, fullback. In this combination San Bernardino will get its offensive spark from Finney and Fisher. Finney has shown himself a neat open field runner while Fisher has given evidence of plenty of driving power. Smythe has some of his other backs in shape, including Ernie McAnulty, Harry Alexander, Bob Mineo and Johnny Costas, which loaves him plenty of opportunity to turn on the offensive fireworks. The Indians used comparatively few passes against Glendale last week, but with Southpaw Mineo ready to go, the Bulldogs may find themselves up against plenty of passes. Twenty-thousand persons entered the Rose Bowl last Friday to see Pasadena and Santa Ana clash and a crowd of equal tlzn is expected tonight. The kickoff Is set for 8 p.m. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, Lee Handley Flying Bat (Bv Associated Prss) BROOKLYN, Sept. 22. Lee (Jeep) Handley, third-base sparkplug -of the Pittsburgh Pirates' infield, was hit by a bat in practice before today's doubleheader with the Dodgers and will be sidelined for a day or two. Bruins Capture Double Header (Continued from Page Seventeen) pitching duel with Claude Pas-seau in the nightcap.. A single by Bill Jurges in the seventh inning scored Carl Reynolds from the second with the winning run, (FIRST GAME) CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA AB R H PO A AB R H PO A nark. Herman. 2h 1 Mmrk.iT 3 .Murllcr.L'b (1 Klrin.rf fl Wintnih.lh A Arnovirh.lf n Whrnrv."!) 4 Alffiiort.e 4 D.tvK.p 3 Hu'cln'r.p .Ionian. x .5 0 4 5 II 4 H 0 1 4 4 10 3 1) 3 0 1 10 0 4-n l l n 4 0 13 2 3 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 12 2 3 0 10 1 10 10 0 ravarrta.rf Oalan.lf llpnnlils.rf llnrtnrlt.C rnllinOh .liirni's.os I.'C.P Tntila 33 4 0 27 l"i T.itals 30 0 10 27 9 x Ilaltrd for Hutclir-r in ninlli. SCORE BY INNINGS ('hiram 1 0 II 0 0 0 3 0 04 rhilacMpliia 0 0000000 00 Nummary: Error: !(, Wi'intrauh: runs hattrri in: Cavarrrtla Herman iwn base hils: llrark Hark; three haso hits: Herman: sarrifiee: ilmihlo Hay: .1uikc,i. Ihrmiin and Collins: left on haaet: ChicnRO 8, Philadelphia 10; ham on halls: Hlitrher 5. 1: slrikeoul!: Ruteher 1. 3. l'mplrea: flarr. Stark and Campbell. Timo 7:50. Attendance 2.0O0. (SECOND GAME) CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA AB R H P0 A AB R H PO A Hark.. lb (10 12 Mraek.rr.lf 3 0 2 13 Seharein,2b 3 0 0 10 I'itko.rf 4 0 1 0 0 Wintmh.lh 4 1 0 3 0 1 4 Herman. 2b Cava i eta. rf Calan.lf 0 2 2 0 2 111 0 0 4 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 Reynolds, ef O'Dea.e .liirrs,ss Bryant, p 115 0 Anvrh.lf.rt 0 0 4 1 Jordan, 31) 0 112 1 l)a'l.c 12 2 3 0 111 Klein, x l'asscau.p Mueller.xx Totals 32 2 8 57 11 Totals 34 1 8 27 10 x Hatted for Ynuim in ninih. xx lla'trd for 1'asM'au in ninth. SCORE BY INNINGS rhlracn II 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 02 Philadelphia 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 Nummary: F.rror: Hrvant: runs batted in: Pit -ko, Itryant, .lurRes; two base, hit: Jordan; three base bit: JiirKes: saerlfiees: Nrhareln. O'Dra: double play: Nrhareln to Youhk to Weintraub; left on bases: Chicago 5, Philadelphia 8; bases on b.'ills: Hryant 1. Paeau 1: slrikeouts: Bryant 2. Pa-seau 2. empires: Stark. Campbell and llarr. Time 1 :::'!. Attendance l.jOO. Majority of cars in tale renewed by expert to factory epecift-catione and backed with written RAG Guarantee of 100 eatUfaction or YOUR MONEY BACK. Many other told with "SO-SO" Guarantee. Ask about it. 3 Dlv Lincoln Zephyr 1936 4 door sedan. From original owner to you. Mechanically A-1. Very good rubber. Low mileage. BUICK 1937 t door sedan. Model 51. 6 wheel, trunk, original finish. Low mileage. 532 D St. CONTINUES 1938 PAGE 19 Injured as Strikes Him The bat slipped out of Pitcher Jim Tobin's hand in the pre-game" hitting drill and sailed into the Pirate dugout. It struck Handley on the arm. Examination disclosed an acute lameness in the shoulder. Bucs Hold Pace, Nab Two Games (Continued from Page Seventeen) LaTanetto, Hudson and Camilll; left on basea: Pittshureh 0, Brooklyn S; itrlktouts: Fitzslmmoni 1, Tobln 3; hits off Kltz.simmons 13 In 8 In-ninns, HoRers 0 in 1; losinu pitcher: Fitzslmmona. empires: Klein, Sears and llnllanfant. Time 1:39. (SECOND GAME) PITTSBURGH BROOKLYN AB R H PO A AB R H P0 A 5 2 2 0 0 5 0 2 2 0 P.Waner.rf 3 3 2 3 0 Hudson. 2b 5 113 2 4 2 1 3 0 Km, If 5 0 12 0 Vauchan.s 5 1 4 3 3 camilll.1t) 4 116 1 3 .1 0 11 0 Sinstnn.rf 3 2 2 3 0 YounE.2b 5 1 2 2 li flentscc 3 0 19 1 Hruhnkr.3b 5 0 2 1 3 Itnscn.zz 1 0 0 0 0 Todd c 5 0 1 4 0 Krankhse.p 0 0 0 0 0 Klinecr.p 3 10 0 1 Tamulis.n 0 0 0 0 0 Biown. p 1 0 0 0 0 Stainhak.4 1 0 0 0 0 l.aaelo,3b 3 113 2 Diltorher, 2 112 0 William", s 2 0 10 0 llamlin.p 0 0 0 1 0 Hazzett.z 1 0 0 0 0 Winlnrd.p 1 0 0 0 0 Posedel.p 0 0 0 0 0 Roifers.p 0 0 0 0 1 Campbell, 0 2 0 0 0 1 Totals 30 11 H 27 13 Totals 38 6 11 27 8 z Batted for Hamlin in third, zz Batted for Cieorie In seventh, zzz Batted for Tamulls in ninth. SCORE BY INNINGS Pittsbursll 0 0 4 0 3 2 0 2 011 Brooklyn 0 0 1 2 0 1 1 1 06 Summary: Krrors: Bruliaker; runs batted In: YounK 4. ltizzo 2, VailRhan 3. Brubaker, Hockett 2, Camilll, (jeorite, Duioelier, Nitmlon, Sllhr; two base hits: YauKhim 3, I,. W'ancr, Young, lllzzo; three base bits: Slnntoti: home tun: Cai!lli; stolen bases: P. Wiiiier, Vaughan; double plays: George and Hudson, VailRhan, Young and Hiihr, l.nvagelto, lliiiis-on and Camllli; left on bases: Pittshumii 7, Brooklyn 0; buses on halls: Hamlin 3, Winford 1. Poseilel 1, Kllnger 2, Frankhouse 1. Brown 1; strikeouts: Hamlin 2, Winford 2, Itogers 1, Klingir 4; hils off Hamlin 9 in 3. Winford 3 in 1 2-3. Posrdel 3 In 8 2-3, llogeis 0 In 12-3, Frankhouse 2 in 1-3, Tamulls 1 In 12-3 Klineer II in 0 2-3. Brown 2 in 2 1-3; bit by Klinuer INington3; winninz pitcher: Klinger; losing pitcher: Hamlin, empires: Sears, Ballanfant and Klem. Timo 2:25. Attendance 0,924. LONDON Henry Cotton, British golf pro, charges $10 for a 15-min-ute lesson, and receives a yearly salary of $20,000 from the Ashridge club. Entire Used Car All popular makes mileage Ford V-8's Get Full speed ahead for the finest used car buying opportunity in a blue moon! Ford Dealers are "Clearing the Decks" for fall! They want ACTION and they're going to get it . . . with a broadside of values that means FULL SPEED BELOW FOR PLYMOUTH 1937 Deluxe 4 door touring sedan. Big roomy built-in trunk, turret top, safety glass, you can't beat tha value we are offering on this car. 70C 100 FORD 1938 Deluxe "85" sedan. Executive's car Many extras, General tires, wind wings, radio. Low mileage, Dont pass this on up. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM ROBERT F. GARNER, Jr. Authorized Ford Dealer BULLDOGS WHIP POMONA J. C. IN PRACTICE TILT Redlanrls Score 24-0 Victory at Expense of Red Raiders; Bias Mercurio Stars By RAY COSTELLO Sparked by Bias Mercurio, former Santa Ana J. C. star, University of Redlands put on an impressive scoring demonstration last night when they defeated Pomona junior college 24-0 in a practice game at Redlands. It was the first appearance of the season in competition for Coach Cecil Cushman's Bulldogs, who largely dominated the offensive Play. RUNS 20 YARDS Mercurio, a speedy back, put over Redlands' first touchdown in the opening quarter when he drove through the center of the lineup, cutback and ran 20 yards for a touchdown. He crossed the line standing up. Dave Tracht ran 60 yards in the second quarter, after catching a pass from Dick Pazdcr, to score the second Bulldog touchdown. A slick 'bit of lateral and forward passing brought Redlands its third touchdown after Cushman recovered a fumbled punt on the Pomona 23. Mercurio passed to Jack Williams, who latcralcd right back to Mercurio, who ran 20 yards for a touchdown. FUMBLED PUNT Another fumbled punt, which Henry Romo recovered on the Pomona 15, put Redlands in position in the third quarter for its fourth touchdown. On the first play Paz-der faded back to the 30 and passed to Romo in the end zone. Conversions on all touchdowns were missed. Catcher Merv Shea Is Given Release (Bv Associated Press) NEW YORK, Sept. 22. The Brooklyn Dodgers today announced the -unconditional release of Merv Shea, 36-year-old catcher. He was paid off for the balance of the season. Shea signed with the Dodgers in mid-season. He formerly played with the Browns and White Sox. MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 22. Coach Bernie Bierman polished off offensive plays of his Minnesota Gophers today in preparation for their tilt with Washington Saturday. For the better part of the session the Gophers walked through the plays, with Bierman calling attention to fine points. ' JMla "Cargoes" priced for action and models including low- aboard for Big Value NOW business. Every car, every truck, every commercial car on their lots is included in this event. All leading makes and models are represented and all are shipshape for your inspection. Come in and look 'em over now! TODAY'S FORD DEALER "CLEAR "85" The Ft & Dull 2 door sedan, famous Ford G guarantee, grey. A real '645 buy like this life once in "60" coupe. A car that surpasses them all for economy. Good tires, excellent 865 Finish, comes on guarantee. POMONA ENTRIES TROTTING RACES FIRST RACE2:16 trot, California foals, one heat, purse $350; Horse Driver The Great Borden W. R. Murphy Sam Ramon R. Reeves Sam Patch J. Rodman Prime Leaf W. B. Taylor Christian H. K J. Yoder Al Guy Zombro C. J. Hansen Dell Direct J. MacMackin SECOND RACE 2:18 pace, one heat, California foals, purse $300: Horse Driver Santa Anna W. Landucci Kinabbe W. Crummer Walter F. ..i C. J. Hansen Abbe Carter W. Marshall Peanuts R. Reeves San Benito G. Silva THIRD RACE 2:17 pace, one heat, purse $300: Horse Driver Art Dillon A. Camirand Hal Woollen G. Parker Prince June C. J. Hansen Hal Forbes W. R, Steel Vernon Bingen E. C. McClimans Black Braden R. Reeves Kate C. Grattan W. Dennis Ajay Woollen J. Lance Rozetta J. Ceideburg Pacific Brewer E. M. Wilson FOURTH RACE 2:17 trot, one heat, purse $300: Horse Driver Prime Leaf W. B. Taylor Proman Aid G. H. Parker Frank Watts McKinney R. Reeves Sam Patch J. Rodman Lucky Watts A. Bakefi McComas . J. McVay RUNNING RACES FIRST RACE 5 furlongs, maiden 2-year-olds, foaled In California, purse $500: Horse Jockey Wt. Frank O N. L. Pierson 110 Pentrate M. L. Fallon 112 Winsome Kitty R, Varner 112 Nidrah F J. Martin 107 Tickaway M. L. Fallon 107 Hastrarch T. Malear 110 Miss Loan H. Elston 107 Rey de Agua C. (Greenwood 110 Runwood K. Watson 107 Salsita W. Moan 112 SECOND RACE 6 furlongs, 3-year-olds and up, claiming, purse $500: Horse Jockey Wt. Sweepouch H. Elston 111 Boomette C. Greenwood 108 Clear M. L. Fallon 116 Forbidden Gold '.T. Malear 109 Bolivar Knight R. Sperry 109 Mucker K. Watson 113 Cards Entertain Sherman Institute Tonight (Continued from Page Seventeen) is utilizing his accuracy gained on the diamond to beat out 200-pound Harley Yates. In the backfield there are three lettermen, with the blocking back, Willy Severson, an ex-sophomore, rounding out the lineup. MAU CALLS SIGNALS The starting lettermen backs are Fred Mau, James Watson and Paul Taylor. Shaughnessy, Hockey Team Manager, Dies (By Associated Press) CHICAGO, Sept, 22. Attorney Thomas J. Shaughnessy, 46, formel manager of the Blackhawks hockej team and one time football team mate of the late Knute Rockne, died suddenly of a heart attack today. Shaughnessy, who also coached the old Chicago Shamrock hockey team, was stricken while leaving a downtown club. His widow, Marguerite, said her husband played fooball on the same team with Rockne before graduating from Notre Dame university at South Bend, Ind. Shaughnessy is survived also by three children. THE DECKS" SPECIALSI FORD 1938 comes time. FORD 1937 $ 495 This car Ft & G Phone 5161 $695 Roger Witch E. Phillips 113 Miss Booter J, Boucher 113 Rock Pan J, Boucher 109 Tarper D. Smith 110 THIRD RACE Six furlongs, 3-year, olds and up, claiming, purse $500: Horse Jockey Arvanna No boy Bedford Drive E. Sawyer Anthony Wayne D. Smith Ten File T. Malear Neches No boy Our Mortgage T. Malear Savoyard E. E. Phillips Pima Rose M. L. Fallon Master Coy No boy Hideout T. Carter Wt. 113 106 116 116 116 116 116 113 116 116 FOURTH RACE One and one-sixteenth miles, 3-year-olds, claiming, purse $500: Horse Jockey Kath No boy Glory Day M. L. Fallon Michaelmas N. L. Pierson Sweet Bernice W. F. Ward Gold Lace C. E. Owens Little Amazon C. Greenwood Shortbread J. Daniels El Grandee C. Greenwood Wt. 10i 113 113 107 107 104 111 107 FIFTH RACE Six furlongs, 3-year-olds and up, claiming, purse $600: Horse Jockey Gaul J. Boucher Crafty Fox N. L. Pierson Guaranty No boy Booter Harsh J. 'Boucher Marrajo W. F. Ward Browneyed Pat C. E. Owen Easy Mama No boy Southern Way J. Daniels Sistina J. Martin Gold Clasp W. Moran Wt. 114 114 114 117 107 111 114 109 106 112 SIXTH RACE Six furlongs, 3-year-olds and up, the Santa Barbara, claiming, purse $600: Horse Jockey Highmosto H. Elston Speed Home W. Moran Dandy Vale No boy Mam Llndy L. Josephson Rose Crystal M. L. Fallon The Lake No boy Justwar A. Fermin Playmaster J. Daniels Wt 113 112 113 109 101 107 100 110 5EVENTH RACE Mile and 70 yards, 3-year-olds and up, claiming, purse $500: Horse Jockey Wt. Alice Byrd J. Daniels x109 Rome Vennie W. Moran 114 Thistle Dell No boy 111 Tug o' War L. Josephson 111 Alice Jean No boy x109 Figueroa E. E. Phillips 111 Chicolean M. L. Fallon 114 Clyde C. Greenwood 114 Imperial Bill R. Varner 111 Mau at quarter will call signals and kicks. Shifty "Jazz" Watson is the leading offensive threat at half, and will do most of the ball packing. His alternate is the fastest man on the squad, "Buzz" Brown, former soph star. Taylor at fullback, passes, plunges and shares the kicking assignment with Mau. The Braves, under Coach "Egg" Ward, are an unknown quantity. They have four lettermen, Preacher, at tackle, Howard at guard, Wilson at quarter and Carro at full. Assistant Coach Kenny Johnson is handling the Cardinal backs this season, while Coach Simpson handles the line. 1 J"ffltS AT LOW TIIIIIFTV I'ltlCES! 3 -Year ""in JMKlTOWaAAy Fifth Gallon Bell, hit 80-Proof GIN For drinking mixing. straight or Straight Bourbon Whiskey! Silver Dollar Full Pint Distilled and bottled by the famous Seagram Co.l IMPORTED Tropical Seas brand. Fifth gal. RUM $119 ic 1'. . J" If J-meMMmM eadimmtidLmdS 366 E SACS NAB LEAD OVER SERAPHS IN COAST PLAY Solons Decision Angels, 12-2, at Seattle Loses to Seals in Second Series Game (Bv Associated Presn) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22. Sacramento went into a 2 to 1 learl in the Pacific Coast league playoff by trimming .the Angels, regular season champions, 12 to 2, here tonight. The Sacs staged a 16-hit attack off three Angel pitchers while lefthander Eill Walker was limiting the Angels to seven, all scattered. Tha two teams continue the series tomorrow night in Sacramento. R H E Sacramento 015 320 01012 16 1 Los Angeles 101 000 000 2 7 2 Walker and Franks; Thomas, Salve-son (3), Carnett (4) and Collins. 12-INN1NG GAME SEATTLE, Sept. 22. A five-run rally in the twelfth, including a home run over the right field fence by Harley Boss with the bases full, gave San Francisco a 12 to 7 victory over the Seattle Rainierg in. their third Shaughnessy playoff series game tonight. San Francisco leads the series, two games to one. The teams resume hostilities in San Francisco Sunday. The Seals at one time held a 8 to 1 lead, but Pitcher Ed Stutz, and Sam Gibson, mound ace who relieved him, couldn't hold the Rain-iers as they crashed through to tie the score in the eighth. 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