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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • 30

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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-rtThe VANCOUVER SUN': June 13, 1963 DoiTfbrs Separate Siamese Twins SANTO DOMINGO (Reuters) Siamese twin boys separated Patrol Ambushed JAKARTA (AP) Rebel tribesmen in West Irian ambushed an Indonesian military patrol in the central highlands, killing one man and wounding three others, it was reported today. by doctors were reported in guez in the village of Guayabo in the Dominican Republic. The twins, weighing 8 pounds together, were joined at the stomach, above the umbilical cord, and shared the same liver. good health today with a good chance of survival. The twins were born Monday to 15-year-old Mercedes Rodri NIAGARA FALLS OF B.C.! YOU CAN SEE NW ON -VGhcoiuve family holiday bamtnl mm.

it': J'M .1 -5I XlHi I y' 'M ft. I v- It I 7' I 1 1 i. VfaC 3 a Daily 50 mile scenic cruise to Granite Falls Indian Arm ippliei) RAIN OR SHINE Adults $5.00 Children $1.50 (Special Senior Citizen rats Leaves 10 a.m., returns 4:30 p.m. With Dining at the Alpins Lodge, across from Wigwam Inn DAILY HARBOUR TOURS STERNWHEELER RAIN OR SHINE! EVERY SUNDAY MYSTERY CRUISE leaves this Sunday 1:80 p.m. Kturo 5:00 p.m.

approx. r.Af.tlJ II TO YO! CAPTAIN' AlSSI'KKS A JRIE Adults S3. 50 Children $1.50 COFFEE BAR OPEN T.f.. 1 L'-lAa. il i ill.ll MOONLIGHT DANCE CRUISE EVERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY Cruise to sparkling1 new GKAJVITfc y.U.lJs LODGE ana dance to modem live music Kefreebmento.

Advance reservations far Couples anlx. SS.00 per person. Keserve HOW. Una bcoit i'noto Art Phillips, left, Brian Calder and Ed Sweeney lend an ear during city council tour of downtown areas to be affected. SKID ROAD EXPERT Curly McClory puts in two-bits' worth on access routes to proposed new First Narrows crossing.

Aldermen See the city's Dialectic skyline ajid the towerins Kerth hore mouittaijis. laily frail-ings 11 a.m 1 aud p.m. Kain or siiiue. Departs Ilea, man street fctauley fark Eatrauee. Adult $2.00 Child $1.00 CHESS KING IN JEOPARDY Group Rotes on Request! MOSCO Reuters Chal- pion Tigran Petrosian Thurs-leneer Boris So'assky drew the 21st game of their Queen Praises Young People I Common wealth Message For Information and Bookings please call Harbour Ferries Lfd.

633-7696 Departs Foot of Denmon Street Ample Porkinj Bus So wiuiin oae vi vuc petmian resigne(1 Petrosian resigned 24-game series. 53rd move. cfless title Dy deieaung cnam- LONDON (CP) The Queen Commonwealth Day, which now paid tribute today to the young coincides with her oflicial birth' day on the second Saturday in June, the Queen said young people are growing up in an age of people of the Commonwealth in their "great desire to serve and help" and their awareness that human beings are more impor-1 absorbing interest and tremen- tant than machines. dous possibilities. In her annual message fori The s-lence fiction of a gener ation ago is the reality of today and will be the commonplace of tomorrow, she said.

"But I am reassured to find that young people have not forgotten that human beings are more important than the spectacular achievements of science. "In the free association of the Commonwealth we have a ready-made opportunity to give expression to that concern for others, that desire to serve and to help, which I regard as one of the great characteristics of the young people of all our CI Brooklyn Police Scandal 'Broken7 NEW YORK (AP) The biggest police scandal in Brooklyn 20 years was broken when eight policemen tried to arrange a merger of rival numbers racketeers who were paying them off, the district attorney says. The eight patrolmen report- UBC Professor To Move East Dr. Albert Cox, 41, associate professor of medicine at the University of B.C., has been named chairman of the department of medicine at Newfound edly received $50,000 for permit small amounts, even small ting the two men to operate in change, on any three-digit num BrooklyB slum neighborhoods toiber. The winning number each day is taken from the last three land's Memorial University.

digits of the total amount bet at a local race track in the most common method. 7 mtfn(nt A researcher in the field of Mi 0 heart disease, Dr. Cox and his wife were members of UBC's first graduating class in medicine in 1954. He received the Horner gold medal for top standing in his class and took postgraduate Halted Falls Yield Bodies At Niagara work in cardiology in London: the tune of $6 million a year. The policemen were arraigned in Brooklyn State Supreme Court Thursday on charges of receiving bribes, extortion, promoting gambling and official misconduct.

They pleaded not guilty and were paroled in their own custody. No trial date was set. Brooklyn District Attorney Eugene Gold said the case was the biggest police scandal in Brooklyn since the 1940s, when 160 policemen resigned or were dismissed, in the Harry Gross affair. Gross paid $1 million a year to- protect his $20 million-a year gambling empire. Five of the officers arrested Thursday "were assigned to a special team to investigate policy banks and instead they protected them," Gold said.

numbers or policy-racket allows person to bet and the universities of Washington and Utah. NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP) -r The bodies of an unidentified man and woman have been found here in a grisly beginning to a major engineering feat that has all but halted flow of the Niagara River over the Am mm SUN HOUR OF MUSIC CKWX RADIO (DIAL 1130) TONIGHT New York Philharmonic presents: Espana. Johnny Green's Orchestra presents: Three themes from "Rain-tree County." Anita Kerr Singers: Guest singers. erican Falls.

Police said today the decomposed body of the woman was discovered Wednesday while they searched for the man, who was seen leaping over the precipice. His body was found Thursday. The water was shunted to the channel flowing over the Horseshoe Falls so engineers can study the face of the American Falls in an attempt to halt erosion. i Mi 11 Ivy Vti fL Hi Hi 1 DR. ALVAREZ: Chest Pain Could Be Harmless By DR.

WALTER C. ALVAREZ Emeritus Consultant in Medicine, Mayo Clinic I get many letters from people wondering why they have brief, cramp-like pains that seem to be in the wall of their chests. The pain is most likely to come while the person is twist CBC RADIO (690) PROGRAMS FOR WEEK JUNE JUNE 20 rV 6.H News. A.M. Show SATUKDAY 8:00 News.

Opera Time News. tJaciUc spurts 'lnal News. Weother Anyone For Jazz Discourse 7.00 News. On Stare 7 KeA 7:41 Mornina Tiling News 8:55 Assignment Ko. 1 ing, the upper part of bis body News, Metronome :80 1'rntlev at the Movies :0 News.

Now I Ask YOU ana peruays uo icavucu euuiiusui (Pt. 2) siuoio "33 to his back to scratch himseu. 10:00 News, Anthology 11:00 News. What's New? 11:00 News. Action Set 13:00 News.

The New Sound 12:35 Assignment No. 2 News, Sound ol Sport I country htyie 12:60 tow. Wl eather and Music SUNDAY 'I 2:30 Cross Country Checkup 2:00 News, Weather 8:10 Cross Country Checkup front.) 4r0 Holiday 6:00 News News, Something To Say News. Sports 7:80 My Word 8:00 News, CBC Showcase S.OO News, CBC Stage 10:00 News 10.18-Talk 1080 Playback 11:00 News. Art of Clenn fWuid Random Hour tow.

Weather :10 Sunday A.M. News I.M B.C. Gardener am Sunday Mornlnsr Magazln News, Sunday Supplement News, CBC Van. Chamber Orchestra 12:9 News, Capftol Report IMt News, Continental Rhapsody Songs 01 Faith News. Funny Vou Should Say That After some seconds the pain goes away.

That pain is due to a spasm or cramp in a short section of the muscle that lies between two ribs and it is as harmless as is a cramp at night in a leg muscle. Sometimes a fairly severe pain in the right front chest wall is due --to soreness in a muscle back of the breasts a pectoral muscle. Another more common type of pain in the chest wall is in the front near the breastbone, and is due to an inflammation in the joints between the front ends of ribs and the sternum. Fortunately, the pain usually clears without treatment. Sevpre Da ins in the left side of 12:00 New.

Weather. Music MONDAY FUIDAY It's Debatable (F) (Thi Many British Columbians have the idea that far-away travel destinations are the best. But think about it and you'll realize that no other place offers the incredible variety of your home province. Where else can you find a highway like the Rogers Pass, wending smoothly through magnificent mountain vistas? Or a city like Vancouver with its spectacular setting and ever-changing attractions? Or a holiday region so totally "apart" as Vancouver Island? Or a valley like the Okanagan, with its lush fruit orchards, sandy beaches and sparkling lakes? The answer, of course, is nowhere else. So if you'd like to be a tourist in an excitingly different kind of place, try exploring in your own back yard.

It's the greatest tourist country going. 600 A.M. Show -1 :0 News 7:42 Morning Thing 8:00 World at Sports A.M. Show front.) Max Ferguson Show News Oerussl :55 Assignment No. 1 Dominion obse.

vatory Time the chest and perhaps left arm, I kS, 0ff the Record -hich comes with exercise or No. anaer and stops with rest or me1 has Canadian siv.rt st.ones 'taking of a nitrate drug, is 3 to a narrowed artery in the Encores. The Ban nermans B.C. arm Broadcast Natural Kesourcs Report News, Bright Lights Neus, Folk Music (T News, Vancouver Recital Wl News. Between Ourselves (Th.) News.

Counterpoint (F) 5:80 Music of Fans iT; Oid Songs IW) Program (F) News. As It Happens M) News. Introduction T) News. Conrn IW) News. International Violin Competition (Th i News.

Radio Free Friday Portrait of James Joyce (T) 8:00 News fM) Toronto Repertory Orchestra in Ideas Network (W) 10:00 News aid Wea'her is Five Nights a Week at This Time 10:80 Theatre 11:00 News. Music In A Modern Age (Ml Dtinguished Artists (Tl News. Age of Elegance (W) News. Weather (Th) News. Let The Peoples Pain in the centre of the chest 1 Assnrnent no.

Aiter Noon 'if- comes with swallowing is likely to be due to some disease I'm the gullet. 'Heartburn is sometimes felt as pain in the chest, "and is due probably to the back-, flow of stomach juice into an gullet. Pain to the chest jean be due to 'disease in a lung an inflam-: matioB of the lining of the outer surface ef -the lungs or of the lmr.fT lining of the chest cavity. Assienment No. 5 2:00 News.

Summer Scene 2: Matinee rt. i 2:55 Assignment No. 6 n'pwh. Canadian Roundup 8:10 Tempo 8:55 Assignment No. 7 4:00 News 4:10 Tempo 4:55 Assignment No.

8 6:00 News. Sports DesK 5:10 Tempo 6:80 News. Tempo oo The World at Tndisn Magazine (M Wonderful World Of Old Re.rd iTi Rouidings W) Ccriv-rt Encores cing in 11:80 CBC Wir Th I Winnipeg Orchestra GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF TRAVEt. INDUSTRY. Hon.

W. K. Kiernan, Minister, R. B.Worley, Deputy Minister 11:88 Musle In The Peter Yorke Marnier (T) Hot Air riff Weathft- and Musle.

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