The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1931
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNti 5, 1031 Bl.YTHEVlLLE, (ARK.)' COURIKU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS l«o cents a «urd lor first ir.M-ri.ou and oue cent » uuru '01 neb «'jnsto,uenl . No Inti-ii for less than 600. Count the words and seud tiie cfisb. 1'hbnc 3'06 ' " PAGE t'irii. KKNT FOU RENT— \. rooms, and bath, liJ2 Hoily. Seven rooms uiiu bath, 1133 -W. Ash. 1'ltonc !OJ, K. 1 U FOR RE^T— South bedioom. Phone «•!. ' • . 27C-K3 FOIi RENT—Furnished house, Mrs. Sisk, Phone d?2. . , i9C-K4 FOR KENT—4 loonib and bath., $10. 1118 Holly, Phone 100, E .D. Fer- giiscn. ' 30-KO FOB HENT--5 room house 1 , bath. Furnished. Newly decorated- 401 Norm oth, Phone 292-W, 5C-K9 UIICIX IIKllH TODAY III-:MVI. iiniu)i:\, K crrniy i n lore "llh TUMMY WII.SO.V, knuw. ki> naulil nVv.-r In- hnliliT nlth fccr !i:ilf-«Mrr, llli:.M: i;Vi:i(i:il. :,na Irlo to nrei-rut Ihrlr marring*. Irrhf I, jraloui uhen "tie fall, anil ni-rjl Act'urtft u rndfo cou- ttncl. llrrjl'« vutcg irlnn her unv frk-m'i I»iit hhr rflnnul forsrl LIT "All.llKU.'lreViTSirnVY'l^liM I. tlrk imd lr | f » lo ,, tB hlrl (r ,, m Jitryl. HL> 1* •u.irr|illl)]r, fukeH Lrr Urlvfni: anil lu Ulnner. TIIIIIIIJ'H 0, Jr]( ,![<.„ and he |i>ici liolli uinncy uu;l Jolj ttirnuuli her . IiUBlianil. Tummy t,!l« | ri ., 1r 1,1, liilil lui-I: ami *!,•• l,rc:ik. ihr cn- m iU. in hrnrlli- irlt» I,, ri'ne llmt ' I'OK lilSNT— b room. - nnfi:rnishec ; aiMrtmc-nt. Modern. West Main , :-t. Arccla heat. Phone 417 or «0-W. 5C-K9 WANTED 1 . rn her !i> miirry blm .l.c nc Uwialr •l-iuiLiiiy drink, nnd llcr.vl n lu l» l.hii. Stir flik-rr Eitnt u|i tinil (vLln I shf IIIUKC cttkrr K" l.ark ( i>r i-niidi.s m I'rcnils. him liratl- IChhly hhi; linn [trlrtl. Iri'iii; riruui- I»J» lull lilnnn lo .tulivli Hi-rjl, AfliT rcctlilnK a Medium trc'ia 1'rr.ilha mklns her (o mnrry him tlial day «ho .lh» una) nnd inrcti Ilia. Thry urc ntnrrlnl nnO Irciif Ii'll'li:inncs humr Ir, U'll Ilir i.tiij.. T!;r |i::rrnls /irr rlinpj .,,•„ u,,. mallliy >oii-<n-l[nv. lu-rjl knn«, IrtnL- II::K trvnilfd Itit Irulli. GO u\ wri'ii TUB STOIIV POULTRY WANTED-XJarkel prices, nny qiiantily. Mnrllyn Hat- cucry, 210 S. Fourth Si. OC-T1' WANTED — Family washings or general housework. VJzull, 2201 16th at. Mrs. Dora TF CASH PAID {or second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main (.; La-ie Gls. GC-TF fpHE raoinins follow IUK IITHC'E ' • \voililil:K ilay WKS licaiiliful. H WHS one of those crystalline mornings when earth anil sky bccni to call to all living creatures lo be joyous. T!ic lious NOTICE OF .St'ECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION Tlic following resolution wns \m- nnimbusiy adopted by the County Board 01 Education of Mississippi County. Arkansas, at a inti'img en Thursday, May'28, 1931: " Wrf.ri-os', if necessity exists for the calling ol a special school election in Kdecc Suico! Disincl No. 33, .Mississippi Couniy, Arkansas !or me purpose'cf electing six (.u) local cliiiclprs for^caid scncoi-dis- trict and tor voting lo'r or against a school tax in said' sHiooi dis- irict; thtretore, be it resoived by the County Hoard of Education ^ttsat a special election be and th. tame is hereby called for tne Retca Sehoot District No. 'J3 to bj liem ijn accordance v^th the.'!?.'# on Jime L'j, between/ the', hours 01 2 -p. M. and ti P. M. for' tile pmposc-of" electing' "six' (6) : local utiectors and voting lor or against £aia school ta>:. WILLIE LAV/SON, County Superintendent 5-12-10 e Mas strangely quiet when Beryl opened her eyes r.ftcr i! night of fitful sleep. Shu glanced at her watch. Her mother would ba about tho house soon. She thought uuccmtortnbiy of tho day that was ahead of her, dreading cqnvers.ition with the family. Yet if she said nothing she would be thought sullen. whirled from tho window, "fin yaglng you, Ohl Trapper. I want you to swear tor me. And swear ;ood and plenty. Swear hard." * • * ANOIULV she d.-ishcd (ho tears •** from her smarting cyei Hut she couldn't dnsli the pkliiro tlmt hail called for stout words out ot her mind. It w.ia (ho picture ot a onco laughing hoy In helpless collapse on a wet beach. It had flashed Into her day dreaming like an evil threat. She put a. hand to her throat . . . pain . . . lint she must know how Tommy was. Sho must go out and dud hint. Beryl ttaitcd to dress hurriedly lost the pain In her throat frighten her into staying indoors. It was a terrible thini;, lo ho so afraid, she thought, lint vjhat would she do without her voice? She needed the money slip eaincil lint (hero was more. There wa.H the release ulio know In siiirit when she sang. Sho could iiour her longing out in song Sho couhl call lo Tommy. Sho couk scold him. S!ie rould plead wltl him and pray for him. Uecauso his uarno was not on her lips but cnlj in her heart, people would invi her and tall; to her about the power of the artist to express nnlversa human emotions. Tiie solace she found in slisglni meant much [o Beryl, jhe felt sU could not do without i^. Ho-.v stupid she would be to g out today. She knew that v.-oltiii her feet in the dew ami briiigEn Tommy back to normalcy at th !:caeh had s'.arteii her trouble aneu Thn doctor would be furious if sh went out .it this hour. Beryl was dressed now. \Vher would Tommy be? ttc-iyl arose a::d inched no p. hand mirror. \Vhat it told her stirred her EDiuc of liumoi^until a faintly mocking light Vh'owed in her eyes. There was her excuse. With a (hroat like that silence would *oc forgiven. Beryl fumed to. the window. What a day! Khe" ; supposed the bridal cc pie would drive to Oakdale in the black and chromium roadster. ;. What a morning to start on a honeymoon journey! U wouldn't bo necessary to .travel in a black and'cfjromrani roSdater. A siiui bo> beside you . . . the words "raai and wjfc". still ringing in ynnr ears ... p. boy.with the.brpwii of wcoi'b Sho did not find Tommy. His uncle told her that Tommy had left the house after receiving a unto sent to him by messenger. "And I j haven't seen him since," he added worriedly. didn't you stop him?" Ueryl fiamed. "Don't yon know he might do something reckless?" "ilov, r could 1 Flop him? I hur rird home nftcr you told me what had happened and found him acting natural enough." "What ,do you mean, natural enough?" "Well, he wasn't doing anything —just lying on his bed. you didn't e:\iicct he'd be doin 1 a lap dance, do you?" ' • i Beryl ignored (he sarcasm. "Then .what happened?" she snapped. "Then the messenger boy hroiighl camo down to think about omelhliig for supper uud while Was doing H Tommy left, llo idn't aieuo about it. Ho Just left." "Who was the noto from?" "f don't know, but 1 guess it wns i cm Ircue.'' "Yes," Beryl agreed, and her oicc grow more caustic. "I guess t was. Irene would do u thing like hat." She went home then, and Eeul for ho doctor. "You might as well hnvo come In 0 sec me," he Molded her. "I saw •on driving around in your fresh iir bus." The doctor's totio wns good na- ured, but wns graveness In ils eyes. His volco chanced as he decided to tell her tho truth. "Seriously, Beryl," ho Enid, "I must warn you that your condition Is one lhat you must not neglect ; to put you to lied for a few days at leant. And I'm going (o call Dr. Anguston from New Yor'n. lie's a throat specialist—a good one. I want Ills opinion." •REKYI, looked at him, suddenly really frightened. "i)o you think it's anything really serious?" she asked quickly. "Anything . . . penininiciit?" The. doctor hesitated for a moment. Then, "Beryl." he Falit suddenly, "you're a sensible girl. Tl.ol entitles you to hear the truth. I hesitated nhout alarming you, but 1 Ihluk it best to warn you that you have Eomo of tho symptoms ot a rare throat malady. Little Is known alxmt It. I have never encountered It in my practice, but I believe Dr., An elision known us nuicliijjbout it as any man living." Tiie shadow in Beryl's cyea deep caed. "Is It—ilniigc-rous?" fihc i entiled. The doctor shook his head. -"We o u~t consider it Incurable," he said, "but it can give cndlrs.H trot )Ic, especially to u singer. Until I lave Dr. Auguslon's advico I want you lo stay in bed." Beryl stirred impatiently. "But I can't flay in hert," she protested Then, peeing a look of annoyance on the doctor's face, she added quick "Could yon get Dr. Augusta 'You haven't," Bflld, "seen lll( . „„,„ illl( . , took it „„ ,„ . . in his eyes and tho touch of the- sun in his hair . .' . a laughing Tommy." boy - • • • j "Did you stny lher« whllt he "Listen!" Barfl .»foke aloud and| read it?" today?" "Possibly," the doctor said dryly hut I expect yon to nndcrstani that we wilt be fortunato to gc Anguslon al nny lime at all. Ill fcc,--by 'tiie way, may seem e.vorbi tant but he's worlh it; ever; penny." Beryl sighod. "Yes," she KU< "I've heard of famous specialists. The doctor got up to go,. "I 1 send for him at once," ho said. Beryl stopped him at the doo Tommy Wilson today, have you, doctor?" The doctor, on the stieuslh of lone yearn of practicing In tho family, bpoko frankly In reply. "Yes," he admitted, "I 6a\v him, early this numilng. Tho youiiR fool wns In troi'.blo wllli tho I.nrkln boyd." Jleryl tat up with a jerk. "What kind o! (rouble?" Bho cried. "The kind a guy like Tommy always gets Into when a girl throws him over," tho doctor replied. "It's H ulty girts Hko Irene-aren't 'all horn in China." r>K«YI, flashed him n fntiit smile " of i;ratitudo for placing thu blame wlieio It belonged. But hta 1 implication of weakueia on Tommy's part needed refuting, she IhoiiEhl. "Tommy's all right," ehe pro- eatcd. "All ht 3 bad luck cnme ut nee." "Il'm," tiic doctor returned dry* y. "Someone had better dig him •lit proliy quick." "Yes." lieryl agreed. "Someone, md." The doctor shook his head. "Not oilay," im said waruiusly. "You lay vlElit there In bed until An- KUSton tH-cR yon. If you don't," ho iddcd gravely, "(he consequences nny be serious for you." "Will you let mo know It Dr. Au- ;ustoii la coming today?" The doctor promised and ile- iiarted. Sirs. Everett, who hail been on an errauil during his ml!, ap- leared (o ask .Beryl what ho had said, licrvl did not tell her nil tho' lector had hinted at.-' Instead 'BJIB isked a question of her o'wul. ';'.' "Do yon know what -Irene said lo Tommy In that note she scot him yesterday?" she demanded. "Who told you bho scut him a note?' 1 her mother evaded. •; . "If EUO daunted Prcntlss'. wealth in Tommy's fnce—" Beryl began henleilly, but her mother cut her short. "She did nothing of the kind," sliu declared. "It was Just u uwcet little note to ask him to try -to forget her." "I can Imagine," Beryl remarked bitterly: "So Bwcet It would drlvu him to drink. Ho probably thought he'd lost an angel. ..." ' .VIreue in a good Rlrl," the mother asserted, "yon ought to think" ot, nil, Sho can do for you!" Beryl did not answer for n. mo- menl. Then, "If yon mean ray career," sue said slowly. "I may not have one. Our old medico is send- j ing for a genio to find out."- ' .' ,j (To llo Co-'-iWK-J); Iv:,-*}"1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By -rHis KEEPIM HefiE TSR TWO \\1EEKS \ 'rXEW-TV ( S-TQPPEP UP siMkr Aki 1 A V COliPLE LEAKV ' WILL BE ^ " BUT M'V TiME <&Z2\\ vi.lS' M tlOLSR BOARD MT> FOT? -trie HotiSE TOKtrlEM, .AM' I'LL £ OAS 5EJ4-T BIU-S U)IC.L ABOUT -fr(e MEANTIME;, ALL -Tele PLUMBING ^^fe- G\7ER--riME: BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES TSK! TSK! By Martii -NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL i ELECTfOX I The following.resolution was.un-i anhnonsly adopteil 'by the County! Board ci Education, of Mississippi! County, Arknnsns ut a mcctinu on | •Jhnrsaay, May 23, 1931: ' ( Wneri-aa, a ntces&ity exists for CHURCH EXCUSES - liy Oeorge Vf. Barh:im= get lip a statement .and sec just] teen seriously 111 for (he . how I stand and if its, very muc maybe they will estimate what I | put in as a free will offering. That should cut it down two or three It is not often that I refuse to I anything but the church was pay- help out in all chu.-ch activities,! '"S- the calling'01 a special'school clcc-'but when some of our numbers I I've bc^n going io church real lion in l-ial Lake School District 45, Mississippi County, Ar- decided to buy our preacher a new j often and ! surely car I simply had" to run out on ! th "^ a " d / il;5 ' ''"' kansas for the puipose of electing I h x glless . lt would bc all dx 16) local directors for sam , , ... school district and lor voting for ;"ent _ to buy him.the car hut or against a scnool tax in said school ctistriel; therefore, ba I agrcoii to and this fellow said 1 ! had not agreed to pay for the past i TO vcars ilieti I remembered I dollars. Round Lake News Mr. and Mis. Dan Biu-chcll were Luxora visitors Saturday. Mrs. ijticy Johnson was the reserved by the Cpuuly board of Education that, a special election be and tile same is hereby was the pi ice they wanted to pay. j refused to 5*3:1 a pledge bill. I did j clay. uest Mrs. Hester agnon, Sun- Tnc follow that was setting tnis up said we cpuid not anord lo buy a cheap one as it-would' bc a re- not think it had been that long— Messrs. D. R. Burchell and C. M. timj surely flies— I don't think it Rcbcrson were business visitors at two \vccks is slightly improved. . Mrs. Clara Nfae Daniels has returned home alter visiting relatives at points in Tennessee. Miss Mary Francos Cttrchell who has been visiting relatives in Luxora for the past week, has returned home. Seeks Blue Laws IlepcM BUFFALO. New York, (UP) — Among the 200 "blue laws" whicl Councilman Frank Freedmin is right to sign for a- definite am-ailed I!ectlon ° 11 thc church: J hp - d to tonnt for often you sign you have tor the Flat Late Scnool District nlller w111 ' him ' 1 tllo '' 1Bhl J>lst ' No. 49 to be hi'kl in accordance wiih the law on June 25, . bEtwciv the hours of 2. P. M. and 6 I'. M. for the purpose of electing six (0) tnc was planning lo trade in tnc ore the pieaclicr jiad. I thought if he had one good it, a wtiite longer. 1 think, it is local directors and voting for or! nlriellt W ]ray lum "»••>•»'«•.•'•"- a ga,,,t sa f ^oM.. ^^^^^^l^ ^c^tSn, - ur - - ^^^^ -"' J end that fellow said I had not paid anything for about, two years. Courier Kev:s Want Ads Pay. ' So we were not, paying this one THIS CURIOUS WORLD a lot ot seed luck and want to pay more and there you would \x with ycur pledge card starring you in the face. be blind on the last cue I signed I ani 'Going to ask them to' Blythcvillc, Monday. Mr.' Charley Calvert and Opal Richardson motored to Luxora Saturday. ;vfr. and Mrs. Leon Vincent visited friends at Clear Lake. Sunday. Mrs. Leon Robcrson who has seeks to have repealed from Buffalo city code are these pro hibilme; beer drinking on Sun day; prohibiting^ the parking of hi Miss! cycles within five feet of a strce intersection: and defining proper method of hitching horse on public streets. Courier News Want Ads Pay. WtlX , HE Btf TEU PROowo voo OR ' W6WV iM Tv\ SNOOT MOW . YOO WA9LY MUST BE MCE Tf/ FRKCK1.KS AND HIS FRIENDS TAG'S KKO.M MISSOURI!- B>OK BIRO NEAR L WAIES, RoSiDA,CDfAT BELLS /?AMSIMG | WEIGHT FROM ./?- fc TO 12. POUNDS'.. FMP -THEIO. WINGS AUHWATifiy ; ^ WHfiE F/LY/NG... ~3$t NISHT-- A '-<- EXCI7ED, V& HOR12IES WO\\£ TO SURPRISE HIS .P£2£NTS VJCni TV.E 6CCC> WEWS.. THE- VJAS STOLEN FROM HECTOR, RIGHT HERE THIS U-VTLE BOX By" --TAG? « THINK AR06Y THOUSM1DS WAS , vvtne. WASH TOOTS \VOHTH TRYING! FmO BUU IN P.M £XC£ULEKT MOOO TO USTEN To ME, IF \ f-«r<rr O TOWNWGW RtSPECKFUl O' SOU SVlPvBS. VOU AIN'T ftS 1 THOUdttT TttM'S Ti\t SMIXW THl^<l TO «0. THEM NOU CiOT A MQUOPOW, f- (j^fa, I BE1CHP. THEY'LL fAA',<£ VOO

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