The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1950
Page 5
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AUGUST 18, 1»M Tfc« Nation Today: Doctor* and thm Milfary— Armed Forces' Medical Staff Called Adequate for Now But Not if Russia- By JAMKS MAK1.OW WASHINGTON, AUB. IS. W)— Thfre are eiiotieh doctors in the • rtned forces' reserves to ftll any need for them under the present t»t^,of expanding the Army. Navy "»«Blr Force TWre are not enough In the. re- STves if «e get Into war with R»s- 'ia, for then the ;ieed for doctors *ould be enormous. Tliey'd have to w" drafted or otherwise forced into military service. B°iUB a doctor in the reserves means he's a civilian in private practice., dries some military training. h*s an officer's commission and can "» called to active duty any lime. Some reservist doctors are being called now. Last Friday the Army 'lone ordered 13( reservists into uniform. The Army first tried to ?pt some of the reseivists to vohm- IPT. It sen! a letlf-r to S.nnil reservist doctors—but only young men hold- i»2 rinks no hieher than lieutcn- • n". and captain-asking them to volunteer. Only 200 Answers The Army received only 21)0 answers (o its 3.000 letters. And only 30 of (hose answering volunteered for flctlve duty. Since the Army failed lo get reseivists to volunteer, it ordered 734 to duty. At the peak of World War II there »'cre 4B.OOO doctors in the Army alone. There are only 2.700 In the Army now. Bui there are 7.500 in the Army's orgnni/eri reserves, Snnip of the 7,son were in the Army dfffing the war and afterwards became part of the reserve! Some nl -ft "'• ! ' m MW "° acliv « «i«t.y t»" -loij^i the reserves after flic war. Although the Army at present can ?ci the doctors it, needs by dippiiiE Into Ihc reserves and ordcrinc Ihem lo n'tty, this system can work a hardship on a community. For exMnple: rommuniir Hurl Say Ihere were three doctors serv- Inc one community. Suppose all BLVTHEVILLES OMLY ALL WHITE THEATRF. Opcn Week Days fi:45 Show S(ar< s 7:00 Sahirrtays * Sundays 11:00 three were in the reserve. If all thre« happen to be called to duty, that community is left without doctors. That's why the Army asked for volunteers first. And this failure, to get volunteers points up * problem which the Army and the American Medical Association consider » moral obligation on some doctors lo go into uniform. The ones they have In mind »re Ihose who, dining the war, received all or some of their medical train- Ing at government expense, bill had no active service and never Joined the reserves. / In 1043—when no one knew how long the war might last or how many doctors eventually might be needed —Congress created a program to help medical students get their education. Under this, medical students got their tuition and school expenses paid by the government. In addition, they were given a first class private's pay svery month. Army Tro^ani (The Army part ot this program was called the Army's Specialized Training Program (ASTPl. The Navy's was the V-12 program. To avoid confusion and save space, only the Army's problems are mentioned in this story although everything said here applied equallv to tlie Navy.) So long as they continued their studies satisfactorily, these ASTP students were draft-proof. Wlie ihey finished, they were supposed :o BO into the Army or Air Force, then part of the Army. About 13.500 finished their stud- es under ASTP. One Ihollsajid of :hem were disqualified for military service, for physical reasons Thr. remaining 12.500 Joined the Army or Air Force. Bui~_ Whcn the. war ended In 1!M5. Congress discontinued I he ASTP program. There were then 4.500 medical student.' who. having received government help, were, still In school. Later, some of t,hr>m may have dropped out of school. Others went on and finished at their own expense. But the point, about them"is this: They hart received some of their education at government expense. Some of them joined the reserves and may be called up now. Many didn't. The Army and the American Medical Association think those who didn't join the. reserves have a moral obligation to step forward now and pay oft their debt lo Uncle Sam bv Last Times Tonight ^j,— DOUBLE KEATUKB— X?/ THE LUCKY STIFF" Dorothy Liimonr anti Brian Dnnlevy "THE MAN FROM TEXAS'' wilh .Mimes Craig Saturday Owl Shovr Salurdav —DOUBLE FEATliKK— 'Saturday Owl Show BfHIND T?I\> LOCKfO DOORS m '* WILSON NEWS By Mi* B. F. Boyl«* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Br«li«]d'ot» Memphis annoiinc< the birth of a son AUR. 8 si SI. Jowph Hospital. Mrs. Brasfield ts the former Miss Jean Bussey of Wilson. Mr. »nd Mrs. c. P. Underwood returnee) home Saturday trom i vx- cation in New Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Goble «nd son. Paul, spent Ihe week end with her sister, Mrs. Winifred chandler. In Blame. Miss. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Stotls and nephew. Howard Johnson, spent (he weekend In LIUle Rock where Mr. Siolls attended the Kthletic offi- cms meeting. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Slots, Mr. and Mrs. Prank McDonald, Howard Johnson. Howard Woodyard. Tommy Boyles. Dickie Westbrooke. Charles Kelly and John LaRue were among the Wilson fans who attended Ihe East-West football gnnie In Memphis lasi Wednesday nlghl. Mrs. C. J. l.owrance. Jr., entertained tier two-table bridge chib at Five Lakes Wishing Club al Hughes, Ark., Thursday of last week Mr. and Mrs. N B. Ellis. Jr.. and daughter. Patricia, hare returned home after spending several days with her moilier In Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McDaniel and daughter. Jnriv. were the week end suests O f |,,, r sfs(( , n Mrs . p,,., Hubbnrd. In Cave Cily, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. J. j. Bussey and Woter Company Heads fro Meet Tile monthly meeting of North- easl Arkansas water company operators win he held toniphl, al Marked Tree, BUI Mitchell, county sanitary engineer, announced this morninc. Operators from various stations in Ihe Nnrthe.isl Arkansas district will attend to compare methods and discuss water improvements, Mr. Mitchell ..aid. Mr. Mitchell will represent. Mississippi counlv in an advisory capacity. C. W." Kapp nianaBer of tlie Blylhevllle Water Company, also plans to attend. Mr. Mu r ne!l also announced thai he attended n chlorlnalor school conducted In Little Rock Tuesday and Wednesday, where several manufacturer.'; stave demoiislniiions and explained the care and replar of chlorltiators. About 2S attended the school. Mr. Mitchell snld. Boy Scouts Speok At Rotary Meet . "• ". H<(*.MT.> rtim Bt) .v Sfout.s Robert Van Hooser (laughter. Jennifer, and son, Jim-l n »d James Tompkins told members my. were in Memphis Saturday to of Blylhcville's Rotary Club of their see their datishtcr and sister, re- experiences at Ihc "National Boy spccllvely. Mrs. Rohr-rt Brasfield ' Scm\i Jamboree when the club me'l and baby son. j at Hotel Noble yesterday. Meiling Silent On Hospital Beds WASHINGTON. Aug. i«. ,„,, _ Dr Rir-harrt Meiline, director of the je- fej>w» department's medical services declined yes'rrrjay to lell a House subcommittee how main- beds there are in military hospitals while reporters wore ir. the room. Such fi'sure.i even for hospitals in tms country, are "restricted" o" secret, he tolri a armed .«eiv- iccs subcotnrntlw studying hosnlUI neons. Several committee members pooh- poohed that stand, but reporters wore asked to leave. One of them had a copy n! a| .story which on Alls?. 5, gave as I 37,000 the number of beds now 1 staffed In military hospitals In this country. The figure had been ob- '• lained from the Pentagon press sec- j tion. | Although Mcilinn insisted on lesl-j ifying secretly, the testimony did noli The Mlantic cable for mes.sxgr j transmission has been in use since , 1866 when the first one was laid bv Cyrils field. ' ' Mrs. Edcar Dai lev and Mrs. Ivy bmlth of Tchula. Miss., were the ?iiest,s of M,. s . Georee Wilson and Miss Lillian Wilson Insl week. Miss F'miia Mae Jerome, was the guest of her brother. Dr. Quinton. Jerome and Mrs. Jerome in West Memphis lasi week. Mr. and Mrs. Jem' Haves have returned homr from Columbia. Mo where Mr. Hayes attended the summer session at the Univcrsitv of Missouri. Mrs. S. C. Rramlnn. Jr.. who Is niovins to her new home In Memphis, was honored when Mrs. J R. Cullom. Jr., and Mis. F s Reese entertained with a luncherm-bridee party Wednesday afternoon at, the Cullom home. In (tames played dur- lii(r the afiri-nnon Mrs. J. j. Bussey won high. Mrs. Jimmy Robertson second, and Mrs. Brandon the honoree. binp,o. Mrs. Brandon was presented a card table and chairs bv the hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Sullivan and , children visited relative* in Smyrna Tenn., and West Helena and Elaine' Ark. ' I Miss Annie Raye Rowland visited ' in Helena Sunday. Jean Price had ,1.5 her srtiest last Memphis. Mrs. Rns.sie Perry \vs.s called !o Munford. Tenn.. last week lo the bertslriK of her mother who Is seriously 111. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert. Wilev and children spent Sunday In Munford Tenn. Ler Woodyarri has returned home after spending the. past t. wo months wilh his prandparents. Mr. anrl Mrs J. M. Butler, in Meridian. Miss, Also featured on the ,..-,,the Bachelor's Quartette, composed of Jimmy Henry. Harry Farr. n. C. Allen and c. O. Redman, Jr. The Scouts were introduced by Scoutmaster James Gardner. Guests at tlie. meeting included n. c. Brian, rvccola: Mark Richards. Bristol. Tenn.; and Roy Dawson. stay s»crft lon». A conv.nlttwi mom- Iwi- intorinecl > re|x>it*r the doctor sliU«d that lliere »r« now 42000 bed*. ' The rise, in the average wave rale of the British worker since ia'18 Is nbout 12 per cent, exclusive of ovur- llmt. IN THK CO1WTV COUKT or MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AKKAN'SAS, OSCKO1.A IHSTKICT NOTICE TO THF: RKAI, PROPERTY OWNERS IN SUB-DISTRICT NUMRKR < OP GDASSY LAKE AND TYRO.VZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NUMBER 9 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. No. 360 ntli-f is hereby f\vrn dint there .< been filod In the offlr-e of the Clerk of the County Court of Mississippi Cowil.v,!, Oscfoln District, by the CommissimiiMs of Sub-Disiiiot Number 4 of Glassy Lake and Tyrmua Diiunasr District Number 9 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, a petition ns!tln;> i!,a', the rule o[ Asse.ssmrnt, in said Sub- Disli'ict be incre.i.srri from l «•<> snrt fwir-ienths per cetitiirn <2.4';> per annum in three anrt f»ur-i<>iilhs per resitum 13.47,0 per aninitn of thn as.-e«sed bpnefiU to [lie lands of sard Sub-District, for the years to inai, i»lh inclusive, to cover cost, of deepening, ivlrleuint; and ricmini: all obsuiiciion.s from existing cliU'hfw of said LHrtnnxe District, .ind refunding of bonds. All persons, firms, or corporation.! having or claiming any right', ti'lcs, Inlere.sts. equity or wl alc in nnrt U> any of the lands. rlglits-ot-wiiy. easements or improvements In snKi Siib-Disiiict. are hereby given notice to appear in the county Court of Mississippi County. Arkansas. Osceola DLsiiict on the 4th day of September, 1550. at ton o'clock A.M., and file their complaint, I! any they have, against the incrcusiim of the i-aif of rissr.ssmcui.s to be levied ngahua said lands, i ichls-of-Wiiy, srmrMis or im|jto<rmen(.<>. WITNESS my hand and seal as Clerk of (lie County Court of Mis- jsisslupl Coinily, Arkaiwns, Osci-oU DiMrict. tins IBth day of ^utust 1D5U. ' EUZAIiKTH WA'THB. Clerk n> Rny Ware, DC. narham *n\ llyau, attorneys ior jjclitionei.s. B 1H-25 PAGE FIVB STILL HOT BRIGHT Tu-.t Up with Fussy 5;omc^!i A!:cr ,','. 53 ! : Know* nil about aconite energy, but'l know altoiu fomls ll'iat explode in his Momarh. 1'uis uji will, heartburn, xal ami fiilliiesi nfirr meals. Should c.n I [>r 2 TtJMS, llic niiiclcm nnii-iidif, and feel lin Truman Frowns On Mail Action WASHINGTON. Au*. 18. In't —' President Tninian. ,i.s pxpecdtd says he does nnt look with favor on'a move lo direct the Posloffice Department to resume twice-daily mair deliveries In cities. The President, at, his news conference yesterday, avoided answer- nig directly a question as lo whether he would veto such legislation 1 [fa prt.,4 1.- "...Ill . ... . al service cuts ordered last May hv Postmaster General Donaldson passed the House Wednesday, with enough vnle-s lo override a veto. But it faces an uncertain (ate in the Senale, which may let it die. Surveyors Sought Still ! Tradition has it that the copper mines at. Copper Hill. Tenn.. were lost to the state of North Carolina because surveyors ran out of liquor ' when they reached the area. Tn- j stead of continuing the slate rine southwest. Ihey turned due south in the rtirecUon ot a still. DON'TTOUCH IMPLES! Dr. Orlie Parker DENTIST announces the nprnlnc „( his offices In the Inrram nuilriln? . formerly occupied hy f>r. H. A Office Hours 8:.'iO-5:00 Telephone 27i)2 Residence Phone 2111 OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT C C WiO. Hi* ny ftniz tvoritm lor 71 YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Sunday, Monday & Tuesday AT IAST ON THI SCREEN —t TH€ BIGGEST MUSICAL UNDER THI SUN M-G-M't u AronE GET YOUR GUN" RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Sainrdny "ARIZONA TERRITORY' »ilh Whip Wilstiti Also Carlotin A- Srrial Salurdav Owl Show "THE SILK NOOSE" <rith Tariil l,amlis and Joseph G'.ilfcia Air Conditioned i By Refrigeration NEW! "Your Conimimii.v Ccnler" | MANILA, ARK. : Matinees Sal &• Sun. J'h. S8 i Kriday "THE YOUNGER BROTHERS" will' WAVXE j Sadirtlay "ISLE OF SAMOA" fllli Joj) Hall CO YOU OIVN A HOME? HERE IS A SUMMER SPECIAL: Any ordinary house 4) treated for termites - 50 Me ti,,n I have lo (iracdce en «.v ( ii-rinir,.|H ,, n yi ;,, r job—we have h;>.l 12 y B :ir s i.l ex|iu-it-.iu-u All inn work is arairdinj; In ro K iil:ilinns 0111 work is licensed by lh« Arkansas Slate 1'iiirl Hoard. FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE—IF NEEDED SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. 535 N. (llh. H. C. R'ankenship. Call fiOSfi Phone 2,'!50 .1.. J. '/.cllcr Call .-in?!) SHOW STARTS 7:30 P.M. Last Times Tn UOVHl.R r-'KATt'KK f r Mother Didn't Tell Me" will! Dnrnltiy "nil William "An Old-Fashioned Girl" wilh (Jliirln .lean Saturday The Hairy Ape" Just Uf'15' r wiiliam s Luck" Sfii.'il Sunday & Monday Scree*, bj IIASOLD SHUMA1C in.1 JOSCPII HWfMAH i, ^[DiRlCK Us CORDOvT deduced by ROBCFtl ARIHUli Cart-con, Wesfern Short, Latest Newt And Short, "Expectant Father" SKYLINE DAN DAILEY Gh LAST TIMES FRIDAY DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM "V"l''WiIli!li] r . , Yll^f JtLI f D> i Jimmy Uydon B • •• m M 1 A| o Broadway Pcn ny Edward, i Uli Jv/n SAT. ONLY DOUBLE FEATURE ALL CARS, TRUCKS OR BUSES BARGAIN NITE FREE! $10 Most People! Nothing's Cut But The Price Cash Prfic to the rr\rn Driver Bringing the |jj\£tJ i^/T^* ^-79 i - f-/£OM4lf y ~-^ T\ CRAftl DAILEY- Adventure?.. Sunday & Monday Two Features Plus Cartoon ^JvAvx[ "^ |:VrHcRjll

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