The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1952
Page 12
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COVMER MOWDAY, OCT. «, MM How Much Is Truman's Whistle Trip Costing Us? Newsmen Can't Answer Army Signal Corps officers who have an elaborate communications system of radio telephone nnd radio teletype which kecpa tho President of the United States in touch 1th the White House nnd all world apitals at nil times. Army Men A valla hi* How much do their salaries nnc xpenscs amount to? That woult equtro a first - hand statement rom cnch Just ns it would in the ase of the Secret Service men. Truman aides point gut thai 'rumnn didn't rcnuent the Sccre 1 crvlce to come along on the trip, mt the Army Signal orps men! ave to be available at all times,' iid that no rnntter how deeply Ihe 'resident Involves himself in poll- Ics, there is always official busl- .ess to be transacted when he IB n the road. As for tho salaries ot Ihe Presl- Icnt and his ataff during the per- od they are away on political mis- .ions, those aides point out that the ;alnrlcs of campaigning governor*, cnators and representatives go on during campaigns, ns do those of heir secretaries, clerks rnd other ildes, They ask, "Would you deduct .wo weeks of the President's salary under the circumstances?" By EBNEST B, VACCARO ABOARD TRUMAN TRAIN WV- How much IB President Truman's 8.500-mlle, 24-state campaign tour for Adlal Stevenson costing the government? This wna the query, relayed to Ihto correspondent aboard the 16- oar special train taking the President from whistle stop to whistle stop coast-to-coast. An editor of n newspaper wanted The answer to that question is beyond the determination of a reporter without the power to subpoena witnesses and compel their testimony and time In which to record and weigh it. The answer would involve a decision as to exactly where a political action starts nnd an official action begins. It would require a complete record not only of the salaries of everyone aboard the "give 'em lloll" presidential special, but of many others along the route It travels. The Democratic National Committee has announced It Is pick- Ing up Hie check for this 15-day speaking tour by Truman with nr estimated figure of something under $25,000. That apparently covers the vail road transportation, meals, hotel and other such expenses of the President, his speech writers, sten ographers, secretaries, clerks and others. Secret Service Not Covered It does not cover tho expenses of the Secret Service men. The law requires that they be with the President at all times wherever he Is and whatever his mission, and no Invitation is In volved insofar ns Ihe Nntlona Committee Is concerned. About 18 Secret Service men, 01 duty In shifts, are on the Trunun train. Whoever happens to be presldcn at the time gets the advantag' of the Secret Service protection Ii a campaign year. No politico party could raise enough money to provide the sei vice? Unit fall b: law to a president. Because they must assure hi protection at till limes, they sen cut agents in advance to go ever step of the route he must trivve! How much Is this service cosl Ing, In terms of salary, Pullmn accommodations nnd per diem u to a maximum of $9 a day? That would require a lot of Treasury experts with figures on the ealnrles of each and every man on the White House detail, and the record of how many field office Secret Service men nre brought into play. There ore others, who arc required to be with the President at all times, wherever ho Is, nnd whatever he Is doing. Lite the j Read Courier News Classified Ads. New Figure Figures in Income Tax WASHINGTON (*)— A new kind of figure figured )n » tax Income appeal Saturday and the Internal Revenue Bureau Is trying to figure It out. A group of modeli wrote that "we will lose the value of our appeal" In time and asked that they be allowed to write off a "reasonable allowance for obsolescence" In flg- urlnR their Income taxes. The appeal was sent to Commissioner John li. Dunlap by Mnrja- bell Young, president of Shy, Inc., a corporation whose 25 stockholders are models. She called attention to tax law» which provide a write-off for "exhaustion and wear and tear, Includ- ng a reasonable allowance for oL- olDscence." There was no Immediate com- icnt from Dunlap. Douglas Lashes At Eisenhower's 'Toft Surrender' MISSOUtiA, Mont. (/!")—Sen. Paiil Douglas (D-Ill.) told a Democratic rally Friday night that Oen. lRht D. Eis?!'.!y.'wer'a "surrender to Sen. Taft has been complete and becomes more pronounced with every day," The Illinois senator said "Elsen- hower meekly signed on the dotted line nml ngrced that he thought just likr 5^'n. Tafl- on domestic Issues and that t^irc were only differences of decree beLwcea then on matters of foreign policy." Douglas said he had a "[Kiso alFcctlon" for the Republican presidential candidate even though tlv general "got Into bad company. ."' Woman Observes 100th Birthday Singing Tunes I^OQ ANGELES WV-Mrs. Annfe Tobln celebrated her 100th birthda; y EiiiKlne "In a Little Spanlsi Town" and "Little Urown Jug." bu akl she'd rather fly to Halifax where she lived in a lighthouse fo 8 years. She celebrated the occasion yes enlay with six of her children, 3 grandchildren, 6fl great grand children find four great - grca grandchildren. Her observations: "Worry doesn 1 get you anyplace," and "Motier; •Is show more intelligence for no working as hard as girls did In m day." Church Uses Juk Box for Hymns Another Drop In Meat Prices Is Recorded WASHINGTON W)— A sharp drop In the price of meats caused a decline In government-figured whole sale prices (or the week ended last Tuesday—the sixth straight weekly drop reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although meats as a whole declined 3.4 per cent for the week farm products reversed a rccenl downward trend and nds'anced seven-tenths of one per cent, mainly because of higher prices for many fresh fruits, vegetables steers, calves, hogs, and cpgs. The new BLS index was 111 per cent of the 1947-49 base period. FHOPOSKD CONSTITCTIONAt. AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House o( Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, » majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Con- itllutlon o( tho State of Arkansas, md upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general elec- lon for Representatives ind Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon In such election idopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That the Constitution of the State ot Arkansas be Fall from Bed Puts Woman, 107, in Bed INDIANAPOLIS m — Mrs. Alice Williams Ferguson spent her 107th birthday anniversary in bed today much to her annoyance. She jrulsed Sunday when she fell of bed. amended modifying Section If of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 24 of said Constitution, so ns to provide for the election of a County Cleric In all of the said ountles of tho State, as follows: "The provisions lor the election f a County Clerk upon a popula- ion basis are hereby abolished and here may be elected a County Clerk n Hke manner as a Circuit Clerk, and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex ofticio Clerk of the Probate Court ot such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly.*' This Amendment shall be in full force and effect upon and alter IU adoption, APPROVED. March 20, 1951. Secretary of Stat* C. G. HALL * DOIUR-WISI? THEN IT'S MAYTAG FOR YOU! 129 9^ ' *-' • ' ~> Adams Appliance Co. Inc If you employ 16 or more pet sons- If you gross $400,000 or more- WE WILL ANALYZE YOUR BUSINESS FOR ONLY $100 Writ * ... GEORGE S.A\AY COMPANY O U.4VVUA-V C/n*MrVU,\tM4 f Contra! Dlvliten Enduing Eld3. Chkog* *, M. HI, MOM WE WINI—Sixleen-yenr-old James H. Gallon, Jr., of Sutton, Mass., has a joyful grin as he makes one of the most important culls in his life. He's calling his mother on a telephone system he built himself. It won him Ihe Worcester Polytechnic Institute's "Yankee Ingenuity" scholarship for 1952 and a free college education. He will major in electronics. Attack By Dog Kills Boy, 2 LOS ANGELES (/I") — FTedcrlcl Gnse, 2, died yesterday from injuries suffered when a German shepherd dog ntUickec! him three days ago. Doctors took 174 stitches in his face and head 1 In an attempt to save lite life. HARRISON. N. J. (/P>— A Juke bo In a church? You'll find onn In St. John Lutheran Church here, nnd whc 3 on mnke a selection, out pours tl soothing stmtns of a hymn. The church's pastor, 37-year-o Rev. Theodore Bornhocft. wns coi cernecl becavisc there wasn't enoug of a response to a new policy of kcepiiiR the church open all dny as a place for prayer and mcclltntion. So the Juke box, with Its .flashing lights, was Installed about a month ago hi the choir loft, and, according to Hrv. Ilornhooft, Is fnst becoming one of the most pln>':d music machines In town. Vilstors pny nothing for the musical selections. Ike and Adlai Both Reported In Good Health CHICAGO rVP>—Gen. Dwicrht D. Eisenhower and Gov. Adlal E. .Stevenson, their physicians suit! SaL- uiduy, nre In good heaUli. The physical condition of the Re- in<l>Hcnn and Democratic presidential nominees was dpscritocd by the physicians In reply to a series of questions about their medical rcc- Triple Funeral Planned forGI, Twin Daughters ONTARIO, Calif. (.<P)—Mrs. Wilma Jean Dugan, 21, plans a triple funeral next month for her husband Ralph. 28. killed in Korea, and their twin daughters, whom he never .saw. The daughters died within 36 hours of their premature birth Sept. 2G. Several days later Mrs. Dugun was notified that her ni;s- Janet Blair Married SAN FRANCISCO (^) — J a n R L Hiuir, 31, blonde slnr of "South Pacific." married her singe manager, Nick Mayo, 32, here last night between stops of the road show. plus a few dollars more To assure you a ffupeiulahlc wafer supply through (he years which lie ahead, large sums must be spent within the next decade. Engineers who have iTecn appraising our national needs figure that the bill will run over Ihree billion dollars for-the country as a whole And that's just for physical equipment and installations — that's just for Ihe things which make up a water supply system. What about the men who make these things function? How much should we pay for their knowledge, their experience and, above all, (heir unceasing vigiiimee? Kverything about n water works involves big money except the remuneration of the mon responsible for its dependable operation. I' no other enterprise in America pins more solemn responsibilities upon men and pays them less for accepting them. Our people have been fortunate thai so man)' able and conscientious men have been willing to accept these responsibilities in (he face of the low financial rewards (heir services command. Itul their numbers grow fewer as the cosl of living mounts. Already, water systems are finding it difficult (o enroll and hold on (o younger men qualified for advancement to key executive jobs. The will to serve is there- hut it withers in (he face of a dollar that has lost almost half rls purchasing power in the course of a decade. Satisfaction itt discharging a great public responsibility with honor unfortunately doesn't heat (he house or clo(he the children or buy food for the table. If billions of dollars must be spent on plant facilities, it becomes all (be more important that the men who direct (hese purchases and operate (hese facilities shall be of (he highest character and ability. Can we afford not to invest thousands in human intelligence and integrity? We need to spend a few dollars mor«. BlytheviSie Water Co. 'Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" The news ToUowetl a doctor's report that another daughter, Lydla, 18 monfhSj may be Buffering from leukemia. ords. The questions were submitted band WHS killed in Korea Sept. 21. by a national magazine nnd NEA service. Dr. Emmet F. Pearson of Springfield, III.. Stevenson's physician, snld the. governor is in sound health and enjoys "excellent nervous nnd emotional stability." He said regular checkups have revealed no chroil!" n.Hments. Eisenhower's physician, who was not Identified, reported the fll-year- old general was in "good health." Gordon in England PLYMOUTH, England (/P) — Lincoln Gordon, new chief of the United Slates foreign aid program In Britain, arrived today no the French liner-Tjiberte. KEHFLJCXr BAJGHTBDURBC* IK SET Cascade it alt whisky..;a fruty great Rourbon from Kentucky...ti light aged by nature's patient hands to Ifco psaV of old-fashioned 1 goodness. There Is no finer Bourbon at any price. "FROM THC'Llff AND VIG'OS Of THf GRAIN" 5[o, i. oum HOOF . IBIS KKISI.Y is * ruis OIB - by Felix Carney The movie - makers h ^ v e given up. l ( 'or so long the master minds of the film industry had looked ..skance at tcl- uvision, hiul remained haughtily alooE from this upstart of the entertainment fi«M. But that was when video was having its growing pains. Now that TV is just ahout to become of age, the movie men are findiPK tbat the old adage was never more true: iE you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Quietly and without fanfare, the major studios have moved into the video field and sources close to things .say that by next year more than 50 percent of the film industry will lie for television . . . In tw o or three years, it is estimated, a totnl of 90 percent of movie- land production will he for video. Ah this television! . . . A recent survey of 5,000 television families showed that only seven percent wore dissatisfied with their service technician. . . And speaking of video servicemen, the new TV stations will create a need for 170,000 new video technicians. And they should i thoroughly trained . . . especially when you stop to consider that in a new 20-inch set, for example, there are over 1,600 items, including tiny strips of wire, nuts, bolts, washer.-?, screws, condensers, etc. . . Oh. yes, and in another survey conducted by a Chicago outfit, it was fr-und that nine out of ten owners still have their original TV sets and SO percent of those surveyed would again purchase the same brand. The greatest values in town. . , . You be the judge! Come in and look over our fine G.E. set. Inspect any detail. Compare any feature ... let our expert technicians handle youi service problems. . . Then decide. We're sure you'll bo doubly satisfied, and we'll welcome the opportunity to serve you at BLYTHEVIL.LK SAT.KS CO. ion E. Main St Phone: 3G16. and Accessor/ Organs not Adversely Affected by Smoking Chesferfie/ds FIRST SUCH A responsible consulting organization has reported the results of a continuing study by a competent medical specialist and his staff on the effects of smoking Chesterfield cigarettes. A group of people from various walks of life was organized to smoke only Chesterfields. For six months this group of men and women smoked their normal amount of Chesterfields — 10 to 40 a day. 45% of the group have smoked Chesterfields continually from one to thirty years for an average of 10 years each. At the beginning and at the end of the six- months period each smoker was given a thorough examination, Including X-ray pictures, by tha medical specialist and his assistants. The examination covered the sinuses as well as the nose, ears and throat. The medical specialist, after a thorough exam:: ination of every member of the group, stated: "It is my opinion that the ears, nose, throat and accessory organs of all participating subjects examined by me were not adversely affected in the six-months period by smoking the cigarettes provided." CONTAINS TOBACCOS OF BETTER QUALITY & HIGHER PRICE THAN ANY OTHER KING-SIZE CIGARETTE A5K YOUR DEALER FOR CHESTERFIELD- EITHER WAY YOU LIKE 'EM Buy CHESTERFIELD./Muc/i T * Mreu TO«A«O Ca

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