Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 30, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1895
Page 5
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McKeon's steam UUD dry—good work j Mrs. Andrew Burnett of Clay town«hip is reported seriously ill. Tho boB't baking powder in the world at Bon Fluher'a drug store. Nelson & Mayors are improving their office quarters on Fourth street Glovea, gloves, in kid and fabric, at at pricosjo make quick silea—-Trade Palace. Tne office occupied by S. M. Veleey and owned by 1). D. Dykeman, will be modernized. you noed money you can (fet it on or collateral security of f. Overshiner, 327 Fourth St. The new plant at the Kenneth quarries for grinding etono, will be run night and day to supply the demand. A court of inquiry made uplof 'Squire* Fender and LalnR and Dr. J. W. BaDard, yesterday declared the Mind man Brown, Insane. Wanted—A. (food girl lor general houie work. No washing, jfood' wapes. Must come with good recommendations. • Call at No. 216 Eighth St. The wedding of Carl Caesar of Lansing, Mich., and Miss Carrie Soholder |of Rochester, occurred last week. The bride is well-known here. Have you ever noticed how your system seems to crave special assistance In the spring? Just the help required Is given by Hood'i Sarsapa- rllla. Cu.a hundred dozens cent's seamlo£S halt hose, blaak and tan, 8 cents a pair, two pair for 5 cents. Lad las' and misses 1 hose at prices to please— Trade Palace. UNCONDITIONAL ARMISTICE. Declared by the Emperor of Japan— A Bin tinrprlBf. A special to the Journal from New •Y«rk received last night states that a cablegram has been received there to the effect that the Etnpror of Japan has declared an unconditional armistice. It Is a great surprise and the diplomatic sensation of (he hour. Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair. DR. BAKING POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE ', ApurtCfapeCwamc'TartarPowder.- Fre« {,i-/Mm Ammonia. Alum o> viy other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, SIX MASTER MASONS. Tlptou Lod£« Iloldx n JUone So«»lon— A JJac<l ne «' Beginning yesterday at 1 p. m.. Tlpton lodge No. 83 F. and A. M., was hard at work at Orient hall. In the afternoon three candidates were given tho Master Mason degree, and a like number were taken through after supper. A.t 6 o'clock an elaborate banquet was served to over one hundred per. sons. Many vlaltlng Masons were in attendance. I»r. Morrli Talks to the S Dr. Morris viaitod the high school and epoke entertainingly and sensibly to tho young mon of that institution. He was heard with tailoring attention. He emphasized in his brief address the Importance of the need that every young man has to first secure an object in life, aim directly at It and let no obstacle prevent hie attainment of It. His few words were most Inspiring 1 and he made many friends among the young people. The loclern Wij Commends Itself to the welMnformed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done In the crudest man. ner and disagreeably as well. To olennse the system and break up colds headahohes and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful 11« quid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. A Hm»ll Blaze. A small fire, causing a loss of about $25, occurred yesterday just after noon at tho new store house of the McAvoy brewing company near the Vandalla on the West Side. The blaze was looaled on the outside around a door frame and was thought to have caught from a spark thrown by a locomotive. 1 ho department was called. Elected. Tho following officers will eerve lodge No. 66 B. P. 0. E., during the ensuing year: Exalted Ruler— Austin D Fansler. Esteemed Leading Knight— Adam Graf. Esteemed Lecturing Knight — P J Hooley. Esteemed Loyal Knight— V C Han- await. Secretary— Ed J Estabrook. Treasurer— J P Sebastian. Tyler — Jamea McKague. Trustee, long term — Charles 15. Hale. The young daughter of Gibson Hollliof Royal Center WM burled Thursday. Ths H. M. If. olub was entertained by Mri. Turp Miller at dinner Thun- day. ON:! CHURCH EXTENSION A SPIRITED AND FQKGIBLE TALK A. J. JKYNETT. D. D.. OF PHILiDEHHIA. " A Han Who H«« For M«nT Ye Been Ide»tlfl««i: With Chnrck Ex- I«D>IOB Work.—The Crowd* it the Night Meellm* C»ntlnn« 10 «r« —Chaplain toiler Lecture* »t the Flrit rreibyterlmn Chnueh—Meet Inge of the Day. Oo church Kynett D. D. extension, Alpha J _ f of Philadelphia, grew en'thuBlaeUe last night, and he had a large and responsive audience at the Broadway Methodist church. It was the anniversary of church extension and the address was a review of the work done and an appeal for aid in accomplishing the tasks that are yet to come. The muslo of the evening was a pleasant feature. • ANOTHEE MEETING. Chaplain Lozier gave his "Apron Strings" lecture last night at the First Presbyterian church under the aus pices of the high school young people There were fully 900 people in the church and the talk was much en joyed. 1HE DUTY TO BE WINSOME. Dr. Morrlu Telia Why the Parvoii Should Try to be Attractive— Woman and Home minion*. Dr. G. I. Morris again impressed a large audience with the excellence of his argument and the strength of his position on the qualities that a good minister of the gospel should possess. Hlfl talk yesterday afternoon was on the preacher! 1 duty to be winsome. The address was one of the best yet delivered before the conference. THE -ft'OUKNTALK MISSIONS. The anniversary meeting of the Home Missionary society wai a»tended by a church full of women, and the following program was carried out: Scrlptnri Reading ........... Mrs. B«v. L. J. H?mn-»My CounttT 'TIs of Thee".... ..... .No. 1U89 Prayer ............................ Hev. ti.SL MorrU. D. D. Anthem ........................................................ cholr Bflporu of Cor. Sec, anfl -Jtew^. »...-. g^^ Adu'risiT ................... ................... Mr "- L D - Jones oio .!.::,'.'.'.'.'.'."'.''",'.:.'.:........ ........ Mrs. c. H. B t »«m Benediction. _ THE BUSINESS SESSION. Geo. S V. Howard Expelled* Second Tlmo-The Standing Com* mictcci. The report of the statistical secretary was rsad eoon after the openicg of the business session of the conference yesterday. Judge Elliott and Hon. Chas. L. Henry wore elected trustees for De^ Pauw university. The steward's list o! disbursements was read and the report was adopted. The following report was made by the committee on the proposed sua- tentatlcn fund: "We are convinced that the necessity of the times demands the raising of funds to bo used within our conference limits to supplement the amounts paid by some of the weak charges not able 10 furnish support, and are Important points to Method- Ism. We therefore recommend that the sum ot $2,00 be apportioned to tha presiding elders' districts, and to the different charges of the conference, on the iame basis and In the same way as other benevolences are provided for." F.M. STONK, J.B. ALLEMAN, A. S. PRESTON, J. W. WBLCH, J. M. HAINE3. The apportionment of the benevolences will be left to the presiding- elders.' Tbanka were tendered Miss Nancy Plummor of Bethel, for a donation of |400, divided among 1 the various movements of tho cnurch work. The Rev. Brewington, superannuated, was at hi* own request, granied an effective relation. Milton Mabin, A. C. Gerard and Jasper I. McCoy were superannuated. Dr. Cranston of Cincinnati spoke to the conference in the interests of the Book Concern. The following report was read in the Howard case: "After hearing the evidence in the case and the argumeut by the counsel, we. the Select Number, to whom was referred the caae of Rev G. S • V Howard, find him guilty as charged In the complaint, and fix as the penalty that he be and is, therefore, now expelled from the ministry and membership of the Methodist Episcopal church." All the members of the Select Number ilgned the report. The report of Statistician Ne&l was farorably recei7ed. The following la an abstract: Total number reported In full connection In the conference the pait year wu 48,799, agalctt 16,778 last Te*r; ulnoremM of 2.021. Your Last Chance! J Otto's Great Suit Sale Closes Today, Specials in Shoes for Today Only! 100 pair Misses' kid button diamond patent leather tip worth J $1 ' 2 |00°pa1re C Ladies' tan. hand turned, Prince Alberts and Nullifurs ,00. A bargain at $2.25. 100 pairs Ladies' kid Oxfords 50c worth $ l.OO. OTTO KRAUS. There were 555 deaths during the year; a decrease of 62 from last year. Number of churches, 458; against 4.60 laat year — a decrease of 7. Probable value of church proparty, $1,378,825, against $1,429.673— a de crease of $63,2-18. Paid for building and improvement of churches, $45,816, against $81.797 —a decrease of $35,931. Paid on old indebtedness, $28,566; against $17 241 in 1893— an increase of $11,325. Present indebtedness of churches, $58,800, against $75,504 last year— a decrease of $16,704. Num-ber -of Sunday schools, 446, against 487 last year— an increase of nine. Teachers and officers of Svindby schools,, 46,912, against 46,856 lasi year— increase, 305. Total number of ssholars, 48,410. against 46,856 last year— increase, .,554. The average attendance during the year was 35, 801. KOKOMO DISTRICT. The report from the Kokomo dls- ,rlctshows9,421 full members, 1,216 probationers, 1.16 deaths, 166 child japtlems, 738 adult baptisms, 83 churches, of a probable value of $?36. 225; 24 parsonages, of a probable alueof $27,950; paid for building and Improvements, $9,546; paid on all ndebtedDe.-s, $9,332; present indebt. edneSB, $12,997. ,-iEhe following standing committees were appointed: Stewards— C E Diabro, A W Lamport. G H Hill, B A Kemp, M S darble. Education— F G Brown, J H Jack- OD, H J. Norrts, S Light, J K Walls: Bl Krider, C E White, M H Mend en. hall, P S Cook.; Parsonages and Furniture— N H Phillips, J W Welch, A H Currie, J Stn^er, E M. B iker. • Traots _A G McCarter, J W Lowery, H W Johnaon, F M Lacy, W J Waltz Sunday Shoola — C Earvey, R H Smith, 'D H Guild, S Bllheimar, J A Beaty.; Memoirs— The conference secrela. •ies. York Book Accounts— c M Svone. Freedman's Aid and Southern Edu- atlon Society— C King, A Cone, M H klott, Thos Stabler, J C Domln, J W ..ewellen. Temperance— R F Eeid, C B Wilcox, S C Norrls. Conference Rotations— G N Eld•Idge, A S Wooten, B S Hollopeter,. .5E ffeal, C C Clasel, C H Murray, O 7 L Harbor, W R Wones, J A Ruley. Bp'worth league— C M Hollopeter, M A Harlan, U S Stewart, J S Cain, ' E Powell, J C White. W F M S and W H M S— A J Gary, ' PJ Chmmmess, M J Major, _W H 'iorco, AGNeal. F M. Kemper. Book Concern— G B Work, H Bridge, J W Pascnal, M.-F Sirite, C H Wilkinson, E Davis, 0 S Barrieon. Popular Amusements— E F Hasty, W M Stetson. USA Bridge. Sabbath Desecration— J 0 Alleman, J W Bowea, W E Murray, L E Knox, J A Lewellen, J H Walters. American Bible Society— W J VIgus. R Toby, R D Spcllaaa, J Johnson, T H C Peal. Committee on Sustentation— W H Daniel, E M Baker, E E Hasty, Wiliam Laeh. JE Ervin, E E Seal. OCTLIN"E FOR TODAY. :30** m— Devotional service conducted by Rev E L Semans Goshen, nd.' 9:00 a m — Conference business. 10:00 a tG — Address to entering ,l»es by Bishop H W Warren. 12:00 nj — Adjournment. 2:00 p m— Lecture, "The Pastor as a Lender," Kev G K Morris. D D. 3:00 p n> — Annual meeting of "The Wom&n'e Foreign Missionary Society', n charge of Mr» L E Hartman at Forl Wayne. Ind. 3:30 p. m — Adjourned meeting •reachera' Mutual Benefit society. 4:00 p m — Epwortn. League annlver- »fT, In oharjre.ol the conference or. anizttion. J 7:30 p m—Educational mass meeting, addressed by Revs C tl Payae, DD, LLD, New 1'ork, and G K Morris DD, Boston, Mass. APPOINTMENTS KO1J SUNDAY. The following is a partial list of tbo preachers who will fill pulpiisio the churches ot the city Sunday morning and evening; The complete arrsng-e. ments will ba announced tomorrow morning. Bishop W H. Wurren at the opera house, 10:30 a. m. Dr. G. T£. Morris at the First Presbyterian church II a. m. Dr. J. P. D. John at the First Pres- byterjan church, 7pm. Dr J M Driver at the Broadway Presbyterian church, 11 a m. G N Eldridge at the Broad way Presbyterian church, 7pm. M S Marble at the Cumberland Presbyterian church, 11 a m. J B Ford at the Cumberland Proa- byterlan church, 7pm J H Blckford at the Baptist church, 11 am. G. HHill at the Baptist church, 7 p m. CKingattha Oaiversallst church, 11 a m. C A Rowland at the A M E church, 7pm. Other pulpits will also be supplied , NOTES. Misses Minnie Stouffer and Lillian Clary will sing a duet at the Broad« way church tonight. Miss Marlon Treat's solo last night at the Broadway church was the vocal gem of the conference musio. The Preacher*' Mutual Aid Society adjourned yesterday to meet at 3:30 lodajj;o finish up its business. The Rev. Simons of Goshen will preach Sunday at the North Indiana hiitpltal for iha Insane at Long Chff. • i he o-ffanist of the conferencs, Miss De=t, o Moore of Huntitgton, is an artist of unusual merit, aad her work has been much praised. The Rev. C. H, Brown of Huntlner- ton, who was attending conference, was yesterday called home to preach the funeral of one of his flock. Kor the Wiilowu and Orphan*. The annual meeting of the Preachers' Mutual Aid Society was held yei- terday afternoon. The number of deaths during the year was exceptionally large. The amount paid into the treasury during the year was $5,600 and this will be divided equally between the widows of Revs. E. Hold stock, D. T. Stright, B. Smiih, W.S. Boston and J. A. R. Gahring. Tte foliowing of6cers who will serve without compensation were elected: President, MMahin; Vlca President, GM Eldridge; Secretary, P J Allbright; Treasurer, C U Wade. The society is receiving quite a number of young ministers as new members. Though, pure and simple, and so mild It might be used by any child, Yet SOZODONT is so swift and sure That mouth and teeth with wondrous speed From tartar and from taint are freed Till they become eweet, white and pure. It has been stated that Ernest ia at present at Denver, Col. Stoll Two Lire* Sired. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction City, III. was told by her doctors she bad consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles Dr Kine'd Nuw Discovery completely cured her and she *ays it saved her life. Mr, Thomas Eggers, 139 Florida St., San Francisco, suffered from » dreadful cold, approaching consumption, tried without remit everything else, then bought one .bottle of Dr. Sing's New Discovery and in two weeki «ra» cured. He it naturally thtnkful. Ii it tuch resulu, of which these are gam pies, that prove the won derful effio&cy of this medicine in oougb* and cold*. Free trial bottlei at B- F Kee.l-ng'« drug itore. Regular sire 60a ano $1. CURED BY THUNDER. Sprccii »"il npririn* BcKtoroil to » Mm. Doprlvoil of Botli by Oynnmlte. John Council, an inmate-of the city poor farm at, Marshalsea since October, was rolo:iscd recently, says the Baltimore American. When ho \voni there Council was insane uud deaf. His cuur has boon effected by a clap of UniuJer, Director George Booth, of the department of charities, nnd Superintendent Liedcman, of the farm, vouch for the truth of the story. One nijjhl ConneH went to his room us usual. lie hat been acting' very queerly and his room* mate was cautioned to keep a cva.tcfc over him. About miJnigHt the two were awakened by the storm which-began that night. The storm was broken by the tremendous clap of thunder. v The peal had hardly died away when Council sprang from his bed avid raised a shout that startled the entire build- Ing-. Finding that he could shout, thu man began dancing about the roo He yelled, clapped his-hands and sang; •while tears of joy ran down his fa Up to that hour none in the establls rncnt had known his name. Being dumb he could not give any account <rt| himself. Now, however, he has giT his name as John Connell, and he saj<( he was 'born in Pittsburgh and sofl years ago went west. Eventually he secured worlt nt .ft mine owned by a California company-. His two brothers obtained work in thtr same mine. One day there was a t«p- rific explosion in the mine and ConueU; was the only man taken out alive. His two brothers were killed. Council wae removed to a hospital maintained bjr the miner's union, and, after being un-' conscious for ninety-six hours, recovered to find his voice gone and bis miaol wandering. Etc was awakened, he says, by the clap of thunder, and re-j. gards his recovery as a miracle. He j Bays the loss of his hearing; was attrib- ] uted by the California doctors to tlie explosion of dynamite in the mine. '^ THE FINEST LINE] [OF ;» SPBING J| i i v; SUITINGSi To be Found in thef City at I W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2nd Floor. Justice Block. NEW HARNESS SHOP. ;? I have moved my harness saddlery ehop to 626 Twelfth street,!; where I will turn out the best, eocxkj! for the least money. -I GEO, W. FOSTER, \ 1XVSEKK5TH. D OJL.AM* OPKBA HOC*B. \ . S. B. PATTEBSOX, ilASAGBU- ONE WBEK COMJtESCIX« A Monday April, Ist3 —THE— I HDNTLEY-BIXBY.:; COMEDY COMA ANY. In a BepertoUe of Popular Playi, met Hunted;Down! OBTHBOIAVI. ~{ Cb»meolbUln*bUj. New ud catchy *pe4*l- U<*. If oodtf emnlni. one lad? tdmltted Om- wltfeMc!i3(to ticket. Popular Ma*-?*, » and 30 ctntt,

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