The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BIA'TIIEVILI.E (ARK.) COUKIKK NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, | CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DMly iale per line lur consecutive Insertion. Minimum ciiarsn 50e 1 tune iiur lino l^c , a times per Hue per da.y J-c •• 3 times per line per riwy ^c , : 6 time* >)cr line per day ?c t H ttmcs i,cr line per r\*y * c Month per Hue *0c Count live average words to Hie Line • Ad ordered (or three or six ilim-.s and • topped bciore expiraUoti will be ohurs* *rt lor the number of llnu-i the a<i iftppcard and adjustment of bill made .. AJ1 classified Advertising cop? sub- jnlued by persons tf elding outside of the city rmibt t)e iu'<oiiip;umtl by c.tsii f Hatcs rnay easily lie computi'd from Uic 1 above ihOJe, Aave-rcuini* orclrr for uvular Insertions lakes tljo out- time tLible. • No re.spouKibtlny will be inken for •more ttian o:ie inconect insertion of any ctHssllicii ftrt. M] ads are rtMnctrrt ro Their proper classification -siyJe Riirf type T ti *. Courier Nc\\s reserves die riglu to edit ; or reject any ltd. J Apartment for Rent 3-room apt. 90S 1.1 IIv. I'll. 61W ' Apt. Wylie Smith I'M. 22^4. 2-room fur- apt. » 2 room furnlshcii cottage. ".only. ?h. 2046, 1' 3-rooin uniiir. .-:pi. 701 Jiirnlson. See owner fit Carter's Cafe on til. " 14 ilk 111 1-TOOin Hjriilificd npnrlnitMiL Propane iras Jie.'it, Also 2-looiJi apt. 1'fi <]52 or 23i)i. J 3 ck tl 2-room lur. Apartment. Couple unlv T22 JamkTEcm. 1^ pk MO Moder n ca hi n s A* a par linen is Ca fe ecrvice Pb 951 J2|J pk 3|ll£>0 2-joom unfurnished apt Settled couple only JOO E Rose call alter 4:3 ( > 1222 (>K 115:50 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SEKVICB STATION Atatn it Division I'hono 2563 Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Prelection 124 W. Ash St. G LJBNCOE HOTE L BUILD I N'O 4,3-ck-lf Don't endanger your family with iaulty tires— BUY LLE TIRES 1^1:1 ck U Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koy;il. Smith Catoiia a' jtl Hciul'iBlon 'DON EDWARDS The Trimmer Man 1U N- Sccimd St. INionr 3382 Services I 1 lam & laiwy clTi'*s making. Tailor- el ililrts i; ulU'ruUcms. I'll. *#09. 70S i. Lake. 1:4 P* li AUTO AND eUKNlTUHK LOANS Prompt Persona I Ki-ivice Uenrrsi Contract 1'iirchnsu Corp 106 5th ['tiojic hM 4 15 tk tf iMff mac-blurs repaired A I 1 JjJyihcvJlk- MstcJilnc SJioj) I'Ji, n.a ck tr And 113 iJiaJt. Uoaki'fplJtK ty stems cvi&cci, atiUL- find t-'odctal Hcpo:is lea, income mi returns prepared, and oooks tejn on part lime basis Call 4U30 or write Oliver W Keener. accountant tiouih Division St l!]y- thevlJlc t^Lf& l l! £ MJfi PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call -JJ50 or 3323 Blytlieville or "107 Osreola 10-U ck 1-0 "INCOME TAX"' iieturns nwdu proniptly and accurately for a nominnl fee. See me about your bookkeeping 1'or Vlie entire year. Day phone 3M2 After (J p.m. 2MO Ebb H. Carson at JOG Atkins Machine Shop, Highway 151 South. 12-28 ck If tnconxe IRI, w* service, boo keep) ny tid notary. H. K. IlRrnctt. Ill WKJiuu, vi'earcnyeii Bu]ldln«. li il pk l<7 KurtnK FinlsruiiB 24 Ijours sprvlce O'STEEfJ'S STUDIO. 92^ *:k t( Repair oil stoves. Electric pumps Wftt er soltners. waslihi« machines. cicetnc motors. Karl Demon. Phono For Sale, Misc. Perleciion 5 burner oil ransc and riiEinairc. Both practically new- Own- r leaving town, I'h. 4^05. i;5 ck 8 ALL STKEIj TRACTOH HARROWS. Only narrow ouUi \^' I t U DarrliiRS tnrotign out. Kiont cultivators lor Kord Tratrtors Pn Luxor^ Machine works. 4&ii. i;4 P^ 2;^ Eioipolnt electric ranfic. Krlvlnator eluctrlc refrigerator. Ph. 3<532 or 2nO!>, I i pk it Ask the Lady Who Bought One Mrs. Nettie Borum fit. 3, Manila, Ark. HERE'S WHAT MRS. BORUM SAYS: "I've boURht I wo used curs from Langslon- McWalers since last Kehruary. The first was a 19H!) Ford 2-door. Then we outgrew that car so we bought a 13-lli Plymoulh <t-door. Kach time they traded fair and s(|iiarc with me." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1947 FORD 2-iioor Sedan in truly excellent condition, low mileage, hns both radio & heater,., check this special price .— 1025 1917 DcSoto l-door Sedan — an exceptional buy . . . $10-15. 1!UI> lUiick with both radio & heater. . .511-15. 1918 Buick 2-door with while sidcwal! tires, radio and Iicater$10-l5. 1917 Chrysler 5-Passcnger Coupe, extra clean, iias radio & healer. . .$1395. 1937 Chevrolet 2-door. . . $2',>5. 19-JI Chevrolet 2-door.. .5,'!95. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK COMPANY at Broadway Dial 555 for Service BRING YOUR CAR TO US FOR A ^;, p. ENGINE TUNE-UP HERE'S WHAT WE DO. Anolyi* eogirw performoMO uienrifi rally w'tti Ford factofy- recofameitded analysis equipment -^ Adjust iatKurel •K Adjosl and tlraa spxJr * Clcmi hwl pump. ->f Adjosl tfisliiUrto TciI ignition cmd wirm^. AdjuU ge IK rotor (bar^c ivte. Adjust Icn beit. Che<V PI! Biter Cfeon oil twHi ok <Ie Drain {rankcase and refill wirfa fresh, c Dependable Ford Service illis MfiEor ' 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 1917 Ford Tudor, dark blue, radio &. healer. . .51095. 1912 I'lymoulh Forclor Sedan, drives fine. . .? 115. JO'II Vnrd Tudor, nulio & heater. ..$;")!)5, 1011 Ford Tudor. . .only $395, i»:J!) Oldsmobile Fordor. . .§115, 1917 Ford lockup. . .price is only $715. 10-15 Ford I'ickui). . .check I'.Ml Ford Pickup... a real this special. . .5595. buy at ?250. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 M Fiu ma 11 tntcTor, cultivator, dlic, NrciiKH];.; plow, new planter. $1.700 WoiiJcl tiade tnr atnall 2 row tractor. Hoover H EhrJIrid^c, 3',i nilles souih- WC-SL 01 Wftlcott. 12[3t pk 1|7 "SKA KINO" OUTHOAHI) MOTORS ^o^ qimllty piTiormsmt'O ul » yrtiittfr savings buy a Wards So* Klny L Each :ls motor Is certified mid npprovcd by HOiLlini: G'Jub of America. I'ncKctl wit H Improvements for your greater bunting pleasure. i ii. 1' fc 5I2U5H i Ji P $77 50 Asic lor free- ncmonsinitlon. MOIII- yumcry Ward &, Co. Illyihpvlllc, Ark. ra ck ir OWN A tillOPSMITir - S BIG CAPACITY POWER TOOLS IN ONK — O\VW mis power tool iuid yon own n complete power workshop Sliop^niUh Is si ljf!i]crli saw, laitic, sail tier, vertical .'c lionn/nl. tlrill prc-.s. 1 !. llmoiif? Clinny^ ironi one tool to another In lc-ss than a minute. LJnps OVCJT H HiU Jobs. Over 69' tariff RitEij^fit-welslis over 200- ibsr Own a slia[)Miiltli now! 311% down wlUi HA lltEiic ;ts JU monthly on terms. MONTGOMKHY WAHD 1;J Cfc tl Easy waslilnR miirhinc. In t;«oil iron- ciUlon. Cat! Mrs Roach at 505. ili42 "iStita iv 23 cli tf Used Upccd CJu •n. -cm',) l*al[>ti Kliourl Sanrly 12,31 pk II? .lUc on again Hpuriilccl. 61 1223 ck It £istt?rcd biomi cockers fh 2-SU6 12110 pk J[EU crry PP.OI'KRTY Slore anrt 6 nonsta All rented at )i eacnt,. l*ii. W16 V2 ; "JO pit VJ6 (.icncrai siort- ati<l fjood, building in 'A wood town near Cane Gtrardeau, Mo. Uiefai, AUi!i.-.o I'LiLliua^. Advance. Mo. li-1 ck 1:11 SAVK NOW ON USED TRACTORS And Equipment $225 io$l425 Al.l,IS-CMAI,Ml-:ilS "U" W Itll 2-row ciuiiVLilor, a-row planter, and H In. | "O" with planter and cul- ,'ith pLnntrr, cul- Bsed Tractors .\Tery Ttractoi And Kqujpriirnt '2. Allls Uhiiinit-rrs Model WC=. u-ltn K«LUij>incns. Ma-s-SL-y-llnrrts Model ^0 tt E-'<|LUT'iii - nt MnFJsn/-Hnrn:! Model 22 A", Kqmpnu-iH. .slishcly used Masscy-HiirrlA Model 4 IK A Cultivator Ma^cy-Hiirrl!: L\tOCJcl KM Jr.. v.illj cultivatur. mowe nnn uustcrn 61 Implement Co. No. 1-liway 51 PJionc 2\<\2 Uviitor KARMAIJ, "Ii" Livfttor, sxiid 7iio\vrr. AVKHY will) middle busier, mUil- ALMS'CIIAIjMKHij "WC" witli /illil- lile hn.-itcr and cultivator. II';!' ATJ.[H-CIL-\I.MKIta "\VD" PLint- i-r. IT UMVIIIS V)l,IVKll -30" v/lth 4-row plnnicr. 32 pk l;8 2-tow cLiluvutor. ant! 3-bo item busier. i'A'IMM.r, "H" witli cultivator. >Janu>r anil cultivator. JOHN UKKRE "H" with cullLvutur ttHi plOW JOHN UKKIIE -fl" with 2-12 plow uid 2-row cnUlvator. BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, hardwood floors, tile kitchen and balh, large lol. Price $7,550. \Vill FHA or GI 100%. Large corner lot on Hwy. (51 Noilli. 100 foot frontage, yOO 1'cct deep. Ideal location for nice suburban home ii Country Club Drive Addition Price 53,000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 4111 Res. Ph. 25!)fi l'Z-y> ck tf I.ANW KOR SA1.K IDtAL MlisbOUnl S'E'OCK FARM l'o acres. ED acres plowland, bulancc irnnereti pasture. Two eiory 6-ioom lUiiK. uus tocfcivail sprinted well Concrete walks, amok e house, double nra-^c, larye poultry house, large barn vitn year around running water. Two ptmRS- '^'j (two 4; Qt»e quarterl miles ::onniy Heal '* mile off blacktop. Settle Estate price 55,000. Immediate ossession. Details see Wttce Gunner r (..eor^e Spenco. Curttitr Real Kat Co StprJe, Missouri. 12,HI pk 1(1 Real Estate Farms .......... City Properly LOANS or selling tee Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - P. B. Joynerj Bleucoc Blclg. I'h. 6808; \VanL to buy n i'arm? We have ii. Farm 40 acvcs up to large plaiilution in Northeast Ark. and Southeast JIo. See us for a farm loan. GATES WORTHINGTON CO. REALTORS Ito So. 3rd St. RlythftviUc, Ark. Oeorse W. Wlgsjs or W. C. Cates Ph. 2751 10 26 cfc tr A poor ninn's chance Lo own «• LOU IP 1 Have 75 roriy arre inirts of •iit-nvpr laiK] tlml I rnn sell (or ;t>iir a.1, 5'/ r imercst, Some: hint! has -IHIU?!) Umber on H to par for 1,1 HO. I will trade for anvthlnji nth plow, disk, cultlvtitor jtriru is priced at fair cnsli vnluc. If ami planter and fertiliser tiotipcr. j you Hare wock at o rr.ifOiK'vbty good ni..ry. you can pity lor this li'.nri i\nil no' miss the money. Von will never rir\vo n better cliance to lnve-st only ! no'Mc Ait joining land made & bale ol | cot tun per Bete this ycitr. « 1n <•> f » i r,. ,, .,, ! l - ""IM northwest of lllytltcvlllc tor t-'U OO. JfHl. Rlylheville • 5.>iM>rr ncn: S15. per acre i-ash. biilancc -year l>r\.sls ;u 5' ' f Cuine in und talk over tlie f»rst poor nmn's p to buy janti thiU 1 Jiftve had to KASY I'AYJIKiXT TKRilS Delta Impl Inc. 'l-rooms atul half bath. Nice lot, fenced in. On K. Rose Street. Price ->2,500, §1,350 cash, balance $1.5 per month. Immediate possession. H. C. CAMPBELL, Ph. 4<MG or 2030., 1-2 ck 8 Salesman Wanted IS ck M ' For Sale, ftca/ .'|UHL: land 1 oKo have scvrrni «">». . .„„ _ Ka-sy letms. Alw 2 l^s'imcl up to Mf) B«;rcs with fiin ft ll lois l,co Biawlcv. Pli '25«. 1,2 pK Ifi [ d^ " viayncnt nnii trrms. *••-->. -\?. acre.* in Pernlsrot County on MAN V/ANTED for 150(1 family fin etyn husincss in Ccniral .V South ississippi County. 1,6 pk 1 Private Rooms furntshcvl front brdroom. ncav. Gentlemen rh. 32G4. 1 5 ph 2 5 hoiiiickcci)iiiK room. I'h, W2Q f I (Continued on Next Page)] _;__ r ,M-o. 42 acre.* in rcrniscot County on ^^^^^^^^•••^•MBMiMBE-rj j r.[' U '»: too f.'Llh Cuo, Rell* FREE PRIZE At The Showing of The SATURDAY • DELUXE CAR RADIO * He sure lo tonic in and register for this bcauliful deluxe Cur Radio to Ije given away absolutely free at the showing of the 1950 Chevrolet. Nothing to buy. . .you need not be present when the prize is awardcci. Yes, living the •whole family in to see the Chevrolet for 1950... for we have comic hooks and balloons for (he kiddies. Saturday, January 7. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Waluul I!) 17 Fiiiick Sedmicflr, blue color, low mileage, gm (ires, niclio & healer. .. ?l (I!I3. 1!)17 UeSiito t'usliiiii l-cliioi' Scdiiti. 5 new (ires, radio. heater, plastic covers. ')'l>is r,n is a bargain at l!).(!l Plymouth l-<tnor spn-ial deluxe, only .3.001) miles and fiirli>ry (juaianlee. . .it's priced lo sell! J!K)7 Plymouth 2-dinn Sedan, new tires, heater, seat covers, original paint .. .§,250. 1SK15 Clievrolel I -dour Sedan in color. . .5100. condition, blue MOTOR Co. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 WE MEAN BUSINESS! Save $100-$700 On This USED CAR SALE! HERE'S JUST ONE EXAMPLE 191!) Xash AnilK^sudor llcmonslralor with tiou car guarantee! Custom 4-door Sedan willi radio, healer, wliitc siilcwsll tires, plastic scat covers, overdrive, raeti-up ils . . . oriei"«"y 5oltl (nr 53.000. Save $650 '2357 And Many Others! SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 Phone 678 Before You Buy See LEE MOTOR SALES IB-IT Mercury Convertible, a very nice car, has new while sidewall tires, radio & heater.. .$1095. IMS Oldsmobile 2-door with radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. . .$1295. 1917 Oldsmobile 4-door, a very clean car with both radio &- heater. . .special price. .. $995. 1010 Ford 2-door will new motor. . .only $395. 1SM9 Ford (A-Ton Pickup. .. new low price. 19-18 GiMC Vz-'i'on Pickup, far above average. 10-IG Oldsmobile -i-door with radio & heater. . .$895. 19IS GMC 2-Ton long whcelbase Truck, less than 15,000 miles. . .special price. 1919 Dodge 2-Ton Ion.? whcelbase Truck with newl niolor. . .Ifie price is right. 1939 IJuii-k l-door. . .worth more than $H5. Model "A" Fortl. . .a fine buy at $50. Easy GMAC Terms Trade for a New GMC Pickup Now LEE MOTOR SALES OMsmobilc — GMC Trucks 306 East Alain Phone 6151 19JS .Mercury Sedan Coupe, radio & heater. 19-1.7 Mercury l-door Sedan, radio & heater. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. 19IG Mercury l-door, radio & healer. 191S Lincoln -l-door, overdrive, radio & heater. J<Vi<> Mercury 5-Passcnger Coupe, radio & healer. 1919 Mercury 4-door Sedan, radio & heater. 1910 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. 1939 Dodge l'/ 2 -Ton Truck.. .here's a bargain. And Many Others! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnut Phon* 4333

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