The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1950
Page 9
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, JAKUAKY «, 1950 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc BLYTHKVILLB (ARK.) COURIEU NEWS TWENTY YEAKS ASO I OFFER6P you THAT joe,- ~fOJ KNOW THAT, HAMP/ VOU SAID KIPSTUFF--MOW IT& BK5 STUFF AND VDO'RE SOR& AT WATCH TNOSe TWO STIFF OLD EWRDS.' THErVE FORfiOT THAT CARRIAGE is MOVIM' AWAV WITH ONE FCOT, AHJP WHEN THEy TRV TO KETCH UP IT'LL LOO* LIKE THE ARGUMENT ENDEPlM A B&AWL WAS KID> STUFF THEM, BOSS- BAM.' I I V/AXITEP EGAD.'AND YjITU A HORRIBLE MGHTMAR6/ t SAT FOR HOURS, AS VJlDE-EVGD AS A CHILD AT A CIRCOS, PONDERiKlS WHAT IT MEArtT .'-i~ I VJAS AM EAR OF CORsi AMD A- rfUSE SET OF TEETH TDSE ME APART/ ^HAT COULD LOOK UK6 A TWO WEEKS' M00ND OF ASHES MELTED CK6ES6 5AWD- < WICKcS AT ... " IS owe TOO A1AMY' ARS THOS& EYEBALLS OR ALWAYS PLJ-ZZL6S HlrA = PAGE NINE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLObSfiH Comes lh« Snow . Hole] P" 1211 pk. 1(21 nrtable Deurnom Call 2675 12|14 pis 1 Nice romrorlahle Bedroom ftdjolnlny ath, yui w Ash Phone 2203 30 pit 14 NH'fi hrrlroom. Men only Private •entrance, tin Walnut P;i 2i06 13:13 ilk l;23 nmi; baUl Ph 2IK18 J2.Z1 pk 1121 Hedioom Rdjn Benroom. co eat ph 3325 tmeiu to Bedroom tor rent Ph .Main St 12)9 pk 2318 12,7 pk tearoom adjoining bath Ph 12.21 ;i' For Rent Furnished 2-rom house. Adults only. No Pets' Call &272. 410 So. 2nd. Street. 1 5 [ik 1 ; 2 Store building located 118 N. 2nd St. Next door to Universal C. I. T. Corporation. 36 feet wide and 80 i'cet long. Will leaso up to 10 years. Formerly used ;is Kcal Estate Office. Tom Little Real Estate. Has heating plant, and cooling system. Will rent either with these items or without them. Best location in city for Insurance or Real Estate Office. Call SGI TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 1 LoveMylpoctoid DV. fcvGivn iMrktfis A_>^..^<._ un L^u-i^i*- <E^** IT NEA HIVKf. IHC I'UH iTOH*. W* elupt-rt. **r fahn t» bedroom house f siuvba. Cftll David ?al Estate Co. i;^ ck 7 Warehouse 3fl':t-)[r on rail road .sld- ing Mltia-ost Dairy Products, Ph 4-147. 11(16 ck if Modern Two-room furnished apnrt- menu Couple only. Phone 565, i;6 ck tt FlRsh camerHS for O'STEES'S STUDIO. ^, FOR RENT: Frozen Food locker; iV.'M ay lock's Jiighwaj- 61 Phone 3172. Bedroom, private St. Phone 2/90. 1000 West 4 pk 7 Three room house with bath. Phon U65. \A ck t| Have large room 20 feet wide by 2<! feet long. Can be made into 2 or 3 rooms. Located upstairs. Over Charley's Electric Shop. Just across street from Mid-West Ice Cream Co. Water, heat £ lights can lie furnished. 1 Lease as long as you desire. Call I 861 for TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 vrlib • «hp tfllf. Hr». LX TT was Oct. 1, aric. a fulJ-bloocfed •" fal) lay Everything tvas ready and waiting foi oui non^ existent practice: '[^ic (oyoi was brightlv li and invittriRlj empty The oftice was white and shining and fully equipped | Those beauti- (u3 name shinfiles tiad been polished and hunp only that very morning, and the smaller name !pjatos had DCCD carefully inserted in each front window Eveo our ! announcement 1 ! had been mailed [ three days Before 90 that the who IP world, meaning the pertinent part that we knew, would be fully informed of our location, oflice hours, and readiness to serve. Law school had begun for "me the week before, and our routine was meticulously planned AJ- though I left cxinj every morning J was to return ai 12 to bo able to help T ohn in the office Thl aid included my services as secre- U'-'y-nurse (not that I knew anything ibout cithe. and front- door receptionist {a big smile and a kind hello), which I (elt sun 1 could easily handle But al thn t ha ppened when I hurried home, was that John and I sa around eating SWLSS cheese sand wishes and looking forlornly ou of the kitchen window. "Wouldn't you think," I said longingly, "that just one person might fal] and break a teg something, with you right here {and waiting?" i "Darling!" This time be wa (Obviously shocked. "Oh, I'm oot wishing anyoni j any harm," I protested, "bu l statistics do show thai such thing I do happen all Uie Umt so all want LS 10 nave one ol Uicm nap- icn here See?" Gradually however. II was 'Orne in upon UP thai upeiung an Mlice was «oi quite like opening a grocery or a inoe store, where ers-by might notjc the new hop and casually - .lop tor a can of )oer or a jair of slippers, lt we could only RC; that firsl laticni t« break the tee," I said >ne nighL • • • A fTKH one long, lost uneventtu. week, the only uiiporlani con- iidcratioii led for office hours was he problem ol trying to decide whethei lo keep the foyer light-* on and all the (ioors closed before ;ho bell rang, or to wait tin if] someone canriL Economy won, 01 course, and even John took to caving of! his stnrcned while coa jccause it only gol dirty withou jeing used Bui the week after our "opcn- ng," while we were eating Kind fand for the first time, I realize why 1 hate swiss cheese now), the ll rang. "A patient!'' We went into immediate action like rookie firemen responding tc an alarm John raced for his whit coat, that symbol o_ profession a authority, and hid at his battle sta litm in the oflico while I flew aboi? closing all the foyer doors, put ting on the lights, and slowin down only ai the front vestibul where I caught my oreath. openec the door gently, and with brightest smile said my oft-re hearsed "Good afternoon." There stood n tired-lookin woman in her middle forties. "Is the doctor in?" she asket and J could havrj kissed her sou face with jo> "Of coursi-," 1 said, trying not t seem too eager. "Won't you corn in?" At thii. point, John appearec from the office, wearing a properl dignified air. Although we ha carefully discussed the ider. of let ting every patient sit in the wait MONEY TO LOAM ON REAL ESTATK W. T. BARNE Ph. 2202 or 3822 1-6 pk 2-G Personal Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans lo be had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. \Vill refinance your place or help vou lo buy one. RIAI.ES LAND CO. r<V, T. Harriett— Russell Uiates 22G2 two phonos 3322 11-25 ck tt Money to Loan [ >o yon nerri n [ran tn rrpalr or rein otic I 1 .' ,\o cimvn payment on niort- E'" 1 ^. no rod tnpe >'HA APPHOVED RATES 5% rt,SK FOR DETAU-S Max Logan, Realtor I'noiie 2W-i Lynch Building HlyihevUle, Ar* 9,23-cX-Lf m1ni| te photoslatlc O'STKEN S STUIHO. Insurance For FARM BUREAU IN3URANCF service, CRU Or coniact » B Shrppard. pfloiie '^ii7 early morning, noon or n) s ftt ' n,iu P k i t i 0 FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. W- L. TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry InRram-Hcrman May Cooper Bid—Ph. -1627 | 12-D ck 1-9; RENT A CAR Drive An.vuhcrc Vou I'le.ise Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Notice E. T. Hnbhard .V Earsy U'illln now M-ltti Hubbard Land Co.. and will maintain nn office at l;iO E Davis Pn. 41^9. it you -xftiu lo buy or sell city or larm land. We also make loans on city or farm propcnv HUUI1ARD IAKO CO. PH. JI29 Earsy WUUainK Ph. 4309 16 pk I;IO I For Sale, Cars and Trucks NOW All lonr m whcrlj pull on the wulya Station Wacnn. Pirkup and rvK^ert Jeep "The worlds nmsl use/ul vehicles" Hlythetllle WHIr Sules Co Ph SM 1222 cw I J2 Wonted to Rent 2 or 3 unfurnished room titled couple. Will be per acre farm. Pli . 12 30 pk 1;K( Holly aurt ivy Dave been idcntilicd v.itl> Christmas from early timc.s. horse tmile Sweden. LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen anr) cnppleo i animals picked up f ree 0 ) I charge in .sterilized trucks. 1 Call collect, 61 42, blythe jville, Ark. I ARKANSAS DRAD AMMAI DISPOSAL CO. LU CQ UJ Q h- Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cob & Chassis Saturday's Price $"" Vou can buy it for $835 on Saturday, SS25 on Monday, etc., if the truck is still here. It lias 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, per- feet motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AXU a 49-50 Arkansas license. 835 OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS JH IS Slmlelmkcr Land Cruiser Sludebiiker Champion Chevrolet 2-duor ]!)I9 Sliulehakcr i/ 2 -Toii Pickup ]<m I'ord '/i-Ton Pickup 1916 |) () ,i ge I/2 . Ton CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Voor Friendly Studebakcr Dealer" RAILROAD i ASH . pHONE YOl/LL FREEZE OH THE POKTK T1HS or VFAR.LAED; SOU WOOI1-1&, MOM? AS S IOUK. \ r oowrJ THERE , MEM' , Go GET HIM/ "No more New Year's swearing off for me—if 1 miss lhat jys train now, the whole family gives ma the fishy eyo!" I'lMSCII.l.A'S i'OP Whiit Kvcry Uiisbiiiul Knows HV AI. VRRMKER SHE TAKES AFTtR ME! I WAS YES, READING EASY F ME, TOO WELL, AFTER ALL, SHE'S DAUQHTER, TOO! Console Yourselves, liovs I5Y MICHAEi, O'MAM.IJY K nd RALPH LANR EGGHEAD AMD MR. PEEWEB, I'D LIKE VOU TO MEET All?. AND MRS DE CARLO. WHAT YOU SHOT WAS THIS BOARD SILHOUETTE BEHIND Tit?' WINDOW. THE QUESTION IS WHICH "' " THE BIGGEST DUMMY, THE CARDBOARD OR YOU 1 si. BE PHI50LOPHICAL, PEEWEE. THEY .CAN'T BURN US FOR WILING A PA PEC CAPTAIN KASY Nnf With (irfimps i!Y LESLIE TURNER THETWIMS? V<CW SMOKE! 10 WHY. I HAVEN'r] WE THOUGHT SEEk) THEM. / THEY WEEE CAROL \^ " AFTER SEVEH, AH' THEV HMJEiN COME HOME! / GOSH, 1 PUUHO / WHEKE THEV I COULD BE! WE \ PHONED EUER'WE \ VJE KWOW ON, BUGS BUNNY HIYA, ELMER, V GWEETCM6S, OL' PAL/ HOVJ'S %OLO STUFv 'N'THINGS?V-, BUT... ...I THINKUM IN A HUf?KV I SHOUtP)...ONL,V SOT TIME T'LATCH ONTA A COUPLA VELLER CRUNCHIE5/ \o! 101) I'ur Cent BY V. T. I1AMLIN V.ELL. .1 MADE T. BUT I AIN'T TOO 5JKE- I PR , AuNVTritNG.' HOOTS AM) III-:i{ Itl'DDIKS HY KDGAR MARTIN S room for at leosl two minules ) as it create the proper osycitio- :iu cflecl a procedure hi ecornmendcd DJ a prominent neciical m;if»aiLine. it wa? obvious olui uari forgotten. In his eri- llusuisiti. ne ignored '.iic cue. and uu'kl>' S3»<1 ''You've next." as he i=d the woman in.sidc 'Next to what?" 1 gt£-jte<l sl- cntiy as i walked iiwc Uie ircai- nem room and began to set up Hie •ciuipinuni lor UIL- examination Uie *'yy JoUn had stunvo. me I could loot Johr starting to take ihe '.'oman'5 case history ui his most professional manner "Yom tinine please?" he asketl "llclga Srhiiltz." said the V/ONI- "Age?" 'niiii was next on lt ; c tc card. I knew 'Forty-lour." was the reluctant reply. "What previous illness have you had?" "Measles." she said, "and chicken pox, as a child ol course nnd pneumonia last year ir the hospital," • • » JOHN grunted;. There •' ^is soincllnnp ahoul anj doctor's oed.side mannei thai always amuses me short doctors tat doctors, tall doctors, skinny doc- tore, give them a patient, and sure enough each man will produce, with his o^'n individual variations naturatlj' the proper mixture of wisdom, decorum omniscience, omnipotence, and condescension. No™ as I listened. n<_ said: "Oh. yes. on< furthei question before I examine TOM: What son ot work do you do and what is your trouble now?" Helga who until now had seemed puzzled rathe- than pleased with the >vhol allair, spoke up with great ioy "Ach." she said eagerly "no trouble now. I do anything you like: I cook. I clean, anylhing you want." t.ike a well-placet time bomb, the explosion went off "Didn't the hospital call you?" she asked innocently "The socir' service department sent me over They said you han jusl opened your office and mtRhi need a house- worker to nclp you out." (To lie Continued.) Lost White bonded evening Year's Kvc nl elthet Th Jaycce Club Roo Instructions "NCR- G'lftKst* In Sliorth keeping. Typing. Mrs. I. .M 11HU Hcaru." Help Wanted, Male Will he at Noble. Hotel 7 (> rn. Jan 11 to Iriteivluw men /or f^le.s work. Men ultrt r.irs 35 to frl prrrrrred cja.w (llu'nlfled position F b HatsroM Slate Sales Mcr. 1.9 ck' l;ll Wanted to Buy ts^ prlirrs paid for CHICKENS — Ash street (Jiocery ,v Market Asn 67

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