The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1950
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1950 WUTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COUIUER NEWS THE NATION TODAY— Question of U.S. Aid to Formosa Goes Deeper Tfion Politics in Arguments in Nation's Capital WASHINGTON, Jan, G. (AP)—The Democratic-Republican dispute over the defense of Formosa goes deeper than just a political wrangle. It's part of the whole American dilemma in stopping communism. TJrs country preaches a philoso-+- cVlV/Mm?! fl^lTnnnnip ?n rho^P Wat °Y C1 " FomiOSn? The President It's dear thut If communism, which has an aggressive philosophy, can Rproad unchecked, then in time AmeiJca \viti ije an Island in a Cnmmunist world. i With its friends and allies turned into Communist cuemEps, the U.S. couldn't survive ngain-st the ol the earth. So it has the problem of preventing that day's arrival. It could: 1. Use-military force, march into a country threatened internally or externally by communism, nnd set up its defenses there. 3. Or. as It has done in Western Europe and in Greece, it could send in economic nid or arms to help the government in power block communism. if it dtd the first, it could be ac- ci'sed of acting contrary to its professed philosophy of letting other peoples choose their own government. Truman Opposes Arming Formosa (On this one the U-5. could nrjuie (hat, on the contrary, it was helping preserve political freedom in the country it defended with arms by keeping out the communists.) If it did the second everywhere and every time there was a Communist threat, there'd be this problem: how long could the U.S. afford to subsidize the rest of the world without, collapsing? (The U.S. already Is running Into the red because of the money It's spending on national defense and help for Europe, That's costing flbnut Si 9,0110,000,000 no\\O Former President Hoover and Senator Taft of Ohio, two top Republicans, sflid only the other day they thought this country should keep Formosa from falling into tin Chinese Communists' hands, evei. if it meant using the U.S. Navy to dO 50. Yesterday, President Truman harpooned tin's idea by announcing F hanris-off policy toward Formosa an island off the China coast where Chiang Kai-Shek and his Nationalist, government, driven off tht mainland by the Chinese Communists, have holed up for a last stand Dilemma for Americans Eventually, it's expected the Communists will try to Like Formosa. Tf we sent naval forces there, I might discourage the Chinese Communists from crossing over—for the time being. When they gatherei more strength they might try to tnke Formosa — possibly with the help of Ritwinn bombers — even though that meant war with th U.S. But—Is the U.S. willing to go to Sa/t h Used to Free Ice-Bound Blackbirds PAGE PIV ; 'Mercy Slaying' Physician Enters Plea of Innocent OKLAHOMA, CITY, Jan. 6—</p) —Salt—by legend used to capture was being sprinkled on more than 100 Ice-bound blackbirds yesterday In an effort to set them free. The birds became ice-bound at I voice" to an indictment .MU-HIIIU Lake Overholser when falling mist | first degree murder in the so-I froze them (o the ground. I called mercy slaying of an incur- I Came rangers are feeding the able cancer nallcnt. MANCHESTER, N. H., J an . 6 _. 'j—Dr. Hermann N. Sander yes- I terday pleaded Innocent in a loud' Four Arkansas Mines Agree on Five-Day Week PORT SMITH, Ark., Jan. e-(,f, —District President Dave Fo-j-lti of the United Mine Workers srtici' ~~ " ~>h>"<i here last night lour more small! fcrcnce nnd security dinner here mines In Arkansas had signed new, have been postponed because of uiii,ufc condition of. the highways. They will be rescheduled Inter. American Legion Delays Meeting in Paragould LITTLE HOCK, J 3 It. l!_M'j_ State Commander Lee Ward, Pura- Boiild, announced today dial a 1 scheduled American for war. In a few years, If they can So the U.S. may have only a fe.. years—in which the Russians still are too weak for war—to take steps . to stop the spread of Communism. 1 But what will it do if. between now and then, the Russian and Chinese Communists, by pressure short of war, try to gobble up the st of Asia: Indonesia, French The Waghi Valley Is t mile-high plateau In New Guinea. Indo-China. Burma, India? practice until disposition of case. Dr. Sander's attorney, Louh B Wyman, said the stipulation about refraining from practice was over 85,45 OR EVEN 3, HAOHCOL HELPS ILLA8EGROUPS HADACOL Is good for all ages, bringing five of nature'i B vitamins and important minerals to the young and old alike. Recently the HADACOL folks received lh« good news that among the countless thousands who had been benefited by HADACOL was i lady of 85, Mrs. Edinond Doucet, of Church Point, La., is 85 years old, having thousands of friends in the picturesque Evangeline section of Louisiana where she was born and has spent all of her life. These friends ere happy to know that Mrs. Doucet feels better now ,than at any time in two years and gives the credit to HADACOL. "I had been sick for almpsl two years and was suffering with gastric disturbances and bloating. 1 was run down, had lost weight and had to stay in bed most ot the time. I lost courage and felt Dial there was no hope for me." Mrs. Doucet had tried many preparations without apparent beneficial results when she heard the glorious news about HADA"After taking several bottles of HAUACOL I felt like a new person," said Mrs. Doucet. "I eal anything I without ill effects and sleep well. 1 (eel much stronger." Mrs. Doucet was suffering front a lack of B vitamins and the minerals which HADACOL contains. HADACOL comes to yoc in liquid form, easily assimilated in the blood stream so that it car MRS. DOUCET Will It pour In economic help? Or the protes! of defense counsel be arms for troops or what? Without cause of 'he presumption of In- some kind ol American help, those noccnce at this time places certainly will be under great I Dr. Sander stood erect and sliow- Communisl pressure, externally or Jed no emotion while Court ricrk internally, (Arthur S. Healy read the mc'jict- As more of the world goes com- menl charging the country doctor- mtintst, the U.S. will have to act. ••Felonious, wilfully and of his But how? That's the American malice aforethought did inject 10 dilemma. _..•-; ... eonUacts lo work five days a week. Fowler, whos? headquarters are nt Muskogee. Okla., said two are located at Allx and one each isl Branch and Denning. Five other companies signed new contracts with the union about l\vo 1 weeks ago. I ! Fowler said most of the Western Arkansas-Eastern Oklahoma miners .still Hre working three days a week. \ The district UMW president sittil j he had not noticed any unrest. ' | President John U Lewis ordered the Ihree-day week pending new contracts between union and Industry. ." j succession into the veins of Mrs Anbie Borroto, 59," his cancer nat- . ient. Negro Deaths Funeral services for tflnora Simpson, 34, were conducted at 1 p.m. today t tlw Ml, Myrla Kaptlst Church by Rev. O. w. I'urnoll I Multiple dam projects along un somewhat similar to the Tern; • Bee Valley Authority have been st rt or planned In Afghanistan, '.u Iralln, Brazil, Ceylon, India, dc- ico, Norway, Portugal and Yue; .;!a- via. and Rev. Kobinson. Khc died lust iS^i Friday. She Is survived by mother of Stcele. Mo, her father of Kansas City. Mo., her husband Uiloy Simpson of Cairo, III., fvo children and two sisters. The Tessley and Cobb Funeral Home was In charge of tinangenicuts. -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Gunraiilccd For 12 Monlhs 531 Norfh lOlli. ['hone 15001 HADACOL: So it matters not how old yoi not S!hcrc°vou U *™ " : " ma " cn tried all the medicines under the sin, give this wonderful nrcoara lion HADACOL a trial SmTgc on siificrmg. Don't continue to lead a miserable life. Many n or sons who have- suffered and , waited for 10 to 20 years or even longer, are able now to livt happy, comfortable lives because HADACOL supplied the vitamin! and minerals which their system; needed. Be fair to yourself. Temporary relief is not enough fo» you! Give HADACOL a trial! Kirby Drug Store SAVE with GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR QURUTY SHOG SH , IZI W. MfllN S tomorrow POWER transmission Optional on DC Luxe Models til Extra Cost Chevrolet-and only Chevrolet —brings you all tfces* major advantages at lowest cost! NEW STYLE-STAR BODIES BY FISHER NEW TWO-TONE FISHER INTERIORS CENTER-POINT STEERING with Unflfnrf Knee~Atlion Ridt CURVED WINDSHIELD with PANORAMIC VISIBILITY BIGGEST OF ALL LOW-PRICED CARS fongeif, fieoviu) cor In lit (tiW, wi)h wW.ij Irtorf Chevrolet for '50 brings you the best of everything at lowest cost . . . greater beauty . . . (incr performance with, economy . . . outstanding driving case, comfort and safety! Here, in Chevrolet for '50, are the finest values the leader has ever offered to the motoring public. These thrilling new Chevrolet* are available in 14 surpassingly beautiful Styleline and Heeilinc body-types. They bring you a choice of two great engines and two great drives-the Automatic Power-Team* and the Standard 1'owcr-Tcam- .. afZowesf Cost/ dcscribed in detail below. And they also bring you quality feature after quality feature of styling, riding comfort, safety and dependability ordinarily associated with higher-priced cars, but found only in Chevrolet at such low prices and with such low cost of operation and upkeep. Come in. Sec these superb new Chevrolet for 1950-the smartest, liveliest, most powerful cars in all Chevrolet history -and we believe you'll agree they're FIRST AND FINEST AT LOWEST COSTI ONLY LOW-PKiCED CAR TO OFFER A CHOICE OF STANDARD OR AUTOMATIC DRIVING LOWEST-PRICED LINE IN ITS flELD «»nn'cof to own CERTI-SAH HYDRAULIC /// Wi'lti OubMifi rly.lf.ii 6, Q J, Jinrnjl, AUTOMATIC POWER-TEAM* (Bui(( by Chevro/ef— * Proved fay Chevrolet— Exclusive fo Chevrolet) NEW POWERGUDE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION-/™finest Automatic Driving (with no clutch pedal-no clutch pushing-no gcarshifting). It combines with Chevrolet's new Economiscr High-Reduction Axle to bring you an entirely new Kind ot driving . . . low- cost automatic driving that is almost 100% effortless . . . it's (he simple, smooth and thri/ty automatic transmission. NEW IU5-H.P. VALVE-IN-HHAD ENGINE (with I'rmcr-Jct car- burcior nnd llytlraidic valvc- liilcrs). Here's tlic most powerful, as well as the most thoroughly prmcd engine, in the tow-priec Held . . . giving performance extraordinary . . . to- "Olher with traditional Chevrolet 3 i t economy in over-all driving. 'Optional on De luxe Modeli al Extra Coit STANDARD POWER-TEAM (Oufslonding for Standard Driving Eose . . . Performance . . . and Economy} HIGI1LV IMPROVED, MORE I'OWr-RFUL VALVE-IN- lUfAD F-NGINE (with Pim-cr- Jct carburetor and htrgcr cx- hmi\t vtilvi's). The fine standard Chevrolet engine now made even finer . . . giving more power, more responsive pickup, greater over-all performance . . . plus the outstanding econ- omy for which Chevrolet has always been noted, THE FAMOUS SILfiNT SYNCH RO-M T:SI i T R A NSMIS- S1ON (with K.\tra-!;<isy Hand- K-Gcarshiji). 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