The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1950
Page 11
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<ARX.V COUKTEK NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY 6v J.R.Williams Our Boardina House with Mai. HoooU WOULD YOU CAR6 TO INDULGE AM HOUR OR SO OF CARDS, MR. GULL. ? R TELLS ME YOU'RE OP COBALT t tx3 UKe THE GANeV PLA.V RATHER SADLY — THATS OrtE CJTME AMU6E-V? x HOPE M6NTS THAT KEEP ;) Mfc&C -THUMB MCWEY FROM /f STARTS PIUNGUPTOO '•' DONT SMIUY-SHAUY 1 Bur ^•W'^..^^-' /<£".,,/ DAUGHTER THEN lOU'RE — MeA6ee FLJMOS WISH I. WAS WITH LARD YELLOWSTONE / ANYWHERE HERB/ AN OLD FARO DEALER Here's One Way To Ssve Money Expert Service H-flJ-TCRS QUHLITY SHOC SHOI I IZI W. M P I N ST. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION CAR80VWU Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc. by Julius Long THE STOKYi Drl l>«r»Mtu. »rl- T«t* 4rlvctivr. ROC* to Coi>prr City. Arl»., •• bodyguard of Krank I'hn- Jol. ««mMrrclHl dfMiNond drnlcr will* • thndr rrpaf • t IUH. t«» *rll A [•rite «rd«r le Hike U on* in loo. s Par. «•*•• BloBr. l» Ihc hi* lei b»r tfe«re U • ««h( brinrvB Dontlnico • •d I.** Norton. Jilted boy friend the butt of the hutje gun. The chief went up to Phajol's room for. Wai -ir i;rrmrh«-ek, tvhii T Utrfatroed Phnjol. Phajnl mnrdcrfd. nn 1 ! nr*-H tn l(M>k. k« diamond* h»v« In a molofity of co»« inv««ti- gotod in MVtrcl hoipiloli end clinici, abnormal Kidney (unction woi improved, Bladder pain and ditcomfort reduced after tnt UH of Mountain Valley Water. If .your doctor hat diagnosed your condition as functional Kid. ney impairment triii natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial.'Try » for a few weeki. delicioui, pure-tasting, and be consumed freely. Croittown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J Water — =—' PRESCRIPTIONS Treah Stock Guaranteed Be«4 Pricea Kirby Drug Stores VI r PHE desk clerk brought up two uniformed policemen after Pat Phajol and Teresa Jordan left. One wore a chiefs badge and 1 showed him my credentials, issued by the Tucson police department and ex-j plained I was bodyguard of the! dead man. Frank Phajol, who hadj brought some valuable jewelry! here and had left it In the hotel | safe. "Looks as if you didn't do a very good job," the chief said, when he finally got his eyea oft the dead man. "I've already be«n reminded of that." The chief noticed the ransacked luggage. "Anybody take anything out of that?" "Not to my knowledge." "Well, looks like somebody sure crept up on Phajol when he wasn't looking. I always thought something like this would happen to him. I heard about him and the stuff he peddles/* The chief gave me a long look I said: "He was wearing a .45. Wonder if he's still got it." From where I stood 1 could see part of th« shoulder-holster anc reached over and removed the pistol. "Looks like he never had a chance to use it," commented the chief. "Maybe he had no reason to fear the man who killed him." The chief srncllcd the barrel. "It sure hasn't been fired." It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon before he had finished his prelim! tnary investigation. By thai time ' the coroner had arrived and the I body had been viewed and 1 moved. The investigation look place in a special dining room. The hotel clerk. Jimtnle Foster, was in some'thing of a dither, [t was the hotel's first murder, and the manager, who was off for Ihe day, couldn't be found. ' were myself, Pat Pha- jol, Teresa Jordan and Foster. The chief's name was Humbert. He had brought in a stenographer and another patrolman. He was an aid land, and he was no fool, 1 knew that I was in for trouble. "Yon say," Chief Humbert .said, 'that you left the tap room and went to Room 14, Phajol's room, Why?" 'I had some information for him." "What kind of information. 1 * "Such as the fact that Mr. Dominico was already in the hotel." "His daughter just said Miss Jordan had told her that and she'd told her dad." "But 1 didn't know that at the time," "You might have guessed it. The two girls were together, and you knew who Miss Jordan was. .The bartender told me that." "The bartender talks a lot." "You'd better talk some too." Humbert's eyes were very narrow "Better tell me what you really it to kill him?" 1 felt Pal's eyes upon me. For • moment I thought she was going to spill the beans about the diamonds being stolen, but she kept silent "All right. Chief. I could have killed him. I spoke to him • few minutes and went down to the desk clerk. I asked him if a certain person was checked in. and he said he was, Phajol sent me down to ask that question." "I've already talked privately to Jimmie. Why did Phajol want to know if Pete Gremcheck was In the hotel?" "Because Gremcheck was a competitor. He came here to sell Mr. Domuiico diamonds too." "About them diamonds. Td like to see them, Miss Phajol. 1 * I said quickly: "They're In th« hotel safe." T.TUMBERT was eyeing me spec- ij ulatively. M I wasn't talking to you, Dors am." He turned again to Pat "I'd like to se« them diamonds, Miss Phajol." I caught her eye. I shook my icad ever so slightly. For • moment I thought she was going to cross me up, but she said: "I prefer to leave them wher* they're safe. Now that all this has happened, I don't want to take any chances with them." "Mind telling me how mucil they was worth?" "About a hundred thousand." Humbert whistled, "Quite a lot f stones for him to be carrying!" Mike Dominico could not resist "Imagine meeting you in the library in summer! There won't be any boys here till after school starts!" PRKSCIU.A'S POI Ttuif's Our 1'op BY AL VERMEEB saying: "I was going (o buy about $80,000 worth—20,000 cants!" Humbert whistled. "OB Phajol?" Dominico shrugged. "If he Ravs me a better price than Grem- check." (To Be Continued) A/AW.' YOU CAN'T 00 MUCH WITHOUT AN OUTBOARD MOTOR! ROWING A BOW IS HARD WORK! YOU OUGHT TO SEE BLISTERS IT PUTS ON YOUR HANDS! MICHAEL O'MAI.I.KY and YM SLAP SOU CAME Mi 1-TO THE ffWHON, FLINT. yoUT FOR A HAM- TVH HAP ALL THE OC-/W-IKSEK ANP tMVA MOTE. NONE Op THESE TORES OP FAT MEN FULLE17 OUT OP TH6- FILES FOR" XXJ. INSPECTOR, weve ear TH/S CHAP4CTES: HERE; •>OU ASKEC- U£ TO HAUL IN. BOTTLE 9ONC5 R>7A\EfflSyffTO* ;r W»JWM KNJOtVN AS TH£ 5A«3N -^fa&, COPPEK* OF Ti~*e LtgooK RACKET) vou A<NY HEREABOUTS. ~_ ^JXeOT NO-THN' CAPTAIf! EASY LESLIE TURNEB The Virgin Islands are being stocked with white-tailed deer from Texas. HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To be mr« It's working right, drive tn to oar •hop mnd we'll check it over. Expert repairs on til make* *n4 models, ran and trucks. One 1*7 •errle« J T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phone 2122 NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A MTTER LAUNDRY We Guarantee Satisfaction UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! Any 2 Piece Suit* Sola&Chair Recovered 50 Except Tufted Piters Choice of 26 Beautiful Fabric* 7 DAY SERVICE Offer Good for Limited Time Onlj The House of Charm (DEAI/5) Call <1M S. RighwaT «' i'lil HOMEMADE PIES We Take Vour Order Mrs. N. .1. Hnmphre? Call 2.159 Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in airconditionedi comfort at the brand nsw* Blytheville Motor Grill Really GOOD Food . . . prie pared the way you like it. FOR SALE Onerrtc eiJverU 12 luck U> M Inch plain ni re«nforce4 AIM* Oncrtlt ««ildln» niprk> cheaper than inmbti Ini barn& chlrken "••act pflmp hoanea. t«nanl hoo<ic« tool Kbrds We dellvei Call n tat trtt till mat*. OSCEOLA TILE 1 CULVERT CO. Op«n Dqy ft Night Exetpt Sunday ' Blytheville Motor Grill • -* Mrs. Marie Meharg, Mgr, Tort North of Blytheville Motor Co. on Broadway RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained' Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Scrvic* K«a»onabl« Pricti Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihon HO So First S1 Btythevill PICKUPS! Sec These Big Values Before You Buy. 1949 STUDEBAKER 3/4- TON PICKUP. Good Heiter, Overdrive and Sunshade 1948 STUDEBAKER TON PICKUP. Equipped with Heater and Stock Rack. Motor completely overhauled. 1946 STUDEBAKER '/,TON PICKUP. In excellent condition and has a good stock rack. Has 1951 license. 1946 DODGE Vi - TON 1'ICKUP. Clean as a pin, (food radio, healer and stock rack. 1942 DODGE '/, -'TON PICKUP. New paint job. A (food clean farm truck. Chamblin Sales Co. IMT frtentfh Ht>4*h»k*r Dttter" R R * Ash Phone «88? Chang* of Mild HOT-HEADED (-I3S-I40 POLlAKl MOW ftlOft 1 ' *' cf * af ^ m,4tm&n r*aritftiHln THM SAFE WA» STOLE FROM/ WMT. 9EVOTE ME ANCESTORS, AW I AIN'T I, HOLP PfW-WOW PAW NO I»O BOCKS fO GIT IT BACK! A«EvouSONMA R Wt POUBT VplJR ANCESTORS/ THAT DOES III COULD HANDLE A SAFE WHILE I SWABS CLIWBIMG W20UHD 1U TREES. PRICE NOW 140 DOUAKlxc AT GW.LUP...WA1T, WHILE M6 rT OVBK PS Act ABLY, OB DO I BUGS BUNNY HEV, DOC, V/AITI VA CHOPPED THIS DAWN S'K... EK. AHH. PAISCfN ME SENEGAL, BUT ' YOU HAD NO NOTICE OF *. NEW COMMANDANT , MAY I SE CREDENTIALS ? AMD 15 IN TH' LcfilONS O CAESAE FCK MAJ CCLCNEL5 TO

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