The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1950
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1D50 (ARK.) COURiER NEWS e res t MS in er Cotton Council to Map Broad Promotion Activities /or 1950 During Sessions in Memphis MEMPHIS, Tom., .Inn. 6. (Special)— A broad program of colton promotion .-iwivilies for 1950 will be mapped at the National cotton Council's U-d(i)i animal meeting Mere Jan. 23-25, Ed Lipscomb, sales promotion director of the cotton orgunizalion, has announced. Metnbri.s of tile Council's sates,.. -- - romotion ronmmtre. lu'juk'tl ' S Kukcr. Fresno, Calif., by upnn lo plan n program "iinu i-,uis foi 1 intensified activities In sale.;; :tnrt merchandising of cnt- Inn apparel urui iruiu.M.nnl cotion.s, isohold ajld cotf , Tile rnmmitUT will convent* at thr Hoifl Penbofiy !UTP on Jan. 21 committee includes Mr. Baker as chairman, J. C. Dapp, McOhee Ark.. K. H. Asnew. Anderson, B.C.; \V. K. Hanks. Grantville, Ga.; Norris C. Blackburn. Memphis, Term : J. Walter Hammond. Tye, Texas: F<!. B. Henley. Abilene. Texas: .Joseph I,, [..jim'er. West Point, C.\ and Clmi'lra W. Sliepard, Jr., Guds- ... draw up recommendations for ronsidfrafion bv the futt 244-member delegate body of the GuMiicil. Iti the parly centuries of the HIIPCUU emphasis will hn Irtitl on s c ' iriMian CI ^ k w* estijniifcd thiH \'nr pnimorinn of itul.iMrinl rottnns. thc ^S^»lKh peninsula Ivvl a po]Hi- - - • • intLon of a'Joui -30,000.000 peonle JJpsri-nih sjiiti. He noinietl *>"( !li;K iiuiti.'id'ial uses offer presitf-r, , - • -•- - lin'.nnu.vl ouiU-ts Cor cotton t'.l'rr i " Jne o| thc ' discovery of AniRticA th;m ntiy nnirhets. Til 1049. the! couju'il conducted indiiR'rinl prninn- i ifii c.impaii>iis iii bntinlf of cot ton bans. CM nvns avvnin^s, ffl ITU tar- pnnlins, rental supplies, cotton ii;- ss-Intion, Ifiumity supplies, and cot- ioii ruiis. "The coinieil's t'inl prnriin- tions—many initiiucd this year f or Die first time—are yielding cnn- rrc'e results m terms of rot to a cotJSiniK'tl," the coiuii-it oflit-hil .said. ''In the bag nuiikoi, actual iti- cteases were registered in tlic use nf cotton textiles at r\ time- when most other si " ' * " market were consumpiion.' The committee also 'A ill build a heavy program of activity for th? council's now \vcarin» npparel aiul hou.sehok! promoiinn offices in New York. Mr. Lipscomb declared. He said that the rtminutU'e also 's Jkheduled to hold preliminary dis- ^iissions of new programs contemplated in behalf of cottonseed products. The council's sales promotion (.Irdlnnl (o :>o.00n,finn at the ix THI: rmc-iiiT ooimr ron THK f'TKASAXVKA HISTRIC'J OF MrsSlSSIPl'l COUR'I', ARKANSAS N. F. I,OONF,Y, PUf. vs N'o. -1293 Tllli E O. BULMAN MFG.. CO, INC. AND STANLEY FLCHA. AGENT. Dft~. U'AKXIVO Oltni.K The defeudatits The E. O. Buhuati Mf.t;. Co., inc. and Stanley Flora, nt;ent. are hereby warned to appear L, r \\ ic-\\'\ ' 11 " l '* <5 CQl11 '* within thirty days and ' 'declines in ^ ttltswor tlie complaint of the plaintiff. N. P, Looney. and upon their failure KO to do. .said complaint will bo ui!;en as confessed. Witness my hand a.s clerk of the Circuit Court of MLssj.s.sippi County. Ctiicka.sawba District. Arkansas, and the . ; eal of said court, this 5 diiy of January, 1050, HaiTey, Morris, Clerk Rhine and Rhine, attorney.s, Par- agoultl, Ark. 16-13-20-27 For Immediate Delivery CYANAAAID Pet While Our Limited Ton Supply Lasts Blyfheville Ferfiiizer Corp. I'hone -1-171 1 Here's where to gel NUINE and ERT SERVICE One thing you'll like'about the Ford Tractor . . . H'j simple in design and built right. Doesn't take much servicing. Yet when it needs something done here or there, it's easy to do. For example, we can reline brakes in almost »o time . . . don't have to pull the axle. Transmission, steering . . . everything in designed for efficient service, With this new Ford Tractor, you won't need us oUen but when you do, you'll like our work. We service all Ford Tractors, and Dearborn Farm Equipment, with genuine parts. RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. Allen Hardin, Mgr. Smilli ITiway 61 Phone 2171 IN THE I'llOUATK COURT FOR | TI1K rniCKASANVBA UISTKICT OK ^IISSISSU'I'I COUNTV, ARKANSAS 1N T THE MAITER OF THE ESTATE OF MRS. KATE BUTT, DECEASED NOTICE-; OF AJTOIXTMKN'T AS I:XI:CUTKIX I/ known address ot the decedtjnL: Blythcville, Date of clratli: Uceomber 24, lf)4E). An utiuHit diitctl November 2'2. 19W, was on the 28th (lay of De- conilu'r, 1919 nilrnitU'd lo probate as the Will of [lie 1 abf>ve nnitirci (lecpift'nr, ;uxi tlie^jicd has brcn ciuly r»j)]K)intcil R\cc:iilrix thereof. A contest of the Will can be effericd only by filing n pnlition wilhin Lin; tinio ii-qmrcti by liiu\ All pin-sKii. 1 - havlns f!;iijns n^niiut tlu 1 I'.siato n n ist cxliibic Lheiii. dtily vi!i'i/i('il, to the iindctsi^nt-d wiibiti six t(D tnoiitlis of Uii' fijst publication of this nonce or they shnlJ lie foj'ovrr barred ntid im-cluded from any benelit in iho r.staie. Thi i uuliIT published Dn- rpinljpr 30, 19-ii). Mis. Kuthlceti Unit HlnrK, Kxte\i\fis of iho tRstiue of ! INVENTS "BULB SNATCHER" -Johnny c. Williams of ette. Aln.. looks over Hie ingenious process gladiolus bulbs. 'Hie "btilb sprays them with DDT and grades thci old farm boy is hailed by his neighbor cause of many similar Inbor-saving flu tie thai he designed to counts the L i for market. The IG- s an eleotriraj wi/, ho lias built. Job one of six winners in Wcsiinfjhousc's 4-11 "licttcr Methods" Science Squeezes Faf- out of Fattest Pigs to Produce Higher QuaJity Meat ;;:;; XI* Ncu'sfciiliiri's ST. PAUL. Minn.—Madc-to-orrk-r \ogs have their smm\s firmly ini- )!anted in the corn belt. They «o by the oyptir namcfi uf Mtnnc.sot.'i N'o, 1 ami N.i. 2. IF a big-boned, ovor-fnt ham 1 peeves you; if you Iiave trouble • finding the lean tenter of a pork j chop, or if you get brtcon (haI i should have been tossed into the j lard kettle, you nave not cnumm- j tered the new breeds. j Dr. L- M. Winters. University of j Minnesota animal hnsbanchn^n who j developed the new brerds, set his goal to raise a pis: which would produce higher quality meat faster and cheaper. The No. I traces Us ancestry t<> the Danish Landiace and the English Tarmvorih varieties of hns*: tho No, 2 to the Yorkshire and Poland China. The new breeds wrrc first released to (lie prblic Sept. J7-1S 1948 Wiiliin a year there were 501 registered Ro, 1 herd (wiier? and SR fCo. 2 herd owners. There were 9.7.S1 Mo. r.s and B56 No. 2',s on ilie bnok^- but only a small part of any hoj: breed i.^ registered. Some swinr Browers raise purebred N'o. 1's !"••' No, 2's and others cross them v.\ older brcerfs. HTUS Cniisumrr Appr:il The new line offers plenty of consumer appeal: less fat. smaller- boned ham>: pork chops with n bigger center and baron with loan which more nearly outsirlps the fnt For the .swine Growers' opinion. several were interviewed by Tin- Assotiixt^d Prfv^s. CSrnertilly thi-y exprc.ssed ii|»proval of the nejv lines Claude H. Honnel, inttlinger of the P. O. Mr MHlan 1-aml Co., llol- landnnle. Minn., said "our opinion is thai No. Vs and in sonmewiinf temper degree N'o. 2>, have bren ouf of tlie more important recenl contributions aidinc swine pmci'Trn; of the Middle We^t toward mn'^ economical and profitable pork production." Gerald Frank], Trvinpion. Town ?ays he crns^rti Dinnr- ft-jr.nlcs ^irh No. 1 m;<!es ^nd l;is littpj-v n-pi;e increased from n pervious r ; <rht 01 nine t/> eleven or twelve. "Much tr my amazement, thrse litters V,'^T: gaincii wt-i^hi very rapidly. Kt>i, K hl nit \\Vifihl Has Another .s\vinc raiser. Let . kin?, Hrron I,nke, Minn., .s; ! No. PR JUKI No. 2's "met w mn.^t unanimous npmroyal of [: fdrmance bv t'4)tuuieirinl swine [i (hicei'fi E\ti<[ biTf-der.s fmm more il L'O Mates and Canada." At an example. Pirkfii|! Hfl'tl. 10 No. 1 .sow e nve bin \\ (o i>!' ]ji'-'s nntt r nisei 70 to biei'diim nu.c. One litter—in- xto.'id of heiin: a "tuti litter" in montlis — 'M'if'hrd 2,017 poujids li\'<\ inontli5, Ifnivcrsily of Minnesota hoc inn uml "inwfrs pomi <>in thfil hogs nv now ljmi»ht bv packing: liousc I'hieflv on a wo-ii*ht basis. JIoijs o same WLMUH Ijriuu ?bont Ui c uri re. ret;a rd of f a t, o aw waste*. TJie unin'r.sity. In cooper,itioi c .saui. j w ^]j ,j ie ix.p rir i mf i n t of ARiienl s | Urn 1 and ;he CJei)ip,e A, IlorincI Co I''re- • Austin. Minn,. Iws for the p.' id his i three years been developing n new tli al- ' liosr njarkctinc system. Hollywood Continued From Page 4 '»«<! lliey add up to one MB (]ues- -lon—-Wi'll (Ills picture gel by tlic Dana Andrews will pymlwe a cries o[ one-reel ediu'alional shoit.s inspired by his slsler. a w.'liool eacher iti Houston, Tcxus. In tlie tirst. "What Not to IJo «l Ilcmic." Hana uiU direct his wife find lour j tills. I'riiduciion slarls when lie | .roiiiplevcs "Tlic I'-clgc of D:>om." j Mrs Kale Unit, 91S West llearn Street, Hlylheville, Aikansa.s HolJuiul anil Taylor, attorneys. 12:10 -w 1,0 ftO 24 HOUR SERVICE Ask fur either \i hito in culorr driver. Nine c:ihs ;it your servic 2100 CAB CO. Here's How YOU Can Win A New Hydraulic-Angling Disc Harrow ABSOLUTELY FREE! Also Other Valuable Fri. & Sot. Jan. 13 &14 Come to the— AVERY DAY Celebration Tor Furllirr llclnlls Tune In KI.CN 6:15 a.m. & IZ:45 p.m. OWENS TRACTOR CO. 112 Nd. Kninkliti I!lyllievill«, Ark. For Unexcelled Quality WOOD WORK MACHINE WORK We promise complete snlisfiidion willi any jol) !issi(jnp(I us. . .he it l;irg« or jiinull. \\hc- llier it's machine work or welding, iniljwork, ' Iniildinj,' or repairing caljinut.s, repairing or cnslom-l)uil(lin<r furniflire. .. .we giiaianlec you high qiialily work. Try us. Barksdalc South Broadwoy Co. Phone 2911 rmd sf-cMtird to hrtvp i'vn v[hin<* ii: Hie line of Mn'ii'!!h ana livplinf.- Ihat. my previous .•iinaHor litter? had." Frankl llirii rrossfcl (lip Dnrnc- .Vo. 1 pip with HIP No. 2. Tlic pic- from this nofs •.vc'ie ];trprr anil GET fc ' _ COM farm finino Inj . . . trail how to we ^ilh \\ic \-"ftrm Incomo TriTilruc, b< vifc >»ilh the f'rtpajmtnl Rewrrvr. A^k iw for ihia new Ixwkl.-l prrpnrttl hy the leailcr in ll|C firl.I, llic C-rmlahle Life AMumtirr. S*^*-«rlT. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 21 3 W. Walnut Phone lily ( her ille DO YOUR WINTER FARMING with Weather Wont Stop Us! LET US DEMONSTRATE CUR SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTS Jack Robinson Implement Company "Vour Genuine Ferguson Dealer" East Main Blythevillc CHECK.HG ACCOUNT Here's an e;!M way to your business efficiency— keep yiinr .spirits hij,'li '. Cay by check. See how much more simple it is—how easily important payment records are kept. I .el us help ymi start ji business or personal checking account—it's a sure wny to make your Im.siness ilay .smoother, tunic in today! FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank in Mississippi County .MKMBKR: FKOKUAF. KKSKUVK SYSTK.M KKDKUAl. DKJ'OSIT INSt'KAXCK CORPORATION CHCCK^MOAW CHUCKLES • From Your Purma Dealer MIGHTY IMPORTANT THAT I EAT RIGHT, NOW. THE RIGHT CARE AND FEEDING CAN MEAN SO MUCH ...z-e-z-z A DREAM THAT (AN COME Till! Big lillers o| strong, husky pigs (arrowed and weaned are no dream ^01 many hoqmen on the Purina Plan. Feed sows Purina Sow & Pig Chow now [or big Spring litters. L. K. AshcraftCo. I'hone 1103 RaHronil & Cherry

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