The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 1950 BIATIIEVIT.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Planning Menu Eases the Cost Careful Marketing Gets Most of Foods And Best Nutrition In 1050 re-solve to set the most food iinrt imtiiiion for your money with the least possible waste'. The best wa yto achieve this Ls lt> plan nicuus days in advance (thereby saving waste of foods) and to select way to achieve this Is to plan amithercforc lower In cost, plentiful supply in vour market Here are a few sample budget menus to guide you: Luncheon: Waldorf salad fapples. ^ celery and walnuts), corn bread, butter or fortified margarine, sugar candies, tea, milk. • Dinner: Orange and pear cup, inasi stuffed chicken, mn.shcd potatoes, Frenc-h green beajis, celery cui'ls, cranberry sauce, hov rolls, butter or fortified tnur^arine, mince pie, coffee, milk. Luncheon: Hot )x>tato salad, corn mulfins. bulter or fortified marga line, stewed prunes and mu.s, te; Dinner: Frozen cod steaks, pars- Icy potatoes, spinach, bread, butter or lortillcd margarine, butterscotch tapioca pudding, coffee, milk. Luncheon: Creamed chipped beef on toast, head -letluce salad with French dressing, gingerbread, tea, iinilk. Dinner: Frankfurter casserole, broccoli, celery sticks, bread, butter or fortified margarine, apple crisp, coffee, milk. Luncheon: Cream of tomato soup, toasted garlic bread, butter^or fortified margarine, pears, Cheddar cheese, crackers, tea, millc Dinner: Roast loin of pork, mash- potatoe.s, yellow turnips, head lettuce salad with French dressing, mi\in\y tViose foods which are in bread, butter or fortified margarine,. milk. j To use leftover ham, try this re- | cipe for ham and potato cakes: Ham ami I'otatti Cakes ^ (Serves 5-6) W' Three cups ground cooked ham or shoulder. 3 cups mashed potatoes, 3 tablespoons chopped parsley, salt to taste, fat. Mix the meat, mashed potatoes and parsley and season to taste with salt. Mold Into fat cakes and fry In hot fat until brown. French Frying Simplified by Thermometer The modern method of French frying is much simpler than the old-fashioned way. The difference is that today there are accurate deep lat thermometers to tell when the fat Is exactly the right temperature. There's no need to intake time-consuming, inaccurate tests with cubes of bread. And there's no danger of the fat smoking up the house during the frying. ^ Frying thermometers are now ^•.vailable at a moderate cost In department stores. A new type that's especially practical is mfide entirely of stainless steel. Thts thermometer has a long stem which is fastened to a round, dial-type face. The stem fastens to the edge of the frying kettle with an adjustable clp. This puts the round, temper- atur-telling dial in a convenient position to show at a glance the degree to which the fat is heated. So bring out the trying Kettle and the fat thermometer and treat the family to Crispy French fried potatoes, doughnuts and other delicacies. For a starter, try this recipe for Corn Fritters. Corn Fritters ] '.i cups flour, sifted 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar 2 eggs, beaten li cup milk 2 cups canned whole kernel corn, drained Frying fat Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar, neat CCK* in separate bowl and add milk. Add to flour mixture all at once and stir until .smooth. Stir In corn thoroughly ifelrop by teaspoons into deep fat • i""trr| "to :n<1oF. Fry until golden brown on all sines. Remove from f;it ii n d drain on absorbent, paper Serve hoi. with butter or syuip Makes 5 to 6 servings. 'Brown Derby' Book Features Tested Recipes II you like the following eating •Kibits of celebrities, read throujjli the 500 rccipies of the brand new 'Brown Derby Cookbook," As yon know, the Brown Derby restaurants arc an essential part of Hollywood's glamor. This boyk Is a collection of favorite disr/'s of stars and starlets who have helped make those restaurants popular. Fortunately all recipes have been tested and edited by Marjoiic C, llustcd, highly credited American home economist. Smothered Spring ( liirkdi Derby (Serves 2) Two and one-half-pound broiler, 3 ounces buUer. 2 cups pastry cream, 1 cup chicken broth, 1 tablespoon finely chopped green onion, 'i teaspoon celery salt, suit and pepper. Unjoint chicken in 6 pieces: flour, salt and pepiicr. Heat butter in heavy skillet, add chicken and saute golden brown on both sides Add cream, chicken broth, onion and celery salt, cover and simmer 20 nujuucs or until well done, j If 1 gravy should reduce too fast, add more cream or chicken btoth Leftovers Used For Chop Suey or Chow Mein Dinner Leftover pork In the refrigerator? Then prepare » satisfying chop siiey or chow mcln dinner, suggests Heba Staggs, home economist, It's an interesting meal, whether the homeninkers uses fresh pork or cooked pork, For preparing this dish, cubes ol pork are first browned in added fat. (When using cooked pork, El is combined with the vegetables { \\' e just long enough before the end j ^^ of cooking time so It will be thoroughly hcaled.1 Finely cut onion. diced celery and a liltle liquid from 01 " Cushion-Style Pork Roast Is Good Stuffing Choose a cushion - s(y]p pork shoulder for an attraclive, delicious and thrifty meal .serving, sn^t'-sts Keba Stages, \vcll-knawii home economist. This roast is a ptnk picnic shoulder with the hock niul the nun bone removed. The input dealer .sews the shoulder where open for stuffing, To combine with the pork flavor, a rice and sausage combination Buffing Is exceptionally good, oil *«»"»* -'^edien,., ,„,,„„„ " c crackcr ciimus saueikimii until- the vegetables are tencicr and ", c . the .neat, ., e^nolctely eooKed. Traditional ingredients Include a p p i,, s | ic( , s ant j ,. n i. s | ns atided to Ihe mixture and heated, For the veslful sauce, corn, pepper, soy sauce and. water Krown I>ct'liv I'oLitn I'antakcr: (Serves 8) T',vo eggs, well beaten, U teaspoon nutmeg. 1 teaspoon chopped parsley. 3 potatoes, grated fine, 2 table-spoons flour. '.; teaspoon baking powder, salt, ',.; cup butter. Beat together eggs, nutmeg, parsley and potatoes. Add flour, baking powder and salt to taste. Blend well until smooth. Pry in butter, a tablespoonful of batter for eacll cake. Keep warm in oven until served. are combined and added to the h n t mixture, stirring constantly until l hick. The mixture is, then ready to be served as chop sucy over steamed rice or chow mein : over cninchy Chinese noodles in truly Oriental fashion. Mincemeat Rolls Good For Tea or Dessert Food placed (at side up on a rack iti an Q|ieu toasting pan. Water i.s not added mid no basting is npce.s^ry The pan is left uncovered and the meat cooked in ft 350 decrees P. oven until \vell done. A cuslnon- siyle pork shoulder requires [mm 35 to 40 minutes per )x>umi roasting time!. Mincetncal pie brings up pealing ^nuum ur u,ii_-u. /-mu iu» i-vt-n mme visions to many people, but why I appeal, dessert rolls are topped with mincemeat in pie? Use this spicy-sweet mixture in yulctidc dainties, suggests Reba Staggs, hnrnc economist. Joined with rich biscuit dough, it's the perfect treat for lea or dessert time. For clever rolls, mincemeat is spread on biscuit dough, rolled up in jelly roll fashion, cut into pinwheels and baked. For tea-size /Us, tlie dough should be rolled Mn, West German Official follows a Tradition FRANKFURT. OTV-West German President Dr. Theodov Ileuss has offered to be "CcUatbcr to every seventh child born t'i a German ffunily. Hciiss followed thr {inclitlon of former German Presidents Paul Von Hnidenbnrc and Frirdrlch Ebcrt. They gave each seventh child of a family a small cash gift. ENJOY Bfr^^^i^ IMS Hickory Smoked HAM ->^ forySfice means taste delight MIMPN» PACKING CO A new* socLion of the DPHVCF building code covers inulli - level parking garage.s. for dossprt-sizc, a thicker tlcniKli should ht? used. Ant3 for even tuorc , harti sauce, NUneemeat also takes it.s place in adtHnp flavor to cookies and pLos— including apple, pear, c ranker j-y and pineapple. One-half cup ol mincemeat is spread over the fri'it '"illtnfj just before It is covered with pa.strj. Thinned \vllh uiiMveclcticd pineapple juice, misccincnt is a do- Hcton. tupping for ice cream or a tansy stuffing for tanked apples. Wholesale Groceries AT 'S Cooley's Saving Card This Card Costs $1.25 Buy $14 At Our Cost CASH and CARRY! All fair trade items, produce and meats cannot be sold at cost. Otherwise our entire stock is available at wholesale price. Here Are Some of the Low Prices Under Our New System I'AOE THIRTEEN Fresh TAYSTEE BREAD K rev's LARD 4 „ Krcy, Armour, Keel Fool SAUSAGE Creamery BUTTER Ai miHirs CHILI Cloverleaf DRY MILK 7 0 , A tin our PIG FEET 9 0 , Krey's, 20 Qt. BEEF & GRAVY Qoalilv APPLE JELLY 2 I( , A u nl Jemima PANCAKE FLOUR «, m . 12 c 54^ 32 66 42' 13 19 41 C 25 C 15 C While Naphtha P&GSOAP 2,, ro Ricclanr] Fancy RICE Kresh EGGS \Vilson I'asletiri/.ed MILK Ql Coloniiil PEACH PRESERVES,,, llhic I'lale TEA ,, Del .Monfe CATSUP Hi Life DOG FOOD Delicious KARO SYRUP ,„,„ Niblct MEXi-CORN 12 m . 13^ 10^ 36 C 18 27 25 16 7 17 16 SHOP AND SAVE MONEY AT COOLEY'S GROCERY 302 So. 21st. St. West Hiway 18 Phone 4337 CLD TASHICIIZD GnocEnv SAL: LIVE BETTER FOR IESS WITH KROGER'S EVERYDAY LOW PRICES, Buy all your foods at Kroger for one month. Compare your costs with' what you've been paying. See for yourself how Krogcr's everyday low prices save you money, help you Live Better for Less. £? §*h <?j '»<•; \~~l-8 V; ,' •- , ' -^ La fev*..- EMBASSY Q-tJar 37 C Salad Dressing. KROGER PEACHES 5 N ;,f« 1.00 H Sliced or Halves /^ SALMON >£.' sr I I'm,,-, Fine lor (,'ro(|iivlle.s or Salads f.\ TOMATO SAOCE 6<S 3? o> Hunt's S CROWDERPEAS 6 N "c,r 49 C I Standard Qualify - /£) STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 3 ^ 1.00 6 Kroger I'urc £•>) £»?$».** IP -.fiw ffi mm KROGER BREAD 2 :i 23^' New Size Loaf. LAYER CAKE Bn .59' ^ Kroger Lord lijtllimore _ "Cake ol' (hu ^'cck " CORN MEAL -- 99 C Cream Style While JEWEL SHORTENING - 69 i''or linking or Frying COFFEE CAKE Fii 19 Kroger Dale ami Nut Spotlight Coffee 3 £'1.711 1&& uesJ C«j>/cigM IW. the Xrc B .i Cc K.roger Hot-Dated, fresh flavor M; BEAKS ^2? KROGER OATS S 31 C <x I)r - v l''ntw Quick or HcRiilar Qj FLOUR t::-T 5 EGGS ^.48' | I Avmulale I'laiu or ScH-KisiiiB Kroger U.S. Oov'l grade A large ^y rvi.rvr , i^-v 5Q , b OJ .can 0 Xy & 1 1 < I Avmulalc I'laiu (ir Sclf-U PURE LARD Pure hog, firm white. $ 6 9 v> PORK ROASTS 35 C I 9-inch loin portion—tenderloin in—Ib. 45c. FRYING CHICKENS ,„ 52' .1 • . • r-> i. ,, ,,» . _ _ _ —•- - •*- slIS*t.J - f»^y"V - — _.-_.._- _ -_ ., ijir, ^*-*w _^j— _,' if/^jyt-^f^f \ 1'arni Krt'sh—Kully ]>rc.ssc<l—FSuy 'cm cut up in your favorite pieces. "V^HL ^jS^\. ^ ^ NECK BONES,, 15 C PORK CHOPS,,35 C I'rcsh Kml Cul.s, Fresh (i'^^^^^i " / >e & PORK LIVER ,,,.29 e SALT MEAT ,,25' fe^.0 Frt.sli unil Tender Slreak o' Lean ' ^ •^« < 3v p^^3? BACON u,45 c WHITING 2 ,,35^ X ^^-^ SA Ciesidenl Sliced Dre.ssed POTATOES U. S, No. I- f^ Ib. Bulk Washed ||| Kraft Reds I V Bag Washed, Selected Reds—50-lb. Mesh Bag 1.79. i .1.18 I', new ^fcen Texas i e COLLARDS 2 nch ,15 e (i Circcn Full Bushel 2.39 APPLES U.S. No. 1 Red for Cooking. TANGERINES Tree-Ripe! Juicy-sweet— Easy to peel. i- ),, ^ { Yn «*-.*' U 'M.>;,' f ,J&i,t >W • *^ 5 OA j S *W*?' '^ — •• ' »*• W « ^ . -M •f--" 1 -' >r 3^. 29< "^•'"^ViS^ lr «V' » SHOP EASILY-USE OUR SKKlB3i3SZSir&a>£&XZ*T3jrj^l^Vi^StXZZTG. HOT

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