The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1950 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1950
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTIIEVIU.E (AltK.) COURIER NEWS THE BiymiEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. \V. UAINES. Publisher JAMES U VEHHOEK*', Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Solo National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witnier Co., New York, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered tvs second class matter at the post- olfice at niylliovllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 0. 1311. Member ol The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION PATES: By carrier In Die city of Blylhcvillc' or mis suburban town where curlier service Is maintained, 20e per week, or 85c per month. By mail, within n radius of 50 miles $4 00 per year $200 for six months. 51.00 lor three months; by mail ont.siitc SO mile wme. 510.00 per year payable In advance. Meditations The sun shall mil smile: Him: Iiy day, nur the moon by niglil.—1'salms 121:0. t t » And I will trust that He who heeds The life that hides in mead and wold, Who bangs yon alder's crimson beads, And stains these messes B"'en and gold, Will still, as He hath done, Incline His gracious care t.o me and mine. —Whitlier. Barbs A lot of (rouble in this world is produced by those who luni out itoilimg else. * » » Hanking is like Kardeninj-, s^iys ii liankcr. At least you have a lol to lu'si" willi. • * * Pockets In men's pants nrc iiiUd to bo of normal sl'te this winter. Whal for? • * * It's iilways racier lo think ol Koinclhins to do utter It Is loo Lite io do II. * * * A Cleveland prowler succeeded in raising a window that the owner hadn't uccn ubie to open. That's one way of Et't'ing your windows unstucK. Video Good for Youth In Moderate Doses When something like television comes onto the scene, we hear lavish predictions about the way life is going to be revolutionized. Some of the forecasts that stemmed from the rise of video: the movies are (loomed, educational ]wt- terns are destined to be vastly changed, social life is due for n shape-up, habits in the homo are in for drastic remolding. Evidence in support or contration o£ these prophecies is piling up slowly. But recently n grammar school principal in^ New 'Jersey bobbed up with some figures that suggest television may already be cutting quite a swath through children's educational habits. The principal took a poll. He found that of 5G2 students, 279 had video receivers in their homes—twice as many as last year. At that time nine per cent of the pupils were doing unsatisfactory work. But today the number making poor showings totaled 30 per cent. Almost all the failures had television sets at home. The principal wrote parents the results of his check, and more than half responded, saying they agreed that video •\vas harming their children's school work. Of course no one can tell from this limited example how broad an effect television may be having on the kids' desire to study—-or just get the rest they need. But the chances are the impact is considerable. We can hardly blame the children for thi.s. It would be odd if they weren't fascinated by the panorama of fun and excitement that unfolds for them on video. It's tiie parents who've got to get hold of themselves, very likely. To begin with, they're setting a bad example by parking in front of their receivers for endless hours. Then, too, thej' probably aren't exercising much firmness with the kids. Television potentially is a magnificent educational factor. It can expand a child's experience in an easy, painless fashion that only the movies can match. And the movies aren't as convenient. Hut if video is allowed to run wild with a family's habits, Us rich possibilities can be frittered away in demoralizing idleness and waste of time. Come on now, mother and dad, let's have the good sense to turn the .set off once in a while. At least until the kids can get their homework done and get to sleep. Welcome to the FBI union headquarters In Detroit, presumably in hope of catching the Kouthcrs in the building. It wouldn't be fair to reflect on the police work in this case so far, as no outsider can be sure what obstacles may confront the local aniliui'ities. But certainly thi.s vicious campaign against the Keuthers has gone too far to be viewed calmly by anybody. Tims, we should all welcome the FBI's entry into the case. Let's hope they pur.suc the brutal Kcu- thcr assailants with all Die relentless vigor they normally display. They must he caught before they have a chance to act again. Readers' Views Offers Sewer Proposal Kclltor Courier News: Being one whose property is sHJIoi'ing Irom b:u-k water, or retarded water, tine to small nncl diukcd drain age J wish fa make some sugges lions for relief. In some placps the situation i.s an Intolerable one, and it i.s imperative thitt some H-itiedy be found. It is apparent Hint the city will be res trie led ami crippled by insufficient funds, and to depend on ii bund Issue Is too uncertain and .stow for sui'h nn emergency as now exists in the city of Htyllu'villp for a scxveni^fi syslern. Tiiete can he no dispute that what wo need is a granl from the Federal Government for one million dollars which would be about sufliclent to build lilythevilie an adequate sewerage .system for the next 30 01- 40 years to come. Our government will be pleased to do this with the proper endorsements accompanied with proof of the need for it. Our city government, our leading business men and elected representatives at Washington should be depended upon to put it through. II seems to me that thi.s Is the only way lo Eft a modern and up to date sewerR^C system for Blytheville, and we .should not hesitate to k j o at>out it. And this would not he inflation so long as the money was spent for a useful and needed purpose. Our government, has gone on record in the Marshall Plan of making large grants to foreign people with only the stipulation that the money be spent in America for American goods which will give our people employment and prosperity. Would we not spend this money with home people nnd American yonds. And would it not make for prosperity in the town of Blytheville? It would be doing our government a favor to devise a means to use more money at home find less abroad- We should never fear that- the government will run -short of money. The thing to wftU:h is thai (t will be honestly used and ior a useful purpose. I think Hlytheville can quality in both respects. John Ft. Webster, GUI Moultrie Drive. Views of Others Where Japan Is Slipping Back It has taken little time for the editor of the Yomiuri Siiimbuii to be. substantiated in his statement that a Constitution is no hotter than the will with which it is upheld. Though the new Constitution of Japan is only t.vfo" 'years old, ahciiriy politicians in Tokyo are Out iking up means ol getting around it. They gn to the very heart of the now order— the stipulation that never again shall Japim maintain an turned force. Spokesmen of the Tokyo Administration now Miy the stipulation does not apply to armed forces maintained for delensc only. Japanese Government spokesmen also foreshadow a likely use of a "delensc" force ior acquisitive purposes—they are unsnttstit'd with, the Yalta Agreement and want Okinawa ami Formosa hack. The same creeping return to tlie piewar conditions of Imperial .Japan i.s evident with ro.spcct to monopolies, it is appearing in ctforts ol the Central Government to reestablish dominion over all public information services—a device winch. \vul\ the Though Control 1'oUtc, coniplRUul the enslavement of the Japanese mind. A new Cui.stiimion isn't turning out in he MII- ticient. There must be enough Japanese, eitcciuc in the \vnrking of their Government, who \\arn to put it mtu piuctn'i:. As the editor of the Ymiwm Shimbun truly wrote: "It is the polilu'uin.s 1 vanity and illusion to ,i -simie that a rhunKe ot in.ui- tution can aHer huui;in character." — ST. LOUIS rO.ST-UUU'A'U'll So They Say SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, Nope! He Didn't Go Away! Counter-Balances Seen in U.S., British Decisions on Formosa Thc DOCTOR SAYS Ilv Ctluin P. jurditn, M. n, Written for Xi;.\ Service JifdginiJ by letters I've nc.t-ivrd n lot of people are v/mrk'd by bat! bivitth —a condition whh-h hits he- Hv Dr'V.'IU Miit-Krtw.1?' AP roiTl«n Affairs Analyst Pi e.-iident. Ti-mnn'rt blunt cieelar. iUion ol Anirriean Intention to keen hMiicte o/f the controversial island of Kuunosa strikes us ;ts calculated ID pi event any over '/'.-iiloirs tiuli- viiiuah ivom rocking the Inlernat- ituii'! iv. Kit in A.-iintlc v.'ater.s. li is lint notice* to the world that -States has tu> prcda- coinc popularized under the nnme j tory drstans on Formosa or oil any of halitosis. F'orlmps the jvbltcity ' oii'^i Chinese territory." Kivrn to this subject lu^ made pen- I HI ."-Inn t. America hus no hnpcr- ple morn concerned t'mm they vvoiurl j lalisi ambitions. otherwise bf. Whatever the cause,! 'I'he Pie-irk-nt's st:itomcn[ also however, H seems to be a serious | v^H tend to counter-tntluncc Br'i- st)-iK(« of worry and. emimy.iss- ! twin's s(R-cdy recognition of thc mem to nmny. i (71 hnw Communist, regime before Sonic cause* for bad breath rtrisi- || Wit>bim;L'm is ready t.i act on that | in the imjuti) il.self. Pvorrhen. which | m;nu>r. Tt will make cj Pftr ^at .s an inffL'Uon of the gums, is a ' (here i.s no connection betwe'M? •ommun .smTce of difficulty. Tli s I Formosa and American non-i-eco^s a chronic condition ami can be | niticn. ri'iueU by lUc ck'tUlst. In rnvrnv i TUvri- aro of vmirse thus? who •ii^rs pyorihea can be prevented, I ulm-e ;t fii^li military vultip on ij ie it least it] pat t, by yoixl nioiiih j Kront isl.iml of Funnos;i. n«iv- one. rvcr, (lit- XV'ushinAtun Ktlinfitlslra- Washington'Hews Notebook Poll of Editors Favors Eisenhower, Against Truman in the 1952 Election WASHINGTON — <NEA>— Harry S. Truman should not run for another term in the White House and D\vi»ht S. Eisenhower .should be the Republican candidate for president m 19T>2. These are two outslanrimR opinions expressed in newspaper edit rs. to area. Editors were 71 per cent small and concentrated. In the MkU a poll of U.S. Tho poll wns conducted by NEA. Service, Inc., to determine editors' political predictions for the New Year and beyond. Tv;enty-oue questions on domestic and foreign policy issues whirh will be discussed in the cotninf: session of Congress were sent to the T23 U.S. editors who receive this column. Three hundred and forty- five—over 47 per cent—sent back their answers. Professional pollsters say this is a good return for a survey of this kind. Replies were received from every it rite in the Union. And they were opposed to another term for President Truman in both the North- cast and the South, 56 per against him throughout the Midwest. 62 per cent- opposed in the West. Agiiinst Truman Policies Newspaper editorial opinion has •,£ cours* been heavily anti-Democratic ever since Roosevelt's second term. 'Hie carry-over opposition to Mr. Tnnuiiii today may be regarded by Democratic political leaders as sour crisps over his surprise victory in 1948 elections. But a study of leturn.s from this newspaper poll shows the editors are opposed to TnuiimVs policies—not to the man himself. Mast of tlie editors snirt honestly that they thought Mr. Trim mi would seek another (erm in tbr* White House, even though they wished he wouldn't. As 10 who the Democratic Other conditions in and around .he tenth and gums are resimriKiblr for some (.-fixes of halitosis. Atjiiin mmy of cau S)o cured or pre- .•onU-d by proper on re. Infected tonsil-; appears 1<> be/ n cause 111 n'l iirlic-vc tbe sufricicilt lo t Stal*-.s getting (ion obvmitsly ill slriilrfijY worth \ian--Mi (lit* Unl< involved militarily. Tlie cold and unc-scapable fact is thru. Formosa covki very easily be- Heuvv Mtmkins* is uiulouhl- | conic thc whelping ground for un- other nirtjor v. p ;tr involving the groat Alrnlrol AMy Do It >!'t:un snbsutK-OK swal'm-rd ap- peur fairly prompt 1 !v in UIP .s;iliv;i and this may imimrt an i'iij)If'!Ls:inr odor to (he breath: alcohol Is one of th<;sp. onions nnd v-ivlu- are oth- L'ommon .^'Jbstancr.s wtiich pri'i- d'.ife ;in uni)!e:i>;int. bn\n h, If l-nlitoMs i.s r, re:tl thins? and not ini:ivinjiiy. v. hat ran be done about ii? Attention lo oral hv- iMtne help,^ in many c;i_se.s. The of month v»rtshe.H and ants arc not likely to <*vi at the root of the tronbto. American military infcrventton In Fonno^it rould produc" conflict between Hv.ssisi and the United States . Oicl you ever slop to think what i th;u would im\«i? It would mean tl'nt Ainerfra wotilti have to opcr- uU' from sea nnd air. far from home, ;i gainst an enemy strongly cn- tiem.tK.-d on the Asiatic continent. In do about halitosis is to make si'r Anyway, quite apart from the dEf- leotlor- 1 ficuhips of the position. America 'doesn't- want war. There nre other ways of settling world affairs. One -way is Ui continue pncow- nqement of natinnalism. Prc.^Edent a person can that there is no local condition of j Tinman's announcement is, T take (he mouth or throat responsible. If it, calculated in reaffirm America's nothing ran be found it \n wL-e not to woriy tno much about it. Note: Dr. an Is unable ro west, his is the only new name on the list. Senator Douglas nosed out Defense Secretary Louis Johnson. Sen. Clinton Anderson of New Mexico and Justice William O. Douglas. Other votes were scattered among IT names. 59 Per Cent Veil Itfsenhower Shnuld He Republican answer indjvxhjal Questions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the fVeiivenUy n*kc.d in hi? column. QITKSTIOX: Is there any hnrm In eating a conthuion.s of fruit and eoffep? -M.A.K AXSU'KK: Fruit and coffeo for hreakf:iHt, providing balanced meals arc taken at other timer, should not . any harm. Of rm'rse. frnit and coffee do not provide all thc calorics or all the oilier elements nec'es.siiry for a complete diet. 75 Years Ago In imperialism and for national .^overoi^nty. Nntinnalism vs. Communism This whole, vast Asiatic political problem revolves about the question of nationalism. The Russian brand of Communism la internationalism under which ;tll nations would plar^ their snvrrejjfiity in the hands ^ Moscow. Marshiilt Tito's break with R-.'s^ir was over thai very point— his refusal to surrender Yugoslavia's sovereign ty. The mnny countries of Asia which now are emerging into political con- sciou.sne.=s nre nationalistic. Complete .self-cieternnnation af\ct absolute sovereignty are their aims. The more nationalism there i.s in Asia, the greater the barrier apatnst. the advance of Communism. Therefore Democracy's cue is to boost nation- Mr. aud Mrs. A. Coiv.viw "nave .„ vMijr (.heir luncheon quests today ^ One Question asked the editors j J A RE S??s and Mrs. Joe was. "Should General Eisenhower run as a'Republican or Democrat?" Fifty-ninr per cent said lie sliould run as a Republican. 4 per cent as a DernoirriU, II per cent as either Re publican or Detnocrat. In the eyes of. many observers the problem of the Fur East is much - .- . broader Mian Formosa. This war of of Little Rock, and Mrs Dyer Bur? 1 ideolncies—this armajieddon which and A'rs. John Sawyer of Curuth- i.s boiling; up among the ninny na- ersviHo. Mo. | lions of the populous Orient—will be settled on basic principles. One Mvnllcnv dnesn't make a sum- Mayor C\-H1 Shine h;;s t-!etted vice-president of Arkansas State Bar Ei.s=;oemtion for the pcc- per cent of the editors thought "it 1 OIKt Nvouki be. best 1C General Elsenhower did not rim at all. \Vhr.n it came to the question of. mer, and one Formosa isn't likely A- Cunning-J to sctlle the Asiatic conflict. What- hani is chairman of the t,t??islfitive ; ever military value Formosa may committee and Oscar Fcndler \va.s j have must be gauged by its relation narnrd to the special committee on "Who'is the best man the kcpubll- j Al J" ns ;^ Anno^tion.-* c.ins could run ngahiM Tn'man?" 1 ' ~ v *~* so distributed that I hoy nivc a b;d- rialp should be in 195'J. if nni Mr. | -14 per cent of the editors answered. | IrO1 ^ LOH Aii^elc.s v.hc anoert cross-section of opinion from i Tiunian, the editors were slinrply ••Ei.senhawei," 28 per cent said i ef ^ ''- ne n, Bowi .en whpre he aUetid- every region. Arbitrarily dividing hivirted Fiftj'-thrcc per cent would '.he country into six geographical , tnahe no prediction whatever, say- the replies are accounted for [ ins it was too early, in tins manner: j fourteen per cent propped Twelve staU'.s, New England and j Jitinep F. Byrnes of South Carolina. "Tail." 13 per cent sairi "Sins 2 per cent said "\Vnrren."" Seven per cent were undecided. The rest of the vote \va.s .^ui- tered among II other names: Mar- that comes up after a hand like today's? One dci-hirer bid six spades nnd made seven when he KOI a trump opening. One pair actually c?ot intn seven Rivor. 5!3 papers. Five .states, South west of Mis- ; sis<;ippi River. TJ? papers. : . Eicrht states, West—Pacific : nnd Rocky Momilums, 40 papers. j The returns were .surprisimiiy i even on most questions from finfu more strength in the fjouth Byrne.s, KOI less support ; otlic-r parts of the country. Third was Sen. Paul H. Douglas '>[ filinois, with three per cent of RepirblUran vote NEXT: Whal HIE prlilo of IJifif) I'lr-clinn nrnsprcts, with the ace of hearts. Declarer ran six spade tricks. nil thc players with the voles. While this showing i.s ] Truman's "Fair Deal." J IN HOLLYWOOD Hy Krski»R .lolmsnn :A Sl:iff <'nrrcsiw>ntlcn HOLLYWOOD (NKA) — Fnuikir I-a:iic i.s trtkiii^ Ills itctin^ i-;i;c-rr :serioi]s]y. and \\ill takn tinir off from person nl anpcariinco.s fnr n : four.sf 1 in drsunatirs. Ht 1 ']! star hi "Platter Piinuie," which Mm I.s in A]iril. . . . Van Hef'iri would li^t- n a Ic-'^iiijiuiLo roMiplni'U- iiiLi out fin all (tic studio's . . . . F.U"A\uv: rtj'.voll has Cd JlO.flrjO prr w ( H'l: f»* tour of Kurijpi' '»cxt .n?<s that Alcrlc Iin.s completely r; "V-;Tt'd from the .-^hoci: of her ! ;,i;j<:5 death. I J.imny .Stpv;art- wct.s called back '> M-G-M for an added scene in M i!;iva." 'j M' v.'i-iie: Jltiuny ]jc McKENNEY ON BRIDGE (bink '- rllds T havc undcrHncri The four "and if ' °' s^ 1 ^ v; ^ s ^ ec ^ ' oy ' no declarer " ; aml dtuumy's ten of ^I^>^•^ V;P.K dfs- I carded. East made a line defen- | cashed and L'nst was squeezed. If phiy by distardir.e the ai'e of ] lie drop]icd the queen of diamonds, to the while Thus we hear from President Tniman: '•The United States has no dcslra to ohta'u jjircial rit;hts or privile-:>>i^ or to e.siablish military bases ^ Formosa at this time." Whether anything will happen to change that estimate remains to be British Work /or India NKW DEI.HT. India—-WPi—Thfire oi r e 277 British officers in India's Army, N-ivy and Airforce. Defense Minister Sarclar Baldev Sinyh told the leL,islaUvc assembly. About iflf) British civilian officers are also employed. I clubs- The jack of heai ts was led I dummy's diamonds would be good. i a'nd dummy's queen of chib:s was If he discard- R IViMiiun !•:. .MrKciuiry Anifrh-n's Card Atitliorily \\rJtlen for NK.v SiTvicu Chance Is Removed frill* into! in Duplicate Hridge The uldjze discarded. Now thc Hood nine ed the eight of hearts declarer would win the last trick clubs was with tlie three of hearts. Breed of Dog Answer to Previous Puzzle ToTj rcu>ii]y; i:n[i!il.iniy" o f yriii is di.c |in:uarily ,r my swcnr.s he li.ul Co do a re- | £Q ( * c fjne ^f of ' { ^ ^^ ^.-,, Maybe Attorney General MeCraUi's excuse for inUting Iho KI',( into the case of the near-bombing of Die juUo workers' headquarters is a litUo Uiin. liut we're glatl they're in. Kvcrynnc remembers tlie sordid, shoeUing d^Vaiis of thus story. It began \vith a .shol>?un .-itlempt on the life of Wnlter Keuther, pi-esideiit of the United Automobile Workers. Tho next chapter was a simitar atUuk upon his brother, Victor, also a union ofl'i- d«h Now We read of Uiti plan lo bomb Wo are oppo^'d to imperialuvin. We tlaEly -.ind firmly rejrct it lor ourscives uurl opju sr i! wluju practiced hy otlicv/;. We slnill <oniimir fi (^ipo:-,? In jtiirticul»r thu hlalar.t iinpci uili^tn <U ^,*-, nH Russia in A-=ia.- -Philip C. Jr.^Mip, LKlimiii.ilr.uum adviser on i\\r Knstcrn siltyirs, * * * In n^orc tlijtn n ypar of woi'V:liu; to'.v^rj (TCSKC atiti unv^rr^lmiiiniy w;1h Jews ;\i\ii Aiab 1 . \ na\r lo.miod ;i:.y problem slaiuhni: Iji-t^-cn iii,iii can bo solve il if both purtir.s \vuut to : s i\i: it — Bris.-Cicn. William K. KLlry, i-lut-i ,.ii s^.u ol UN i'iih'sttru.- LX'intnusioii. * * » Confusion Vn'tvvvrn ptiblir nuls .njct p; i\ ;ijr ends and bt'lv.eiMi public means nurl pnvnti 1 mpai.s of nchirvinj: tln-ni is a ballnuirX ol ri.-onv; dicla- toriliips.— NittiDjiiil Pannets Union l*iv.-uirnt * * * Jilincs O. r;iU<i:; H N'o, iso. isi>. I f ]( i -: lively mn nnt ;i 1 01 polHirrtl na-ii-c. -Orn Dwiglit D. EIM "i:h.iv\. r » t » Tl;r TV u-nr i.-iic p.uty in its 1(148 pLn;n:m t* ooninii(trd ^> -,\ policy of oppf>.iil ion tn i* .11 ; ; ti sales tf\\t\--. .n ri . . . \vnrtwu' oxoisr taxr.-, mr ni ttfout s.-.U> i. tMi-. - Rop. John Dm^cMi a.i> M.vH ti '\i-." AA fast a,s I p^.-ihiy o.^uk, tonitoily Lady £jyi\ia Clinic Oanuv Tho;n,t-s }.-, up i in.: rnlr at rax. O- '/isnur-: pi v r «!l!y orrt'Tfd ;hr> sKiry drp-M't to 1 1 nil him a yjsrti, t! n honu 1 off . 1m iiiturr'' party because now .'•hiA b;\V.t- -S,L>s Stu'lU-y: "AnuiUi: other lhi:i ; r.=;. I iif ''d citlici uii clocitic olankct or n hus- b'.uul." Slirllrv. li\ UK- u;iv. fosM's arnnud. in "Snulh St-a Sinner,' 1 «^oinr nf Ihr ^;irl«r»-Mjiu' sptM-ch to hr heard on Hit- srrrrn since ,Mar Wi'st's fi rc- ulirnllin- il.i\s. Bt.indo alUr workirh; with ' i "Tlu 1 Men," Baid Trr.'sa. Miovi-d by ,ni :u'ior. I'd l>i» in .» .-.-^IH- ; \vli.h him :t i,il hp'd UI*M'K ;nr v,p -• I'd be rryiii,:. H- 1 hus ;inn*' i !u!ini:i ^VMT \\i\ hoii-L r\ n''ii s.iyint: liny- : MUHIZ." , Hiflls With fllovch? : Hril:rrt li«r----n d..--i'btv lii;: nox:. '"I'hc H!;U>' TS'i!!.-, 11 :>.. a "T^uly .uuJ Soul" in :* buit iiiu'. . . . .Mri , \V;i\-nr' UTIIJ p r i> ri LI r L' r KdmuKd ' (ii .uiu-ri, w ho 1 I'M j ii« li up lor •'\\'a'^e ' of the R-'d Wiirh" :iiut "S -niis ol } Km Ji!n:i," ;IM; l.ti:hnu' foi smothrrt ai'finji film. . . , M'Th' Oiverr.". :imi ', llmif irl )•• •• Mint' 1 ' 5 "'Vhr <'\\ *'.".r.<.'A\ C\.t '.< il; In* l-iiUllli '>' loo. i-.i yt:il,^trm i.s b;u-k in H'Oly- ;i ;i(tor a t wo-montli lour of PC with biid news for the Pa: v hiou salons. Snys Vera; 'You buy ptcttirr clotiic.s in Kclly- d and the smart r.-it-powiicrt !• "i nn longer are in Paris. They r';iu*s in Ihr Sun." :in ISl^S Sew 1,1 ns prriod ptrrr, i.s Vrra's iirxt -rin:; film at KcpnMir. It's lirr t lntd-uirT role after n Inng sc• i»f hrroincs. In lute spring. 1" in li;ick to Kurnpr fnr ;i pic- *• in irommn and anntbvr in I';t- •>. rt lu-'l thrco .sii'ilcnsr.-! on her • '"si- Mjnnner. "This time," .-he •In d "I'm p)IriK to '.nk^ mily ',.- iiS iviueh xuorc dUt^uU to : :i il'lll ik." i.-iur !o P.iuli-llo GtuUlard: A bi« •T i of you i:; still tiaii'iinp :hr- lobby or the Ch;irloy Cri-ip- duplicate the nation and i u tl;rm continued si:cf i' pciity for 1950. Bridsio HORIZONTAI, •! XonloKical 1 ncpictcd type society (ai,.) of don .''Over (contr.) 7 i t is a breed ( ' Klowcr o f _ "iHelimic-ot 13 txpunger wioknicr: 14 I! is a native " Al 'a» 15 D,ne 16 Coromonies Bncljze ulLil^ aie n ^.tlirrnif? j 10 i. toulcnan ts center for people \\iio wv looking j , . % for recreation and criruji.niiunship, i The st.ihe.s they pl;i>- for iti most of ! vfovr-d,' 1 lins oro i i'!i." She has a it-v ftut d'lfsi'.'t P il' 1 * c* (i! rvrr> thine? Mitl Wallrs w;ip -rb.u ;i Htniiwvc'k'^ !:'nr : in irrr oT A K Q J V 0 V A J32 ~ Tuin nnmcni— South 1 A 3 A 4 N. T. 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Cuddle ;ifi nutch city 37 Wrong (prolix) •30 Decays 26 Greek god of -11 Persia war -S2- Vcntilalcs Numbers 46 Type of molding 47 Seed containers 4B Weiohl of India 50 Fiber knots S3 French artilH 55 Sloth •-[ -i^| ... i>' [r=» por'i' of U-^hotn thronqh hund is n le.~.s h . h 'K'", -nr shipprtl. nut inr 1" vub ,-"- .L'ri.u'i ai«- piodui'-d in P,t> . iiiMki 1 >fl»ir cniLtMri. I) hiaiuc. Dutuur ijuijiard Voiliavu>, ^.e, A suburb ol inland Florence, i imaguic Ihe thrilling br:rl':r you ivt -t tiy to ; d>ia!«iuii VERTICAL 1 Itoncy-ni 2 Verbal 3 AllnUetl

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