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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 30
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 30

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:

20 The VANCOUVER SUN: Oct. 7, 1969 nfltiTVl Ullli CO 1 I THESE KIKE A KERPOr AfCTKKKWy HEAPING THIS ANP IF VOU WERE THE ONLV ONE IN THE WORLP WHO COUP WOULP VOU PO IT? 21 IS Iff I for Ml BRAIN TEASER FRANCINE, WHEM W6 I'M ATHUff, I AVI A BKOWN-EyED I GROW UP, WILL YOU FOR GENETIC REASONS BWNETTE. VY7TH LONG. MABBV MP? VOL! AMD rAW WfflPi? JTffA(fiUT WAie.Akl.-S I ACROSS Yesterday's Puzzle Solved: 31 ST SJE It IC iR IE IT By 'UNCLE BEN Sole winner in the September Lucky Badge Number Contest was James Jackson, of Richmond, who is nine years old. Nine other Sun-Rays, who had their badge numbers printed here last month, did not see them and as a result missed an opportunity to win one. dollar awards. Among these were members from Nanaimo, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Vancouver and Richmond. Here are the Lucky Badge Numbers for October: 213349 211898 211703 211612 211453 211152 210600 199913 182107 173719 If one of these appears on your Sun-Ray badge you are a one-dollar winner in the October Lucky Badge Number Contest. First step is to claim. If you live in the Greater Vancouver area phone Sun-Ray headquarters, 732-2570 and give name, address, age, date of birth, year, of birth and badge number. If this information checks out correctly with the Sun-Ray membership file you will be sent one dollar promptly. c. i IB OUR 10769 38 Kind of turn: 2 words 41 One pick ing up -i the tab 42 -Germany 43 Calendar abbreviation 44 Possessive -word 48 Past, present or future 46 Kon Tiki was one 47 Hard liquor 48 Try 49 Took over -illegally 53 Rest: 2 words 57 Result of sleeping on 1 one's back 58 Reservoir for liquids 59 Stratford's river 61 Do certain housework 62 Hairdresser's product 63 Glacial snow field 64 Impudence: Dial. 65 Make over ready-made suit 66 Attracted 67 "Of I Sing" DOWN -v. 1 Kind of footwear 2 Item of construction 1 equipment 3 Weld 4 Tuneful 5 Part of the head 6 Shaking -s like---: 2 words 7 Feline sound 8 Issuing forth 1 Rabble 5 Play tricks 9 Sharpening device 14 English eomposer- 15 Metal: Abbr. 16 Barge's forte 1 17 Bondsman's concern 13 Part of "to be" 19 Fed the kitty 20 Above all 2 words 22 Orchestra VIPs 24 Annoyed: 2 words 26 Enamored 11 Displeasure 28 Unaspirate 29 Meat- cut 32 Mean 35 Put into action 37 Father, in the Near East 38 Classical language: Abbr. 39 Win 40 School board members 43 General style 45 Eras and eras and eras ouii-xvciy ineuiLKiis wnu live uuisiue 01 uus weaier Vancouver area should write me a note containing the information asked for above. Mail it to: Lucky Badge Numbers, Sun-Ray Box 6666, Vancouver 3, B.C. 9 Tool 10 Color slightly 11 Censure 12 Unusual person: Slang 13 Groups of seals 21 Montreal or New Orleans 23 The very best: 2 words 25 Charge for dental work 28 multiple 29 William, Eire 30 Man's name 31 Man: Informal 32 Appointment 33 River of Spain 34 Part of speech 36 Historian of 1 a European country ouu-iwv xwuiiuuu (Jctme iu vcuiaua mure than a year ago from India," writes newly enrolled Sun-Ray Meena Shah, who is 12 years old and a student of Vancouver Technical School. "We used to live in Africa. My interests are sewing, cooking, sports, and reading Conne Keddemaran reports that she has been so busy with home-work that she Unr. 1 -1 1 7 il 1 49 Substantiate 50 Five books of Moses 51 Irregular 52 Slow in thinking' 53 Radio employee union: Abbr 54 Cook in certain way 55 Peewee 56 At any time 60- Brunswick GET MARKED. CLASSIC ON THE OTHER HAN YOU 3 1 1 "besides. My gents) I SOME oil and cattle "aPENNYL MAKE IT A VWRES VES.I'M' (, TELL. ME THAT" BAROW WOULP OUTBID ME FOR VDUR BUCK-MV) THINKING LOOKING FOR i OR TEXAS j- -7 THOUGHTSA THOUGHTS OP BUYING A STATUS TTTf HIGH 5VAABOL AND 1 I 7 5 A Jl I SUPPOSE THEY'LL I I--SO YOU HERE I I HERE WANT ME TO SHARE BETTER YOU'RE S-of Vamp Yl- MY SODA WITH 'EM GIVE ME A VERY TWO OfM 1WO (GENEROUS fe A jlA Pfl MlLr-n3JCQJI Wff" poNT I APPARENTLY WE (SET A PENCIL I BETTER VET, VOW? SEiRETAfty Mjr A K50L, WERE THE LA6T AND CCfV WHAT PW I'LL DICTATE TO HER ANP "II ALMOST FEELTHAt WALLACE PEOPLE TO 6EE 7 1 AM ABOUT TO HAVE HEK REAP fT --v WE WERE RESPONSIBLE MIM ALIVE I'VE A TELL YDU THEN SACK SO THEEE IS I THINK A FOR HARRI50NS PEATH, ijfCC HAP A POZEN RELEASE THE 7- NO. MISTAKE --Jf- THAT VWU'LP Vl 'QUARgEL IS A PRIZE I I'VE PEOPEP TO TAKE THIS JOB 1 AfANWHILF, AT W.N1 1 KNOW IS I FOLWD 7V UNPERSTATEMENX ELMOf OF SHADOWIN6 KANE PARTLV TO THE KANE HOME 1 HERGtOVES IM MY uas, iiui iiau lime 10 wnie.nei regular iiiunuiiy Sun-Ray letter. Homework comes first Connie, but I do appreciate your extra effort in sending along this letter. This Sun-Ray, who had a birthday party last month, has a white dog called Butch Looks as though Darren. Gustafson is quite interested in dramatics. She reports, "So far I have directed two plays at school." During the summer Darren visited grandparents' farm near Saskatoon. This is to thank Donald Yip for his 25-cent contribution to the Uncle Ben Christmas Appeal for the overseas Sun-Rays. This annual appeal will get under way at the end of November when all Sun-Rays will be invited to assist the children overseas. Donald is a grade seven student at the Grandview Elementary School. Chris Hay was one of those Sun-Rays who was fortunate enough to visit Disneyland last summer. "I enjoyed the Matterhorn ride the most," he states. "This winter we are going to visit Mount Whistler or perhaps go to Reno." "I am enclosing 25'cents for the Uncle Ben Christmas Appeal," writes Laurie Proioten. "I earned this money by helping my TT 15 iJ mw wmmv pa 1 30' 5T pp 33 34 H35 36 37 lm" W- if a ST mm 1 mm 7vm a t47 1 7rm. Toto' "jo" Xn 51 52 "TD 111 53 54 55 54 57 IZZZZiZZ Si muuid aiounu uic uuuoc. uauixc ia a ucwj-jt enrolled Sun-Ray who has already memorized the Sun-Ray Promise. Patricia Harpur states that she had a very enjoyable summer which involved a visit to Saltspnng Island and to the PNE in August. "My favourite subjects, at school are music, language, and spelling. I love riding horses, swim-' ming, reading, and skating. My favourite animal is a horse." "I hope we get some snow this winter," states Janice Bennett, whose home is in Richmond. "I don't want too much snow, just enough to have fun with." During the summer Janice and her family visited the prairies and the Peace River area. "I am a new member to the Sun-Ray Club and this is mv first IpttAr stnAo WnvAe. a'npwlv 10769 THE MANES PER50NAL BRUISES ANP BLACK TO MAKE SURE THAT ONE OF OU MUST BE WRONSA AROUND TEH THOSE FAMIL ARGUMENTS ,1 MY WIFE WASN'T OUTjr -K THAT THE NEIGHBORS A i'A --TA POESN'T END A CASE FOR LAST Sitf 'Wrrnle. BRIDGE by Jacoby West with, three hearts to the jack and the king of diamonds, but North was more unlucky. He enrolled pupil at Ridgeview School in West Vancouver." This Sun-Ray has a younger brother 31a called John-John. "I also have a white cat who is deaf and has been since he was a baby kitten." had to sit as dummy and watch NORTH S-9 7 3 H-A 6 5 10 8 3 C-K 10 EAST A 10 5 2 4 WEST SUN-RAY BIRTHDAYS S-J 8 H-J 9 7 6 5 2 7 5 4 3 9 7 8 6 2 OCTOBER 7 Laurie Anderson, Marlene An derson, Judy Antifay, Judy Au- his partner throw game and rubber out the window. AH South had to do to make his four hearts was to discard his four of diamonds on the third-spade lead. This would get rid of his losing diamond while he was losing a spade trick. Now a fourth spade lead wouldn't hurt him, since he would be able to ruff that trick in dummy. He would have given up a potential overtrick as a small premium for insurance on his contract. I I (BEFO'WEGOES)! WSAIjOMEYCAINT00ME I A-WILD BOARS CHANGES FUM PLAVFULL.I'L. ATOTH'ZOO- VWIFUS. IT'S TH' TIME O' WIUOL.V ROMANTIC vr-ywl reuo, Michael Barnes, Kathy SOUTH (D) 6 4 H-KQ 10 8 3 2 A 4 C-A 9 Both vulnerable Beck, Danita Beckett, Todd Belknap, Laurette Bilodleau, Timothy Booker, Teri Brager, Myler Brevick. East South i rcst Norlh Paula Capozzi, David Chap man, Gregory Chapman, War 1 II 2 3 Pass Pass Pass 2D Pass 4 ren Clare, Linda Colman, Carol Cormack, John Dacre, Jane Dawson, Dennis Deacon, Grant Defoe, Debbie Dyck, Michael Erickson, Dale Evans, Tracey Lodge, Linda McBride, Sheila MacDonald, Sheri MacDonald, Kathleen McCarthy," Rosalie McLaughlan, Lee MacLauren, Gary McLeod, Matti Macey. Jeannette Mallard, Michael Mandy, Gregory Martin, Mich-ele Millman, Vicki Minckler, Deborah Moore, Alan Moutter, Jane Nascou, Mark Nicol, Kenton O'Conner, Keith Parker, Judy Polack, David Powell, Sheila Prest, Dale Price, Larry Proteau, Allana Ramsay, Mark Reidel, Jack Rhoades, Margaret Ruthig, Cindy Salo. Ronnie Saunders, Steve Schart, Michael Scramstad, Kenny Sheldon, Marilyn Smith, Lawrence Stan-brough, Judy Steel, Brenda Stenson, Nadine Stevenson, Esther Stiemer, Lance Storkson, Emily Sutherland. Dale Tomlinson, Tracey Town-son, Larry Travis, Frank Unruh, Renee Vanyo, Stephen Veitch, Julia Wakem, Barry Wasyluk, Joan Watson, Marc Winfield, Carol Wong, Kenneth Young. Eylmann, Linda Fitz. Maria Gentile, Debra Gibson, Leslie Giles. Teresa Glasier, SUN-RAY JOKES is the sculptor's favorite dessert? As Marble cake. Can you name the capital of every state in one minute? Washington, D.C. i Could Washington 'throw a dollar across the Rappahannock Annie Glover, Margo Goodman, Sharon Grant, Susan Gumshaw, John Guraliuk. Frankie Hahn, Beverly Harfl, MY STICK WHAT STICK? WHERE'S MY" STICK i V'liT7 A fC II A 7 MJ I duinpfid that 'v River today? Margaret Harper, Donald Hegy, Jerry Heraid, Michael Hoar, Allison Hodge, Pam Huether, Bob Hughes, Deborah Kent, Janice Kerr, Donald Knight, Claudia Pass Opening lead: Here is another hand from "Hold Our Bridge Hands" by Charles Solomon and Bert Wilson, It is a problem in dummy play that involves the loser-on-loser play. South is in a normal four-heart contract. The defence starts with three rounds of spades. At the table, South studied for some time and finally ruffed with the queen. This established West's jack of hearts as a sure trick and, since declarer lost the diamond finesse also, he missed his contract by one. It would have been equally unfortunate to ruff with the 10. West would make his jack of hearts right away and South would complain about his bad luck. As we have pointed out many times in this column, South was unlucky. He didn't have to find Koochin. Gail Lambert, Merle Lawr ence Larry Leech, Kenny Le-Quesne, Mark Lintott, Kathy No, a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to. What did the spaceman see in a frying pan? An unidentified frying object. are my golf socks? Wife: "What golf socks?" Husband: "The ones with 18 holes in them." Mother: "gat your spinach. It will put color in your face." Little Girl: "Mother, I don't want a green face." HE'LL CABBY WHAT FOR HOURS? HE'LL CARRY IT FOB jPrJz' A HOURS, YOU KNW-YjkJ fjMi AR; PASTEL, s- NEW JERSEY? FIX I IT'S A Wfifi PASTURE, nrTTvFlf IN FASTELi DON'T V. I fZ YOU I lrprT I (FIX IT? 1 FIX WHKE? I 1 You and The Traffic By Visti NO, I MEAN 60 AHEAD I THOUGHT NO ONE PUTS IT SPPAY IT AND THE THIN65 BACK IN 7 WITH FIXATIVE: SPRAY Jt SUPREME THE RIGHT PLACE 1 j--- --Y COURT SAID (st I YOU COULDN'T nT VH, 01 r- v' "i YOUR HOROSCOPE By FRANCES UBAKE Look in the section in which your birthday comes and tlnd what your outlook is, according to the stars, FOR OCT. 8 March 21 to April 20 Prepare your schedule carefully, and be us diligent In carrying out orders as you would expect others to. be. This will work to the general advantage of all. April SI to May A clever beginning will cover half your distance. Follow "up pending projects with Intensified slops and, In every way, pinpoint your course of operation. Stress good management. 1 May 22 to June 21 Tact and finesse should help you attain ends you could not achieve by force. Shun rumors, seek truth. Use your many talents ably. June 22 to July 28 Don't let your zeal wither just because you may be faced with difficulties. Study problems carefully with your Innate good judgment, and you should solve all, July 24 to Aur. 28 Emotions could get out of hand unless you are determined to keep them under control. Lack of self-mastery will hinder your own ends. Aiiir. 24 to Hnpt. 28 Don't procrastinate when the time appears to be ripe for a shining display of your talents. Strike while the Iron is hot! He the leader others txpect you to be. Ki'Pt. 24 to Oct. 28 A dny that cftllK fnr Rorlnus thounhf. hut. not following wise procedures, you can make real gains. Oct. 24 to Nov. 23 Combine your best ideas with similar ones of associates, then present them to authority and-or the public for Bide on the wave of confidence, KNOWLEDGE. Nov. 28 to December 21 Get the other fellow's point of view before determining yours to be better informed. Jupiter stimulates high-powered action. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 It will be important now to maintain balance and perk up your attitude and. possibly your schedule. Keep alert to new trends, good advice. Jan. 21 to Feb. II) Some comliativeness about. YOU can be a stabilizer so, with your best logic and winning personality, do your best to restore narmony. Feb. 20 to Blurch 20 A lack of plot or proper plan could mean lack of controlling Interest. This day calls for meticulous care, accuracy and only the BEST of endeavor. DON'T depend upon YOU BORN TODAY! Advantages come to you sooner than those who fear trials or difficult situations. They come to you because you are on the lookout for them through your reasoning powers, insight Into others' ways, even their thinking AND by sturdy effort. This is the affable, successful YOU. once you have developed your many fine traits nd poten. tialltles. Weed out the negative traits of indolence and carelessness In matters which don't Inter-i' vnu. Ynii have a mnle. direct YOU'PBE SURPRISED AT HOW TAKE MY HANP ANP itL LEAP YOU TO MY HOUSE ANP GIVE YOU SOME WATER ANP NURSE YOU BACK TO LDOK, U'L LOST IN THIS PESERTL.I HAVEN'T HAP NO WATER OR FOOP FOR 2 PAYSI.J-I FEEL LIKE IVANY TIMES I'VE PULLEP MY POLLY THROUGH! I'AA A VERYGOOP I'AA GONNA PASS OUT! 0 A sk inuutn iuu may ue lemptea as a moiorcycusi to ride between lanes, don't do it. It is a dangerous Yirnrtira Ynu nro KnvoI in nrvA trinro i nri moroin asklncr too for safety. Observe the same rules as for motorists. Living ui to your hlffh Ideals and approach where it is needed.

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