The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 12
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f PAGE TWELVE BLYTIIEVII.I.R (AKK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 1050 Cranberry Loaf New Icebox Cake Holiday Entertaining Needs Unique Dish For FesHvo Touch Sterilize Baby Botfles As Preparing Formula The well iwltle-fed bi'jy's milk, as <s iinv equipment which touches 11, must he sterilized. Since M<Tili/inK i '.nine for at least convenient emnpmcnt lo fcrcfj it be part of the daily task place t!<> time will be V,>it in rounding tv.:Hi>'-minutrs-per-]) \lm\ metlHHl Red and delicious, tliis cranberry j T]l( > onl> . :u . c i;ral.- v. ny is to mea.-i- Iro box cake i-s perfect for holiday entertaining: - Cranberry Jcr liu\ Take (Makes I loaf I!) x 5 V .1 inette»; or fi-10 scrvinsM Three-quarters cup sugar, 8 ta- bles|x>ons cream com staich, '^ lea- fijjoon .salt, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 4 cups cranberry juice, 4 cups sponge or angel food r.ike tubes. Combine siuiar. eieim corn starch, salt and lemon Juice. Gradually add cranberry j-iire lleai to boiling over clhecr IUMI; and liu-n VjoVl gently 3 imvniU-s. MUniv. 1 ^ou- shtritly. Cool .«ll?lit!y. Acid cuke cubes. Blend thoroughly. IVm into \vaxcd paper-lined loat 1^-1', cover with waxed naprr. Chin lor at leas' jour hours. Ur.mold on serving tray Garni h v.iili wliipp«l en-am. If a more vivid color is de.sirert arid a few drops of red f.wil solo: 1113 when crcr.m is added. Golden yams can b- 1 turned into n-oiHlerfiil "rtishe.= to mafcc the holi- dny meals de luxe . r.nnisiami Vain am! Apple (Serves Ul T?iree lar^e |;oldcn yams, 3 tart apples, butter or (unified snana- rinc, dash parmka. 1 tablespoon onion juke, I 1 ; teaspoons salt. B'lil yam.-, until tender. I'ecl and slice ynms and apples and arrange, alternate layers in a casserole (1 quart); clot with butter or margarine and sprinkle with seasonings. Cover, bake'in moderate oven (350 degrees P.) about 1 hour. Scrye hot. j Here's something I" serve with ] roast loin of pork: Candied Yams (Makes C servings) •Six t-olricn yams, cooked anil pcrt- eci, "2 cup sugar, 1 (easpoon cinnamon, 4 tablespoons butler, 1 cup cold \vater. Slice yams arid arrange in a shallow casserole; sprinkle with s;Har and cinnamon, (lot with butter a,nd pour v.-atc-r over nil. Cover ami take in a moderate oven i35(! decrees F.I for 30 minutes. Remove cover and bake 15 minutes longer. 'e the iiileniiil tew H'ralvire i>l the -:t;it '.vith a meat tunrrninneter. Motirrn meiil TiU'i'iri'ituefers ijiijjk' to u>e. Thi.s i , {'.specially true a pointed stem v,hicli can in 1 ruvsed direriiy ijil,, the thickest part of tile meal without need of 01 up the articles needed. [ Whim It comes lo It"? utensils [ u<;ed for sterili/Mion ami for preparing the formula, military porce- Ir.ln eiinmeledsvare ha« long been a favorite. It has a non-porous glass finish, which means there are no tiny pores to harbor fund par- odo!-.. Kurtticrmore, the enamrl.d smfme reslsls stains and is ea.\v to clean. Items which are especially ii-cful in prc- piuin» the baby's hmcl are: porcelain enameled bottle slerlllzr-rs. liraduate ineas-ires. funnels, double boilers and saucepans. Other necessary items include measuring sptiuns, jars for sterill/.- injr uip])les, jnlxini: spnons, tonics, bottles, nipples and nipple caps: and .Since a 24-hour supply of formula car be Wiled at one time, it Is wise lo do it at the same lime pach day. Wash all the equipment iriakilH'. a prelilninai / hole with a tiuimi't-hly in hid Miapy water sk-wer. The niiiul, dial-type face! Rinse vlih bot water. Allow to of ihe thermometer Is printed with I drain dry. Arrange the Ixitlles 01: tenipiMattuc-s; and a :: L uli' for cook- | tlie rack ill the porcelain enameled \iv-\ all typi:.-; ol tnrat.i lo the tlesirej steriU/er. Tnt the nip))!es in n jar clonent^s.s, '', [ . itll n perforated IU1 and plaec on 1 cookery," by I-oulbC l-aw: Morrl•y and Marion Lane Sweeney of lloston, H has savor, wisdom and tienicndoiis know-how about llic ^ . — iRcntle art of nood eatlni;. There scrambled eggs !^"s 0s " :lcc iu ' lc to "'." v °" , wl l i '.^ Cood cookbooks enlarge the gond \ ^ f" 'V"^!'" 1 J"" 1 ' v |^' "''. ' Jj:; ' c s **,,*,, f+\ i 1 co Odd VolumesGluby Advises Roosevelt life. They show you how to plan your family meals with more inter- esl, wilh new dishes ami often with greater ease and for lr;s • Kuosevcll Seraiilbll'd l!gf;s (Srnci II ''J'lils was a favorite dish of .Franklin Deliine, Ki»>scve!t, who money. Head them at home or at , . x . lx 0]|(! of Ulc j,,,,,,,^,, n { i) le the public library in 1H5U, in onler j ctllh „, ortd Voll|mC5 .„„] always to set more eaiiug pleasure in yom | M .|. VC( t «hen he was present at a daily life. ! c .]iib supper., Beijin with tlie fascinating new'. Masn j pi,,!.,^,,!!,!,,., cream book called "An Odd Volume^ol ( . 1)C . C|SC W n. h a (0[ . k illl( , ^ frying ~" ~~ Iian. Atld * cup cream or top the rack. Arranse other equipment milk, and heat until cheese has M> that H ran lie conveniently re-1 melted and c r e r, in is bubbling mnvcd. Put about two inrlirs of i lill '''k 0 ega.s into a bowl and Deal a fork. Add I teu- niul a few Krains of mix all ingredients with the cream cheese mixture.. Cook over a low heat, .stirring constantly and scrapini; bottom ol >an, using IOIIK. tolding strokes. Remove from heat when the consistency is creamy and serve ^ ut once. Do not overcook. .Manhattan riitlcliilK f'»r • .Mechanical Hefri«eralor Mix the Juice of •} oranses and 1 waler in the bottom ol the stcrillwr. Hulitly with Cover tightly and let water bull for SIHXIII of ssli 15 inimites. ' pepper and Marshall's in England Have Kinship Trouble KHARTOUM 'Al')—Former Secretary of stale Geoi-go Marshall isn't related to I)r. A. II. Mnrslinll, city treasurer of Covcnty .England. Civil Secretary Sir James Robertson Imcl to explain that to the lemon and sweeten to taste. Pour [ Sudan Legislative Assembly the into freezing tray of mechanical j other day. The Assembly was stmly- refrlgcriilor. Whip 1 ('"P °f wlilp- • Ins a plan for government reform "cream until stiff and fold into prepared by the British Marshall. whipped cream '•; cup of chopped walnut meats. !>ut on top of fruit juices nnd freeze without s.lirriiiK. This inav be packed in paper cups and frozen In try of mechanical refrigerator. Susan's recall r'hiBCrs Cream 1 cup ol butter in mixing bowl and add 2 cups of chopped pecan nut meat:--. 4 tablespoons oE confectioners' simar. 2 Icasixxms of A rumor had started amonf; the assemblymen that if they approved (tie Coventry city treasurer's plan, the Sudan would aid. let U.S. Marshall vanilla, and 2 ] j cups of sifted flour. Mix well Shape like fingers and bake slowly at 225 degrees F Koll in powdered smear. spicy hot CHILI the quick-to-fix economical main dish MIMPHIl PACKINO CO. SECRE? ©? A Temperature Testing Aids in Preparing Meat \Vlth meat takins! a good share of the food dollar these days, it's important to nse every prissible way to make the meat BO farther. Careful shopping and careful storage are. two important steps in savins meat. For real economy, though, the meat must be properly cooked. Meal cooked too fast or too long loses more weight during cooking and b;'- coriies dry and flavorless. .Roast meats especially require careful cooking fo prevent, unnecessary shrinkage. If meats are ions' at low temperatures and (or the correct length of time, the results nre better tastinE; rural and mnr of it. The oven temperature recommended for roasting meats 5s from 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The roast should he cooked in an un- | covered pan .with no waler added. I To judge the doneness, don't guess j and don't rely entirely on the so-! KCOI»E {Yinld: 6lo 8 servings) Ttic Pause That Refreshes 1 pound Mayraie Unk Pork Sausaga ihiid iv 2 tubleipooni melfad fat 1 cup orange |uTca Vi luaipoan nutmeg 3* potatoes (about 7 medium) I'Jace sausage in skillet. Do not pfon:<- rasings. Ailil wafer. Cover JU'd nhoul: 5 minutes. l)r;iin. P.-in-fry iiiilil ::h^hl]y l>r(j%\'n. Turti s,-ui.s;if:»^ frcqiKMitly. Pour oil" Hiuisiigc <lrip|)in^-:i :HI<| .save. Whip lonrflH'r :^\vi?t?L jiotntoc.s, ornn^r: juire, in-f-nu'f,' und ):f i:up dripjjinRK. Sc'jison l« insto. Pl;u:n it] n sliaiiosv liakiii'j tltsll Jibtilll. 10"x(>"x2". Arrnn>;o Sru]snj4(j on top. Hake in a inoil<?rnU; oven (350° 1'.) for 30 minutes. ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. ^^ff^ij^jji YE6ETMLESI Floridii Juicy Swcel ORANGES 8 SllKlotll IJllHSCtls POTATOES l.iii'ifc Crisp Iccl>crg LETTUCE Head I'Moriilii Ciolclcii CELERY Domino, Factory Packed C Famous the country over Admiration Vacuum-Pocked Pound Firm, fresh Auzzia Henry e Grocery Manager 309 North 6th Hiv/ay 61 Joe Strickland Meat Market Manager Nickels In Your Pocket At I hese Prices Fresh Cinwdor or Ulucke ft N... :in:i . . V Ciinti Hugh's 6S,; lr.ili;in;i t'^t^r* R ffC'EfC? /* N"- - IQlVlAlOcd.... 6 (:„„* Alien's Cnl. NIL - Can O PnP"K"BI F»rfKMf4 F* ^ REEM BEA^b .. 6 <,* I'riilo ol lit. ('ii'iiiu Slylo Domino I'tire ('line ft/IE<fjripg: 01-' lrkfihmlU& :. i.i». o j U. S. No. ! ;{cd iVnder Sinnked FAT FRYERS ,., 59 l 'A'esleru Tiiji-firiide liecT t.OIN STEAKS ,.„. 89 C I'rcsli. I'ui'c O Pfl^f^R WK'PF II 1 HH^rsiiJ aStsLr i.t>. c/ SUCED BACON ....u, 35" Home-made, wlinlc ht)£> FRESH SAUSAGE.. ,,,. 35° RE LARD 4; n. Big Chief OLE Lb. PET MILEC tall Sunshine CRACKERS Lb. Box 25c J' Hand-Pocked TOMATOES No. 2 Can tOc Lilierty Cash Grocery's RECiPJ OF THE WEEK i^PP^Il CHOICE MEATS Spanish Dinner nailnijil: junmtry 7, J9: Cut preen pepper in four Vi-in. rings. Cut Timnminp pepprr in im.iU pirrcs. x mrat, milk, onion, 1 tcnsp. s.ih, pepper, t-IiiH powder anil dry must.Tr<i ;ipe mixtiuc in -5 panics. Rnli ifs in tlour, Hrown on one iidc in vwiuujr. Tur« pnttits over; put onr popprr Tin?, on r.fcli. F'i:t finely cm prprcr Afourul p.ittin. When pattirs nre hrrt'.vn on under side, arid rice, n> mntun «ind I tc.vsp. s.i't. Covpr; conic Coiinlry Stvle, 1'iirc PORK SAUSAGE 3 u )S S5j i 'render, .InFry CHOCK ROAST ... 49 IlcM's Kiij;lish lirand SLICED BACON ,„ 34 la Kresli, l''.c low li LJ tcncicr. Serve tire mfTture in pepper riitgs and around p.iiiics. Mates 4 »ervings. *Bccf, vp.iT. potlc. T,Tml> or n mi^uire ol Tiirsc C.TII be i;\rd. « « It quick-cool inf rue L^ mnn, ,it(ii to to^l.^[c'c^ during last 15 min. of cootinj: time, Ion ir/II .Yrivfl PETMiLK..Can12' PORK BRAINS ,,,.29 rl l'''d TENDER HENS ,.,, 45 1 ' Ciiuned TOMATOES can 10 RICE ,,„, 13' For a (liffcrcnl meal PORK LIVER .... 28 liriskel of Ikcf STEW MEAT ..„ 39 C Lean, Tender Knd Cuis v PORK CHOPS ,„ 39

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