The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURTE* KEWt CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MiBiMUM ckarr* .................. Me L tlaw jwr UK* .................. Ife t tl»ti p*r Una JUT 4iy .......... He 3 tlmr* per line per day .......... *e 4 tlnri per Uric p*r <t»j ......... . I« It time* prr li«« per day ........ , $c Month pfj line ........ 9*c Count fir* ateiaB* word* to thr lln*. Ad oidrrrd for thrp* or six limes' and •tapped tefor« «jiir»tio» will *« tHirgrd for ihf -Hiinibrr of tlmn the td appeared «nrt adjustment* of HI] •*de. All H»islfl<d xtvrrlltlnit ropj i«h- wltttd by persons mldta; ouliLrtr of the rlty must )*e acrompsnlfrt by rxth- •a(fi may b* »a»lly toe computed trom the iboT? table. Adrtrtl&lnj: ordered for Icrrjculax )•* Vtrttoni tak* the one tlmp'Ufcte. No responslbmty h* lafcen lor thai III *l*»»|f[ed ad. All adi «r* r*itrlct*r1 to Lhelr Notice Carrf cf Thunfcs We wish to express our «ieepo*t appreciation for thf wonderful help nnrt klndns-w; shown us during the low vil our dear husband and fftther. Kspeclnl- ly we trmnfe the n?v. P. H. JcmlRan and FPV. E. C Brown tor thrlr serr- Ires, the. I fldlpfj for thrlr wonderful hi*lp «rtd kfndnrsft, for I hi- hrauUlnl florfil nf (eft tips and al«> Dr. H 1». Johnson. Mr, 'stovall and ttir Blylhe- vllle Police Drpl. for their Mnd assistance. U hfl* been truly Raid "A fvtc-nri Jn n/vd 1» * fr)tnd inrfrrrt" and we found we riave many whom we thank God for. The HodKe Family 10 4 pic 5 Apartment for Rent • Watch and , Jewelry Repair l-IHy wrrlce on Jewelry—J d»j» on w*tchw undj clock i. Gun rant e«d work J»ce by «xy«rt rep n Inn en Lowt*t "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second ' ll.Jrk M It cosU no more to huve yo»:r en- rp topee addrpMCd In B professional manner. Fast service, guarantrM work Bdna Bird, Bo* 115. Manila. ArX 0,24 pk 10,8 Laundry In my hnm«- Pn. 6147, 0;ifi pit I HotiFfi moving anrt leveling, phone rJK32 or 8330. Writ* hot 327, Homer Nnn- aily. »;30 pV. 10.7 Typing in my home. Inquire at rear 621 N. Franklin St. 2S pfc 9 30 MINU'H PHOTOSTATIO 6EHV IC1. O'STKXM'ft STUDIO, 115 W. WAIN 13!4 ck tf for Sale, Misc. Good wheel chnlr. Ph, -42-15. io;2 pk 2 The hlgRcst entertninmrnt barsnln ID (own 16 a tlrkct lo the Gorilla Show on r.slc* Rt, 10.3 pk 7 Dirt. Fh, •23RO, Johnson Hlork Co. 102 ck II;3 1 rm. furn apt. Utllltlrs turn, Tlea- tonable. Ph. 8flR3 or '1059. ICT4 pk 11 3 room nnl. duplpx apt, 203B Chtr;!:- ait-qwba. Inquire (it 106 K. Mlivourt. ph, 4«Sfl, 10,3jilc 10 Kcw apti. FurnlBhed or un'urnlshrd. 3 roomc and hath. t!l« floors, Nlr.ely decorated:. On bus Hne. Inrjulrf 5333. Kenwood Drive. \0}3 pk 1T3 2 rm. him, apt., «lec. kitchen tn. Ph, 3237. ll>' . pk 5 Modern fxirnlshod unartment, 15rt4 Ttfarn, Couple nr two Jndlf.t. PJi, 2960. Blllte nenton, 10;2 pk 3 3 rooms with private bnth. 100 E, Cherry. Phone 3349 or 27fl7. 102 l>k 9 3 room turn. spt. Prlvnte l>ntJi nr\<1 private front nnd back rnlrfmre Adults only, Festively nr» chlHrrru Ph ezia or Boar. 9 : 30 ck tf '4 rm unfurn. npt, Nen-K dncorfttert Ph 4264 alter « p.m. IftOT Hcftrn. .fliSO pk 10J7 • 3 room furn apt. PrkalB entrance *nd t>alh. Hot w^ter. 1^ block Krogrr's. 807 N. First. Ph. 46(iO. »i2!» pk 10 B 4 rm. duplex on Heorn St., uns heat, newly decorated. Ph, 4467 or 6144. 9 29 tf 3, rm. unfnrn. opt-, pvt. bath. Good location Ph. 3335. 9,25 ck 10.25 3 rooms with private bnth. 100 E Cherry. Phone 3349 or 2781, 923 r>k 30 Newly decnrn(«d Btenm heatpd npt. h. 32,%s, fljn cn io;n Modern cnhln.i nnd apnrlmcnt». Ivost Boy Court Fhon« 9951. Couplra only 1 '" , " »;23 ck ID 23 Modera 4M5 room fur. apt Ph. 3595 or a]M cX tf Modern «pt. 3 rooms nnd bnth, new- JY riecornted. good furniture, JRS equip- xnen*. Pb. 3J73. F. Simon. 9'31 c* tr Small Apartments, furnished. f8 up per week. Bedrooms |4 up single. 114 \Vcat Ash Ph; 2833. 8-4 ck tf Services PIANOS Hnvp 5 good used pianos Guaranteed. Terms, Day ph. 2071. ni^-ht 2U59 9 tt rfc JW.S Thtntre riolnff jjood tni>>hifSB aoatlnff rsip&cLty 350, Price ift.OOO, rash $:i.Wt. balanr.e ihree rinnnnl paynipnu, LEWIS REALTY CO,, 111 E. Oavts, (>h, SBfiS, u 30 ck 10 3'J BARGAIN Very slightly used Kelvina- tor refrigerator. Same as new. Full n-yenr warranty. E. B. GEE SAI.KS CO 9120 ck tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 1U W Wnlnii* Phone &M* Plenty of Parking Space DAS EQUIPMENT IriKteillod hv hoiirtptl Ilvtrrs E. c. noniNsoN For salp hv owner-i-flood u^od cool hmntlnB stove ntso a oil hrntrr, both In tip-lop conflUlnn. Comp KCf F T Elder, 2lfi V,'. Kentucky Are. ]o i pk II Woorts Brm. 2 row combine with mn- tor. Threshed only 60 ncren. H. n. Whltf, Mnnlln. io;4 pic 11 22 It. house trnllcr, slpi>p-i 4 proplp. n\unne rnnqo, oil healer. Ice box find DM ill In closets. K1«rtrJc brakes nn<l llff Cnn lip ffen •>', rnlli-s vosl ol iltla. C. W. T1PTON. Mnntln. Ark. 104 ck 7 USED COMBINES If you need a good used self- propelled combine . . . ace us first. Clioose from Masse.v- Harris, Intcrnnlional Harvester, John Deere and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway 61 Phono 21-f2 7|19 tf Refrigeration—Air Conditioning Heating service 1 . Call 6986 or 60M~ BROFF REFRIGERATION CO • Free lubrication with every oil change. Muscles Swcal, manager. England Mobile Gas Station, Ark.-Jto. State Line 10,2 ck 5 Expert secretarial and notnrr Fnrv^ ICf-s .Available. Hotpl Nnhlp. ph. 4M1. 10:1 pfc n;i Try nur cieltcatessm specials—Bartf- cue ribs and chickens — nlmlento ctirese — [ hara italad -- chleXrn 5alart —Col« slaw — potato salad W* will cook (or your spcrla! rlinnfr or partr Call and ask \i« tor prices Cecil Lowe Grocon Phone «97 _____^^ 8;n ck io;n Guarantesd piano tuning &r.d re- palr. CMI J071 oar. 3n59 nlihta iM if Rabbits, Ttnbbits, Rabbils K'ow Is the tlmn to [iurrhi\AC hrprrt- nR 5tncV Some Arc rlbbnri wlnnprs nt nny NEA fnlr. Mn.«t sncr|f1ff $3 up Phono Jim Rolcson. 206-*. Q ; 2.1rik tl Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old Curnitnre. Farmers terms '/2 down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaines Ph. 6357 4JV7 ck tf Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2652 f« Safety's Gel for $ 2.75 Here's What We Do: Clean and inspect brake drums , . . . Clit'tk Wheel and master cylinders . . . Clean and repack front wheel hearings . . . Arid brake fluid if needed . . . Adjust brakes and pedal clearance . . . Adjust parking brake . . . Road Test. ompang 300 Broadway Phone 4453 IrtfrlKfrntor, 7 en. ft. '47 condition. Hoipolnt 40-ERl. i --. «35.w. fh. S17S. Mlnfc Anrl coon mm tula Gray. No, E) Store. I'hRc. Good ntrr tioiit- 10.2 pk S For Sole 1!)50 Chrysler <l-rtoor sedan. e d i u m size office safe. BARKSUALE Mfg. CO. 10]l ck 8 _ 5 rm. or furniture. p n . B001. in,? -4 foot Thompson bnftt. 22'4 hp- OMlt.oard molor. Ph. 9471. Holland, MO. __ RcBlstcrcrt Pol»nrt Chlni S. Crnlg. Blylhcvllle. Rt. 1 _ _ 0.29 jik PAINT NOW— Fur BIJ you Cnn E. C. ROBINSON LRR. CO. _ _ C.29 fk 1D,6 Cootl Usnd Comliincs W« linte nil ninkrs p,,|| type com . ilne*. Prlcrd trom S100 :ip. Delia Implement. 1 !, Inc. 312 S. 2nt! Ph. 0863 Factory hum traitor,. .1 linlo h7d7 Olicap. Wller Smith. Cnrnway Ark iviTVRle nd. llirrp q\i!irtc:r!i ml from ^-cmpnt on the Ipft. 9.26 pk 10/10 Chnncf.llor wheat for snlj, i3tio"^cr till W)ifollB..airi Co 2754 Dell- 829 It Flro-hnnfjiir. proof s«fM. Vnult doors «ny sl/e . nt factory price* (-•rr)"ht pnlrt^Ph. 4097. 925 pk 10,25 Ire proof^ntfj Impossible to lo.-k. wt. 225 IDs nl factor.!: Jff' Ph ' i097 9 2S |lk 10 •" mll Grocery store. InchxllnB IVi lot Running sml llvlnj qunrters 82.5 Clttrk Street. Ph. 2620. 922 pk 106 pick tfi For Sale, Real Estate 4\t. ROOMS, on Rolltson, modern, 51300,00 rlown. *«.Qfl per month E M TERRY, 23(11 or 21.14. |0|3 rk lt> 'fv ACRE, pood ft-room honir. garage <l wn.Oi house. 1( you cnn tnake n 520110.00 down payment, yoxi can re-ally sret a tjoort buy In this. E. M. TFRRY -?8I or 2134, io;:i ck 10 3 BEDROOMS, comfortable place near us In PAS district, clean and In poor! shapp. $125000 down. E M. TERRY. i or 2U-1. 10 J ck 10 Farming Specials! TRUCKS & TRAILERS 16 FT. CARTKR VAN TRAILER, (Jood Tires $i)TC ... a real buy nt this low nrire. ... , Lt v 3050 CMC C.O.E. Rt / ,KKl>B«, Cah in good mechanical cond i (i o n. Come liy and look it over. SITCA INTKRNAf lONAlY KUS-7 "TKUCK," air brakes, It, good tires ... 2 real bargain $1OAA loUu at DELTA COMBINES 2 MINNEAPOLIS MOI.INE COMBINES wilh engines. A REAL Buy! . . . each only . . MASSEY HARRIS with engine. Ready lo SJTA harvest your beans . . . Special only "1311 TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FARM A I.L H TRACTOR in excellent mcchan icat.cnndiiion . . . See il! FARMALL, C ^ith Cuflivafor and1 Planter $ . . . Blue Ribbon guarantee $ 765 312 Soufh 2nd Blytheville 6 ROOMS, nrnr City Hull on 2nd St. Good r^nt property. mw.OO down. > Oil per month. E. M. TERRY, i.lfll 2'34. 10:5 cic 10 417 Harclin. Three bed rooms or two bedrooms and den; 25 ft. living room FARMS, FARMS, FARMS For Sale If you want a farm in Miss. County or the immediate vicinity contact the man who has thorn for sale. 80 Acres good sandy loam land near Kciser, Ark., Well located, electricity. A real buy at ?212.50 per acre. 80 acres 2l/> miles southeast of Dell, Ark, Ark. Well locfit^l, extremely productive land. One of the finest farms you will have offered for sale this year. tATVRDAY, OCT. 4, MU PICK WITH US! BUY A ' Rust Cotton Picker! jack Robinson Implement Co. Arfcanwu _ Ph,ne J871 Announcing The Re-Opening Of BEN FISHEL AUTO AUCTION 2nd & Ohio Sts. Cairo, Illinois TUESDAY OCTOBER. 7, 1952 . 12 O'CLOCK NOON TONY LEVILL, Manager COL BILL HAGEL, Auctioneer Sale Every Tuesday — For Dealers Only For So/e COM & 1132 WEST MAIK 3 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS ~Tou Vnow how rl*.slrabl<> Ihls loca- ___^ tlon Is. If* , comfortable, solidly 19«1 Commander atudebakor «!tS bull) home with plastered walls, O,E ovcrdrlre. new wh , l( , sldewnll llres itom.tlc brat, flri-pjarf. 3 r/ir go- Call 2S». aillle Denton 10 2 n™ s B*. Al.l rooms, are Rfinprously sized (living Is 1SX34. one bedroom Is 13x13) Some Interior painting Is needed, 'so It s priced very reasonably to allow for this. E. M. TERRY • Ph. 23fll 2134 103 ck 7 Home on beautifully landscaped 106 ft. lot on corner of 10th & Holly. Has carpeted living room and dining room. Two bedrooms and den with 2 badis, modern kitchen and screened in back porch. Baseboard automatic heat, attic fan. Guest house and garage on rear of lot. This house was remodeled throughout recently. If you are looking for a home in a choice location — YOUR HOME Just completed in restricted -- •• <• .•"•'".». .-x o-n; Country Club Drive Addition ? n ' e tvaclt - sor > acre tract and 289 acres on Highway 40 west of Osceola, Plenty of improvements and a real buy. 323 Acres'on Highway. 40 \vest of Osceola. Plenty of im provements. Extremely well financed. Something you I ph: Mi7 you should see. 160 Acres 6 miles northeast of Blytheville, in fine community. Extremely good sandy loam soil. " I KiO Acres 3 miles south of Dell. M5 Acres near Tyronxa, Ark. Well located. A rea! buy at £175 per acre. ICO Acres on Highway between Bnkcrsville and. 'Kennett, Mo. Well located. $250 per acre. 238 Acres near Lepanlo, Ark. Fine, sandy loam land. ?22n per ncre. 720 Acres ncarTurrcIl, Ark. Extremely nice tiome, well improved. .?225 per acre. T20 Acres near I'aragould. Ark. Nice home and well-located. $125 per acre. 80 Acres \vell located n e a r 1'ara.irmild, Ark. $10(1 per acre. I have other tracts of land in Mississippi County. A 6-10 Call E. B. David at DAVfD REAL ESTATE Phones 3633—2486—2202 For Rent 10;3 pk 10 DELTA FATIM FOR RENT 1.10(1 arrp (arm with 1070 acres In cul- .tlvatlon—Part of one o( the Unit old nlantatlons In Phillips County—Excellent location 5 mllps south ot Helena on eood road—Convenient to schools- Good 6-room main with all modern ronvenlence~24 tenant houses. R s* 2'3 pandv lonni. iz, black land. all sultahte for cotton, corn, small grains, cattle and hay—Good drainage— Possession as soon as present crop Is Khtiiered Cooperation from present tenant for Immediate planting of fall cniln.i nnd cover crops — I,ong term tense. 5 to 10 years, with rental of MOW per acre on cultivated land-Applicant have sufficient equlnment and furnish without waiver—This Is the ehanre of a lifetime 'to have n permanent location with every ndrant- ace of ownershln, without having to ttnv hfEh prlrcd land—Owner more In- teresled In stability and pood farmln? nractlres of tenant than In Irvine to cet last dollar of rent. Call or wlrs for appointment to Fee .'. B. f.ASfpERT RE,l!. ISTATE CO. Phone <-2335 Helena. Arkansas 102 ck 5 Notice SPAGHETTI DINNER Wed. Oct. 8 NOON & N1TE AMERICAN LEGION HUT Sponsored by AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY 10|3 ck Math is Modern Trailer Park Now Open to Trailer Parker I.adlfs * men's heated restrooms; shower stalls: hot water: new washer rinse luh: cloth,, line: cesspool 'connections for modern trailers. Sott water approved by comity board of health R^easornble rates 2 miles south of Blc- 81 next to Startne 10J3 pk 10 thevllle on Hwy Theatre. TRAILOR PARK Cllj- water, hath house, electricity, plenty of shade. Eacana Trailer "Park 1 nil. S. 61, Blythe»llle. 102 r * 11'2 W «' IJIVK Is now jo'jr. Fuller Brush dealer 2110 Henley St.. Rlythe- vllle. Ark. Telephone S938. _ 9[9 pfc 109 IVatch our windows for Bargains. We nave speclaj lov prices every weekend Cecil Lowe Grocery Phone 4597 »|17 ck 10 : 17 Private Rooms Comfortable bedroom bath. Ph, 2i>38 or 9671. fflth private Sullivan-Nelson SPECIALS 1951 CHEVROLET Deluxe S(yli ne Power Glide> 4 . Door Sedan, Push Button Radio, Seat Covers, Fresh AJr Healer and Defroster, Driven only Ifirifln BARGAIN «•"""— ' lb ' uwo 1949 PLYMOUTH Deluxe 2-Door Sedan, S*«t Covers Heater and Defroster, Krey Finish, one J1A4F owner car, low milea K e, ONLY .......... Iu4d 1947 CHBVROLKT '-'lee I waster 2-Doo r Sedan Seat Covers, Spot l.\ K h\, Motor Completely Over- $TOA hauled, a nice clean family car. Only . IVQ 1919 CHKVKOLKT ^-To n 1'ick-Up Truck' $AQr 1949 FORD V-8 /,-Ton I>ick-Up Truck 1950 CHEVROLKT '/i-Ton Pick-Up Truck 1950 CHEVROLET 3/<S-Ton Pjck-Up Truck HAJr 19 17 CHEVROLET 2-Ton Lnn R Wheel Base Truck 2 Speed Axel, 12(.',. I iod y, 700 x 20 front tires, 825 x%n rear tires . . . this (ruck is extra dean and ft STftr bargain at __ 135 L1/h FiT'? 0 ., IjET "/''To* '•""K Wheel' Base Truck »iin u n. body, 2 speed axel, 750 x '0 front 825 x 20 rear tires, a Sullivan-Nelson"special ... . Only ; BAST r.MAf PAYMENT PLAN RemcHiHer, you can always make a r»»d deal *t SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Th« Big Ustd Car L«t •* W«l*«l 8tr*«t™ 301 W«sf W.lnut M,.,,. 457 ^^^T^^^^^^^^ HB ^"^"^^^I^^^^HI^^H Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Mak« or Model Sef 1 DAY SERVICE Fre« Pickup. &. Delivery _ Service 24 Hours M Day Day Phone 2642; Night 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE Blytheville So/esmon Wanted Position for umbilicus, energetic ra » n to sell Mnj-tug find Frlgldalre apnlt- --—s. Substantial earnings. Sec J. W. Adams. Aaams Appllnnc lo;i 'ck 8 EXPERIENCED APPUAKOE SALESMAN WANTED . . . Good year-round Job wJth ^labllshed firm. Write Box % Courier News. ^ 9;M pk 10J5 Lost & Found FOtJND, -White nnd Cray cat 1H> birth to twins In back spat of my <v during last week's Junior il'.^h fi bill game. Mother and children n,. doing line and may be recovered bf culling Hunk Halnes »t 4461 or Wi7. 9 30 dh V I ise, screened front TJOTch, 102 pk 5 SO acre tract which I can show by appointment, ff you are interested in good land dining room comliina- lllnt can 1)p extremely well fi- lioti; deluxe Geneva Kit- "; lncp 'l call, write or see me chon with breakfast nook; beautiful lile hath, colored fixtures, fins heat, large stor- once. Our farm loan agency has us lo invest three mil- r —>;« ^iui- >%.-i, iin^-r: nui- age attic; carport with attach-i llnri "fHars i" this territory nd storage. inOxMO ft. lot. All tlle balance of this year, if fir dimensions material was! used in construction of Ibis home. Price ?lfi.500. Open for inspection Sunday 2:00 to 6-00 JOHNNY MARR KoiiUof & BtiiWrr Ph. 4111 — Res. 251)6 101 ok- tf Modern J rnorn home Hardwood rioors. fireplace In llvlnp room. t;as I liest. t.ot 100 j ISO', Best rl-«ldentl«l ' srrtlon In Rlt-theville Owner leavlns town R F. Kliter. 1J12 Hearn ph 2I4R or 28J8 ' 927 CK tl vou noed a farm loan or need to refinance in any wav see nio «l o..™ CTrrr, T, T^ART, V C; N^h|p (^ii| Appncy Kl^llioville. Ark. Office P]i. figfis Kosidonce Ph. ?itfi — W>} ck 8 LAND FOR SAf.R~"~ r>n hlncktop rnnrt »a,5txv ***"' W «rrrs. crrOrt ho 2-40 i . $17,- north. Mi acres of land. 2-cnr R1 servant's ho«sp. bArhPcne pit concrete floor, roo'pd «r\d xcropn,- THc f!f>or In ha<;pmt-rn, with bar to wall c«rpptln«r, nil windows t*rnpr-.e nr \>nrrlan tillnd5 Cf^dfu «rt cloM^t.*. porrhps, front nnd "~6i Mo ' b " riicr. J SO «rrc.> <ruh ! Dunkx with two 3 room npt. Ml mori- 'rn. Just rtdpeorRteri, quiet location E ny. rh. 3fl?7. 10 2 pk 7 rcKim furn. ho > afier 5 p.m. tijte. 512 S. 1st. Pri. pk 10,7 Steam he,it«d o/fJce. Ph * HORNER- WILSON ON EAST MAIN * , 9,17 c* 10J17 l WRitt Main. 320» pq f IlnR ReAtonablft rrnt ft In nialo 1 39 ex It Choice home, corner Walnut and I3lh St. Two bedrooms, floor furnace, hot water healer, wall to wall carpets. Available now. Phone 3153. 3'f 18- 9'2'i ck 10'8 Form Loons Wonted Farm T.Onns Wanted Wp r.rr now rrprf5pnt,itlTos for MUTTTA1 t.TFE INRURANCE CO. r N>w Tor* nr.S nble to maXe nt-jc |nn.* f>r rrrin«nr* your nM Ioj\n5 on P* nd not rhunep your prpflfnt rtate of \vmeni wiih nn AppralAAl fee. BlythrTtne. Ark Office W T. 911 ck 14V11 Wanted nsr\ Prvcrnl o!ri,-»r 4ft unrt an In Ml**l«|p p | county Ark. R^rtlpd Iftdv booXkcpprr und typist. horthand not necessary. Stat# SRP px- erltnces »nd refprrnrfs. Write Pox 1^-6. "I- Courier Nrws. 103 ck If All \t\f Urllp.* lo bring nil the Vldtflr.": o M-JIHE5 .thf world'* onlr p^rtcrm- ns corltl* Rt the Gorilla" sticnv on •"*' Sl - 103 pk 7 White - li»hd woman to UTM ™ ™ " e ' In home ftt\(l 120 RCTCS uoodslnnd with partly Nn- tfhpd 4'mom house near Klnln^' Atk. SSA ppr ncrf. contnct Cecil tKiwnlng RoselRnrt, Arx, 9 30 p>t 10,7 ?" •""" «•» f _lnjM-«t«1. set r tracts of l»nd for ir rull R M RKCK ??? rt Jos N>gro propprly (or RATB 1— 3 t-oom hrviiFr. S300 <lown 1—3 room home, s^^rv down 1—* rrtons liou.if. I.lrtil down KARN BIG SPARE TM1K PROnTS Shea- fcl^nd.t. nMphbors t union a Art- lM1c Bntl Otifrrfu) Relictions, Over ItXl ] moner-itiMtpni j,HL on sU-!U Turn j *PMf time into c«j>h. Bl? s,*Uinit RP.I- \ Ann tlGtit now. Direct »1cl1vprv fnlni 1 IJallos. No wnltlns. Rush rfqiTfsl for 1 i. Olft cpttlticfttr, noi\u« Plftn N1r« homf .two 1.1 nee lot*, Prtcrd to Roll. Also tfio aorf rot ton farm. J. C. on " a ^-" «'."";"*" ^iT'.."'!^!. 1 . i roit1 ^"- v "it otuficfttf. Rtn\\\* Pl^n CHAP1N. M«nLIft. ArX. ph. 24 " Roll^on ^3 k. Ero^Qw^ A " ° * m", .ART^V^ru^ Oft7 ^f*^ W^t pfc _ _ _ , >il«pk 10 ( l6|lHI!M, TUM. ' lo]«p*'*i EXPERT BODY FENDER REPAIR You can depend on HORNER-WILSON for «xperl body and fender repair ... if you ever have an accident, don't wasfe time and money wilh inexperienced repair organizations bring your car to HORNER-WILSON! You'll b« satisfaction in every way! HORNER-WlLSON OM<N»o4>H« «. CBfC Trw*. Phoot 1«5« Us«l Car L«t - Phon. CISt * ON EAST MAIN ST. *

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