Daily News from New York, New York on September 20, 1996 · 288
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Daily News from New York, New York · 288

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1996
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CoM (212) 61-04 5tgrf a career in wwestment banking & change your iHe. Looning for ombi-ttous indfvs wsfrong comnxintcatton skHs for aVect training progrom from top oroffjcers. Pod framing. Rnondo: 516-625-9200. E C CAP I TAL STOCKBROKER TRAINEES Aggressive motvfduo needed to work wtth Top perormng broner tn State at the Art fkm. Sponsor Series 7. Soiarv Bonuses!! Ask for Mike OeFetice l-ooao-!76 Rent Free Port Time. Own your own homo. Negnoorhooti Peace Corps. Supervtsor, Garment Momrfacturfng. (Mann. I - SuovJcoordmate octrvmes O 3 workers in manufacture Of hgn foWon women's garments. Coordinate wttn designer, receive pcttern. mater po ft accessories; check somptes Wftti somote moker; oss9n work ft scnedue workers for assenv by of garments; instruct as necessary: cneck througnout ossembty of garments m oH processes hx gormenf auotttv, moving sure stonoords ore met ft assemofv is done correctty with matcmng of ootterns. seoms. inner hnngs. etc. Resove probems in each pnose Make sure mocmnes are nnowv DHied 2 yrs exo. m too ottered. Must be ttuent in Korean. 40 hrst'Vom-SpnV S566.6frwtt. Send ttntes in duoi. to RSC906, Rm Ml. One Mom St.. Brooklyn. NY 11201. TEACHERGROUP. E.C.E.certmed. experienced preferred- Soory nego-toCH. Avoitooe immeoKite. Near puow trans. CaH (718) 47V-W26 IMMEDIATE. Eo ooty. P'T or FT. QuMfS. (7161 4-22S San. Customer Service. Good Ao-peCTC . Voice. No Ep Oh. Stort 4Jlf PfT Fleii Hrs JltSJ-W77 rai wsvk dot TOW TRUCK COMPANY: drivers, yard person ft ounchers w Own cor. VOrd NYS driver's tic. COt. ft OCA tow lO. Exunec. 718-649400 TOW TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED-must ho-e DC A License. Must neve experence ft references. Full ft Port tuiie positions avail. (7181 387-2B82. TRUCKER lJeoendent driver wown cube truck or torger. Doiiy route ovaiKXxe. NYC Coll U)2 425-0 2J-John UPHOtSTESY REPAIRER, FURN Bittyn. - Repair or reokice damaged upholstery on choirs, schss etc Resoond to customer's complaints re upnoistery. Reoair vmvt ft leather livtr-9 room furniture. 2vrs. eo. read. 15 6fhr. 40 hrswk. I0A-6P. Se'd surreetTer in oup'icote to yt-V!?3 Rm. SOI, One Main St.. Blvn. NY 11201. LPH01ST3- Exo. nee FT or P-T Nassau County area. Coif (5?6i 746-2777 WAREHOUSE PERSON Receiving ft ac(fa exoerience needec tor Uooer-vVest side cooony. Soiory ocen. Cat! (212) 8co-??Q0 WAREHOUSE Picker, packer, must have proouct knowledge ot commercial ott-ce SLWites, tower Manhatton. (212) 425-0123- Jonn WOOO CARVER (BKLYN). To cre-ote ft carve emomenrai designs into wooden frar-es used tn tie oaintir9, using hannoc4s and woodv-'Ortttng mocr-ines. To transfer designs to weeaen trames ov tracing over drawing ft carton paoer wth sryNjs. To select ctse'S gouges, and to fi ortd resp and determine seayences o their use acceding to mtrrcacY o designs. Zrr-s s 40 hrvwK. SJcO-OOwK, OT as needed at S'.a J0-hr. Serd two cooies rti. tr to Ka'5.. Qr$ nVuolr9eV BroottlrrC N't Tlrfl - 500 AIR FORCE NURSING Prestige os o commissioned officer m the Air Force. You'll emoy great oenettTs pus a S5rOw entrance bonus, if rou auaiity. if you ore a BSN and a US citizen - Call Today! 1-800-423-USAF CiRE FDR EL3KLY Calt for Hone Meotth Aide huirwwu. Libev Horpe Core 7l-r-377? Security 403 GUARDSBROOKLYN LOCATION Atlantic Ave. -T PT. Apply in person: T-3om, n LIE. Suite 205. Grand Ave & L -6 KKoei. Q18,aM.Qor04Jto yn Ave 4 LIE. SEVERAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE SECURITY SUPERVISOR FIT site supervisor to work in the sneepsheod Boy area. Must toe flexible & avaiioble weekends. Low enforcement background necessary. Garrison (516) 367 805 SECURITY PERSONNEL Correctional Prgm. is.17-Sy.4VHr Interviews Frt-W2096- vonvllom. U Morauis Hotel, 12 E. 31st St, NYC. EOE SECURITY GUARDS NYS cert, cteon credit, crimoi. DMV. MKttown S7nr oil hrs. Send resuma; PO Bo 2fJ. Wontooh NY 11793 Security Tnmno 404 A Security Tmf Cowrse-Poce Utttv Some Oov I hr NYS Cert-MO Totoi Monnotron. Soturdov closses ID, prints. I Hr i 8 Hr Annual Class AvaiL Reservotianslnfo Ht-UH2tA A-l Secorlty Ti oinwu. NYS Cert Ouwniuwli MtvlL Hr Class. Some day Cert.. Wed & Sat Classes $35.00. Mnrl&s. Trons.2,AO.BJX.C.., N Buses: 52(7181 522-4940 AAA SUMMER SPECIAL hr NYS Security Goord Trojnlne SOTito day cert4 now enfy S36 wttfc ad. Bktyn LOn IsMna McatMns Coll L.C. Security (7H)2Sy-S311 or our atltt Spectrum Security 51-I72 2890 NY STATE SECURITY CERT. JOBS AVAILABLE: State raed kr, H hr 8 onnuol troimn. Placement ossistonce 8 immed iocs for all auotf- ned. mtemn Sec Trowwna 7W-378-7584 Sates Help 202 REAL ESTATE USIH XISHT Join The Best At The... GOCDEN GATE INN TUES. OCT 1.7:00PM Free Trowring. License School Tuition Retmbursed. Heotth Pfon AvatrOOte. ASK FOR MR. ROCKWELL FILLMORE R E. 71-692-M66 REAL ESTATE SALES-Are you hop-py where you ore H not gtve us o call. Futi time or port-time. Experience or no exp. we will tram. HI commission. Cor necessary. Commision only. M B. Real Estate. Call Mr. Barry. (78) 257- lJ0O HouseiVAaency 203 COMPANIONS: hi d CoreHouse-Reeoing. Private ft ComrtYl. Nursing Nursing Aides. Live inout. ExCeL Rets. Avail, wnrned. (TIB) 250682. COOKS HELPER Astoria) Wash disnes, moo and sweep restaurant; ouorters the chtckens, cut meat for steaks, cuts tomb tor choos; season meat, prepares the necessory ingredients for egg ptont pormigiano; mokes salads of tuna, shrimp, ootatoe. cote stow ft chicken; deliver wittun a four btock rooms. 6 dovs with Tues off, 40 hrs with 8 hrs oft 313.43 weekly. OT $11 7Vhr, noexpnec. Send resume or tetter m duo to: BW2683. Room 501 0e Mon Street. Broonlvn. NY H701 Household Help 204 Cookfrtousehoto) Live-In Blvn: PrHore occording to recipes, season, cook meats, sauces, souos. Use voriety of kitcnen utensils incl. blenders, mixers, slicers. Bake, roost, broil, steam meat, fish, vegetables. Add seasoning during mifttngcooNing occor. to iudgement experiencerecioes. 44 hr. wk. 5 12 dovs. S384.47 wk. OT at $13.11 hr. free private room ft board. 2 yrs. exp. Send 2 copies resumettr. to MA977, Rm 501, One Mom St.. BKlyn, NY l70l. Employment Service 800 NOTE: The advertfcti i listed i der this ctatsMcobon may require a fee. The Daily News doss not endorse any sdvertiaar listed under this class and wa augoist that you us apod judgement before ssmfcng, money or signing any contrsct- Offerings for amptoyntent m under Help Wanted. HOMES S. APTS. EASY! FT, P7T WILL TRAIN! (718) 390-6602 BiTOlMLSll-Si&W FT or PT. EASY!! NO EXP. WILL TRAIN!! CALL (718) 390-7131 ACTORS'MOOELS-HEW FACES OPEN HOUSE Adults. Teens, Kids ft Seniors. Eorn Too DoHor. Fashion, print, magazines. TV commercials, films. muSrC videos, posters. Get Started Toaay CoM Now! 212-254-S839 516-594-9200 IctRVsdeis. HTDpTi $1530 Oaj Let N Y. '5 B.?9est Model ft Taent Co. Srw You How To Succeed. Ail New Foces, Types, Sires, Ages Wonted For Prim Ads, Fosiiion, Mag, videos, T.v. Comm. Movies Etc. No Exp Nee. Coil M-F 9-6. (212J 696-5991 . Be Seen Toaay ACTORODELS All Ages Top Pov! Bio Exp. Call 2T2 366-6390 f Employment Service 800 JURUMES MOWRIRlSfi KENNEDY LA GUARDIA Fliaht Att - Tktng Bag Hon Cargo .I8-3W-I71 ,r24MH5tee. ASSEMBLE AT HOME To J600M. Crotts-Sevin-Toys Wood-Jewelry -etc. CALL 24 HRS: 718-A01-811 ATTIHT1GN: FEDERAL JOBS 18 Federal Agencies Hiring. No exp. Paid troining. Uo to S47K. $2 95 min. Full Medico! Coverage, Benefits. (71) or (212) 54O-7S20, 24hrsft days CNlSBMCEJOBTRAifilNG Government Career Center 505 81 Ave. (212)244-1181 COMPUTER USERS Needed Typing , Word Processing from home. S45.000ryr income potential. Coll 1-800413343 Ext. B-9201 UM $2S8-32tm WORK AT HOME Full training. No exp necessary. CALL 718-390-7499 Ext 1123 EARNMOfe Reading Books! S30,000yr income potenfiol. Details 1-800-5134343 Ext. Y-9200 EARN TOP SSSSS HOME WORKERS WANTED Flexible hrs avail. Will train Call 212-330-9021. ext 1214 FEDERAL & POSTAL JOBS Federal Agencies & Post Office Now Hiring. No Exp Nee. Poid training Up to S59K. S2.95min. (212) or (718) 540-3337. 24 hrs(Sun-Frl GOVERNMENT JOBS $16,040-159.230vear. Now Hiring. CaH V4J00-5134343 Ext. R 9200 for current federoi list HOME TYPISTS PC users needed. $45400 income potential. CaH 1-800-513-4343 Ext. B-9200 New York Long Island Front Desk Moint Housekeeping . INFO 212-714-7059 24 Hrs tee . IMMEDIATE OPENINGS ASSEMBLY WORKERS WANTED. Make up to $1 2Aw.CoM 718-540-8357. ext 2112. $14.95 Fee. LAW ENFORCEMENT JOBS. $17.S42-SM82rrr. Police. Sheriff. Stole Patrol. Correctional Officers, Can 1-800-5134343 Ext. K-9200 "City JOBr N.Y.C. Agencies hiring. No Exp. Paid training. Up to S45K. $2 95 min. Medkol. Vocation. Sick, Pension. (7191 or (212) 540-2040, 24 hrs7 dovs. Positions Wanted 1100 1 1 2 AM BUSINESS mWiA LOW PRtCES 24 HRS ANY JOB Call Alberto 718 523-1417 i t2iSif kdi tmi m Anytime Any Job - Anywhere CaH Angeio 711 558-0402 1 A 2 Able Delivery Men with A Van A Truck. HtMOVAL Of- KUbblbH. Free estimate. 24 Hrs. Call RICKY (718) 251-4114 UI ABLE MEN pick uo & delivery if RUBBISH Mm Great prices! Michael 718-728-2791 I OR J MEN WITH A VAN ft TRUCK ANY JOB. ANYTIME, LOW RATES CALL JOSE - (718) 271-2954 OR BEEPER 91 7-249-91 75 101 2 HEN WITH VAN. I TRUCK. ANY JOB. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Bilmgual Spanish. Adam 718 453-0755 1 OR 1 WITH MOVING TRUCK Small or bt9S lobs! Anytime! Low price! (718) 383-2345 or (917) 832-7259 1 TO 3 KEN WITH TRUCK OR VAN Low rotes. Insured. DOT 32952. NYIN 138-4861 Rd.. NY (718) 353-7664. 1A Able Man with Truck Cheap JUNKINOUT, (718) 832-2453 or pg (917) 780-9634 AIAKOVTOITITJCOG ComrnclResidentioi Free Estimates ond Box delirery. 119-19 Ttti Ave CP, NY 11356. OOT32950. (718) 939-0581 A MAN WITH A VAN & A TRJCX ALWAYS AVAILABLE, ANY JOB, ANYWHERE. PAUL 718-726-3594 A MAN WITH VAN ft TRUCK Ahvays Available. Anytime, Any Where. Local & Long distance. Call Tony (718) 7260091 beep 917-6884140 A MAN WITH A VAN t A TRUCK ANY JOB. ANYTIME (Ask about a $50 offer.) Coll Andy 718-4532813. AAUXCERDuE Moving ft Trucking. Immediately. Free Estimates. Weooft do any Jobs. LOW Rotes 8. 24 hrs. Joe (212) 594-5223 or (212) 290-vWO AFFSRCABLE KOYING $18 VanHr, $10 truck, 7!8) 639-59?2 AAAA Best Way Moving & St dot 1 2909 Argentinian Housekeeper weekly cleaning. Upper Eastwest side orea. Experienced & Reliable $50 for 3hrs. COM KOSOnO (718) ftf6-3IB6 ATTENTION: I am looking tor o position os a BobvsitterHousekeeoer ComDonrorvC leaner. Experienced, feet's available. Coll (7.81252-6725 BABYSITTER I will take care of your child in my big clean home in the Bronx. Reasonable rates. Call (718) 324-4878 CARPENTRYHANDYVAN Tiling, masonry, sneet rock, roofing, paint ing, finished basement. Moving fum- ture, stones & dirt. Beep i-je4-jyo - Positions Wanted -1100 CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDE MF. Sfcs job toning core orcomoon- lon to the etderty or sick. Honest, mature & reHaMe. (718) 647-5269 Certified ft ExCd Home Health Aide to Nurture ft core for sick & Elderly. Many Years experience. Good References. Joy 718469 7304 CHEAPEST KAN WVAM (718)4864265 orb J (718)598-1983 CHILD CARE Given by exp Mom in a safe home enviornmment. CPR & reg provider, oges IVM. Pelhom Pkwy, Bx lac. Call Vol (718) 792-0617 Classic Vans And Trucks MOVING AND DELIVERY. Big Jobs And Small Jobs. 716 3244774 800 2733458 COMPANION To elderly or child care. Live in or out. Call anytime (718, 284-7141 ComooriionHskeeper-honest reliable coring W. Indian woman seeks FT Hve out posit, to the elderly ft handicapped. Exc ref's avail. 718-284-4652 Cook- Reliable Young man seeks employment Mon-Fri. Exp in Deli. Grill, Short order, will work in other fields also. (718) 282-2690 anytime. DONTiMI We con move it for less then vou tttink. 24nrs. ZIZ-61J-J260 Experienced European Nurses Aide seeks position to core for elderly or sick. 12 Hrs night or day. Excellent references. Please coil 914-667-4992. FREEM0V1H8 If eligible. Coll (718) 525-8132 GENERAL CLEANING Rugs and hard floors, private resident k4. Fax 718-803-0421 OT page 917-867-2890. Free estimates. From 7am-4pm Available lwmediatelv.(7l8) ?W-7lvS HousekeeoerrtornowHon - beautiful tody, very reliable ft trustworttry, speaks ft writes good English, recent references avott. Coll 212-491-5356 I om avottobte to do Word Processing 5.0 ft 5.1 light typing, type resumes. answer phones, ft Hog , data entry, incoming man. coh ui8) V4V-ijz5 HANWniWN Smafi Moving Jobs 91 7-6)8-WS MAN WITH VAN AVAILABLE FOR COMM'L MOVING WITHIN NYC COMM'L ZONE. LOW RATE. Coll Issac 212691-7373 or beep 9!7434546 KOYIUS -Ar MAM WTTH A VAJI Offermg Reliable and Dependable Service. Low rates. Call (718)205-6201 Offering my service as a baby sitter or cleaning tody - Day work. References ond experience. I speak Spanish ft English. Cot) 718-446-8255 Responsible ft reliable young ladies seek positions os HHA, companion or houseoffice cleaner. Jessica ft Vol 718-452-9317. 718-465-47V4 RESUMES SEVICES Cover Letters, etc.. Prof done, some day sve Laser quality, affordobiv priced, calltax Joseph (7ie) 547-3541 RESJ4IES I Write, organize, edit ft Laser Print. Free pickdel. 718-452-7919 WORD PROCESSING Quality resumes, legal documents. Hnmigrotion forms, etc. Low tees, rush service. Coll (718) 465-3042 Word Processing Typing Resume All Your Typing Needs Under One Roof at Reasonable Rates. Listing of Employment Available. 718294-2543 Business Opportunities 1400 Auto Mechanic Shop. 5 Bays. Bktyn local, inspection. Diagnostic comp. etc... 10 Yr lease. $2200 mo rent. Asking $95 K 718328-4517 Lv msa BUY FORECLOSED PROPERTY Use Our Money! Sollt B19 Profits! Training! 908-390-2241 OFFICE CLEANING ACCOUNTS BE YOUR OWN BOSS Own Your Own Cleaning Service START TODAY 516-522-2628 DELI FOR SALE BUY OWNER BALDWIN LOC. High trafficresidential. Price negot. Call Lou (516) 378-1765 or Moggie (516) S81-16B9 Looking for Help? Let the DAILYSNEVVS assist you in RECBUmriG THE BEST! Place your ad today 212 849-2033 Learn to Earn 1200 One stands out on tour resume. Put the Gbbs name to work forjrju. ftonams enroEngrwwinaxic HodTtamnnt Mmsenxnt Secretary Art Business Admmistration- w & Marketing EitLutivt Assistant Assistant f aT i - M rOr BUguniUlMltOOl (212)867-5300 at 3100 rVgJcaiAijyQinflfrfl FknnAaaizfH.iCaiuaa. UanG&SdidSaimi. Gbca.ks3Ytvoac3D. TRAIN TO BECOME A PHLEBOTOMY TKHNIOAN 3 WEESCS No Exper. or High School Needed National Catiftcation CAREER INSTTTLTrE 500 8th Ave. to.W35ftW36S84thn (212)564-0678 TRAIN TO BE A CvlADLL TECHNICIAN WRAPS SILKUNENe NAfl DESIGN PEDfCURE AIR BRUSH ACRYuC CT1 500 8th Ave. Bet. W 35 8, VV 36 St - 4nS H (212) 564-0500 Our 78th Yetrr UtnW by H.T. Sfrjf Ptyt. TRAIN TO BECOME A flURSES AIDE Or Nursing Assistant 5 WEEKS No Eiper Or Htoh Schoot Hr&4 Job Placement Assistiirvce CTI 500 8th Ave. Bet. V 35 W M St - 4th f I (212)564-0500 OUR 28TH YEAR licensed by N Y. Slate Ed. Dtp!. TRAIN TO BECOME A BANK TELLER 3 WEESCS Train in Your Spore Time Day or Evening. Classes Job Placement Assistance CTI SOO 8th Ave.Bet. W3S W 36 St-4th H 212-564-05C0 OUB 28TH YEAR Licmsed By N v s Ccfuonon Dpt Automotive Classified the snowroom for your car Business Opportunities 1400 DELI GROCERY LONG LEASE, Gooa twtvn Loc. S9,000K lotto. Asking S165.000. Coll after 2PM. (718 ) 368-2699 To place tout a !i CaiCT 949-2 ft IBBS J: Earn ln7VWxiths Day and Evening Classes (212)645-3300 $ 155 PER WEEK NURSE TECHNICIAN Manhattan Allen School - 212-279-4141 BrooklynAllen School - 718-243-1700 QueensAllen School - 718-291-2200 HempsteaaVAIIen School - 514-481-4444 ALLSTAR BAMNDOt TRAiNiKS 100 FREE JOB PLACEMENT QUEENS (718) 575-1900 NASSAU (518) 735-1400 SUFFOLK (518) 289-1200 AMERICA). MEDICAL CAREER TRAINING CENTER NURSING) ASSISTANT MEDICAL ASST MED. LAB TECHNICIAN EKO TECHNICIAN DayEve. Sot. & Son. Classes Easy Payment Pton Placement Assistance 71 8-S 24-34 24 148-19 Archer Av. Jam.- Across LIRR Uc'tf. by NYS Education Dept. BARTENDING Mkros Tramfna Included 1-800-TCP-BARS BARTENDtNO Nationol Job Placement 1-800-532-9222 AMERICAN BARTENDERS CLASSES STARTING SOON LEARN TRAVEL & TOUR BUSINESS KSMl , CALL TODAY TAYLOR BUSINESS INSTITUTE (213) 4O-2020 EXTERMINATION LICENSE. Very low fee. NYS oporoved. No link with other schools. Call Dr. R. Advoni. Boon) Certified Entomologist l-(BOO) 395- 9072 EXTERMINATION LfC. in 8 days. All caVrecert. NYSappvd. $149-pymt plniob assist. Pest Mgmnt Set Inst. ToH free 1400-781-3381. 718-591-0383 HEN t W01SDI WANTEB Join the Health Core Team Train os o Norse Technician HosprtalsNursfng Homes are Hiring Call Today! Allen School-Monhottan 212-279-4141 Allen School-Queens 718-291-2100 Allen School-Brooklyn 718-243-1700 Allen Schoot-Hempsteod 518-481-4444 NURSE TECH NATIONAL CERTIFICATION 212-584-1234 Placement Assistance ALLEN SCHWARTZ NURSES AIDE Tromtnf 718-783-7173 4.10.16 & 24 wks. Sot. or Sun. No Green Card. Become eligible for LPN Scholarship & Nursing Tech. Class. NURSING ASSISTANT IN-HOSPITAL TRAINING THE BROOKLYN SCHOOL -718-522-4442- PEST CONTROL LICENSE V tow fee! Pmt plan I Dr. R. Advonl teoches himself. No link with other schools. Board Cert Entomologist. Job assist. NYS opor. 1-800-395-9072. 5TEAMFITTERS 5 YEAR APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM BwMngCoiKtnKttoii Industry Most have H.S. Diploma or GEO (original plus one cooy) & $10.00 money order (registration fee). A ooli cations to be handed out & returned (in person only) Mon., Seat. 23-Fri.. Oct. 4, 9AM-3PM & returned (in person) Mon., Oct. 7-Fri Oct 11, 9AM-3PM. Interview, aptitude test & drug test will be given at later dates. Knights of Columbus George W. Hudson Council Queens Blvd. & 50th Street Woodside, Queens, New York Equal Opoty In Troining & Employment MFV Train Today For JOBS In The Nursing field 212-575-5.45 7.8-364-6700 ABC Training Ctr. UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CAREER MEDICAL ASS'T. EKG NURSES TECH MED. BILLING wWORD PROC PHLEBOTOMY wIV Therapy PHARMACY CPR Total Tuition $29. Pay as vou go! Nr. transport. 176-01 Jomaico Ave.. Jamaica, NY 718739-6768. UNIVERSAL MEDICAL CAREER Word Pertect 6.0, Lotus 1-2-3, Data Base III wDOS & Windows. 3 Courses & One Price. Only $299 Easy Payment Plon. (718 ) 739-6768 176-01 Jaoico Ave. Jamaica, NY Business Opportunities 1400 DOCTORS: Eauioped group medical practice with MRIHMO affiliation being formed at established locations on BrooklvrVQueens border. Near aM transa. Lease oarticiootion required. Call 56-767-l009 or 516-883-8695 Dream houses for sate!. . See our Real- Estate Section Shoppers Showcase Vk Yl-Li Every Saturday ifc-1 Sunday lyySJ BAM to 4PM FREE ADMISSIOM ft PARKINQ FOR BUYERS 750 WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY VALLEY STREAM (516) 82S-6469 HOt to MCCN ACMS SHOeeiM CNTE Dealers: No adrmtUflce MtrNM Tai Cenrticatt Business Opportunities 1400 FRUIT STORE FOR SALE OR STORE FOR RENT. BENSONHURST AREA. CALL 718-837-4021 MEAT & DELI SUPERETTE-Setf-Service. For sole or rent. 50 vr some loc wfoptlon to buy bkte- CaH owner JV Day 71B449-433Uev 516-541-7658. Restouront 10 Yr Lease. Newly Ren. state of the art equip. Reasonable VS. CaH The Reverond 212-864-0164 or 491-5000 or Mrs Williams 212-222-2324 TAXI MBMJON FOR RBiT OR LEASE CAiL (212) 251-0502 WILLIAMSBERG SEC: Jewelry store for sole, very cheap, wsofe & show cases. CaH owner (212) V21-S663 also store for rent 4,000 sq ft. Pricp onty Merchandise 1700 MATTRESS WAREHOUSE SALE S PC FULL SIZE SET $99 525 Remsen Ave. Bklyn. off Church Ave. Ask for Sam (7)8) 2574686 PIZZA EQUIP FOR SALE, (no oven) Gortond Stove wrexhoust. pizza stands, walk in freezer, ice maker, 6 soda math, 5 food warmers, sink potsrpons, etc (718) 634-5494 TV 17" diagonal screen. Adlustoble bed. Misc. turn. Vocoum. Air Cond. Bicycle. Gos stove. Refris. Female Clothing. Hw coots. (212) 663-1712 Home Furnishings 1702 FOR SALE LIKE NEWI Mohoaony Dining Rm. Set wbreok front, extension, 6 chairs & table. 8500. Call (718) 763-3582-Please leave mss. Great buy. vendors sacrifice 3 piece llv rm set. Exc cond. 3 piece wall unit. Stereo set w2 fir speakers, one center toble and table lamp. (7)8) 429-2558. 6 pc Ook Plotform Bed set. white sofa, oir conditioner, washing machine, tables, chairs, rugs, microwave, tools, mare. Call (7)8) 833-3262 SOFA BED 8. LOVE SET $400 or best offer, mattress box spring & frame, an size bed $300 obo, 2 yrs old. Coll (212) 370-7855 Antiques 1708 VINTAGE walnut raised paneling from bonk, over 8,000 sf. 50 leaded windsOr units. 35 doors, bookcases, etc. Also picketed Ponderoso pine rms, frpl mottles, doors, columns, etc Package S58K. May split? Coll (612) 436-3717 Appliances 1710 WasteDtp- refrtg stove $95 each Best offer takes it. Also dressers- Call (201) 361-4963 Cotiectibiea 1722 AUTHENTIC ROCK ROLL MEMORABILIA FOR SALERENT: Rare autographed guitars, LP's, posters, stooe props. Call 718-830-9557 Big Apple Comic Book Convention Frl Sept 27, 12-8 pm & Sat Seot 28, 10-9 pm. St. Paul the Apostle Church Aud. 9th Ave bet 59 & 60 St NYC. Admission $4.00 per day. Info 718-275-1567 COMIC COLIECTiON 4 saie Marvel, DC. Independents. Best offer. (718) 904-7334 PRIVATE COLLECTOR SEEKS Comics, movie posters, art, antique jewelry, autographs & Tobacco Cards. Coil (718) 253-7704 ComputersEquipment 172S I BM 386 Computer - $250.00 Includes VGA color monitor, 4MB Rom, 60 MB HD, 1.44 FD, Windows, etc Call Sandy at 718-617-5132. INTEL PENTIUM 100, 16 RAM, 1.2 HD, AX CD-ROM, Sound card, 14' SVGA monitor. Software. Brand new. S1.080. Call (718) 886.2099 PC 486 DX66 with WPS kids program FOR SALE $500. Also loser printer peg Call (71ft) 774-6205 Flea Markets 1736 FLEA ItMLT Every Sun 8-3pm, Rich Hill IndoorAir CondAdv Res: $30 a day 71817-1418 SPACE AVAIL FLEA MARKET Every Sat. & Sun. SUNRISE MULTIPLEX CINEMAS Valley Stream 8am to 4pm - tellers reserve space. 516-825-6469

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