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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 50
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 50

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

CLOSING TIM, FOR WATT AOS Sun Classified Want Ad Section Mon. Throuf Fri. p.m. Saturday 5 p.m. Vancouver, MU 4-7141 BUY, SELL, EXCHANGE ANYTHING IN YU 8-S626 LA 1-3661 North New More Readers, More Results! First by Far in Circulation and Classified Want Ads.

SPECIAL WUCKKMO SERVICE Sunday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. MU 4-7141 Only SUN WANT ADS VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24, 1965 50 40 10ST PERSONAL DEATHS 126 DEATHS Sun' he h.n.i v.hmarvl MAH Sum Kal, alsn known In h.osplia "bntari v-hruarv REIER ife Gertrude. beloved Feh.

14. Sealpoint neutered male Siamese. Vic. Bidwell A Beach Ave. Red collar with hell identification.

Gtnerous reward for return or Information leading to return. 685-6667. Sincere gent. 59, with good lob on Van. would like to meet lady, widow or single.

R.C. not over 55 and tall, for nice home life. Snap appreciated. Object matrimony. Box 309.

Sun. 11. 1965. late of 4793 fanlilf lot Reier. 1890 West 6th Vancouver's Leading Hiehwav.

rinverdale. Survived by Avenue, aged 56 years. Survived Ifljsn hv I daughter. Mrs. I.

Lind- Newspaper PnhliKhpd eveiv weekday hy 1 son. Joseph: 5 i.ariys nanrinag containing 2 sons. Harry of Cloverdale, and Hong Jam in China; 4 grandchildren at Cloverdale. Funeral service1 Saturdav. February 37, at 10 urn.

535 Will we ever meet again" Sun Publishing Company Limited grandchildren. Vancouver. Prayers cusses, scnooi papers personal srem sn S0 HELP WANTED, MEN USE CONFIDENTIAL SBftViOh There may be certain firms or Individuals to whom your repl'cs should not go. Simply address your application to the Box Number in the ad and attach a separate list of such names. Pla'e both In a separate envelope addressed to Confidential Service, Sun Classified.

Vancouver, B.C. If your guess Is right we will destroy ytur letter Steak or Beans under agreement with 1 icv. 1 a. i wsL uat, 0,1 tiuuu "iiiuui Wednesday evening at 7:30 in the Kearney Funeral Chapel. 1096 Reward.

Ph. Gay, blk. Main St. 42 BUSINESS PERSONALS pacmc i icsa Printers and Owners 500 Beatly Vancouver 3, B.C. MUtual 4-7141 Black f-ih-lvDe dog with West Broadway.

Requiem Mass Thursday. Fehruary 25 at 10 a.m.. St. Augustine's Church. 7th Ave.

nnri MgnU Qt RpV Father Women Seem To Know A Comer Doran hairstyle. Our: styles, permanents tints last! orange brownish markings, biege collar, answers to Rlngo. HE 3- 2H8H. Stuart Keate Publisher Kt-ighley celebrant. Interment In in Armstrong o.

i napei. Dunlcvv Rev. N. Kan officiating. Interment Ocean View Cemetery.

MASON February 23, 1963. Charles Albert Mason. 4511 Stonehaven Avenue, Deep Cove. North Vancouver, in his 74th year. Survived by his loving wife Ethel; his son.

Vincent and 2 grandsons. Private funeral service In BUR-RARD CHAPEL. Lonsdale Avenue Male sheoherd tvie duo. red-! longer. All services available.

Mon. 1 J. L. Dampler. uenerai Manager North Vancouver Cemetery dish-fawn, black muzzle, possibly, to rn Student work carefully J.

W. u-cKy, txecuuve auuuui supervised injured, vie. 12th and Burrard, Bruce Hutchison, Editorial Director M. Swangard, Managing Editor Paul si Pierre. Associate Editur substantial reward.

738 8700. ,150 Reward, grey striped cat BOYCE Passed away In Chil-liwack hospital, February 22, J. W. Toogood Advtg. Director 1 1965 white face, neck paws, orange Florence uoyce.

agen pa Jr H. Edward circulation mgr. years. years, oving wife of William loving wne or vviiuam Boy. Beauty 4682 E.

Hastings, North Burnaby, CY 8-5812 New West. Hairdressing 228 6th New LA 2-3820 "Over 50 years in business" WE'RE BUYING Jewelry Diamonds TV's Men' good used clothlna. j. j. Kooney tsusineis uw Y.Tih tre pt Th nrsdav Fpbru- John.

46460 Strathconaj irB f-W Chilliwack; also survived by 5 a' (YCmation l-2obl daughters, Mrs. E. Moore. Rich-i Anderson officiating, cremation If you are reading thi." Ad you are either out ot work, dissatisfied with your present position or looking for a selling job. that offers a real opportunity to gel ahead.

I want to talk to men who want the better things of life and aren't Vancouver, 1 UKon 6 New Westminster. IJvkevleW 1 Special Sunday Service SUN WANT ADS should be phoned in 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. SUNDAY for all Monday editions MU 4-7141 for a courteous Want Ad taker MacDONALD On February 23. 1965.

Edith Mae MacDonald of Night Phones arter a ociock. Mrs. J. veregin. Kansas.

MgnT Editor Mutual 4-71421 U.S.A.: Mrs. C. Alexon. Rich-Composing MUtual 4-7143! Mrs. F.

Srheirer. Burnaby; Golf Clubs, Musical Instruments, afraid to work hard to get them 5650 Earies Vancouver. Sur- Aov. prooi service, nuiuu t. A.ipaen.

Vancouver, i son. -r--. Ravmnnd Sneve i William Richmond: 10 ersnrtch VI vert by 2 sons. Kaympnq gneve tint, net. Kingsway tsroaawa, TR 6-1596.

Beagle brown, black and white. Vic. Douglas Hardwlck. CY 9-3366. Ger.

shep. pup, 5 moTi black, with silver and tan. nr. Chan. 8 TV Lougheed Hwy.

CY 9-3841. Lady Hamilton wrist-watch, vie. Broadway Maple bus stop. 683-9759. Boy's glasses, black frames.

Vic. David Thompson School. FA 5-0676 Monday night, lost from car, lady's blue handbag, wallet, etc. nuui I Rifles. Typewriters, Cameras, Any man who feels he owes SAN FRANCISCO PAWNBROKERS himself and his family a real fu-52 W.

Hastings MU 2-13481 ture with steak instead or beans, Wanted Attractive school i should spend 45 minutes with me. Attractive school snouia spena -lo minutes witn 1 ren Mr In WicnrSor'l! 'nuver and DaVidc Burns er in Ireland and 2 brothers Lake, a'so 2 sisteis. Mrs. Irene VJ 4UV V.i 1,1115 Rules and Regulations 1 Manchester and Mrs Lorraine teacher, bank employee, register- mployee. 'SS Order, Howell, both of Vancouver.

Fu- The Vancouver Sun reserve the register-l A A 1 Ther.mpai'a0 Our Organization 879- 3 riuhi to classify ads under apyro- rin ir serv-ineral service will be held in tne ea nurse or air purchase my '58 Call Glen. Pat. Doue or Bill. 879 Doug or Bill, pnate headings and to set rates K. jryidYy.

February 4X. at Mount Pleasant Chapel. hingsvvay therefore and to determine tne chaoel of RICHMOND at 11th Ave. on Friday. February location.

Fl'N'FRAI HOME 84" 26. at 2 p.m.. Rev D. R. Gostelow The Vancouver Sun reserves tnltXari.

Richmond. Rev. K. Run-1 officiating. Cremation to Rew.

HE 4-5183. 6291. object making the sale. One of the national leaders in ETERNA 5 its is now' re-organizing and The light bulb with a 5-year expanding written guarantee. Available In aft hae confidence in your Creamv white female Pekinese.

iDeer Lake area. Reward. CY 8- popular sizes ny calling 253-2550, 4940. right to revise or reject aaver- prj officiating. Interment Flowers gratefully declined.

Users using The Sun advertising; Valley View. In lieu of flowers! Felt- hoxes to retain any answer neasf make donattons to B.C. I ceived at the said taxes and to Cancer Society. UBry 7- "WiSL ir nay the customer the sam beloved wife of William B. Mc- adfeitislincnt and box Donald of 3355 West 29th Avenue.

ENTHUSIASM Small brown briefcase business cluslvelv papers. Reward. 685-5822. ml. cinpni in ner xiat year, aiso surviven DRIVE FIRE AMBITION BRAINS NEAT APPEARANCE AND DETERMINATION see me Tf Vnll hflV.

naH thlt tar- anil In in 1 iv, of errors In adver Matilda Jane Carroll, of 80 WE BUY DIAMONDS Highest prices paid In city B.C. COLLATERAL, 77 E. Hastings MU 1-3557 Parking at rear by 2 sons. Noel and Bill, notn or Vancouver: 5 daughters, Miss Keys in leather case. vie.

Hastings AbbottJ327-2494. North last week, Rirl'f brown glasses. YU 8-4327. Male Cocker Spaniel. Choc, brown.

Nootka 25. 133-5115. till have no Interest in our op- 20th aged 85 years, survived hy 2 daughters. Mrs. 1.

1 Margaret) Kelly and Mrs. Nora Falrbnlrn. both of Vancouver; 1 C.enieve McDonald. Mr. J.

R. (T.oretta) McLachian, Vancouver; Mrs. J. F. 1 Eileen) Foran.

Mrs. R. 1 Anita 1 Rudv and Miss Joanne Mate feminine hvglene pro- i oortunilv let's von mit-hi tisements must be received by the publisher within 30 days after the ilrst publication. It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of The Vancouver Sun (Division of Pacific Press Ltd.) in the event of failure to publish an advertise ducts. Male clerks in attendance i be one of the men that we are only from 6-10 p.m.

Prompt at- in the position to push ahead. son. Reginald. nase. hi McDonald all of Los Angeles SMBTV rniiiin 27 grandsons: 2 granddaughters: hiinVon- 1" TERRIFIC LIVING fUUilU jtentton to maH orders.

Burkhon DEATHS 116 IN MEMORIAM rrat.DranHfhiMrpn: 9 sistprs. V. 1 wll sisters. Mrs. rmss htark IPharmary.

Rno Fast HaatinKs St Female Collie in a TERRIFIC BUSINESS We don't, want top executives we WAl.KER Passed away Febru- Chicago. ni Rtithrlann i-rancis isenneciy. iwhilp A' hrown ment, or in me njui "i rSriii CflWV In nvinc nirmnrvp M.lj.. in the advenisement aslgan Private lunerjii service Mlg Annp Lunney. Ottawa.

Ont.fy 23, 196o, in Lions Oate Hps Need Business Advice usi want inose wno want tn be. Leslie Macfarlane in his of a dear husband and father. V. I' i.ithir V.V,iir a h. limilort lo the lir i unincsoay, renruary -t U'eitnesdav eveninc at amount paid by the advertiser for! rn.

in the, CHAPEL OF Immaculate Conception 79th Samuel Conners who passed away rabies tag. 4200 Capllano; male Expert Financial rounsel. LArC only one incorrect biserlior. lor tne portion ot the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or UHlAUtP, narron nros Church. 3776 West Avenue, i r.Drua,r,J 'M4.

Collie cross dark brown to blacK. For appointment. MU 5-7388 III 1 1 Ave. and Ontar Rev. anon where Requiem Mass will be cele- Ke0Vvna Jame uPr'H Thi J0" Lream nf rolls on, rhoke chain 4200 blk.

Caniiano; AUTHOR'S AGENCY and pub- LLHUJ F. A. Ramsey. officiated In- hrateri nn Thursday at 10 a.m "VaiSr: Bu, rt'L1 lhe male Cocker reddish hrown. I Ushers.

Bung stories. i lifiert leads omitted item only, ana mai innt termem ocean view nunai kcv. faui roran ceieniani grandchildren Funeral -mii. KlUgeway scnooi; man; sneiuei articles, books, songs, poems. Free in ihe hnlne mcril un-illl icw nuiuu rui.

t-, .7. cross tocher. uihck rt; one. ad re. 1 llho 1 in shall be no naoimy greater than the amount paid aHveitising.

Simmons Mi-Bride Funeral Di- 1 nm from Sf 1 rhSreh V' onr Tno 2n'? 5' ne.7- bushy tail, liidgcway School: fe-, r.Prsonai hygiene Products Male tfeunue appoiniments. DAVEY -On February 21. rectors in charge. nW.JMW.iSi Kver remembered by his wife maie 'cocker cross, black, Ridge-1 in i w.e no1 believe in making SUBSCRIPTION RATES ner.ryaDaveyof At'sord, aTed MOODY At the Roya, lubllee ttF A fC 7 Ik l7C4 7c UTf Wherever carrier service maintained, 52 per month. 5illi.

II Id. rCII il in i i t'n vitii H'Mil, vinr, Od HI I) Ilrtru ft ri 1V1 hllr hall, 1 sister. Mrs, victoria, a resident there since ZANATTA fin f.i,. Qn February 24. 1964: t'a' malecncker cross! For those, who wish promotion Canada and British.

Common- s. opportu- i. it, in i "iinn ii lirttl. lUiiiicm vs 1 i i 1 ,1 Wir lid fllUC tliat uAoelnn hilo nlactic i.n i illul lOiSt. 1 In UUHILJUII three months, wSsa' retired bTcV Police SLh.

I A.n'on'S.?L.a9. F- Aye. "2 "y'. at Westvie.w School; male! ewelrv Watf.h ReoaifS Jiff, SSS? 3 soon as you ire thorough 1 sister. Sarah Hen ly trained by our proven methods.

sVates Australia and Foreign, constable ana iot Victoria Dino; 1 brother. Carlo cieri vn. away. B. Allan 480 Granville black, in 100 blk.

East Kings, 3 weeks ago. North Van. P.C.A. Dressmaking, alterations re- ley of Toronto: 4 brothers. William.

Vanderhoof. B.C.: Edward, couver; 1 brother and 2 sisters in 1 God took him home, it was His Italy. 2 grandchildren Prayers will; Saturday family service was held at Shelter. 1302 Main St-eet, YU 8- pairs on ladies' gents' wear. 7484.

Rodips Dressmaking 876-1446 tr'day evening, 8 p.m. at The' Within our hearts he llveth still Nipawin. Norman. Saska Canada. Ji yeai "y- Vancouver.

Crematorium, Rev. 'Foreign Countries, anconver. rematoiiuiii. Ancaster. also Sli J'uneiTa' Chapel.

Funeral Ever remembered, Tom, Muriel Female Shepherd cross Custom drapes made, free wltn and family. ourchase of our material. Terms per copy or $1(5 Per year. Westminster of-; nieces and nephews. She was a Saturday.

Fehruary 27 at 9 a.m. aY second class mail, Chun iou wmminsie o. Saskatoon City Hos-1 from The Bell Funeral Home. 2746 ESfw, epruary at a a.m. SECURITY If you are an aggressive man who wants to earn steak pay, we can offer you a permanent career high earnings, stability (group benefits.

You must be bondable and he a car ow ner. I black; male Shepherd cross, black, in I solden color; female German Pointer. liver A father "Piwt Office Department. Ottawa. -iii fnrrner public- health St.

to Sacred Heart SUKI.E Post ujnee uepai Vat Home Abbots! ord an. nurse at Haney and Mission, B.C., nlRn ie- of a dear husband, and white: female Lab cross, black. 7 Guar, workmanship. 943-3239. Consult fam's.

rlalrv. Mde. Lys. Appts. 9 a.m.

'til 10 p.m. MU 2- 4839. Identification cards, social security kept permanently with CLASSIFIED RATES i and was also a memoer or caa-1 pa(hpr 'nSfi grandfather. John Suklea. who Ahbev viewmb" 1 Fassed away February 24, 1964.

bred Co rfn iMore and more each day we miss jet TR male Peke. brown, pure-ontact SPCA Animal Shel- a I A I KDWAKJJS on reDru- noro Bay uniteu inuicn. Thi -V, -tOC 1. I 1 1 in Mr-Coll Rrn, I np Thurs- In fairness to this outstanding 10 FUNERAL NOTICES Mlnunum space 2 tines iol type, 50e per line per uay 4 days tor the. price nl 3 1 days for the price of plastic.

HE 1-7643. opportunity and tn yourself- Friends may think the wound Is 1 ile fiJund Rei MSfe wards of 1391 East 55th! Floral Chapel. Victoria op 1 aged 78 day. February 25 at 3 p.m., Survived by 5 brothers. 'c.

Lpighton Streleht and Ri I.earYf self-hrnnoss NO Information ill hp alvpn r. E. 1 hea en. is c- i rt 3f da. i harlps Vancouver: Howard.

Rich- The members of Victory i But they little know the sorrow c.r!1 Hypnosis Associates Laura ButlT officiating Inter- am tne pnone. uniy tne top 3 Lodge No. 94 A.F. A.M.. Lies within or hearts.

concealed. nit leather collar and flea col- Madam FarrelL ifiTTed Above rates appiyioiy''" lra Salk Ted. saskatoon. ment wvc iwh lea. i e(l.

asttHioon. menr reader. mf VMI ne empioyeo. novai i iuiii.ii i For confidential i'ntervlete he ni live insertions oniy wiuiuui virtora; Stanley. Cal- Flowers gratefully declined.

XO, sS5A Otialified counsellor. i 1 1 wue naruara. naugn- ar. North Van. S.P.C.A.

Shelter ton In copy. 1 sister. Miss Margaret Ed- Friends, if desired, may con if neslreil. mav Adam i rt02 Main St. YU 8-7484.

ill- i late lei 1900 th" Heart Fund, Victoria. linmitru I oiues, wards. ancouver. r. mite at rMM- "Male stocky the Royal Towers Hotel.

6th Si a Royal New Westminster. Thursday. 10 a.m. lo 1:30 p.m.. or 4:30 to 8 p.m.

Ask for Mr. Bruun. ste. 424. Fort St Alcoholics Anonymous P.O.

Box 464 or Ml! 5-5623 I Brass, crcs Hirks Bldg. MI' 5-6S29 N'u Bone Surg' I style Cors'ts 223 Birks Bldg. MU 5-6829. Helen's Health Clinic Reg'il Masseuse TIE 3-6111 i ara oi 'if tinpi mlninium served witn the Canadian not exceeding 10 lines, World War Ore. charge $3.

and was a charter and life mem- additional line aa $3 her of the Royal Canadian Legion Additional lines branch in Eston, Saskatchewan, for first 10 lines Aaamonai transferring to the Mount Mm lh Mount Pleasant rte. i-n tiiiiun i VunerVl" ChanVl iltH'av. td.iv ilwv. Male cross Aquila. nape 3()b h.

11th Ave. TRAIN In loving memory of a sheoherd cross Delta D. a rich. M. dear wife and mother, Train, MiJTe 1 cross tVmdell Rd E.

Plnkerton. Secretary. who passed away Fehruary 24. A. 1207 No.

5 Rd! RtCHAPDS On February 2i. 1965. William Ash Vile Richards of 10471-llTth St. North Surrey, aged 77 years. sx? Pr "i'Jiw rc.

only) Pler.sani branch No. 177 in Van- Officers and Members jn our home she Is fondly remem- V' r.r 7.h a Hmhrp 1 found on Friilav. Vic. Turnln Vt Vt ll Experienced Saiesmen Preferably direct men with background in vacuum cleaners, encyclopedias, eookware. freezers, etc.

To sell new non-competitive household t- industrial ironing it-pressing appliance, hy appoint -men! onlv nn mh ahr.K, by hi wife Irene: 1 Survived Astroiogist, Clalrvoy- WJJE-dSai -25c iter order, -ouver 27. Daughters of the! Sweet memories cling to hei Woodwards. Hastings. ML ant lm Barclay. MU 1-1105 conduct the funeral service in the daugh'er Mrs.

W. PHONE Ml'tual 4-7141 Rugs; chstllds. cleaned af nome. Mount pleasant Chapel, Kingsway Butte, Montana. U.S.A.: 3 grand-at 11th on Thursday.

Feb-1 sons: 1 brother In England and 1 A DISTKIBITORS lie, ill 111c i mrprCltV eanetS. KK the late Lyn" Kyle. cerelv. iSears Service Sin Saturday. H5- I 4-141 v.i t-iun i iijiiiihu.

i ft i Eczema itch rash, try Teenjore, i.ezema ucn rasn, try teeiijor, sun iuwh in Norman! follow, y-owers gratefully de- as RSM and l.t. in 2nd Battalion at 2:00 p.m.. on Thursday. February 25. in 1 i.h.

mVffswav All Oriiw rcent stores ou nae an enwable sales a-MMK gsway All arusoepi. stores harkgrour.d. Referenc Still love her In death Just the5163. same. 1 Blonde Pekingese, vie.

Burnaby -Ever remembered by her loving Municipal Hall. CR 8-0648. aft. Fleasam- ChalngswaT fenruarv h. at veterans Dressmaking.

alterations at and a rr c.m in 44 Begnie 01. churchlll North Vancouver Lcn hnnay aj Fleventh husband and family. 5:30. Memorial t'arK. leaving surrey ru- Verna Browning.

Queen Thornley, Recorder and Members of Acacia draperies. 327-3423. for appointment. Madame Patricia Gift of E.S.P. Famed Reader, Adviser.

738-107(1 i Tattooing the best. experienced hj8 D-vie 684-3941 Comptometer Operator 44 TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES wneonver MUtual 4-7141 amok widow nerai Home. i.ioJIS-lOSth Ave. at Uest Mr, Stephenson of Doug A. Lrout.

passed away Rpv. Canon F. A. Ramsey Kurn Lake Mri. a.

Jne 217. February 23. 1965. in hospital, at ing. 1 Roy Goriktn Kdmonton.

Alberta, aged 73 years. CmR'wacii phnn, 795-7366, Survived bv 4 sons. Raymond Man's glove, lefl in car Saturday by good Samaritan. RE 3- 6329 Lady's or hild glasses. Black frame.

Cor. Nanton Angus. Sat. RE 3-O02S court 10 Order of the Ama-ranth are requested to attend RinnEf.L--Ps.ssed away Febru-, the funeral of our late member, ary 23. 1965.

in Carleton Place. H. L. Lyn Kvle. PRM.

in Mount Ontario, Helen Latimer, wife of Pleas.ant Chapel Kingsway at 18 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Harron Bros. Ltd. '2 Chapels to serve you" at Chapel of Chimes nequireo ny inaunruU firm tn Lady's gold wrist watch Feb. 15. 41st nr.

W. Boulevard. AM 6- John Hiebert! Montreal: Douglas Edmonton; 1I7? Phone 426-4433; Norman C. Vancouver: Alan C. K'Jinn Creek J.

E. Wilsoni Seattle; daughters. Mrs. Shirley Dawson l-reea ST 24743 Francisco: Mrs. Joan 5944 after 5 p.m Escorted Tours bv Bus 12 M'n i iT iv mo i tlal- Opportunity to advance.

Tahne-C alif. 17 days Mar. 6 Applv Mrs Alrd Section Iiak 8 National Empltiymeni Ser William A. Riddell. formerly ot nth on Thursday.

February 25. I. black A white Collie, li -i't tos Avenue Dawson reek Fay Peter' Whitehorse. Funeral Vancouver Funeral tn he held Hho at 1 p.m. Beatrice Mawbv.

M. cence collar, vie. 4th Blen Canadian Rockies 14 days Au 1149 Robson St, MM 1.4253 heim. P.E 1-6306. li, i.

'072 ileen McArthur. Secreta ry Call Traveleer Tours, A.C. OC Ull 1,1 ivincan s.lV service Thursday. February 25 at February 29 in Carleton Place Rov 1065 Phone 746-4733 Edmontnn interment Capllano rernie Robert Boyd Box 464 CORRECTION. Vancouver TR 6-8877 i-eaincr Key case 'ViTor MACEX'S TRAVEL SERVICE VAnuj ur inA aj c.

K. AUhison sons tJ.i Uiaiivinv, miuui; Ctrl driving lo Toronto this WELDERS 1 -5754 aifAvt 7-3386 I to than our many and taTgTwhite rabbiL tattooed' MT'. Mtti k. Mrs Irene J'ditvc' nipm-P hmarv "1 iui mvu Cal. 1IWJ UIU, n.

boai JIM I umai 4A-t CUfVi ti.vtvi i prKiill iiMAi JI IfMP It a I I urn trihnln. Lp r- I I nil' I 1HD 1 Europe on ST per day 1 Required for our Port Alice Pum ripinn. oingn. Wrlffhts Travel Lady's glasses, blue-grey frame. wrnt Iravpl Permanent maintenance Trak Brown ft Pnu, Aruona CrM.r- Madison" Street.

pathv in ouVrJeen. berennt Kmgsway at RoyaV dlk Phone 372-2833 year. Mn.t fie loss of a. dear husband. 1 Burnaby" ay "h-SST? Box 216 Kamloops 749 St.

Paul St II alnu nft "jfigS 50 HELP WANTED, MEN R- MorPla Phoenix, formerly of i "2ugn UatneL "'ner, on" Harold C. Atchison, Mgr. ana British Coiumlim 1 D.P.W. ticket necessary. Rate dependent on ticket held.

Apply: (Oi-jaiw 1 r.ii.ueui uauiM'iu. oruwn. npeciai nanas to ran re nrc Walde'2or7 W. Vancouver, rema- uranrichlldren: 1 Shauarhnenv Honiti Pair of man glasses, brown 1260 Belalre Avenue t.mbrley 1 vie- Statlcin 4Z ier. Mrs.

.1. I. more, riu cciv. i ai ci nrs wno aiipncipci IMMOMC. Tt KlrRDIDF Main St.

331 Main SI TV Technician i iiroVt "Mr William J. D. Mcintosh brother. Archibald Scott, Scotland. husband, also Dr Thompson RAYOMER CANADA (B.C.) LTD Ml Pender St.

MM S-5046 DRAFTSMEN and '-J Te-nifr -jfiih Mc- "A Dlgnif Pvcs' Rnv 11 NPO Kitimat. B.C. pn M.i Keverend u. cnaimers connurtefl Mrs. jonn 1..

Brown Merrltt Mr Robert Hoss HULL Suddenly on February funeral service in the Mount family and sisters. draftsmen wanted 1 17" ii'hi 1 a. stf-i -1 r- a'c" Rona Id Alfred Hull of 7110 Pat- in rii th.niri Vh ZZX. 7t Broadway at Maple hi. lit.

1-4101 ffiai1. Ti i. iiUtini. mimeaiateiy ny. manurarturei Sun Office.

noao terson Avenue. South Burnaby. in ruary -1. ai 10 a.m. viciiiauoci.

memoer rn. 1 n- vi'ai- 01 sawmi ann wood equip- hi ruth ipar SnrvivPri hv his P.a':..?ndJ'aH,'r' Order of the Golden Rule Lady's glasses case. Camhie OXSStRVK mechanic nunt Contact Chief Engineer. irw Phone 1,1 vintr -cifi Sheila- nn Ron- rassen iw rcniu- oiks ruriiuid ai me oeatn ni our 24.u B7J.4Q3H bet 4 6 Ray service man required for (- 1 Ware at Cartalf Wesl- 352-5236 a' .7 s. y.

1965. Emma, widow beloved husband, father, son and JS" -an. rial gas appliances. Musi have min.i-r trV.t5L. Fran Nelson 310 Bcasley Orpan Falls Box 712 Phone Mr.

Dav "Vi XL 7 i.r v.nSTv- a Doerr. Petrolia. Basil A. mAH.rh" 1 siais. etc.

employment. I'ii 74 Minor Park Ave. .11... -S" xf" K.nPway.,HhAv..TR.aW .1 HWKK tnr net 11 Rnv K7. Port Albernl Pn.

mi Winnipeg. and Mrs. paint store. Good oppo: kola. Mrs.

E. Movpr. Mrs. A. 1 Ji u-a i.

rniicirt tic ffir tn ei Tan fern, boxer vie. Edmonds Aggressive Port Hardy SulrSaoli40 land. Funeral service 1 Margaret 1 Worster. Vancouver; 9 Firth. Mrs.

D. Ilurrlng One call arranges all. r. rand view Fri. LA 2-1943.

I gruwlne weekly newspaper Airport, Kort. rraiu.v. Th rt February '-'5, 1965 at grandchildren; I brother. Albert at aqK-7ff' Finn's wrist watch, vinicity 1700 I unity for advancement with national company. Salary ahd commission.

State age and experience. Box 1397 Sun. Powell River. tjnoS D.m. in CE1VTRAL PARK McMunay; 1 sister.

Mrs Michael Salary according to ability. Write Prince George Progress. 16S5 3rd We wish In pvnress nnr unrprp cannf iirimnv Tvi ninca. Tin. Rev.

Monohan. both of Toronto. Fu- l- 1 Mil i.3i5ST a'te, 5 Ave. Prlnre Meorge. giving age 'WF 2ye-'n Cunderson CHAPEL 1061 Kingsway SrAfe" ft.

LOgaUnnt5414 Hugh Ir." in officiating. Cre PrlKupert R- Giordano npral service Thursday at 10 a.m. thanks to friends, neighbors and Memorial Chapel in Simmons A- McBride Funeral relatives for their kindness, sym- Granville at 10th Ave. Chapel, Broadway at Maple pathy and benutiful floral offer-! Phone RE 8-3181 Rev. Smith officiating, ings received at the loss of a ei eiiinn Slamesetype cat, with u.v 714 West bin "-J.

I fClN.Mll.M.r.l ASSISTANT ITinrelnn Mrs. .1. I ftv ed away Februar Interment Ml. View Cemetery. loved husband father, and grand- hNlKA PilKK Hflrr Maple required for Greater Vancouver st.

lK.h-011. ana Steady emnlovment at Bnx 352 i lamer. Aican. -nnei ir. vli i i I inu i riiiii vc icn i- i nunc Wilf Lowdcn Efc 1985, in Shaughnessy Property Underwriter staturrtflv.

nurse In west End West Hospltal. Robert Iron-! sauindkks passed peaceiuny -Mrs. Allan Skene and tamily monger of 1111 on lebruary 22. 1965. a St.

i mi vaugo" -fao, PX. 1 sons ltd --supermarket. SL4-XHK ipcience A tiaining to Box Required by Sun i Alliance In of vie. sun. wrist watch.

surl It'll I ll'isu ill. i.ui r.iramii, l' Mrs Marv Beruschl hi. in nis Mutn year. 7. ej i ur- sivrn rxcvv wpsr j.

I itciuti i r.uwuiu vr "crnuc i uuc mc inil estr dge. N. oy. I I f-cwi K'tr 'S. e.

acsn Ph t.tOSfi his loving ire. Annie: daugnter. wiuow 01 tne lai luranee Group. Several years e-neripnrp in Fire Personal Llnrs I'nderwrlting essential. t'susl staff benefits.

Mr Adams, or Mr. TAXI DRIVERS Renfrew si for thplr kindness, words mailbox at 13th lii, Flashlight, cm vri victoria 01. Smith Mrs. Nellie Henson. San Dierjo.

Saunders of Rosland Mr. IV. rv.h...,h Cnrm.rlu nt Uinn ira n4th sympatnv ann nora oner 112s son ennne chauffeur's licence required A Waddell i.ynne: urntner. inomas 01 i nun- year, aurviveu uy iiauaiici. Vancouver wood moulding Ainiv 114s w.

i.eorgia 1235 E. Hastings. AL 5-7S11 Snruce cii--ih Starting as low as $140 Fire extinguisher vie 23rd HOLLVBtJ FWERAlTfftTMi: Renfrew HE 3-495? 1S07 Marine Dr WAM221 28 LODGE NOTICES electriela Phone 5355 waek. Several nieces and nepnews. Anne ana Alice or Vancouver.

1 Hans Thodt Close friends, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.ison. William, 2 grandchildren and Phone VTking 3-5963 Loader and Mr.

and Mrs. George! 2 great-grandchildren of Wlnnl- -JJg. nes snem peter. Tom Sigurdson Foerster of Vancouver Served peg; 2 brothers. Lewis and James! Alex no James unlay.

Plant, requires ep. feeders, lhiti, mer men. and tie-up men. Ph. lr al Pioneer Manufacturing 683- ticket) Must be famllia Terrace Box 1284 Trail DllsTpi AAil Tr-IAPFI Take notice that the annual A RtflM nnrllnitar.

brv wr "299 Dewdney Ave Ph vim cne cii: Daitdicuii in iu nuraen. viciuria. aervnr ruua. 'ffl aJ I wish to thank my friends uarv jj. at 1 fT np .1 mnrr-', nucnu.c i i r- C'MlOP Ave Ph.

Line -n 2-4twi rt funeral Home. 2746 fc. Hast- 'and nelghfiors for their" kindness 4-1314 mpn Uncial cioh will be held at if iqulres young man. 18-21. for offW-eV rarrall St Van-iBKBarh'r A.p?'-V 5 ashln cleaning cars Most kjr4o lheiT '2 Acadia Hotel.

Kamloops. I have driv er's lic ense. Box 2181. 1 Rev it Kirc-h nrriclalmff lj k. Ih.

and Camfcie St. Rev. Walter Little, interment Mountain trthut rel ved bv me durin couver. n.i on Sun. EL 1-, IFJO" flowers the illness and los, of my be- mv np- Young man to drive U-ton AL 3-2511 Dumnnt.

Manager illy thank tne 1349 Commprclal Dr loved wife. I especia truck. Must be neat In appearance imj. if la v. iuuw ui viuj.

X- have clean drlvine record. urall St. shoe salesman. Hastings. Scott of' 550 North Esmond Street, f01; Expert Lodge Nn.

52 CHAPMAN FUNERAL HOME sir? Bdivy. at Wilw TP. 9-2141 3Q COMING EVENTS Phone 987-6339 aft. 7 p.m. KAUFMAN Passed away Burnaby in her olst year.

Sidney Bell iruary 22, 1965, at his residence. 'Survived by 1 daughter. George Charles Kaufman of Mis- at home: her father, George Allenj iinn rc in his 7th year Snr- Hardv. Burnaby; 3 brothers. Sid- 5V Cambl? TTt 6-33 ummSersale.

Prince oTales: TTrrniTT t.rttvrduliyrVrWrne PT A. announces a rummage sa tow aras euntrai ome lrt Thursday. February 2-. BACHM ANN Tn peter and Carmel Barhmann at Lions Gate Hospital, on February 23 1965. daughter.

Anne Marie. 7 lbs. SZ. Vi. 1 1 1, 4 Rnrnahv ieir VV.

timanwav -HlJ C.t. Hall Arinui Arthur "Arnold c'len I.w fr cV la Lhmond Funeral ome, 4th. SUN CLASSIFIED AD INDEX ALL CLASSIFICATIONS ARE NUMBERED AND APPEAR IN NUMERICAL ORDER Pentieton. Lloyd. Mission: 6 George Hardy.

Burnaby. 2 sis- foI thelr hind expressions of amoie Modern" dancing eve" Sat. o-l oaugniers. win. ua.

'iit a. svmpainv aim wiuiuui imiai fFMFTfPIFx mid. TBe Peoersens. CEMETERIES Mrs. 1.

g. van- rjuinaov. hjhhcp offerings couvei Island. Mrs. Louise Moses, lie.

Burnabv. De-eased was a Fllzabeth Puhze and famm. Classification! 2 Burial Plots, reas 298-1JB1. Sask Mrs. Jonn Huner.

memner or women Auxiliary 10 34 JUUS FOR RENT halls, weddings, hanauets. etc. 43rd A Victoria. FA 5-3644 T.EDERMAN To Dr. and Mrs J.

Lederman. Li-herman-Belli at Vancouver General Hospital on February 15 1965. a son, Michael David. 7 lbs. ozs Proud grandparents are Mr.

and Mrs Lederman and Mrs J. A. Bell. Burnabv. Mrs.

Ronald Osborne Douglas United Church funeral Burqultlam. Mrs Peter Charles, service Thursday. February 25 at Agencies Wanted 68 I prwm.nlf FLORISTS 25 for Sale 3S8I Classification No. Floor Surfacing 102 Florists 25 For Sale Misc. 170 Found 27 Fruits 152 Funeral Directors 18 Funeral Notices 10' 36 INFORMATION WANTED ai-c-ft for Sair 420 Classification No.

Office Equipment 134 Offices, Stores, Warehouses 274 Painters. Decorators lin Personal 40 Personnel Testing 54 Pet Stock 176 Photo Finishing 16j Plastering and Stuccolnr 104 vnssinn: sister. unra m. in ine ivosr i napei en rc.c-t n. 15 grandchildren; Lawn.

Grandvlew Highwayi wi5h ti g-eat-grardchlldren. Funeral sprv-'and Royal Oak Avenue. Rev thanks to ou ire Friday. February 26 at 1:30 Moses officiating Interment For- oors for thei: pm. from the chapel of the Mis- est lawn Memorial Park FOREST 5mpathv.

Sp sion Funera Home. Mr Haroid LAWN MORTUARY funeral direr-, prs nf exptess our sincere, friends and neigh-kind expressions nf rial thanks tn mem-1 Mountain Lodge Nn Antiques 140 Aoartm Property 382 Antitude Testing 54 Fur-bear Animals 1 Turpln. Stewart officiating. Interment tors in charge. and Rev Automobiles for Sale Furnaces 126 SYMPATHY FLOWERS A Mark of Respect and of Comfort Nancy Moorhouse and family.

Hatzlr c-metery. Furnished Houses 22- SLF.GGS- In Vancouver. Febru Wtd MA UN'S- To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Malins.

a son. Stephen on Februarv 21. 198S! at St. Pauls Hospital Furnished Suites 200 ary 21. 1965.

Harold Dale Sleggs Furniture 138 ciumnmg ani IN MEMORIAM 410 410 4101 Upper Levels Hwy West Van. chet Taylor Way A Capilann Bridget. Cars Involved were '58 i Studebaker A '64 Buiek. Anyone Bellamore or 733-8135 days, or 987-6840 rVfs mi 'jiaM Anvone knowing the icere-c KNIGHT Dorothy Kathleen h- Im-lna 0 Heating 108 narages. parking Lillian Ki lent on Fehrua usry Carder, Supplies 112 Dornthv: 2 brothers.

Ceril. BROWN In loving memory 184 les Halls for Rent 34 Health Services 84 Help Wtd Men. V) Poultry A Supplies 10 Professional Services 82 Property Exchange 368 Property Wanted. 370 Goldfish 176 naica and Gordon. Scotland: a beloved mother and gran ter.

Marv. England. Decpased mother Helen Brown, hn pass x-ed ir. World War I. Royal away February 24.

1962 nariian Regiment overseas. For her. life more abundant. LOST 26 1965 Predeceased jy her hi Abel on Fehruary 22. 193 i.ved hy her 7 children.

eader Tathot Knight of Air Force. Borneo. Ronald London. England. Edward toria.

Arthur Nanaimo. I Knight. Mrs. Harry C. Doll Mrs.

Dexter Smith cDo it 158 and Marine pplies loiing and it Wng Ran ches MARTIN- To Mr and M' I lovd Martin mee o) on February 20 lo65. I Grace Hospital, Erie 'even. 7 th. 3 ozs. mortal service will be held In For us.

a guiding star nconsfield United Churrh. 4580 Deeply missed hv her daugh- (hard Street. Vancouver onj lers. Alexandria. Helen and, lurday February 27 at 3:30 Anne, sons-ln-lsw- and grand- 2-yr -old wbite miniature pondl rom 38th A Fraser.

Reward. 1 marauisitp earring, teardroi After 5 p.nt.. RE 8-9667. Hero wanteo. Men -Women Help Women ihS Home I Modernization 94, Home Services Hotels 128 1 Hospitals (private i 156 354 146 IV 284 tges ngrrators vfrl hS.Se' 262 In c-Kirmg Chimneys, etc.

108 I m-1 nbia ion 380 Housekeppg Rms. 245 4- Houses wanted 90 to Build 1621 Houses wanted Rooms and Boam Room ard Board Wanted 260 lary 25 at 10 a.m.; Flowers grat lieu of pnlv th R( Heart Bus STEPHENSON To Mr and Mrs. G. Stephenson (nee Ban-owcloughl at Lethbndge Munleinal BoajHUI. a daughter Heather Jean 8 lbs.

on February 19 1965- Business Servtc Cameras Canaries. cards or Carpenters. Contractors HOI SES FOR SALE Thursday. Fehr Cremation. In donations to Foundation Knieht will rest in the roontn Bognnr.

Sussex. Salesladies. Agents 64 saiesmen. Agents 52 Sawdust Srhools. Colleges 74 on February-Smith of 3185 59th year Sun wife.

Hannah p'oreciated Mrs. with her husband rhurch yard in England. ity Homes Duplexes, Rev. i nee rothy KiirT-lftV tfr.ovtr. hpr vhprpabou's Dnnald and Kenneth: a North V'aneouvpr .330 Sewing Machines 142 Sleeping Rooms 24o r-leasp contact Box ji4c un 160 -Br r.rz::..

Cemeteries -2 crematortuma 31 DEATHS shouts ilease 168 New West xv coqurtlam A Dst. 338 Whte Rck A Dst. 340 Surrey 342 2597 Ihp Clothing. Furs. Shoes Iff sed away Febru- Jean, all of Vancouver: brothers 'and sisters in the East.

Funeral Fridav at 11 am in Sim- mons tt Funeral Chanel Broadway at Maple Street. Rev. 1 1 A. Anderson officiating. Cre-- matlor Garden Chapel.

Ocean I- View. In lieu of Howers donations r. may be made ta the B.C. Heart' larles Gordon Av- 66 years. Also survived by 37th Van- daughter.

Mrs. Merle Gage, va PERSONAL summer nesorrs. Delta 344' m.nA Cltltf acanon spots J6 Okanagar 346 very preseni divorced. wi 172 Wanted 6 n.r.g v-. smcmur, i ear ners witn lady 35 Cnmmerria 1 industrial propeny ion i vs ir.

shanrg a good. Interesting. V'. VIV11V-Pxwct awav Fehru- Pmnertv 364 Information Wtd. 36: TV.

Radio A Hi -F TO BUY TO SELL TO EXCHANGE ANYTHING! SUN WANT ADS PHONE MU 4-7141 FOR SERVICE comfortable and financially se 1Sfi me, uoteci rran imsu. Ban Tlir" arj 22. 1965. Will VivUn nf 657P tvnf.ii Adera in his 75th year. Sur- of Lie.

a. CouaCry Itanes I Insurance 399 1 Lornir HCtP :r.izs war J1 Tou art a kn ely Sweet A etr Trailers Gay: I thtnk of rmt so often rvervtlav. Toe are my c' WanttM 32 Travel Opportunity and 3 grandchildren. Susan. Lreg- Hicks orv Kenneth.

F'mera! service Fri- lard a day. February 28. at 3 p.m.. In tne John Little Chapel nf tjie '''JT Fnret Lawn. Gramtvtew Migrra anew snd Poyal Oak Avenue- ter Little orfteiattng.

tnTene, ceasen Forest Lawn Memorial Par' FOR ten vT I 'rt 'r '-ai Past Jl rirertors in rhante. BFCXETT On Ferary 21 Past Katp Ed th rteekelt aged 92 Canadi vr Formert of 2004 Haro St Rege-t Davlaon. West ancouver. 2 grar.d-ons. Paul and Ross.

1 and White Shrin iSfclw mmr. I toe vau Aear. lust -l mill the way you are Forever mJ, "aTghter" l.n;" 1 KroTher' Jl vJ Fanny Bay. 2 staters. Mrs Dae durational (4t.varr.;i- MR unrurn Housp Ss th Larson.

iMHfMmH. I IfccWetolit. lOWMaages Williams ii Mrs Jeanett ST. 130 lbs. vislies to LiESeV; toSST'" IvXSmf'p'ner." if.

Calif: neohe-" Frefl-ieK Empire, oidfield. Vancouver The deceased Chapter and Re- a meroter th- NatHe Son. IJlOgf ReV. I ik toVorreaonnd with 1 T-- -men" Wnted.jMtel aQWanta tn Rertt Women 7211fm-tn A Storaee 372lWaneiI Trvirks Wante Ws-'ed Hr-rest Canadian. position A ttr-, rrr- a' 3J.

Ill tTCPJ tew. Sortuary. rer St mm As. e. W.

3a etV sM Mnuntabi Vie- Ce- iry 2S. at of tn tn W.ja Farm. EftrkM 3B4IN Homes 'ady few not.

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