The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on July 19, 1971 · 19
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 19

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, July 19, 1971
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9 THE RECORD, MONDAY, JULY 19, 1971 A 19 4 Devils" Brew Of Garish Sex Please! No More Anseis By JOHN CRITTENDEN Movie Critic Ken R u s s e 1 1, the British director, has a genius for filling a movie screen with gaudy, grandiose images. The question I find one must consider in approaching his work PsL liurnn ivt iw xota A' cw&iEowcaaf i , STARTS WEDNESDAY vv S. DAILY MATINEES AT Playing UNITED 6th Week FOX Hockensock NJ. 488-8800 DAILY MATINEES CINEMA Totown, N.J. 256-6424 Route 59 THEATRE! if L Air DUST1N HOffflAN "LrnnE big man" MAITTM &ALMM-JCFT COCf T-CHIf f OAS WOBC? KttCDUMKNW RanaviskTnicolor Nanuet. . N.Y. 623-3431 Its scrumdidilyumptious! . It's eAerybody's WAYNE Preakness Plaza," N.J. 634-4136 UA CINEMA Route 304 I MEW CITY N.Y. 634-8200 Route 303 DRIVE IN Orangeburg N.Y. 359-2021 COI-OR SEE ALL THERE IS TO SEE IN THE DAZZLING WORLD OF WILLY WONKA. 0 303 DRIVE-IN 5 CARD TWrnodtm maltinf of Enil Zola'f nxterpiMc TEANECK 503. Cedar Lane Teoneck, NJ. 836-3200 ANNA -Sk H--'?W GAEL raA .fyi3 as Av,w4 ' I 6643200 VlA" " I I PLAZA P ""' I ' MliMLfHtH shouldaUealMe0"!! A . BRUCE DAVISON - S0NDRA LOCKE EISA LANCHESIER -.tsJ-H WW EUKSlBORGNlWE 9 vVWHAT EVER HAPPENED I Mz?, TOAIIMT AlirF?" I CL0STER S ' 1R0CKLAKD samanthaeggar LJ j 1 DRIVE-IN "THE UCHTATTHE EDGE OF THE WORLD" I II Spring Valley also -BL,j 1"I'HM .U trrtil 1 HTr.-m. fe H 1. N.Y mm . f MM1 1 . -WHEN DINOSAURS iM P 17 Tiii-'sll I DRIVE-IN sj exirr 1 Mi Lafayette jliOyij K?Td HOWARD J. ZUKER ....... 1 it Suffern '."Sir:- Mp Gemini pictures international . M Kl Y 1 jlr "6tMW1 "ELESPNG COBOOBATION 6 1 ipilT T k gHfri I i I MADON FILMS tlMITED 41 357-2477 5?; 7Ac WlTCHMAKER. I BllWTItlrtifflTIIWIIiliWMMMWBMiMI I Ml 1 1 I HI I III I I 111 III I li J 1 KteWWjBawll Sf 1 T7 Pafamouni Pici T7 Paramouni Piciureb presto; . i "ft VWUilbL I IUL11IUU t-...-,,J 1 Elaine Mini ADULTS 'u I Sunday And Holidays 1 is whether or not it is in good taste. His film of D. H. Lawrence's "Women in Love" won both critical and popular favor, although some critics with literary prejudices found in it too little Lawrence and too many pretty-pretty visuals. Most critics condemned "The Music Lover s," Russell's biography of Tchaikovsky released earlier this year, for what they called its cine- i NOW at Red Carnpt Theatraa H II PA RAMUS iuoww J G.,.i,-p,ra I CINEMA B THEATRES MARKED HO At Your Fa ARTISTS THEATRES" somsormnur f maur non-pollutionary anti-instifutionaw pro-confectionery facto of fun! Ctwceliti f tcttrr. GENEVvTLDER v fi STUD DEAN MARTIN I ROBERT MITCHUMil HELD OVER 3rd BIG WEEK A DISTINCTION FILMS, INC RELEASE i l.-i MABON FILMS LIMITED VAcwitchmaker. Bergenfield N.J. 385-1600 ' ncH I nt. COLOPl 3? "EVERYBODY LOVES 'DARLING LILT YOU AND YOUR FAMILYl W.NT MAlt WW YOU W3 mm: -5 m a t i c self-indulgences and surfacy, simple-Freud analysis. I didnt agree, finding only one sequence too ripe for comfort a fantasy in which Richard Chamberlain as the composer blew his enemies' heads off with a cannon synchronized with the volleys in the finale of the "1812 Overture." But now, Russell has pre sented us with "The Devils," his vision of goings-on in Lou-dun, France, in the early 1630s. It was a crossfire of politics, a w o r d 1 y priest was burned at the stake as a witch. His only unforgiveable crime was defying Cardinal Richelieu. Sex Obsession The priest was railroaded by the Inquisition, which encouraged the convent's hunchbacked mother superior to charge that the priest had seduced her and her nuns, was in fact Satan in disguise, and had caused devils to enter their bodies. She is sexually obsessed with him, though they've never met. The story is a natural for Russell. It demands that he parade before us a gaggle of screaming nuns, writhing nude in feigned hysteria, and later show us the priest's execution. It begs his camera to wallow in religious, sexual, and social perversions. The story calls for brilliant costumes. And he supplies them. It calls for grand tableaux of grotesques gone mad with religious and sexual fervor. And he assembles them. But it is how can one exalt the single beautifully photographed still picture and yet nun DPIVE-IN i 344 -2 WO Held Over 2nd Week! Where Your Nightmares End WILLARD" (GP) Beains "Night Of The Living Dead" Box Office Opens 7:30 Giant Free Playground PNAMlONf ASHMAN CO 9 A NATIONAL GENERAL PICTURES RELEASE COM. WED. JULY 21 Walt Disney'i "PINOCCHIO" TI OUEEN ANNE f BOGOTA. HU9-92M txausive ffisr NEW JfRSfY SHOWING 2nd Week ADULTS ONLY (21) THIS THAT AND THE OTHER (X) a50 LIES (X) BOTH PICTURES IN COLOR FAIRVIEW StRGEN. ELYD., fAIRYIEW, N. J. MATINEES DAILY AT 2 P.M. i T! 1 S i PIT' J I i Acres Of free Porkfng WASHINGTON f I if Vr'ASHINGTOH PASCACK KOAD. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP FACTtoRy,'' Shown Daily at 1:00-3:00-7:30-9:10 HACKENSACK DRIVE-IN - 342 7400 OUTE 48 CIIICIE IITTLE FERRY Gen, THE LIGHT WHEN ROUTE 46 DRIVE-IN J4MWI WEST OF LOW CIRCLE TOTOWA DRIVE-IN ROUTE 4E ISt-lMS The One ROUTE 3 DRIVE-IN 939 40)1 ROUTE 3 it ROUTE 17 PARAMUS ORIVE-IN KWTT4 uimi 2 moNiri Starts Wed., July 21 Mats Daily 'THNICOLOR mm I ' ' : f i v vv-f - "1 " r :' if r '' ' li "THE DEVILS" Vanessa Redgrave, as a Reed in the new film directed by Kenneth sexually obsessed prioress, stars with Oliver Russell. It opened in Manhattan Friday. damn it when it is brought to life and movement with a movie projector? done with appalling bad taste. Yes, Russell is a master at conjuring up strong images' but when he makes them move, it's too much for a viewer to handle. Silent Magician I am inclined to think he would have made a better director of silent films. His images are far more expressive than the muddled words of the actors and the heavy-handed music is just more frosting on an overfrosted cake. Also, having the words spliced in between the images might make the visual on-slought less mind boggling. But that is only speculation. Length Hampers Tale of Adversaries "The Light at the Edge of the World," which opened at several area theaters Friday, is high on the list of contenders for the slur of worst picture of the year. It is at least twice as long as its story warrants, but c u 1 1 i n g wouldn't help. Here we have Kirk Douglas, looking painfully old, playing a lighthouse keeper on a little island off Cape Horn in 1865. He must battle Yul Brynner, who plays a pirate with all the menace so familiar from his years playing Mongol chieftains and other bad guys. Washed ashore from a ship LAST 2 DAYS J WALTER MATTHAU 'A NEW LEAF' S 2 (G) HITS J JACK LEMMOH 'Out-of-Towners' Xr&l "ADULTS ONLY! KiV tAOMiMrn REQU.HEP; jP XfpV SAM " 2C t4 BAD 1 1! CITir 1M1IS1CHAIX SHOWPUCt OF THE NATION INTHEHEARtOF ROCKEFELLER CENTER 757-3100 PETER OTGCLE "MURPHYiSVAR In Color A Piiamount Pictgn 0W THE SWEAT ST EE ROCKETTEI-ltLLET COMPiM SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Doors Open Weekdays and Saturdays 10:00 A.M. Doors Open Sundays 1 1 :30 A.M. COMFORTABLY AIR CONDITIONED Free Parking Eve's & Weekends L0 7-0004 if) S "Li V (0. aifi"irlT i iwilti 1.1llTilA mi"!! M AiVeaf" iW (G) W WALTER MATTHAU Kirk Doualas Yul Brvnnnr AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (GP) also DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH (GP Gene Wilder Jack Albertson WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (G) also NORWOOD (G) 2nd Week Movie You Should Nor See Alone Bruce Davison Sandra Locks in WILLARD (GP) also WHEN EIGHT BELLS TOLL (GP) Co-Hit Paramus Di. What Ever Happened To Aunr Alice 1 The fact is, that this genius of imagery is at work in 1971 not the silent screen days and his new film, while rich, seems proof that he does indeed have little feeling for anything but images. The film moves at more hysterical pace than do its nuns, filled as it is with scenes so high-pitched they could serve as climaxes for a dozen or more films. Russell seems not to know that a scream is not a scream unless one is allowed r bit of silence for comparison. In their roles as the priest and mother superior, Oliver Reed a star of "Women in Love" and Russell's TV biography of Dante Gabriel Ros-setti and Vanessa Redgrave which sinks after Brynner turns off the lighthouse beacon is Samantha Eggar, the comely actress who has never fulfilled the promise she showed a few vears back in "The Collector." Kirk glowers at Yul, Yul glowers back, and Samantha tries to keep out of their way and out of the clutches of Brynner's cutthroat band of pirates. Even though the movie is quite rotten, small t o u c h e s seem to say intelligence lurks somewhere behind the scenes. Most come in brief flashes of perversity, as when the pirate dresses up the girl to look like his foe's long-lost love and assume her name so she may be used as bait to lure him out of the rocks where he's been hiding. But even these morsels are not fully explored or exploited, remaining instead mere poten tial plot twists. All concerned seem satisfied merely to have turned Douglas and Brynner loose to see which one can chew the most scenery in two full hours. It's this kind of movie the unpretentious entertainment film that can entertain only those who half watch it from the back seat of a car at a drive-in that makes work out of a critic's job. You can bet all my friends who think 'Pinoccliio' and Tom Jones HOLMDEL "Pinocchio" by day and Tom Jones by night will share the spotlight at the Garden State Arts Center this week. While Jones makes his 1971 debut on the Arts Center stage tonight, "Pinocchio" will play 1 $ a ron jj If jt School of !2aMel M If PARAMUS, NJ. 111 ANNOUNCING If A SECOND BALLET SCHOOL 8 E. PROSPECT ST., HACKENSACK li SUMMER CLASSES From JULY II Ik 1 "V WALDWICK 445-9686 are swamped by the outlandish movie swirling about them. This could be expected of Reed, for he is not a particularly gifted actor but it is disappointing to see Miss Redgrave's skill ignored, while Russell uses her plastic hump to put character across. Russell currently is in London filming "The Boyfriend," the nostalgic '20s musical written in the 50s. Given his feeling for the 20s, displayed in "Women in Love" and his biographies of Isadora Duncan and Frederick Delius, it would seem to be something to look forward to as we try to forget "The Devils." "The Devils" opened Friday at the Fine Arts Theater in Manhattan. I $1 I!- 1 A pirate crew dangles Kirk Douglas from his lighthouse in "Light at the Edge of the World." I do nothing but see good movies will hear about this one. JOHN CRITTENDEN the first of its four matinee performances (Tuesday through Friday) in Holmdel tomorrow at 2 p.m. Bobby Clark's "Pinocchio" opened a pre-Arts Center engagement in Detroit last week and was greeted with critical raves. THE OPENING OF IN BALLET & JAZZ. 21-SEPT. 1 PARAMUS 843-6321 V ft it fk By KEN WALLACE Entertainment Editor Please, no more phone calls or notes to Jerry Schlossberg. All investment opportunities for his production of "On The Town" have been subscribed, said the Englewood theatrical producer. "As a matter of fact," he said, "we're oversubscribed; we are returning some money because we have received too many share purchase offers." Which puts to an end any thoughts you might have had about becoming a prospective Broadway angel. A few days ago in this column we noted that a few shares still were available .for revival of the Adolph Green-Betty Comden-Leonard Bernstein musical, scheduledto open in New York in October. There'll be an out-of-town tryout in Boston preceding previews. Oscar Hospitalized Oscar is in the hospital. You don't know who Oscar is? He's the mascot of the Halfpenny Playhouse in Kearny, a big, black cat who has been an actor, as well as a pet, at the Halfpenny for the last four years. Oscar, it seems, was struck by a car (some wag insists the driver was a critic) a few days ago. He'd been missing from the Playhouse for a couple of days but finally was found in a corner in the lobby, where he apparently had crawled. Oscar obviously was hurt, so Charlie Robinson, vice-president of Halfpenny, rushed him to the Arlington Dog and Cat H o s p i t a 1 in Kearny, where the animal underwent Xrays. Although there's no definite diagnosis yet, the tests show a sprain or fracture that made the cat immobile. Oscar has made many appearancessome of them unscheduledon the Halfpenny stage. He's a featured performer when Robinson presents the children's a 1 1 r a c-tions at the Kearny off-Broadway-type place on the second floor. Robinson's found that children respond heartily to his bringing out the cat and announcing that it's his birthdayto which the young audience invariably responds by singing "Happy Birthday." "There are a lot of times that Oscar has made unscheduled appearances, too," Robinson adds, explaining that the mascot leisurely strolls across the stage, sometimes , at ,not too appropriate moments. ' Alberian Has Own Show Eddie Alberian, familiar here and to TV viewers as Dokey the Clown among his THE FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONS DAILY PHONE FOR RESERVATIONS 356 BERGEN BLVD. FAIRVIEW 943-3131 Feahiring a Daily Special "THE FAMILY WILL I New at leiegray THIS WEEK! TOM'W thru FRI. at 2 P.M. PINOCCHIO Special children's daytime show Life-sized marionettes In a delightful musical . $2.00,1.50,1.00 iK, BECAUSE OF UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND SPECIAL ADDED PERF. SAT. AUG. 14 at 3 P.M. DAVID CASSIDY (7:30 pert, sold out) Prices: $7.00, 5.75, 4.50, 3.50. Box Seats $7.50. Lawn Seating $2.50. TUES. thru THURS. AUG. 17, 18, 19 Performances at 10:30 A.M. THE STARS OF TV'S "SESAME STREET' ARE COMING TO THE GARDEN STATE ARTS CENTER -A ft tt A r f Prices: Box Seats Special SEATS Cardan State Arts Center, Box Trie Garden State Arts Center ... v.. SAT. AUQ. 7 It 2 P.M. BAFtBERSHOP HARMONY FESTIVAL Festering THC DAPKR DANS OF HAMMNV (1970-lnternatlonal Chorus Chmpiona-S.P.E,B,S,Q.S.A,) FHces: M, 4, i, 2, 1. many other clown characterizations, is at long last appearing as himself. Alberian has written and directed the new Bugs Bunny Show for Warner Bros., based on their well-known cartoon characters, including Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Wiley Coyote, Yosemite Sam, and Porky Pig. Now under contract with Warners, Alberian is the show's emcee. It opens today for a week's run at the new convention hall in Wild-wood. Two shows a day, at 4 and 7 p.m., are scheduled. Alberian opened his show a few months ago in Rochester and over the July 4 week played at Riverside Park in A g a w a n, near Springfield, Mass. Many state fairs and other dates are booked for the show. Alberian says that from Wild wood, the troupe is slated to appear at the Delaware State Fair, followed by a date at the Rhode Island State Fair. After that, there's to be a tour on the Big Tent circuit, followed by performances in Toledo, the V e r m o n t State Fair, the Allegheny County Fair in Pittsburgh, the N. Y. State Fair, the Prince George Fair at Oxon, Md., and the New Jersey State Fair in Trenton in September. Future bookings will take the Bugs Bunny Show all over the country, to the Hollywood Bowl on the West Coast, and into Canada, with a possible future call to Europe, too. 'Sesame St.' Starts At Center Bob McGrath of Teaneck and Loretta Long, his fellow costar on the TV hit show, "Sesame Street," will appear in a special musical and variety show, "A Happy Time," which will have three performances at the Garden State Arts Center Aug. 17, 18, and 19. Another in the series of fam-i 1 y entertainment scheduled for the Arts Center, the shows will be at 10:30 a.m., with admission prices $1, $1.50, and $2, the same as for the "Pin-occhio" marionette shows, which start tomorrow. "A Happy Time" will feature Bob and Susan (their "Sesame Street" names and by which they're best known to TV viewers) singing songs specially written for this show and also popular songs from the TV program. A parade, in which children in the audien' e participate, is another show feature. riiiYlHHise NYACK N. Y 1096C Opening Tonight, July 19 Eleanor Parker ,n Jtorty cor at s Wildly mirth-provoking Broadway smash hit Children!' Musical Tun. 11 AM S 2PM The Pixiejudv Troupe in "THE THIEF OF " Call now for reservations NYACK 19141 EL 8 MOO N y 12121 Kl 9 7050 Box Office open daily except Sun. HAVE A GREAT DAY AT Jersey JTT. LORETTA LONG (SUSAN OF "SESAME STREET") BOB McGRATH (BOB ' OP "SESAME STREET",) Ilk VI ! - ft. MnAr'fT 1 1Mb" i A MUSICAL VARIETY SHOW $2.00,1.50,1.00 SPECIAL PERF. SAT. AUG. 28 at 3 P.M. America's Smash Hit Musical $6.00, 5.00, 4.00, 3.00. $6.50. Lawn Seating $2.50, Student Discount Tickets: $2.00. AT BOX OFFICE I BY MAIL 116, Holmdel, N.J. 07733, Phone (201) 264-9200. is operated by The New Jersey Highway Authority

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