The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1950
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST IT, 1950 BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Johnson Praised For Waging War At 'Small' Cost w ~LE Defense Official Say* Leader Gets Maximum From Every Dollar ALEXANDRIA. Va., Aug. 17. (AP) —Paul H. Griffith, assistant secretary of defense, said today that the dollar costs of the Korean fighting would be greater thin they are "if we had not, In months Past, learned to get the greatest amount of defense for every dollar spent." Griffith described Secretary of Defense Johnson, who has l>een criticized by some for his previous economies, as "the most sincere hrmesl and capable executive thai can be found any place In the world." A slroiiR example of the criticism of Johnson was supplied lust nigh by Clyde A. Lewis, commander o the Veterans of Foreign Wars Lewis told a Detroit audience Urn Johnson "gambled with trie secur Ky of the United States in the nam of vote-getting 'ecrnomy' and ,!ost. However. Griffith said in a speed prepared for the annual convention of the Virginia Department of th American Legion: "It is safe to say that few Americans, if any. doubt the necessity of military expansion at an accelerated rate, regardless of cost. However, it should be a source of pleasure to the taxpayer that the cast in dollars will not be so great as would the case if we had not. in months past, learned to get the ••Jtest amount of defense for ev- FP"' dollar spent. '''Indeed if this emergency had arisen not too long ago, many of the dollars which now can be spent for planes and tanks and guns and -ships would have gone into useless overhead. "This situation Is not accidental. , It was brought about by the earneat work of Secretary of Defense Johnson." Griffith said he was proud to be associated with Johnson and added: "His -plan from the very beginning of his administration has been to assure peace through strength and he has endeavored t' 1 build that strength within IhR capability of the American economy. He still believes that <ven In this time of crisis we should not tolerate waste tnd extravagance." New Levee Project Eyed In Dunklin Reorganization of a drainage district in Western Dunklin County In Missouri and subsequent erection of an 18-mile levee along the Si. Francis Hiver today wns availing results of an investigation of the proposed flood control project A petition filed In Dimklin County Court calls for construction of a :500,000 levee that is expected to li'hlg virtually complete flood pro- ectlon to a large area of cropland •ilong tills 18-mile strip. Buffeting by the unruly river has weakened this stretch of levee and caused numerous breaks. The new evee will run from a point west o Friendship community to K poin south and west of Senalh. Federal funds will be used ant the county will be reimbursed fo most of the right-of-way and flow age rights costs. County officials In Kennett sat the reorganization move is not def tnitely settled. A hearing in count court will follow a report of an in vcstigation of the proposal. Recalled WWII Vets May Have to Cash Insurance, VA Says WASHINGTON, AMI?. 17. M>)— Many World War II veterans called back into service nmy have to cash in their converted national service life insurance glides, the Veterans Administration said today. They would do so because of inability to keep up the premiums while on military pay. a VA insurance ufTieial explained. He added (!iat. since most" veterans are well aware of the value of insurance coverage in military duty, many may decide to take out the cheaper so-called term policies upon returning to uniform. In effect it would be R re- conversion of converted policies. "A veteran can cash in his per- manenl-type policy at any time after one year," the spokesman said. "He can take out a new term policy once he is back in service, but not before." —Official U. S. Navy Photo FUTURE FLVER—Gordon C. Southern, 21. son of Mr. and Mis. Gordon Southern of Steele. Mo., is shown above HS he is "checked out" on the cockpit of a North American SNJ, which be will fly at Pensacola, Fia.j as a Nuval aviation cadet. Mr. Southern was assigned to inactive duty following his enlistment as a cadet and is now awaiting a call to active duly, checking him out on tile SNJ cmikpit set-up is U. Howard D. Sturm, USNR, of the Naval Air Siation. Miltinglon, Tenn., who is in charge of selection of Naval aviation cadets from applicants who live in Arkansas. Tennessee and Mississippi. Mr. southern, who was graduated from Steele High School and attended Southeast Missouri stale College and David Lljiscomb College, is credit and insurance investigator or Retail Credit Company of Blytheville. Obituaries L D. Jackson, Wardell, Dies Of Gun Wound Funeral sen-lei's will be held tomorrow for J. L). Jackson. 28, ser- vire .station opw»i«^r of Wardell, Mo., who died of n gunshot wound i» I he head Tucsitay night. PemLscoL County Coroner Jimmy Osborne of Wavtlcll suit! todny lhat a coroner's Inquest set Lhc cause of ticnth as .suicide. Mr. Osborne salt! Mr, Jackson's body was discovered in the bedroom of the Jackson home In Wardell by his family al T:3U ' night. He died in (he office of a Porlagc- ville doctor less than an hour later. Mr, Osbrjrne -said (lie wound apparently was inflicted by an Italian made pistol. Services will be held at 2 p.m tomorrow In the Wardell Baptist Church. Mr. Jackson, H native of Wardell. is survived by his wife, Irene; one .son, Donald; three daughters, Berlin Ann, Iris, Rowanna; his parents, Mr and- Mrs. Joe Jackson; two brothers, Roy and Harvey Jackson of St. Louis: and a half-sister Clara Phillips, Porta^cvillc. Osborne Funeral Home is in charge. ATROCITY (Continued from page 1) their weapons. "Last night they Iried again get us out. They took five out of our group of .13 and I never did know what they did to them.- '•Liilcr they look us back to the ravine. AS, daybreak they started •> heavy firing cnBagcmcnt with some of our troops. "We sat (hero all morning with our hands .still bound behind us. I thought my wrists would be. cut in two. My fingeis still are numb. About 1:30 Ihis afternoon they took us to a ravine below an apple orchard. We were worried because Cor- KOREA Senate Group Okays Glennan Nomination fj WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. (ip\ — Senate members of the joint atomic committee yesterday unanimously, recommended Senate approval of as Kaith Gletoian us a mem- • of the Atomic Energy Com mis- lonesboro Man is Electrocuted JONESBORO. Aug. 17. Wy—Maron Swindle, lineman for Craighead Klectric Cooperative Corjiora- ion, wa.s electrocuted this morning vhile working on a rural feeder power line near Trumanii In Pom- sett County. Swindle. 31. lived near Jonesboro. Sail Walden, manager of Craig- icad Electric, said the lineman had apparently come in contact svith a 7.620-voH primary cable while working on a transformer. Swindle's death marked the first fata] accident in the 13-year history of CraiRhead Electric, which poral Day had heard them tnlkin'< the nlglil bclore and an officer hid said they should kill us if our own troojtt got too close. Otherwise we would be taken across lh» river, 'Our P-51 (Mustang) planes began bombing and strafing a Wll And a jiiuiol from "G" company came towards the orchard. "Thc'ie were two guards watching us. They Bot on ench end of the. ravine and hollered something and about 14 Red soldiers ran u|>. 'Then the guards and .soldiers opened up on us witli burp iKt sian automatic) guns." Ruelcl said lie was saved because he was l.vius on the ground and a .soldier standing unar hlin was killed and fell p.cross him. There arc 23.000 stones ill Hit Washington Monument. DO YOUR FEET BURN? In tlu summertime many peopl*, who are on their'feel quit* 4 tew hours during the day, sutler *-ith the soles of their feet burning and their arches hurting, and, if they have corns. Oh, Myl Try f\ good rubbing with Bob'i Qyiisy Rub Liniment. You will b« amazed at the relief you will get, At all drug stores Livestock Short Line Rail Strikes Called WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. (/!*>—The trainmen and conductors unions today called strikes on two short Hue railroads beginning next Tuesday, to lust until midnight Saturday, Aug. 26. The walkouts were ordered on the Elgin, Joliet. and Eastern railroad, vdth hpnUnuarters in Chicago, and the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie railroad. Pittsburgh, effective at 6 a.m. (local time) Aug. 22. serves seven comities. Northeast Arkansas NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill- Aug. 17. (fl'f—<USDA> —Hogs 7,000; : ftcLive; barrows mid gilts 25-50 higher than Wednesday's average; I sows strong to 25 higher; hulk good < an dcholce 200-240 Ib weight 2-1.25- ' 50; lop 2'1.50; '240-270 Ibs 23.50'24.25; 270-325 Ibs 22.00-23.50; 170* , ISO Ibs 23.50-24.25; 150-110 Ib.s 2J.50- , 23.50; 120-140 Ibs 18.SO-'2[).50; light- I er weights scarce; good sows 400 j Ibs down 20.50-21.50: few to 21.75; heavier .sows 11,25-20.00; stags 12-50-15.00; boars 8.00-11.50. Cattle 2,000, calves 1,000: heifers and mixed yearlings steady; medium ami good largely 24.00-2)1.00; cows active and steady; common and medium cows 19.00-21.50; few good cows 22.00; ciuwers and cutlers 15.00-19.00. GOSPEL MEETING Everyone Invited 8 p.m. Nightly CHURCH of CHRIST Main at Highway 61 August 18 Through 27 Everyon* Invited X p.m. Nightly Tommy Slicllon Song l>irect(ir J. LEONARD JACKSON Franklin, Tenn. H. F. SHARP Loral EvungclHt U.S. Uses New Rocket To Kayo Tied Tanks TOKYO. Aug. 17. (/P)—American airmen are using a new 6!a-inch rocket to knock out Russian-made tanks in Korea. General MacArthur's headquarters said today the new antitank- weapon went into service In record time.' Headquarters said Lt. Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Air Force chief of staff, ordered quick production of the rocket four weeks ago after pilots said 5-inchers were not consistently knocking out the tanks. (Continued from page 1) old Red bridgehead over the rive: below Changnyong. The town i miles southwest of Taegu. Souti Korea's emergency capital. AK the Marines fought in thei bloodiest battle of the war. Al Correspondent Stan Swinton, wit the 25th Infantry Division left to defend the south coastal area, reported a buildup of the Red forces shattered by U. S. forces before the Marines were withdrawn. Swinton said an atlack on U.S.-defense positions west or Masan. 27 airline miles east of Pusan. the No. 1 U.S. seaport on the -southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula, was building up. The whole Korean warfront was rapidly becoming a battle of position. Troops were shifted on both sides. Reds Move Force The Reds moved the main portion of their 60.000-man fori-e in the Waegw : an area about 12-miles to the northeast for a thrust toward Taegu from Changchon. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained marriage licenses yesterday at the office of Miss Elisabeth Blythe. county clerk: •Ernest Clegg of Maquon, III., and t s Cordie Stone of Blytheville. dwin Louis' Hock and Miss Betty n Cobb, both of Evansville, Ind. With the Courts Chancery: Louise Tharp vs. George A. Tharp, su i (. for tUvo rce. Imojean Hill vs. Henry D. IIi]|. suit for divorce. Ruth J. Bryant vs. James J. Bryant, suit lor divorce. Dr. Orlie Parker DENTIST announces the opening of his offices in the Ingrain Building . . . formerly occupied by Dr. H. A. Taylor. Office Hours 8:30-15:00 Telephone 2792 Residence I'hone 2111 OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT TREND FO* A DREIFUS SENSATIONAL WATCH Sale Easy Terms No Interest No Carrying Charge MEN! BUY IT FOR YOUR OWN USE! WEAR IT WITH PRIDE|| LADIES! BUY IT FOR filFT-j GIVING! HE'LL LOVE YOIF FOR IT! -/or price ofove- Try TREND •" thi» «p«l«l offer. You'll marvel at suds that last and last... and glassware that is left so free of film it shines like crystal without wiping. Buy TREND today at this bargain price. TRIMO is f*lty jxraitttd to do a faster, better job of washing greasy dishes, pots and pans than any dishwashing soap you can buy--or double your money back. If you are not entirely satisfied, return the unused portion to your grocer. He is authorized to refund rlouble your purchase price. Wait by tt» makers of PUR#- tfitgentle bieach £ OR DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK! TREND, the scientists say, has the finest 'grease-stripping' action ever developed. It gets right under the grease on dishes, pots and pans — right under dried egg and cereal — strips it ofT like magic. Prove it yourself. Buy TREND today. MILDER7HAN PURE SOAP Patch tests, made on women's skin, show that TREND is milder for !/r,»rsktn than the purest soap. And why not? TREND is neutral. Imagine a dishwashing suds lhat culs grease faster than any soap made...yet actually babies your hands! 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