The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1950
Page 8
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*AGE EIGHT BLYJTIEVILUB, (ARK.) COUHTER NEWS Laborites Seek Block Of Action on Proposal For European Army STRASBOURG, Aug. 16. W> — British Laborities battled toduy to block European Assembly action on Winston Churchill's proposal for a European army. Led by British parliament member James Callaghan, the Ijaborltes enlisted Scandinavian support in the assembly subcommittee on security, now debating Churchill's recommendation. Callaglran threatened to walk out of the subcommittee last night after it voted seven to six, with one abstention, to take action on the army proposal. The subcommittee's stormy three- hour session was marked by bitter clashes. Callaghan and representatives of Norway, Sweden and Iceland contended the European con- sulaiive assembly has no right to act on the proposal. Question Is Decided E. De La Valle Poussin, Belgian member of the subcommittee reminded Callaghan and the Scandinavians that the question already had been decided by the full 125- member assembly last Friday when it approved Churchill's motion by a vote of 89 to 57 abstentions. The whole dispute went today to the assembly's committee on general affairs, headed by former French Premier Georges Bidault. One informed assembly source said Bidault may demand appointment of a new subcommittee if the security group fails to speed up its action on the army proposal. Subcommittee Deadlocked The security subcommittee was deadlocked six to six on its first vote on the proposal. Chairman Leon Maccas of Greece then cast an affirmative ballot to break the dead- loci:. The subcommittee's vote was on a formal proposal by British Conservative Duncan Sandys, Churchill's son-in-law, to take immediate action on the proposal to create a European army and European defense ministry. Most assemblymen feel the group, Europe's s unofficial parliament, should appeal for action directly to Western Europe's individual governments rather than be content •with mere recommendations. Under present assembly statutes, such recommendations first must be forwarded to the committee of 12 foreign ministers, the council of Europe's upper house, where each minister has a veto. Alpinists Trek Downward with Youth's >Body LONE PINE, Calif.,' Aug. 10. (AP) —Liijby Holman Reynolds, who flew 7.000 miles from France hoping to find her missing son alive, waited today for a party of Alpinists to bring his body down from the heights of the nation's taltet mountain. The former torch singer arrived last night by chartered plane, leaning for support upon the arms of a nephew, Michael Kahn, '/ Media, Pa., and a friend, Harvey Poc, a British Oxford student. Oniy a few hours earlier, seven members of the Sierra Club enctod a six-day search when they reached the frozen tody of 17-year-o'id Christopher Smith Reynolds, heir to tobacco millions. It. was wedged in a crack on ;he sheer cast face of 14,49<)-foot Ml. Whitney, some 700 feet from the summit. Apparently he and" his companloii, Steven Wasscrman. also 17, hsd almost completed their perilous ascent of the penk when tragedy struck. The body of Wasscrman. son of William Stix Washerman, wealthy Philadelphia broker and economist, was found Sunday in a .snow-choked crevasse more than 1000 feet below. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 19M 25. .„. „ pulled out. It Is noteworthy, however, that 10 tanks were included in the iljovc, and no air force. Tlie common explanation for this is that the South Korean Army was too no MOVIES NEXT? - Sharman Douglas, 22-year-old daughter of U. S. ambassador to Great Britain Lewis Douglas, is being tested for a role in a new movie cn- lilled "That Man From Tan- aier." now being filmed in Spain Lawrence County To Impound Ballots In Judge's Race WALNUT RIDGE, Ark.. Aug. 16. (fft —Cleo Moody, loser of the Democratic nomination for Lawrence County judge by five votes, has obtained a court order for impounding of the ballots. The order was granted yesterday by Circuit Judge S. Marcus Bone. Moody, present county treasurer, apparently plans n contest of the nomination of his opponent, incumbent Tom ,B. Logan, at the Democratic Primary. Memphis Col-ton Sales Booming MEMPHIS, Tenn,, Aug. ic. MV- Sale.s are booming on the Memphis Cotton Exchange. Spot sales of us.133 bales were recorded yesterday—the most ever sold at the exchange in one day The previous high was 98,194 bales, set cJsht days before. Exchange President John Dlllard said the rapid turnover was due to release of commodity credit corporation cotton. He said higher prices now give the government agency the chance to sell Its stored cotton at enough to cover its cost and storage. New Battle of Bulge Stars Russell, West HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 10. (/P) — A new battle of [he bulge is scheduled This one will Ire fought In Hollywood, however. And It's not a war film but a comedy--starring Jane Russell and Mac West. RKO will produce the pulchritudinous picture —tentatively titled "Mother Knows Best." . EDSON (Continued from page 6) timated 9«,000 men as of June , 1950— a year alter the Americans ulled o anx •JUULU n.orcan Army was too :ious to attack the North Ko- eans. This can be chalked up 8S an error or a good tiling, dependin" on how you look nt it. If the South Koreans had been the aggressors It is doubtful if they would have got outside help. And they might have got a beating. What South Korean Will (Jet As for later military assistance to Korea. Congress didn't complete action on MAP—the military assistance program—until Sent. 28, 1940 Then it took three months to make an arms aid agreement with the Koreans nnd another three months to get It rained, on March 29, 1950 This was the first date on whlcli it was legally possibl to furnish new militar yald to Korea. Ten million dollars worth of arms aid was then authorized for Korea. Rut it appears that only $253.000 worth of .supplies wire delivered'be- fore A-clny, June 25. 1950. The main trcuble seems to have been that Korea was not given a hish priority by the Joint Chiefs of staff. The story of economic aid to Korea is another icartache of compounded delays, president Truman first asked Congress for $150,000000 for Korean aid on Jan. 7. 19-19 On Oct. 6—nin months later—Confess gave him $30.000,000. The following January, the House killed an additional $00000000 ao- propriation for Korean aid by a vote of 191-191. A month later the House reversed this action, but that still save the Koreans only 40 per cent of the assistance (he President, had originally asked for the period ending June 30. 1D50. FOUR HOT DOCS—Capt. Kenneth Houghlon. San Francisco, Culil., leit, anri T/Sgl. John Slagle. Templeton. Pa., both of the Firsl Marine Division, soak their aching feet in their water-rilled helmets afler a forced march toward the battlefronl in Korea China area will go to Korea. T nvestigating all these dabs and delays seems somewhat pointless, I however, since aid to Korea Is now beyond the bookkeeping stage. Department of Defense lias instructed Sen. Mac-Arthur to give all assistance necessary from his supplies in Japan. He requisitions replacements. More supplies are going direct. The total will run into billions of dollars—not Just millions. In the last few months, Congress has approved S100.000.COO economic assistance to Korea for the year ending next June 30. And an undisclosed share of the $303.000.000 military assistance earmarked for tiie There are more than 40.000 different kinds of fishes In the world. MAKES 10 BIG COLD DRINKS tobeahe ^ /' ,// fa' " / Because Chevrolet trucks with Loadmasler engine after more net horsepower—proved by certified ratings on engine i used aj itandard equipment In conventional models of the five most pop'jtor makes, 13,000 to 16,000 Ibs. G.V.W- Low original cost, low cost of operalion, low upkeep cos) mean added savings <%'"" Because Chevrolet offer* Valve-fn-Head *ngkie—rugged dependability, economy and quality that last. Chevrolet's luperiorlty has been proved year after yea* by millions of (tuckers across the nation—cuh running and mainlenance costs—makes real reductions In your operating expense!. *ia Chevrolet trucks have led fn demand and tales for the last eight consecutive truck production years . . . ore far ahead agafn this year according to current registration figures. Here U convincing proof of grealer owner satisfaction—sallsfacllon which has mode Chevrolet's higher resale value tradt- tronal across th« nation. - C/tevrv/ef / - Des/gn TWO GREAT VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINES • THE NEW POWER-JET CARBURETOR • DIAPHRAGM SPRING CLUTCH • SYNCHRO-MESH TRANSMISSIONS • HYPOID REAR AXLES • DOUBLE-ARTICULATED BRAKES • WIDE-BASI WHEELS • ADVANCE-DESIGN STYLING BALL-TYPE STEERING • UNIT-DESIGN BODIES SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO 301 West Walnut Phone 578 OTICK OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION IX SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 52 OF MISSISSiri'I COUNTV. ARKANSAS Notice Is hereby given that the nminl School election in the abova named district will be held on September 26, 1950 for the following pur|x>ses: 1. The election of one director for a term of five years, and the election of one director foi 1 a term of two years. J. The voting for or against a proposed tax of 30 mills. The total School tax includes '8 mills for maintenance of School? and 11 mills of said tax will constitute a contenulng annual levy for the purpose of paying principal and interest of a proposed bond issue of 30,000, to be u;ed tor the purpose of refunding outstanding bonded Indebtedness and to acquire new school sites and to erect and equip new school buildings. Said bond issue will run for approximately 20 years. The surplus each year arising from the building i fund tflxp-s, after providing for principal and interest for that year and interest for the next six months on all outstanding bonds may be used by the district for calling bonds for payment prior to maturity or for other school purposes. The poll? will open at 8:00 o'clock A.M, and will close at 6:30 o'clock P.M. on Tuesday September 26th at the polling place, in the district to wit: , Lost Cane School Gym. Given this 15 day of August, 1950. John Maycs, County School Supervisor of Mississippi County \Vm. Berryman, Sheriff of Mississippi Comity 8; 16-23-30 IN TH* CKANCEEY COWT, CHICKASAWBA D*STHCT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS LouiM Tharp, Pitt. Vs. No. George A. Trurp, Deft. WAJtNING OBDUL The Defendant, George A. Tharp, Is hereby warned to appear In thu coiirt within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Louise Tharp, and upon his fallurt to do so, said complaint will be taken as confessed.. Witness my hand as Clerk of Lh« Chancery Court, Chickasawba Di*. trict, Mississippi County, Arkansas, and the seal of said court, this th« 15 day of August 1950. Harvey Morris, jttrk By Ruth M»ge*S£j. Ivy W. Crawford, attorney for plaintiff. George W. Barham, attorney a4 litem. »-l«-2J-30-9-« Thanksgiving "Days" As early as 1878. the United States had two Thanksgiving Days in a single year: the last Thursday in November, and July 4, by proclamation of President Grant. DO YOUR FEET BURN? 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