The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1950
Page 7
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SATimnAY, JANUARY 7, 19-49 NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Dur Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PRET LABORIOUS HELP, HELP/ I 8UMP6P INTO SOPA'S AM' THEM GOIL-& O 1 RAWH1PE JUMPED ALL OVER. ME. LIKE A WATCH SPRIM&-- AM VJl«rJ COTTOM COME TO MV HELP-- CLTT U& OUT STRIPS BOTH6R1M' W6 BRAIPIN' A EAW- H1PG EOPe IN TH BUMKHOOSE 71H WtSTTER AN 1 — PONT -lOU SAV SO LIKE MEW--STID HlklTlM ? A«6 VAftV , SAHIB/ -— YOU ARE EAR Of CORNl, COOfA AU»G, eoeete VOL) OP ? — ZAT MEAN 60 5E6 DAtWST GREAT . WOULD A DENTIST WAhlTTQSEE ME? earn MY , 1 rAEftW fAV 6R.lD'Ge- <; WORK IS PERFECT/-"-YOUR. ) INTERPRETATION IS SS TACTIC .'-~COMe, COME, ^.^^i^^^^v ; r^^tW^^ Bemoom adjoining bath Ph 2333 U21 pk il'l For Rent room House. biu!i. kllchen cnnlnejs O. v.«ler heatrr. Pn. MBS. >[1 i>* 11 Fuintslied 2-roni house. Adnlis only. No nets. CBll C272. 419 So. 2l)Ul Sum. Store bniiclhiiriocaletl s N. 2ml St. Next door to Universal C. I. T. Corporation 16 feet wide and SO f?*M long Will lease up to 10 years. Kor- merly used us Keal Estate Office, Tom Little Real Estate lias heating plant, and cooling system. Will rent either with these items or without them. Best location in city for Insurance or Real Estate Oi'lice. Call 801 TOM LITTLE HEAI.TY CO. 1-5 ck 12 Love M 3y EwrV.vB.jfl.if* TUB STOIlVi ii f Ho (»O lit ry I. Attff Jnttm'm mm* r tnt nd .in ap.irt- Warehoxise 30'x40* on railroad ,ng Midwest Ualry Products. Ph. Modern Two-room t-nc. Couple o tily. furnished Rp Phonc 5S5. Kla*ri cameras foi OSTEEN'S STUDIO. all orraslons. FOR RENT: Frozen Food lockers. BLaylocfc's Highway Gl Phone 3172, ^ Have large room 20 feet wide by 24 feet long. Can be made into 2 or 3 rooms. Located upstairs. Over Charley's Electric Shop. Just across street from Mid-West Ice Cream Co. Water, heat & lights can be furnished. Lease as long us you desire. Call 861 for \ LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 1"2 Loans "WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay- Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND COW. T. Barnett— Russell Rialcs 22(>2 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf X \Y7^ wore sprawled across the foot ot our bed, in our per- j petual wait for our first patient, Isniffing audibly. John and 1 had 'both decided that our quarters did not smell enough like an established doctor's office and we spent the afternoon trying to get a more medicated odor in the place. "What we need IB a real hospital smell," John'had said, and I had agreed. "The nauseating, h a r a to .breathe, antiseptic kind, you imean," I had suggested. "Wha i we've got here is Ehnl new fur- j niture polish and broiled Inmb- j chop-odor, which certainty isn 'becoming.*' i' So, we methodically sprayed two 'cans of ether, a bottle of ST j disinfectant, and A liberal sup | ply of Lysol all over the house. I "But I cant breathe," 1 yelled jwhon we had finished. ; We hurriedly nung open th 1 windows for belter ventilation only to find, after the respirator difficulty ceased, and we had gon .out and re-entered to test th -odor, that instead of being over j whelmed by a professional hos Ipital smell nothing was left bu Ihe furniture and food. "Maybe some antiseptic is sti left," John began as we lay res ing that night, hopefully try in to Bnifl some remnants of ou efforts in the air; "but—* Just then the doorbell rang. Again, as on that flrst occasio we flew to our posts, Ughlin •lamps, closing doors, like soldie answering a bugle call to battl Finally, 1 with marvelous se control, 1 opened the door. "Good evening," 1 told the liu old man on the step, and regal led the way to trie foyei whe Money to Loan no you need A losn to repair or remodel? No rtnwn payment on mort- Ka?e. no red inpe, " FHA APPROVED RATES 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Pnone 2034 Lyncn BulMlng e promptly s:it. Then I went m- Uic ofllce, where John had re- eated 1 , and delivered my message \ Garcia. "A patient?" John whispered. "I don't know," I said. "He looks id enough to be one but that's o sure sign. At any rate," I fin- hcd, crossing my fingers, "lie an't be looking for housework." • » • L FTER a suitable period of time had elapsed (this time we fol- ed the rules although heaven nly knows what good psycholofli- al eflect our poor little waiting com could produce on anyone), ohn came out and said to the ian, "YoAi can come in now. sir," nd sat behind his desk to wait. The man walked slowly in and ooked carefully about as he ap- roached. But this time John was orewnrned. "And what can I do for you, Ar. —?" John paused expectantly. "Wilkinson,** was the immediate cply. •on sit front snyinRt Hlac-k in two minutes At corner tfniEj store." That should teH inem. P.'^aae John." , begged. So with tb* sitfn hung, we ran down tH* ttre«t i'.i!p«l a soda, and start*<l bacX in two *nti a half minutes. "Pee?" 1 b« H-iumptiantly to as we near*d o ir noose, hut Chen I slopped Th* p*K>ne, thai dirty, tyrannical, henrUenb traitor was ringing loudly and dearly through the opened bedroom window. ~.Yo bo*h broke into a quick rim, but John said, after a hurried search: '*! can't find my key." * * » It^HANTICALJjY, we tried the door, but it was nrmly locked. "Got in the bedroom window," 1 said, turning towards it. "It'll be nearer since there's an extension there.*" The telephone- was still ringing. Unfortunately, the bedroom window was only partly open, about 1-1 inches to be exact, and it was faslencc at this point by a complicated safety device. John got hfs bulk halfway in and Uien got stuck. "1 can't make it," he panted, and it took o -th of us, yanKJng FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE* Treating Him WMU "If they ask us to play Cannsta, I want you to keep peace—we don't know these people well enough to ar with them yet!*' »T WAS stjcn A NMi.O WfNUR. HfGur, lA^O W}VU> HIS &U> 10 TH£ SLEEPING- I IF SLCRP.9. SOME CHw-i&E WADE / ro. u. s. PAT. orr. I'KIBCILLA'S POP Molhvr Nose Best HY AL YKKMEER 'Adam Wilkinson, but just down and take it easy, oung feller," he went on shaking John's hand. "1 heard there was a new doctor in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd drop right in and ook you over." He finished with twinklr in his eye as John and collapsed in near-by chairs, "you never really know when you might need a doctor, do you?" That night, however, after Mr, Wilkinson's departure, 1 rehelled at our slavery. "Wniting for someone to come during office hours is bad enough," I told John, "But waiting for this phone to produce a house visit is a 24-hour joh," "A doctor's telephone must be answered any time of day or night," John sounded like Hule No. 162 out of an Army Guidebook. "And in the meantime, how about a little ice cream soda down at the corner drug store?*' I pleaded. "What about a front door emergency?" John asked. "We'll hang a little sign on the hard, to pull him back ouL 'Til go, I'm smaller," I said. This time, we were successful, and •I fell with a neavy thud to the floor. I picked myscll up and ran for the phone but just then H stopped ringing. "Hello, hello, hello,** I screamed and ban_ed ai my merciless tormentor, but it was as dead as the churchyard in Goldsmith's "Deserted Village." "Didn't catch it?" John asked as I let him in the front door. I shook my head. w lt doesn't really matter," he tried to -jnsote me. "Probably somebody wanting to sell me a subscription to a magazine." Rut the next morning, a telephone call from old Dr. " man, squelched that. VIC FUNT 1'lace to Think It Over KAIL RIGHT, YOU TWO, WHY 'WAW, VME DID YOU TRY TO SHOOT DE CARIO?/? DIDN'T HY MICIIAK1, O'MAU.KY ntul KAUMI T,ANK 5S he demanded in booming "A fractured leg came you?" tonps. into the emergency room last night and wanlexi a orivaU* doctor so 1 tried and tried to set you No answer. 1 finally sent it to Saunders." (Tn Br f- MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W.T. BARNETT Ph. 22G2 or 3322 1-6 ])k 2-6 FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. W. LI TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingram-Herman May Cooper Bid.— Ph. 4627 12-0 ck 1-9 LIVE ATTENTION FARMtRS Dead, tallen and crippled animals picked vip free ot charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD AN1MAI DISPOSAL CO. II'ZI pK 121 * Personal Thruy minute photostatlc service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO. l:8-ck-tf Insurance For FARM BURKAU INSURANCE semce. call QI contact H D Slicppard. pnone 2157 early morning. n(wn or nlgnl 12 iu ps i|io RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere You Plf.isc Simpson OH Co. Phone 937 Notice E. T. Hubbard Ac E^rsj- \VnHnnis nrc ow wlih HuTibarci Land Co.. Hurt will i mm run nil office at 130 E. D;»vls. 'h. 4329. If you want to tniy or fH cHy m lurm Irvnd. \Vo Mso make o;ms on cltr or Inrni property. HUaHAKI) LAND CO. PI! 4129 Earsy Williams Ph. 4SOrJ 1.5 jik 1| 10 For Sale, Cars and Trucks NOW -Ml four )4 1 wrhrels pull on the Willys .Station \Vnpnn. rtclcup and ruececl Jeep "The worlds most useful " WUly Sale Cn Ph 5S4 12 22 cw 1 22 Wanted to Kent or 3 unfurnished rooms tletl coiiiile. Win he ptrn Close In anpnt Ph ' pit l;l 1UO-600 acre rnrm Ph 4320. 12,30 pk Holly and ivy navr been idcnLificd | Christmas from early times. be paSi «. pci through fnstructions 1(1111 Hrarn " in Shorthand. EooX- Mra l> M Burnett— LU CD LU Here s Another Speci $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet 1^-Ton Cab & Chassis Monday's Price You can buy it for $825 on Monday, ?815 on Tuesday, etc., if the truck i> still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint. . . cle»» R§ a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas licensr Help Wanted, Male OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS Wll! r,r at Noble Hoi*-1 7 p m Jan L__ I! :o '.nlervlrxv mm Tor sales work | Men ^iiri cars .15 io go prelrrrcd i -_ H. r.i <:;?.;•?. nlj:iu:irrt position F O ^/i im;--:orO Si:itc Sair--; M-r. 33 C K Ml Wanted to Buy ipricsl prices p^lil (or CHICKENS- I S Ash Street Grocery vt Market. ! \v ASK. SIT CK «i taken Up TBKen up one aray mare mn!e Olack noiie mule. 0. D. Ixmg Rt »>' a;i. 12,27 ' P k ]; 3!MS Stuclelinkor I.anil Cruiser 19IS Studcfiakcr Champion IH11 Cheviolel 2-<lonr I'll 9 Studcliakcr i/ 2 -Ton Pickup. 1917 I'ord '/ 2 -Ton I'ickup 1916 Dodge Vi-Ton I'icknp CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 I DOM'T THINK YOU'RB GOING TO GET ANYTHING . ..._. OUT OF THEM {""* If, HtREJHSPECTORSs-"? GROWL. NICK THE BOOK? NEVER HEARD OF HIM. WISE SUV, EH 9 WEU.WE KNOW YOU'RE TKYIMS TO PROTECT THE YOUNG PUNK WHO KNOCKED OFF NICK THE BOOK. KNOW I! WAS LOADED. WELL.TO55 'EM IN THE WAGON AMD WE'LL TAKE 'EM TO THE CLINK. IT'i NICE^ND COMfOK^- A81E THERE. HY LESLIE TURNER OOK/f WOEEV. Mft'M. \ HIEV GOTfA BEi CHANCES ARE THEVU J ILL 6E COMBIW HB PICKED UP IM / TtV VST- C&H'T FIHD WHO SAW 'E-W AFTER IHEV LFFl HOME 3 O'CIOCK'. / WE'LL NOTIFY ALL P6.TROL CftRS ftT VOOK.KOM— WVUT DEJECTED IITUE PUP HOOD A.GMM WITH ' j IF I PON'T GET ' H0\',£ KIGHT A^AAV IT'LL BE TOO SLJK6 C'N IHWAUE WHAT'S RUSH KIP? / WELL. I SOT BY, BLJT 6 \ KAV I'M NOT 5KV:5F!ED TH.EY ITU, DO HIPPOLYTAiS KDGAR AIAUTLN "VO CATCH 'W. VOQ fc IV CHVCV.-U 1 ? '. Nations Racing to Reach 40,000 Ton Giant Tank NEW YORK (API—Loading mnr- Ulme nations are racing to turn out the tanker, Recording to the American Merchant Marine Institute. Prior to the war. the French had the, the Sheherazadc. At 18.000 deadweight tons, she was considered mammoth, but tortay this size is only average. Hov:cver, building in R French yarrt are a pair of new giants of 31.2«5 tons which wiU agflin plnce France Rt the lead in the rnce. Liberia presently boasts tho esl tnnfccrs a!loo.L—30.00(1 tons. But by nilti-1950 the United States will ta5ve the lead temporarily with a trio of 30350-ton giants to Join -sev- rra] 28.000-tonnr v rs in active service. Panama and Honduras have 28.000-ton tankers. Vessels of 40.000 toilo are now In the drafting stage. An AInskH pcttlsWn is s and pliable than an entire pelt can

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