The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on May 31, 1926 · Page 3
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 3

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1926
Page 3
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PAGE THREE Congress Must Face Critical Decision on Enforcement of Prohibition SAN BERNARDINO DAILY SUN, MONDAY, MAY 31, 1926 D FERENDUM S II IR LAST WORD ussion of issue This ession Appears to Be fjOmewhat in Doubt ft fMENT GAINS SPEED Colorado Cities Are Linked With New Air Mail Line; Plan Inauguration Ceremony Today Who Would Back Plan sitate Since It Sets Powerful Precedent ly DAVID LAWRENCE (Spwlal lo Tin Sun) IHIXGTON, May SO. Con- face to face with a critical on the whole problem of lion enforcement. General Is of the treasury department k Mabel Walker. Willcbrandt, It attorney general, are ln-that more severe penalties Ided for the violations of the act. At the same time, the trying: to force through a bn providing for a national lum on prohibition. hove for a referendum has been purely political and is not sure just what done about it, but there is ling the request of the de- of justice, which puts the of enforcement squarely Ingress. entences Iveeated sentences are urged by lebrandt for those convicted tie and transportation of Congress declines to put the law, the wets will a big victory. On the kd, the drys know very the moral effect would be rs In the midst of all the modifying the Volstead lahead with drastlo plans bment. I no question but that there loopholes in the law which sendment, and Congress is I to adopt a number of ise these defects would be Lhlch could hardly have ben. There Is, however, a on the part of the wets rery piece of dry legisla ting. kweie taken of the mem- the House and Senate, how that the drys still I'stantial majority. The pr a referendum has a member who has or less uncertain of his an opportunity to pass on to the electorate. lum I evidences that the drys kt a referendum as vlg- vas at first supposed. re that many of the dry land pat and that very will be noted In the have always been do- In sentiment lance of the referendum er, is that It may in Congress later on. Iple. certain districts vet which have hither- It may" answer the le representatives In li that district Usual- It prohibition has not Issue involved In the Personalities as well fof thought on other ns. To have an eloc- nothing else Is voted Ihlbltton Is a novelty (By Associated Press) DENVER, Colo, May SO. A new era of mall transportation in Colorado comes into being tomorrow morning at 5:30 o'clock, when Captain Erland F. Curtis, chief pilot for the Colorado Airways, Inc., hops off from the United States air mail field at Cheyenne, Wyo, on the first flight of a feeder air mall service that will link Pueblo, Denver and Colorado Springs with Uncle Sam's transcontinental air mall route at Cheyenne. The flight will mark the Inauguration of the twelfth "feeder" to the transcontinental air mail service that has brought the Atlantic and Pacific coasts closer together by several days. U will give the Colorado cities approximately 24-hour service with New York City. The route is approximately 250 miles in length and the service will provide one round trip dally, leaving Cheyenne, the northern terminal, at 6:30 a. m., dally, and arriving at Pueblo, the southern terminal, at 8:30 a. m., with stops at Both Colorado Springs and Denver. The return plane will leave Pueblo at 4: 15 p. m. and reach Cheyenne at 7:15 p. m. after immediate stops. Capacity loads of mall await the inauguration flight in each of the four cities on the route and appropriate ceremonies have been arranged to celebrate the coming of "winged" mail service to Colorado. An aerial circus, together with native Indian dances at the Dan Hogan air field, and the transportation of the first load of mall from the postofflce to the field by stage coach, will be the principal features of Denver's celebration. Governor Nellie Taylor Ross, of Wyoming, will be on the air mall field at Cheyenne to greet the pilot when he returns at 7:15 o'clock Monday night. A monster celebration Is planned by Cheyenne citizens to follow the completion of the first trip. The first cargoes of mail will carry letters of greeting between mayors of the four cities as well as a letter from Governor Morley of Colorado, to Governor Ross. Continue Probe of Philippine Rioting (By Associated Press) MANILA, May SO. Investigations into the cause of riots at San Fernando a week ago when four persons were killed and 19 wounded, are continuing by agents of the governor-general, civil authorities and constabulary officers. Preliminary examination of 10 constabulary soldiers held In custody on charges of murder have been postponed again until June 7. The disturbance and deaths came as the climax of a brawl originating In a dance hall. One of those killed was a civil policeman. Three Men Killed as Fire Works Explode (By Associated Press) ALLENTOWN, Pa., May SO. Three men were killed and one Injured today by an explosion that wrecked the plant of the Pennsylvania Fireworks Company, near this city. . The plant went up with a rumbling thunderlike roar that was heard for many miles. Those killed were Nicholas Tumlnl and John Tumlnl, proprietors of the works, and an unidentified man. which many members of Congress would really welcome. If the referendum should be held It would also furnish a precedent for the submission of other Issues to the electorate. Sentiment, therefore, may not be sufficient at this session of Congress to put through a referendum proposal, but the Idea Is gaining ground every day. (Copyright. 1920. br The Sun) Logan & Bryan Members New York Stock Exchange p Street Private Wire Same 636 So. Spring St. Los Angeles sting Supplies AMITE, BLACK POWDER, S, FUSE, AND ELECTRIC EXPLODERS any a complete stock, own our zine and buy in Car Lots. price is less than you can buy roduct from the Manufacturer ay freight, in less than ton lots. livery Any Day by Truck ernardino Hdw. 429-431 Third St. IN THE SHADOWS ROBERT F. WETZEL Funeral .services for Robert P. Wetzel will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the parlors of the Mark B. Shaw company. Interment will be In Mountain View. Former Resident of San Bernardino Dead J. H. Van D'lesen, formerly a resident of San Bernardino, was buried at Avalon, Catalina Island, last week. He was 80 years old at the time of his death and had lived In this city for approximately 30 years. A blacksmith by trade. Van Duesen owned and operated a blacksmith shop here at various locations. He is also reputed to have owned considerable property In this city. He left here in 1920, taking up his residence at Avalon where he died May 18. Those surviving him are his wife and son, Myron, who is an instructor at a military college in Los Angeles. PREPARATORY LATIN TAUGHT To place the study of Latin on a parity -with the study of modern languages, the University of North Carolina has reduced the amount of Latin required for admission to the College of Liberal Arts. A sliding scale has been adopted, and students will be admitted on a minimum of two units work. HOTEL COURT 555 Bush Street San Francisco A REAL HOME in the Center of City's Life RATES $1.50 Detached Bath $2.50 Private Bath FREE GARAGE Plenty of room for your car COME AS YOU ARE RFVEA L1 OF Alleged Attempt of Local Man to 'Peach' Also Causes His Arrest That Nathan S. Thlbodeau, better known as Kid Bailey, arrested by federal agents last Wednesday night on a narcotic charge, furnished the government authorities with the information that caused the arrest on May 20 of Wiley Livingston, Fon-tana rancher, on a charge of pos session of drugs, was revealed here yesterday as federal agents pre pared to proceed In both cases. F. E. Allen was arrested In connection with the Thlbodeau case. When Livingston was taken Into custody, he charged that Thlbodeau had persuaded hlra to drive over the Mexican line. It was Thlbodeau who secured the drugs, according to Livingston's story. The rancher alleged that Thlbodeau left a small portion of the morphine In Livingston's automobile. As the result of Livingston's allegation that Thlbodeau, Instead of being merely an Informant was likewlso Involved In the smuggling of the drug across the border, Federal Agents Parent and Munroy, assisted by Constable T. C. McDonald of RIalto, trapped Thlbodeau and Allen. Allen was caught with one-half ounce of dope. Officers arranged with Mrs. Callahan, living In Allen's house, to secure morphine from Thlbodeau. She gave the prearranged signal to the federal officers and officers entered the house. . This prevented, they said, Thlbodeau from pouring into a sink morphine he had retained. Livingston furnished $5000 ball fixed by United States Commissioner V. D. Evans. Bessie Novack was arrested here early Saturday morning by feaeral prohibition agents on tho charge of violating the Wright Act. The Butlers Established Since 1918 Doctors of Chiropractio No Guessing We know. - X-RAY and NEUROCOLOMETER WHEN NEEDED Sr. Taos. K. Bntler, 70. O. 21S and 219 Katz Bid p.. 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Elsewhere TlBdjaikletOlUr fl Tor V Daily asapsssf JL may 22nd to SanuFc itinerary SEPTEMBER 15th' Return Limit October Met Y ADVANCE PULLMAN Retemtlone jjjiKKUI Now Being Made Santa Fe Ticket Office and Travel Bureau Phone 2111 Station 46 or L. R. Everett, Division Freight and Passenger Agent Room 10, 8ant Fe Depot 1 Phone 2111 Station 21 Exposition's Gates Ready For Opening (By Associated Press) PHILADELPHIA, May 30. A "miracle city" of halls and exhibition palaces, covering 1000 acres, will be opened tomorrow in South Philadelphia. It ie the Sesqui-Centennlal International Exposition, commemorating 150 years of American independence. The exposition will continue to December 1. It ie estimated that 30,000,000 persons' will participate in the six-month celebration. They will visit shrines of American liberty, hear noted personages, native and foreign, see noted athletes in action, participate in parades and witness pageants and exhibits. Starting tomorrow, shortly before noon, the official program will get under way. Speakers, including Secretaries Kellogg and Hoover, will deliver addresses at the municipal stadium, while overhead half a hundred planes stunt. I S. EMB'SSY GUARDS ADDED Paris Agitation Over Trial of Massachusetts Murder Case Prompts Action s Horn BEPROoS.MJ owtrciiyuavadis. -WMtly TThathJv Rotas IO Stories of Solid Comfort Without Extravagance Card Coffee Shop Luncheon JSQt Pinner foo SO Without Bath 13 50 Without Bath W TOO With Bath 100 With Bath FREE GARAGE Capacity -700am JPjrcdhAcrassShxxt emm Axrvr tayt at .TATrmsr TO HOTEL. AT OUR EXPENSE j AUTO REPAIRING CENTRAL GARAGE BEXJABLB BEPAIB IEBVZOB A. A. LUIT5S, Prop. 422-438 D Street Phone 871-82 (By Associated Press) PARIS, May 80. Agitation over the Sacco-Vanzettl murder case In Massachusetts has prompted redoubling of the guards at the American embassy and the residence of Ambassador Herrlck. Six policemen, Including a cyclist are guarding Mr. Herrick's home, while five policemen are stationed at the embassy. The full bench of the Massachus etts supreme court on Saturday re fused a rehearing of arguments on exceptions taken by counsel for the defense of Nicola Sacco and Bar-tolomeo Vanzettl, who were convict ed of murder tn 1921. It was Intimated that there would be another move to seek a new trial for the defendants In the famous murder case which has stirred agitation by radical organizations throughout the world. Pie Quick, Easy Way To Make Better Jams and Jellies By Elizabeth Palmer If you want your jams and jellies this year to give you a real thrill of pride, make them by the new short-boll method with Certo. You've no Idea how easy it is and what an lnprovement it makes In color and flavor. "My strawberry jam tastes enough like fresh berries to use in strawberry shortcake," says one delighted woman who uses Certo. Certo Is a pure fruit product the jellying substance of fruit refined and bottled. When you use Certo you do not have to "boil your fruit down." One or two minutes' boiling Is all It needs. It cannot fail to jell. This short boiling time with Certo preserves the natural flavor and color of your fresh fruit, and gives you more jam or jelly, because you save the juice which used to boil away. A recipe book comes with each bottle of Certo. Your grocer carries Certo, or you can send 10c (for postage) and get a trial half-size bottle which will make from 6 to 10 glasses of jam or jelly, depending upon the recipe used. Address Douglas-Pectin Corporation, 1502 Granite Building, Rochester, N. Y. Adv. i e) l e I f o i'l ! i ? Irlsie tlr,Ti nffl iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'. I Dr. John C. Campbell i ! DENTIST ! M e I X-RAY WORK $1.00 PAINLESS EXTRACTING $1.00 5 PLATE WORK BRIDGE WORK CROWNS AND FILLINGS 3 SPEN EVENINGS S REASONABLE PRICE8 460 E 8TREET Over PigglyWiggly FREE EXAMINATION GUARANTEED WORK PHONE 201-22 :iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!' The Next Few Days Will Be Intensely Devoted To B r i n g i n g Forth "Extra Values" In Every Section Of The Store. Tomorrow Morning's Sun Will Give You an Idea of a Few of the Happenings Arrange your duties so you can leave home early tomorrow and come to Scott's-where you are sure to save on all you buy. Farmers Celebrate Success of Large Irrigation Project (By Associated Press) SCOTTS BLUFF, Nebr, May 30. Today was commemorated as both memorial and thanksgiving day by hundreds of North Platte valley farmers. Their bitter dispute with federal authorities over irrigation payments was over after a settlement reached last night and bumper crops were in prospect. The valley farmers and the gov ernment department of the Interior disagreed as to the terms of main tenance and operating costs of the valley Irrigation project, virtually the sole source of moisture for more than 107,000 acres of land in the valley. Ship Involved in Beer Controversy at San Francisco (By Associated Press) SAN PEDRO. May 30. The German cruiser Hamburg, aboard which federal prohibition agents said they bought beer testing more than 4 per cent alcohol, departed today for San Francisco after a visit here of 13 days. The beer incident, in view of its House Is Elected Captain of Trojan Track Champions (By Associated Press) BOSTON, May 30. University of Southern California track athletes, L C. A. A. A. A, champions, today unanimously elected Edgar I House of EI Centro, their captain for next year. The 15 men who yesterday brought tho inter-colleglato track title to the Trojans In tho fiftieth annual games for the second consecutive year, held the election in their hotel here with Coach Dean Cromwell casting the ballots for tho rest of the squad back home. House is a sprlntetr and until forced to bow to eastern speed merchants in tho trials Friday, was undefeated this year. He will bo a senior next year. international aspect, was considered such a delicate one that the Los Angeles prohibition office referred the matter to Washington for Instructions. None was received prior to the sailing of the warcraft. The Hamburg will remain In San Francisco four days, sailing from there to Honolulu and tho Orient Help Wanted? See Class. 13-14-15. KEEP COOL WITH "G.." ELECTRIC FANS 6 Inch Fans $5.00. All Sizes in Stock PREST ELECTRIC CO. Established 1919 486 4th Street East of E Phone 241-22 We Give S. & H. Green Stamps V First Choice Among Consider These Facts: .TUWl ViU U Thor Cylinder Washer hasbea elected for over a million homes, among them Thomas Edison's, Henry Ford's, Durant's, Schwab's etc Your judgment Is confirmed when you, too, Insist on having Thor. (More than any other uake.) IBM There are 9 more facts Ask us for them Southern California Edison Company San Bernardino Cylinder Washer A So that everyone may properly celebrate the day in their own way and to do honor to the memory of our thousands of heroes who gave their lives for their country that all might en-joy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, our store will remain closed today. Department Store Court and B Streets 8sn Bernardino miMLIMI.IIII.I.I.IIMI.IWI, Department Store Court and E Streets tan Bernsrdlns I W I sr I C I I I 0 I o I c I o I I o I 0 I o ! te-

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