The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 15
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' THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 19SO BI.YTHEVTLL1! (ARK.) COURHER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OH. TH BATH TOWEL: WELL, VOU KNOW1 AIWT SO GOOO WITH SOUP, SPECIALLY OMTH'STAIRS BUT EONT WORRY, I'LL WttY MOTHERS GET GRAY Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE GAD, MARTHA. ! ME IfJ A f^eW ROL6 SATUR- K HOST/-* 1 -I'M IKWITlMG A li GROUP OF OWLS CLUBBERS TO HOOPL6 MAKJOR FOR A SYMPOSIUM ON WORLD APPAIRS.' li THE} LAST TIM6 YOU eNT£C- TAlrOED THAT PLATOOM OP FALLEKJ ARCMES.THEV LEFT Tne PLACE LOOKING LIKE THE CITV DUMP/-*-WE'LL WALTZ1 FARTHER BOsMM TUe PATHWAY OF LIFfe TO&ETHeR IF Y00 STICK TO YOUR. STANDARD SATURDAY (4ISHT -( SOLO ROLE OF, BKVHTUB CARUSO/y [JI ASOlJ; 140 COAL- ATTWrCLUB= /-.$•<, Bedrooms ijlytlievllle. Hotel 5i H ; 27 pfc CojnlaHnble m'aroom Call 2675 12114 Jik 1114 Nlue comlortahle ocdroom adjoining bntli. ycjl \v. Ash Plicme 2209 30 pit U Nice bedroom. Men only. 1'rlvRte entrance. 6U walniu. Ph 2^95 1223 |>k 1.28 Bedroom adjoining bath I'll 2333 12,21 pk 121 Hertroom. conrenlrnt to hiuh Steam neat ph 332S 611 W Main St |ik 1|U Bedroom for rent Ptt 2818. Bedroom adjoining bath, Ph 23118 12:21 pi l|2l for Rent Furnished 2-rcmi house. Adults only No l'e«. Call 6272. 419 Su. anil. Street. Store building located 118 N. 2nd St. Next door to Universal C. I. T. Corporation. 36 feet witie and SO feet long. Will lease up to 10 years. Formally used as Real Estate Office." Tom Little Real Estate. Has heating plant, and cooling system. Will rent either with these items or without them. Best location in city for Insurance or Real Estate Office. CaU 801 TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 Two bedroom house Tor rent on CnickRARWha. Call David ReM Estate Co. lf-1 ck 7 I Love My Doctor, Ru tualun R^^inr r " '^ H Ewi r- »«A«».- «^ By Evelyn Barkins Warehouse 30'x40' on rnllrond sliJ- Irg Midwest Dairy Products. I'h. 4447. 1H15 ck tf Small Apartment, mil! lies furnished. Also sleeping room. Phone 6:(06. I [3 pk 1[6 Flash cameras lor all O'STEEN'B STUOIO. . 45-ck-U iFOR RENT: Frozen Food lockers, PAylocfc's Highway 61 Pnoiic 3172- f S23 ck tf Bedroom, private bath, 1000 West Kh Si, Phone 2790. 4 pk 7 Three room house 3065, ith bath. Phone 1[4 ck 1|7 Have large room 20 feet \vitle by 24 feet long. Can be made Into 2 or 3 rooms. Located upstairs. Over Charley's Electric Shop. • Just across street from Mid-West Ice Cream Co. Water, heat & lights can be furnished. Lease as long as you desire. Calif 861 for TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 1-5 ck 12 THE STOKTi Alter »mr AHf/ r^jiilluK n an haitir drrorMtl <Mlrk John'. hrl|i) nnri fOKjxf II a IkouKht w« could dM. • • • vni 1DEOPL.E like John and me jusl didn't secrn to exist for Uie' Pdilors ot the ordinary home furnishings magazines, where pine- paneled dens and mirrored powder rooms are of greater importance than undersized living rooms and dining tables practically in the kilcnen sink. But like everything else, the silver lining to our problem of what to get was our inability to buy it. The essentials, ot course, we could manage: bed. chairs, ;ofliee equipment et cetera. Hut much of the rest would have to await a more pecunious day. : But I wanted a painting, a (genuine oH painting and I couldn't : afTord H. , "Make H yourself," Ji -n said teasingly. "Isn't that our operating principle?" i "I wish I could," I answered iseriously, but truthfully, since un' fortunately I am one of those 'people whose best attempts at (drawing m^ke the most extreme modern art look comparatively intelligible. And then one day, when John and I were out walking, we came across a lovely scenic picture marked down to almost nothing. Inquiry explained the miracle as being the result of a big tear In the canvas right across a tremendous tree trunk in the foreground. "Let's get it," I whispered to John, "anu well flx it up.- So we bought it anc toot it home. j '"Put adhesive on the back over the damaged part," John advised, ajid it worked fine. Tlien J >ought some paints and blackened the siiUirr line, brightened up the sky with a little more blue, and stopped there only because John "insisted. "Beautiful. 1 * 1 breathed happily when it was finished, as if I had iust been presenUxi with an original Van Gogh. • • • E had four mahogany and white leather chairs and a red Blaster lamp with a white shade in the foyer waiting room and four red leatherette chairs from my Aunt Hilda in the kitchen, and a Ded, chest, dresser, two night tables and two lamps (John's cousin Steve), in the bedroom. The living room was adequately filled with my old tremendous rand piano which nv mother had graciously donated, a red velvet couch with twin tables and white lamps from my father, and John's famous bookshelves. But then, everything looked beautiful to me there, ui^til the time when l stood all alone waiting tor John to come hoine to spend our first sleeping night As I waited for his arrival. J was seized with a sudden doubt. All at once, the fading afternoon I i ght made all the rooms see m gray and dismally dull. The floor coverings under my feet, felt unusually thin ana hard, and the un- matching strips of paper in the foyer stood out glaringly ridiculously. 1 stood at the kitchen window, with the cold bare walls about me, and looked oul into the shabby-looking, crowded, noisy street Where was the beauty now? "It's poor looking and cheap,' I thought. "All our work was >ust a sham. It's nothing much at all!' Just then, I beard John's key in the lock, and I struggled for self- control. But instead of coming straight inside, he called: "Close your eyes, and don't open until ; say." "AH right," I called back, glad of the. respite. I stood wailing until he said '.idy," and Uien wont oul lo "hen he was. He had lighted foyer lamp, and its softly imr; glow lit up the entire tlace. There was low. sweet music coming in from Lhe living room, and on Ihe table, beside the amp, was his Auiil Sarah's bron/e >"wl filled with a large, glorious, 'rngrant bunch of the reddest • 1 had ever scon. "For our first official nlghi in our wonderful new home," he said proudly, smiling happily at me, and just like [hat as I stood aeside him, everything was beautiful again. » • • 'HE path of tiie novice is always trnujjlit .vilh innumerable piUalls —hich, fortunately. !le scarcely ever sees. The armor of youth is ignorance, and the spur of its amoition is inexperience. Self-confidence rather than knowledge carries the beginner far, and it is not until the pinnacle of success it attained and seemed, that the risks, the gaping traps behind him suddenly become appar- enL "Lord," ho s^ys with proper awe, "how did 1 ever do it?" Atid he never really knows. For the medical novice, however, the precariousness is even worse. There exists a peculiar element called "confidence in a doctor," which serves as the basis of the physician-patient relationship, but which also acts as a hindrance to his rapid development of a clientele. It is almost as if no one person is ever willing or daringly brave enough to Oder hirnscU as the oriRina! guinea pig, and to then ?o forth with a personal testimonial of his survivaL "Build a practice?' John glibly told my worried parents. "Why that's easy: Mrs. A come; in and she's pleased with my services, so she recommends Mrs. B to me, who's also satisfied. Mrs. B relers Mrs. C, Mrs. C sends Mrs D. and so forth until J need an assistant." I smiled happily at this wonderful logic, but my mother said pointedly, from her full share of experience and knowledge and caution and fear: "But where is Mrs. A?" (To Be Continued.) Personal Ttiruy mlnulc pholoalatlc sorvlcc O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 118-ck-lI Lost White beaded evening bag lost New tar's Eve nt either The Hut or Jaycee Club Room. Reward. Call -1203 1J4 pk 7 Loons WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to he had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. I j RULES LAND CO. I ill''. T. Barnctt—Russell Riales 22G2 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf Money to Loan '*> you need a loan to repair or re- rootlel? ^o down payment on moil- 8lgo, no red tape. FHA APPROVED RATEK 5r{, ASK KOR DETMtS Max Locan, Realtor Pnonc 2031 Lynch HilllillnB Blythovlllc. Ark. S23-c*-tr Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE 1VI'"' ~,*.'I "' contil <:l H B Stirpparrl. pnon« 3157 early morning, nnin or _ sr ^ I2J10 pk 1110 Plywood has been used In piano manufacture since 1830. when It was first used for tuning pin blanks to prvent pins from slipping. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Von Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Position Wanted A-l gin manager experienced In cr- rclloii, repair. Rnrl operation of Mur- rny. Coiulnemnl. and Hurdwlcke Eltcr Kins. Also extensive plantation experience in rinndllns all major delta crops and Including anhvdrous nm- monla application and cot'lon plcker.i Ursire connection w ltt> large planter or company vrbeie Hying nnd school conditions arc uood. Excellen references covering holh character and ability. Write Hoi 678 c,o Courier News company. !2OT pt 1;6 For Sale, Cart and Trucks NOW All ronr |4> wheels pull on the VMIJys StRllon Wagon, I'JcKup anil niKKCrt Jeep "The worlds most useful vehicles" Ulytliecllle willy Snles Co Ph 5b4 12,22 cw l;22 Wanted to Rent 2 or 3 unlurnlshed rooms Close In settled couple. Will be permanent. I'd ""- 1!«. pi; 111 1IW-600 acre /arm. Ph. <328 !230 Holly and ivy have been irlnntifietl with Chrislmas from early times. Lost Genera] store and KOO<i building in ft Kood town near Cape Glrardeiui, Mo Address Alon70 Pullman. Advance, Mo, Instructions "New Classes In Shorthand. Ticmk- kei'plng. Typing. Mrs. L. M. llurnclP- """ ""•"• " Ij5 ck tf I01U Hcarn." Help Wanted, Male Will he «t Noble Hotel 7 p.rn~'Jnir II lo Interrlrv.' men lor jia!e* work Men with cars 35 to 60 preferred High Class dignified position P o Bnlsford atatc Sales Mgr. 19 clc'lui Wanted to Buy Highest prices paid for CHICKENS— EtJOS, Ash atrect tiroccry f.- Market 117 w. Ash. 67 cl: II Taken Up Taken np one gray marc mule 1 Muck norse muln, o. D, lx>n B Rt' a Uox ' ' Porrsls cover half the area o( Sweden. FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. W. L. TAMKE RKAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingram-Hcvnian May Cooper Bl(l._p|,. ,( G 2 7 12-9 ck 1 -a ^^^^^••^M^MMMi Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, (alien and cripplen JaniniHls picked up free o! [charge in sterilized trucks. I Call collect, 6142, Blythe• ville, Ark. •ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAI • DISPOSAL CO. 11," pk 1.21,50 i CD LU Q H You can buy it for .J8-15 on Friday, ?S35 on Saturday, elc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7-50 on the front . . . good heater, per^ feet motor, and excellent paint . . . clean fl s a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. Cob & Chassis Friday's Price 845 OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS 19'IS Slmlcbaker Land Cruiser Slydchakcr Champion Chevrolet 2-door 1919 Sltwlebakcr '/ 2 -T»n I'ickup. 1917 Ford V'z-Ton IMckup lillfi Oodgc ^-Ton Pickup CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH , PHONE 88g FUECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB : W£ MAY NOT MARKET AW BEAMIES ^ NOW \ VCU.OU UMPI- SPRIMG. (JUT YOU BOYS WIU- I WHOS » ' QH ObT VOUK &HARE Or -THE PKOFITS / v- HOW Of THE 6EAMIE WllATS \ WELL, OUR OJE-UH — RAKCOfF /CENrKOR. EACH BCto.116 SOLO, OUT— & VVHAT COLOR SHALL V/C OER OUR. The boss just presented m« with this new cure for colds! Could tbat be a gentle hint—no more days off?" PRISCILI.A'S POP I!Y A!. VBRMKRR HER LITTLE Q(RL 13 CUTE, TOO! ,, «•-> <—RarSn I-IT SHE (SURE GOSH, HAZEL; WHAT DID I SAY A/OWf fT'TPCS A LITTLE I'/ \^A DARLING: Not Pccwctr's l''anll BY MICHAEL O'Al ALLEY «nd RALPH LANK NOW YOU DOME ILT/WfPVOU AND YOUB PEE WE E.YOU WENT LOUSY AIM WITH THAT ANDWRtCKED 1HIS / TOAWV6UN BtEW OUT RENTED CAB/ -A. ONE OF TH6 TIRES. lOUSY AIM I WIPf D OUT riWT CARLO. i OON'T GET 50 MAD AT EACH OTHfS.GENIUMEN. MOOR T CAPTAIN EAP I1Y LKSLIE TURNER VOU FILTHY/QUIET ! WE DOH'T AIM EVEE.V MOUE.OM Tile HOUC OKAV...THM's LEWS SlQWftL! KWOCK.OUT THAT WALL PAWELma IN THE BAMK.,.Y»E-ee . VDU'U E1MG IN VOUE BOXES JUST RE6ULHR BOUlllJE.r'OF LIKE Ei'EEVTMIwa IS OKAV! BUT /IH'DEACOM OWE VIKOHG MOVE AND YOU'RE DEftDl/M'RE READV FOR HIW TO nucs IUINNV Only I he »fst I SIUL PoN'T SEE HOW YA C'N AFFORP TAKIM' A\E T' PIMNER IN THIS SWANKY I -..,.— JOINT' >—--/NOTHINQ WHERTE YA HEAPIN'? TH*''WA!Y M POLLOW ME, OUT/ I'D RATHER WASH PISHES HERE THAN n f ANY PLACC TOWN / Tlu; Male Amazon HY V. T. HAMLIN • r ?,V.":. V.%.v-f)V-''( ^° LONG. S1ISL5...AND (u,-^ I'-.J••'?-;• \ TH^J^JKS FOE. TH' < NOW TSEE HOW GOOD AMAZON . I CA.N MAKE FOR. MYSELF OUTA BL1NCH OF JL)NI^.' HOOTS AM) HKH liUDDIKS M«.. e> '. I BY EDGAR MARTIN YOU RE. WOW^vtO ? Y.OOV4 VOO OViVV VirWt To 'VM ^ WORK. VWV\

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