The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1952
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 21, 1952 B!,YTHEVtU,E (ARK.) COURIER Denison, Texas, Gets Shakes Over Favorite Sons Leading Politics DENISON, Tex. W—The people of DeniKon are nervous, politically. The- strecl-oorner talk is about the possibility that they misht have to ctioo^e between two favorite sons next November. Owichi D. Eisenhower was born in Donison, in a litHe white house on the wrong sitie o( ihe tracks. The neople of llenison are mighty fcjproud of the pcrfral. They gave •' him a hi<; wc;conie last month, Ions: before the Republican-; made him Iheir candidate lor President. N'mv come the Democrats in Chicago this "week—and talk that Sam Mavburn is what they cull a " candidate." Sam wasn't born in Denison. In fact, he was born in Tennessee. But he's been farming In neighbor- inc Fannin County as lonR as most (oiks here can remember. He's been so busy as speaker of the Hou;-e that he doesn't Ret lo farm much. But when he sets back lo Texas he always drops in for a talk with his friends in Denison. Polks here remember when Sam was a Fannin County farm boy find fiv?t climbed up on a little brown pony to campaign for the Texas Legislature. That was in I9C6, Seven years later Denison helped promote him to Congress. Denison has helped re-el»ct him ever since. Last tune he had an opponent. Denison gave Sam 87 per cent of its voie. Hacriman Puts Out 'Blue Chips' In Bid to Capture Convention CHICAGO' if,— Avercll Harriman (c'.'ed. his blue chips on the lable today in a bid to capture control of the Democratic convention for dou'ti-lhe-line "Fair Dealers." Harriman, New York's candidate for Ihe Democratic presidential nomination, joined a rival. Sen. Estes Kefauvcr of Tennessee, in sponsoring a. propo.sed rules chance. The object: to Work Ihe seatine of Texas and Mississippi delegates opposed to President Truman. Harrimnn forces marie no predictions of victory. They would not even estimate the minimum num- i bPr of vores they expert in sup- i port of their proposal, to he offered j tomorrow. Success for the coalition would 1 spell a triumph for President Tru- I man's "FHi r Deal" administration i over those who oppose it. i Failure mis-tit kill off both Harriman and Kefauver as contenders ! lor ihe convention's lop nomination I prize. 'Ivan, Can You Speak Like This?' WASHINGTON IJi — The Voice .of America has hit back at Moscow's criticism of the Chicago political conventions with a mock suggestion that Russia might profit from Ihe two-pa'rty svstem. The Siale Depanm'ejil" has reported that ihe overseas radio said Ihls week in a broadcast to Europe: -Let us say a man named Ivan is Ihe nominee of the Freedom parly for chief ot state. He misrht make a speech something like this: " 'My friends, I am in favor of abolishing the secret police . . slave labor camps . . . (he col- leelive farm system ... the Iron Curtain ... I will adopt a foreign policy lo promote real peace.' "It would be Imcrestina lo hear what kind of a speech candidate Stalin would make in reply," The voluntary retirement ol President Truman must have brought to mind a ghastly IhoilKhl," the Voice said: "What if someone should suggest Stalin retire?" 'No Thanks,' Says Denmark To U.S. Aid LOS ANGELES Wl - Denmark is thankful for America's financial aid but prefers to pay its own way former Dnnlsh Premier Kalis Hedtoft has declared. "We are grateful for Marshall Plan aid. but the United States must open its doors to imports." Hedloft. now chairman of Hie Danish Parliament's Foroi Rn Affairs Committee, said in an interview ••Danes wain lo earn ihe dollars we need by selling our cheese butler and other products lo this country." Hedlofl. premier from ion [„ 1950. is visitiiiR the U. S. for Ihc first lime. He plans lo aliend the Democratic National Convention in Chicago next week. Red Dean Hits U.S. 'Warfare' From Pulpit CANTERBURY. England l/n Dr. Hewlett Johnson, the "Rrd" Bean of Canterlxirv, last niclil carried his charges of American crrm warfare to trie pulpit of Canterbury Cathedral, the 1.000-yeai-olrt main scat of the church of Enctand. A small, emr-riy woman tried to hnr the pro-Communist dean (rom speaking. • "I defy you lo zo Into [he pulpit, she said, but he brushed her aside. Then, in a 4n-mlnute scr- mon. he rrpealed his nllrention that on n reeenl trip lo China he saw proof U. s. planes have dropped eerm-ladi-n bombs In China nnd North Korea. The eharses have been denied by lop U. S., British and U.N ui- thoritles, Gen. Clark Says Reds Could Not Keep Up Attack Over 3 Weeks PAGE FIVE Mammoth Cave In Southwestern i Kentucky was made a national park Truffles arp fungi inal grow ua . on oak rorcls. 'Life's Savings?' Police Check Up O nStories of Two Men with Pistols DALLAS f/p) — Two armed men with 53,300 in a leather bag were in dicnant when police arrested them, sleepin? in an automobile at 4 a.m. yesterday. "This is our life savings," one PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, a majority ol All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the folios-ins Is hereby proposed as an amendment to Ihe Con- sUiution of the State of Arkansas. and upon beinK submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voiJh'E thereon In such' election atlopt such amendment, the same ifh.ili fa-come a part of the Con.sti- •tiition of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 ol Amendment No. 24 of said Constitution, so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk In all of the said counties ol the State, as follows: "The provisions lor the election of a County Clerk upon a population basis are hereby abolished and (here may be elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk, and In such cases, the County Clerk may be ex officio Clerk of the Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be in full force nnd effect upon and after its adoption. APPROVED. March 20, 1051. Secretary ot State C. O. HALL The Sargossa Sea refers to the central area of the North Atlantic Ocean roughly between the West Indies and the Azores. In this area is the relatively warm central core of water around which moves the at eddy caused by the Gulf cam and other currents. of the men said. "Is It against the law to save money?" "We have these pislols to protect our savings." sairi the other. They were a 25-year-old cab driver :.nd a 19-year-old plumber's helper, both from Mineral Wells. Tex. Officers planned to return them to Mineral Wells today to face possible charees that their "life savings' were gathered in a Mineral Wells auto store burglary last Tuesday. In 1949 In the United States, there were 1,580.440 marriages compared to 386,000 divorces. WARNING OrtDF.R In Ihp Chanrcr.r Court, Chlrta- sawlia District. Mississippi County Arkansas. Beverly Walker. Ptl. vs - No. 12.1U i John Walker. Dft. I The defendant. John Walker, is j hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court namert in the caption hereof and answer the , complaint of the plaintiff, Beverly ! Walker. Dated this 12 day of July, 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Lavcrne Ball. D.C. C, F. Cooper, atty. for ptf. Ed B: Book, atty ad litem. 7-14-21-28 8-4 NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Communily Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Open fi:3U p.m. Show Starts at Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nile. LAST TIMES TONITE First Showing in Blytheville Cartoon & Comedy TUES.-WED. Dollar Niles Carload for SI ii inn ir LAST TIMES TONITE "BELLE ON THEIR TOES" Jeanne Grain Jeffrey Hunter TUESDAY 'SHADOW IN THE SKY" Nancy Davis James Whilmore WEO.-THURS. "JUST THIS ONCE" Peter Lawford laret Leigh YOUR FRIENBLY THEATRE WASHINGTON W — Gr-n. Mark W. cinrk says the Rerts have doubled thoir rttr-eround Mrpncih in Korea durinp the (nice talks but could nol suslfvin a major offensive for more than two or thr'ce weeks. Tlie United Nations commander rpa soiled: 1. The Communists have plenty of supplies but are incapable of moving thorn in the (nee of U. N. JJir nltaok. 1 !. 2. Tile Allies — without Increns- iiiK their numerical strength during Ihe pasl yenr — hnve been trained intensively and improved (heir defenses from front In roar to meet "The Mutiny buildup has been Ullnlltiljuive while ours has. for Ihe part, been qualitative," Clark said. "We are confident IhrU u'e can mnke nny indue ejiemv of- lensfvo the most cosily he has yel undertaken." Tbe Far Rast commander. In n copyrtehlori interview In U. S. News and World Report, a weekly ! news macnzinc. said Ihe Conunii- riisl.s since June 1, inso. have swelled their ground streiiRlh [rom half a million to nearly one million | meji snrt their air power from 1 000 i to 2,000 planes. Half the planes, he added, are estimated to be jets'. One of the, principal jobs of ttie Allies In the past year, Clark snid, has been to pull South Korean units out of the line nntl Main Ihem Intensively. Now. he said, "they are hnrd-hUtlnK, efficient divisions." | Clnrk said It was Important to .; mulch the Reds' armed miKht be.| cause "added military strength elves Ihem increased confidence in j their ability lo ilmnmnlc confcr- jenccs and ncRotinlions." Clark said a cu rent xlepnp in frontline action has been rfu.- largely lo incrensee: U. N. probinp (o learn the dispositions and Intentions of the enei.ii>'. The commander declined to lore- cast Ihe outcome of the truce lie Kollollnns but said. "I would caution against any feelings of »mdu« optimism." RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. .MONDAY & TUESDAY 'WAGONS WEST' Rod Cameron, Nonh Reery, Jr. & Peggy Casll* WKD.-THURS. "FABIOLA" Michele Morgan Henri Vidaj Mm Whitsitt's Shop AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION I LAST TIMES TONITE! LAST TIMES TONITE Double Feature . sr-.-.rr-. •.-,; a-,-, v. B-.'J SCARF IS - ^ I CHEER • LEADER m 'OF l%/\ 4^^>i^ ***• EM) „ DON WQBE-pimiis lara-pnnnct KWJE ^^i'^SS^S, iwn 01 IK. 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