The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1952
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER KEWS Mossadegh May Seek Further Oil Negotiations TEHRAN. Iran W ( — A source close to Iran's government suggested last night, thai Premier Mohammed Mossadegh may seek further negotiations on the latest mimh- Amcrlcan notes on the oil rrlsis. even though the Western replies . NURSES NEW CAREER— i Christine Palmer, who has been a registered nurse at Doctors Hospital in New York City for the post five years, has just made her operatic debut with the New York City Opera Co. She's pictured rehearsing the part of Musette, the coquette in Puccini's "La Boheme." Destroyer Uses lights, Reds Scatter Six Mountain Climbers Try Mount Everest NEW DELHI, India M'j^six Swiss mountain climbers toiled , up tho bleak slopes of uncontiUErcd Mt. Everest today for n final .-truggle toward the snow-covered summit 6',6 miles high. No man has ever cllniucd this world's tallest, peak nnd returned to tell It. ' ':$ f ', ' '""" It was file second nttimpt this year for tha Swiss pnrt}-. One of the te^m, Raymond Lambert, climbed to within 900 feet of the summit May 28 before fierce siorms drove him back. The filx men left their base camp, 12,200 feot up In the high Illma- lyas, yesterday. Two men will be chosen at the last advance* ramp to make the final effort to rencli the top. Their success or failure likely will remain unknown to the world for at least three Kecks after their final climh toward the peak. Their only means of communication is by special runners from the base camp to Katmandu. Nepal's capital, 170 miles away. Nine previous unsuccessful assaults have heen made on the peak. Ignored Iran*' recent "Inst-dllch." demands and stood on the West's last offer. The communications from UrltUh Foreign Secretary Anthony Kden and O, S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson. delivered yesterday, sn(t\ Mossartcyh had "misunderstood" the meaning of the Au«. 30 joint proposals from Prime Minister Churchill and President Truman. But though they Ignored Iran's last demands for some 137 million dollars back royalties, the new notes did spell out \Ve.stem acceptance of /our concessions \fos*a- c"CBh had demanded for more than fl year. Ill Ix^ndon, sources said first reports from BrKnln'a charge d'af- fahes In Tehran Indicated Mossa. dCRli's reaction wns not, favorable. Tlie new Rrilish-Ami'riran notes emphasized the previous Tnimnu- Churchlll offer included three; points — RllhniiRh liipy were not spell ' ' B _______ .......... ^ , tZiilitm of Iraii'a oil indmtrji; iiri- tnln rccOEntzr-s Iran's rlaht tn urni- — new vnr I'nin If, ' nll "^ rv 1 " ! "'- ! '.' '"I- "' " '"'-nilslng drive, will he'slartfd ain (Iocs nol seek B mniiojioly on | by (lie Democratic Ntitlimul Pl- miyliiK frnnlnn oil. and Hrltnin i naurr; Committee Wcdncsdnv ir-" Ta«"' < 'l t , '" " V>w A "B lo -'"»- Thouxands of volunteer solicitors Ian s 1033 oil coricMslm.. will sH out. to try to obtain fiv, ine Irrrn Informant suiiEC.'.led rnntrltnillnui nj ?5 each toward the Mossadegh may scira on (hw j I;i5"> campnlti. Democrats Jo Solicit nts — HlthoiiRli they were not j-» • , _ lied out then: S/T?/^// f- 11 Mr* " Irltain rrcopnlzes thp mitlonul- r j ''*^' 1 ' * tl JIU 3 The Hell Bomb—1 MONDAY, OCT. «, 1981 By JAY HEAVILIN and RALPH LANE Tea Off Ration , LONDON tnien, WOCK «loud itrttchw oeron ttw horizon, flickering eerify, It it over. A city has been destroyed b» on H-bomb A wall-crumbling, window- imaihina Stores said there was no rush t» An orange-yellow ball at Home many brighter than the sun rises above Ihc city, then idtlcs down in o giant nest of Success at the Mid-Pacific proving <j rounds, according to Albeit Einstein, would atiort of any life earth . . , within the range of technical possi bilities" Today be gins the iloryof This autumn the world's first hydrogen bomb may b« exploded—not on o ci!y vui on a lonely corol blond in the Pacilic. It is be- 'evert that within a lew weeks U. S. scientists test an H*bomb at Eniwelok. WARlUNCiTON l/n—A new tvnr ' points as an Iranian victory ami then ask for continued negotiation on claims for compensation mnil liy both sides. The National Committee Is distributing 800 000 red-white-iind-hlue hnnkltts, <'=ch contalnlni; five certificates, to tile solicitors. Everyone ' who contributes SS gets n certificate iHiarln? n lliank-you mcs^riKc (nun Gar, MM p.. Blcrtivson. Dnnocrat- Ic iiresldniitial nominee.. The plan «•(>.•* nriaiiialcd Ijy Hcarelslcy Kuml. tils New York economist and corporation director who helped father the pay-ns-you- cani Income tax withholding plan duriiijt World Wnr II. Rnml, cliairnmn of the •Demo- A HOARD U. B. DESTROYER I'rnllo Filinncc Committee, otld re- WdLKEH, opp KORKA I/I')— Look- Porters the success of n few trial mils on this destroyer spotted North! '"" s °' lll ° f'">d-raislng Idea In Korean work parties trying lo H«\r' Now Ymk " ml clEewhore had been debris of a bomb-wrecked train''" 10 '""tnstic foru- ords." near Snnirjlii recentw I "' l>rertli;ts it will revolutionize Walker lireil ite five-Inch! lhc ril!:l " cln 8 of political cam- guns. The v.-orkmen fled at the first i l wl « lls finish. Soon they wore tack Acnfn' Illllnl fxplnlncd the plan on the ^Walker's guns flashed' lind the | """""-^l^broiulcast laii niuhl. Col. A. T, Post, Air Ace, Dies SEW YORK M',—Col. AnqueUu wnrkcrs scattered. Ens. Dennis O'Connor. Honolulu, siiaeesled (lashing the scarclillnht on the beach, live miles away It worked. Time nnd nsnin the heels run for cnvcr at the quick flick of the 34-tnch searchlight bcani. j *'^w ikjniv m-i —^01. AU^USIU.S The elcstroyer'B skipper. Gonulr. I T. Post, n. pioneer of the air and Mnrlcm C. Wnlley, Honohlhi nnd! Basolli,. -, io , died here- Saturday! Hlchton, Miss, niessaged tho near- nJRlit. by Canadian dcstrover Irnquois: I Ha became nn aduocate of bal- SWEEPS THE RECORD CLEAN—A huge broom rested beside pen. Dwighl D. Kisenhower, as the Republican presidential candl- 'date told an audience, of 15,000 in Cleveland's public auditorium that he felt his running mate, Sen. Richard B. Nixon, o! California, hncl satisfactorily answered questions raised by bis siB.tltK) expense fund. The speech was inmie immediately following Nixon's nationwide radio-television broadcast. "Have discovered that 'searchlight flashes shoreward scatter workmen very effectively. Am con- j Inon Irnvel In I'JOU after ftuiiig aloft in n balloon. For years ho piloted racing mo- servlng ammunition and prffstbly; tnrcyrtos and automoliilcs. and he t-hem to death. Request was (he 13ih mnu to fly a plane spfvlcrs of two Indians and n htan- kDt to fwnith smoke to go with the searchlight lla-siies." in this counlry. Head Courier Nrnvs Cl.i.<uirit><t Ads New medical knowledge has reduced mortality from w o u n d s among U.S. forces In the Korean War to 3 per cent from the 4 uer cent of World War II. Snyder Says $778 Million Excess Taken WASHINGTON 1 Mi- secretary r>; Hie Treasury Snyder says n 1'..'." oil- ! lion riollnr offering nf Inx nnlici- patlon liills was over-subscribed by 778 million dnllnrn. Snyder snnounccd Friday that. ] the hills, which can be used to pay! taxes nest March IS or can be re-1 deemed in cash next March IB I v.-cre sold nt a discount r»te of j 99.231, eouivalr-nt to nn interest raiii of 1.12 per ci-nl |XM- yenr. Snyder said the otter was made to meet anticipated cash requirements of the treasury, and in effect Is a menus of collcctlm: taxes ln _ advance by giving a discount determined by competitive bidding for the hills. ''Hotf lashes 1 ' Stopped or strikingly relieved In 63-80%* of coiei In doctorc'lestt • If you're miserable from the "hoi ii.iMies,' nnd accompanying irrilnWe r;-.,il&ps feetlnys of chunftc or lile"— yijii may be suffering uiniecessurDyl ' tests by doctors ... I.ytJIn IMnlclmrn's Compouna and Tnbleta urnviKhlvcIlcMrom such nmctlornlly- caused smtr-ring to 83%- aticl 80ft (respectively* of tin? women tested! Complete or striking relief f Ycsl Ri'search hits pmvcrt these nieri- Icliica r/LomnyJij-/ modern in action . . Ji^s tfhflwti JICML whcrn to look for relief from tlioae illsUcsslnff. imvcnis "oni ol sorta" JcfUEis-i of mui-llfc "change 1 '! 6o,.,(ict I-yilla E. rinkhnni's Vcgrutjle Com[)omnL —or n«w, Improved THtilet* wllUnildrcllrou! (U'onrfe^iil, ton. for the functional pains o/ n«n4(rtia[ pcriorfj.) II rncli Ir-rouRh A nnhinn'» «lnrpRthf|ir nervous Sfslem 138 Puerto Ricans Among War Dead \VAS!HNOTON M'/~Pllcr(o Rico accounted for 13B of 301 American Imttle casualties In Korea identified by the Defense Department today. A new list No. em, reported totals of ar, killed. 210 wounded, 46 missing and 20 In'j'urerf. Puerto Rico's share %vas five hilled, 76 wounded. 44 missing and 28 Crewmen Die In Ship Wreck HULL, England f/T>) — Twenty crewmen of the British fishing trawler Norman drowned \v|len their 620-ton vessel floundered in a de « fog off the rocky Southeast Const of Greenland, it was reported hcfe today. 13 Injured. Daughter of General Krueger Accused of Husband's Death TOKYO Ml — The Army tonight disclosed that Col. Aubrey D. Bmilh tried vainly to staunch the flow of iilnod from his mortal stub wound while his tlazeii wife, clutch- Ing u knife, sat on the bed opposite his. The wife. Dorothy, (laughter of famed u. H. Oen. Walter Krueger, i.s accused in mi official announcement dy Gen. Murk Clark's lieaii- qunrtcrs ol "allegedly" staying her husband rt did not say what prompted the slaying, or whether charges would he filed. Smith tiled at dawn Saturday, six hours alter a knife was plunged lrili> h;:i right side while lie was lyirru in his bed at his Tokyo home The •15-year-old officer from San Antonio, Tex., was chief of the entire Plans and Operations Division of the Logistics Section of the U. S. Far East Command. His attractive wife is undergoing psychiatric examination at an Army hospital here. There are two children. Aubrey Jr., IB, nnd Shnron, 14. The Army said it confiscated a hunting knife from the house. The Army said a Japanese maid testified she entered the Smiths' bedroom and found the colonel ly- Spomish Steamer Sinks in Crash ROTTERDAM. The Netherlands (tf'j — The Dirkzwaser Shipping Aof-ncy reported Saturday that the Spanish steamer Monte Facho was sunk In a fog-bound collision Mith the British steamer Granford off the west coast of Spain. The report .will 37 crewmen of the 3,234-ion Spanish vessel were token aboard the 7.087-ton Granford, which \vas proceeding to Lisbon under its own power. Read Courier News Classified Ads. The Proof Is Unmistakable! On every street and highway, you now Bee the unmistakable proof of this greater tire life and safety—on old cara and new cars. As you ECO. these superb U. 8. 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The Army quoted (he male! as saying she took the knife from Mrs. Smith and hid It in the downstairs living room before summon- ins help. The knife found In the living room was n hunting knife. The maid summoned a neighbor t. Col. Joseph s. jfnrdin, who ciilled an iimbulance and then went 10 Die Smith home. Haritin said in nn interview that Mrs, Smith appeared to fie in n coma anil also needed Hon. )[e nmcie the nrrnnsemenls. U necessary LOOK For Acid indigestion J Gas, heart burn, sour .stomach may strike after lunch, aflcr breakfast, or when you' re try i n fi to sleep luniytrt! 5o he prepared! Carry Tunis al- s^ayi, QuJcJi as a \yink, Tunis ciuuiratizc execs. 1 ; actd. Vet contain no sm!a to nvcr-alkalize or cause acid rebound. Nn mixing, ,. " no water needed. Jusc eai t or 2 Tunis like cnruly —aflcr meals or H-lienevcr stmie favorite fond or over- indnlucncc causes disc cess. l : nr lop- spc-ca relief from ncitl itnmach—get a roll of America's favorire af let-meal mints tuiJay. 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