The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1952
Page 11
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MOOT) AY, OCT. «, \** OUR IOARDING HOUSI — with Mal«r H~| (AMC.) COVKWR MEW! HMMBLVVW Y'KdOVj.eROTHeR AMO6, i 0EeM TRoe etoe PALS, ^ i vjoprtrtf -TOGETHER UKB ' A ARIAVOF AI<JTS,'-< I'M <50f-lMA KELP , POT VF£R <7/ , rJeeo A COMBOS! CERTAIN! GROUP OP_ IKS -me" 'ROOM A! P^ a 1?HAT C5AriE'5 !C>EA.=t S 1 i* KELLEY'S Your Friendly Shoe Store I 1MOII I0« MID «li.THt MCW Rcvil Grains fti oAirlisfd in Hie Sat.Eve.Post * > . j,> -^2a ka( . w, M ,rr»i t> *• *"• •i.'V • '< OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. r , irs QUITS A sl,THI* • IT? *>«WW^ •* »W**r FRECKLH AND HIS FRUMPS SK-HOWfJoj^-fwUP /•we usuM-.vmw A.« SK-WHIPW €K€AMf rf5 "Both my kid. are In college—the wlf. doesn't want '• to get into «ome humdrum rut like my [OB- R. C. FARR & SONS Distributor* Gasoline Kerownt HWM Traetor Fucl Lee Tires Jjlij&A ^ ^^ PETROLEUM ^^^ PRODUCTS "Serving the Pubfic for 20 Years" 400 So. Railroad St FLASH Cameras for Rent Phone 4567 Phone 4567 Ifl Take wonderful Indoor picture with a Hash camera from Bar ney'l Prut- Low ratn. All kind of camera iuppHe» ar« avallabl here. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS ?»«« W M»ln Phone 364 BDRM THIRTr' YEARS TOO 5QOM T~ J"l?WiLV l ^»*2» L" ^ io-b •enefit by Reading and Using Courier New* Classified Ads I # I* Vo- AHitf E ! VJHAT A MAM OF BUSIMtSS MUST PUT LIPWIUI TO HUMOR MIS TWX>6 / SK-HOW/ MOMORABlt &PAV6S OF THE SKIMOMO TBIBE.YPUR DELECTABLES WILL- BE FOWWGOMtMfcV IhWEplATEl-Y AFTER, A SHOW OF GOOD FAITH— NECeSSARY WAMPUM/ s^O -£7 WV\. ••* UNJUST, s*, UNJUST'/ 100 HURT US, OC ac-Ffaet" 1 ' SJ ;i I! I THE (Proof Next Week) „ SWOt'BAKUft . GLENCO HOTEL BtD6. 8WTHEVJUS, ftRK .-»«t41 The newly married couple needs the advice of an experienced In- r surance agent ... to make sure /USUULY they have insurance to cover the wedding presents, personal effects, if a trip is taken, and to safeguard the new home. We invite you to hrim your insurance questions here. COLUMBUS DID NOT , DISCOVER AMERICA IN 1492 (from Inst week) On October 12. 1M2 Columhus slEhterl an island which he called S»n Salfador, and which *•-' sine* tieen identified as atl Islantl. On his 3rd voyage, In H98, he beheld, lor the first time the mainland of South America 1. "Encyclopedia BrMannlra" , . nth Edli. 2. "Harms-worth Encyclopedia." 3. "Popular Falla- I cles" A. S. E. Ackermann. Wanted! TIN CANS Large Metal Compress BLYTHEVILLE Iron & Metal Co Moultrie & R.R. Sts. BlytheviUc, Ark. Phone 8962 ; SECOND MAN on the Tkket 2§ets rather forlorn out there alone, bul I did not go out. He had Ijttl* enough time to himself, and today would be a busy day in MilHo and wait out?" "There's L«cy said. !• ttv. aisle "Is this chair l^Hij-it l| )<CA SwrtM. Uc. for the train to pull a press conference," felevision- fonite, Tomorrow VMCT. Memphis. Channel MONDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER s 6:00 Evening Serenade 8:16 News 6:30 Those Two ( 6-45 News Caravan 7:00 Paul Winch ell 1:30 Howard Barlow 8:00 Cisco Kid 8:30 Robert Montgomery 9:30 Who Said That 10:00 Wrestling 10:45 News 10:55 Weather 11:00 Filtn Featurette U:30 Ozzie & Harriet 11:45 News 12:00 Sign Off TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1 1:00 Todi)y 7:25 News T:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News 0:00 Prologue lo TUtur* 8:30 Campaign Call 10:00 Mrs. U.S.A. 10:30 Strike It Hlch 1:00 Storyland 1:15 Love of Life 1:30 Search for Tomorrow 1:45 Morning Meditation 2:00 News 2:15 Farm News 2:30 Garry Moore 1:00 Guiding Light 1:15 Film Featurette 1:30 Homemakeri Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Welcome Trfveler 3:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkins Palls 4:IS Gabby Hnyes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Berl olswanger 5:15 News 5:25 Weather 5:30 Fire Prevention 5:45 Film Festurette 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 1:00 Milton Berlc 8:00 Firesjde Theatre 8:30 Circle Theatre 9:00 Two for the Money 9:30 Dangerous Assignment 10:00 Mr. & Mrs. North 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Studio One 11:45 Industry on Parade i2:00 News 12:15 Sign Off »*-irii— FOCUSES. A EAPAK BEAM OK THE OBJECT HE , DETECTED IN 6PK.E. I/A1P6P ^ ^0,U ,FAE AW WliEKE ITl A4f»Ce. USIN6 V/tNEfe KADAE. SEAM A* A 8£ACON,CUR& BfqN6SHI« OWN *5HIPCLO5Eg. ' vm , WE'LL, HAVB TDACTPAMVl OOC. THEY MUST HAVE DETECTED I" "" ?stf ^ I'LL" BET . IKE WlMI EASY] AFTER ALL, DEARlJ v^^il 1 AMP) *-^^ IT SOUNDS JTERR.IBLEI " YOU , MR . THE S f 'BUT [DON'T FORGET- V WE'RE M CQ-ROWN \ MEN! .0 _!L'£i faf/ge t "41. O.V PM. Ot! kAe* t*bti.r»< VtCS &C6EC IS U-,,—-— .. THt NEXT *0«NINe gV— (|(,HEtLO... MOTHM& OF ft, , AMC&COTTj si£ NO K6ST FOR TH6WBAKV i«jes5. % m RJNT.AMANWPi&Vl U6CV rWJ,' • ' \-f s^~ FUNT/ r> WWW irv«7-v . j\ ft*xvenb»vswat*. I ^, *\ I «n u-« LCA4.1T7 r>-* I AC?<C« l THOlfe*rJC?PGt.LARS . war] ^ i wewr CMtK, •W6KEO Jl <r. W HEN the train stopped Milltown station at noon I dropped oft at the dining car ar took a taxi to the hotel, avoiding the official reception. rr TTTE t»A looke w Strawn stood •miling. She said, taken?" I go< up to pull it out for her, and began introductions, but she cut me oft. "We met last night, she said, and sat down. "Whats for breakfast? 1 think I'U trj some o* that e< cetera." She turned to the waiter. "Et cetera, she MM. "Sunny sid« up." "Yes, miss," the waiter said. Clyde McDonald grinned "When you get hold of some- with thing," he said, "you don't turn cr ew loose, do you?" !' ier Lucy tapped th« book on the table with her finger jps and said, "Doing your homework?" "Research," he said. "Research on the life and times of the Great Hippologist-" I knew it would Iw >n his column next day, and 1 know that he, too, was one of those who never turned loose once they got fcoW of something. Every men- 'Yeah. I know those press conferences," he said. "Yokels from the local press sit around hug- eyed while the great man sounds oft about nothing at all. No, thanks. But 1 tell you what. Maybe you ought to hold a little con- with the press. Miss Milllown like any aller a dozen dozen such towns, which seemed all to be exactly small city—no place lo be left to one's own resources before nignt- (all. There were no sights to see, particularly stops in \vhich sec...— •* — alike, so the natural place to lay .your hat was on a bar stool. I went lo the hotel bar, and later lunch together, and al 'our o'clock went up to the Governor's suite I HAD finished my coffee, and 1 for the conference with local par- 1 set the cup in the saucer with ty leaders We listens^to «w a iar and got up. McDonald eavc reports, and while Bill made noies me a shorf nod of dismissal, and ] 1 saw to it '^t every s T.Trv did not elance up al all. 1 hand held a well-filled glass. ^ yi(d she n wan?ea to p.1 around i After the^ last party stalwart Terence Strawn." 'Me?" said Lucy. "Why me? •At some nice bar," he said. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Mary Simmon (Colored), Is warned lo appear i the Chancery Court, Cliickasawb 1 District, Mississippi County, Ar kansas. within 30 days anrt answe the complaint of the plaintiff. Doc I Simmons (Colored). Witness :ry hand, as clerk [ said court, arid the seal thereof, o 1 this 27th day of September, 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk Franit C. Douglas, attorney. 929:10-6-13-20 NOW f^RE VCHJ GON^ RUW OUTONWE.KIOLy^^" \ PWW H&Vi /L6TBILLV W-OWE 1 . ' 7~LOOK, SOME CREEP IS I JUkAPIW OM PA5TV '• '^ IT^^ r ^« n SS ^cKOMiTB&''J6TM iM.fod...] \' N Jttsr ARTHRITIS If yon suffer with arthritis write to me, P. O. Po* 71«, Snulh Bend, Indlani. ! wW <t'ai"l te " J°" hnw I tot rid «f It S je»rj »jo »fter suffering orer 25— H. M. HmrlMll. d,c,aUn B an- seat beside him and said, looks like insubordination." 'What do you mean?" "This at six o'clock there's no stop until we make New Orleans al noon tomorrow." "You sicked l.ucy Strawn^pnto Clyde McDonald, " ' ' "*"•'-" tioo o< Governor Warburton's name in his column henceforth would probably carry the bracket (The Great Ilippologist). "\Vnat is this Great Hippologist business?" I.ucy asked. "What's a hippologist?" "A hippologist is a man inter you' CM course nirawn um" "Bill, you're the on« Ua need "I said, "Didn't oi rest," the Governor said. JAor- Iry about yourself tor 2 change, not," he said. "I I I'm alt right. And say, 1_ want to get some telegrams off. Where s Lucy?" "I.ucy?" Bill said. "Oh, Lucy's got a slight headache, Governor." Lucy, I supposed, hail kept her iinie with Clyde McDonald. II Ihere was anyone who could get anything out of him, I.ucy was "But ust told her to butter him up ittle." "H's okay with me," I said. it will irritate the Governor," "Then he'll have to be irritated," Bill said. "We've got to protect him, Roy. That's our Job." "Yes," I said. 1 s r. -ate." He looked at his paunch. dowp lion plalfnrm- smoking a cigar |man "What happens in Milltown, tf there's no speech?" Clyde McDon loses the initiative he's apt His wife hatl left the train oi> his orders a week before because she was showing the strain of bcina there s no speecn: ^iy«e niuivu,,- wao -..«-..-.e> ---»U ackcd. "W« iua fit »tou»d 1 a candidilt's w^e, and h« looked to feel thai he is simply vistil as 5 prop to play (lolly. Lucy made me feel somewhat that way tT» IMPORTED Holland Bulbs Chocs* yoori rljht away while selections are complete. TULIPS, DAFFODILS, HYACINTHS, CKOCUS, AND MANY OTHERS. Jlgjei, Better Bull* — let th most for your money. IWOJGWITH THE VIEW- SCREEN? ^ UGLY LOOKING MUTTl THIS -MUTT" IS ALLEV OOB IN A. CONDITION CONTRIVED BY A. WITCH FUEXING HER MUSCLES, PKC PARIMS FOR HER ANNUM. HALLOW EbN 1 HOW WHY SHOULD 1 BE £J0rHWA/' vwrn A OVkVME.V Til'CAUSE Of W ntOUBLE IS IHia HLVf Ct' flAG HBfE? / m i^l^ pU? %^-ir y' ?'.?:: fW-> » These are the choicest of bulb* Imported direct l« u> from Holland. PAUL BYRUM Hardware & Sctds HI R. Main Blythevil THA.T CUUCK'6 HW7 H14 NO&E IN THAT ^ BOOK FEU ^N HOUR.' L HO?? 9UV9 I stoi to VJ W [W3 ^ ^v2. •'_ ,/' S/s -'&?• £%i , 8® i

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