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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 38
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 38

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:

Thp VANCOUVER SUN: April 10. 1962 38 i. T-r MAJOR HOOPLE By Bill Frsyis OUT OUR WAY By I. R. Williams J--V. mx I KNEW YOU DON'T T6U, WAS MV XlH BMlMtl BOY WMBW I IT IAY DOB WWAT SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT MB HE AT YES' FAVORITE I YrxrBA4l6- 1 IRlHUf MARRIEP I'LL fcURS n-WORRY YOU KNOW THAT ABOUT HIM OVER HEPS AND WRBTt. INI Ml rUT MY FOOT DOWN) ON I YOOTDSCbN A FI3H YOJ PUT JwiM? WITH MY CAT Sl A VWirTO ICOJSlOBTATE-) I WON'T WEAK HUB MV WIFB BOMOMMT 4 I AW RESTIU IN MY 1 tV! A MLicvSl 6FTWE AoPWOCOI ANV AWPF-j WBm Off KUCif MR JUST cSslf moJ RbIK i FBBUNafcV PUn-TT rail WHY, 1 COULPWrSLEEPA EVEN A BTr HIM C1ffV'lft lHWJ WjaV 1 WOULD HAVeV OPTAlklhkjy ABOUT THE OL FOLKS A 7 HT 1 yAsy I SB IHlHr 60KSUN0S I I REA.LL1? fl AfM'UHn''; WniOlN I jBw KMk AO i WR I Jgj THE NATtONAJ-LEAgUE PENNANT Wi jc "1 DRIVE -NNJ wfll LETS- WTB Mf RESTIMecfOUR, -t-bKkr) iheyWI TMLeAVTN6vri ftHF HC.ISE SEfMsTf W6 I JM IT HP Kt WON'T OPFN THE Ht Si! ij gfcgy Xt vf TO BE EMPTY, SGT. JMUST AIL 6E POWN MUST BE LOCKED FROM YX fc, aAMIH VVt -5kA ll DENNIS THE MENACE By Etlehrai BENI IDG Ity Jaw by (li srss tss nh rHZluTrtfei Pferjw ''1 Jl i- if)32 WEST A 9 3 9 8 7 6 2 10 9 8 7 U. If MH II I A lit I II I II BV HSBH YOUR AGE YOUR PHONE NO. (Color, clip out and mail to: Coloring Contest, The Sun, Vancouver 3, B.C.l THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW! By Fagaly and Shorten PET MARKET SOUTH (O) 8 10 3 7 5 A 6 2 Both vulnerable South West North East 1 Pass 1 Pass 1 N.T. Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead 9 H. East's Jack of hearts forced South's queen at trick one. South promptly led a diamond HAPPY BIRTHDAYS APRIL 11 March 11 to April 28 Should be in the mood to prepare for the tremendous feast of Easter. A glorious day, one from which the whole world derives consolation. Enter into the true spirit. April to May It Venus somewhat constrained, advocates mostly subdued activity, spurs menial research, grateful expression. Table unnecessary matters. May to Juno 21 Meu-m comes out smiling. Reflect this In your normally cheery being. June to July 23 Second day In row for a "be careful" attitude. This you run take In stride and contribute your sturdy bit to keep things balanced. July 14 to Uelay enthusiasm down the line of your day's contacts. Plan activities to APRIL 1 Cwen Allan. Linda Auer, Valerie Bergqulst. Billy Berry. Daryl Blrce, Johnny Boretsky, Lark Brammer, on Piv VtC- I torla Cameron! Jill Chnslopherson, APRIL IB Robert Angus, Margaret Apple-ton. Derrick Arnrt, Don. W. Barnes. Roberta Ellen Bell. Darry tUln. Sally Blake. Douiie Bonner. Rleband Bor.nett, Brian Wayne Brady. Gary Celester, Dennis Chalifour. Richard Cthristuui, Audrev Cloutier. Susan Crowe, Ralph Davles, Donald Esaryk, Terry Fischer, Wayne Foyle, Anne Fraser. April Lynn Gash, Raymond Gereln, Meg Glover, Johnny Goolevltch, Heather Guest, Ricky Harbo, Stephen Harris. Louise Hlckey, Anne Hill, Roy Jones. Chris Kalvlk, Derrick Kelst, Cor-een Kerr, Donna Jean Kerr, Raymond Klnshela, Barbara Klrchner, Deborah Lewis, Thomas Linden. Patricia Lodge. Margaret Doreen Longwill. Stanley Louis, Manehe Lorell, Jerry Mangel, Dona id Martlnello, Angel May. Sheila Mlchener. Bunny Moreau, Linnea Animals ar ftdvpfiltipd In 1h Fpt Mart frfe of charge on the iindemtandlnir taat they are to tte riven away for aie as house bold pets only. Four kittens, six weeks old. HE 3-083L. Seven pups, lx weeks old. four females and three males. WO -4390 Two kittens, six weeks old. YU 8-5870. Male Cocker Spaniel, 18 months old. TR -I-0S29. Three pnrt-Perslan kittens, two hob-talli, six weeks old. YU 8-5394 Part-Border Collie, 10 months old spayed female. Good with children. WO 1-1330. Black and white female Terrier, two years old. Very friendly. WE 8-1875. Four lovely kittens, one male and three females; part-Persian. YU 8-2464 Two (Inter kittens, one part-Perslen, one smooth-haired, three months old NEvvton 1390L2. Three kittens, five weeks old. two males and one female. YU 8-857. Three kittens, one female and two males, two months old. Part-Flsmese FA 5-0123. YOUR. AD SAY5 1 WR6 NOT TEP OPPORTUNrriesWTHT AC wTTH HIS WJTTIN wrria wmTfop cwn with a salakyYj fx nmwx-M hooks (bjut he show Jlxy COMMISSIONS ON MENTfHOW VORS BS TURNiNS CXJT T'SV-0 WILL HAVE YOU ON EASV) LAST fiUV THAN IA -JHe T.ANP V.J 1 Include folk you should remember. Aug. 14 to Sept IS Mercury ascending favorably. Attend tht necessary promptly. Join friends, community to prepare mentally, spiritually and physically for Easter. Sept. 14 to Oct. IS No building UP problems, peeves! Hae I to dummy's queen and con-I tinued with the king. West showed out and South suddenly realized that his apparently Ironclad three no trump con-tract was in grave Jeopardy. He thought and thought and finally decided that his best chance would be to find a 3-3 I club break. He discarded the I Marrlit ciara, vumw I Wendv Creddes. Jaraule Pnv. i Wayne Harry Dent, Jim Durno, Larry Flndlay. Barbara Forshnrr. I I Rosemary Funk. William Richard i Gabel. Eileen Gallagher. Marlene Gereln, Eileen Gojewc. Lewis Grant, Allan Greenwood, Bruce Warren Crunert, Sharon Hackett, Daryl Harris, Nancy Harwood, April Herrln, Corlnne Herwoc-d. Janice Holden, Mitchell Howe, 1 Christine Hull, Lynn Huntr, Gary 1 James Ivens, Neftl James. Noreen I James. Per Joensen. Carol Jones, i Michael Jothen. Matllou Koop, i I Linda Carol Langhorne. Linda Lawrence, Catherine Lelond, Gregory Little. Lesyle Maler, Carrol Mathesnn, Carol Lynn Mat- i ihew, Larry Mee. Marilyn Mills, tnmiRMs light as laugnter. En tertain projects, activities In keep Joyce Morgan. Grant Morrison rgan. ing with the times. Oct. 14 to Nov. 51 You should get the feel of the season. Don't be a loner, be a Joiner. Nov. 13 to Dee. 21 Don't cling to outworn ideas, the new or Just freshly dressed attracts attention, If reasonable, reap, profits. Man. likes a fresh start each day. 1 Dec. 1J to Jan. Hold emotions under control. Maintain dignity, confidence. Some things Susan Mover, rarnria iwcvnn ick, Geraldlr.e McDonald. Paul tick, Gcraldir.e Moyer, eight of spades on the ace of I dlamonris and went after clubs, but that suit failed to break and he could only gather in I eight icks. If South had stopped to think for just a little while be Dotn Ja It A cheery handshake sets McMLrray. Drew Noot. l'eggy loi-leen Nuttall. Bonnie Poole, Lynn Poole Lindsay Query. Johnny Reld, Terry Renner, Grace Rud- dnn Schedel. Lee Schellenherg, Ronnie Schmidt, Ruth Lmda Sheldrake. Gary Smmt, Larry Smith. Pauls Lee Smith, Sammy Tlschler, Danny Wall, Bobby Webster. Kathy WTiairy, Kathleen Sharon Whaley. Karen Wllkle. Shirley' Woodhouse Gregory Wong. Susan Jane Wright, Pattl Yeadon, Kenneth Wayns) Zado. brichler day nn evprvnlie sun 5 AS TUB ASTER WHWMAJj PLANS LINE ATgR. THE SUCEK TAES the hcok; Th-re Is much more pleasantness fore leading at trick two he would have noted that while a 41 break is not too likely, it does happen some 28 per cent of the time and that there was Nott, Lam Owen, Wayne Phtlllue-Mollte Poburko. Merilvn Pusku Bruca Rudolph, -taper Rowe. Conrad Bozenck, Susan hmits. Diane Sivalle. Marsha Skorvko. Jim Slater. Gordie Snider. Phyllis Anne Soroke, Dnugle Swaffleld. Diane Swatlt. Connie Thomas. Tommv Blrt Vlgner. Karen Louise Warren, Shirley Watts. Lome Westnedge. Colleen Wllltamj, Zumitein. S17NRAY Einni.F.S Submittal By Patterson Q. When is a prosper tor like a oaseball player? A. When he makes a strike. Q. What number is also a popular sport? A. Ten is (tennis). about to be um-overeo. Feb. 20 to March Neptuna undergoing chinglng position, lou mav be In like situation, mood. This calls for selective thinking. nslvtiral review before makir.n a simple safety play to guard against It. bouth snouia nave i cbaniea. Wtl'-Sir'-i i 3

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