The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1950
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVl BLVTREVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Summer Meals Simplified By One-Dish Oven Serving Iff OAVNOB MAimOX NKA Sl»ff Wrllrr One-dish oven meali, nlmplify •ummertlme cooltliiK, To make c:cr- tuin your one-dish meal haa etiouRh nutritive value 'and flavor appeal, add cheese and milk to the other ingredients. All dairy foods, now In abundant itupply, «re rich In es- j.entlal fnorl vnluc*. (Srrvi'l 6) Tomato Hauct; i-'our tablespoons butter. I onion chopped fine, VI cup chopped celery, I tablespoon chopped parnley, 1 small b^y Ifiaf, "• lt**\vmn thyme, '.J tablespoon flour, I tablespoon juisiir. i cups tomatoes, I can totimlor paste (0 ounces), salt an ilpcp|icr to taste, 1 ba.sll iMf. Melt butter In skillet. Add onion, celery, parsley, bayleaf. and thyme. Cook until onion is rtans- parcnt. Htlr In flour and suxar and blend until smooth. Add to- mat/**, tomaU) paste, unit, pepper and bnnll Iciif. Cook tlKhtly covered, for fiQ mlntilen over low heat. lictliluii: One MJIKC exKplant, Peel rRKplant. filcle In very thin «lrlps. Fry In butter until Bolden browji. Tn cnmlilnr.: Tiled e«8|)lant, cooked tomato sauce, slices ol American cheeie, united Parmesan cheese. Place ei!Kplnnl, In ulans casserole dish alternately with layers o( sliced cheese a tit] tomato sauce. Top Ki'nciounly with Crated Bake IS to 20 minutes In moderate oven (Mft decrees K>. This onc-illsh meal also adds ebeese, one nl Ihr rmjN(. popular dairy food;,. U) build up protein value. Ham unit Chrnr K'onrlut (.Srrv»i 4-0) One small rmlnn, chO))pcd (Ine; ?. laWesptmns lititlcr. 1 cup cubed ham, 1 cups uratcd Cheddar cheese, 10 *llcefl tjrfad, cubbed; 3 CMS, 2'.i cups milk. 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, " f teaspoon dry mustard. 1 teaspoon salt, >/, teaspoon peniicr. nrown chopped tmlon In tiutlnr. Combine iinm and cheese, In-own onion and bread cubea. Place In IwllM-cd 2-<j(mrt casserole. Heat egRs .illRhlly. ndd milk and sc;i- winhiK*. IVmr nver broad c.ube mixture, t.el, stand 30 minutes N.ifcft In a moderate oven <35fl df- «rre* P.i fr.r 3.S to 40 minute* or until pull) 1 and ealdtn brown. Tart Cherries And Cheese Are Real Treat llcrc'i a fiiimmer de.wcrt dl«h a-JilcJi combines lh« Urt t.isit o( rrd clwiik* with the «m<Mlh Rood- nets at cr/:am cheeec. The result— "Cherry Juniors"~» real estlnu lic/il for xll Ihr fnmtly. Hern's ht>w to make this tiellciou.i 1 No. 2 cnn pie chcrrlcn ', cup xtmur tor to (ante) 2 lahlrtpoont tapioca ;vwlrj- inliig 2 cups flour nr 1 riark.-iKc pie crust mix I p.ickn»c cream cheese <3 nz.) Drain chcrrlcn and measure I cup Julcr. Combine siifjar and corn- .slnrcli and Kllr In the 1 cup Juice. to boiling boll (or 1 minute, xllrrlfie con.M.iiilly. Meanwhile make iwstry— line 4 Individual ptc pans sm! h.ikc nlwiit is minute* nt 525 tlCKicc K. then nllnw to cool. Combine cherries with tooled thickened Juice and jiour into cold pic .shell*-. To famish—top with crciim rhecse mixed with snllldcnt crenm 01 inllk to caf(en slightly. (Makc.1 -I Individual pies.) To iiink* twisted edtte on pic crust: cut piistry strips '/, Inch wide and tu-Isi two strips loaethcr. MoMfii nd«e of pantry In pan and plncc tn-1-itcd strip In plnce, press- Inn Kcnlly. Homcmaker Keept Close Check on foods For Potion in Summer Wiirm weather makes homemakers even more alert to (he possibilities ol food poisoning. They know thai ncrlshahlc foods imisl be hustled Into the refrigerator ns soon as they »ro bought from thr. market. They nrc extremely careful In the refrigeration of such [nods a« cooked meats, pud- For Summer Try Cobbler, Cream By OAV.VOB MAnrvox NKA SUM WrIUr Htf».'« * pleasant jurnmer picture _ an oblong heit.rulstanl ahfs utility dl*h filled »-lth pineapple cherry cobbler. And on lop of each Individual cobbler goes a lar?< «coop nf bulk fee crearn. interested? Pln»»j>pk Chtrry Obblti » U Mode. <8*TTM «) One quart vanilla ice cream (bulk). R slices canned pineapple. 2 cups canned pltttd Jour cherries, drained: '4 cup chopped nut meats. 2 cups silted Hour, ',i cup ju?ar, 3 Ceasrwons hakim ponder, pinch nl nail. '/, cup butter, V, cup roily., I CR%. beaten. Place Ice cream In InaMnx C'Jjn- parlmcnl of the refrigerator until ready to u*e. Arrange pineapple slices and cherries In a buttered. 2-r|tiarL heal-reslstant slass utility dish. Sprinkle with chopped nut meat*. Silt flour, miifar. baking powder anrl sail tosicthcr. Cut butter Inw Hour mixture until particles are the size of Bmall pcaK. Combine inllV: anrl beaten tug. Stir Into flour mixture mixing Just, enough U> dampen the dry Ingredients. Pat dough out. llRhllv on a Hrnirni hoard about '.;-Inch thick. Cut Info n rounds with a 3-Inch biscuit cutter. Place rouniU on Up of cherrlM In approximately the same position MURK and creamed dishes. The wise homcmaker also keeps a portable thermometer In the refrigerator to aid her In adjusting the controls so that safe storage temperatures are maintained. The US. Fish and Wildlife Service says New Rutland accounts (or one filth of the nation's fish catch. »K the pineapple slices. Bake. In » moderate ovejj (350 degrees r.) /or one hour. When z'rvin;?', Invert each tervlJK to thai <he blMiilt Is on the bottom. Top rith » larje scoop of let cream, Applr Chtehr Crfap (Series i) five cups sliced apples. 2 table- i|»i7iis lemon juice. '<•. cup grated Cheddar cheese. 23 cup sugar. 1 teaspoons cinnamon, 1 teaspoon nutmeg. '/, teaspoon salt, \'i cup uncooked oatmeal, 'i cup butter. Arrange apple slices In a grcascrl 10-Inch hcat-resfttant glass (luted "Ant pie plate. Pour lemon Juice onr apples. Combine cheese. SUR- ar. spices, salt, oalmeal and shortening: mix thoroughly. Spread over apple slices. Bake about 50 minutes In moderate oven '3,50 degrees F.) Serve hot or cold. /» ITSfbnr-IHd Ov&tacod SLICED BACON Crisp, Tender, Tasty S»rv» H for brealtfajf, lunek or tupper. MIMPHII rA<KIN Luttrell s Market Corner of Sixth & Chickaiawba Phone 2011 for Delivery Service WEEK END SPECIALS — FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY Frozen Juice Honor Itrund Pro/en (Jrecn & Whit* LIMA BEANS „.. 190 Don'f miss (his M|>t:clnli Von KC(. I CHH of deli- m cimis iMInule .Moid (Jnipefniil Juice or lilcnricil •( .) iiicf. for only , I «llh Eh* |turcha»e nf z exni ORANGE JUICE - - - 2for50< Here's the rcol bargain in coffe*. LA ROMA Freshly Ground For an easily prepared summer meal, Franco-American KHH.V t« fix, CHICKEN POT PIE 290 Honor liniml fro/.tn 6ARDENPEAS LUllLL Frcshlv Ground II), For an easily prcparci __ SPAGHEni - - - - - - 2 * 25c Leader ic!f-r;:ing guaranteed FIOUR 25 "M $1.69 Aden j vvV>ol« GREEN BEANS- -2No.2«35c NnHonally fomous Laundry Soap P. & G. SOAP - - HciCi Icon tasty SLICED BACON - Wisconsin Hm.p .-, ,„ fi „,. 8VK| ,,,„„ CHEESE „, 450 HAM BUTTS 290 CORN i - 45c r,,l,ml,l „„„ Slra.torrv 590 PRESERVES 2 C 290 , SALT MEAT „. s . 2^190 POTATOES 10 , hs 390 ('hasp X- Siiiihom Coffoo in- 450 KIDNEY BEANS L250 M'WELL HOUSE 1800 HILLCREST COLORED OLEO '. 'SSr LB 250 THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, SAVE MONEY! BUY THE TRIPU VAIUI MEAT Sour, Pitted CHERRIES HI-C ORANGEADE 2 ORANGE JUICE .Sr- CORN 46 oz. cons No "Throw-Away!" Dozens Of Ways To Serve It! No doubt of it. Kroger hamburge* is^ono of today's best meat values! H's lean, high-quality beef, ground fresh every day . . . and priced low every day. Swift's Smoki'd STREAK 0' LEAN lb 290 2 Pride of Illinois Cream Style White 2 No. 303 «« BACON SQUARES ,350 Sug;tr Cured WHITIKG STRAWBERRY PRESERVES *r 3 ">z f \ "'"'" •65< 1.59 Lh. 150 CHEESE FOOD Windsor Club 2-lb. Loaf ClfillD Condole I LU U K Plain or Self Rising 25-lb. $ Bag STRAWBERRY JELLY 2 ^250 Mott'a GELATIN 3 Pk88 170 Kroger — All Flavnrs 1CEDTEA ^490 Kroner Special lilcnd SALAD DRESSING ";«• 590 Miracle M'hip FRENCH DRESSING Ki,.230 Krnfl SARDINES '.. No. '/, Flat Cans ..3 for 250 American in Oil • VINEGAR Gallon 290 Cold Dollar FRUIT JARS ',;;;;: 650 Kcrr iMason LIMA BEANS lNo . 2ean 100 While and (Irccn PETMILK 3^370 'I he I'irM IvvjiporiiIt'll ICECREAM 2,,n, s 550 la ft ,V(Kifly SHERBET LIMA BEANS Wtnttr <i<irrfffi I'VcHli l-'m/cii TOILET TISSUE NORTHERN SOLID BUNCHES Of COOL CRIS? GOODNESSI • Rkh-ripc and .s\vcct as hnncyf • /\ KM! vjluc—Gc! plenty now! Ibs. 29 £ ,,, LEMONS wlp Ijiirjje .luicy, .'((in Size 2'-".550 CARROTS Krcsh ... t.aige Hunches . .,.fc For Colorado Mountain Grown Lux Soap 3 Kolti Bath Size Bar Ivory Soap Medium Size Lifebuoy Soap Ruth Palmolivc Soap Bath Situ Bar Bath Cashmere Bouquet 2 •« 25< Camay Soap 2-150 Regular Size {

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