The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1950
Page 6
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XE (ARR.) COURIER NF.WS FRIDAY, JANUARY S, 1950 _._ •i/YTHEvn t E (ARK.) Luunic/n JNWWB ri\iuni,in>-v^ + «» »«</v PAGE SIX _ . 1_1_ •—• : • " " ' Chicksljow To Newark By 42-3 9 Score-Paps And Squaws Cancel Games Rally {Indians' Payroll Boss bays Fails bv 4 Points ^' 5 B °Y S ^ re ^ ated for Cuts I UllJ Uf t I V Wilson Class B Team Only Missco Entry Loft in Tournament MustangsWhip Rice to Take ,1 •..'.•• l^'jl".si w./, m it., * * ^^ 1 I / ^^ liiKtlms train of Bl.vilii-rillr ChirtHi- I ~ n J , n \\A/( KVWSS-.UY » lust halt rally lull inches i L.ct/v.1 III .J T T V< JONK8BORO, All;, DALLAS. Jan. fi—M>> Southern Mothcicli:-! i? ahi'iid in Hi!' Simth- \vfsi Con'"' ivuvf Iwski'tball utlo rare—but with just two Minos out Of Ihe ivriy It's wo early fur Mus- The Methodists trimmril Hi.'*' 6301, last nU'ht for a ]irrtcrl mxiitl hi the intuit ranlpuita!. Tfxiis A ft M niHii'i! in tin' l:\st iiini 1 min- ui.:s to >)f:<t 'J'i'Xus Chn.-nan. l'J-15. _ i The rest of the i:omereme \vas sliort and the-y \v<-ve i--limhmt«l Iroin HIP Nnrtlicast AvkMisiis luvil.tlinnal , To'.inumcnt lK:re yrwrmiv aller- ! noon bv a Rood Newark team -12-3D. i The Chieks-. sifter d'ailinL' bv inch! i points sit hnlfiimc. rnllii'd i" Hie I last two periods 10 mitseorc (He op-I position but Newark made a nine-j point first-iiedod marcrin sum! »l> | bv tjMilii)'.; oil a last innnne »u:>ck. j "Blylheville's (ielc.-it left only one j Mississippi County ie.iin in tin tomlVdmeiU. 'I'ho ivruue before, nila was knotkcd out by I'ocahon- t;ls S3-l!l and Liaehville was defeated by l.ytin in an niuMiiiur Cium* \\Vdric5tlsiy ni'ilit. | wiuilt. Tlicn Die Mil: ^y^l^on to Mcel Manly i for uo.uh 1 three muni The lone Mi.^ i^tapi County team : 11 free pilot to etl:;c ] is Wilson. The Bllll<tn»s liursc il|> an I BMO lee) 11 iwilit.s hiilH-effive 37-23 ovi-r Blocrk ; in (he iir.-t half and Rock in a Class B ^ame yesterday j temn-^ion. Hut after afternoon. 'Vhe H^\hloi'-S nvc sliilvil I iniiuil-. s, Hk'c \vevlt to l>!ay aaain tonight, niuelitii,' Hurdy at 6:31) p.m. TlcsaHs of other panics yesterday and last niaht: State IMsb 3:). Nettleton 31: Clover Henri !l). Grcen- vray 35; Fiira^oulcl -K. Monette •B: Hardy 2li. Lake City 21; Lynn K, Greene County Tec-li 31; Joiic.slxmj j 55, Mavmadllke -(4. 'Hie Chicks hroiitiht but sis play- A field s"a! by pmil bronchi ^MLJ from Ijehiiiii a |JL> S illlli .Hi:! ll i.i the iwls. ;*1 aiie limt :«;.:» al in- ii.jtliei eii-Jit hpatl. n-Hl>. nnd Jiei'ej trailed ai-'aili until Mitehell's basket won tile same Mitehell was hi! J ,b point man 'ntti H4, fol!uwe<i by Joe MeUcrmntt of l*iec with 13. Tiie lead iu the A,tM-TCU mime chaneed banris 17 linns am! was tied three times. TCU It'tl at the half, ail-as. The AHMics tied It up at 3-31 ers to the tournament ami dm 1 to icy roads \yere delayed in arriving. with nine, minues to KO. sinil Je-.vell McDowell situl .substitute Marvin They arrived just in lime to play! Martin each .sink thr-'e important the "same. I" the late stages, two j Meld soals to pull iliem ahead. Blyihcvillc plnvers fouled out but i Jolin DeWitt led the Apui? .'-eonnq tbe Newark coach voluntarily nsrei-dj'.viih n iniinls. lutl Bu>. (iwii'je to let one of the players finish Ihe i McUwl was the game's top pomt- eame rather tlmn fee the Chicks | maker with 19. continue v-'iih only faur pluyev.s. j Rise's io?5 yave U a 1-1 record. Center Jim Heny anrl forward Sonny Siires \yere Ihe slandmus for Blytheville. both playing good nf- fensive and defensive aaines. Stire.s led in scoring with 11 poiius, Charles •» CLEVKf.AKn. .Ian. 6. M'j — The Cleveland Inclinx. nneo possibly the paid tenm In baseball, could start checking thr prr-tinrin today for Uieir IBill enntrao's. The pay offers are in Hie mall, and the word from new owner Kills Rvaii is this: out of a roster ot 38 player'. II sot a salary cut. 22 sveve olleied a raise, and live received ihe same money. Hvmi rnnretlert Mriilnht off he won't be ilnliire our Hie kiml of cnsh Hill Veetl: (lid last season. lint the Indian? were, inta world champs then. Km W4fl. .sporls editors In an As'-netati-rt Press poll votcrf them the lil!!','(-st spoils flop in (lio nal:nu. They tied for third with Detroit, in the American Leapue. Nobody said so, but it was a fairly] safe une.-.s tliiH Ihe eleven players dile for culs Inelurie everyone making Si!(l,(liin cjr more. exeenlliiB shnvisvo >-iiv,i'ia ( .'.er Lou Rovidteau. Xo l>rn]> f"r l.ou Lon lias aii-itlur '.ear to run nn a two-year contract. callinK for around SfifUlt)!>, lint on the fiasls of uasl performance, these other hiRh brai.-ket men toi-ld look for some sort ol a decrease 'last.year's salaries roughly estimated in nrircnthcscs and by no meads nftir.alv. Pitcher Bnli Keller iSTO.OOO'i; second baseman Joe Gordon IS-10-- MIO'i 1 . Pitt her Paleli i'aiue <S25Qn01; tblrd biiseman Kenny Kelluer (S25.- 00n>; pitcher Gene Bcarden ($20.(11)01. Due for practically ccrtan In- ereases were pitchers Nob Lemon. Mike Cinrrisi. anil Al nentoti and thiid-baseman-outfieliier Rob Kennedy. I r-mmi had a tine reerird of victories and 10 losses iu 11140 while Sports Roundup Fuller Ion Jr. s I'iiolo unity are Li-athvil!e High I.K.vriVII.IJi'S MONi:ssT;S—Rated among the top of girls teams of the Schools Lionesses who will meet Walnut Ridge on their homo floor Tvu-iilay nislu. The Lionesses arc coached this year by lidbbic Alexander, a graduate ot Murray State College, .\luriay, ,Ky. Members ol the team arc: front row ilefl to riiiht)— Willie Jean Uivin, Ruby Jean Martilec Robiiis. Marilyn Mallov, Jo Ann Baker, Laberne Thweatt. and Betty Han tiers. Second row—Bobbie livid, Lola Crawtord, Louise Ward, Mary Johnson, Alma Jean I'oe. Mclba Wiser, and Bobbie Adams. Lono Island Gets Ray Wise accounted fur 10 ami Kerry .scored nine. Lineups of games involving Mississippi County teams: Wilson 37, Illack Hock a Wilson Pos. Black Rock S^5?:.-".v.?:::v3-, J P.a!; 66-63 Win From Tim U'wood (211 C. . (4) L. Parrish _ ,. Tomuvood (41 O (6. Wells! BOV/imO E. WoodysH-rt !3> O IK> Hnin ••' Substitutions: Wilson IL Wouct- [ Mf-;\v yartl and Anumrison <4.i; Bluck f island AA-M's victory was it.; Jii.-t in two starts, and TCI! wont down for its scaitlil defeat with no vicloiie.s. Arkansas \volt and Tnxas K>si in the onlv game those teams have played. Baylor gets inlo the cnnipait-n tonight, entei iainiii'T '1'exas at Waco. hi., pitdnna male. Teller, stumbled j lliroiujh with 16 wins and 14 de- teats. Yet Lemon probablv ivasn't earn- in-r ?^0.(100. and HOIK! sources say he won't he offered more lhan S2. r j.- 1)00 or. at lies'. S3. r >.nno this year. "H-ese same peopile insist that Feller, thoush hell set less than lasl year will s'.ill be above Lemon castuvise. Feller's bie hold on is Ins ability to pull the park. the Indians people into Rebels and Yanks Clash Tomorrow In Senior BowS JACKSONVILLE, l-'la.. Jan. (i. <;1V- -Tilt? Rene] and Yankee Miuatls will po into iOiiHinow-'s .Senior Bow) How to Get Hurt? Police Chief's Exhibit Points to Many Ways YORK.Jan. 6. liTi — Lonit' j SAN BEKNARDINO. Callt.—M1— Rock—G. Parrish (21. rocahontas S3, IMllllila If) Pocabontas Pos. iMnnila Carrol! (2> F (Si Poe Penin (12) P Horner Baker (25> C <3> Rouse University Million (8) G. . Teiuplcton (6) G. . <fi> Ketchum Newark 12, Ulylhcvillc :<!> Newark Pos. Blytheville Pipkins iG> .... F '11> Stives F (lOi Wise C '!0i Berry G. .... (81 Vance. G <1> Reid Newark—B. Talc Blytheville.— a'rain last ut('.tit why it is the nation's top-ranking bn.skelball teams. The oncc-defealed Hlackbirds, ranked fourth in this week's Associated Press poll, ram; up their lemons!rsiteti ! The di.sillay ease in police Chief William D. Gilehrist's outer office features' A razor blade inserted into one of college football ijiime witli one thin!! in common—each lias a hunch it's yointi to wiii- A sini-Ie work(jtit was on' tap for both teams The Reljel.s. r'anpri.scd of Somh- crn and sonlliea.stern Confcrcuce colle&e stars and coached by Steve ! Owen, will pni tiieir hopes on a strong air yame. Travis Tidv.'ell of | Auburn. Jamie Wade ot VandcrbLlt and Charlie Justice of Ncirth Carolina have been firing practice aerials all over tiie place. Bo McMillin's Yankees .who have- ! n't had anything resembling a. rest. pei'iod since ssclublitiE )\ere early this week, also are relying heavily on passing. Mississippi Southern's national champion pass-catcher. Cliff Cogin. held down one or the offensive Yesterday's Sports in Brief Footbal! Dropped From Athletic Program of OCU OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 6—OPj— Football is ho longer a member of the Oklahoma City University sjiorts family. Dr. C. Q. Smith, president, made the announcement yesterday alter with coaches and players, He said a majority of the univcrs- • e:i( ^ OI the school yrar Scholai-.sliips ity's 41) trustees approved his rec- L a [ M) win lie lionoied for the re- oinmendation to discontinue t h e niaiiuicr of tiie year. |[y I lie ASMK i.iti-il Tress I'm J'uitlliall NEW VOnK — Noiman I lied I -Sti-iuier was siuncd as coach of the Ni-w YiirX HuUtioxs of the new National-American Pixitliall League. .•h Orville Tutile and n.ssist- Ralph SchilliiiK.s and Bob ore will be paid until tile 'Weather Delays Basketball Tilts Luxora Gomes for Paps and Squaws To Be Played Later Ivy roads from yesterday's jleet storm has caused the po.stponment of the Squaws' and Paps' games with Luxora tonight. Coach Earl SU'bler of IJlythe.villc Junior High School said iln.s rnoniing. The garni 1 . 1 ) were scheduled to be played in Luxorn tonight but they were catu'eUed last nieht due to road conditions, Coach Stabler said. An attempt will be marie to reschedule Ihe ttamcs at a later rial?, AU indications this morning were that practically all games scheduled in the county tonight would be postponed. A number of the county schools have discontinued classes until Monday and .school officials could not t;c contacted for verification but it is expected that only H few games would be played il any. Coach W. C. R<xik of Shawuee Hi<;h School at- Joiner said that Shawn ee's pame with Osc eo 1 a uulp that Ii:t/iirdoii3 tour from I scheduled tor Joiner tonight has NEW YORK. Jan. 6—OP,—Two things v,hk'h Rumc-li Rickey .says he never hud done in b:isel>:i!l arc permit tonU players to li\ r c "of? ihe base" vciih their families (luring spring U'ttiniug am! .vend out contracts until just lirMoj-e tho l-vb- 1 tioiuUiuc . . , The is interesting imxstlv of the rhubarbs thai developed in MWIU other cam]). 1 ; l,i t si> iiiv, . Tiie stTOiul bec'ii 13 fun h A\ he .y;Ldom has r uniibk' st^niitjj h^ players and almost iii'vtT Im* holdouts - . , "When a player rioe.sji't .slun until the last (ji\ ili ) uot n holdout." Jlranch In L (•> Ih us a fellow playing his ho.i c;u(i ni (be last minute." . Jack Liivelle, the round foot bat! cout. Ls «oliu', "ii ihe 11 ir v>'iUi n television sho'.v spon-soi-cri by a '.vetl-itJio'A n brewer of .stout. Nutiir- nllv. it cumin to be a round table Not A l.lfJii T;ima Further lopmt on the midnight ride »f Paul rtefcrcc, ns relayed by one of tht- NBA officials who has 1'am a to Waterloo, Iowa, once too iftpii: . . - The '40nt, who provides iau.sprjri.atio]!, it spurns, has rnir- •haspd a brand new <in 1937) car . - "\Vel!, .sir." s:tys the ref. "a sipj) on the brake was enough to start I h e horn blowing without A'niting: for midnight, but not -slow been iKstopnetl and will be rescheduled for either Jan. 17 or IH. There was a report this morning that Southeast Missouri had dis- coiniiULcd classes also and coaches ol schools there could not be reached. Cornell's game with Holland, Mo., down Ihis hot rod's progress; tiie sot for tonight has Ix^en postponed llBhts blinked out no fewer than and will be re-scheduled, it was an- fmir times in 4'2 mil-?s; tiie gas nounced. fumes \vere so .sttotm I refused to light up a fresh ci:;ar; and the rattles of this ncv, r chariot were .so loud and solid il was impossible 10 listen to the car nuiio . . . Hereafter I'm usinn the regular taxi succeeding Charles Kwart, who resigned. PHILADELPHIA — Houston and Buffalo both will be considered for membership in the new National- American Football b:agtic, Commissioner Bert Bell said. service at S10 instead of S6 per clip ... P. S.: You'd better appol- /x 1 to Mr. Earl Spooner for calling his grocery a leed store- Dot's All, Ilrothcrs ' Willie Ketchum, whose fighter, Rur>;n Jones, injured his leg '.vhile losing to Lee Sala, moans "lotsa times when you make a fight you sav 'I wish the guy'd break i leg; but I never thought it would happen." .. - scc.lion of rubber hose. If the vie-1 ™d posts during yesterday's prac- tini HCI.S liit l,e gets cut. If he grabs lice. J. D. Ison of Baylor and Jim :if Oklahoma shared the it the aitacker pulls it Ihrou.^h his! Satterwhite (G) Gibson U5> ... Duuger tGt . C. Tate (4) Fubstitutions: (•}->, and Treadway. Parrish. Erdefatz On Way Home After Talks Wifh Navy Brass j ANNAPOLIS, Mil.. ,TAll. G. fAN—Ills mind full ol Nnvy football facts anti iigurcs. E<Ulie ErdtMaiz pir- pave<i 10 iiy b-Atk to liie west, coast tuc'ay, Ertielai^, ap^i.stimt coach of the 8;m Frai!c.-:>t-o profcrs-^ionul ^'n.s M-ient two clnys lu-rr tnlkiiiy over Vv'iK'ihtT he v.'ill bciroinc the Ma\y'.s );f-'.v heaci !uoi:".oi~. Tlic trtiks V/FTC rocc.v^cd la^i niplit. Vilh both MMVS (Mii[iha.M/n\!," ilua KP5ot:ations liuvo nol t-ntk'd. Tlu 1 Navy \.!.:.'un< i y wos -Tcnle-.l lri->i wrr-k -.vh( il tir-iino S:racr ri'- Ficmiuu I eiclitli stralphi and n srrt.son mark j hnnd N r o lutiitl. A s;im liiUn knife of 11-1 in forming from behind j with a Mnne attached to the h:ui- t<> whip Howling Green of Ohio. 6fi- 03. at Maclisciii ^qnnre Giircion. Lo\^ Islanu has lost only '•« K'.vi\;:ns Statp. Sfl-S'2. and fares St. I-iniis and North Carolina Stale in its I\H x t t v.'o ps mi's. Trtnnlp upset Kc\v York University. SO-45 in overtime, in the first of the Guroeu twin tjiil. i hern TUrfhortist, which part- id lii^t seven in n row. took ! over the lead in Die Poiitlnvi'sl 1 Conferrncc by boarlng Rice. 03-G1. j Hire Icri by n points al liaHMme The Ti'x;is AiiKics bt-iit Texus Chris- \ \ tian. 4fl--S5, in aiiollicr SoiUliwcM j Owens other. die- Hunt' from the back of an at- (arKor's neck, he can whirl if into ;\ victiiw: : '.A bicycle clwm wlih n frioiioi 1 tape handle. It leaves a rharnci-M'i.siic • inifoniatioii on a! ^kull. An iroi; ball on the 1 t'nd r»f a ! chain. A piece of Icnd-loatied pipe, neatly bo"iid with Lr*pe. Eiolli liL-ail- Tlie chiefs nrtvicc to ppr?nns ctin- froiucif with siu'h plnylhiiiKs in the hands of hoodlums; "Do nothing, Thr IT? iilways the chnm-R In: may nol. tiM 1 it. Tf In: docs, may that his aim is - i ;id. College Cage Results Ity Tlio Associated 1'rcss Lone lOrtiul Oli,- tiowliii" Cirron Ohiot rv.t. 'jYimilr- rift. NYU 4fi <ovortinu'>. Po]i:h«;u MethiHlist li:i, Hice fll. 'IVxas AUKiCs •*!', T<xas Chri:-!i;in S. \V(^fniniister iMn 1 ; 43. Pniry :w Ueihstny ^Ka.s,' 72, Friends tKusi early Morning Climber Gets Plenty Attention WASHINGTON rAF'i — Fueriien are handy ,somcllines even when | there".* no fire. ] with the as;iht> of n nuui iht-y 5aw j sr;ih'na a seven-fool fence, rspcriiu- j Iv in view of the ho;ir. '2:'.lfi a.m. They called palice. Eventually l\\«i scout cms. a paddy WUHOM a:s<l anrl scnrral a.^iigmncnt .vqtutds arrived. Ti-iu by this Ump \v/5 re- >!". V;i?v\ i D ir t ho .s i' i i;i I io :oiiir ahinn. he leaned an : ami landed ou another rw>! iiway :\nd six feet down. Eels Get Tanked! TOTOX, England -'AD— The ler lank nt tiie ruilrond depot in went dry. Engineers and firemen fished In the supply Sine and pulled out thirteen eels. They ate them for PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock (•'nil rnn t ceil Hcsl Prices Kirby Druci Storcf tty BIG Money On These New Low Priced USED No Reasonable Offer Will Be Refused FOR SALE Omrrctc cutvcrt.s, \i incli in IS fiirli, plain nr rn-nfrir* cd. Also Cimcrcle IStiil'lirn; It locks ebraji- cr lhati linnlipr fur barns, chirkrn hnnscs, iiiiTiip hun si-s, lm:tnl hiniM-s, tuul shfds. \\'c deliver, full us ft'r free us ti inn If- OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. rlinne B'-'l. n (nrini[;U- pn.vidr.-; n to enlci'Uin the Kabul Being Rebuilt Due to High Birthrate Concrete Culvert Tile >if.-* up lo Mi in. Corrugated Mcral Culverts Si'rs up 10 81 tn. .\uli>iiKittr Droll f'i:itr^ Oiiu'rcli 1 Scplic T:tiiks >U'!;i! Sopite T;mks Si-wvr Tile ItrM I'rif.-t Vie I)cli\rr A. H, WEBB Higri>n.i« i",i .it Slate- l.lnc I'hnne "JM CHECK THESE PRICES on Good Used Trucks! $ 995 lnlern.ilioi\al Mmlrl \\\\~\ l' z -'l'oji in first H;iss <'<ntditiiu>. lo\\' mileage. I !).j() license, 7">IK-(I from lires. S-ox •M rear International .Model K1W 1-Ton Truck with S'/i ft. pickup body, niolor re- condilioned l!Hl> International .Model K-l I'j-Ton liinir wlieclbase with 7'; It. pickup Iwxiy. lias new li(IO\Hi imul-^i-iu tires on rear I 111 2 Chevrolet I 1 .-Tun long wheelbase (nick wilh r> ft. .slake bodv . . . S 865 695 495 1936 FORD \ r -S -1-door. new metallic lilue oainl. radio & healer $225 1940 PONTIAC 2-door Sedan, new paint job . . . special sale price $545 1947 NASH Ambassador l-door Sedan, radio, healer, overdrive. $825 1941 DODGE l-door Sedan, 2-lono bloc and grey . . . new low- price. $545 1946 JEEP I'ickini. 1 wheel drive. Kigltl for rough weal her. 1936 DeSOTO l-door Sedan, new ifreen paint, a big value al $145 1946 NASH Ambassador l-door. new gray piuul, r:\dui, hcalet', overdrive $795 1940 CMC TRUCK ,-T(>n 1'ancl Truck, get yourself a biii'gnin at $445 1942 PLYMOUTH -l-(t(i(ir Sedan, new paint, equipped willi good Imil- $495 $495 f 1941 PONTIAC "(i" l-diinr Si'(l;in. lilack color, radio & healer $495 1940 FORD V-S 2-donr Sedan, black color, lias gond heater $495 1942 FORD TRUCK "(i" I i. j-Ton long wheelbase slake truck, .special $405 HURRY DOWN TOMORROW! SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd. Phone 4438

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