The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1950
Page 8
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: PAG€ EIGHT RLYTI1BV1I.I/R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE NATION TODAY— U.S. Economic Future Rests On Unity Between Government, Business, Labor and Farmers Jiy James Marloiv WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. </!')—Here is a o,iiick look at wlierc we stand sconomicnlly as we move Into 1050. Tills picture Is based en two reports sent to Congress yesterday: One was the economic report of President Tinman, The other was tha report of his Council of Economic Advisors. With the end of the war and the end of price control, living costs shot up. They hit their peak in the Jail of 1S18. This was the period of great inflation. It worried economist.'* insute and outside the government. I- They knew price.* couldn't continue .shooting ui> Indefinitely. There haci, to be a stop .sometime, they knew. But they feared thai when living costs—prices — stopped going up, they might suddenly turn downwards with a 5iuU1c!i, awful crack. If that happened—the boom end- Ing in a bi^t—it would mean a depression for this country. Boom Is Over Starting i" the Tali of 1948, living costs began to go down, not suddenly and in leaps, but bit by bit, slowly. E. B. Batey, Former Blytheville Man, Dies in Missouri I.ast rllfs for K. B. Bnley, formerly of Blvthevillo, ivilf lie conducted at 2 phi. t orn o t 1 row a t t! i n ,io\vi.v. f Holt- Fnnernl Chnpi-t by the Uov. And now. although living; F.. c. Brown, pastor of the First. still are 71 per cent higher than j BapiM Chinch, before the wav, they arc about six j Mr, IJaipy died suddenly at his Obituaries ceMioii. Business was hurt. So were workers.' Unemployment increased. This recession was at Us worst Jate in the summer of 1949. Slowly then the upturn Ije^n *" Jiving cosis-. Just slightly, then it tapered ofi. For several month.'; they have been fairly steady. Business picked up. So did Jolxs. Unemployment decreased as more workers found openings again. In .short., Jiving cosis, after a drop, ore staying fairly stable find are not going through the root again. Buslne&s is doinff better. of things, Pre.sident Truman said in his report: "Late in 19-19 we stood at the peak of the mfiatluiiEivy, hoom. . . . Today we fire on firmer ground than we were a year ago, . . . The ha.sic economic problem facing tho coiuiiry now is not . . , inflation." i'lea fnr Unify Sound"! The economic advisors agree: "The inevitable end of the inflationary process has come. We. aro now enjoying a recovery movement." But, looking forward they think the country IK even better than now, the Pre.sident and the advisors give some warnings, and some advice. The basic problem facing the; country U.OYT, the President saul, "is to increase production, employment and income.* to complete tn-e recovery from the 1949 downturn atul to go on to the higher levels which will be- made passible by a growing population and rising productivity/', And the council said: "The recovery since last .summer is *>(j]i incomplete, and whether it continues; and we achieve our national ohjcc-i tive of maximum employment, pro- : duct ion and purcho-smg power in 1950 will depend upon the actions of business, labor, farmers, and government in consolidating the strong forces underlying the economy." The President and the council fusscst sonic steps io be inkcn, a\l outlined, in their reports. The point is: They think inflation is over. Instead o! rteiJref.simi, the country got off with a recession. It hasn't fully recovered, and it has to keep plugging to get on. . . - til six years apo u'lii?n he moved to Moorcho»se. He \v;is al. Whilp livlnff at Ninnforr Nine. Mr. T3:iif?y was n.'isoriatrd with Cliailns LfiuKston on iho rnnssum fs»rm.s, and wiinn lie '.vent to . he became n.ssoriatcd with T. F. Jackson In farming interests, Survivor. 1 ; Include his wife, Hraiie Bat^y: n d,iimhirr. Mrs. A. G. Stewart of Mnmv' a son, Boswell Hntey of Sf, Louis. Mo.: two brothers. Dill and l.on Butcy. both of TJlythcvillc-. , find eight grand- cliikl/rn. Burial will be directed by the Holt Ftniersil Homo of HJyihiivi]]", I at. the Mt. Xirm OineU'iy at Sleelr, \ Mo. " i PaMbrJirers will include Recce = Moore, Wayne Moore. Herman i Grecr. B. F. Kbrxuts. Jr.. Herbert, Julian, and T. R Jr.rf;>on. Joint Services Planned For Mother and Infant Joint services for Mrs. Gone 'Pay- i lor. 32. of M;mi1;i urul her infant i ^ ., ....w | daughter, Phyllis Taylor, were to' >(].; to do i h<* comhurlod at 1 p.m. fnihiy at the I SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, I960 Sl.TPOKT DOCTOK—Mr. Hcsjinald P. liorroto, luisbanct of ,.mcrcy slayinii" vlcinn and daughter ElUc, 10. have voiced a symrmtlidit: viewpoint in favor of Dr. Hermann N. Sander, wlm has been indicted tor first degree murder of Mrs. Rnrrato, confer at Manchester, N. H. Elise Is (|Hoted as agreeing with her father. IAP Wlrephoto). HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Boyle Suggests Way to Greatness But Warns There is No Easy Route liy Hril Knylc NK\V YORK (/fV-The air has bcea full of li^ts of the ten most, Jiiflueiitiitt figures of the Jast SO years. This is all water over tiic dam. Wliiit every nnibilfous American hoy or ^h! today wr.nt.s to know IT, "What run I do to become one of the influential persons ot the next 50 years?" Well, thai one Is *nsy, it trick ;it al! to mime .some of the f ea Is h t at — if ymi ca n cio them— will make you one of (he best- rememberfd leaders of the, half of tin- 20th Century. How to do them is (he bin thin^. third v/orld war would no 9. Discover a gravity era die a tor. This will i id man of the burden of earryinii his own weight around, end the present apoplexy over lTj\t- lc jams, and free barbers of varicose veins, And the Icntli avenue to fame?%I .. linptist- Chnirh in Mimila by the Uev. Guy Ma»oc. p,\sior, " Mrs. Tiiylot' riiecl at 10 a.m. at i RnUon CHnii: in Manila yesferdny | and (he baby wns (ienrl at birth.' Mrs. Taylor had lived in the vt- i riniiy of Manila nil her lifr. She ls= the formor Mis-s Tinby niiiif;];is. j Survivors inrlnde her 'husband. I '*• } be (he .simplest wny, but who wants to be rrnifinljered for that? Making n. mint of money and tfiviny a billion dollars to philanthropic caiuse.'t-aA the Rockefeller family lia.s done—Is a fine method, too But it is unlikely anybody will even make a billion dollars anymore. So neither by the warrior's trade nor the busine.ssinnn's largesse is it likely that you will make a Rj"-jil import on your ffihnvinan chiriHjf (lie rest of this c-fiuury. Tlie biK fields of the future me |XJliiifs: science, literature, religion— and motherhood. Trn \VLI\S Huumrrafnl And h* rr ;irc ten ways to make a name for yourself tlnif. will ring in Ihe mind of mankind for a lony, Ion*/ tinie: 1. Unify the world under n sin»)e Kovernmerit by peaceful means— Not by coiKiuest. 2. Solve the Motional debt. Kvc.n Einstein hnsn't done that. 'i. Invent a robot th:tl—when you put a quarter in the slot will t inure out your income tax a nit wive you bfu-k lift con cents in Write fl book with a belly Ifiush , .^,.,.;.,...... ... - .Jit! it'll Kive folks a ohur.-fcle .sister, Mrs. Virginia Wmsteacl and n i "'e, of th-Hr lifetime. 5. Discover a simile drutr that i will cure ranrer. Hirers, const i»:i- Holi Funeral Tlome of ' tsoji. lunit'Overs. and cum in on mid iinti oniiiiHvy i\m)oJitnvss—The ^ix bit; di^ejise of civilization. her niolher, Mrs. Myrtle ., . brother, Hcrshel ' wn.s K°' I! K to suggest the invention of a cream that would make everyone ] ealiy beftntiful—not only >i hi.s fj\vn but it] all eyes. ''That wonkl be dreadful," objected niy wife, FYanees. " Everybody would be 1 lored to death 1 f they couldn't pee and appreciate the fitults in each other." She said there .should be a place on the lor mothers. "A mother who figured out a formula, for raising ;v son to l>? a perfect husband for any woman oii'jht to E;O down in history," she MI id. "Flut if all wives had perfect husbands wouldn't they be bored to death?" ] asked. ''Not in the next 50 years," said Fra net's. Blytheville was in charge of nr- rangernrntp. nuriiil was in DIP Manila Cenio- IX THK PROBATE ('OlHtT OK Tin; OIH:KASA\VKA DISTRICT OF MISSKSSIJ'l'I COUNT!'. AKKAXS.AS TN THE MATTER OF THF ESTAITC OF JOHN I'. MOORE: DECEASED. Norrci: OF AILMIXISTRATIOX - - ....^ .^ ,. ,,.,^ ; ,..^ ™ ^ v „.-, Notice Is herrbv yiven t>uU Idlers aid stay on, a level, prosperous keel. of adrnini^rannn were srnmeu to' the lUKlrrsi-'iH'd upon llu; r.Matr of John P. Moore, t^i-i'asfd, on thr 6th rlay of Drcember, I9\0. by ihe . EVfibjup Court of ^^^.si])|)i County, Avkansjis. AU pcrsuii.s IULVU\£ cliiim.s or demands atninst saitf es~ B,d t«'m«'critto i iVv"h«rtThr;; !" l ',?" i ; t ,' > " !i ™ t U T- tl "' y ""- xwo automobiles, bolh" occupied l,v t ' " ;;I '' ;ltwl : '° " 10 a'" 1 ""'?""! for Chicapoans. collided near Poplar I nllmv!mi ' 1> 1>cf<)rc lhc cml of °»" Bluff las', night. i y( ' : "' :r " rn tllc <llltc of llle srantinc Mrs. Mavf,°re(. DvaRonaf M ot , "' ;< " (1 Ic"' 1 '^. If "ot sn prcM-nlnl Chicago, died at R liospit,il iu-rr i VIIlu " •• llr1 ' *""<•• they will be tor- today of injm-ics received in the ] '' 1IT tarred: iind those ci:iims pre- colli.sion blamed on iey navpinnnt. i-^' n!l ' c ^ ^'I'lun six nu^ilhs fr.-in thr Her husband. Nick Dra'.'.mius:, i\lso ' ( i a10 Ol sr.ici ]rti<'r-; \\il! liavr ]iridr- B4. was critically hurt as" was John i i!y '>'>cr ilwi^c [ilrd nfter (lie lupsc D. Mattei-.s. 22. Chicago, occupant, of .-us h six rnr)nth.s. oi the other car I D.ii.'d this d.iv of IJi'Cfnibf-r. Woman Killed, Two Men Injured in Wreck POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.. J«ii. 7.— ('T-i—A woman was (atally injured English Writer Predicts Second Soviet Atom Blast LONDON". Jan. 17-OT(—Tonight is the ni^ht the Rus.sinn's are PX- pected to touch oft tlKir secojld atomic. exptn.Hiou, according to Biitis>] Kclitor Kenneth de Courey, DC Courcy is the mini who predicted !:;st January Russia would i have the atom bomb in 1949. His ' I m:i[;axine. a monthly inlellifjience ! fi. Pilher fnuinl a new religion Dr!duc\.t. !• tHjilecl on Sopt. 1—2:) tlays di amatii-e an old relmion that will -. Ijefore President Tfuman announced it Ihnt there had been an atomic explosion in Russia. ! DC Comey, who claims to have nm'.act with highly phiced iiifotm- \ ation sources in several East/ru European countries-, said Russia would set off another atomic ex- plo.sion at exactly midnight in Greenwich mean thnc re p.m. CST and 2 a.m.. Sunday. Moscow thneV ' He saici it would b:> set off hi blasting foi- an Asintie irrigation project. If there's technical hitcli. lie Courcy said, the Russian general staff pian.s to postpone the experiment until Jan. 10. LUXORA NEWS Bj Mrs. G. C. I)rtT« Locals Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Crawford were hosts in their country home last Thursday night at a dinner party. Guests included Mrs. Maxine Crawford. Miss Frances Bowed, Capt. li. N. Roduers, John Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Driver, and Mr. and Mrs. G. A. George. After dinner the guests playHi rummy. Tiie Hrolherhood of the First Baptist Church held a Keml-month- ly meeting at the church Monday night. The program, "Place of Prayer In a Clirlslian's Life," was in charge of J, S Olive. Officers for 1950 elected to various posts are as follows: M. C. Cooke, president: K. C, Skeen. program vice-president; .1. s. olivo, membership vicepresident: Ci. C. Driver, activities vice-president: J. M. Majors, secretary-treasurer. The Methodist Weslcyrm Service Guild met Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Tom Callis, wltii seven members present. After a business meeting and devotional. Mrs. Joe Gentry presented the program "Complete i.ore of Christ." Mrs! Callis was assisted in serving a dessert course by Mrs. Jean Pate following a social hour. Mrs. Clarence Crawford enter, tatncd her twr, table bridge club Thursday aftcmoon at her country home wi(h a dessert bridge. Guests for the afternoon illcli'dcd Mrs Maxinn Crawford, Mrs. A. B. Rozelle_ Mrs. Elmer Hall, and Mrs Ray Wliitmoie. Mrs. Maxine Crawford won higll score in the garnCE ami Mrs. G. C. Driver won second his;!!, Mr. and Mrs. N. Fardeecev arc spending this week in Alexandria La., visit [JIB relatives. Mi', and Mrs. O. A. George left Sunday for a visit with. Mrs George's parents in Vieksburg. Mis.s^ Mr. George will return home this weekend, with Mrs. George nnfl young son remaining for another two weeks visit. Mrs. Ed«ar Crlss of Memphl* who has spent the past several months here wilh her invalid mother. Mrs. O. B. Carter, has returned io her home. Uixorans on the Memphis hospi- ,tal list this week include Mrs E L Jell aC Methodist, am! Charles Smilh. son of Mr. and Mrs. Ilcrmon Smith, al Baptist. Nationalists on Formosa Obtain British Goods TATPEf. Formosa. Jan. 7. M>J _. British shipping and air service between Hong Kong and Formosa continued as usual today, unaffected by Britain's recognition of Communist China. It was quite clear that British and Chinese Nationalist authorities must have reached a previous understanding on this score. The Na- lionah.sts stand only to gain from these services .so they are not expected to interfere with them. IlKSCUK FI.OOOK1) FAJ11LV—Two men In the bow of a rowboat rescue a marooned family | n downtown Villa Grove, 111., after one-third o( the city, Including the business district was. flooded. Hundreds were homeless and others were left in Ireezmg weather without furnace heat from their flooded basements. (AP Wircphoto). isike lirople's minds off themselves. 7. fuvent . a plastic folding auto !o solve -the parking problem, a car thnt "will ;<o 100 miles •> a thiinlilc'Tbr . fuel. You misriit as well make Ihe fuel and thimbl? out of pla.stie. too—everything else is. X-sefulitess Key In Happiness B. Develop an essential product thM can be vniu'e out nf silk but can't b? made out of nylon—uiayhc a silk beer mug. No one can be at ease in a world v.hete the silkworm has an Intel ioritv m-miicx \\'e nil have to feel useful to be happy. Volcano Loses Peak GUAYAQUIL. Ecuador. Jan. 1. tA', — Reports reaching here today said one of the lateral peaks of the Obirnborazo volcano in Central Ec- iiCHlnr has disappeared from sight. N" details were available as to when •In- disturbance occurred. Announcement wa.s made than an e.v- pi'diiion will start soon from Ouar- .uida to investigate (lie reports, Ahieh have no confirmation here. Mines Now Block Sea Approach to Port of Shanghai TAIPEI, Formosa, Jan. 7. (AP) — Nationalist China today announced minelnying lias been completed on the sea aproach to Shanghai—destination of the American freighter Flying Arrow. The Nationalists also stepped up air action agaiiLst the Chinese Communists on the mainland. Completion of the minefield near the Yangtze River estuary was announced formally by Aiim. Kwei Yimg-Ching, lie is the Nationalist navy commander in chief and guiding spirit Miind the blockade of Red ports. Kwei conferred tins afternoon wltli Generalissimo Chiang Kai- Shek, They were believed to have discussed the Plying Arrow, which steamed out of Hong Kon« early j this morning for Shanghai. The ship is carrying a S10.COO.OOO cargo to the Red port in defiance of warnings, by the Nationalists ami the U.S. State Department. She Ls due at .Shanghai Monday—barring tulshap. The admiral claimed no ships have entered or left Shanghai In Mataya Grows Cocoa the last two weeks. Presumably Ksvcl and the gen- eralis-simo also discussed offensive ^ UAljft and defensive action against any j.. ,, tui ,,,, illl( . ,,.„ Communist attempt to invade For- '• tll "'= "»° " lc rnosa. which lies 100 miles off the mainland. Cash Register Causes Firemen to Make Run A .stuck armature on the motor of a register at the Dinner Bell Cafe in the 2000 block on West Main Street was the cause of a lire alarm this morning. No fire dmn- reMilU-d. industry. As n first step the Malayan Federation government lias ordered G.noo cocoa seeds from the Gold Coast. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Hest ['rices Kirby Drug Stores Trains on the Alaska Railroad, operated by the U.S. government, often n:n when temperatures are GO dei-'rce-s below zero. You Are Cordially Invited .Main at f.l Hivv:iy o H. F. SHARP Evangelist e SERMONS: Rimdiiy Mnniinii; ".Mutiv'i-.s of CliriMijin l.iviim" Sunday Evening 7::!ll: "lAtv ( ,f (|, c A])(isllc l';iiil" WHER¥CHRIST~ and —__CHRJST.IANS MEET KLCN Radio Program Daily 12:15-12:30 Sunday 2;30-3:00 CHECK THESE PRICES on Good Used Trucks! imcrniitioiiiil .Mmk-l h Id 1i',-Tnn in <j- ,« first class romlitinn. Imv inili'airt.', j) H\ l!)."ill license, 7.=iOx2() I'liinl li, e .s, 82f>x ^ Iiilcinafiiiiiiil Alndcl KB;; |-T«m 'I'viifk wit It S!'j ft. pickup luiily, nuiior re- liilcrnaliimal Model K-1 '.-'I'ldi g. \vheelluse wilh 7 r ; I'l. p'irknp ,J> liody. has new liOIKMi niuil-j<;rip tires on rear 1!II2 Clicvrnlel 1'..-Ti)ti l»n K wlict'l- ^ liasc Iniek wilh 12 fl..slake lioclv ... The lies! uay to assure yourself of fiettiii^ the finesl television Is to see the famous General Elec- tric sets at [Uyllicvillc Sales Co. \Vc can give you experienced ad- vtce mi model selection as well as c.viicrt installation service. "The best way io Veep d boy friend," admils Hannah, "is in doubt!" TA.XI Courtfioas 5RFE Drivers ASK for either white driver. Km* en Us 2100 CAB CO. RECTAL DISEASES DRS. NIES SPECIALTY NIES t'liartci Xn. 11383 Kcscrvc District X». ltc)iorl of C;nnrlili(Hi of The First National Bank in Blytheville of Ulythevtllc. in the Slate of Arkansas, al Ih^ close of business tm DiTcmber 31, l!).|a. I'lililislicil in response (o eall made by !'uni|i!r(>ller of Ihe Currency, under Si'clicm Sill, 1!. S. Revised Sin lutes. A S H E T S Cash, balances with oilier banks, including reserve balance. atul cash items in process of collection .52,875,162,82 United States Government obligations, direct and «»teed 1.C45.S02.81 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 310.125.3:1 Corporate stocks (including S7.050.00 stock ot Federal Reserve bant:) , Loans and discounts 'including S319.30 overdrafts* -t,04R,91?.72 n.^iih premises owned $60,198.70, furnstilrc and fixtures 515.070.08 7S.268.V8 TOTAL ASSETS S8.063.252.52 I, I A I) I I, I T I ii S Demand deposits ol individuals, partnerships, and corporations SI3.80!. 375.91 Time deposit.s of individuals, partnerships, and corporalion.s R7!),7a5.1D IJ'-posils of United .States Government (including postal .savings! 23.SI3.10 Deposits of States and political subdivisions C<i2.070.21 O posits of bunks 174.r>54.20 orm-r deposits He"i(ifieri and cashier's checks, etc.) 9705420 TOTAL DEPOSITS 58,6.11.652.72 Other liabilities 3.050.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES S8.Wi.-02.72 C A I' I T A I. A C C O U N T S Capital Stock: Common slock, total par S150.000.00 150.000.00 Surplus 130.000.00 Undivided profits 38.519.80 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 318.519.30 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS S8.SB3J5a.52 .11 I! .11 O K A X I) A A- els plrdpcd or assigned to secure liabilities and for other put poses S UR.000.00 ^rate of Arkansas. County o! Mississippi, ss: I. Jack C. Owen, cashier of the alxn'c-nained hank, do solemnh -v .ir that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge :i!!d i)"]icf. JACK C. OWEN'. Cashier. Correct—Attest: E. M. Regcnold H. H. Houchins Roland Green. Director." P^orn to ar*d subscribed before me this 5th day of January. 1950 '.Srah Jesse Taylor. Notary Public. lit England It's the Chemist Shop In France it's the Apothecary Shop In Blythevilto It's For f \f-~ DRUG STORE Prescription Service •OPENING SOON Blythcville Wedding & CorsaR C n n \vcrs Our Specially Expert PLUMBING Service • A).I, WOKK'UUAUANTKEl) | Harry Myers PHONE 6319 Blan Heath Co. FIIOXK s;s -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY; inc. All Work (iiiarnnlced For 12 Months I 5:51 North Ifllh. I'honc fiOOl

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