The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1950
Page 6
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f PAGE SIX BLYTllEVIUJC (ARK.) COURIER NKWS SATURDAY, JANUARY T, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION muy rate per \\i\t lor consrcuilve Itttrrtirm. Mlnlnuun cimrpe .............. M 1C 1 ume per line ........ , ..... 15i' 2 times per Hue jicr d^y ...... 1?£ 3 tlmcfi per line pur d:iy ...... 9c 6 itn-.fs JUT Jinr prr day ..... . 'f ]2 tunes per line pet clay ...... ' r Month per JIIK- .............. y^ Count five BVe.apc words to Oir Imf Ad ordrrrrt for three or pix times and stopped (jpforf expiration will br i li;uu'- <d for i IIP number of time* tlio *'' All chkssifiort Adve;<Kiiirf i'"!>y submit tea Dy persons r^slriinc «iti--idf! of tl.e city mii.-t \w :K-I omii.uii, <l hv rn^ti Rates iiiey paslly be ioiiHmu*:J fwm *" l! NO «ny cl^sMficti mi All B'ls ate r.v-;r!< tft( lo ciassit ion t ion stylo nnd Courier News rr-arrvcs tiie Or rvjcct any cr], Apartment for Rent 3-ronm apt C-05 UU 1 5 pic 1 R AJH. Wj-lic Smttli. rh. 2L 1 1 i s pk ri*2 3 room turn is lift) airi. Siij per IJIUJLUI. One room turn. apt. i 3-room imstir. npt. V f H Typewriter TYPEWRITERS K0!«1, SiMtib catena mid Hcaitngion "DON EDWARDS The Typ writer M*n 11U N. Second SL I'hono 3382 9 10 tl Services 1'Iftln A.- ianrv rtivfs rim king, Tnllor- Q inirts A; alU-rullons PH. fi009. 702 , i,ake. 1-1 pit MJ1 AUTO AND FUHNITUHE LOANS Uenriai Corilnti't I'lirchnse Corp JUO Jjomh Oil) Phone- K03 4]5 rfc If iini; irmrmjn^ rojmlrrd A 1 I JMy'JievUIe Muchinc Simp Ph I 11 8 Ck l-irtl, .StiUC IU1<J H-Cll'Iill Kr-pOttS S!ti'<i Income liti nnuinf pi rpari'ti and oooks fet-pi on part Hint: basis t.'al! VJLiO nr wrjtp Olivet W Kroner. Account HIH, South Ul vision at Uly- Ltievine 12,16 pk 1|]6 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call -1159 nr ICiitt Blytheville .st'cola 10-ti ck 1.-G INCOME TAX i] ;'-'g | ' : ' OJ1 Sl ' 1 ' Jletunis ni:«(le i>nmi))Uy and M 1,1: i 11 ai-ciii'iiU'tv fen- a nominal fee. l-ro»m r\inn7nc<! Tpartnicnl I'ro- See me ii'lOUl VOIII' il P " r "'or'^-ir" Als ° 2 "" > "'"! I! i" I rk l> !! i' 1 !; tor lllc entire year. Day phone 'il I- 2-room fur. apartment. CiMipfe onls' T22 J:tniicrson. 1 :i pk 1-10 Modern c service Pri 2-room uniii£nlf,]]c<! apt COLIpJe onlv IIJO K Ko^c c;U! n Business Service Directory Supplies and Services C?HAP.\!AX SERVICE STAT Main .t DlvliLon J'hd Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 12-! W. Ash St. GI.ENCOE HOTEL UUILDtXO 48-ck-tf yuur ramlty with ltv tires— BEJY LEE TIRES Machine Slio)>, Sdlllll. Al'tr-r (> p.m. S!>'10 Klib II. ("arson at .fue A I kins 5li^!i\vi>y 01 V.'-28 ck U i-lin. bookff'plin 1 . cU. Ill WnltHIl 1^3! Pli li? liours Kfrvlftr »'.!-' rk II . 11 K JCir L Billltlllii: K0(l:.k ! li:l: ..... 1>: OS'l'KEN'S KTUUIO Uvular!, riuir For Sale, Misc. rrrlp'-uun 5 buriiLT pn er li-uvmg town. I'll. -5105. ;ij»mf rmd i:-,v. Ovni- BRING YOUR CAR TO US FOR A ENGINE TUHE-UP HERE'S WHAT WE DO... Anolyre etiglne poHormorua MicultfiraMy with Ford factory- mommenJed aaolysis < tnent. •K Adjust tofturfilor, -* Ad[uit and dean sport p! *V Cltan fuel puwp, •* Adjust di&frlbufor p«ft*H. Test tgnittoif tmd wiring Adjust gc»erot«i' ckarge rate. Adjust fan bcH. Oiecli oil filter cartridge. Clean oil bcrfi air cJeoncf. Dram cra«k<ase and refill wrHi fresh, de«B «R. ALL FOR S 8 50 ^H^ Dependable Ford Service ALL iVLT.KL TRACTOR HAHKOWH Unty rmrrow t>ulli w 1 t ii hurtinK ItiroviRli orit Krone cu]uv;uors In Hotpnlnt rlccirlr run?:* 1 . electric rclrlRerator. I'll. 3 l i pk 2,3 Ketvhifitor I •', pk 11 Ask the Lady Who Bought One ompani] 5th af Walnut Phone 4453 KlNC-i" OUTHOAnn MOTOHS j"linv :i* Wauls Hr,i Kl.iyl Knrh Mrs. Nettie Borum Rl. 1, Manila, Ark. HERE'S WHAT MRS. BORUM SAYS: "I've bought two used cars from I.ant;s(on- lUcrWaters since last February. The first was a 1!).'!'.! Ford 2-tloor. Then we outgrew (lull car so \ve hotii^ht a tr)l(> Plymouth -t-do(ir, Eiich iiinc thev traded fair and square with me." Buy Your Used Car From c Recommended Dealer! Wnrrls minor by uiiiboiirci Uonlim: C'luh of Aincclra. PjtTKed WUM Improvement;; [r»r your grr.itIT bontmg plc.istire, 5 H. !• SI22 50 -3 it F *V7 50 Ask tor /r^e Demonstration. Mojit- aonn-ry Warci it Co. BlytlicvlUe, ArSt_ 1-3 ck II OWN A SHOPSM1TH — 5 RIC, CAPACITY ruWKlt TOOUS IN ONE — OWN tins power tool and you own ft rornplote poucr worksliop! SbopsmUh is n hr-iich saw. 1 at tie, samtor. vcj-tlciil ^ noriti/;i!, tlrill prrss. lliiumc! Chnnpc irtiin onp tool to itiintlKT In los. 1 ; limn -i nilmite Does over n 1UO ]t>l»-i Ovrr ;>'J" 1O711.T! Hiim*fH-^-cl£ilis over 20ft- U>s1 Own ft shnpsntUt) n o w! 10% down wltti as tltlilc as 511 monthly on Uinis. JMON'IXIOMKIIY WAIU) I-S ck if Fnsy washing innrhltir In ^oocl rnn- niMcm Cull Mra lloncli at SHS. :iZ4a i"K'»ts 12^3 ck U \ValIi>^l'<T: Hulf price- sslc on Again t Uiuhler.i -Supply Jncort»or«tf f | 61 liwsiy IZ'-ia ck 11 Mid-winter USED CAR BARGAINS 1917 Clievrolel Coupe, radio & healer. . .$095. l!ll(i Ford 2-door, maroon color, radio & healer., special. . .SSH5. ]9II Ford 2-door .Sedan. . .now only $.'!U5. 1911 IMyrnoulli Coupe, radio X lieulcr. . .$395. 1035 Ford 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. . .$225. Two Model "A" Kord 2-donrs. . .each $100. 1917 Ford Pickup. . .$745. Hill Ford Pickup. . .$250. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 CI'I'V PHOPfiKTY Store and 6 houses All rented tirncral stori i;ood town pood buildlnB li Cllrnrdcau. Me Acldcess Alon/.o !'ul!jiifi[i. Advance, Mo. blond cockers Fh 2406 1'^ 10 pk 1|1(J .(-rooms and half bath. Nice lot, fenced in. On K- Hose Street. Price ?2,5UO, § 1,330 cash, balance ?15 per monlli. Ininieiliatu possession. 11. C. CAMl'liELL, I'M. 441G or 2!):.i(). 'I- 2 tk 8 Lost FREE PRIZE At The Showing of The 1950 QiiL-rn Wft.shliu; SAVE NOW ON USED TRACTORS And Equipment $225 io$!425 AL.lJS-UHAIiMEnS "C' f with 2-row ciiliivnior. 2-row planter, sntl M In. nottom plow. fAUMAl.L "H" with plant«c ami cul- iivntor FAUMALN -B" wttU planter, eul- AVKHV v.'lTn niUltUe btwicr, cilltl- Viiicir, niul |]Iiuiiur. Al.LlH-CHAt.MHrta "\\ m C" with inlrl- »Ui- husior and cultivator. !!<rj Al.l.lS-CHALMKHJj "WD" Plnni- BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insnlfi harclvvooil floors, ~lile kitclicn and bath, large lot. Price $7,550. Will FHA or Gl 100'/i. I.avjte corner lot on Ihvy. G1 Norlli. 100 foot frontage, 200 feet-deep. Ideal location , aA \o "rim csi»i>iVsViVrt romcs m io™i 1 for nice suburban home in' «•"»<>»•. omy :n»rricd men need »P- Country Club Drive Addition. SATURDAY • DELUXE CAR RADIO • lie sure to come in and register for this lii'Hiilil'ul deluxe Car Hndio ID be given away ahsolulely free at the showing of Ihc 1950 Chevrolet. Nothing; lo huy. . .you need not be present when the pri/.e is awarded. Yes, bring the whole family in to see the Chevrolet for I'.laO. . .for we huvc comic books and balloons for the kiddies. Saturday, .Ian- nary 7. • ULLiVAN-NELSDN CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut I'll one 678 !>n T. O. Hucv 2ilO. hfillniitl Tony. Soni [o name of Buojicr. ! So/esmon Wanted __ _ _ • __ ................... _ . i Aicnulon'. Kulesiniuj-raUector need- j oi.lVKH -70" .vlih f.oocl town. 1' rany leaving 1,2 pk ];l Used Tractors Avcty Tractor And Kr)i!L]»tictit. 2 Af]).i Otiiilrncrt Model WC. u'ltti Etjuiptiieiit Massey-Harrls Alorlfi 22 A: K/|iilp Mii,ssi'y- Mode) 41 K ,V C Mnss^y- AJodrl I'll Jr., i-iU tnci Linsicrs nt . I 61 Implement Co. I Xo. I-Jiway Gl F J hune 214 h'AKMAl.L "Ji" with cilltKiUor. KARMAIJj • 1 K^l.t" imd "F^O" n'ltli pliintrr ami rnltli-ator. JOHN IJEKliK "H" with cillllvrttor :uift plow JOHN UKKItK "H" with 2-12 plow UK i ;»-ro\v en] il valor. 1- OH 15 wuti plow, dlslc, cultlvntor ajiri pliijiter niul terUUxfir hO]>ppr, ICASV PAYJIEXT TERMS Delta Implements Inc. -•!!•> So. 2nd. Blytlieville 1.6 ck li For Sale, Real Estate Price ?3,000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 'I111 Res. Ph. 25!)G 12-29 ck If Want lo buy farm? U'c - nirttcLy 5S.UOO yearly. Morris BOi'Of .13M Madison, Memphis, 'renn. 1 ( T pt I;!' Femo/e Help Wanted AMAZI.VG EARNtNOS FRO^t NKW KVEI>VI).\Y CAI113SL .^ h o'.'. 24-cftrd assortment lor all c-.vms to IcifjKls. olhcrs. At SI. pvciy- notlj- luiys. You mate up to 100'^ c-ash profit! Al=o f.illt Wraps. Plastic and Metallic Cards, Humorous, etc. Iin- pnmcrl XotF5. N^pXlns. Stationery Free yitinple.s. 'Tloyer Uasktjt" A.ssort- inenl on lijjpruv.d! \VrUf: AHTISTIC. \W2 Way, Eiunra. N. r. 1.7 pfc l;8 For Sale, Cars and Trucks have it. Farm '10 acres up to I have been nulhurixed lo sacrifice clean, 1947 P'raxer plantation in Nurlheastj Sedan for any reasonable bid. Ark. and Southeast Mo. Sec us for a farm loan. GATES WOKTHINGTOX CO. REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blythevillc, Ark. Ocr.rgc W- Wt«Rs or \V C CMOS PH- 2751 / ^ room House Knsy terms. A! tors, Urnwlcy Ph '^OJY. 1,2 | 1947 FORD 2-(]ti(ir Sedan in truly c.xcel- lent condition, low mileage. ha.s ijolh radio X: healer... fliecJi this special price .... iniT DcSolo l-door Sedan — an exceptional buy . . . ¥ 101 o. l!)Hi liuick with liolii radio i healer. . .$11-15. I'.MS Hnick 2-dnor with while sidvwal! (ires, radio nuil ln-aU'i'Sl "i !•">. I'.HT I'hrjslt'i .")-['nssnij;er ('oiipe, exha clean, has radio \ lu'iilrr. . . Sl:j!l.">. l!>-'!7 Clievrolel 2-«to»r. . .Sl!!15. I fill Chevrolet 2-door.. !?;t!»5. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK COMPANY \\almil at l!ioad\\a Dial 3.)5 lor Service Real Estate I'anns — City Properly LOANS II in if re Mod in Buyinjf or soiling sea Noble Gill Agency REALTORS (.Veil l-'arLs l'\ Ix Joynor lilencoc liUlg. I'll. (J llli N'. 2nd St. 1-9 ck 1-12 Private Rooms Nicely furnished front bedroom dtcani heat. Orntlrmpn. Ph. 32G4. 15 pk 1 i Bedioorng HLy thetrlUe, Hotel Ph H.V2 12 21 pk 1[27 Comrortable btrr Nice coinloitahle ncclrooni adJoltiLnt; oath. 901 W. Asli. rlione 22G9 Nice bedroom. Men only Private ntranr.e 613 Walnut. Ph ilTR U 23 p* 1 28 I Ue<l[OOm QdjoUilnfJ h.\th I'h 2338 1221 pX 1131 Before You Buy See HE MOTOR SALES IfllT Mercury Convertible, a very nice car, has new while sidewall tires; radio & healer. . .$1095. 191S Oldsmobile 2-doov wilh radio, liealer, and white sidewall tires. . .51 2flo. 1!)17 Oldsmobile 4-door. a very clean car with both radio & heater.. .special price.. .5995. 1910 Kord 2-dom- will new motor. . .only $395. lilli) Kord '/V-'I'on Pickup. . .new low price. Ifl-IS CMC '/2-Ton I'ickup, far above average. 19ll> Oldsmobile -l-door with radio & heater. . .$8D5. IfllS CMC 2-Tim hiiip wheelhase Truck, less than 15,- flflO miles. . .special price. 1019 2-Ton lonjj wheelbase Truck with new- molor. . .the price is right. * liuick -t-iloor. . .worth more than 5145. Model "A" Ford...n fine buy at $50. Easy GMAC Terms Trade for a New CMC Pickup Now LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmabite — CMC Trucks 306 Easl .Main Phone 6151 Hrdroom, convctucnt to hath iitci neat Ph 3325 611 W Main st ' 12 9 pk 1 : 9 \ r* tr (Continued on Next Page) 1!II7 Knit'k Srdanelte, bine color, low mileage, pood tires, radio & liealer. . .$1 ()!)">. I'.IIT DeSolo Cvislom •l-donr Sedan. 5 new lires. radio, healer, ]i!a.slic seal covers. This car is a bargain at SI 075. lillil rivniiiulh l-door special deluxe, only 3. 111)0 miles and laclory n»ai anlee. . .it's iiriced lo sell! lO.'iT I'lyinmilli 2-donr Sedan, new (ires, healer, seal covers, original paint. , .?'2f)fl. I'.l.'iS Clievrolel l-door Sedan in i>ooil condition, hlue color. ..5100. T.I.SEAY MOTOR Co. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main ph one 2122 WE MEAN BUSINESS! Save $100-$700 On This USED CAR SALE! HERE'S JUST ONE EXAMPLE DW N'ash Ambassador Ucmonstr.ilor with new rar cuaranlret Cusloin l-ilnor Sc<lan «Hh radio, lira tor, while side-wall tires, plastic scat covers* overdrive. h,ick-up . . . originally sold for 53,000. Save $650 $2357 And Many Others! SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 Mricury .Sedan Coupe, radio & healer. .Mercury 1-do-ir Sedan, radio & heater. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. Mercury I-door, radio & heater. Lincoln l-door, overdrive, radio <Sr healer. Mercury S-i'nsscnrrer Coupe, radio <& healer. Mercury l-door Sedan, radio & heater. Clievrolel 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. Dodge I','2-Ton Truck. .-here's a hargain. And Many Others! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnul Phone 4333

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