The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on September 17, 1958 · 35
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 35

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1958
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A NB"C TALKING TURKEY to bull is Lucille Ball who makes her fall TV debut October 6 in skit, "Lucy Goes to Mexico," on channel 2. Maurice Chevalier appears as her guest star. WASIVE ON POLITICAL ISSUES Ex-.US. Defence Secretary Visits City on Fishing Trip Former United States defence secretary Charles E. Wilson passed through Van-louver Tuesday willing to dismiss fishing but evasive on wlitical issues. He is one of a party of six iere for a 10-day fishing trip ip the B.C. coast. ' He told reporters at Van-wuver International Airport le was still "too close to being he defence secretary" to dis-tuss U.S. policies in the unliable Far Bast. IEEFS IN TOUCH "We're just a bunch of lometown boys on a fishing trip. Would you like to talk tbout fishing?" he asked. The 68-year-old former presi-lent of General Motors left the 'J.S. cabinet late last year. He said he keeps in close tontact with the shifting inter-lational situation even though mt of office. "You can take the secretary torn the Pentagon, but you can't take the Pentagon from the secretary," he said. He told reporters he would speak in Toronto on Nov. 6. "I'll have to say something then, I suppose, but I have CHARLES E. WILSON . . . fishing in B.C. Child Artists' Work Impressive By MILDRED VALLEY THORNTON For the fifth consecutive year Painting in the Parks classes have been sponsored by the Federation of Canadian Artists in co-operation with Vancouver park board been faithfully trying to avoid publicly second-guessing those in the cabinet who are facing the problems," he said. DISTINGUISHED PARTY With Mr. Wilson are Dr. Howard Barker, surgeon; Leo Beaudette, retired auto executive; Harold Fitzgerald, vice-president of Associated Press; Harry Pryale. retired tire executive, all of Pontiac, Mich., near Detroit, and O. E. Hunt, General Motors director, a neighbor of Mr. Wilson's in Bloomfield Hills, between Detroit and Pontiac. The six men boarded the Seattle yacht Shore Leave for the trip up the coast. Texan Leaves Farm to Police AMARILLO, Tex. (UPI) A 79-year-old man has willed his 640-acre farm to the Ama-rillo police department because "everybody gives the police hell ... I want to give them somelhing else." Kurt Neilsen also willed the police department $5,000 for a building, and $13,000 for a museum annex. His will stipulates that income from his farm is to be uSed for widows and children of policemen killed in the line of duty. CHANNEL CHUCKLES "If you'll all stand we'll open the meeting with the playing of our song." Movies VCLFLety TV THE VANCOUVER SUN: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1958 35 Three Top Shows Overlap Sunday Sullivan, Allen, Maverick Become an 'Either-Or' Choice By JIM GILMORE Vancouver Sun Television Editor If you have two TV's, two heads and two pair of eyes, you can see a vast chunk of TV's top-line talent this Sunday. All that is required is simultaneous viewing of the Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen programs. Thanks to the hardheadedness of the CBS and NBC brass, both programs will feature the respective networks' top attractions for the coming season. They do viewers no service by clashing the two showcases. However, there is a choice. Viewers can watch Maverick on ABC's Channel 5. The popular western, which six gunned both Sullivan and Allen in its initial season, starts its second time around this Sunday. But, getting back to the two-all-star efforts. Both will originate from New York and Hollywood,- and both have guest lists that read like TV's who's who. Sullivan will host such men-tionables as Robert Young, Jackie Gleason and Art Carney (both on film), James Arness, Edward R. Murrow, Arthur Godfrey (on tape), Garry Moore, Danny Thomas, Dorothy Collins, Red Skelton, Spring Byington, Verna Felton, Raymond Burr, Richard Boone, Ronald Reagan, Warner Anderson and Phil Silvers. Topping this rilly, rilly big shew will be Canada's Wayne and Sinister with, as CBS says, "an entirely new comedy sketch." This will indeed be something new, because not one of the sketches they have done with Sullivan were new to Canadian viewers. Countering on Channel 4, Allen will host such NBC stars as Dinah Shore, Eddie Fisher, Ward Bond, Tennessee Ernie Ford, George Burns, Bob Hope, Ed Wynn, Bob Cummings and Ralph Edwards. RABBIT EARS CBUT will probably exercise its option on the second 26-program series of All-Star Golf, which includes Toronto's Al Balding. The series Is currently being filmed at Sea Island, Ga., and Sarasota, Fla. . . . There will be no live coverage of the Mann Cup lacrosse final, because all games are at night, when CBUT has commercial commitments . . . Distinguished British director-star Noel Willman has been contracted by producer David Susskind to play the title role in Show of the Month's "Count of Monte Cristo,'" Oct. 28 on Channels 7 and 12 . . . The latter channel has also secured the new Ann Sothern show, which debuts Monday. Oct. 6. . . . The Bellingham station starts an interesting experiment Sept. 29 with ' In-Sehool Viewing," in conjunction with the curriculum of Bellingham schools. To be siiown weekdays at 9:30, the programs were prepared by Seattle primary grade teachers for KCTS, Seattle's educational TV station at the U. of Washington. The programs bear such titles as "Our Neighbors, the Japanese," "Earth's Surface," "Northwest Indians," "Human Machine," "Exploring the School Library." "World, Weather and You," "Space, Our New Frontier," and "Listen and Say," and have been offered to Lower Mainland school boards . . . jTV Executive in Plea for Honesty PITTSBURGH (UPI) Louis G. Cowan, president of the CBS television network, said it "should be made abundantly clear that no program should be on the air quiz or otherwise that does not meet the standards of honesty and fairness." "There have been many accusations made about quiz programs, and it is an index of the important role of television in our society that these accusations and stories nave found their place on the front pages of our newspapers," Mr. Cowan told the Pittsburgh Advertising Club. The CBS executive said that quiz shows usually are not property of a network and that since they represent large property values to other people, "we are obliged to act in utter fairness." "When however, in our opinion, there is sufficient evidence supporting such accusations, we have taken, and will continue to take action to remove such programs from the air promptly," he said. WEDNESDAY EVE. TELEVISION CBL'T-TV I H'hannel t 5-.n Hobby cor 5: 15 Sun S:30 Kin Tin S:45i Tin B:00 Souv'nlrs 11:15, Almanac :S0 Almanac :45iNews TENNESSEE ERNIE . . , galaxy of stars Best Bets On Tonight's Television 7:00.(2) "The Day Called X" shows how a typical North American city, in this case Portland, Ore., reacts to an atomic attack. (5) Top-ranked welterweight Gaspar Ortega boxes seventh-ranked Don Jordan. 7:30-(2 -fi) Disneyland repeats "Davy Crockett Goes to Congress." (4) Wagon Train stars Jeannie Carson. 9:00-(2-4-6) A vicious daughter-in-law embarks upon a plan to destroy a family in Kraft Mystery Theatre's "A Cup of Kindness." (7) Circle Theatre repeats "The Dead Sea Scrolls." 10:00-(2-6) "People Like Maria" is a special 60-minute report on work of the World Health Organization. 7:00 "The Da 7:16 Called IlM Walt ":45 Disney 11:00 Presents 8:15 Disney Pr S:H0 W.vatt 8:45 Earn :00 Kraft 9:15, Mvstery 8:3B Theatre 9:45lKraft 10:00:People 10:15llike Maria 10:30 People 10:45 like Maria HsOOINews: Sot 11:15 Centenn. 11:30, Mae. 1 1:45 This 12:00 Week 12:15' iiji 12:45l KOMU TV j KING-TV KIKO-TV Channel 4 Channel 8 Channel 7 "TLftt!eiEht !staR?,resnn Mattnn Island- U.S?reSOn Matinee rhent. Stnureson B3 L'filW' jEL iitehft Our Miss liickocK d. Edwards Brooks MlM,y. Mv LitUe Mouse .Margie News (c) Wednesday Renort Waeon Fights Renort Train w 1''i8n,s Sergeant 1 Early Edit. Preston Wagon j. ' Train Citizen Leave It to Father Soldier Beaver Knnw R s Hunt I've Got a Knows B. j Hunt secret KMvsterv LrfJce Circle Thr-firei i WoTk Theatre Kraft La,?;7nce Circle HSS Weik Theatre Could B. Tombstone MlIltoSiT" nBi"go Hfthi J0S Deadhne Mike Renort Deadline Hammf Renort Jack Paar W'rld Today follow s""' V i fortafc That Man Jack Paar Rasputin Racket Show and Squad News the Famous Empress" Playhouse KVOS TV Channel II Popeye Western Theatrt Western Theatre D. Edwards Sword of Freedom Spotlight Playhouse Sheriff of Cochise Harbor Command I've Got a Secret I Burns and Alien Ellerv Ouecn 'Ellery Queen Crossroads Crossroads News "Test Pilot" "Test Pilot" "Test Pilot" "Test Pilot" "Test Pilot" "Test Pilot" CHER-TV. CHANNEL 6 PROGRAM SCHEDULE WEDNESDAY 3:00, Stage Six; 4:30, Variety; 4:4E, carousel; 5:00, Hobby Corner; 5:15, Rope; 5:30, Rin Tin Tin; 6:IJU, Magazine: 7:00, Leave It To Beaver; 7:30. Disneyland: 8:30, Wyatt Earp; 9:30. Krart Mystery Theatre; 10:0(1, Boyd Q.C.; 10:30, The Web; 11:00, News; 11:10, "Down Memory Lane." DID YOU KNOW? The Pulp & Paper Industry if British Columbia has en- touraged this important Iroject by presenting cash ; and the sea. matic subjects appeal to them, such as people doing things, animals, buildings, trees, boats Iwards for best work donaj luring the season. Prize-win- Through it all one senses the guiding hand of a good .ling paintings may be seen at ; (floh; infpnt draughts. Vancouver Art Gallery until , manship and the fundamentals Sept. 28. 1 0f composition. ' One never fails to be im-1 fc"h! ,chTt!: : Sanders to Wed paint the things they are invested in, and there is no informing to a set pattern. They are all individualists and very much down-to-earth per-ions. Children are forthright in their painting. Nothing dismays them. They approach my subject with gusto and decision. One does not need to tpeculate over what they are trying to do. You get the idea it once. Children have a natural feeling for color and action. Dra- Colman's Widow ZARAGOZA, Spain (UPI) Film star George Sanders and Benita Hume, wife of the late actor Ronald Colman, will be married within six months, it was confirmed here. A spokesman for the company making "Solomon and Sheba," on which the 52-year-old actor is working, said that no date had been set for the wedding. BRIDGE by Jacoby By OSWALD JACOBY How would you play today's hand at four spades? The contract is normal enough, but apparently there are four losing tricks, NORTH S K 9 8 7 H-A 8 4 D Q 7 3 C 8 5 2 West (D) East S J 2 ' S-6 H 3 H K Q J 9 7 5 D 9 8 6 5 4 D A K 10 2 C Q 10 9 7 6 C-J 4 SOUTH S-A Q 106 43 H-10 6 2 D J C A K 3 No one vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass 1 H IS Pass as 3 H 4 S Pass Pass Pass Opening lead H 3 When Dr. Henry Gardiner of Fort Worth held the hand he found a fairly simple way to win it. The bidding clearly indicated that East would hold six hearts and the ace and king of diamonds. If he also held three or more clubs Henry saw no way to make his contract, but if he held two clubs or less an elimination plav would work. All Henry did was to win I the first trick, draw trumps with two leads, cash his ace and king of clubs and throw I East in with a heart. East was ; tmw able to take two heart ; Iricks and the king of diamonds, but that was as far as he could go. A heart lead would allow Henry to ruff in one hand and ! discard from the other, while another diamond lead would I set up dummy's queen for a club discard. TV Threatening Children's Health MONTREAL (CP) A Montreal o p t o m e t rist has warned school children that television is endangering their health and creating abnormal visual stress. Paul E. Talbot, president uf the Quebec Visual Welfare Association, said TV viewing keeps youngsters indoors and away from outdoor exercise, which in itself is unhealthy. GARDEN MAN ON HOLIDAYS Bride to Stick by Bomb-Faking Hubby LOS ANGELES (UPI) Pretty Carol Gertz 22-year-old bride or four days, today promised to stick by her -young husband, who was arrested on charges of threatening to blow up a department store unless he got $20,000. "1 know that he must have done what the police say he did," said the statuesque blonde. "But he's my husband and I love him. I've known him for more than a year." She and Paul Gertz, 24, were wed Saturday. On Monday, the bridegroom was arrested on charges of attempting to extort 20,000 from May Co. Gertz, son of a wealthy Kitchener, Ont, skating rink operator, Paul O. Gertz, told police he was out of work as a laboratory technician and needed the money to take his wife to Montreal on a honeymoon. Police said the young bridegroom carried a briefcase and a small cardboard box into the downtown May Co. and said a clock device in the box was set to trigger four other bombs in the store. There are 143 ways to light a cigarette., . . ..that is, when you choose a Colibri! Designed and engraved by German Craftsmen, Colibri's standard lighter head has 143 different cases. From solid gold, sterling silver, mother of pearl, tortoise shell, to enamel and chrome, there's a world famous Colibri lighter to suit every man and woman. 1883 " iiwum TMt FIRST CANADIAN LOCOMOTIVE BUILT IN MONTREAL I 1SHID Another notable achievement in 1883 was the creation by Joseph E. Seagram, master distiiler, of the distinguished Canadian Rye Whisky, Seagram's "83" Generations of Canadians since 1883 have enjoyed the distinctive flavour and bouquet of this fine whisky. $etgta This advertisement is not published or displayed by the liquor Control Boord or by the Government of British Columbio. Eastern Canada's Famous Light Ale now brewed in B.C. free home delivery MU 4-1121 YU 8-2636 WA 2-7630 LA 2-0343 V-168 This Advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.

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