The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on November 28, 1975 · 9
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 9

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1975
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. e 2 A THE VANCOUVER SUN; FRIDAY, NOV. 28, 1975 Barrett distorting takeover of Ocean Falls, Continued from page 1 but not published in - U.S. newspapers offering the Ocean Falls townsite for sale at around $10 million. The ad lists the facilities being offered and also organizations to which it might appeal including "a peace-loving commune." However the government bought the town for ?1 million. Rogers in his statement denies that either his company or the former Social Credit government were prepared to let the town die. The statement said the company, Canada Manpower and the unions at Ocean' Falls developed a most comprehensive program to relocate people as part of the mill phase-out. 'the plan was highly successful. The . Snajority of employees and their families ;had been moved elsewhere before the INDP) government bought the property in 3?73," it added. ; Crown Zellerbach, the statement said, Jegan meeting with the provincial and federal governments in the spring of 1972 and iji August that year the then (Social Cred-jt) government's minister of lands and for-ests, Ray Williston, announced publicly Ihe province had reached agreement in 'principle with the company to acquire iotne facilities with a view to sustaining jm ongoing community. - t,' Rogers said in the statement that after Jhe 1972 election, which saw the NDP government come to office, he wrote Barrett -suggesting an early meeting to complete Negotiations. ' ' J; He said he did not get a reply but after ;Angry Marchand - Continue.! from page 1 .which operates duty-free shops at Montreal and Saint John, N.B., airports. Trudeau, calling this a "cheap shot," -Said nobody needs his permission to talk td the RCMP. 'J 'Marchand said later it was he who galled Trudeau Thursday after telling two ;JtCMP officers he wouldn't answer questions until the leak is cleared up. "'lie had arranged Thursday's meeting . after the RCMP asked for one a couple of ;days earlier. But he said he was upset to find a CBC reporter outside his office before the Mounties arrived. '. He said no citizen should be open to advance publicity about such a visit because creates "disrespect" for the person involved even if he is entirely innocent. "I am a citizen too." ;.Marchand said that when he was immi-;'gration minister, he allowed a Communist o enter Canada to speak at the University Set Toronto. The Mounties objected and "Second-class mall, registration number 012" ; on all i; CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING At HALL OF FRAME Nov. 15 - Dec. 13 needlepoint pettitpoint framing a specialty. 4401 Main St., Vane. 971 Marine Dr., North Van. (at 28th Ave.) (1 BIk. 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S74-W14 Open Friday Free Oliver MELNY'S M Wnt BnadwaT ItCimbie V veirt it the same lortlimt Terms company says "many telephone calls over a period of several months" the new minister of lands and forests, Bob Williams, agreed to meet with the company. For several weeks after an initial meeting with Williams, he said, virtually no progress was made on reaching a solution. "With several hundred people still at Ocean Falls and the closure date approaching, we saw great urgency in obtaining a serious commitment from the government," he added. In view of the time factor, an advertisement was prepared and shown the provincial government which did not respond. "Shortly afterward the government announced its decision to buy Ocean Falls," the statement added. The statement said Williams later commended the company for its co-operation and for tackling the negotiations in an open manner. "It Is disappointing now, some two and a half years later, to see the premier turning a successful co-operative effort by government agencies, unions and the company into a political issue," the statement said. Barrett, in his reply, described the 1972 proposal to save Ocean Falls as "a deathbed attempt by the former government to cover up the fact that they had done nothing on Ocean Falls for one year-" He added: "It was just a deal in the heat of the election." The NDP government, he said, had saved the town after researching the matter carefully and the Ocean Falls operation is now an economically viable enterprise. blasts RCMP "they leaked the information" to the Com mons opposition. "This is not their responsibility," he said. At another point, he said: "Sometimes they may think they are the state. They are not." Marchand said it is "normal" the RCMP would want to question him about Sky Shops because he was chief lieutenant to Trudeau in Quebec when Sky Shops won the lease extension that appears to be a central point in the investigation. Earlier in the Commons Stanfield and his Conservatives fought Liberal allegations of racism and irresponsibility in their questions about Sky Shops. Stanfield, opening the Commons question period, said remarks on television Thursday night by Health Minister Marc Lalonde are "well below him." Lalonde had said that "wasps" White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are making it look as though French-Canadians and Italians are the source of all wrongs in the country. Description Teak Round Table 10 Only 1-529 Teak Rectangle 2 only 2 Leaves 1-073 Teak Round Table 1 leg 2 only. 1014 , Teak 78" Buffet 4 drawers 1 onh. 3123 . . Teak Buffet 5 only Exceptional quality. 3204 . Teak Dining Chair High back. 10 only Blue fabric. 2036 Swivel Rocker Easy Chair 7-745 Rosewood Corner Gold Tile 1 only. 4623 Aso Damaged Chesterfields, Tables, Chairs, Nests, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Teak and Rosewood. ICJ!HIinry FROM (SI light - vr'i OT models - Sony General Elec Models Come lew prices Arraneei CORONER: On field blow killed CFL linebacker CALGARY (CP) - Alberta's chief coroner said today that linebacker Tom Pate died as a result of a brain injury received ' in a Canadian Football League game here for which "there is no element of blame." The coroner's office said in a statement that devastating sudden injuries of the sort that resulted in the death of Pate, a 23 -year -old linebacker with Hamilton Tiger - Cats, are rare but indicate "a continuing need for development of proper protective headwear." Pate died in hospital Oct. 21, three days after he was injured in a CFL interlocking game between the Hamilton and Calgary Stampeders. The game was played on artificial turf at McMahon Stadium. A pathologist's report indicated that no element of disease played any role in Pate's death and conclusively ruled out a past history of childhood meningitis or an aneurysm or previous injury as any way contributing to the death. The report incidates that Pate had extensive swelling of the brain that began "very shortly after a heavy blow to the head when he struck the ground following a clean block to the chest." , The coroner's office said that combined rapid medical attention on the field, ambulance service and the presence of nearby specialized hospital facilities were unable to save Pate's life. The protective equipment involved was not faulty and met with existing standards in use throughout the country, it added. There will not be an inquest. Ex-minister Sinclair recovering in hospital Former fisheries minister James Sinclair, father-in-law of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, is in satisfactory condition today in St. Paul's Hospital, where he was admitted earlier this week for a heart condition check. LATE STOCKS VANCOUVER INDUSTRIALS 20300 4300 4200 4000 87700 86000 77100 72000 47500 1BSO0 10700 10500 234500 80500 59800 41500 Csnterrs .85 1.55 4.90 1.20 -.03 .0J Pace Ind Reed Shaw A Renn Ind QC Expl Gladiator Geo-Dvne Ntw Pyramid Tacoma Rts Ml States Galveston Charleston MINES .7 .12 .21 .33 .UW .39 1.87 .35 .22 .20V .82 4- .04 .01 .02 .05 .OO'J .09 OILS CURBS Karlba Tandem Res Host Ventr Corval Volume: J,lM,Mt .00'. .50 WALL STREET CLOSE DOW JONES 30 Industrials 160.87 up 3.12 20 Transportations 169.9 uo ,'9 15 Utilities 83.05 Oft .12 65 Stocks . - .--261.72 up .45 mm All Items Top Quality Suggested Retail $129. Table 232. 234. 365. 646. 110. 127. Table 182. 3l3u2I VELSTZED nCEH Salvation Army home open only to women alcoholics Continued from page 1 readers to give a hand to others at Christmas and throughout the coming year. The Homestead's guests come from all walks of life. There are secretaries and housewives, civil servants, nurses, mothers from well-to-do homes and young girls who started out to have a good time and ended up drunk in provincial court. Two of its four women staff members are former alcoholics. Salvation Army Lieutenant Christina MacMillan is not one of them but, as a social service worker with five years experience dealing with the seamier side of life in Toronto, she's well aware of the hell the women go through the stops and starts, the guilt and the awful depression. "It's like being ill for a long time and waking up with the shakes," Lieut. MacMillan said. "They are lonely and dejected and there is a terrible fear in their eyes. At those times we Just hold them and comfort them and talk to them like frightened children." These "frightened children" are sick and they need help. The Salvation Army gives it to them without asking anything in return except their recovery. "These women really help each other," Lieut. MacMillan said "When a newcomer arrives she is usually drunk and bedraggled. The others take her in hand, do her hair, fix her up and help her through the bad times when the craving for a drink gets almost too much to stand." The Homestead has an infirmary and a doctor visits once a week. New arrivals are given medication to help them over the first bad days. "They never really kick the habit but as their health improves their confidence grows. Every little achievement is a victory," said Lieut. MacMillan. No one is a failure at The Homestead. "If a woman can't stand it and leaves, she may come back. But she must realize Family allowances going out on Dec 4 MONTREAL (CP) - Federal family allowance cheques for November and December are expected to be ready for deliv ery Dec. 4, Jean Pierre Goyer, minister of supply and services, said Thursday. He said the cheques will be delivered by mailmen as were the old age security and other pension cheques for November. Problems may arise, however, with cheque recipients who have moved since the postal strike and not advised the ministry of their change of address, he said. "We ask the public for their understanding and patience," Goyer said. Two named VICTORIA (CP) - The appointments to two senior positions in the British Columbia Forest Service were announced Thursday. J. H. Carradice is the new director of the forest service training school and Paul Brett is the new co-ordinator of the service's productivity committee. SAVE NOW 79. 1 69. 179. 249. 399. 69. 79 119. m right from the start that she is here for rehabilitation," Lieut. MacMillan said. "She must sincerely want to give up dnnking." The success stones are many- Tbe former waitress who had to give up her baby for adoption because of her excessive drinking, but who pulled herself together, with the Homestead's help, in time to keep her. The wife who woke up one morning to find her husband dead and who went on a sorrowful, year-long binge until she found her way to The Salvation Army and The Homestead. There are failures, too, but the lieutenant won't say how many. "The fact that they come here at all, even if they leave again, is a good sign," she said. "Many of our women have so many emotional problems they just can't face giving up their only crutch." v Most of the guests are between the ages of 30 and 55. Many have been social drinkers for years. "The pattern is hard to' break when all your friends drink," Lieut. MacMillan said. "That's why it's good for them to get completely away from their home environments and come here." Sun readers who want to make a contribution to the army's work may do so by making a donation to The Sun Christmas Cheer Fund at Edith Adams Cottage, main floor, Pacific Press Building, 2250 Granville, Monday through Saturday from 9".' a.m. to 5 p.m. Contributions also may be dropped off at any branch in B.C. of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce or the Bank of Montreal during regular banking hours. The donations are tax deductible. When a donation is made at a branch of the bank of Commerce or Montreal, a temporary receipt will be issued. An official receipt will be mailed later. Donations: . Anonymous $ 10. Phillip and Emily Potts 103. Anonymous 10. Mr. Ron Schulti 50. 30. 20. 25. 10. 25. 100. 10. 20. 10. 15. 20. 10. 50. 5. 50. Mr. R. I. Michi Mr. and Mrs. G. taint J. E. Loutet B. C. Loutet Mr. and Mrs. P. Foley Kathleen Loewen Anonymous Susan Ryley Mrs. E. G. Grant Christopher H. West Anonymous . Balrd Strachan Agencies Ltd. Mrs. Alice Card Anonymous Anonymous TOTAL TO DATE $2,174. ENGLISH PAPER HANGER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE $10 par roll in most coses 522-8878 Holt's Open Thursday a 1) i i IV in VMiceuvefc f V iSi, There are three great fashion floors '; b'lk JjSvV-. at H-R' the famous store that cares about M quality j s . . . in ii i 'i in r ' s J and serve you with our special V zzZsA touch of courtesy and interested care. The super-knits. Setting new fashion records. Pulling together for an easy holiday win. In easy-care acrylic-nylon boucle. Pullovers with cowl or crew-necks. The skirts, fully-lined. Ivory and cocoa combinations. S.M.L. S16 and $18 in the selection. Miss Renfrew on the First Floor. Personal shopping! HOLT RENFREW 633 Granville at Pacific Centre U.S. ECONOMY SHOWS DROP WASHINGTON (AP) - The government said today its index of leading economic indicators declined in October for the second month in a row, pointing to a possible new slowdown in the economy. The index dropped five r tenths of a per cent last month, compared with a one tenth of a per cent decline in September. ', Prior to September, the index had increased for six consecutive months. The index is considered a barometer of future economic activity, and declines over several months are supposed to point to downturns in the economy, just as increases are supposed to signal improvement. DOLLAR GAINS Sterling hits all-time low LONDON (AP) Britain's pound sterling plunged to an all-time low of $2.0150 today. . . . .' , In little over an hour the pound dropped nearly 1.5 cents against the dollar. The pound had closed at $2.0298 here Thursday. The previous record low for the pound of $2.0210 was set Oct. 2. Dealers listed these two key factors in the pound's latest fall: A gloomy report by Britain's prestigious National Institute of Economic and Social Research which said the country's economy was in its worst shape for 16 years. The report was published today. President Gerald Ford's plan to help New York City avoid financial default, which gave the U.S. dollar new strength in Europe. - Officials said the pound was now at a record devaluation figure of 30.2 per cent breaking through another psychological barrier. VITAMINS Mail orders promptly filled - ask for price list. Bulk prices available. KRIPPS PHARMACY LTD. VITAMIN CENTRE 931 Granville Mall 687-2564 W and Friday Till 9 p.m. everyone who cares about ... for women, men, children many price ranges.

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